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4211 Waialae Ave E-1, Honolulu, HI 96816, United States Located in: Kahala Mall

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REVIEWS OF The Counter IN Hawaii

Frank Rosado

The Counter has never let me down and today was no different. Our waitress recommended the fried chicken sandwich and it was as good, if not better than she described. Not as spicy as she warned but it was perfect. The fried pickles were great as usual and the parmesan fries hit the spot. Would definitely recommend these items. Thanks Jannin H.

Tina Lucianovic-Phillipis

Friendly staff, delicious food, good beer selection. I'll be back!

Steven Baz

Went there to check out the impossible burger. It was good. The server was bit too chatty for me tho. I'm deducting 1 star because she challenged me on whether heme was a protien or not and 1 star becuase they don't have porter or stout beers.

Antonio Orozco

They have the impossible burger. The best veggie burger of my life!

Wilson Marcello

Good to have parties and other things.

michele makinney

Excellent! Never disappoints. Had lunch there today with family that has never been. Our server Branden was very good. You must order the sweet potato fries! Did i mention how nice it is to dine in a resturaunt that uses real dishes not plastic or disposal. Wheelcair accessable! It is a treat as its a bit $$ gor me, but thrilled my suggestion was a hit w/ my family today.

Cleo Jackson

Best burgers on Island.

Robert Oh

If you want to eat a delicious burger in Hawaii, you have to visit this place.

Alan Chun

You can't go wrong with the burgers here. You can customize them to your heart's desire!

Camden Mullenaux

Great place to grab some lunch at Kahala Mall! Their build-your-own burger checklist showcases all the many fine ingredients that make for one mouth-watering personalized burger! You can tell they have a passion for only the most fresh and delicious ingredients. The servers always seem at ease and attentive, and even the decor is nice and simple with natural lighting coming in from the windows.

Ginger Rodriguez

Service was super slow. There were only 5 tables with customers at them when we were there. And it still took over 30 mins for four overpriced sliders. They were tiny, and had very little flavor. We only saw our waiter three times, when we ordered, when our food came and when we paid. Plus we had to sit and listen to lazy millinials complain about how hard it was to work there and take burger orders, we won't be back.

Tim Sasaki

the number of customisable options is amazing here! I got a bison burger with goat cheese and it was absolutely delicious (and actually cooked medium rare, like I asked, which was a bonus)

R. Kevin Doyle

The food continues to be very good at The Counter, and the wait staff is generally pleasant and responsive but we returned there the other night and had issues with the general cleanliness of the establishment. Our booth was a mess - when we arrived, the floor beneath the table was visibly covered in bread and bread crumbs. It looked like sand. When pointed out, they tried to seat us anyways and we had to insist that it be cleaned first. Even then, when we sat down, the table and menus were still covered with bread crumbs. We discovered this when we lifted the menus because they chugged us and the table with breadcrumbs again- we cleaned it up ourselves. We kept finding more breadcrumbs on the seats and table that they'd missed. Furthermore, my wife's plate had a hair on it when it arrived which put her off the burger. My wife brought these issues up to the manager and he seemed indifferent (which perhaps explains the cleanliness issue). We won't be returning, which is a shame because we otherwise like the food.

Zhayla-Anne Caballero

I love The Counter their Impossible Burger is the bomb!

Da'Marchitzy White

Love the bison burgers. Probably the beat on island

Ciara Kahahane

Delicious food. Definitely try the shoestring French fries. I've always had a great experience there.

hparrx .

Lots of options to customize your burger and the salted pretzel and nutella milkshake is awesome.

Sanford Ching


brandis monroe

Great service! The bartender was awesome and my blue burger was perfect, I would definitly come back

Robin Lauwaert

You can create your own burger or pick a premade one, love the concept. They're delicious too

Luke Meyers

Nice place for a burger, the fries on top were a great touch and taste. Service was friendly but wait time for food a bit long, a nice crows for Friday lunch. Seating is offered outside.

Mark Marciel

Very good service on a busy night. Food was excellent to very good. Loved the fried pickles.

Clare Fox

Ordered the Impossible Burger for dinner Yesterday. Tasted delicious. Was very impressed with the looks and taste. Great service. I ate half. I Woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps, then diarrhea, then felt nauseous and feverish. Took several hours to feel back to normal. My friend ate the other half and also had stomach cramps and diarrhea. Did some research and found that some people react to being introduced to a foreign protein Heme is a genetically modified protein


Best burger and fries I every had

dtownsend96 .

