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REVIEWS OF Firehouse Subs IN Georgia

Shirle Kelly

Excellent hot subs

Mary Tabor Barron

Cool atmosphere and lot of food for a good price

Justin Duncan

Sharon Shelter

Wish owner would call more help in on Friday night ..long wait .....

Charles Rohan

Store is always clean and staff is always friendly.

Brenda Leonard

Food was of consistent quality, as usual. However they did not have enough people in the restaurant for the lunch rush. The Coke machine stopped working and there was nobody available to fix it. Fortunately, I got my drink before that happened. However, there were all sorts of people standing around with empty cups.

Andy Harmon


Loved it!

Julie Earsom

Great food and atmosphere!

Mark Monterroso

Still good food!

Luis Chávez

Nice place

James Edwards

John Supple

Great subs.

Leann Priebe

Great food

Doug christopherson

Loved this location from day one, staff and service have always been top notch! Did have a couple of times where my sandwich was not up to par, but most of the time it's awesome!!!

Thomas Gosnell

Fast and courteous service with excellent food would recommend & will definitely be coming back

Caleb Forrest

david mcminn

Smokehouse Beef n Cheddar is the bomb

Tim Priebe

Delicious, delicious sandwiches.

greyson blum

Took an extremely long time to get my sandwich.

Kevin Haralson

Rachael Jones

Frankie Richardson jr

Clean shop and nice staff. Great sandwich!!!

Family fun time Shanahan

Good food


leah berryhill

Breianna Mardis

Diana Hysell

Great sandwiches!!! Very clean!!! And great cause

michael Jimenez

Hot sauce

Matt Blair

Stephanie Taylor

Gregory Surbeck

Anna Taylor

Amanda Fletch


I very strongly do not recommend using the phone application to order from. It is not implemted well enough to ensure ease of use by both customer and employee. I had to wait 2 weeks to get my money back that was mistakingly and instantly withdrawn from my account. It was a small amount but it was still a hassle. The order was rung up at the wrong price and at the wrong time from what was entered into the app and confirmed by electronic recepit. When a request to cancel was made due to these errors and confirmed by phone twice they still failed to lift the charge. Even the corporate customer service could only suggest I file a dispute with my bank to get the refund and could not help beyond that. I'm glad the customer services communicated with me, but this was way to much of a pain for me to ever attempt again or recommend.

phil morris

Sandwiches are pretty dang good. Large will fill you up.

J Ruse

Travis Mostrom

Fast and tasty.

Edward Lantrip

The best

Coty Ranney

Food was good. The staff, not so much

S Reed

Sharon Christian

Nice and clean. Love their subs and service is good.

Chad Becker

Subs are amazing and always cooked perfectly, staff is super friendly.


Ordered online, got there to pick up order and waited 20 minutes to receive it. A group of people entered the restaurant about 15 seconds before I did, ordered on the line and received their food 15 minutes before I did. Also, the sandwich was gross. Not going there again. What a headache and waste of money!

Lance Masterson

Best sandwich and service I've ever had in any sandwich restaurant. The firehouse chili is great too.

brian cook

Buck Nasser

Dr. Emily Thomas Johnson

Brian Donnelly

Awesome sandwiches

Roger Wolfe

The Best Sandwiches in Edmond

Mark D. Malone

Allison ward

Sandwiches are excellent

Brittany Schaeffer

Daniel Alexander

Good food and always fresh!

Jared Surrette

Mike Powell

Good Food slow service

Bob Mahurin

Delicious food and great service.

Robert Fly

Love Firehouse!

Denver Bridwell

Pretty good sandwiches

Cougar Amos

Emma Luttrell

Yummy sandwiches. Good, friendly service.

Sherry Thurman

Candiece Barnthouse

We have been coming here since it opened years ago. We have always been very satisfied with the service and food. The last 3 times we have come the service has been sub par to say the least. Tonight was the last straw. We walked in at 6:30pm, no hello, but they could be busy, there was one customer in front of us, already at the register checking out. Only 2 other families in the while place. We stood at the order counter for at least 3 minutes, 3 staffers (2 in the food prep area and 1 at the register) and not one acknowledged us or even attempted to make eye contact. With that, we are done. We will go back to our old go to sub place by our old house, Hobbies Hoagies. Which is what we did this evening, they greeted us immediately with a smile and the subs were great. I do not see us going back to Firehouse. Not sure if they are under new management or what, but the change in the quality of the staff is palpable. I am a business owner, and if my staff acted in this manner, they would be looking elsewhere for employment.

Caleb Dunham

Cool crew who are very courteous. Thanks!

