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1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States Located in: Ward Village

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REVIEWS OF Kaka'ako Kitchen & Catering IN Hawaii

buddy del rosario

first tried the food in 2014 and have made it a destination every time i am in oahu. #foodisawesome

Todd Okamoto

(Translated by Google) Exquisite Loco de Moco. Enjoy your meal. (Original) Exquisite Loco de Moco. Bon appetit.

Ryan Donghun Kang

We ordered just one LoCo Moko in here, and my gf and me were both full after eat this. Delicious and Good Price ! i think this is the best meal to hungry traveler couple in Hawaii :)

Ras Co

Fast service, big portions.

Ari Matsumura

The service is consistently professional and for an open air restaurant, it is kept quite clean. The food is always fresh and really tasty with many healthy options.

Debbie Lin

I really like the food here, delicious plate lunches at reasonable prices. Five spice shoyu chicken is sooo ono, as was their catch of the day, macadamia nut crusted ahi steak with miso ginger sauce, cooked to order. Skip dessert though, horribly overpriced and meh to boot. Go a couple doors down to via gelato instead for some truly delectable treats.

Evan Knight

good local food.

Bryan Switalski

Good food, but kinda pricy

Taishi Fukuyama

All of the plate lunches are good. But their shrimp linguini is probably one of their unique ones considering you can get most of everything else that's on the menu elsewhere for just as good if not better.


(Translated by Google) What the pho feels like a Taiwanese satchel, which is made from beef, but it's still different. The bread is made from Hawaiian local steamed buns. The beef has the big sauerkraut that we know. The sauce tastes like it. Taiwanese beef soup taste, then the fried fish is fried with squid, and the sauce is also very delicious, but they are not environmentally friendly, whether you go to take-out or internal use, all of them are for you plastic lunch box.... I believe that the Japanese are also very uncomfortable with our Taiwanese.... (Original) What the pho 感覺概念就像是台灣刈包,把豬肉換成牛肉,但還是不太一樣,麵包是用夏威夷當地的芋頭,牛肉裡面會有我們熟悉的大麥克酸黃瓜,醬汁味道很像是台灣牛肉湯味道,然後炸魚是用鰻魚去炸的,搭配醬汁也非常好吃,只是他們都很不環保,不管你去外帶還是內用,通通都是給你塑膠餐盒....相信日本人也跟我們台灣人一樣很不習慣....

Michi K

I love their catfish tempura

isaak Stansfield

Inventive menu, courteous staff, decent location. I really should b giving a higher review but for the cost I expect a bit better execution. It's not that anything was bad but it was just decent the wrap I had was very similar in a lot of ways to a Wendy's wrap...But way more expensive. A little disappointed but not mad.

Lauren Takaoka

LOVE the oatmeal cookies!!! Hard to get though.

Katherina Bui

Food was pretty good and the service is ok. It's a hit or miss sometimes

Jesse Jones

This place had great local favorites. Awesome burgers and the catch of the day is always good. They also have a great bottled soda selection. Staff is cool too. Cheers

Ed Oshiro

Great food and excellent service today.


(Translated by Google) Taste is good, so be careful! (Original) 味は良い、量が多いので注意!

Kapena Kahapea

Very disappointed, always had good meals here, but this time terrible. The chicken was cold inside like they didn't reheat it long enough. The mahi mahi had a hard piece of "cartlidge" connected to the back. After trying to separated from the fish, just gave up and didn't eat it. Totally sucked. Wont be coming back anytime soon.

Archie Yu

Local food with a touch of Asian flavor

Jungwon Jang

(Translated by Google) It is the first meal. I was so hungry that I was hungry, but I think I was a bit tired of my appetite! But I ate lots and lots of delicious food. Egg plant fried was really delicious ~ (Original) 첫날 먹은 음식이에요. 너무 배고파서 허겁지겁 먹긴 했는데 입맛에 조금 짠편이었던 것 같아요! 하지만 양도 많고 맛있게 먹었어요. 에그 플랜트 튀김 정말 맛있었습니다~


Food is great and good volume!

