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Eugene Dujmovic


(Translated by Google) This is a shop I went for about three years ago. Everything you eat is delicious anyway. Although I seem to be able to order phone calls, I can not make a call by my language skills ......

keola k

blackscion06 .

Sam Morehead

kota s

(Translated by Google) Short rib Korean salad seems to be delicious (Original) ショートリブ コリアンサラダが美味いらしい

Darlene Adams

Pleasant, courteous staff, great variety, food and service. Indoor and outdoor seating

L. Leong

Matthew Aczon

Rude service. Cashier's attitude was trash. I don't really care if the food is good at this point. This place would be better if they increased customer service by just a little bit. Waiting for the food for a long time, other customers looking impatient too... slow and rude service. I don't really mind slow service, but when someone is rude to me and then I gotta wait a long time for the food, that's a problem. I was tempted to just get a refund while I waited for my food. I live close by too and every restaurant that has been at this location was ok, so I thought i'd give it a shot. Too bad i'm never even looking at this place when I walk by. Got the fresh catch of the day and kalbi. Fish was blah. Kalbi was small portions and too salty. No thanks, Kahai Street Kitchen.

Libby Stoddard

We just tried eating here for the first, but definitely not the last, time. We had the brisket plate and boneless pork chop katsu. My husband thought the jalapeño coleslaw had a little too much mayo, but was impressed that he could definitely taste the jalapeño. He doesn't like mayo, so take his criticism with a grain of salt. Other than that criticism, everything was delicious. I enjoyed the chewy, perfectly cooked brown rice which they covered in gravy per my request. I could make a meal out of just the rice and gravy. The green salad was fresh and the dressing, a slightly sweet, slightly soy-sesame house recipe, was tasty. I liked the perfectly cooked, not mushy, potatoes in the potato-mac salad. The brisket is broke da mouf and the pork chop is crunchy, tender, and moist. I only ordered off the regular menu. There is a page of daily specials which sound upscale and delicious. We'll be back - often - to explore more menu options.

Daniel Yau



Jeff Khan

Amazing food at a reasonable price


Preston Stein

tomo mac

Lawren Lavatai

Mackenna Valenzuela

Walden Au

Just like when they were in Kalihi.

Jimmy Akers

Colleen Hoomana

Awesome food!

Suchandra Thapa

Michael Furumura

KSK! I've been here at least once a month for the past two years. When my kitchen faucet broke, I ate here five times in one week. They have great food at very reasonable rates. Pork chop katsu plate for $10.95? Abso-friggin'-lutely, yes! Everything is fresh and there are a lot of different options. Vegan/vegetarian dishes are limited; please check the menu beforehand, maybe even call them to see about substitutions. Ahi belly! Love their "Local Boy Salt & Pepper Ahi Belly" plate. It's a special but they have it often. The website special menu is updated daily. They're very good about keeping it accurate. Everything I've ever ordered has been cooked well and tasted exquisite. Burgers, fish fillets, loco mocos with over-easy eggs, tacos, salads, and more; all delicious. Lots of people order over the phone. I like to order in person, but it can take a while. Expect to wait for ten to fifteen, on average. Good food takes time to properly prepare. Fries are made to order, so that can also extend the food prep time. If you order something with bread or tortilla, I advise eating at KSK. There are some bench seats outside and a few tables inside. Parking is horrible. You might get lucky and find curbside up the street, but if you see an open metered stall, I'd take it. Don't let that dissuade you, though. KSK's food is definitely more than worth the five minutes of extra effort. If you haven't been here before, try it out! If you haven't been back recently, now is a perfect time to return!

Kenneth Calimpong

First time, definitely not the last, ordered Kalbi short ribs, tender beef,great flavors. Furakake Ahi was moist,loved the wasabi sauce,just right not too hot. Meals came with choice of macaroni salad or arugula,spinach,mixed greens topped with a great dressing, and choice of rice or mash potatoes with fried onions.

joseph hamil

Hamburger steak is da bomb

PotatoChickenNuggett Roblox

glenn komomua

Tasty local plates lots to select from the menu

Kyle Saiki

Garth Forsyth

Delicious! Love the Chicken Katsu! Great service, great food. Cool vibe with tables to sit at.

Erika .


Great food, decent price.

Joaquin Vierra


(Translated by Google) A shop that was interested because people are always lined (long 5 to 6 people). I ate Ajibery, but the sweet ginger sauce sauce was very delicious! Salad and mashed potato can be chosen, but my feeling of putting it in a separate container if it is a salad is glad ♪ (Original) いつも人が並んでいる(長くて5〜6人)ので気になっていたお店。 アヒベリーを食べましたが甘口生姜醤油ソースがとても美味しかったです! サラダとマッシュポテトが選べますが、サラダだと別容器に入れてくれる心遣いが嬉しいです♪

Darren Wong

Walter Quan

he ono... omg, so good...

