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REVIEWS OF Gate Gourmet IN Hawaii

Marco Breton

Bad customer service

Josh PV

Great atmosphere for workers

minnie cooks

William Boyd

The WORSE Place To Work. The Manager & Supervisor Need Retraining & They Don't Have A Clue On How To Run That Company. Its Full Of Loud Gettho People & Its Definitely Known As A HookUp Spot .Almost Everybody In There Is Having Sex With Somebody In There (Gsys,Straights&Bisexuals) The Whole Nine. You Have Managers That Go Thru Their Gallery On His Phone In Front You & Have Nacked Pics Young Girls & XXX Movies. Then You Have Supervisor Having Sex In The Loading Dock With The Company Weedman. You Got People Fighting On The Work Floor & No Action Are Being Took Behind This. They Have You Work Inside Over A 25 Degree Cooler & Refuse To Give Their Workers Their Last Mandatory Breakb When Forced To Work 2 More Hours. They Call Mandatory OverTime 7Days A Week. Also Their 2nd Shift Workers That Dont Have Cars Are Focused To Walk 2 Miles To The Only Running Public Transportation. They Are A Very High Turn Over Company That Tries Their Best To Get Over On Their Workers. There Was Almost 1 Good Thing (They Feed You) Until I Realized They Was Takin Money Outta My Check For It & Mind You The Food Was Now Cooked Right & Its Perpared By The Janitors. Which Who Has Been Seen By Managment Mopping The Hallway Floors With Food Pans Several Time & Nothing Done. My Car Got Hit On Their Property (Company Parking Lot) & I Told HR & They Told Me There Is Nothing They Can Do Because They Dont Have Cameras In The Parking Lot. Also You Have Workers & Supervisor Having Sex In The Company Patking Lot. They Make Up Rules As They Go & Supervisor & Management Tell You Lie About Tell HR & Or Filling Out A Grives On Them. The Supervisor Come To Work Smelling Like She Got On Her Husband Construction Clothes That He Worked In A Week Straight In 90 Degree Weather. All This Is On There 2nd Shift In Food Production Area. I Seriously Wouldnt Tell A Homeless Man To Fill Out A Application There.

Kristie Low

One of their drivers reversed back into my car and caused me to hit another vehicle and took off after the accident. I had to chase the driver down the street and finally after catching up to him he gives me a sad story about his 18 month old child at home; well contrary to what he may believe I have children at home as well. I got all his information and has been trying to contact the insurance company to fix the damages he caused; unfortunately they haven't returned my call or tried to reach out in anyway. It's unbelievable how these companies feel they can do however they please. But I will be taking them to court.

angel rolon

(Translated by Google) work for 25 ans Good c p n (Original) trabaje por 25 ans Buena c p n

Mario Long Sr.

Milagros Robinson

Bullet ProofTig

Glothy Francis

henry pineda

Luis Velazquez

Jose Diaz


Jevon Francis

I love this place

vicky valverde

Robert Farmer

People there are very nice

Jimmy Palacio

melvin james Martin

david garner

Charvis Williams

Nice place to work doesn't pay what you would expect but over all good quality service

Alex B

Great place to work at.


I work there and the pay is dissent and co-workers and supervisors are frendly.

Abron McSwain

Andrea Clarke

Bruce Morrison

Paul Ruiz

GTI 4 life

Narinder Singh

Linda Johnson

RIP Angela


We be slaving here no days off sometimes and 11hrs shift now brake

Gmoneyleak160 Fatboy

miguel feliz

Nghiep Truong

Daniela Meza

ShaTonya Powell

Carlos Cuevas

Ricardo Morelife

Worst place to work management team is a bunch of nincompoop. Worst tasting food every not even the staff members eat it

John Clinton Bravo

Leonardo Rodriguez

Steveo Kohn

Edison Kannakai


Nick Quattrocchi

Nice place

Lauren Lee

ken dean

Supervisor want to play favorite in

Manoj Shibu Thomas

Kingtatt Wilson

It's the bomb not just because I work there but great professional

Pedro Vazquez

liltt12343 Msp

Bori Boop

TraSh aSs cOmpany that dOnt knOw hOw tO treat gOod emplOyees ..& reward garbage aSs emplOyees that dOnt wOrk Chris ebbage Andy lane Brian ROzell Derrick Stwart the wOrst by far in management and shOuld be absOlutely ashame Of there lack Of pOrfession that they practice at gategOurmet 239 seriOusly need peOple tO take there place that knOws what they are actrully dOing because thingS are being ran cOmpletely baCkwOrds with nO cOmmunicatiOn lOgic, Or prOfessionalism what soO ever and it iS sO very sad makes me ashame to have ever been in this place seeing hOw they take advantage Of any gOod peOple That steps foOt intO gategOurmet...itS like selling ur sOul tO the devil himself ..aS far aS im cOmcerned thiS place iS gOnna get shut dOwn like the rest Of the gategOurmets that ever existed due tO On gOing issues that never been addressed by anybOdy that iS prOfessiOnal and knOws thiS line Of wOrk that can make a gOod difference exactly why itZ Only 3 stars