Eastman Hawaii

(Translated by Google) I will definitely go once in my stay. Mahimashi Saute, Cobb salad and so on are all tasty, although there are few losers at the moment, the most favorite is "spinach & calamari salad" which is sucking & sweet chili flavored dressing on vegetables such as spinach and carrot. Because the clerk is not forgiving the Japanese and speaks in English with the same speed as the local people, let's simulate the order while in line (laugh). (Original) 滞在中必ず1度は行きます。マヒマヒソテー、コブサラダなどどれも美味しく、今のところハズレは少ないですが、一番好きなのはほうれん草やにんじんなどの野菜の上にイカリング&スィートチリ風味ドレッシングがかかった「spinach & calamari salad 」。店員さんは日本人にも容赦せずローカルの人と同じスピードの英語で話しかけてきますので、列に並んでいる間にオーダーのシミュレーションをしましょう(笑)。

Roland Ho Jr.

Still there serving up the grinds. Love this place and the Nalo greens.

Sweet T's Nerdiness

Absolutely delicious!! The portions are huge and amazing. The garlic chicken was so tasty and so was there scrumptious red velvet bar!! We will defiantly be returning!

Jay Hyeonji Kim

Not bad for locomoco

YN 5

I've been here 6 months ago, it was so nice! People in there were very nice, dishes I and my company ordered were also good. when I ate the plate lunch they served, it made me feel fresh and healthy. If I got a chance to visit here, I would pay to eat it again!

Terence Quong

Had an awesome lunch.

Diane Kawamoto

The food was awful. The worse garlic chicken I ever tasted. The chicken was dry and stringy with no shoyu, garlic sauce on it. Kaka'ako Kitchen should be replaced with a better eatery.

Charles Trask

Great food! Been there many times & they habe never disappointed me..

Steven Kanemoto

The originator of the yuppie plate lunch. It serves your typical local hawaiian plate lunches- but with all the soul removed.

Lance Agena

A good standby, Kakaako Kitchen delivers kicked up local-style grinds. The food is consistently good with locally sourced ingredients. There’s a lot of healthier options if you’re so inclined, but there are also impressive desserts up front. If it weren’t for this restaurant, there’d be little reason to come to Ward Center.


(Translated by Google) It is a store reputed locally at a plate lunch shop at a sister shop opened by Russell Shişhev in 3660 on the rise in Kaimuki. Besides Loco Moco it is delicious, such as saute of white fish. Garnished white rice or brown rice. You can choose vegetable salad. (Original) カイムキにある3660オンザライズのラッセル・シウシェフが開いた姉妹店でプレートランチ店で地元でも評判のお店です。ロコモコの他にも白身魚のソテー等美味。付け合わせの白米かブラウン米。野菜サラダを選択出来ます。

Taja Curry

Very delicious food

Ozu Ray

good desserts

Gary Furukawa

Food was okay, nothing to rave about and facilities could use a good update.

ruiko nishigaki

(Translated by Google) I got meatloaf of daily lunch. After all it is good to share it with two people. Cospa is a good way. It was close to the bus stop and there were also Hall Foods nearby. (Original) 日替わりランチのミートローフをいただきました。やっぱり量が多く二人でシェアするのが良さそう。コスパはいいほうです。バス停から近いし、近くにホールフーズもありました。

jerel salazar


Randal Hash

What the pho is delicious

Horiotto felino-rosso

(Translated by Google) A classic Ala Moana lunch. This time, I received an ABC sandwich. Avocado, Bacon, and Crub, meaning a garnish with a green salad, a light and healthy lunch that you wouldn't think of in America. (Original) アラモアナの定番ランチ。 今回はABCサンドイッチというのをいただいた。Avocado,Bacon,Crubの意味らしく、付け合せをグリーンサラダにしたら、アメリカとは思えない軽めのヘルシなランチとなりました。

Jeremy Lum

Love their curly fries!

Blu Phone South Korea

Had best of both chicken and it was so good. Will definitely go back there for the same or to try something new. It's just a casual quick bite place, nothing fancy and food comes out in a take away box without asking for it but if you are in the area and hungry, highly recommended.


great locomoco

Hyungsuk Song

(Translated by Google) It tastes less than three years ago and the hygiene is so bad. The outdoor table is especially unsanitary, so it's a good idea to take your kids with you. The amount is so big that adults don't have a menu (Original) 3년전보다 맛도 별로고 위생상태가 너무 나빠짐. 특히 야외테이블은 너무 비위생적이라 아이들 데리고 식사하는 건 비추. 양은 푸짐해서 성인이 메뉴 하나 시켜도 부족하지 않음

Troy Chinen

Furikake tempura catfish was amazing; sauce was tasty without overpowering the dish

Neal Hickey

Very nice food, a bit on the expensive side. I got the ahi sandwich and it was delish. Portions are fairly big.