The burgers are the focus and that are great! There could be some more attention paid to everything else though. The fries and weren't hot, and the onion strings were kinda oily. Kids meal came out first, they were done long before our meals came out.

sean Kelly

I think the people are nice. The restaurant looks great. But the food is over priced. And the burger need some seasoning. At least salt and pepper

Gran Turismo

Two beef mini berger : very good Chipotle turkey : good Chili cheese fries : great. lemonade : good

Geoffry Spangler

They make really good burgers. I love the build-you-own aspect as well.

Teri Galloway

Food was quite good.

Isaac Castillo

Amazing burgers with great taste! Friendly staff and welcoming environment.

Michele Villegas

This was our second visit here. We enjoyed the food so much our first time that we decided to drive all the way from Mililani on a Saturday evening just to eat here. The wait for a table wasn't too bad, about 10 minutes. My husband ordered the fried onion strings off of their "Starters" menu and we both selected our main course at the same time. The onion strings came within a reasonable amount of time. After that is when it all went downhill. We sat there for eons waiting for our food. It wasn't until the couple on the side of us that arrived at least 10-15 minutes after us got their food did I really realize that there was something wrong with our order. We probably was waiting at least a half hour. My husband had to ask the hostess to call our server because he was nowhere to be found. He appeared and apologized, said he did not know why our order was taking so long, and that the manager would be coming by to speak with us. About 3 minutes later our food appears. What made me angry was that it had obviously been sitting there for a while. The food was lukewarm and the bun was soggy. The lettuce on my burger was wilted, and my fries were cold. The final straw was when I realized that the sauce I had ordered for my burger was missing. But our server never came back to check on us during the whole time we sat finishing our meal. The kitchen manager (who had come by earlier to apologize) had stated that he would come back to check on us. Obviously, that never happened as well. I walked out of the restaurant while my husband had to once again approach the hostess to ask for our bill so we could leave. The manager came by to speak to my husband again. He gave us 25% off and his card for a free meal when we return. Honestly, he should've comped us the entire meal. That's how bad the experience was. I can understand that it was likely just the failure of one employee and it shouldn't color my perception of the restaurant as a whole. However, the manager could have done more to diffuse the situation.

Joshua Williams

This place has some great burger options, or simply build your own burger if you'd like. Quality ingredients and good service. Be sure to check out their rewards program.

Koonfai Young

We wanted burgers. So we went to Counter. Frist of all. My seat was dirty. We have to call to order our beers and starter. Asked for Sriracha hot chili sauce. Waiter got a almost empty bottle dirty top Sriracha. Said i won't use it. Same bottle came back with the top cleaned but still almost empty. Used it for starters. Wife ordered fish burger. Came chicken. I ordered beef burger ( M ) . Came well done. Call waiter to change both. Manager came with new orders. My wife order still wrong. Too hungry. Eat it anyways. My came ( mw ) eat it .

Andrew Ishikawa

Although they have dwarfed their special offers, the food remains of high quality. Sweet potato fries are a great addition to your burger, which. Is custom made.

Mate Ærandir

Great extensive menu of options for building your own burger. SUPER easy to get full even on a keto diet with a salad bowl option (instead of a bun or other carb). Honestly, everything on the menu looks fantastic. I will definitely be coming back again to try different combos of ingredients. And when I get off the keto diet, I plan to rage on their shakes, too (who wouldn't want a Graham cracker, nutella, and brownie shake?!!!!!)!! The lady sitting next to me had the chili bowl, and it was MASSIVE (definitely enough to get full on), but she did say that, taste-wise, it was rather one-dinensional. Maybe add some chipotle aioli to it to give it a nice kick?

Sam Bush

Still my favorite burger place--no matter what the location. The layout is open and decor is modern and appealing. Wait staff was courteous and helpful. The burgers are delicious, the options lead me to create new burgers every time. The milkshakes are fantastic, especially the adult variety. This is my favorite place, hands down.

Calvin Pacheco

Friendly staff. Great food!

Steven Tringali

Great food, service should have been better to match it

Lea Gober

The impossible burger is awesome

Wil Chang

Delicious juicy burger. Price could be a little lower. But will definitely go back again. Waitress gave us great service.

Alex Watson

Impossible burger all the way. Also, delicious shakes.

