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14036 US-19 S, Thomasville, GA 31757

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This Catering is classified in the category of Chicken restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings IN Georgia

J Nease

That chicken tho

William Robertson

Good Service.

Willie Anderson

Service was a lil lengthy, but fresh is worth the wait. ROLLTIDE#>

Lady Blue

Way over priced


Love eating here

Micah Smith

Very good food i went two days In a row and my my food both times was fresh and hot

Gail Combs-Tanner

It was ok

Meleisha E. Major

The workers have nasty attitudes and stay arguing at the drivethru

Stacy Munford

Clean and good customer services

Rose City Delivery Service

This place offers great food for any appetite. They have online ordering and multiple payment methods. Friendly environment great staff always smiling faces. I feel the online order is a big step towards the future. It help bring convenience to there customer. Add in our delivery service and you have lunch or dinner to your door in minutes.

Angela Rogers

It was service with a smile!

Nicole M

Their drinks and ice machine usually never work. Food is good.

James McVeigh

No way to tell who is next in line or who is waiting on food. After telling the order twice, still managed to completely mess up the order. Gone down hill bad in the last year or so. Terrible.

Michele Ayers

Good and delicious. Just way I like it - sufficient amount of meat. Others scrimp but not this location.

Wanda Brown

Always good food and great service.

Jesus Bocanegra

Nice chicken salad and boneless chicken wings.

Amanda Daughtry

Always good

Pamela Maddox

Great food!!

Ronnie Mills

Always good food but a little to expensive

Felipe Serrato

I have always gotten fast and friendly service. My order is always accurate and they actually take the time to make sure that they get you order correct.

Victoria Islas


Stefhanie Reyna

It was our first time we had high Hope's based on the online menu. The person at the drive thru was very rude and half through my order said ok pull up and I let her know I wasnt finished and she very rudely said " okay go tell me when your done." When we pull up to pay it was way too much for 2 meals so we had them double check and they had multiplied 1 order 3 times. The manager corrected it and gave us a refund. The food was decent not horrible and not amazing. The customer service was terrible wont be returning or recommending

Debbie Miller Riggs Wilson

Love the wings

Dylan Mills

Fast drive thru, even during the peak of lunch time, never disappointed

Linda Smith

Food hasn't been fresh lately !

Clayton Briley

Good food. Fast service.

Jason Brookins

Located in the south end of Thomasville, GA and closest to where we live, the Zaxby's in Thomasville is a frequent dining spot when we have to be in town to go to Lowe's, Walmart, or other stores not found in our rural town. The food is always consistently great, and the service times are very fast, even when at peak times.

James Revels

Very good food nice people!!!

Karen Milicic

My zenzation salad looked just like the one advertised on TV! It was REALLY REALLY GOOOOOD too! This place has great food! I love Zaxbys!!

Linda Mcmath

Love it

Marc Oliver

You better ask for your food to be hot or you will get what laying around.

Drummer Dude

It's good, but they get something wrong every time

Taurus Blocker

They were really busy and my server gave me the wrong sauce on my wings after I said what I wanted over and over again

Paula Wilkins

Horrible food.

TaKayren Brue

Employee named Destiny was extremely rude. Would not place my order for what I wanted, which was on the memu. When she finally placed my order, it was not what I wanted. When I got my food, the fries were unseasoned, and the sandwich tasted horrible. As a big Zaxby's fan, I am disappointed in the Thomasville Zaxby's. Will not visit again.

Brenda Holley

The service was fast and the food was great

Justin Proctor

Great service. No complaints.

Tamesha Robinson

Fast service

Tralisa Boyle

Great place for teen family fun and great food.

Chuck W

The last time I ate at the Thomasville restaurant will be the last time for a long time. The fries were cold and hard, the chicken hard and way overcooked. Very disappointed.

shineka scott

Really needs to do better. My fries and chicken tenders was cold.

Barbara Young

When to Zaxby's drive thru in Thomasville GA. Entire drink was spilled in my car. After speaking with the owner and providing an estimate, the owner sent a $75 dollar. When professional, certified carpet cleaner said the Red stains will not come out, I immediately called Tom Robison back to let him know and that I would like my carpet replaced since the stains will not come out. He said all he is doing is the $75. My argument was/is that my MB was in immaculate condition before coming to his establishment and he should be willing to make it right. I just want my carpet replaced since it can't be cleaned. I don't think I am asking for much.

Tiffanie Root

Great staff! Every time I've been here, the staff has been very friendly. Food is always fresh tasting, and arrives quickly. Even during the evening dinner rush, they keep the line moving efficiently!

Glenda Powers

Enjoy the food.

Becky Brown

Love this chicken eatery!

Joshua Gilbert

Waited over 10 mins with only 2 orders before mine. Wings and things cold..... Like not even luke warm. Substituted fries for a molten salad.....

Melissa Dixon

It was so good

John Apple

Good place to go get chicken on Sundays.