Philip Suh

good place for local takeout. one of our go to restaurants for lunch. healthy options.

Topher Jacob

Always good food. A solid menu.

Steven Tseu

Everything we ok ordered was simply ono and the covered patio area is perfect for casual dining.

Kenny S

extra crispy tempura crust with furikake flavored fluffy catfish, firm ahi soaked in subtle but savory white sause with fresh salsa, proper mac salad. A+ plate. local boy chef Russell Siu’s casual restaurant. chef Siu is known for opening ‘3660 on the Rise’ as the first gourmet restaurant on Kaimuki street back in 1992. the street is super trendy foodie district today. a blend of east and west heritage with signature usage of seasonal products from Hawaii’s oceans and farms.

Marc P

Excellent plate lunches and local-style food. The deep fried pork chop is amazing and their mahi mahi is pretty incredible.

Douglas Nolan

Tasty but a little pricey for what it is, everything is plastic and styrofoam

M King

Great food! Had our wedding rehearsal dinner catered from here. Great quality of food, price was very reasonable. The variety is nice, usually always can find something to eat. One of the more reccomended food stops to sit down without being overly expensive in the ward area.

Mai In

(Translated by Google) Lunch plate like a box lunch. It is good for both volume and taste. Japanese students often come. The store clerk can not communicate in Japanese, but there is a Japanese menu. (Original) お弁当みたいなランチプレート。 ボリューム、味ともに良いんじゃないでしょうか。 日本人留学生もよく来ます。 店員さんは日本語通じませんが、日本語メニューあります。

sasa life lee

(Translated by Google) (Original) 份量很大份適合share兩人一起吃

Benny Fontillas


Deloris Hairston

This is the best place for catfish, besides my cooking...furikake tempura-battered...served with brown or white rice, and mac salad or tossed green salad. My friend got smothered pork chops covered w/fried onions...onolicious!! This is the best place to eat in Kaka`ako...the menu variety is the best! I keep saying I'm going to try something different, like the pho, but I do not. I always have my guest order something different, so I can try. Their food is excellent, but I cannot get away from my catfish. You know how it is: your favorite is your favorite!! The wait staff is courteous, friendly and efficient, and the chef/cooks are the best. The establishment is clean and the ambiance is what you make it...nice place to "people watch." I strongly recommend this restaurant!! Also, they give senior discount.

Erik Shimabuku

Good food.

Darling Peeka

Love the kalbi, service was great.

ruth honda

Went to eat with my girlfriend and had the garlic ahi. OMG it was the best! We both shared the lilikoi cheesecake. I could eat this every night

Billy Loa

Awesome service and saving

Charles DeLuca

Good family style food.

Larry Yang

Great variety. Nice patio seating. Next to movie theaters. Easy parking in the big parking ramp next door.


(Translated by Google) As a local food store, it tastes easy to eat. Loco Moco likes this most. (Original) ローカルフードの店としては、食べやすい味。ロコモコはここが一番好き。

tama ryo

(Translated by Google) Loco Moko of here and NicoSia 38 is supreme. I will definitely go buy it when I come to Hawaii. Occasionally it is a party for rental? It seems there are times when you are doing. (Original) こことニコズピア38のロコモコは至高。 ハワイに来たら必ず買いに行きます。 ごくたまに貸し切りでパーティ?をやってるときもあるようです。

세브리나 K

(Translated by Google) Mahalo Monday Soy Chicken Monday Special drink so free! Sweet soy sauce chicken is delicious ~~ (Original) 마할로 먼데이 소유치킨 넘 맛있네요!! 먼데이 스페셜이라 음료 한잔 무료! 달콤간장맛 나는 치킨 맛있어요~~

Nathaniel Lutes

Great local spot

Yasuo Ogawa

Used to he a nice treat but wow ...lousy food. Was actually horrible. Had the ahi salad. Go to Nico's. Something happened and they don't care anymore

Jesse G

A really big menu, always plenty of seating on large lanai, good for large groups. Got the Ahi sandwich rare. It was delicious.

Anna Makela

Always fresh, delicious and healthy food here. Great service! Love it!

Brian Douglas

Yum! Curly fries go well with everything. Got the furikake Mahi wrap. Solid flavors and a good location to eat outside.