Raging Bullet

Adam Zimmerman

Chris Adkins

Dusty Mcgregor

My sandwich was made completely wrong and my boyfriends didnt have stuff he had asked for when I called back the lady apologized and said I'd have credit that shed put it in the office. I called back just now (a few weeks later) to use my credit the GM Chris was very rude and claimed that's not how they do things and when I tried to describe the manager was told 'that's not helpful" I asked to talk to the owner and he was also rude and dismissive saying everyone wants free food sorry we cant help even though I told him I wasn't worried about the discount but thought he should know his employees was rude he cut me off several times. Needless to say I'll be sticking yo Penn station from now on. Clearly a rude owner would think a rude GM is acceptable

jacob k

Good subs

Stanley Thomas

Great place to eat and good for a quick bite

Judith Cooper

Good fast sandwichs.

Jared G

You could never go wrong with firehouse, unless the worker sucks lol.

Regina Whittaker

Patient workers, delicious food, decent prices. "10 out of 10, would eat again" -Summer

Roberta Campbell

Quick and friendly service. Subs are great. I go several times a month.

carolyn reed

Great subs! Great service!

James Cribbs

The best subs in my opinion

Craig Majors

Jeffrey Hoffman

Good subs and service. Hot sauce choices are ok need to step it up in this area a little.

Lorraine Cunningham

Ike Maxwell

Steak and cheese sub was the bomb!

Heather Thompson


Scott Hodgdon

Food was fantastic and the employees were great to talk to.

Donna Hoover

My favorite place❤️

Sarah Balz

Pretty good. Not enough veggie options but tastey

Angela Jackson

Best meatball sub in town at a reasonable price! And always great customer service along with nice clean atmosphere

Brad Roberts

Always good food. Quick service. Priced well.

john subris

William Kelso

Stacy Munford

Great food and services

Danielle Charping

For the price it seemed as though the sandwich didnt live up to expectations. There was way more bread than meat. And the wait was longer than expected. Pickles were great!

Jeanine Weber

Female manager very rude

Regina Miller

The staff was friendly & the food was great! I would've taken a picture but I devoured it

Shawn Roy

Alberto Pacheco

(Translated by Google) Very spicy (Original) Muy picante

joe mcdaniel

Great meatball subs

Matthew O'Day

Jorge Houed Afron

The best sandwiches. Great service with a smile and promptness.

Keith Jenkins

Good food, fresh. Reasonable priced.

Ashley Byers

Wanda Brown

My first time eating in. Clean. We got our food quickly. Everything was good. I like that it supports firefighters.

Jennifer Burn

Cashier was pathetic. Food wasn't good considering the price we paid. 21 bucks for 2 medium sandwiches, drinks and potato chips! Don't expect a song and dance for us paying your salary, but you would be more chipper. I'll keep another business going with my money instead of here. Place wasn't busy.

Brooke Higdon

Kathy Davis

Very good,this time.

Michelle Kavanaugh

Pricey but soooo good

Steve Cox

tim hobbs

Thomasville firehouse subs is the best. Friendly staff, good food, speedy service, and a way better sandwich than any other shop in town.

Janet Hurley

Very curtious people working there.....Food is terific

jan o

Usually better than it was tonight. The staff tonight was less than professional. Just not what is expected, especially when working with food. Didn't notice the 74 health inspection score til we were leaving, but not surprised. Unfortunate.

Justin Baker

tony aguirre

Barbara Martinez

Not too bad!! Not a fan of a toasted sub,but it was very tasty. My son and boyfriend enjoy as well

denise vall

Misha Eads

Good subs

Darlene Burger

I got the Jamaica jerk turkey sandwich. It was awesome! Service was great. For sure will go back.

Tommy Bays

Best Subs by far. Nice clean & great service...

Chaney Wells

This location of Firehouse is horrible. Twice in a row now they have forgotten the kids treats with their meal, which should be a Rice Krispie treat. They forgot even when I inquired about it and reminded them. One of the kids sandwiches was supposed to be a Ham Only and they put the cheese on it after I said multiple times HAM ONLY! Very disappointed.....

Humberto Feliciano

The food didn't have enough seasonings for my taste. I dined in and waited for my food to be served. It came with no lettuce, tomato or seasoning. My Dad had the Ruben but it did not come with sauerkraut, instead it came with coleslaw which didn't taste the same as per his comment. Overall, for the price, it should habe been a better Sub.

Amanda Dixon

Place never disappoints us. Great service and food. My favorite it the turkey cranberry sandwich!

Alex D

Kelly M

Food is great, but delivery service was terrible. We waited an hour and a half for our order. :(

Melinda O'Farrell

1st time there. Friendly staff, got my order just right! Great sub, I will be back.

lisa m hammack

The food was ok, could been better.

Danny Riggs

Employees very friendly

Craig Wolpert

Erin Dunn Vance

Dawn Wagner

Phenomenal service and Great food

Gregory Nelson-Brothers

Food is good except they forgot everything on my sandwich except meat and cheese. Also got it delivered and their solution is for me to come in and get it fixed...what’s the point of delivery then.