James Broome

Good food people behind the counter need improvement

Corine Reynolds

My order was incorrect earlier in the week. I called and informed the manager, who in turn gave me a correct order.

Edward Braswell

Kicken Chicken Sandwich

Tyronica McCray Interview

Great food !!

Darnell Scott Scott

Great lunch at Zaxby today the atmosphere was good.

Leon Stephens

No hate .. I ordered a zaxbys Cobb salad with chicken fingers.. staff was outstanding and quick on a warm Sunday evening..

Cody Hall

Great place for chicken tinders and wings!

James West

I had the Zensation Zalad it was good as expected.

after m

I dont knownhow it really tastes but it was fun going thru the drive thru

Dawn Turner

Food was so hot we had to wait a while before we could even eat it. Very very clean.

shawn everett

Love it

T Dug

This location was very clean and obviously well maintained and the staff was also very friendly.

Candice Ansley

I'm a true lover of zaxbys! BUT i must say.. The past 3 times I've been to this zaxbys I ordered a 6 piece chicken finger plate with no coleslaw.. I always get the double fries.. Well.. Ive notice the menu changed to be able to order a 4,5, or 6 piece but every time i get the 6 piece I only get 4 and theyre so small I'd consider them a nugget.. My meal tonight was this way along with stale toast that the crust was so hard it was impossible to bite.. The fries seemed old too. Basically my meal tasted like it was a few hours old.. Like i said, im a true lover of zaxbys and have been a regular since this restaurant opened in thomasville.. I'm been very dissapointed the last few times and I really hope this problem is fixed soon so i can go back to enjoying my Friday meal! Thank u! Candice


Chicken was fresh but the breading isn't very flavorful

Mark Johnson

I think they are overpriced, and the food is not as healthy as you would think from a chicken place.

Todd Spear

Always good fast food here!

Iesha Bray

Great service.

mark osgatharp

Good food

Mike Fato

Just fast food chicken.

Rene Osgatharp

Good food

Matt McCall

I've eaten here twice and the food is not worth the price. Luckily someone else paid for my meals otherwise I wouldn't have ate here.

Cola CoLa


Jay Slagle

Good food quick in and out

Deborah Lindsey

Fast friendly service. Clean.

Marie Garrison

Always fresh.

Debra Horton

Love Zalads & chicken fingers w/ Zak sauce

Cynthia Lamons

Love this place

Randall Willis

Sat in the store for an hour waiting on food that should have been done when I got there

Dawn Nahlen

Zensational......That was one HUGE salad and oh so good.

Nikia Johnson

Good food

R Flores

Clean restaurant, friendly waitstaff, and good food. Wish they had these back home!

William McGarrah

Fries cold

Peter Celis

One of the nicer zaxby's in this area.

Tiffany Hammonds

Food is great and excellent customer rservice

Robert Hinds

Very good

Allen Moore

I've never had a bad meal and they are always coming up with new and trendy ideas to keep things fresh and intriguing. The only downfall I feel is that the prices are a little on the high side for the portions you get on most meals, best "bang for your buck" here would be one of the salads which while all of them are good, the cob salad is my favorite. Also the shakes are really amazing, I recommend the birthday cake or the banana shake, truly worth every penny there. Customer service has always been pleasant and pretty fast most of the time. Although I'm usually using the drive thru the ambiance inside is also quite nice, overall one of my favorite places for a quick bite to eat here in Thomasville, Ga

Portia Daniels

They were friendly but they did mess up my order

Ian Plute

It lives up to the hype for the area. Definately worth trying with some variety in the menue and the chicken is never dry.


Enjoyed the teriyaki wings and things meal

Sean Kennedy

It's hit and miss. It used to be always on point but management changed and things kind of went down hill. I went recently and it was a lot better so maybe it's gotten better now

Steve Golden

Great food, social with son

Matthew Martin

If i could rate -5 stars I would we got our salads and theirs was mold on them

Kyla Johnson

It was excellent very polite

Angela Jackson

Great food, customer service and atmosphere as always!

Andrew Fabian

They're a good place to go eat if you aren't looking to be cheap and they only had lemonade, sweet tea, and water when i went

Kevin Vander Horn

Good food. Ok price.

King Brown

My girlfriend loves this place!! Great environment.

Sheila Baxley

Good food.

Derica Smith

Awesome as usual...the new Caribbean jerk wings are really good

Eldon Hickey

Good food

Chris g

So I'm a big fan of zaxbys never had any issues before but tonight since I only have a 30 minute lunch break starting at 8 p.m, I submitted an online order at 7:30pm to be completed by 8. I arrived at zaxbys around 8:10 to entire basketball team in the store ordering a ton of food so not only did I have to wait in line to get to the counter but once I made it to the front they informed me that my order hadn't even been started by this time 20 minutes of my 30 minute lunch break was already gone and I hadn't even started eating. What I learned is that Zaxbys doesn't care about who gets priority I ordered my mean a full 45 minutes before I got it and every one of those basketball players got their food before I did.