Deran Decker

Everything was great! High quality ingredients and I REALLY enjoyed the new meatless "impossible burger." Thanks!

Carlyle Handley

Genuine service, attentive staff. Serving the Impossible Burger 2.0, and many more traditional burgers. The shakes seem to be very popular here, looking forward to trying one next time.

Bert Kimura

Tasty variety of burgers and fries. Family friendly, popular restaurant at Kahala Mall Shopping Center. Offers delicious and inexpensive potato/cheese appetizer during happy hour. Somewhat loud and noisy due to lack of insulation and open ceiling. However, noise level is significantly less than when it first opened.

Ashley Callahan

Was better a while back ago but I'm feeling due to a lot of turn over they haven't had a lot of consistency. Long waits for the bar and mediocre food. Such a bummer... Really like this place.

Kanela Mossman

Fast service when there's a moderate rush. Helpful staff and they know how to cook a burger.

Jennifer Naito

Best place to eat a med rare burger. Service is hit and miss...sometimes great, lately mostly not so great

Brett Tokairin

Slow, mediocre service. Food wasn't hot when it arrived. Had to flag down a different waiter for a refill on sodas. Burger was tasty.

Jeffrey Zheng

Great burger joint. Tons of customizations for all sorts of things. Buns. Patties (Their patties are delicious and very juicy. Get the medium rare). Patty sizes. Toppings and sauces. The wait can be a tad long depending on the time of day. Prices can get high if you don’t watch how you customize your burger. Set burgers are also available if you want to just order one off the menu. Shoestring fries and sweet potato fries are both excellent and well worth the price. They also have very good lunch specials for $12.

Tim Moffatt

Fun to design your own burgers and shakes, rest of menu is very tasty as well. Great friendly service. We always come here at least once every trip

Erin Lae

The food here is good and servers have always been friendly and competent. It's hit or miss about how long things take to come out. A couple times I have been there for a looooong time waiting for food but everything is great once it comes out. My main complaint is that the host sucks. On two separate occasions weeks apart we had basically the same weird experience with him where he ignored our request for a high chair. The first time he said our 10 month old at the time could just sit in the booth. The second time, having been through this before, i knew where the high chairs were so I just got one myself. When we realized my son couldn't actually reach the table bc the booths are up high, we asked our server if it would be ok to move to a table right next to us. He said no big deal but the host came by and was super rude about it. When we explained the server knew about our move he proceeded to ignore us and roll his eyes. Hey dude, I can SEE you. He also demanded a menu back from the table next to us after the girl said she wanted to hold on to it, he told her she could not bc he needed it. Just weird. So go enjoy a burger but be prepared to deal with the weirdness of the rude host first.

Bryan Feliciano

Awesome service! Awesome burgers!

Brad Wessel

Great burgers with a ton of choices for toppings and other accoutrements.

Max And Kona

The food was fantastic! I had the veggie patty and it was so good! I piled it high with toppings and it certainly burst it's way into the top 3 burgers I've ever had. Our waitress was wonderful as well. Very friendly, approachable and helpful. All around, a great experience!

Terrance Wong

Low Carb haha

Celena De Ponte

It was great! The burger was delicious and our server was great!

Danielle Burch

The burger was ok. Estimated wait time was fifteen minutes, turned out to be 1 hour. People who were seated twenty minutes after us got their food first. Which I wouldn't have minded, we got our food 1.5 hours after we ordered plus it took us 20 minutes to get our drink order in.. . In that time of dining for three hours total, the waitress only checked up on us twice, and honestly, throughout the whole time I didn't even know who my waitress was or where she was half the time. The burger honestly was not as good as people claimed it to be. We started dining at 715 waiting and didn't get our meal until 940. I work in the restraunt industry as well, and know that it definitely should not have taken that long with the lack of people there. Even the people before us seemed ticked.. this was not an enjoyable experience and will not be going back.

Tom Nauwelaerts

Been an almost regular here for years. Always make my own, always with the bacon onion marmelade. That stuff is so good. Sweet potato fries and onion rings are good too. They could stand to vary the draft beers a little more.


Solid, but unspectacular. Pretty fast service. Not cheap though.

