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REVIEWS OF Chick-fil-A IN Georgia

Tom Colling

Today was their chicken nugget breakfast burrito.

steve c

All the employees I''ve met are really nice. It doesn't matter what location I visit

Melinda Walters

In the midst of Thanksgiving craziness, this was a haven of calm and pleasantness. Even though it's in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, every single employee was cheery and helpful. Food was great, as always. Chick-Fil-A = predictable happiness. Thank you Chick Fil A.

Gary Hunter

Love the number 1 chicken sandwich and waffle fries!

Barb Greenman

william teaney

Always great food and great service.

crystal harris

almost always good!! both lunch/dinner menu and breakfast menu are so delicious. The staff are always so very kind, the service is always fast and so nice! the interior decor of this location is beautiful too!! Very rarely am I disappointed with the food or service... only on Sundays when I am craving chick fil a! I even forgot my card once, didn't realize it until I got to the window. Let them know that I forgot my card and that I was so very sorry and I was ready to drive off when they said that I could still have my food. they just asked if I could come in later with the receipt and pay then. I have NEVER had that happen at any fast food place! I was so taken back by the kindness! I came back that same day to pay later!

Glenn White

Just the best.

Brandi Andersen

Foods good atmosphere is nice not many people tho


I had the cobb salad yesterday with the avocado ranch dressing and it was absolutely delicious.

Dennis Zumbahlen

Really slow service, food was as expected.

Merrill Bowman

Very nice staff.Easy to get in with a wheelchair. They have a pretty good spicy chicken sandwich.

Andy Moore

The director of operations is extremely helpful and nice! Great place!

CH Pack

Great service. They took my tray when I was done and they were quick and polite.

Marie Watkins

susan sinclair

Didn't get our order right

Carol Bruner

Fries were great

brandy aymes

Food is always good employees are very professional

Simon Crouch

Amazing I wish every restaurant would follow the basic guidelines CFA does. Fast, good, polite, no complaints. Side salad instead of fries for 1.29 extra seems right I guess.

Courtney Bushouse


This restaurant is above and beyond of what I had expected from a fast food joint. To start with, food is delicious. No argument from me there. The different sauce choices for the nuggets is first class! With about 10 (give or take) different flavors, there's bound to be one that will hit home run. The workers were very pleasant and seem really happy to work at this place. Nothing but positive attitude. They bring the food out to you at your table instead of standing and waiting for your number to be yelled. Half way through our meal one of the workers came by our table and asked if everything was okay. That's unheard of at a fast food joint. At the end, another worker came by and offered to take our tray and trash away. I felt like I was fine dining! Another thing I like about this place is that the workers are diverse in age. From baby boomers to millennials, you'll find them here in one fast food joint.

Joshman 679

Chloe Jones

This place is the best. Great food, and great workers. I don't think I ever seen more nice people. I definitely recommend this if your on the go.

Li Huang


Chris Albright


Always fantastic

Axiom Inquirer CCC

This CFA seems broken. I've been in line already for 10 min. No one is out here taking orders like they normally do at other busy locations. I came here with nearly 30min to go to be at work at the hospital around the corner and now, I fear I will be late. Seems odd. I shouldn't complain I suppose, maybe they are short staffed o. This beautiful Saturday.

Ian George

Great food even better service!

Jamie Rosson

Best chicken sandwich & nuggets ever!!!

Graham Turner

Timothy Jenson

Their coffee is so tasty.

Karen Hanna

Jc k

My first time there and it was great! Good food! I loved the friendly Christian service!

Shefali Pawar

It's a great place to get your food from. It's quite popular among the students too. I especially love the chicken nuggets they offer with potato waffles. Ummm yummy

Candy Carley

I've been coming here for 4.5 years and John is a great dance teacher! It's fun to meet new and returning people in this relaxed atmosphere.

Laura Hosfeldt

Playgrounds Fun

deborah salazar

Always consistent addictive chicken nuggets & lemonade. Yum yum!

Chelly Boo

I felt bad going pretty late close to closing time but the staff were so nice and friendly and got all my order correct and went beyond expectations. Best chicken sandwiches and the best customer service for a fast food restaurant. If you like chicken I definitely would recommend this location.

Kaitlyn Hall

Delishious but slow

Amanda Cox

Nikolas Coleman

K m

John Supple

Wonderful fast food

Kavi King

I love chick fil a and everyone at this location is so sweet

Gabriella Castillo

Steve Daniels

Always good food. Quick service. Excellent staff

Galaxy kitten 75

marcus bryson

Awesome people great service and very clean play area for little kids

Brandon Hess2013

They never disappoint. All though they can go down on there chicken nugget prices and maybe add a few more to the box lol.

lou domenge

Good chix-clean-well staffed

Jeff Wright

Best Fast Food Restaurant for great food and professional friendly service!

Sabrina Manire

Don't usually complain but I've worked drive thru and it's not difficult to pay attention to what drink the customer ordered . I was given regular coke instead of diet . IM A TYPE ONE DIABETIC . please pay better attention to orders so no one else is put in danger due to carelessness.

Keyonna K

Fast service. Food is always hot. The staff are friendly too.

Suphat Yoopensuk

Christopher Brown

Chris Mensinger

Ashley W

Ate here recently and acquired a food borne illness. I've never had that issue with Chick-fil-A in the past, but I can't say I'll be going back after that. I've been out of work almost a week because of it. The service wasn't that great either.

lawrence safley

Best customer service in the entire industry. The chicken is so good it tastes like it was raised by both parents....

Joke of All Trades

It was ok was hoping to get lunch but it was too early so had to get breakfast but the food was good

Alex Jones

We love this location! On Saturday we stopped in to grab a quick lunch while we were shopping! The staff is so nice and the food was hot. Training done right.

Don Potter

Always good always have great service even when its very busy.

John Rickert

The staff were very courteous and friendly.

Joshua Svoboda

Clean, new, chicken, tasty, fast... Not sure I had something I did not like order was correct, good job Chick-fil-A!

Jerricka Gutierrez

Out of all the chick fila this location is most disappointing for service. If you don’t care about how you are treated or how long it takes anyone to offer to take your order, this place is fine. All the other locations are happy to great you and serve you... honestly the last two times I’ve come to this location I none of the employees were welcoming anxiousto serve or said “my pleasure “, even once. I shared my feelings about the service last visit, the person I talked to really didn’t care and only made excuses for everyone. We we were offered refills. We were ignored when we walked in. My girls went to ask for sauce and were ignored then too. No one goes through the lobby to check on customers or offer refills either. This just doesn’t seem normal for chick fila service. Both time we were here last was because it was convenient, after church. I did ask at the counters when no one asked to serve us, if their computers were down, because although there were workers in front of us at counter none acknowledged us. I told them I was used to them eager to serve their customers.

chris gunter

Great green chili cheese burger, Rustic Burger.

Nina Monteleone

Amazing service just like other locations! One star docked because there are two girls on morning shifts whose voices are almost so forced and high pitched it's annoying and fake. Everyone else is very genuine and hard-working.

Wendy Delaware

1st time there great service. Great food!

Anlu Zhu

If its busy its impossible. You can't distinguish wgich lines are which. Not express.

Michelle Travis

Fresh food, very clean, friendly staff and fun play area for the kids.

Noah Meloccaro

I love this location! The staff is very friendly and the service is quick! Only issue I can think of is this location has things priced higher than the other local Chick-fil-As. However check their facebook page because they do a lot of fun events like college night where you can score free food!

Margie Smokov

Good food, good service

Kimberly Ashley

Destiny Horn

Deanna Sommer

Ross Serena

Great food and amazing service!

Justin Cameron

As always my favorite restaurant

Russell Wrenn

Went thru the drive thru got the chicken soup and tea for my wife and a deluxe chicken with a shake very good as usual service and food

Matt Miller

Friendly staff and food was fresh and hot even though it was very busy.

Jane Schindler

The food is good, reasonably priced and all of the staff are friendly and polite.

Orlando Frazier

Excellent service and the chicken is great too

Angella Aragon

Can not go wrong with this place!!

Michael Parkhurst

Always tasty, and the place is always clean. The staff really do seem to like their working conditions, which definitely makes them seem happier than your average fast food worker.

Jeff Mcbride

Justin Pomar

Amazing service. They run it like a well oiled machine.

Eulalio Rodriguez

They got a verity great foods that you can make up your own meals check it out people it is great.

Randy Baker

Best chicken in burq

Ellen Townsend

This is my favorite Chick-fil-a! Always clean, friendly employees, and the food is always fresh and tasty!

Tami Worthington

My favorite place for chicken sandwiches!! We use to eat at Chick-fil-a in Utah and we’re sad Omaha didn’t have one when we moved back here. Then Chick-fil-a came just down the street from our house. We like it so much that now two of my boys work for them! As a mom of a Chick-fil-a employee I must say they treat their employees well!

Chathurika Srimali Abeykoon

Jo Jabour

Chris Leasure

That had no words of how to lessen the food here is

Amy Watson

Slow and not the usual friendly service we get from other locations.

Roger Cherry

Spicy Chick-fil-A! Well it says spicy but not really not for me but it sure was good

Christopher Schwartz

First off have to say what a super friendly guy Jim is. Very polite and calm speaking, he told us about the new app they have and offered to walk us through it. Highly recommend stopping and saying Hi to Jim, you won't regret it. Super Guy!!!! Second off, get the app now!!. Order, preorder, set up favorites, then get it all delivered to your table. Each table has a number on it. Order your food,set a credit card, put your phone on the number when told and BOOM, order is made a brought to you. No lines, issues. In a hurry preorder your food all from the app. Great App. Again thank you Jim for the friendly service!!

Heather Jones

love food is so.good

Ricardo Gato Gil

Amazing food and very quick service

Debra Ehlert

The original is always perfect and the people always nice and polite. So thankful this place is so close.