Gary Williams

Sherry Wood

Love the different subs you can get....real good subs

Penny Sterling

Got steak & cheese sub. It was just ok. The dill pickle spear had a good flavor, but it wasn't crisp & crunchy.. it was very mushy.

Hal Clement

Delicious! Great place to get a sub

Steve Sorrells

Love the meatball sub

Tisha Perdue

Food was the same we get at other locations. Service was poor but after seeing the way the manager handled things in there no wonder. Very unprofessional to discuss everyone's work performance in front of several customers. Oh and if you want a show stop in the young guys working take off their shirts in the food prep not impressed with this location.

Sherry A Lacey Jaco Nations

Great subs, my fav is Philly steak

Megan Seward

Amazing food! Amazing service!

Kirstie M

Fresh eats. There is a wait but they are delightful.

Jody Bailey

Very good, will go back when i the area

Kevin Rayner

Ian McElfresh

Sherry Pinion

Another Goat

I only had their Engineer and Firehouse Salad so far. They do not disappoint.

Zachary Colgrove

Roy Wilkerson

Great place to eat

Cindy Robinson

richard gardner

Service was great and FAST. Thanks Firehouse.

Chisholm Conine

Jordan Smith

Good sandwiches. Good service. Love the hot sauces

Ted Van Sant

Great sandwich

Jeffrey Cockrell


Christian Bond

Jackie Morgan

So delicious came here about a year ago haven't went back to subway since.

Matt Birckbichler

Shelia Robbins

Way to slow

Stephen Gordon

It's a fire sandwhich

William Woods


Jesse Morarie

Susan Mason

Molly Roberts

Large portions, nice people

Nancy Patterson

B Cornelius

We started coming to this location a little over a year ago. It was always a great experience. The food was always good and orders always correct. The staff greeted you when your arrival with enthusiasm. The owner was even there some of the time and visited with us at our table However, something happened a few months ago and the service started declining dramatically. You are greeted with a mumble (if at all) and the staff acts like they would rather be somewhere else. The last 4 times I have been, my order had to be remade because it was wrong. The last time was the final straw. My order had to be remade twice. When I went back the second time the sandwich maker was rude and had no manners whatsoever. I asked to speak with the manager but she did not offer any assistance and also would not speak to me. I finally asked for my money back and was given full refund. The girl at the register was the only person who offered an apology. I appreciated that I admit that I lost my temper, and for that I am sorry but I have not met anyone this rude in a long time, or this poor of customer service. I will not be returning.

john walpole

It will take a minute to get your food, but it's worth the wait.

debra Watts

Love it!!!

Matt Hill

If you want an awesome sub try firehouse!

Mickey Bryant

Better than subway.

Corbin Carter

I really needed a meal and Firehouse felt like the closest and quickest thing to me. I enjoy the food there, However I waited 35 minutes for my food and they were not even working on my ticket the whole time. I had to go back to work so got a refund after standing there awkwardly for a few mintues. They were busy but they just hit a point where they stopped serving customers, but even a few customers after me got their food. I will not eat there again.

Matthew Arroyo

I have never had a bad experience at firehouse. Their food is absolutely fantastic and they often give service members discounts which is awesome.

Jeremy Harwood

The lady that took my order was not friendly at all. Seems very preoccupied other than customer service....i will not be returning tho this location

shea osborn

Shokuji Akai

Good food, friendly staff.

Daniel Schuldt

Good food and great staff

Tetiana Feltner

Great sandwiches

Rajesh Kasukurthi

Good food, nice service, grate place

Nishantha Dias Weerasinha

Nice clean store. Service was good. Sub was great!

Joe Dixon

Michael Newman

Food is good. Friendly service. Nice location in town.

Karla Simmons



Greg Christophel

Tastes great, medium sub is a great value & $4.99.

Alex Movitz

With the exception of the meatballs, not a lot I ever got there in the way of subs. The place itself is nice enough, though.

Tassi Hendricks

Doug Larsen

Zayed Mustafa

Iris Hampton

Great food and service

Larry Sparks

Best sandwich I've had in a long time!

Baylor Cox

Best sandwiches anywhere

Christina Pendergrast

Great sandwiches, good service, clean restaurant.

Tyler Todd

tasty and quick.

Joey Johnson

Angel Concepcion

The best sandwich i have ever had.

Diesha Quintanilla Perez

Dana Bartels

Food is wonderful

Nancy Goff

Best food ever. Great atmosphere. Fast service, nice people. Loved it and would recommend to everyone. Brisket sandwich just melted in my mouth!!! Great experience!!!

Kim Jones


Missy Norwood

Wonderful staff, exceptional food, and great prices.