Michael Quast

Good food

Rene Reiner

Great service, delicious food, I like Abc sandwich, he like Kailua moco. Price $.

Barbara Jackson

Catfish is awesome!


(Translated by Google) Everything is oish! But I had been kept waiting for one hour. (Original) 全部オイシイ!けど1回1時間待たされたことあった。

Xian Lai

I had the blackened ahi wrap with the lettuce option. It was so delicious, beyond my expectations. The Wasabi added just the right amount of flavor, not overwhelming the wrap. There was a lot of lettuce but there was some filling in every bite. I was too full to eat the salad that came with it. Writing this makes me want to eat it again.

S Misi

They're usually busy during normal eating times which is a good sign that the food is good and sure enough, it's worth the wait! And nice casual setting on the outside tables.

Mel Decasa

Food is always unique and delicious. Parking structure have small stalls, but with it.

Andy O. Jacinto

Good garlic chicken. Big open sitting dining area.

Beau Labez-Tapang

Great food, good local grinds

Arianne Zamora

Kakaako kitchen has been a staple in town for 2 decades. Our visit today was good. Bread pudding and butter mochi were fantastic and wagyu burger was juicy deliciousness. Chicken pesto wrap was underwhelming not alot of flavor. I will definitely be back .


(Translated by Google) This is the second time. Loco Moco in the store! ? I received it. I chose white rice or brown rice to make brown rice. There is a stable taste. It ’s cheap, delicious, and I want to go there again. (Original) 今回で2回目です。ロコモコを店内!?で頂きました。白米か玄米か選べて 玄米にしました。安定した美味しさがあります。安いし 美味しいし、また 機会があれば行きたいです。

Ellen Linsen

Delicious, very casual, "fast food". Furikake mahi wrap was great!


(Translated by Google) On the open terrace, you will feel free to drop in like a fast food. Every menu has a delicious volume. Chicken and sandwiches are recommended. He ordered fish and healthy fish ... cat fish, but if you think carefully it was catfish. It was a light taste. (Original) オープンテラスで、ファーストフードのように気軽に立ち寄れます。どのメニューも美味しくボリュームがあります。チキンやサンドイッチがオススメです。 ヘルシーに魚を…とcat fishというものをオーダーしましたが、よくよく考えるとナマズでした。淡白なお味でした。

Brenda Arksey

Catfish is outstanding. Local food taken to a higher level. Order inside and eat outside to enjoy the weather.

Joshua Chen

Great chicken katsu curry!

David Ho


Mariusz Badzio

Good food, and big portions. Recommended if you are really hungry and in this area. You can park at tjmax parking nearby (4h free parking). Loco Moco was great.

Ryan Tanino

Always come here for their lunch wraps

Harvey Chung

Menu selection is for the tourists and not for the locals

Sheetal Bhundia

Tastes really nice ,fresh and home cooked. Caters well for vegetarians

Maija Kemper

No half orders.

Nadiera Sukhraj

Fast service near Ward Theaters. Nice outdoor seating. Very large portions. We were not hungry after leaving

C Peng

Price is inline with most fast casual restaurants on island. You order and then given a number and you find your seats. Dining tables and Seats are plentiful but need some TLC as they are constantly exposed to elements. Can think of this place as Nico but more expansive. Would definitely come back for the variety of offerings.


(Translated by Google) It is cheap and only a lot of quantity? There are many options nowadays! (Original) 安くて量が多いだけ?他店という選択肢が今は沢山あり!


(Translated by Google) Sprinkle Ahi bento, order. Make brown rice. (Original) ふりかけアヒ弁当、オーダーします。ブラウンライスにして。

ranaya t

Love everything here!

Left handed gladiator

Chicken wrap tasted bloody

Reico R

Great location, I love sitting in the outdoor patio area.

Kathleen Martinez

Vast selection, after i ordered i kept finding more options i wanted to try.

Rance China

The staff is so friendly, the specials are always so ono and you can't forget about the desserts too! Try the furikake catfish it's my favorite!

Steve Lee

Love the furikaki catfish

DeMyra Harvey

Good service, decent food, good prices.

yu mo

(Translated by Google) The amount is very much junk and delicious. It is recommended that you take your bones with a plate and take it at a hotel or beach. (Original) 量がとても多くジャンクで美味しいです。骨付きカルビプレートをお持ち帰りにして、ホテルやビーチで頂くのがおすすめ。

Ray Reyes

Good place to grab a quick bite or to hang out. The outdoor patio had plenty of seating.