Christina B Ramirez

Always love this place really they enjoy their efficiency today they had several groups and still managed to get everybody through in a timely manner


Good food good people. Happy to support such a good operation. This franchise does great gestures to the homeless and other groups within our community. No other has been seen or reported to do the things I've read and seen personally that Chic-fil-a has!

Abq Street Racers 505

Quick service fresh food

Samantha Cowell

Julia Erin Campbell

they had a free chic fil a night for uno students. The service was fast and great for how many people were there. The workers were awesome as well

michael sharp

Best chickfila in Omaha very quick service and get to choose your sauces including chickfila sauce.

Manuel Hernandez

Deluxe chicken sandwich was great.

Jennifer Winstead-Heady

Suntom Ngo

Without Jesus we wouldn't have this

Brenan Small

Roxy Foxy and Dr Pepper Show

Always fresh, quick and friendly!

Nicole Bradford

It was good.

Toni Engelhardt

Waffle fries are like half done, not even crispy.

Mark Richard

Great customer service and food is the best!

Kristi Lee

I ordered the iced coffee with caramel. It did not resemble anything that tasted like coffee or caramel. Very disappointed.

joyce lopez

Best place to eat. One of my favorite is chargrill sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, and I am very happy to say all their food is delicious I crave it every day. Paseo del Notre

Cloe Villegas

Really good! The wait in line is always pretty long but otherwise everything us great.

Kevin Henry

Fantastic location. Always clean and we'll staffed.

The Brown Legend

Always good food great customer service.

Cheney Perry-Hill

Hit and miss. Notice how my chicken is half the size of the bun?

Alyssa Conrad

Great staff and food!

Shari Hansen

Tasty as always! 75th and Dodge is very lucky to have David in the lobby area. He chatted with the customers, cleared the tables and cleaned those tables and chairs so well, they sparkled... what a gem!

luis montes

The food and staff deserve an A+!!

kayla johnston

Monique A

Superior service everytime. Great quality food, great staff, great environment

Robert Lawrence

Always fast service, clean across the board, attentive friendly staff, great food. If you have kids, it might not be the best play place in town, but it is the cleanest and that is a huge plus compared to the few other play places around town.

Erycah Edwards

Ray Gering

Always love the food, and the shakes can't be beat. Plus it's a nice, friendly atmosphere, and the staff is always incredible!

Linz Howell

Always love the food here! My favorite place to grab a delicious salad. Very clean and always a quick drive thru when I'm in a hurry! Great service too! My son loves the play place and it seems to be kept clean.

Lyric Patzka

Fast. 400 on the dash. . .

Debra Ruley

Great food but quite pricey.

awesomegamer 026

It’s a great place to go for chicken

Kathi Lee

fred osborne

Very good M people and great food

Tonya Gonzales

Always amazing food and service.

Melanie Wood


I love this place. Was a little put off by the girl taking our order when she wiped her nose and ended up with a booger on her finger. She just wiped it on her pants and continued to take our order. I watched carefully and she did not handle our food or drinks so .....

Shannon Thomas

Chicken biscuit is my everydayness favorite. My last 2 have had hard over cooked biscuits. Not the normal perfect breakfast. A must try

Cole Larsen

Friendly staff with great customer service. Clean facilities and food on par with the chick-fil-a standard. Highly recommend!

Larry Buhlmann

Food was great! Staff was very friendly and accommodating.

London Abbys World

Great food, great staff, always clean and friendly environment. Other fast food places should take notes, especially on how to have nice employees..


Its chikfila, what's not to love

Michael Jones

I love me some CFA. This one has 2 drive through lanes. Ate outside it was awesome.

Rick Scank

Excellent food backed by excellent customer service

Sheila Rowe

Cost way to much...

Evgen Tseba

We love the chicken sandwich and chicken tenders. The waffle fries are the best. When my grandson is visiting , we have to take him here at least twice. He loves the chicken and playing in the childrens area.

Justin Sevison

Mattie Smith

I'm not a Chick-fil-A fan. My sons and daughters love it. I can say that everytime I've been inside one pic their stores, it's always clean and the staff is super nice and helpful. What I do love about this establishment is that they are closed on Sundays to honor God. That's a huge plus in my book.

Samantha Hide

Used to love this place as their food is very good. However during my most recent visit the customer service was severely lacking. Went through the drive thru and the girl working the intercom recited my order incorrectly twice. Pretty simple order, just two orders of chicken, two orders of fries, and one drink. Finally she got it right. Went to pay and they still got my order wrong two more times and needed further clarification. They charged me for the food they “forgot” to put in the bag. So I paid more than I was told the order total was at the intercom by no fault of my own. No one said thank you or have a nice day. Every employee was short and too busy to care about customer satisfaction. Even though this was at lunch and they were busy, I counted at least 15 employees working, although they all seemed disorganized, confused, and were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Finally got the food I ordered, drove off, just to discover they gave me the wrong drink. I’m diabetic so I’m glad I got a vat of sugar I didn’t order. Didn’t have time to go back through the drive thru again to get the correct drink. Didn’t have enough hands to go inside to get the correct drink as I was by myself with my toddler and newborn who had just fallen asleep; hence the drive thru trip. Wouldn’t recommend coming here if they’re busy, because you won’t matter. Felt like I was a nuisance despite my simple order. As a stay at home mom who can’t even use the restroom without my babies crying, I just wanted a simple meal. I’m happy to pay a little more than other fast food joints. I would just expect my order to be correct, or at the very least, leave feeling like a valued customer.

Bill Green

Great food and Great service.

Jennifer Robbins

Was my first time at a chick-fil-A and this one was very busy so that's always a good sign! Food was good and got our food surprisingly fast for how busy they were. Staff was very friendly. Restaurant was clean and bathrooms were very clean. Would go again!

Laquetta Edwards

Fast, accurate, friendly.

Ricky Kimbrell

Service was great, as was the food.

Jennifer Plunkett

Good experience. Kids had a blast. Good service. Good food.

Bo Hughes

Can't say enough about the employees here always have a great attitude

Ernest Jones Jr.

Great tasting food and friendly workers.

Patti Brown

Fast, friendly service.

Danyille Bushee

Daytime drive thru ladies are the best

Emily Smith

There usually on time and quick. But I waited 10 mins and had to circle 2 times throughout the line to get one spicy chicken sandwich and extra pickles. Not good

Kristi Henderson

Cant go wrong with chick fil a. .

Holly Smith

My favorite Chick-fil-A to go too!! Super fast and always polite!!! Never messed up my order!!! Every fast food chain in the nation should strive to be like this one specific store!! I’d give more stars if I could!!

APRIL Calhoun

Always friendly

Willie Smith

Good service and good chicken every time

Fred Stanfa

Good food good service, as usual

Charlie Stout

Got to say I wasn't excited to eat here. Ended up liking my meal very much. Everything was hot and seemed fresh. They were busy too. Only constructive criticism I could add is to cook your fries about 10-15 seconds longer. They were not soggy, but they were soft and that extra time could add a little crispness to them. My wife carried out our meal so I didn't get the chance to see inside.

Jeremy Conley

Delicious and fast

Matt Stevenson

food and service good as always but they took so long cleaning the men's restroom my son had to run over to Walgreens to use their restroom.

John K

I loved their sandwich, and the delivery speed of food is a great choice.

Renee G Mcneal

Very disappointed in Chick-fil-A. Disappointed no chocolate chip cookies.

Stephanie Royer

Always kind service and fast as possible even when busy.

Kim Phillips

Last 3 times I was at this location my order was wrong.

Joe Messer

I eat here 4-5 times a week. Always AMAZING service, quick drive thru and food always perfectly prepared!


It is inside the government building, so if you're looking for an actual Chick-fil-A don't come here. No drive through, no designated parking lot.

Jeremy Moses

Very fast and accurate service. Good food as always. No indoor seating area, but has a nice patio with picnic tables. Very busy, be careful in the parking lot!

Carol Bishop

Very clean, associates were friendly, food was chick fil a delicious

Laura Clance

Always consistent food and friendly employees

Spencer Allen

Best fast food restaurant around. I would much rather spend the extra money and eat here then have my entire order wrong at McDonalds. Customer service is always on point and the food is resplendent. Always number one choice when one of these is in town.

Bob Ross

We are traveling for a wedding. Had breakfast at hotel. Was craving chic fil a! I mentioned to the wife that it sure would be nice to eat you know where. I fell asleep and then I was woke up by our car slowing down and turning? Thought we were getting gas in car. My wife said 163 miles to next one? Then she pulled into that place... all was great and I had my usual order for lunch. She loves me! A nice surprise for lunch in Terre haute Indiana. So maybe in 163 miles we stop again!!!!! Be still my heart. Eat chicken.

Lisa Reynolds

Great place, especially for grandkids to play inside! They love that place!

Diane McLerran

Great service and ice.

Gary Troutman

Always great, hot delicious food, another family favorite...

A Fuss

Quick service

Traci C

Unusually poor service for a CFA, I specifically asked about the sauce for my sandwich and was told it was in the bag. Thank goodness I checked because there was no sauce and I would have had to eat the sandwich dry. The sandwich and fries were both lukewarm. We drove out of our way adding 25 minutes to our long trip for mediocre food. We won't return to this location.

Cindy Glanton

Always friendly service.

Ruby Ann Foster

The food is always spot on. The service was fabulous. Thank you

Karla Birtchman

Always a pleasure.

Michael Brown

Nice place. ..... Clean

Patricia Clay

Always a great place to eat.