Decent subs and service. Would be nice if they didn't go full swing putting up chairs and cleaning everything a full hour before closing. I understand it's nice to be prepared to clock out quickly when the doors lock but when it's long before closing it's uncomfortable to be treated like I'm staying after hours when I am ordering well before the close of business. If they don't want customers to feel welcome after 8 they shouldn't be open after 8.

Paul Coffey

Firehouse make some good subs. There is plenty of seating at this location

Rob Peters

Excellent staff and quick service

Zackery Lupton

This is the only sub place worth going to.

Theresa Mathis

John Gillespie

Matt Russell

Dana Foss

I love going to firehouse subs...but today was not a good experience. I called to place my order,someone picked up the phone and laid it down saying nothing to me.I stay on hold for 15 minutes. Walked into firehouse subs still on the phone.The manager who wouldn't give me her name was saying she thought people had hearts and we could go to Subway.REALLY

Overkill Maximus

Just yuck....

Tyler Ingram


Daniel Topping

Delicious sandwich and fast service.

nicole thomas

Good food!

Aiden Raye Allen Emery Green

The people that run this place and the staff are very nice people I dont have a single complaint always friendly with a smile and they greet you when you walk in always clean and the tea is always fresh. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE!!!!

Sidney McKinney Sr.

Very good place to eat.

Ana Touma


Albert Braswell

Great great great!!!

Jeremy Raisor

NEw girl at the register got the order correct after many struggles, but the guys making the sandwiches didn't read the orders and made both sandwiches I ordered wrong. Won't go back here

David Hammer

Great food, Super friendly staff.

Monica Baugh

Andrew Hughes

Good food fast

colleen daws

Great place and Great food !

Christine Broadus

Wonderful food and service

Shield Gaming


Elizabeth Redden

Great sandwiches

Jason Hay

Classic case of great Ambience but proportion does not add up to the cost the Philly cheesesteak is literally the same Philly cheese steak you can get at Subway again I believe you're paying for all the fancy decorations instead of the food

Marty Brock

Great subs and new addition of cold slaw is terrific. Thomasville Firehouse Subs rocks!

Sandra Hair

The food is excellent for subs. The staff is very polite and respectful

Thomas Gudat

Good sandwiches and for a fantastic cause!

Kylen Stevens

Love this place the food is well worth the price

Joel Fedell

This was my first time ever visiting a Firehouse Subs, and it will certainly not be my last. You're greeted the second you walk through the door. They have a lot of space around the counter so you can take your time decided on what you'd like without worrying about being in someone's way. I decided to get my order to go so I wasn't inside the location long. From what I saw its really cute and very clean. My order took maybe 5 minutes to make and get into my hands. I was thinking that $10 for a large was a bit extreme but omg was it worth every penny. It was loaded with meat and cheese and had just the right amount of mayo and other delicious add-ons. There was even a dill sliver which I was not expecting. Totally worth the money and with all the meat that was actually on the sandwich makes it worth the cost as well. They will see me again...and again...and again.

Mande M.

Unbelievably good food, family friendly and fantastic mission! I was blown away by the customer service, the clean and inviting atmosphere and after a chat with the owner, I learned of the mission. The mission alone is a reason to patronize but honestly the food is delicious and VERY reasonably priced. It is completely kid friendly and this location even has a huge party room in the back!

ROBerta Goff

They make The best mouth watering said the you could ever eat

Brandon Samson

Awesome subs

tyler vlogs

Its amazing try the cherry limeade and hook and ladder

Haley S

Very friendly staff. Was my first time there and they helped me decide. Super kind and fast service! Will be returning!

Helen O'Connell

Just had a Hook 'n Ladder sub at Firehouse Subs and I loved it, because they make it with fresh bread. Delicious!

David Ongley

Great food for the price... The hot sauce wall is why I go.

RC Fire Photo

Maiven Wilkinson

Christiphor Ballestero

Theresa Wiese

Love their subs!

Francine Arnold

Always fast and good food.

James Odum

Good place to eat

Donald Smith

These guys are always friendly and prompt to get your food out in fair and timely manner. Food is a 10 everytime I go there. My favorite is the meatball and nobody makes a better one.

Barbara Auston-Mcgee

The freshness of the food

mark osgatharp

Great food low prices excellent service

Michelle B

I love Firehouse, but this particular one always comes out dry and luke warm. The wait is also longer than expected.

Casey Allen

Always great service!

Connie Saul

Love these subs!

Lucas Collins

No complaints whatsoever everytime im in the area I stop in to try a different sub best sub shop ive been to lately

Deborah Lindsey

Very clean, friendly staff and delicious food.

William Porter

Good and hot.