Grace Cabral

Impossible Burger is Awesome

Topher B

Something must have been up with the kitchen this evening, everything was slow. Fries took twenty minutes, burgers took forty plus. Food was good, and wait staff was courteous, apologetic and attentive to drinks while the kitchen seemed to lose their rhythm. It wasn’t just my party that had issues, saw two table take their orders to-go after waiting for so long. Two stars because I don’t want to be hard on the wait staff. Especially being service folk who you could tell were just getting it handed to them. Food was as expected, maybe I’ll be back at some point. But I’m not in any rush, especially if the kitchen still seems to be having issues.

Carol Scott

We wanted a cheeseburger and saw this place at Kahala Mall. We had no idea what to expect. It was fun to create your own burger. You could even choose to have your burger without a bun, a great option for the gluten free crowd. Our burgers were the best burgers we've ever had. They were juicy and large. I loved the sweet potato fries, but the shoestring fries were nothing to write home about. The staff was friendly and our order was taken promptly. Everything came as ordered. One note of caution: meal prep is slow so don't go here if you are in a hurry. We are definitely planning a return visit!

Luanne Goodness-Ono

Yum! Shishito jalapeno burger, Cobb salad, and iced tea...lunch of champions!

Nicholas Epperson

They have a diverse, high quality set of ingredients for you to build your own burger. The result is amazing. Be daring. Try things you don't normally eat. Highly recommend them

Paul Hamilton

When craving a quality burger, you'll find me there..

Donnie Cervantes

High quality build your own burgers. We came in for lunch and so it was quiet and we got excellent service from the staff, and the food was delicious. Great burgers, great shakes, good selection of beers. They can be hit and miss when it’s slammed so be patient.

googly bear

**Amended review. I gave them another chance as all other near by places were full for dinner. Since it wasn't crowded there the service was faster along with the food coming out faster and hotter. One thing I noticed is that the manager used to go to every table to see how everything was but I didn't see it this time. It was nonetheless a better experience than the other times I have eaten here. So I increased the rating by one star. The burgers are delicious there. They obviously use fresher meats and salads for their meals. The food, however, takes forever to get to the customer. Every time that I have gone there, the food takes a long time to come out of the kitchen. And when it gets to the table it's either like warm or cold. But because I am usually starving by then I just eat it being afraid that if I sent it back I will become a skeleton by the time it gets back. The fries and potato strings always comes out hot early, it's just the burgers that take forever. Although someone at my table had a salad and even that took a long time to get there. No matter how many times we complain to the manager it never changes the next room we go there. I think I'm going to give up on that place. The prices are reasonable to slightly higher especially for the dessert shakes which are too high.

Therese Manulee

Very lean meat and fast service

Laura Leopold

Pretty good food, decent atmosphere. The waitstaff was trying, but it took +30 minutes to get our drinks. Not sure I'd pick this place again, but I'd go if a friend wanted to eat there. Bottom line- not great, but not bad.

Jim Rinard

Best hamburger I’ve ever eaten.

Angela Lo

Impossible burger was delicious

Marivic Papin

Service is great. And the food is delicious

Myhriah Young

This review is for a To Go order, so the consistency would probably be a little different than eating in. I ABSOLUTELY love the idea of a build your own burger restaurant!! The atmosphere at The Counter is very modern & fresh with staff who are friendly and ready to help you with your burger desires. We needed to order take out, and they had a separate area for that. I ordered the teriyaki burger with the 1/2 lb. Mahi Mahi for my meat choice and a GF bun, plus since we had a 15-20 minute wait, I ordered the Minted-a spiked chocolate mint shake. My hubby got the Bison Gouda burger and fries. The food was arranged beautifully, even in the To Go container. My fish burger was gigantic and so delicious!! The only reason I took one star away was because my mahi mahi was raw in the middle; I’m sure I could have had that fixed though if I had been in the restaurant. My hubby LOVED his burger; the fries were yummy shoe string fries. The GF bun was pretty good as far as GF buns go-they grilled it nicely. I would recommend eating in the restaurant if you can vs. getting it To Go. I think The Counter is an idea whose timing is perfect!! I would love to give it another try for sure.

Abra Cadabra

Just a joke. 1 hour minimum wait at 615 PM I waite to 715 pm came out of my movie and line was still backed up. Waited 30 minutes more then I got to counter after 15 minutes. Staff was friendly but inept. No one know where the pretzels were. Three different people appeared from the back none knew. Then only after asking for the order reappeared with the pretzel. Ugh. It like it was everyone's first day.