Harumitsu Yoshinaga

Wonderful plate

Shane Blah

Hamburger steak is good

Ron Tran

Dean Onishi

Paul Smith

Tianna Kaimimoku

ALWAYS amazing food!

Jan Joseph

joe wong

Super good plate lunches and moderately price

Kevin Tosaka

Interesting menu

Chris Woodard

Fatty, fatty brisket. Threw it up later that day. Never again.

Errol Wong

I always get the trio combination hi, it's good, guess I'm kind of stuck.

Steven Tui

Manglen Craig

Tasty hibachi chicken our fav, hubby liked hamburger steak n onions with gravy but wait time is 12 mins. Portions small kine.

Matthew Dougherty

Lani Prunés

Jimmy Fung

This was supposed to be a hole in wall but it was larger than I thought. Order from one window side and pickup on the other. There is some outside picnic table seating as well. This is on a corner and easy to find with google maps. Parking is very limited and people double and triple parked inside the 4 available spaces. Parking in neighborhood is usually packed during lunch. Always call in your order and then pick up. Food is really good but you will be spending $12-$16 per plate. Salmon plate lunch and short rib loco moco were great with either toss salad or mac salad and choice of brown or white rice. Staff was friendly and helpful. Will be back again. They also take credit cards and cash.

Brodey Paloki Cox

Best brisket



Nikki Tui

Robert Morishige

Brian Matsusaka

Awesome food

Ravilan Gabriel

I don't know what this is! It's supposed to be a catch of the day! Fish wasn't even cooked! Service was unpleasant with no sense of excitement. 4 guys running kitchen. Only way guy working. Others were just standing around! I wonder how places like this survive I can tell this is not fresh catch of the day- more like from the freezer to the pan! 13.00 plus tax and they throw you a salad that you can tell they got it from a bag at Costco! No creativity!

Saundra Doo

Food is outstanding.


Amy JB Wagner

Joni O

I Finally made it!!!!! I figure I have no excuse now since it is much closer to me than it's former location in Kalihi. As other Yelpers mention, this is an UPSCALE plate lunch kind of place even though they still serve it in styrofoam containers. The only downfall is it's location because of the parking situation. NO parking provided. You have to circle the block and try to find street parking or pay for parking in the bank lot next door. It's worth it though :) Being that it was my first time, I stuck with the basics which was garlic chix and hamburger steak combo. I loved the garlic chix. The hamburger steak was alright. I prefer my gravy thicker but it still tasted good. I think I was just too full from the chix. The chili with bacon wrapped hot dog was okay too but probably not my personal favorite. I will be back and probably try everything on the menu.

Jaycee Onee

Great "Hole in the Wall" place with groumet plate lunches! Tons of specials everyday and their chicken is a winner! The fish is spotty at times, but stuff mahi mahi is cooked just right and juicy. I can come every day!

Martin B

Mikan Arida


Rene Reiner

Hawaian restaurant. Serve Hawaiian plate lunches, tacos & burgers. Very tasty.

Cia Angel

Gourmet food at local prices. Chef is amazing! Surprize in industrial area. Parking hard to find. *****

Bryan Pekelo

There are a few things they make that I really like(Braised Short ribs), but some of their foods tend to be too sweet for my taste.

Hawaiian steel

Food is delicious, I've had the hibachi Chicken every time. My workers had the hamburger steak and they basically licked it with the rice. All the foods look good. Both plates $20.00 and some change

charles Schmidt

Daniel Peacock

Will Schultz

Great food

kaz kob

Dan Jarrett

Shannon Imper

Joshua Chen

Reasonably priced delicious local Hawaiian food. The guava smoked brisket and garlic chicken is great!

AlbertT1723 .

S Leong

James G

Henry favs Mikuni

Atsushi Takahashi

Kahea Hendrickson

Great variety, tasty, quick and affordable.

Nolan Uehara

Lots, ono, good price.

Yoshihiro Abe

(Translated by Google) When I come to Hawaii, I will definitely go eat once. I ate cob salad and tacos. If you can cook and tell you that there are such chairs and tables on the right side facing the ordering mouth that you are in here and gesturely we will bring you. (Original) ハワイに来たら、必ず一回は食べに行きます。 コブサラダとタコスを食べました。注文口に向かって右側にこのような椅子とテーブルがありここにいるよと身振り手振りで伝えると料理ができたら持ってきてくれます。

Rick Canencia

One grinds and good size portions.

Nils Geisse

Immediate success when this place open because of the great location. All around good food, but it needs a nicer looking place. It was designed with very little foresight. In other words it is not an attractive place to eat. Also no parking.

CAR Choice Auto Repair

AWESOME Food * - Always a delight to see all the crew there. Happy New Year!!