El Bryden

I came to here for the first time in ten years. Nothing changed! They are friendly and foods are soooo delicious

mle lee

Desserts are awesome! I love their bread pudding w/sauce & I usually don't like bread pudding. Their Banana Poi bread is also good but the baker is getting light handed on the poi, When the banana poi bread first came out that was when it was the bestest of the best! Too bad :-( Their food is pretty good except a lil expensive . Minus one ☆ bc banana poi bread could be better. I missed how that used to taste. Oh I will take off another ☆ if I go back and the service sucks again. Rude natty rude

Yohei Sakata

Hamburger steak is the best in Hawaii!!

Edwin Chu

Best furukake catfish

Juanita Clark

I love this place. I ordered my favorite Blackened Ahi Wrap which is a generous serving of awesomeness! Everyone is always pleasant and just a wealth of ALOHA the minute you step up to their counter.

Seth Purkerson

Food was comparable to Panda Express.

Franklin Portillo

We had dinner here the other night. I ordered the beef stew, my wife had the sauteed mahi mahi and our daughter had their keiki shoyu chicken. All the dishes were delicious. The stew had generous servings or beef carrots and potatoes. It's a bit pricier than most plate lunches but it's worth it.


(Translated by Google) I visited this year too. Have you changed the dressing for the cob salad? Is it because of your mind? I felt blue cheese. I like it, but I thought it would have been nice to see you before. Excuse me if you misunderstand (Original) 今年も訪問しました。 コブサラダのドレッシングが変わった? 気のせいですかね。 ブルーチーズを感じました。 好きですが前の方がさっぱり頂けたかなと思いました。 勘違いでしたら失礼

Saku Matsu

The food here is really delicious. I go to eat every time I come to Hawaii. I hope that this shop will not become a popular shop for tourists.

Donald Spafford Jr.

Best plate lunch place in town.


(Translated by Google) Because I can take it with a take - back tray, I brought the rest for lunchtime or the next morning. It is cheap and the taste is okay. The terrace seat is nice A large garbage can beside ... ... (sweat) A little disappointing. Do you have a menu for Japanese people? (English) He asked me to prepare it. Tourists are going well! I appreciate it. (Original) 持ち帰り可能なトレイでいただけるので、残りを夜食か、翌朝用に持ち帰りました。 安くて味はまぁまぁ。 テラス席は、ステキですが すぐそばに 大きなゴミ箱……(汗) 少し残念。 日本人向けメニューありますか?(英語) と聞くと 用意してくれていました。 観光客 結構行くんだね! ありがたいです。

KC See

Gourmet plate lunches at reasonable prices. Today's Daily Special - Chicken Fried Chicken with Potato Mac Salad & Mashed Potatoes. Loved the country gravy.

Thaila Lagunero

The Hubs digs this place. It was his go to place as a bachelor. He turned me on to it. He sticks to.his usual. I'm the one that tries everything. Beef stew, 'ono and almost like grandma's home cooked stuff. Wraps are good, shoyu chicken is delish. I tried the fried catfish, it's an acquired taste maybe it's the's tasty just not my preference. If you haven't already tried it, do so...good anykine, local kine grinds!

Enrique P. Crisostomo

What we don't like about this place is that usually when we get our food it is always too salty it is too expensive the people are so rude so we don't go there anymore I don't know about other people but that's what we get from there we do not recommend this place to her friends or anyone

Philip O'Mara

Super ono! Big portions!


The best restaurant in Oahu.

Manny Co

Their ahi plates are amazing.


(Translated by Google) I went to eat loco moco. A full score for $ 12. It was delicious. It was disappointing that there was no alcohol, but it is safe to bring in, so it may be safe to buy it. (Original) ロコモコを食べに行きました。12ドルでボリューム満点。美味しかったです。お酒がないのは残念でしたが持ち込みしても大丈夫なのでお酒は買って行ってもいいかもしれません。

chemsty kang

(Translated by Google) There are so many menus that you should decide beforehand. (Original) 메뉴가 엄청 많으니 미리 결정해서 가면 좋을 듯.

Brian I

I've been a few times and honestly have only ordered the furikake tempura catfish. I think it's a great deal, considering that's the same price I pay for a much smaller portion lunch downtown. Always crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle, I'm a big fan!