Tori Weaver

Each time my family and I go to The Counter, we are not disappointed! The food is excellent with a wide variety of topping options for your burgers and salads. The parmesan fries are our favorite and the milkshakes are perfect to wash it all down. Gluten free buns are available as well. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Crista Hines

The way they make their hamburger are really unique. They have a whole bunch of different variety when it comes to eating super healthy and eating good. It's a little pricey but it's reasonable.

Rick Canencia

Nice atmosphere, GREAT food, friendly servers, and hostess upon entering and leaving. The prices are very fair as well.

sping Nash

customized with onions, spinach, tomato, blue cheese, balsamic sauce. Happy hour 3-6:30

Vaune Loh

Service wasn't that great.

Christian Poyo

As unique as you want it, with shakes to die for. Ate there for years while on island, never dissapointed!

Eric Kamakeeaina

Food was awesome! Server Damon O was awesome! Recommended blt & a was hands down best we've had on island as well as burger for me (outstanding) also recommended delicious sides to pair perfectly with entrees and was very attentive with drinks and making sure we were all set. Very courteous as well. Only reason not five stars is the a la carte menu. Food was totally worth the price, but no sides included with entree.

Leslie Sharp

Pricey but yummy


Snoby service poorly run dirty

Slider Nakagawa

Great place for upscale burgers in a casual atmosphere at Kahala Mall. Now offering vegan options using patties from the Impossible Burger and vegan cheese.

Paul Lowndes

Made a visit recently and had a mixed negative experience. Veggie sandwich was mediocre at best (raw uncooked carrots on a veggie sandwich?), the lemonade blueberry pomegranate tasted like sugar water, and fellow patronage brought bad vibes, gossiping negatively about other people, spreading negativity. Felt like a high school cafeteria instead of an upscale burger joint. Sorry for the honest review. Many more like this to come; I have years of notes on at least twenty such establishments on Oahu. Two stars is fair for that one experience. Hope they can do better.

Mark Deaton

Service oriented staff goes the extra yard.

Adam Arcadipane

Really fun experience. Delicious ingredients and a wide variety to choose from. This place was packed on the night that we went and for good reason. Very casual and modern atmosphere with a cool clipboard and pencil ordering system to help you get exactly what you want. Presentation was great!

Gabriel Cuello

Pros: man, where do I begin?! food is great; both quality and taste, variety is awesome, service is great, French fries are addicting, management is awesome, and the price is fair. Cons: well, I can understand the demand for fresh food but the wait can be just a little long. probably because im so hungry.

Carlthron Antoine

They have plant based burgers that taste exactly like really meat it was mind blowing and delishious not really a cheap eat but good service and quality!

Erin Grant

Great burgers, not crazy about the shoestring fries, the fried pickles were delicious.

Jay Ellington

I just now called up there just to check if they were open and if they were on different hours due to the new year holiday. Some guy picked up the phone and said yes were open thank you then hung up on me and didn’t even give me a chance to finish asking. Are used to love the impossible burger at this restaurant but I will be sure to never go there ever again. I’ve spent at least $500 eating at this place in the past year and never had an experience like this until now. If I could give them less than one star I would and I Will do anything in my power to ensure no one I care about ever eat here or experiences such rudeness!

Chris schaab

Great burgers, I had the impossible burger for the first time which tasted really suburb for a meatless burger.

shly kyi

I tried the vegetable sandwich and it was great. The toasted bread added a lot to the composition of the sandwich. My son had the kids meal with the two little burger sliders. That unfortunate was a loser. The burger was quite dry. We wanted to try the vegan sliders, but the waitress came back ten minutes later to say that didn't have any. She then asked if I wanted a burger or turkey burger. Guess The fact that I ordered a vegetable sandwich didn't pass on the message that I was vegetarian. The waitress was pleasant though.

Diane Oshiro

Yummy burgers your way!! Fried Dill Pickle chips are super good with the apricot sauce!


Great burgers. The best milk shakes ever .

kelli fox

Second time coming here and it went severely downhill. The burger was nearly raw after ordering medium, AND it was a ball of meat, not a patty. My daughters chicken strips were burnt and oil logged and completely inedible. I will say, the sweet potato fries were good and the milkshake was ok. I would not recommend, if you're in the area, just go next door to Whole Foods.

Fred Higa

Great burgers and shakes.

Mrs Robert Hood-Madamba

Bestest burgers and sweet potatoes fries and alcohol shakes



John Chisholm

Good Burger nice atmosphere

Jenny N.