Amanda Prather

Love there food but a lil high

George E Daniel Jr

Chick Gil a is always a step above all others with superior customer service, cleanliness, well kept and a good experience

Alan Parrish

This wonderful place feeds my addiction to their chocolate shakes among other things! A friendly, hard-working staff complements a solid menu featuring the sweet spot of the Chick-fil-a brand: the deliciousness that is the Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich, complete with mayo and a tangy dill pickle. FYI, if anyone is a fan of the Arnold Palmer half tea, half lemonade drinks, just come in and ask for a Arnold Palmer... it'll blow those canned versions out of the water!

Rodney Malin

I didn't go there

Robert Beane

Best chicken sandwich and sweet tea

Patti Buercklin

Friendly staff, great food, fast , always my first choice to eat at these restaurants!


Never had a bad experience. Foods always just right, and they're extremely fast. Helpful and friendly, service with a smile.

Randy Jones

Went for a fundraiser for church. Great service and food. Thanks.

Jessica Hales

Good food and they were pretty quick to get our order out to us.

Ryan Hatcher

Quick, efficient, polite and delicious

Lois H

Timely customer friendly food was great

Ed Wiedemann

Tasty food and excellent service.

Tara Franklin

The service was astounding. They had a long line but took little time getting our meal to us, and even managed to find our table when we were completely hidden. The food was delicious, as always.

Samuel Kaurin

Very good food, staff is good and some locations aren't the most clean but overall pretty good.

Penny Lowe

Friendly, fast service and the food was freshly made and hot?

Joshua Lee

Chick-fil-A is awesome! It seemed like we had no sooner ordered than the food had arrived, hot and tasty as always. The play place was nice too, perfect for keeping our eldest occupied. Clean place, definitely recommend!

David Duke

You can not go wrong with chik-fil-A. All food is awesome. Tea is amazing. The customer service is top notch. The need to put on simenars to teach other fast food restaurants how its done.

Angela Brathwaite

Food awesome and service awesome

John Steiner

Stephanie Raffield

Quick and friendly service

Karol Stephens

Great service. The only problem was the wait in the Drive-Thru line.

Josh Lunsford

Getting in and out of this location during prime lunch time is difficult. Had to cut through another parking lot to get back to a light. The food was hot and tasted great. The staff were friendly and they have their stuff together. I was surprised how fast they can get cars through the double drive thru lanes.

Amirah by the Apple

It was great but had a little problem with the app and unless all of that was good.

Nashari Brown

It's chic-fil-a... need I say more!?

MKE bucksfan

Best chicken on the face of the Earth, and the moon! (trust me, I've been there).

Joshua Gadagno

Huge line still got my food in less than ten minutes I really enjoyed having lunch here

Kelli Hartsfield

Always quick service

Rodney L Hendricks II

Good food, however it is always very busy. But the part that takes away is that it is so loud! Cant hear your conversation everyone is so loud

Taylor Hollis

Great service fast drive threw during lunch sweet people

Missy Childs

Love it

Megan Rodgers

All I have to say is yum!

Kathy M

How can you not like Chick fil-A. They say my pleasure every time they serve you and the food is amazing!

Karen Lewis

WORST CHIL FIL A EVER!!!! I have been to many if various locations but this particular one is AWFUL! Long wait time always!

Edrian Mallory

What else can I say. There's always fast and friendly service.

Andrew Spellman

Good food with no mistakes they keep their building and the area around it very tidy. The bathrooms are well kept and the employees are always very kind.


Fastest ever

Susan Johnson

This Chick-fil-A will fix special items for someone who follows a vegan menu.

Misty Shook

Love this place. Very friendly staff. Order is always perfect.

Jay Brown

Best chicken nuggets I've ever had

Sarah Crew

I was out late shopping after school today, and was famished, so I stopped by for dinner before heading home. I think I can safely say I have never had bad customer service here, and am always treated with courtesy and kindness when I go, but tonight I was especially impressed. Not only were the fries piping hot, deliciously straight from the fryer, but I also was greeted IN THE DRIVE-THROUGH by a kind manager, who wanted to make sure my night was going well. He was not the one serving me, but happened to be passing by the window, and asked how my night was going. Where else does that happen?! How many fast food chain managers care that much about one customer's warm welcome and satisfaction? I am not a huge fast food person, but I have been around the block enough to know that that is not normal customer service for a fast food restaurant. They go above and beyond in customer service, not to mention making delicious food, and being pro-life! Love this place.

Ryan Paradis

This is located on the 3rd floor food court

Bunny Byrne

This place is always friendly, always clean and always fast. The owner, Mr. Wari is very kind and attentive, as are the other staff members. One of the best Chick-fil-a locations!

Megan Warmack

The wait times here are a bit ridiculous. Even considering it's CFA. The food is on point but expect to wait in the drive thru for at LEAST 15 minutes or more.

Pat zbit

Always the most awesome chicken. Never fail

Antoine Raiford

Can't comprehend with orders they got my order wrong twice it's really not that hard to fix a#7

AJ Dominick

Always great tasting and service with a smile. I like qorking nearby so I can stip in and get a bite or a sweet treat as I want to. They get super busy at Noon, so go early!

Vickie Rodgers-McDaniel

Great salads. I love the market salad. It has strawberries, blueberries, apples, walnuts, and a host of greens. The Apple vinagrette salad dressing is also very good. I always ask my server to change the grilled chicken to fried chicken. Chick-fil-a, always clean always good. And a very pleasant wait staff. Chick-fil-a is one of my favorite places!

Cleta Martin

Love Chick - films-A

Scott bryant

ALWAYS great service, food & service.

Trenice Davis

Love Chick-Fil A

Kymberly Briggs

It was just okay! Not Great!

Bill Greenwood

Terre Haute Chick-fil-A is always excellent!

Patty Jenkins

Chicken Sandwich was perfect and service was outstanding!

Rachel Cripe

Wish we had one of these in Kokomo! Every chance we get to stop at one, while traveling, it's a no brainer. The most efficient drive thru I have ever seen. Delicious chicken. On this visit tried my first cookie...yum!

Ron Hatfield

Love there chicken. A little slower than usual today

Beth Donna

Not as good as it was when it first opened. They do get your order quickly, but when food isn't that great, it doesn't matter.

Harry Licht

I mean, it's chicken fil A. C'mon.

Willie Mitchell

Love love love them. Their demeanour is so friendly, even if they're not feeling it.

Rebecca Wilds

I'm not one to leave reviews, especially about Chick Fil A, but this is the worst experience I've ever had with CFA in the many years I've been a customer. For starters, the drive thru experience was not the usual for CFA. The person taking the orders was rude, seemed ill, and was not enthusiastic in the slightest. Secondly, the food was disappointing. We both got spicy chicken sandwiches and they were both dry. Not only that, there was dust woven into one of the sandwiches. CFA has always been known for their wonderful customer service, but this was extremely disappointing.

Timothy Zoellick

Always what you expect and always held to the highest of standards - in food and service!

Tyler Rodeffer

Always excellent service and excellent quality!

Crystal Ann

I normally love Chickfillet but this time I got moldy fruit. They replaced it and apologized. My experience is usually 5 stars for other locations but the one at the mall is hit or miss sometimes.

sai avinash nerella

Michael Plowden

Service was extremely slow and it wasn't terribly busy inside the store. Also they just flat out didn't include the package of cookies my wife was after, so I got yelled at when I got back home.

phyllis broome

I love how consistent in good service they are, thanks!

Trey Gordon

Gotta Love The Lord's Chicken.

Nannette Hill

To expensive


Always good to eat here.

goalieboy gaming

Service was spot on and food always a A+. My go to is the tenders

Aimee Speicher-Skaggs

We love Chick-fil-A!! So happy to fine one on our travels. Busy place and worth the wait! And it was a very short wait!

Yvonne Austin Brown

Love it but they are sooooo expensive, we talking about chicken people

Shawn Wallace

I'd eat spicy chicken every day if it were socially acceptable.

Matthew Williams

These savages operate out of an old checkers without a washroom or toilet! Disgusting.

Faye Hinderliter

Excellent peach milkshake!!

Megan Mollet

Best place to get great food, quick, friendly service every time we go.

Robbie Paul

The people were very friendly and prompt. It was clean, the food was great, and they had a playground!

Christopher Carman

Friendly staff, good food as always with chick-Fila

Leticia Banks

Fast, friendly & delicious.

Dee Caver

PJ Dower

Good service, food too expensive for how much you get. Very clean, loved the flowers on every table and in restroom.

Darlene Tyree

The best Chick-fil-A location in Omaha! Raymon at the drive through window was such a delight. Quality staff.

Nate Kasper

Best CFA in the area. The food is always hot, staff is our favorite. They gave great community activities and really cater towards families. Follow on social media for ongoing promotion.


Good food - good service - clean place

Scu ro

This place it is very good you will want to keep on Coming.

Leo Czaplicki

Josh Kaler

Chick fil a is always good. If you like a great chicken sandwich this is the place. Any of them it's really always good.

Nina Monroe

Best food around!! The store is always clean. Their staff is very professional and friendly

Erika Madrid

Friendly staff and clean facility. The food was delicious.

Nina !

The food is yummy and the staff is always positive (like you'd expect from chick-fil-a). I like that they are prepped for kids to eat there. The bad thing is this location's play area has an almost pee smell every time I go. Which makes the whole play area feel gross.

Jada Barner

They my bestfriends.. we getting together for new years lol

Susan Stearns

Yummy, fresh, fit for a queen!

Tom Hilkemeier

Very good experience. Friendly, helpful employees and excellent, fresh sandwiches!!

nathan saiz

Messed up my order never received a few items i was charged for...

Amy DeLong

I love their salads and grilled nuggets

Jeffrey Abboud

Always easy at the CF drive thru never a morose,employee

Don Nichols III

Great food and service.

Zack Byrne

Great service and great food never have been disappointed in this place

Baileigh McConnell

Always a good experience. Love the food. Courteous staff. All around, no complaints.