Milly Rodriguez

Elias Gonzalez

Montyvia Rose

olufunke jadesimi

Edwin Corn

Ashanti Wilkins

Drug test for this job at $10 an hr

Christopher Clemons

Miguel tamayo Estupiñan

(Translated by Google) why there is a lot of attention (Original) por q hay mucha atencion

arkeya travis

Juliano Melendez

Christopher Phelps

Ashley Basballe

Js B


Absolutely One Of The Best Jobs I Ever Worked For But I Got Hurt On The Job Walked Right Into A Brick Wall Hitting The Side Of My Face Seeing The Light Of Day Working Rapidly Not Paying Any Attention Putting A Whole On The Side Of My Face I Didn't Report It Because I Loved My Job All Those People I Don't Think I'll Ever Recover Because I Got Fired Everyone Turned Against Me Even The Union Just Hopeless I Can Go On Forever But It's Too Much Hopefully God Find It In My Favor That I Get Compensated For An Horrible Injury In July 23 2013

steven zachelmeyer

Great 1st class airline food

Rodney Lim

Josie Calixte

Alexis K. De Jesus

Villiage Lions

If you're about to apply to be a driver, don't bother if you have felonies or misdemeanors. They wont hire you for the position. Also, you better have a CDL.

Alex B.

Don't make a delivery with bug trucks here. This is not facility for 53 trailers and truck with sleepers. Manager she is very horrible person .

Anthony Wilson

sonrics lazy

Its a great place to work for because you will allways have a job , its open 24-7 every day

Lovepreet kaur

Jerald Mcchristine

Louis Callahan

Chavan Rai

Low pay scale cheap basterd management cut that they save the the company money so they can enhance they bonuses at the end of the year.

Rodney Campbell Jr

joe black

Terri Haddad

Daniel Ireland


Paris Brackett

trevor klein

Never realized the dedication that went into preparing meals for flights

Susy Romo-Leroux

Aury francisco

Fred Adaoag

johnny adames


Joe Barzano

So far so good

Troy Whitlow

Dangelo Smith

sherice Iverson

Long hrs.working 9 to 11 hrs most days. Always short staff never enough people. Co workers doesn't understand fluent English at times. Lunch is paid for but not too good.

Earl Cagle

Great place to have your catering completed.

Carolyn Tate

Jay Jackson

Sergio A Tavarez

Velette Stubbs


Great place to work.

Debra Henriquez Bonilla

Wendy Roe

yo boy cash lang

Somebody stole my check an they didn’t wanna pay me upper management well let’s say tameka is terrible an she will assume an lie on you

R M Wester And Associates

Leonard Grzanka

Marisa Munoz

Gemini Sensation

Nikon 2035

Good Services

Aridio Saldivar

(Translated by Google) It is interesting to know and know your products. (Original) Es interesante saber y conocer sus productos.

Michael Ciriaco

Pipi Iñiguez

bre marie

alex Cws

Claudia Perez

Frank & Sue Raines

Terrell Redditt

Samantha Williams

Daniel Booker

William Rash

Has very friendly staff in the operations office and was very helpful with all the questions I had. The facility is well secured and has their employees in their best interest. They even provide shuttle service to and from the facility to the nearest bus stop for those who don’t have a car.

Joe López

Good good

Genaro Acevedo

Great food service company

Javier Ortega

Alpha A MoorE

Sean P. O'Connor

Pure professionals.

sara canedo

Incompetent management

Maximo Tejada

Ken Vincent

Terry Rias

Just a job

Tawny Mcmullen

I luv them

Damien Wilkerson

Maria Alexandra Rivera Perez

Neto Cruz

Love it

Tinna Cooper

Ladawna Anson

Jahrasa Rocque

richard Bhola

Awilda Mitchell

Best airline food in the airport

Santos Martinez

Hay oportunidades de trabajo.

sheana spellman

It's the worst place to work.the manager not fair including the gm.they don't care.if your ill.or death in the family.

Anabel Jaquez

Donnah Levy-Hale

I work here so...they're great.

Chris Filipek

Absolutely the WORST management team ever . starting with the hiring team, safety cordinator,and superiors are the biggest jokes at the airport....

Abby Cudal

Sa’Rina Toler

Worked here a coupe of years ago . Had a very good experience learnt more about the food industry and how kitchens gmps fda regulation are ran and soo on.

Carrie James

Reyna Famada

Oscar Carranza

Mehboob Khan

good place to work

Ericka Brefford

joseph guerrero

Worst place to work managers bully workers dont waste your time working here

David Everett

Awesome company Schiller Park Illinois

Josselyn Del Castillo

Lamont Kent

Tara Richardson

I’m actually giving them no stars. It is a terrible place to work. No confidentiality they tell your business. Supervisors are no help they stab you in the back too. Just watch your back if you do work there.

Mario Morales


maria gamez

Parimal Chanda

Dyres Walker

My husband was picking up some food for a customer

Ali Zahr

Susana Lopez

Nick stanis

Alton J Reid Sr

This is one of my many job sites.

Rikardo Dismukes

Great job to have

Samuel Blackwell

Just don't know about this place, alot of folks quit and they overwork you paying less with hefty expectations.

alicia ibert

Marshall Flex

Worked for them and like the pace of how we got done with work on time

J Seth

Marielena Ramirez

jauniece tompkins

reinaldo serna


Savannah Grace

Lousy Jimmychan

virginia davis

I like working here

Tameka Cowans


Mookie Pooh

Kunchacko Veliyathumalil

Luz m

CiCi Syndrome

Lashawn Vance

JUSTIN Coleman

Glen Orcutt

Unloaded their part of the load in 35 minutes again what was Kroger doing for 10 hours

Charlie Banks

Shaiann Forbes

Team work makes the dream work. We need more of that here.

Ratan Dastidar


Love The Driver'sThat Bring The Food To You!

Taras Melychuk


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