Best. Vegetarian. Burger. Ever. The Counter has made “The Impossible” possible. My husband had the bison burger and it did not disappoint!

Kevin Shaw

Loved the hamburger and the price was great. It was a really nice casual type of restaurant that had a good number of beers to choose from. They even had vegetarian options for my boyfriend.

Ben Willoughby

Good food and unique since you make your own burger with a huge array of options. The service has lacked the 2 times I've been, we were forgotten once outside on my birthday lunch and the second time was just a lack of care from the server, but whatever in my opinion, still good food.

Emily Ryan

Tried the impossible burger. Great flavor, just like the real thing. Damon was an amazing server!

Derek Gaming

Great food for the. kids great soda

Seth Charles

The surroundings are horrendous. Putrid odours, dust filled window sills, dead insects laying around. The SMELL! Smells like old wet cloths were used to wipe down the surfaces or a dirty mop used on the floor. The windows weren't wiped (finger and hand prints everywhere). Being turned off by the unkemptness and uncleanliness, it was difficult for me to enjoy my meal.

Mandy Beerley

Pretty good stuff here! The food is great, the service can occasionally be slowish/forgetful but overall its always been a pleasant experience!

Jacqueline Robinson

Took forever. Ordered sweet potato fries with my child's chicken nuggets, they came out with shoe string fries. The menu could be adjusted to reflect if you choose anything but a bread bun it will be a salad not a wrap or train the waiters to verify customers know the difference. They left off items I checked off on the sheet you build your burger on. The waiter thought balsamic vinegar and vinegarette were the same thing. Last time we came burgers were bad and it was slow but we wanted to try again due to a potential off night, guess they have off days often.

BeerShaka Braddah

9/10 the service is woeful. But their special combo is a pretty good deal and the milkshake is pretty good too.

Margot Taylor

Damon gave us great service! This place clearly cares about their customers. Very kind. Clean resturant. Great food. Tastes amazing. Customizable. Very healthy. Plenty of vegan food and very much vegetarian too. Good sized meals and appetizers (which i love). Its soooo nice to go somewhere, order, and be pleasently surprised that they truely give you a hearty full helping of everything (they dont skimp! Thank you. Im so used to getting unsatisfying portions of the good toppings at other places. These guys got it right!) Happy hour specials are fantastic.

melany gonzales

I'm not a hamburger and fries type of girl but this place is to die for ! I come here for the delicious pretzel bun and chicken sandwich and amazing sweet potato fries. I wish the baby changing table in the ladies room would be fixed due to the belt being broken when I went to change my child. Aside from that minor fix this place is perfect.

E1even 22

amazing experience, the bar tender was awesome, food delicious

Michael Dodge

A great place to explore and try all kinds of interesting toppings.

Will Kekawa

Ate here once, 4-5 years ago. Today, not much people for business.

Derrick Wong

Great happy hour specials M-F.


Went there for the legendary impossible meat burger :P It tastes way better and healthier than the real beef or other meat burgers. Veggie burger with the vegan cheese also tastes great! Great service and the restaurant manager Kiki is so friendly and helpful :D

Bjarne Bartlett

What are your feelings on premium burger places? This is an a-okay burger place at the Kahala Mall, focusing on upscale hamburgers with options like vegan veggie patties, kale, and gluten-free buns. The location and menu are all 5-stars but the quality of the food, unfortunately, brings the overall score down slightly. Upon sitting down for dinner, I was impressed by the menu offerings -- a separate menu, allowing customers to build their own hamburgers, is particularly impressive. The BYO hamburger menu has both delicious favorites like beef and American cheese as well as more exotic stuff that not available on a typical hamburger such as kale, mahi-mahi, and smoked gouda. I had a vegan veggie burger with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, kale, carrots, and sriracha sauce. I'm not sure why it sat out so long, but the burger came out stone cold which is not good service. The wait for food was on the longer side, so I suspect a delay of some kind bringing it to the table. Great hamburger places make their own veggie patties, and The Counter is no exception. It was a good effort but I have had much better veggie patties, even from Boca in the freezer aisle, so I recommend that they improve their vegan veggie patty. Premium hamburger places also need to have great hamburger buns and, while The Counter has a wide variety of bun options, the actual bread is on-par with what is available at the grocery store and not worth the trip to Kahala Mall. Overall decent burger place, but you can make a better burger at home with ingredients from Whole Foods next door. I suspect that, if the quality of the food was improved, this place would be packed constantly.