Chris Greenwell

Gorretti Wawyre

Adam Keck

Walked and and was greeted by a nice lady. She was very welcoming. She gave hugs and walked us to the counter. Employees were all friendly.

Tennille Atherton

Love Chick-fil-a!!! Staff is always courteous and respectful! They are always great at making sure everything is correct and correcting it if something is wrong. Their obvious line of saying "My Pleasure" is drilled into their phrases but is nice to hear!! We will continue to eat here!!! And the play area is well loved by my kids!!!

Daniel Seldas

Melanie Roberts

Love it

Cody Bechtold

Neil Hamilton

Always a good meal. They have gluten free choices for my son.

Dux Butt

Best chicken sammiches ever. I love chic fillet and I'm not a yard bird fan. I asked the help for some dipping sauce and he loaded me up with extra for home.

Lacyie P

Jerome Silva

Always goood food and they sell ice in bags!

Chris Cunningham

Good food and fast service

Debra Nance

I am a little biased on this report as I worked in this location for about 7 years. Mr Darell is a super person. He keeps the dining room and bathroom spotless.

Joshua Valley

Always good.... I mean its chick fila

Caitlin Z

Robert Chall

I ordered the chicken strips meal. Those were without a doubt the best ones I have ever had at any fast food restaurant! To make it even better the young lady behind the counter was the warmest, friendliest, and most polite young person I have met in a very long time! Highly recommended!!

Hannah Sharp

shonda lappin

Lee Ann Hall

Tasty food and clean environment!

Amanda James

Always friendly!

Cindy N

One of my favorite fast food restaurants ever!!

Randy Fowler

Food was ok. Trash can was full, and staff just kept pointing people to the other trash cans.

Yuna Yuy

Clean and friendly. They even help me with the app. I love it.


Great place the eat. Good food and staff, plus a small play area for kids. Only drawback is popularity. Place is typically ridiculously busy during common eating times. Don't plan on it being a good place to have a private or important conversation.

Karlene ONeill

The food is good. Moderately priced. Their chicken sandwich is much smaller than they use to be. You could see that the chicken was thick. Now they are pretty flat. Disappointed

kill joy

Robert DeGrass

Not one of the better chick-fil-A. I am a frequent customer in prescott area. This one not good

Dan King

Management please take note. I am a regular Chick-fil-A customer and dont believe I have eaten at one of your restaurants that I would ever rate under a 4 star. But this location ...well a two star was a stretch to give and only due to the good food. Time of order 5:37 pm. Order # 2226158. Cashier taking the order and the fry maker were the only ones working as the other five employees were busy playing a hand clap game as I waited several minutes before I could place an order. Management was not visible. Very poor service experience which was a first for me at a Chick fila. This location or at least this shift of workers gives very poor service.

josiah's stop motion

Food is great, staff are very friendly. My family loves the nuggets & I have a hankering for the spicy sandwich. My younger grandkids love the indoor play area. The store is always clean, inside & out. If you go there you won't be disappointed.

Kyle Martin

This Chick-fli-a was just a bit off. I choose to go to CFA because of the fantastic quality of food and service. The food was still fantastic, but the service (this time) was more comparable to other fast food restaurants. Note: ever other Chick-fil-A I've been too has been 5 stars, 100%, 10 out of 10, two enthusiastic thumbs up. This one: 4 stars. Not bad by any means, just not 5.

Karen Templeton

Great food. Great service

Amanda Beasley

I love this Chick-fil-A. No matter how packed they are its always excellent food and service and quick. My fav one for sure

valerie kartchner

Love it because it's close to my job and the food is good

Jessi Roach

Damon Rennie

Prashant Dhakal

Great selection of burgers!

David Watkins

Good food outstanding service

Arpan Guha

Food is average. The lemonade though....

Cassy Otto

Very clean and not as busy as the one by Costco. Very friendly staff that make sure you are happy with your order. I always get the spicy chicken deluxe and it's always amazing. Now I just have to stop myself from getting delicious milkshakes every time I go.

Dan Permoda

What can I say best chicken sandwich going!

Marion downey

They have Mac and cheese. And it's really good

Philip Cockerham

Asia Franklin TV

This was my first time ever going to a Chick-fil-A. The building was very nice clean and neat. Plus, the workers were quite welcoming and greeted us as we walked in. They didn't offer us plastic straws but had some available at the self serve, which I enjoyed! (save the turtles guys) The food was very good as well! Overall fantastic service!

Becky Carman

Very good food , clean and friendly. Need more just like it because it is always busy and a wait but it is worth it. Milkshakes are good also.

Jim VandeVegt

Good fast food and service.

Annie Jewell

I love the grilled chicken nuggets.

Charles Novich

Chick-fil-A failed my dietary restriction. After specifically requesting no dairy, my sandwich was smothered in cheese. Note the label on the package says "No Cheese", but the food betrays this claim. I discovered this at home after using the drive-through; and had to throw the food out.

Jeannie F

Love the food. The restaurant on Wyoming NE is very comfortable.

Tonya Oppliger

Just parked with trailer and was immediately approached by a worker that it was getting busy and we needed to park in Lowes parking lot, there was still plenty of parking and we were getting our order to go, but he didn't bother asking us that. Needless to say we left and are heading to a different one! Not impressed!

pbowl54 .

Debbie Willbanks



Had the grilled chicken sandwich which I rated good but not great, servers were attentive but lobby was dirty across several tables and floors. Not the usual high expectations delivery for Chick-fil-A is renowned for.

Arias Foster

Love the salads and lemonade frosty

Bob Bremer

I love Chik-fil-a's food but this location creeps me out. Christian music being played, ultra corporate decor, all the patrons are well dressed WASP types. It's a parody of itself.


claudia braz

Best staff in town! Wonderful customer service. As well as really good food.

Malissa Ferguson

The best place to eat lunch.

Amanda McDonald

Service is always fast and friendly

Jeannette Johnston

Service was friendly. Got our food fast and it was hot and fresh!

Michael Long

Harmonie roybal

Really good food chicken sandwich and nuggets are good and crispy

Aj Tucker

Tina Sanchez

A friend took me to this location for the first time a couple of weeks ago for lunch. It was so busy I didn't think we would find a place to sit. The food was good. The employees were friendly.

Johnna Smith

charles dowdy

Always delicious great customer service

Siara Castro

I love this place

Christina Pendergrast

Can't wait for the union to be done so it can move back

Nadine Nagamatsu

They never disappoint. Always timely, consistent...and delicious!

Kristine Kellum

Clean, friendly, good food.

Mackenzie Martin

James Giovengo

jason lucas

Payphone Jones

Rhonda Hall

The ice cream cone snapped in half. Maybe a little ice cream down the cone?

Elaina Northrup

Food is great! My 4 and 2 year old love the play place! I noticed they removed the individual purell wipes from outside the play area and replaced with a dispenser of hand sanitizer. I was disappointed by this change! The wipes always came in handy for wiping the kids habds when they were done playing. The liquid hand sanitizer doesn't measure up to the wipes! #momlife #purellwipesarealwayshelpful #handsanitizerdontcompare #bringbackthewipes


Madi Ryan

Scott 505

Always sooooo good

Justin Eakins

Excellent atmosphere. Kiddo had a blast playing after lunch in the kids area. Pleasant people working there. Something to note: they were getting backed up so they went ahead and opened up a third register to speed things up... which is awesome.

Gina Caneer

Shelby T. Dotson

Great food good Christian people

Monika Magill

Rick Shaneyfelt

Sorry, just do not see the big gap, its ok. There are much better places in Omaha to eat on this level.

marcella holck

Love the gluten free options

Autumn Jo Lynn

Trap house of chicken joints.

Jennifer C

Always great customer service!

Bradley Penney

Beystrike Gaming

(Translated by Google) The service the friendly and clean! (Original) El servicio el amable y limpio!

Evelyn Cavit

Friendly staff, fast service. Food is great!

Masta Ginger

Bad politics. Good chicken.

Stephanie Smith

Good food but leave hungry and broke . It's a zoo in there, and with having four kids you'd think we fit right in

ray ray

Shut this place down!!!!

Chris Klopfenstein

Rick aka purple Hobbit

Love me some Chic fil A very helpful folks the give you customer service like nobodys business

Katrina Peak

The line moved very fast through a crowded drive thru! Service was impeccable!

Kerry Waldron

Good food an clean. Good an nice staff

Jonathan Young

Great chicken sandwiches and beautiful employees.

Marilyn Vaughn

Free tea refills all day!

James Gibson

It's my pleasure to let you know that they give great service.

Caleb Smith

Staff is very helpful. Plenty of room to sit down. Lots of people at lunch time though. Save yourself some time and order ahead using the app.

Arvind Shenoy

Outstanding service and good food

Lori Watkins

Food was hot and fresh!!! Loved having the fresh fruit choice.

LaToya Cooper

They have great customer service!! They need to train McDonald's on theirs lol

Nakita McClain

Chick Fila usually have great food..However, if your order is mess up for some reason and You are Black in color,your order is just messed up. The mangers here in Leesburg are races. I had a complaint about my food and they did nothing but when my best friend whom is Caucasian call with the same exact complaints they took care of her!!!!! This is so sad..

David Freeman

Just Service period n ends with a blessed day


Always fast service, and very good food and excellent people working there

ron blakeman

Awesome food great service

Matt Bs

Excellent food and service.

Richard Roland

Chik-Fil-A is always great. Outstanding service, but that was no surprise.

Josiane Nda

I got the chicken biscuit for breakfast. The last time I had that was high school year 2008. It brought back so many good memories. My school had Chick-fil-A breakfast two or three times in the week and my friends and I made sure we got there before they sold out. Although the sandwich looks smaller, guess everything wants to stay in shape lol.