Michelle Burell

Love there food

Kimbra Grooms

Wayne Kolb


Michael Wade

B Roberts

Trena Bennett

Definitely need to go here again I miss it one of my favorite spots with my husband to eat delicious food friendly staff clean restaurant

Tanya Sensenbach

I normally absolutely love going here, the people are always nice, and Happy to help regardless of the amount people.Today was my worst visit yet, the entire staff was rude, but the cashier, and first sandwhich maker on the line were rude to me and my family the entire time I was in the store. Any question I had they would point at a sign with a rude face and attitude instead of answering me. They hardly looked at me and was irritated with EVERYONE that came in. I know first hand how working a fast food job can be, and everyone has their days, but there is NO excuse for an entire staff to be rude to everyone who walks in. I will not be going back for a while. I will happily go to Gasden.

James Franklin

Matt Dingeldein

Ej Hill

Andrew Movitz

Not bad subs considering they steam their buns. I rather enjoy their take on a philly.

Kim Mitchell

Great food and sweet people

Michael Ridling

Robert Price

Really good subs.

Linda westmoreland


Thomas Deshler

Dennis Ortiz

Good food, good service, quick.

Ashley Nicole Bradley

Neetish Pradhan

The sandwiches are delicious! And a great selection of hot sauce on top. Beats subway any day!

Havah night

It had bad service and everyone in my group got the wrong order but the manager was kind

Michele Campbell

After reading reviews I decided to order a sandwich platter here rather than my usual go-to place...sorry I did! Bread was dry, had 10 mayonnaise packets for 24 sandwiches, and no vinaigrette was included. I called to ask why and the clerk I visited with didn't know what I was talking about...even though it is stated on website as included! Not happy to serve these to guests!

Patti Berent

Matt Denman

Kayla Schroeder

Nothing like great food poisoning to start the day.

Kevon Owen

Good sandwiches!

Karen Helms

The Brisket sandwich is by far the best sandwich I've ever had!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Bryant

lame blaine

Amazing employees and food, good prices, nice deals. Just love this place overall. Have always enjoyed Firehouse Subs more than any other sub shop.

Cassandra Colbert

These subs are scrumptious!!

Melanie Mosher

Cameron Kimblet

Got here at 8:40 on Saturday night. They close at 9. They told us sorry the register is closed. So we paid with card. Then they turned the open sign off and turned away four other consecutive customers. One customer got pretty mad when he asked him when they closed and they said 9 but sorry. December, 2 2017.

Amanda Cutter

First and foremost I want to say I love me some Firehouse Subs. This review is for this particular location. When I first started visiting this location about a year ago they were awesome. You would walk in the door and they would greet you with enthusiasm and smiles, like they enjoyed their job. Today however, they were not excited to greet yet another potential customer. Their "Welcome to Firehouse" could barely be heard or understood. Now if this had just been a one time occurrence I wouldn't be writing this review. Nope, I'd dismiss it as a bad day and move on. However, this has been happening every time I have visited in the last few months. Now let's move on to the food. I always order the turkey bacon ranch sandwich. It is one of my favorites. It's rich ranchy goodness just melts in your mouth. This is supposed to be a hot sandwich. The last 3 times I have been to this Firehouse however, my sandwich has been one step above cold. I am sad to say that this will be my last time visiting this location. I love how close it is to my work but I honestly do not feel like returning. Needs a huge staff overhaul.

Nick Thompson

Fast and great quality food. The staff is very friendly as well. Prices are just a touch high, but otherwise great experience!

Jessie Lewis

If I could give this location less stars I would be glad to do so. I arrived before closing and was informed I would have to take my order to go. They had already taken the sweet tea to the back along with the plastic utensils. I was told sorry about both but they were not willing to do anything about it. These kids need a reality check along with some lessons on customer service.

crystal madonna

Love the philly. I will be back to get one when I go back to oxford ms

David Jones

First time customer, great subs and sides!

john appleseed

Jarod Grant

Patrica Jones

This place is so great and junior is a awesome hard working young guy with AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE he makes me laugh every time I come in even when I’m having a bad day I will definitely only eat at this firehouse for now on.

Travis Smith

amya buford

Eddie Vasquez

Kathy Brammer

Absolutely the best subs and best service around.

Angela Pegues

Friendly environment and staff!! Food is amazing!! Best sub I've had son far!!

Shelby Deschepper

Brandon Smith

Really good. Great subs!

Jamonte Mitchell

pbates33 .

Great subs!

Doug Hatch

Good sandwiches and the staff is super friendly.

Marji Doyle

Samantha Richardson

Food is always exceptional and profits to go to an amazing cause. It's a win/win for everyone!

Michal Christopher

Have never been there, but I hear good things about them.

asef moaz


Shane Carter

Good subs. Good selection of hot sauces.

Drew Stephenson

Chris Lovato

The sub I got was the turkey bacon ranch. Let me tell you, I've eaten in 11 states in the last week and this was hands down the best! Hell, they have in n out burger beat!

Tom Granneman

Deonna King

Good food, excellent service! Complete customer satisfaction.

Tess Graham

Overpriced, it's just sandwiches. No deli salads or good desserts.