William Cheng

This has been one of my favorites for a long time, and every time I visit Honolulu, I always have to get my Sweet Chili Chicken. Not too deeply fried, and the sauce is the best! The 5-spice shoyu chicken is also terrific -- super tender. When I want to eat a little healthier, the ahi tuna wrap is a good choice. Round it off with a little mochi cake, and I'm all set! Service is always friendly. There are a lot of good places to eat at Ward Center, so make sure you don't miss this one!


Excellent fried catfish

matt52sas .

Extremely informal. Great food. A friend of mine, a foodie from NY, said, "The best meals we've had in Hawaii have all come in cardboard boxes." Kaka'ako Kitchen is like that.

Linda C

okay. not always friendly, but the food is pretty good. Have had tuna wrap and burger -- both good. large portions and fresh tasting. atmosphere is pretty basic, but clean. parking is best across the street and walk over.

Suzu Suzu

(Translated by Google) I visited again after a long absence. It was the first time to eat at a store as it was taking away at that time! Order the mix plate. Choose two items from soy sauce chicken / beef stew / sprinkled tempura catfish (catfish), choose from macaroni salad or green salad, you can choose rice as white rice or brown rice. About $ 13 I ate one plate with my mum and two. When I got the number tag and arrived at the vacant seat, the store brought me when it was finished. And if you know that it is a share, I brought a set of paper plates and plastic knife forks. (Thoughtfulness is pleasing! Taste ,,, It is very delicious! Soy sauce chicken scented like octagon and Chinese style. Sprinkle tempura catfish was freshly crunchy and tasty without taste! Macaroni salad is also delicious! It was tasty like "That was such delicious?" (Original) 久しぶりに再訪しました。その時は持ち帰りだったので、店舗で食べるのは初めて! ミックスプレートを注文。 醤油チキン/ビーフシチュー/ふりかけ天ぷらキャットフィッシュ(ナマズ)から二品選び、マカロニサラダかグリーンサラダから一択、ご飯は白米か玄米を選べます。 約$13 母と2人で一つのプレートを食べました。 番号札を受け取って空いてる席に着いたら、出来上がるとお店の方が持ってきてくれました。 そして、シェアだと分かると、紙皿とプラスチックのナイフフォークを1セット持ってきて下さいました。(心遣いが嬉しい!) お味は、、、とっても美味しい! 醤油チキンは、八角のような香りがして中華風。ふりかけ天ぷらキャットフィッシュは、揚げたてサクサクでクセもなく美味しかった! マカロニサラダも美味! 「あれ?こんなに美味しかったっけ?」ってくらい美味しかった〜

Alec I.

Local ingredients, healthy and great taste. No fuss, reasonable price, family friendly and very casual place. Easy place to go in a crunch with no reservations

Majo Oona

Ordered a wrap- it made me sick

Anzinetti Rezents

Kaka'ako Kitchen is ideal for lunch; not for dinner.

Essale Hymn menoza

Great food very nice location.

Topher Ellis

Really good plate lunch in Kakaako/Ward Centre. Fresh ahi daily.

Mele Kahalepuna

Personable and friendly service. Food was very tasty.

Yohei Yanagida

(Translated by Google) A short walk from Ala Moana. It feels like I moved from a previous store. Please be careful as it is right next to you. (Original) アラモアナから少し歩いたところにあります。 以前の店舗から移動したように感じます。 すぐ隣にあるので気を付けてください。

Yasuyuki Ueda

I have been here with my wife before 1year. We like here very much. We will forget the memory beef stew was so good. I thought all menu were reasonable prices. We would love to go here again.

Harold L Conner Sr

Great local grins


(Translated by Google) Compared to the cheap here, the taste is firm, the amount was large. Barry firmly with one meal (Original) 여기 저렴한데 비해 맛 굳, 양은 푸짐했습니다. 한끼로 베리굳


(Translated by Google) Everyone wrote that it was delicious, but I didn't like it at all. The place was also subtle and I felt it was a bother. I think that Pioneer saloon is definitely better if you go here. (Original) みんな美味しいって書いてるけど、全然口に合わなかった。場所も微妙だしわざわざって感じでした。ここ行くならパイオニアサルーンの方が絶対いいと思う。


(Translated by Google) It is reasonable, delicious and very satisfying. Every menu seems delicious, I think I'll try everything. (Original) リーズナブルで、美味しくて大満足のお店です。どのメニューも美味しそうで、全部挑戦してみようかなと思います。


I love beef stew here, taste great !!