David Christian

Grilled chicken sandwich was a bit dry, but good flavor

Lance Pierce

Great service!


Staff is top notch. The owner is a great guy as well. I usually eat here atleast once a week. Haven’t had a bad item on the menu yet!

Amanda Harvey

Great service. Everyone is always very nice! Order accuracy is usually always 100%. Only issue we have ever had is getting the wrong toy. We usually specify the 3 and under on the curbside pickup ordering app and end up with the older kid toy. As long as it is a book it isn't usually an issue, but we have ended up with things our son can't use. Otherwise, everything else is great!

Eddie Carmichael

Like I said the last time...always good food..

JusBurninItDown Smothers

awesome! Quality food and the customer service is outstanding

Adrienne Proctor

Excellent service and delicious food.❤

Amanda Barnes

Perfect service. I had my food brought to my table before I even sat down. I ordered a to go meal for my husband and it was ready before I finished paying. I was addressed by name and I felt like i was valued. I work in customer service as well....i was treated great. Food was delicious as always. Even when there's a long line you never wait. I have never waited more than 5 minutes ever. Management and service done right!!!

Rebecca Jackman

Clean and friendly. Play area for the kids to stretch their legs on our long trip. Who doesn’t love Chick-fil-a

John Barrentine

it was clesn and relaxing food was a little high priced for me

Gregg Schulze

Pleasing & filling, just a great place to eat.

Steven Henderson

Always good! Cant go wrong here!


Service was great, quick, and fresh this morning. Customer service was on point more than usual. I believe that the staff had their own cup of coffee for the morning rush.

Richard M Hammond

Best food and service in the area.

susan s

Always a pleasant experience at this Chick-fil-A. The employees are always very courteous and friendly. The food is always fresh and GOOD!

Terry Water

Five Thumbs Up...Thanks Hayley and Management at this Chick-fil-a... I was trucking North on US HWY 41, and was going to stop an have breakfast here, but then i had noticed the timed changed from 9am to 10am...Dang now i am not goingvto make Breakfast... I had called at this location just right before they stopped serving breakfast and i was 14 miles out, and asked if they would put a breakfast meal on the side for me... Praise God in Jesus that I got my Chick-fil-a breakfast... Thanks!

Redneck Injun

Service was really good.

Brian Syester

Everything was guit good employee were friendly

Mike Maddox

Love there food, but not there prices.

Jc Frigge

It is always busy but the service is unbelievably fast. I still can't figure out how they find me to deliver my order. Very very friendly staff and great food.

Jim Allen

First time for me here. I had a seasonal sandwich along with the waffle fries that were delicious! The counter person was delightful, friendly, very personable, and polite. Going here helped me pass the time while I waited for a service truck to come fix my blown out tire.

Dustin Carter

Always good and nice staff

Sheila Kennedy

Awesome service! I got a suggestion to make what I had ordered a meal, it saved me $$$ !

Shawnna L

Pretty good if you can beat the traffic in drive through. The cashier ordered the wrong salad(didn't read back my order) and I had to go inside to have it swapped and ended up having to wait in line about 10 mins to have the correct salad. Always check you food, even at chic fil A.

Jeff Davidson

Very good but people need to know this is not a typical Chick Ful A. This restaurant is in a secured state office building. I have seen tourist searching for it and you will not see it. To go here you must go through a security check point in the tall white state tower or Snodgrass Building. From midway on the block on 7th ave N go down the stairs under the building and through the revolving door. Inside you must go through a check point and need to tell them you are going to Chick Fil A. Then go back and turn right then immediately left then right at the end of the hall. You'll see Chick Fil A on the left through the Windows. When you leave you must check out with the guard. Some of the guards aren't really happy to deal with non state employees so be nice!

freddie flw

Even though the CEO is an overly religious homophobic, the food is good

Chiquitta Martin

Always good!!!

Abhiuday Gupta

Horrible experience, and service. Staff laughed at me as asked for napkins to clean up their mess, very unlike CFA. Worst one I've ever visited. I Ordered a frosted sunshine, basically an ice cream shake and the top wasnt put on all the way so when i grabbed it and brought into my car it spilled on me and my center console. I nicely asked for napkins and the cashier laughs as he hands me a few. Horrible horrible exp. Will never visit this 1 again

Larry Johnson

The restaurant was clean. The employees were fast and friendly. The food was hot and fresh.

Midnight/alpha /wolf

Food was great enjoyed everything

Robert McGee

Alway great service. Clean atmosphere and family friendly.

David Walton

Always great food and friendly staff.

Melinda Ulysse

Slower than usual for chick-fil-a, forgot one of my sandwiches and plasticware but were friendly and prompt to fix their mistake.

Brian Thomas

It's chicken and it is good. The waffle fries are excellent. It is inside a government building so you will need ID to get in.

Jesse Cline

Always a great choice! Can't go wrong at any ChikFilA. They were busy but I did a mobile order & everything was spot on perfect!

David Harkness

Very good service and food

Danita Fancher

Good food and quick service.

Ian Harmon

Always great friendly service. And great food. The chicken is always juicy.

Dayna King

My favorite! Love their crispy chicken sandwiches w pickle and their service is phenomenal!

Candy Watson

Grilled chicken nuggets yum!

Tammy McAlister

Great service, food good

Eric Livingston

Chick-fil-A is almost always awesome.

Jason Hoggatt

Frosted lemonade is great. This location is good but can be extra busy.

A.D. Jamison

Awesome sauce

Steven asher

Food was good for the price.

andrew fortner

Messed up my order twice. Food was cold and fries were under cooked. Never had this problem in my home town chick fil a.


Very polite and food was good long drive through line but went quick

amberley ferguson

My favorite fast food

Don Fonner

Fantastic fast service. Always a smile.

Trenton Yoder

Good place!! Just like all the other Chick-fil-a restaurants I visit.

Sheila Goddard

Fast friendly and food Always hot

Eli Marner

Take lessons from them I love this place and the chicken thru is so fast and efficient I think the government and DMVshould take notice how they do it here

Catherine Airhart

Great food. The chicken sandwich was moist and hot. The fries however were not cooked enough and so were soggy.

ARLO Richey

In and out really easy. Excellent service

Tonya Spann

Service ."Food Fresh

Eva Cartmell

Always good. Good Mac and cheese

Bob Langreder

Fast service great food

Bill Brown

Staff is ALWAYS friendly and personal. Feels more like a mom and pop rather than a mega franchise.

Ginny Lewzader

Love their chicken strips and honey mustard sauce

debbie moody

Kind, courteous employees. Delicious food too.

Adam West

Awesome as always. Great food from a great company.

Zachary Nixon

Great, quick resource for State employees.

Kristina Jo

Always awesome service! Food is hot and fresh!!

Dominic Carrino

Always one of our stops on our yearly road trip. This Chic-Fil-A does it right. The line is always huge no matter when you go yet you always get through it super quick. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The food is always hot and ready to go. If you're in need of a good bite of food while passing through town or live in the area, it's a solid choice.

William Fowler

Fast and friendly

Rece Doggett

The Chick-fil-A attitude is a great one. This place has never let me down.

Jeffrey Harris

Pricey for simple food, but tasty!

Jessica Goode

The absolute best customer service!

Kelli Smith

Best customer service anywhere! "My pleasure" giving you guys 5 stars!

Joyce Bennett

I am all for mom's who breast feed. However, the lady with completely exposed breasts next to the order line was over the top. Really, perhaps just a wee bit of common sense should prevail. I didnt appreciate the show.

Jimmy Clyde

Our favorite Chick-fli-A , food is always Good.

Jimmy Singletary

Best Spicy Chicken on the planet!

Richard Myers

There food is always good and prompt. However, this time I requested no pickles, as unusually do, but there were pickles in my sandwich anyway. The fries were not as crispy as I'd like.

Lashawn Day

Always a good experience no matter which location I visit.

E J Wallace

Good food, clean dining.

Charlene Jackson

The food is always hot and prepared at my specifications. The customer service is an added bonus!

Gloria Turner

I enjoyed the food, very nice service with a friendly smile

Becky sr

Joy Knight

Fast service and hot, delicious food!! Love it!!

Robert Pearson

Food is always good here.

Semone Southerland

Love this place!

Penny P

It speaks for itself! Chick fil A chicken sandwich is like no other, waffle fries are the best with Polynesian sauce and the Peach shake when available is yummy.

Aurora Robert

Great food!!!

Mursi Ahmad

Good clean place and friendly people

Katt Kocheran

Fast and super friendly!!

Amber Sefcik

Their chicken is great and their employees are super friendly!


Friendly staff, ordered grilled chicken pieces and was given a greasy mess that required a fork to eat, I ordered the grilled to get protein without much fat, however with the amount of grease the failed this effort.

Don Marshall

Always good food and service

Connor Mercer

Kind people that help you if you ask, short lines that go fast and get the correct order, clean tables that are monitored all around the clock, and the trash cans are motion detected so you can use them as a normal trash can with out touching it and getting so many other people germs on your self.

Diane Williamson

Amazing chicken. Best place to eat chicken!!

april cross

Fast service, friendly staff!

Jessica Webb

Rubber chicken is salty af. Way over priced.

Isaac Brooks

Its chick-fil-a. Nothing more needs to be said

Dylan Green

Toni Brown

Love the food. Best option on that side of town.

Maddie Bailey

M Scott

Love the super foods green salad and grilled nuggets! Seasoned to perfection!

Harolene Reese

Awesome!! Brittney was Great!

Matt Dingeldein

Drove thru the parking lot on a Sunday to skip a red light

Doc 1% COC Minister

This place has good service and good employees.


Had lunch. Nice variety of chicken meals. I had spicy chicken sandwich, very good. My friend had salad, it was good she said. Loved the avocafo lime dressing.