MegaBaka supreme

Food is amazing. Milkshakes are great. Honestly I really want to bring my friends here.

Pat Cawley

Cant cook mediun rare burgers. Big mess. Over priced.

Mark Gentry

Great tasting super customizable bergers, sweet potato fries, malted shakes and a full bar. Not a place if you are in a rush.

Linda C

Great food -- service has never been good or fast. Once we waited over 45 minutes for our meal and then it came out in pieces (one of us out of four getting served, then 10 minutes later another one getting served) and no apologies from the server or the cooks -- we won't be back, despite the good offerings of burgers (including a veggie burger) and beer -- we can get those elsewhere with better service.

Taj Holmes

OMG! Maybe it's been awhile since I've had good burger...but this was AWESOME! service,beer & burger was OUTSTANDING!

Douglas Crum

Kind of an interesting place the food was okay I didn't see anything outrageous mid prices

Cy Jambo

Very good burgers, dedicated gluten free menu with allergen list of ingredients. Recommended.

Georgianna Martin

Great burgers!

Lisa Kam

Larisa was our server this evening. She is great!! All staff is always great, humble, so much Aloha!!

Essale Hymn menoza

The best sauce/dips

Lacy Ellis

Good date night spot.

Brooke Holderbaum

Yummm! We missed happy hour but had a wonderful family dinner. I recommend the veggie burger for those who prefer non-meat options. Fries and sauces were fun an delish.

Nate Whitehead

Food was par, service could use an upgrade

Lisa McWhirt

Very tasty burgers

Kenji Clemmer

Like. It taste good and you can customize everything about your burger. But... It takes a while to get your food. And that's when there aren't too many people there. The busier it is the worse the wait for your food is.

Ben Dernbach

Build your own burger place that is delicious. They also have local beer on tap. This place is awesome!

Richard Jones

Everyone's friendly

morton brooks

Most important is service, and the wait-staff at the Counter is first rate. The bartender Shari is the main reason I got there 2-3 times a week. While Kai, Lauren, and the other folks whose names I do not know are very warm and friendly, it is Shari that keeps most of us coming back. So friendly, so welcoming. Remembers what I drink, sets it up soon as I enter the door, always asks how I am and how is my family. While the environment needs Aloha warmth (this is Hawaii after all) Shari makes the place home. Fake wooden stools will not make it happen! If Shari ever leaves, so will I. She makes the place a Cheers.She deserves a raise!

Mark Benson

Great quality meal, I think that they are just short on staff. If you plan on a meal here, make sure that you a lot for extra time.

Richele S.

Very good burgers. They have vegan options!

Ismael G. Salinas

I really loved this place, the customized hamburguer was very tasty and the service was great and really fast.

Corinna Cornejo

Now serving The Impossible Burger, a vegetable-based burger that looks, behaves, and tastes like a beef burger. They really do taste like a lean beef burger. Yum! You can add whatever fixings you want to get it just the way you like.

Joy Saludo

I love how you can choose what you want on your burger! It turned out delicious! Service was great!

Kunal Thakkar

Awesome place. I wouldn't consider it fast food or fast casual. It's definitely a restaurant in terms of price. I read a lot of complaints about having to wait a long time to get food but we had no idsue. Took about 20 minutes from ordering to get our food. We had the Impossible burger. Highly recommend. 10/10

David Brown

Good burgers

Amanda Malave

Went there twice as food is good but they always undertook the burgers.

Barry Shirota

Good food, nice, friendly staff.


I like that they offer a salad bowl version instead of a bun for any of their burgers. Burgers are pretty pricey but good combos. They also have make your own versions if you want to customize. I find its quicker to eat at the bar .. or maybe if just feels faster because we drinking. Some of the smaller tables are positioned kind of close together, which is weird sometimes.

Kyle Stanford

Super good burgers ok service. Worth the wait and the average service

justin goodwin

We went there because it serves the Impossible Burger. I was not disappointed with my experience. They were able to make the Loco Moco with the veggie burger and it turned out well. It ended up being more expensive than we thought though.

Anthony King

Have been eating here for over 6 years. Last few times service has been slow and has been in continual decline. Latest visit was the worst and likely our last, which is a bummer since the food is good.

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