Alicia Gillespie

Vicki Crawford

Wonderful food and service


Didn't have pastrami today which made me sad but the turkey with ranch that they recommended was very good.

Doug Cresse

The best sub sandwich I have ever had. I highly recommend it!!!!

Bill Blalock

Good food good service clean place

Deena Charity

Great food

Edward OConnor

Gene W

Drittz Do'Urden

Clay Barnes

Basically a firehouse decorated Quiznos. Which is still good a sandwich option.

Destini P.

I love Firehouse their sandwiches are fantastic, the price is a little steep for only having chips as a side but the sandwiches are great.

Lance Jones

Great subs.

Charles Allen

The employees where super friendly. They made my sub just how I like it. I will definitely be back.

Lindsey Harris

Jeff Blades

RL Mize

Man, oh man. This food was delicious! I got the Jamaican Jerk was fire! I tried my friend's Five Cheese Macaroni & Cheese, ooo weee! The free dill pickle is always a treat! Sweet tea that's so good only a true Southern could appreciate it! Always a great go-to food stop!

Michele Morgan

Always a great experience, thanks guys!

DeWantae Martin

Love those Subs

shereen mohammad

Best subs. Pricy but worth it.

Amy Turner

The staff was great and the food was amazing. I will be returning

Michael Hurst

The worst Customer service. the employees are rude, uncaring and lack the basic skills to communicate. The general manager is combative and possess a false sense of empowerment and entitlement. And her uncaring stance echoed through the entire franchise location. It saddens me that this was my absolute favorite sub place. And after looking through my receipts, I spent nearly $1200.00 there last year. They will not get anymore of my money.

chris griste

Hot food

christy chrestman

Alan Covington

Vikki Mac

A Brisket & cheddar and potato soup was AMAZING!!

Sam Wells

Wanda Phipps

It was so delicious will be back.

Brenda Drown

Good Food but expensive.

Bryant Medina

BE CAREFUL! I don't normally do this but this is UNACCEPTABLE. It doesn't appear that they clean their knives. What else don't they clean? I ordered a Beef&Cheddar and they got marinara or something, all around it. A couple sandwiches were mixed with other stuff. That's pretty disgusting. It was also poorly put together and clumped up. I will be reporting this because this is a health code issue.

Jerry & Lorie Widmann

It's good. Beats subway

Scott Hawthorne

Made my sub hot steamy just the way I like them!

Ashleigh Osborne

Always love this place! Very friendly

Kiara Miller

Great service: You're greeted by the staff as soon as you enter, the food was prepared quickly and staff even brought our food to our table. The sandwiches are delicious, just a bit high in cost for a combo meal. Other than the price, I'll be looking forward to going again.

Mike Sendek

Excellent food and some of the best employees ive encountered in 60 years.

James Chastain

Grace Lantzy

Pickles taste like they were soaked in acetone

Drew S

The young lady who took my order was very friendly and patient while I fumbled through my list of sandwiches. Clean restaurant with good food and courteous staff!

Steve Chandler

Portions were huge and the food was good and hot. I used the online pickup and the food was ready when I got there. My only caveat was you had to pickup the cookies, chips, ect and for first time person (me), it was unclear where that stuff was....

Angela Arbeary

Great food

Purple Peacock Boutique

Great food and great service to my kids!

Lisa Jenkins

Eric Alexander

Great food, friendly staff & great customer service!

David Anthony

Andrew F

Kathleen Cooper

Great food and service.

Chris S

Prices are higher than Subway, but the quality of the food is better. The only complaint I have is there is no background music. Everytime I go there, it's silent and quiet. It's similar in atmosphere to eating lunch in a library.

Chris Forehand

Great food and service.

Jon Davis

Best subs you can get from a chain. They offer 500 calorie samiches but let's face it if your going to fire house it's all about the meat.

Chris Frederick

Consistant quality

Brandon Hunt

These subs are indomitable!

Larry Helton

Karenna Osgatharp

4 times. 4 times ive been in this place and they screwed up on my subs. I would understand if it was busy or cheap but everytime i went they had maybe 2 other customers and the subs are pricy. Honestly i dont know how the staff still is working there. They obviously dont care and take a super long ass time making them. Save your money or stand there at the counter holding their hand as if they were children because they will mess up if you order more than one sub

Michael Lowe

Love the steak and cheese subs

Missy Breedlove

First time to try and I was impressed. Staff were very helpful

Kevin 132656

just ok

Ben Dailey

The food is always hot and fresh, very consistent.

Stephanie Stephens

Always the best.. Worth the money.. .

Dennis C.Chris Hovey

Super good sandwiches, love hot sauce selections!

Joanie Engel

My favorite place to get warm subs.

John Jacobs

Great subs and supports a great cause to our 1st responders.

Shawn Goodman

Rhonda Magarino

Hook and ladder is dang good.