Aaron Mathis

Is there anything bad to say about Chick-fil-A? Not really, unless you consider the fact they removed the spicy biscuit from the breakfast menu. That aside, the service is always superb and I am always greeted with a smile. It's one of the few fast food places that doesn't consistently botch your order up on a regular basis. So go get some chicken. You know you want some.

Velva Guthrie

Everything was great.

Xavier Ringo

This Chick-Fil-A location, right off of Dodge Street near the Furniture Mart, is very easy and convenient to access. Staff are very friendly, food is overall decent, and atmosphere is pleasant. It can be quite busy during lunchtime, but the wait is usually not very long. Definitely a good option if you're interested in a fast-casual chicken restaurant.

zach cox

cindb ncb

Everybody knows Chick-fil-A is the best chicken place. They do have some stiff competition from Canes, but still the best!

Cloe Jacobs

Great food and service. They were able to get my order out in no time at all and were more than happy to answer any questions I had.

Jasmine Mitchell

Anders von Reis Crooks

Chick-fil-A is the only place that is a fast food restaurant I trust to eat not only their chicken and their fries and it's both gluten and dairy free. bonus to the fact that I've eaten there like 10 times and never get sick so great place if you have allergies

JustATech B

It's chickfila what more is there to say!

Glen Dunkerson

Dennis Odom

Always great food and Superior service

Lisa Sterling

Steven Wagle

It's Chik-fil-A! Great food, super staff.

Katie Schoenborn

would be 5 stars but the workers said “you’re welcome” instead of “my pleasure”.

Janissa Jones

Jonathon Apodaca

Always fast and fresh. The staff here go above and beyond to make a difference. I had to wait a few minutes for my coffee to be made fresh and they ended up gifting me a free dessert voucher for the wait.

J Foley

Pleasant experience - food and service was great.

A.L. Wilson

Michael Smith

Long wait time. Good food.

Janet Seelhoff

The service is always fast and friendly and the food is great.

Chris Ruda

Food was good but the staff was great.

Rhett Holechek

I hit this place twice yesterday because the breakfast was so good. The tots and mini chicken sandwiches are a great start for your morning. I went back and got the chicken sandwich, chicken strips, and nuggets. But the real star was the waffle fries. You would be remiss to skip them.

Dylan Jankovich

These guys are awesome! Always great food. I loved when I’d bring my dogs in the car and they’d all get excited and grab them some dog treats. Everyone knows their food is delicious, but the workers are really what make this place a pleasure to go to.

Jon .

Awesome hot fresh food great taste excellent customer service

Caroline Smith

I absolutely love this Chick Fil A location! The staff is so friendly and professional. The store is also so clean and well kept. Everything is quick and efficient and on time. They may only have a few things on the menu and they have perfected them! They taste amazing and their drinks are even better! They have every sauce you could think of and lots of sides to go with your meal!

Tim Reznicek

Food is rat meat but the service is nice

Travis Smith

Vincent Busclas

Diedra Hobson

We had a rough visit. I brought my grandchildren. The store was relatively busy... I waited in line for only a couple of minutes. The seating areas were dirty. The children's chicken nuggets were cold. The children just wanted to play, so they didn't care about the dirty seat or the dirty table or the cold chicken nuggets. Some older, bigger children were in the playground and were playing rough. My three year old was pushed a few times. It turned out to be more stressful than pleasant. It was just an off day for that store. We were ther ed at about 5:30 on Wednesday.

Sydney Hedegepeth

Love their grilled chicken nuggets

Rob De Granje

Always good

Tyler Jackson

Felina Rascon

I love their Wraps with avacodo ranch!

Brenda Yaeger

Staff is so helpful and friendly! Food is good.

Dan Hale

Good food great lemonade

Robert Atkinson

Insanely amazing service! Second to none! I've never had such polite & kind people take my order with such good manners, it kinda freaked me out. Amazing people here, if you haven't gone to Chick-fil-A you need to go check this out! What just happened!

Michael Blaisdell

The food has gone down hill right along with their attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. Just save your money and spend it on Firebird Nashville Hot Chicken. You're going to have better food and a friendly staff...

Noah Buttry

Awesome service & super nice Employees

Lea Collinet

Fast service food was cold and medium quality.

Susan Casey

Food is quality grade and amazingly delicious! Customer service is outstanding! This is always a 5 star excellent place to enjoy a delicious be meal. Highly recommend!

Jeff Belfiore

I absolutely love this place. The owner is incredibly personable and if you download the app you are well fed. I don’t know the last time a week has gone by without Rich tempting me into his store was a delicious treat. This location is very generous with the community and surrounding businesses.

Greg Quirk

Food was great. The staff really cares about the customer having a great experience.

aubree wharepapa

I use to love this location. Unfortunately the staff is so rude I can't bear to spend my $$ here anymore. The managers don't care when you complain. Drive through rushes you through but with half par service. I received a Arnold Palmer with no ice. When I asked for more to be added the cashier rolled her eyes before doing it. It was definitely NOT a pleasure!

James Saunders

Always good chicken cook properly

Michelle Schafer

Ate here for the first time, had a chicken sandwich, so yummy

Jessica Santiago

This was the nicest, cleanest Chick-fill-A I have ever been in. The staff was amazing.

David Dowdy

Best spicy chicken sandwich in the world. But horrible location. Way too small

rachel Upshaw

Terri Lyn Fleming

Service good food good everything was good til we wanted a refill then both workers standing right in front of us and ignored us.

Jonah Christensen

Always love the great food and sauces. Friendly and quick staff mean almost no wait. You can never go wrong with chick fil a and if you have never had it before do yourself a huge favor and go right now. You won't be disappointed.

Hailey Donnelly

Best chicken ever

Andrew Garcia

Amazing food and service!

Nick T

Great food and better service. The dining are is also very clean.

Harvey Strubell

Perfect as always, I go to this location a lot. Everything is always spot on, the frozen lemonade is the best, the waffle fries are so good with their sauce, my favorite sauce is the bbq but they have many to choose from. The spicy deluxe chicken sandwich just might be the best thing ever made. The lemonade is so good, I can't get enough. Chicken bites are amazing, so tender! The salads are delicious & the service is second to none! I'm not sure how we as a species survived before Chic fil A but there will be no after.

Marsullous Jones

Great good always a much must stop

Brooke Lawson

Very fast drive through service. Good food. No complaints.

Joyce Teague

Wonderful food

Jeremy Peters

Great food, great customer service, Christian beliefs. Who could ask for any better.

Cel Silva

Good food Nice service. Thank you Chloe

savajess .

Predictably good fast food. Great customer service.

Eric Gunvalson

With 10 people ahead of us in l, we ordered and had our food in less than 10minutes. Great service

Laurie Hutchison

Great as usual!

Jennifer Hasbrouck

The quality of food was good, great service, clean environment, not a long wait. I enjoyed my visit.

Phyllis Gutting

Great staff & great tasting food. They make you feel that they are glad you came there to eat. With so many other choices in the area, good to have such a positive, upbeat & reasonable price place to get your food. The salad also was full of tasty ingredients. Definitely will go back.

Caleshia Haynes

I mean it's Chick-fil-A! Always delicious! Always great service!

Melody Leslie

Love this place. Kiera was an awesome person! Polite and smiling and just s happy young girl.

Fox Teen

I didn't know that Chick-fil-A serves breakfast. I loved the Chicken, Egg & Cheese Biscuit...was really good with strawberry jam. I substituted the Hash round potatoes for a Granola, Fruit & Yogurt cup. I substituted the Coffee for a bottle of Simply Orange

Angel Richeal

Melissa Butler

Best lunch!

Jennifer Miller

Donald Trump

At weird as this sounds, it's got to be said: their chicken is just so damn moist. Haha. But for real. It's like no other chicken/fast food. Their fries are waffle cut, very tasty. I'm a nonstraight person, so I guess I'm supposed to dislike the awesomeness of chick-fil-A for sum dumb reason. I suggest no matter ur orientation, or party affiliation, it's a fast food restaurant with the best chick to boot, swallow ur pride or whatever....and probarlo. Try it. (PS: you know how at every fast food place u throw off those dainty pickles? Not here, it's only place they actually help out instead of hiding something else) true story.

Jamie Blanchard

Great place

Jason Whitledge

Always great food

Chris Lanwehr

As good as CFA gets. Clean. Tastey food. Friendly well-trained staff.



Kris Colvin

Unfriendly and sad looking staff. It's my choice to communicate through my iPhone. Fire them!

Robert Rodriguez

It's common sense that this place food is good. They have the best customer service.

Gabe Hollingshead

Overall a friendly experience.. the booths seemed really small though

David L

Honestly this place is perfect. Everything is exactly how a restuarant should be. Their chicken is like crack it's so good and addicting. A few years ago I went here for my fiance almost every single day worth every penny no regrets honestly

Cody Walters

Good food good service

Geoffrey Kellogg

I really like chick fil a. The menu. The service. Ive been to three different locations and each one was clean. Kids were playing around and as always the prices were good and the food yummy!!!


Spicy chicken entree is

Adam Pearson

Chad Hunt

abdullah nather

Best fast food restaurant chain ❤️

Danny Hersh

Rude worker thru drive thru

dallas none

First time ever eating here and wow they have good customer service OMG yes good customer service hard to believe right you think that is hard to believe come and try the spicy chicken sandwich and and sit down for this one waffle fries yes they have waffle fries

Jared Barton

The service was exemplary, the food was excellent too. The staff here are amazing, some credit I feel they're due. The place was clean for after lunch, and they did every thing right. I have a feeling they'll be seeing me every Wednesday night. In all seriousness, this is on my list of favorites in Omaha now. Totally recommend.