(Translated by Google) Pork chops and sweet chillies. Plate Lunchy taste, quite a volume! I am happy with Hawaii where salads and brown rice are just powdered. I want to go there again. (Original) ポークチャップとスイートチリチキンを。プレートランチらしい美味しさで、かなりのボリューム!サラダとブラウンライスが粉ものばかりのHawaiiでは嬉しい。また行きたい。


(Translated by Google) I ate Egg Plant and Rocomoco and both were delicious. I found Egg Plant especially delicious. I do not like the food, but I do not think I have it. (Original) 에그플랜트와 로코모코 먹었는데 둘 다 맛있었어요 저는 에그플랜트가 특히 맛있었네요 가지음식 별로 안 좋아하는데 이건 가지라 생각이 안들어요

michael ji sung Park

Not bad


(Translated by Google) Thirty years ago it was a store that people would know in different places. Local businessmen were in line at noon, and it was the beginning that I wanderily wandered "What is that shop?" At that time there were only about 5 kinds of menus decided, remember that it was very reasonable and tasty. Although I went to the present position for a while, I was sorry that Teriyaki chicken sandwich that my grandparents loved was gone. (Original) 30年前は別の場所で知る人ぞ知る店だった。昼時に地元のビジネスマン達が列をなしていて、「あの店は何なのだろう」とふらっと行ってみたのが始まりだった。当時はメニューも決まったのが5種類くらいしかなく、非常にリーズナブルで美味しかったのを記憶している。現在の位置に移ってからも暫く通ったが、祖父母が愛したTeriyaki chicken sandwichが無くなったのが非常に残念。

G Higley

Delicious Ahi tuna sandwich! Reasonable prices, excellent service.


The seared ahi Chop salad was excellent! We loved all the fresh greens and the delicious dressing. The loco moco was good too, but the burger was a little burnt and the over easy eggs were actually over hard. If it hadn't been for the overdone burger and eggs, we would've rated the meal five stars. Service was quick and friendly. We would definitely come again.

Bora Hah

Love here. So far I’ve tried 5 menus & failed none.

Rendy Chow

Finally got pot roast.Thursday special only cause it was a kind of slow day for them but I don't remember the last time I had some .Taste was perfect but not enough gravy cause I can't have mashed potatoes anymore.


(Translated by Google) I had garlic chicken for lunch. Garlic chicken was almost the same as Japanese fried chicken and sweet sauce was applied! When asking for garlic chicken you will be asked what kind of salad and rice is. I made a macaroni salad and a white rice. The ordering method orders at the reception and receives the number tag, and when it arrives at the free seat, it brings it in a form like a box lunch packed in the pack there! Juice is self. There were two types of seats, terrace seats and in-store seats. Terrace seats were refreshing because the sun was good and the wind was moderate! (Original) お昼にガーリックチキンを食べました ガーリックチキンは日本の唐揚げとほとんど同じで甘辛いタレがかかっていました! ガーリックチキンを頼むとサラダとライスの種類を聞かれます。僕はマカロニサラダとホワイトライスにしました。 注文方式は受付で注文して番号札を受け取り、自由な席につくとそこにパックにつめたお弁当みたいな形で持ってきてくれます!ジュースはセルフです。 席はテラス席と店内の席の二種類ありました。 テラス席は日差しがよく風も程よいので爽やかでした!

Jon Hayden

I've been coming here a little over a year now. Out of the blue, I ordered the catfish. Being originally from Philadelphia, I thought it was going to be a southern dish. Boy was I wrong. This has quickly become my favorite dish, so I get it every time I'm near the ward theater. Yum! I also talk some tourists into trying it, and they all thank me for the suggestion.

Jeff Lawi

I like this place a lot for their plate lunches. More gourmet than your average plate lunch.

Rebekah Jung

Two words: Furikake Catfish.

Jon Overton

Food isn't bad but not great, I thought overpriced. Most items are over $10. My small drink was not a good value for the price also with .25 cent refills. Also just something I check for, no free wi-fi. Would not recommend because of the prices, other than that the food is okay.

Francesca de Jong

Waited an hour and a half for our order on Uber eats...only for the restaurant to cancel it for no reason...What an absolute joke.

Kyler Kokubun

If I'm going to go here they usually make it a point to go on a Friday so that I can order the special of the day the chicken katsu curry. However if I go on any other day are usually get for hamburger steak.

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