Kelton Newman

It was pricey, but awesome. I loved the people, the food, the ambiance. It is hella-good.

Kelly Metzner

Sheila Carroll

I like subway better.

Dre King


Antoinette Overbeck

Chris Spencer

Great job

Joseph Gervase

Love it here!

Karen Hibbitt Brandon

Mandy Marie

Aaron Cayson

Just like any other. Friendly staff.

Mike Leturgez

Food was ok. Staff not very friendly on the verge of rude.

Jerry Garrison

Cheddar Brisket is the way to go. Good food. Staff is always nice when you come in and they have an amazing selection of hot and bbq sauces. Very happy with this location

Amanda Hoyt

My first time dining here. The staff is not friendly. I recommend another location. The food is great so if you dont care about the service you receive i recommend this location. They have 4.99 subs. The turkey one is really good. Always does appear to be clean but i feel rushed. I go in the evenings and they mop the floor while im in there except my table is the only spot unmopped and they seem to rush you when you go back to the counter for a drink or dessert like you are inconveniencing them.

Billy Patrick

Nothing like a warm hot sub sandwich that touches your soul it was so delicious soup was fire water couldn't put it out.



Great subs

kinsley duffield

Its the best sandwhich i ever had. Told the waiter to surprise me and it was wonderful.

jeff johnson

They are ok

Joseph Jones

Savannah Tomah

Tasty subs and sauces.

tony rutledge

David Randall

Terry Tutor

1 to 10 give it 12

Oxford Burger Co

Brad Dalton

The crew on 6/16/2019 at 7pm went above and beyond and were super polite and attentive. It was honestly a very pleasant experience.

Tristan Ponder

Doesn't even deserve 1 star. I'll never get the taste of their meatball sub out of my mouth. Tasted like dirt and bathroom floor.

shirley ousley

My family and I love this place

Jon Blish

Always great food and service at this location.

Melissa Woods


Nathan Baldwin

Went to a firehouse subs in San Antonio and it was completely broken. This one was better but still not a fan. They forgot the treats in the kids meals (if you have kids you know why tjat is a huge mistake). Kids meals were maybe portioned for a 4 year old tops. They didnt mention for me to grab my chips which isnt as obvious as subway. On top of it all I felt like it was overpriced for what I got. Lots, and lots of better options out there for lunch. Dont waste your time on this one.

Regina Coleman

Oxford Ms has the best FIREHOUSE IN THE world!!!!! The custom servers is Awesome!!!!! It's Regina Brasell instead of Regina Coleman

Marion Iles

Love this place. Food is real good. Staff is outstanding

Shinekia Stevenson

A friendly clean place.

Jesse Coggins

Mary Tanner

I did not appreciate my unwrapped pickle in the same box as my sandwich. My whole sandwich tasted like a pickle. That is not “on the side.”

Janet McBride

Jeremy Mathes

David Gutierrez

Khalil Qatu

Jonathan Knighton

In and out quick. Food was great!

Deep Dave

Jason Bowen

Worst Firehouse experience in 5 years. Will not be visiting this particular location again.

Scot D Simmons

So-So from prior experience

Kentrell Fair

Great Subs 1of my new favs in The O!!!

Kenneth Young

Raymond Hutcherson

Awesome... great food, great staff, great time.

Corey Barron

I can't say more about this location..this staff is very professional and helpful..big shout out to faren, chris and the rest of the staff!! You guys are the best, see you soon!!

Raymond Gorcey

Was a good place till i started working there and found out that some of my co-workers are rude and lazy dont care about anyone but their friends it saddens me that i have to work but work with some not all but some that have zero customer service and i dont know who to contact about this

Steven Stegemeier

Kyle Hirsch

Crystal Pomes

I love their chicken salad sandwhiches, more expensive then subway but they just taste so good!

Wilson Kidd

Quality subs but the phone was ringing the whole time I was there, just answer the phone.

peax xyz

Reyna Wilcox

Good stuff. Great staff.

Misty Osborn

Best sub sandwiches ever!

Steven Roberts

Good hit subs. Staff is sometimes slow.

Jason Peacock

Great service and food as always

Steve Stallings

Quick service and not very busy

Brian Green

Great subs

wesley gray

Just started working across the street from this place and this sandwich is GOOOOD! Stopped by after work before heading home. Ingredients are high quality from what i can tell and the employees were helpful and nice. I opted for this place even though there is a Jersey Mike's two doors down from my new place of work. This place has a lower price point and honestly they have superior subs, too. I also like that they support first responders (i donated my change, too!). I will be returning to this place often. 5 stars!

Scott J

I'm a huge fan of Firehouse Subs. I wish we lived closer to one.

Melissa Spencer

Javoris Brasher

Johnathan Norris

I come here every friday. Food is great and staff is friendly.