M Wait

Chick-fil-A's one of those types of restaurants where you can get any type of chicken sandwich you would want I'd have to say it's one of the better ones around great friendly staff easy to see from the main roads and if you want some chicken this is the place to go

fallen angel

even though they got my order wrong the service was friendly and fast

Todd Griffes

They try very hard but come off sometimes as very rushed. Good food good service.

Amanda Wilburn

Friendly team members. Great food. I do not know what they bread their chicken with but it's SOOOO good. And the restaurant it always clean and welcoming.

Ralph Howard

Great food great people

Dacey Reasons

christy chrestman

Elizabeth Yesbick

Always nice, friendly, and fast service with a smile. Great food too. Glad they added gluten free buns. A real help for those of us with gluten problems

Joseph Slaughter

By far the friendliest staff ever. No seriously though.

Diya Felton

This one is sure not like the 1 in Cordele Georgia because in cordeil they come and check on you and see if I want more to drink clean off your table for you take your trays away this 1 in Lee County. Not good you have to go up there and get your own re feels nobody comes to check of see if you need anything or anything like that food was good but its service sucks.

Gayle Kersey

The soup is wonderful!!! and the drive thru is so fast!


Chick Fil A is always amazing. They have the friendliest staff out of majority of competing fast food joints. They are quick and food is always hot and delicious!

Mr. M J

Clean, Fast Service, and food always fresh.

La Donna Thompson

I used to love chik fil a but this time my order was wrong and it took forever. The new location is notorious for incorrect orders.

Matthew Britch

Always delicious chicken. Recomend to everyone.

rick beatty

Most Chic fil a are great but went Tuesday stood in line . Their was two cashiers but one was talking to someone. Then some other people came in and walked straight to the front and ordered ! I left and went to Hardee’s

Tom Bauer

Learn how to make sweet tea, yours is garbage. Speed it up, you are slacking behind many other Chick-fil-A locations.

Tanya Croxton

Great service, the employees always exceed your expectation. The food, always EXCELLENT. I highly recommend this Chick-fil-a. Theres just one problem, they are Always busy, but thats understandable.

heather swiney

This location is inside the food court at the mall. They of course was very busy but still turned out hot fresh food. And got refills quickly

Alex Johnson

Excellent customer service. Not a long wait!

Samuel Klein

So basically, I am from Europe and went to the US as a foreign exchange student. I've heard abiut Chick-fil-A but never knew what it tasted like. Now I do know and I do not forget going there any time I could. It is the best fast food I ever ate in my life. Do recommend at any time any opportunity.

Michael Young

Great atmosphere, great people. No matter what time you come, everyone has a smile on their face!

Billy Ward

Friendly people good food

Michael Ian Stong

Food was delicious as always! Can never go wrong with Chick Fil A. Funny though, my cashier gave me my lemonade without a lid, so I had to go up and ask for one. But that's no biggie.

John Randall Jr

Awesome fresh biscuits and crispy chicken. And friendly staff makes it a great place to eat.

Amber Stubbs

It's Chic-fil-A. What's not to love!

Andrew Owens

Quick Service and Good Food

Santos.b.martinez elsalvaje

Great chicken taste y great place

Randy Carmichael

Customer service is their motto.

Savannah Riley

Good service, nice people

Jachin Putnam

The drive-in lady was too busy to listen to my order and I had to interrupt her and let her know that I wasn't finished so she put my order in as to orders. She entered my order in as the wrong meal and when we were driving away noticed she gave us the wrong sauce as well.

james timms

what's not to love.its Chick-fil-a.great service always with a smile.Best chicken biscuit known to man.

jeff blackwell

Food is awesome!! And employees are Awesome!!

Patrick Evans

Good breakfast

Hunter Johnson

It's the best ChickFilA ever.


Always quick and friendly

Irene Schauwecker

Very friendly and polite. Food hot and good quality. Has bingo and other activities. Staff always clean looking

wendy heath

Great food, awesome healthy choices

Ashley Williams

I've loved Chick-fil-A since I worked there 14 years ago. Always delicious and fresh and always smiling faces!

Gwendolyn E. Mercer

My Food was COLD..... The chicken was warmer than the Fries.... Why can't I get all of my food Hot?! Please

Shanda Kearns

Best service and the food is so delicious!

Jim Friddle

This location was awesome, very professional and friendly.

Sara LaCourse

Very polite staff, I love how their name tags say what they want to be when they grow up!

Glenn Sparks

Can't go wrong with this place! Foos, service, etc. Is always on point. This is a fast food place that takes itself and its customers seriously! Highly recommend!

Zelma Haines

The girl made several mistakes, we caught some. I ordered a market salad with hot plain grilled chicken & no salad dressing with a senior drink no ice. My husband ordered the spicy southwest salad with hot spicy chicken with salsa dressing with a senior drink with ice. I received spicy hot chicken on my market salad. My husband received cold plain chicken on his spicy chicken with no dressing. She charged for 1 senior drink & put ice in mine. We finally got my husband's hot chicken & dressing, but not spicy. The free senior drink credited to the cc. I lived with ice. I was really disappointed with the service. She was a young, inexperienced girl. We love Chick-fil-A, usually eat once a week at least. We are driving to Orlando & though we would drive the 5.6 miles extra for our great salads. Very disappointing.

Michael OBrien

This is inside the TN Towers building so you must be a state of TN employee to get inside or go through the security checkpoint. The food is good, they get it to you quickly, and the staff is very friendly.

Julianne Rogers

I usually order in at the locations i have been to but this time went through the drive thru. The grilled chicken sandwich was not hot but warmish hot and the gluten free bun was cold.

Nicole Atterson

Always friendly and fast.

Jeff Wood

Great People, GREAT FOOD GREAT prices.

Jennifer Maitland

Just the smell makes me smile.

J Michael

I love Christian chicken. My favorite fast food restaurant.

Chad French

Always served hot good food

David Fonseca

Fastest and best tasting place in greenwood!

h hall

Food is always good. You just cant get a seat in these restaurants. Stood with our food for five minutes waiting on seats.

Ryan Funkhouser

Very good and it was very clean inside.

Kristie Owings

It's Chick Filet A. Best service. Best food.

Brent Davies

Love love love it. Fast friendly service.

Tonya Tuberosa

Extremely friendly employees.

Nicole Walker

Best food,so fast,so friendly!!!

Danica Driggers

Never Had a problem with any chick fil a. Wish I could say that about anywhere else. They need to branch out end take over othet business

Allen Howington

I'll always love the Chick-fil-A original chicken sandwich

Ted Bogaerts


T Mare

Great customer service

Bre Mer

Our chick fil a store are the best! Great customer service Clean restrooms Freindly hometown atmosphere Consistent menu so your favs are always there. From season to season you waiting for that flavored milkshake!!!

Rylee Reynolds

I never went but I like food so hiya

Stokey B

Great staff, fast service. However, limited menu and cannot be found or seen from the street. Located in the TN Tower, enter on the 7th Ave side, then have to go through security to get to it.


Food was great!

Barbara Watkins

Waited 15 minutes for an order and no reason as to why not busy at all and manager was rude as well

Mishel Shelly

Good but tastes like Chik fil A recently changed the chicken recipe, please go back to the original taste.

Cheryl Teal

Very good food and service. Clean establishment.

Tony Drury

Mediocre at best but service was good. Food was not hot and hash browns were soggy and greasy.

Megn V

The WORST chic fil a. Slow as all get out and they always mess something up in my order. They talk about personal things at the drive through window and it’s just chaotic.

Ron Peters

Now I knew that Chick-fil-A was known for good customer service, but this was my first time seeing it for myself. Me and my girlfriend went in and ordered then sat down.... I had no idea that they brought the food out to you, I thought that they were going to call us up. And they made the food real quick and I mean super fast and that's surprising because they already had a line at the drive-thru wrapped around the whole restaurant. And the food was good. I was sure that something wasn't going to be all the way done but they fooled me. Me and my girlfriend's food was great. Shout out to Chick-fil-A!!!

Lisa Parlas

Good place to get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Excellent customer service. This was busy inside and outside.

James Mcjunkin

Great food prompt service

Carmen Warnick

The service is always great. The food is also great! The spicy chicken sandwich was pretty delicious, of course the waffles fries (with chick-fil-a sauce) are the best fast food fries you can get anywhere and they are fresh every time. The lemonade is also amazing!!! I will definitely recommend this place if you're looking for fast and great food and service.

Stefano Agresti

Always a great pleasure!


Great quality food... probably the friendliest group of workers I have ever seen in a restaurant. Genuinely nice polite and all seemed happy to help.... mind blown...

Jugal Patel

First time visiting a Chick-fil-A, and I had high expectations. The experience was definately worth the hype. I got a spicy chicken deluxe and it was amazing. The hot sauce they have is fantastic, and even their special sauce is mouth watering. Fries are also great. The service was the quickest service I had experienced with such friendly employees. The service is amazing and the atmosphere is great. Bonus: they have a mouth was dispenser.

Haley Hunt

This was the second time I have been to Chick fil a and all I had was a 100 bill. They would not except it. They asked if I had anything else which I did not. Then they asked if I had a card which no I did not. As a result of this I could not get the food I had ordered. I was not pleased at all by this.

Kahnie Parker


Zack Simmons

Always great. Breakfast is the best.

Harry S. Marbles III

I used my points to get a chicken fil a sandwich and waffle fries, fo free!!! And a Dr. Pepper.

Danielle Selmer

Always a great experience here!

Antonio Cook

Great Service, friendly workers, customer service is way above all the others. Great food.

Donald Hawthorne

The food was just awesome the management seemed very personable and nice

George Roberts

Always a great meal there. Quick and friendly service as well.