Jason Crouse

Great food. Catfish and brisket were out of this world

Daniel Perreira

Awesome food

Paula Okano

Great food! It's a nice change from the mundane, common plate lunch food you usually see.

cloudia charters

Excellent and healthy food in a relaxed setting at a great price!

Gabriel Medina

Michael Okamura

Marvin Kanoa

Very, very good I had the crab crusted mahi and my partner had the Teri beef was ASSUME.......Will be back....

Kurt Franklin

I got the grilled catch of the day. The fish was very good. Decent portion for 13$. Swordfish. Hot and juicy. I asked for veggies as my side. The had other items with cooked veggies as a keto option. They gave me mixed green salad as a side. They have a catch on a salad option. If that’s what I wanted, I would have ordered that. But what I got was good. Not what I ordered, but good. But no one wants to spend 13$ on a plate lunch and leave hungry.

Keala A

Yosuke Nishida

Hsin-Yi Chen

Ono local grinds. Mahi mahi with crab meat is my favorite


Kaulana Bell

Eric Lee

Great service and more importantly good food. I am a regular...NOT many places I go regularly...This one is worth it. Mahalo

J. Kobayashi

Smoked guava good

M. L.

This Place Is A Gem !!! I Had The Kahai Burger And It Was One Of The Best Burger's I've Ever Eaten.!!! Super Affordable And Underpriced In My Opinion. Got It To Go, Found Out To Late They Forgot My Fries, Soo I Called And The Manager Apologized And Said "We'll Make You Another Next Time You Come Back" Awesome.!!!!

Jonathan Yee

Marty Milan

Food was delicious. Calamari salad was exceptional, very tender calamari steak strips. The opakapaka salad was also very good.

Victor Slickvic Harris

Wow is the first word that comes to mind. The food here is on levels above! The flavors are very good and the dishes are so satisfying. I highly recommend this place.

Franklin Portillo

I'm very lucky I work right next to this restaurant. I've had just about every item on the menu and have never been let down. My favorites are the hibachi chicken and kalbi. They also mix up the menu and add items which keeps it interesting. If you're planning on going call ahead but the wait is not too long if you don't.

Nan See

ai watanabe

(Translated by Google) There are between Ala Moana and the University. We entered to run away from the squall. Price is affordable, hearty! There is a special menu by the day, we had a beef stew loco moco. Meat is carefully braised guinea! COSPA is also well recommended! (Original) アラモアナとユニバーシティの間にあります。 スコールから逃げるように入りました。お値段はお手頃、ボリューム満点!その日によってスペシャルメニューがあり、ビーフシチューロコモコをいただきました。 お肉はじっくり煮込まれホロホロ!コスパもよくおすすめです!

ivy tran

KC See

Gourmet Food at Plate Lunch prices!

Gerald Joering

Enrique P. Crisostomo

The last time I had a sandwich from there it was terrible I had a Reuben sandwich on toast The Corned Beef was cold the sauerkraut was had no taste to it tries was lukewarm it was a waste of money it was overpriced to I never go back again and I do not recommend this place

alfred burruso

Denise O

Love the food here, quality for the price is amazing. What you would pay you would expect to sit in a restraunt. Why I give it 3 stars... they just take a long time. I would call in your order if you know what you want.

Kiyoshi Ono

Adam Yamamoto

Perhaps the best plate lunch place currently.

Olen Sanders

Helpful staff and delicious food. The dining area is pretty small so plan accordingly...

The Rusty Ulua

Best on da island! Hibachi chicken is so Ono!!!! Not overpriced like most plate lunches, this is local style at it's best!!!


Channon Wong

Chili and a lot of their sauces are too sweet for me, but I like the gravy.


ここは外のテラス席の他にも屋内の飲食スペースがあります トイレは無いので要注意です お水と調味料は中で食べるなら使いたい放題です

Alex Fieser

Kenneth Chan

Alvin Akase

peter chessen

Almost everything I've had here is been absolutely Fabulous...parking is hard but not as bad as the old location..

Kastin Meridikis

Crab crusted Mahimahi is my favorite

Eman Gordon

Upscale plate lunch, try the surf and turf tacos

Kathleen Kidder

Valery Nomura

Hoisin ribs were good, but needs more of the hoisin flavor. The beef brisket was pretty good....would be good with a bbq or teri sauce too.

Tanya Kekahio-Rennoe

Davis Kauwe

Brett Akasaki

Aaron Toyama

Skyler Waite

This place is awesome. No idea how they consistently crank out a huge variety of ono grindz. Little on the pricey side. They should offer the plates without sides to keep the prices down.

Abel Abrojina

Hymie Huckso

Daniel Riebow

Parking sucks. There is only street parking available. Food was good though a little pricey.

Jason Vivar

Yoshio Takahashi

Kendall Kido

john kaohelaulii

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