Mahala Moorehead

Omg such good food good vibes too

Ryan Bishop

Excellent subs with good portions. I like the theme and the selection of hot sauces. Great little establishment. Plan to try again.

Daniel Robinson

Place was clean and nice. Food was delicious. I dislike when the subs are made in a hurry and the meat falls out as soon as you pick it up but it was still great!

Jeff Bennett

Julie Shaw

Yummy hot sandwiches

Dilan Karunathilaka

John Ventshop

The sandwiches taste good and who I dealt with was friendly. My biggest problem was the Edmond roads and getting into the parking lot. Got two to go and living in Guthrie I can't say they were hot when we ate but they were warm in the bag. These guys also have the new style soda fountain where you can pick from tons of combinations which is especially nice when a member of your family is diabetic and tired of one diet drink or tea. If you are nearby and can make it in to the parking lot I would suggest stopping in art least once and try it out. And if you like hot sauce they have over twenty different ones to try.

Joe Tarantelli

Tiffany Shimp

Jessica McKee

My family loves this place even my picky kid and the online ordering service is very convenient!

Barbara Bird

Staff very helpful and pleasant. Thursday's sub was very good.

Earnestine Smith

Brandon Maxcy

Jessica Nelson

James Clark

Nicole Chavez

Jennifer Tankskey

This is an awesome place! Great food and even better staff!!!

Steven Jackson

it wad baf

Larry Spooner

Great subs

Tim Twyman

We've been here several times. The food and service that is given is unsurpassed. Kudos!

Kevin Honeycutt

Way better than all the rest they actually put some meat on their sandwiches.

Karon Jacob

Amazing sandwiches! Free refills for drinks! Great for meeting friends to visit!

Taking the Green Road

Great Sub.

Heather Robinson

Great food and fast service

Alice Wilson

It is okay. They mess up your order . Need to restaff.

James Holton

Super friendly staff and food was prepared well!

Alma Fuller

Their subs are always delicious

Matt LaMar

The food is fairly good, but the service is super poor. Because they make the food in the front, you can watch as the employees don't put forth much effort into making the sandwiches in a timely manner. The last few times I've come here my wait has been over 15min, while not busy at all. It didn't used to be like this, the staff used to be super quick.

Karen Shroyer

It is the best place to go for a sandwich!!!

Lin Devine

Always a good meal here for me. Speedy, friendly, food out fast!

rich hartley

Family friendly staff and a clean place to eat

Mike Ferguson

Great food. Friendly staff. Great hot sauce selection!

Dan Davis

Wesley Porter

Always fresh and helpful

Marissa Simmons

Jim Heater

Very good pastrami Reuben sandwich.

Chris Mueller

Ben Hibben

Pretty good sub shop if you're in the mood for a sandwich.

Christopher Carver

Always get great service very friendly, and you have to love the options of heat to add on your sub.

Marvin Heatter

Great stuff

Jeremy Swinford

I just miss the chicken salad sandwich...


Mediocre sub sandwiches

John Payne

Great food and service

Justin Underwood

Robyn McDonald

Always good food. Never had a bad meal there.

Carman Dinkens

Best subs around. Chicken bacon ranch, yum.!

Edward Penishands

Love their meatball sub. Tons of meat balls and love the taste.. don't even care how dirty this sounds

Karri Rittenhouse

Service was great and food was fabulous!

Toni McClara

regina mcdaniel

They greet you as you come in and they tell you goodbye their subs are the best and at a great price

Joshua Collins

The employees were friendly and the food is great.

Bryan Kidd7ijjh y m

Fresh, delicious food. ALWAYS friendly and courteous staff!

BJ Hernandez

Hot means hot

Beautiful African princess

Luv food here

Ailile Felina

Good. Expensive but good

Cory Compton

Tasha Wilson

Absolutely Amazing

Kenneth Hicks

Jeana Brown

Excellent soup and sandwich deal and terrific service

Morgan McConnell

Love paying $35 on 2 sandwiches,and also getting literally no sauce when I in fact asked for extra lol.

Evelyn Williams


Jeremy Crumb

Would have given 5 stars if staff was friendly... 4 stars for quality of food only... Minus one star because place was full of smoke for some reason... Not a good thing for a firehouse...

Edward Vick

Ken Thurmond

Chad Cory

Best sub ive ever had wont ever go to subway again.

Niels Rasmussen

Always fresh!

Ross Johnson

They gave me a free sub on my birthday!

Erin Braun

Elaine Lelakowski

mary whiddon

Good subs

Kendra Bridge

A joke of a teenage manager who rolls her eyes when asked to remake a simple sandwich. Then her fellow teenage employee thought it was acceptable to throw a plate on a table at a guest. This place is just terrible and the owner is even bigger of a joke.

tina kilgore

Great Food and Great Service

Michael Sherrod

The food was great people are nice

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