Justin Congdon

Usually these guys are great, but sometimes the wait can be tough. 30 minutes for a plate of chicken fingers, often no tea, ice, napkins, or ketchup. If you are expecting fast or timely food I would skip, if you got an hour and like Zaxby's then you'll be fine.

Jim T

Good food

loveAG 4ever

Good chicken with really good salads

darrel johnson

Was not up to it old standards needed someone to clean dining area, bathroom dirty, chicken cold and not crispy , don't know about going back

Michele Edwards

We placed an order online for pickup and my card was charged. Upon arriving to pick up my order we were informed they had not received the online order. I showed the manager my email confirmation and she personally made our food. We were so thankful for the courteous service.

Arizona Wurst

Foodies good though service isn't the best

David Doolittle

Good food

Donald Claborn

Good food great service

Loma Lindsey

Great value, good food

Earl Batson Jr

Great service

elizabeth james

Customer service was terrible

Caleb waller

I love all Zaxby's. I love their chicken and pretty much everything. I kinda wish they had a normal Coca-Cola machine, but that isn't a big deal. Overall I give it 4 stars!

Steve Bovaird

Buffalo Fingers are the Best.

Kenneth Kelly

Good food, average service, and a little pricey

Christina Henry

Loved it

Natasha Mitchell

Well I ordered a smoky chicken sandwich add tomatoes. Well the receipt said add tomatoes, but my sandwich was tomatoeless. I took my two sandwiches back in the restaurant to get the tomatoes put on the sandwich. Well instead of putting the tomatoes on the sandwich, the manager put the tomatoes in a little bag. Soaking wet tomatoes. And when I asked for extra sauce, I was told it would cost me extra. I was very unhappy and asked for my money back.

LaTravis Jones

Great customer service by Tynay Wadley

Hollie V

Everyone loves Zaxbees even my neibors dogs wondered off to try to get something from here hottest place in town lol that is a true story about the dogs no joke

Earnie Dukes

Great Service great food

Heather Robinson

Great food. Polite employees! One of the best fast foods in town

Mary Ann M

Top 5 restaurant chains in the Southeast. Good service, clean facilities and good service. I like the blue cheese and blackened salads with chicken.

Matthew Lowe

First time I've ever stopped by this location and I have to say, the crew and management is pathetic. 25 mins for the club sandwich,while they were slow.... floors had trash everywhere, trash cans over flowing and a complete mess behind the counter. Employees just walking around not caring about the mess and talking on their cellphones.... I will never come to this location again and I definitely don't recommend it.

Steve Peck

Clean fast polite

Irvin Horton

Always good.

Velma Phillips

Great salads

Wesley Porter

Learning the Menu is most helpful. Love the Garden Caesar salad

Sunshyne C

Great food!

Audrey Strickland

I always have a Wonderful experience every time I come here to eat! They have wonderful salads and chicken wings! Love the zax sauce! The also have wonderful customer service and the staff is always so friendly and always smiling! The place is always clean! They have the best salads anywhere!

Amber Johnson

So so

Kasey Mcguire

Great food, great service, clean, and just all around great

Bill Vaughan

Great lunch.

daniel fillyaw

Great food.

Anthony Clark

Good hot food and quick service!

next level gamer Fortnite

Delicious!! The Chicken Salad Sandwich and Cajun Club are the bomb! Restaurant is clean and staff very friendly.

Jamilla Hobbs

I love Zaxbys❤❤❤ I go here alot, the service is great & the food is wonderful and I just love the atmosphere when I'm there.

John Payne

Fast service good food!

Valerie Jones

Love em

Lori Cooper


Olivia Longstreet

Really good food just really overpriced

Ken Mccleod

Very good food, wish they would bring back the fried pickles!

Miranda Mack

Good food, clean facilities, fast service

Robyn McDonald

Good food at a good price and great service .

Karri Rittenhouse

Love the food and service

Caleb J a

Good comfortable place

Kirby Howell

The chicken and fries were way over cooked. The sweet tea was overly sweetened.

Jeanah Redfearn


LaShun Flanders

Food was overcooked, cashier was rude.

Jeffrey Beasley

Always great for chicken.

Joyce Thomas

I loved the boneless wings the staff was friendly and the food was good

Bryan Kiser


unicorn Fluff

Waited 20 minutes for a chicken sandwich. The service was awful.

Luverta Keith

Great srvice

Ken & Tina

Very friendly and outgoing staff. Restroom was clean and respectable. Dining area was also well addressed with no messes on tables or chairs. Restaraunt is uniquely themed with all kinds of neat memorabilia secured to the walls. Felt this location was genuine and sure to be 5 star during any visit.

Dextra Wilson

Always super busy. But it is worth it if you don't mind waiting



Yoo Jelly

I only get the boneless because they traditional wings dont be fried hard enough

Jonathan Walden

Food was good

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