Mark Lewis

Best chicken sandwich in town

Blackie Sootfur

It was pretty good. I'm pretty picky but I can admit the nuggets taste really good.

Danielle Hatten

Nice and quick as usual

Ryan Carter

Incredible service!

Frances Foster

As always great place to eat when your in a hurry.

Ellen Cohen

People are nice. Food is good,when they get your order right.

Ferrell Francis Jr

Great staff, great food. Even made sure there weren't any pickles!

Brian Scherer

The main reason I love eating here is that none of the employees look as though they just crawled out of a dumpster. The food is excellent and if I have to pay a wee bit more for cleanliness and the reassurance that I'm not taking a nasty disease home with me is priceless.

Joan Thomas

I had their chicken delux add bacon sandwich , it was very good .

Colette Jenkins

Loved the new bbq bacon chicfila sandwich!! With fries and frozen lemonade, IT WAS HEAVEN!!

Jesse Maxwell

Unbelievably fast service. Parking lot was packed yet I was in/out in 5 minutes.


quick and efficient.

Robert Jones

One of the best Chik Filets in the franchise. Fast, high quality, friendly staff. Everything you would want in a fast food restaurant. I go there 3 or 4 times a month. Never fail quality.

Charles Ingram IV

Great addition to the Tower

Caroline Fielding

Grandkids love the milkshakes and we all appreciate the service and cleanliness.

Althea Raven


Melinda Roberts

I Love My Chick Fil-A the people are always courteous and kind fast service inside and out in the Drive-Thru

Joshua Hernandez

Chick-fil-A is always a pleasure. The food is great, the service smiling, kind and helpful.

Daniel Koenig

Best chicken sandwich in town.

Stephen Buckhalter

Even during lunch rush, the line at drive thru kept going, I can only say that the person who I dealt with was a pro. Jarod was the best I have seen at any fast food place and it is always right!

Renee w

Great service

Landon Bell

God's chicken!!!!

Alba Telez

Pretty overrated and overhyped. The chicken they put on the biscuits are tiny. They should have bigger ones for a place that sells 99% chicken.

Patrick Martin

The is just great

Laney Allen

A good place for a quick bite to eat or to stop for a rest while out shopping.

Sheniece Tinch

Food was good milkshake was good to

Melinda Barbree

Great food and great service! Always!

Desmond O'Sullivan

Always a great choice for lunch and dinner. The staff are CFA friendly and ready to serve. You'll never go wrong here.

Mary Craft

Pretty good place, good food. Slow service.

Tajh Tyler

It’s chick Fil A. great food great service.

Brandon Clayburn

Amazing customer service

Joseph Fox

Beat fast food chicken I have eaten. Always great service with a smile. Extra added bonus there were tons of pokemon in the parking lot area.

Jeromy Crocker

Good food, friendly staff

Vadym Zhigolav

I have to say this is one of the better run businesses in town, and easily the best run restaurant around. The owners are always polite and courteous. If they are in the building they are working harder than anyone on the floor. The management is also always on top of their game and eager to help make your experience top notch. If you leave here unhappy it is your own fault.

James Murdock

First visit... Absolutely love Chick-fil-A! Super clean. Excellent and friendly service. Happy atmosphere. Great fast food. Second visit, not very clean, not as tasty either.

TammKat Hugs

Good food always.

Alexis Harper

I will always love chick fil a!

Aimee Gambrell

They're the best. I love their chicken and could eat there morning, noon, and night. You can customize your food and their service is beyond amazing. Best customer service in town.

Stephen Word

The only good thing about the bible belt.

J Lawing

Always a great experience at the Leesburg Chick-fil-a!

Jennifer Berniger

Staff and food were awesome!

Lyn Kochems

Its ok but wish they offered a discount for mall employees and had breakfast even if it was a limited menu

Johnie Russell

ZeZett Giroux

The nuggets were very good! Enjoyed the sauces.

Nicholas Fernandez

This location is very quick and speedy. The service is absolutely great.

Doug Fry

Quick, ok fast food, military discounts

Aayush upadhyay

gordon warren

Greg Gienger

They usually have great food but, today it was like it was old. The food was dried out and hard. Normally it is soft and tasty.

Johnna Turner

Nicholas Elkins

Good and fast service. Really nice to door dash workers.

Randy Hite

Joe Rice

Numerous people not helping customers. 1 trainee on register. About 8 minutes to order with no one in front of me. Ordered food, was told the milkshake and chicken tenders would be out together. Milkshake came out quick, chicken never came. Had to leave our order after about 20 minutes with no food, since we needed to pick up someone at the airport.

chelsey pawlowski

Alright, fast service but it was pretty dirty behind the counter

Kymeina Lucero

love their serious dedication to food allergies and care for customers with celiac and peanut allergies. And who doesn't love chick filet sauce and waffle fries?

Lisa Calvert

Fast and good. Need I say more.

Jaime Balbuena

Fast service great food , as all chick fil a always provide

Jacob Brake

Dustin Pennington

I was very impressed until we got our food. The staff was so friendly and the place was clean and well decorated (I was amazed at the real flowers). Unfortunately, the food was no good. The waffle fries were ok but the chicken strips we got were small, pretty cold, and somewhat grisly.

Charles Nichols

The very best and the nicest people:)

Brandon Lope

Always consistent. Good customer service.

Miranda Miller

Super friendly staff! Nyeisha was extremely friendly. Super clean. Clean play area and bathrooms. I do wish that when greeted, cashiers would ask about the app.

Kristen Amaya

sreya mp

Ashwaq Awadh

My favorite fast food! I like the chicken salad with the balsamic sauce :)


Brian Gibson

Our first time to eat at a Chick-fil-A. We really enjoyed our lunch we had. All the food was delicious, but the waffle fries could have been cooked little longer.

Soren Grandall

Small mixup in what I ordered vs what I got, told an employee, and they had a new sandwich out in less than a minute. Awesome service. Food is ALWAYS the best.

Mandy M

Always yummy every time, best fries ever. Love it. That's all I can say

Tyler Myrick

Starks Vision Films

This chic fil a is great, speedy service, great employees, lunch time lines was pack to the max and still got it in less than 5 mins.


I did like the place however my two year old son had a bad experience in there with another child. In the playroom they have a car at the very top of the stairs and you proceed to go through the car down the slide. The car should be see through or something because once the kids get up there you cannot see them. Another little kid would not let my son down from there, without going into further detail on this review, I did bring it to the mngrs attention that they needed cameras up there or something. So I won't be returning to chick Fila.

Monica Acob

Would have been 5 stars, however when I waited at the counter for 10 minutes waiting for someone to acknowledge me for a refill all while there was no one else in line, and the manager and one of the staff, stood chatting. Not impressed with this location.

Mckenzie Neely

Nanette Slinkey-Poe

Good is always great here! Service is friendly and efficient!

Raina Cohn

The food is very good. The service is excellent. I feel safe when I go in to eat inside. The drive thru is faster than most of restaurants in town. Clean bathrooms, restaurant inside and outside.

Beth Brittingham

Amazingly nice and polite staff. Wonderful food and clean facilities.


JJ McGillicuddy

Good food, excellent prices, very pleasant always courteous staff, and the entire facility is always very clean. Even though the menu at this restaurant is considered fast food, is by no means junk food. It is good quality, healthy fare. Handicap parking, entrance and restrooms all available. This restaurant is easily seen when driving on Dodge Street. Definitely one of the few places I enjoy eating outside of the home.

Connie Fox

Chick fil A is always good no matter what when you eat a. Always trust eating here.

JC Sixtos

This place is filled with a different kind of "fast food" atmosphere. As soon as my wife and I walked in, the lady at the register greeted us. I come from a customer service background (Verizon for 7 years) and this is what I expect from any business that I should walk into. I guess I was so used to having to greet everyone that walked into our stores. So when I visit any type of business I expect the same because I know that it makes everyone feel so welcome. The next thing I noticed was the attention they give you. They are not rude. They offer to bring your food to your table. While we were eating, we had not only 1 but 2 people come to our table and ask if everything was okay. One of the guys asked me to get a refill for my drink. I was like sure! He came back and asked me if there was anything else he could help with. 3 min later someone else came and was cleaning tables. He complimented on my daughter (1 year old) and said she was very sweet. That made me feel comfortable then asked if everything was okay and offered to get some refills. As soon as we left, we were asked to have a great day and they thanked us for coming in. We were satisfied with the food and the service here. I am a Pastor and love the music they play here and the atmosphere is very "Godly". Thank you for creating such an atmosphere. We were visiting from Iowa and will return to this restaurant.

Marsha Gaillard

Would come back again and again! Great food - great service!!!

Adrian Murphy

I love the spicy chicken

BJ Martinez

The food is good but I didn't like the noise. It sounded like a nursery.

Matthew J

Quick service and food was great

Amanda Lyle

Cheryl Gilmore

As always "Miss Wanda" makes the difference!

kevin fredekind

Good, health, good price, super friendly staff

Michael Gill

Nice chicken restaurant and I like the service of the people working here. Cleanliness was good and I am happy with the food.

Desiree Sena

Delicious food and friendly staff!

David M

Always a friendly staff willing to serve great fresh food!!

Keith Cannon

Had the 12pc nuggets that were Extremely small. Don't think I have had pieces that small anywhere else.

Elizabeth Brewer

Tera Crayne

Fastest service out of any fast food restaurant everywhere in the country. Constantly delicious. Unbeatable!

Birendra chaudhary

They do have good meat

Melissa Berglund

Good food....quick service

Gwendolyn Farewell

Good food, clean environment, friendly staff and a place for the kids to play.

Matthew Enderle

charles and cecilia dodge

Good food and friendly workers. Treat you like family.

maddox gore

Carmela Cruse

Nicholas Curtis

Always great!

Eric Robinson

Top Notch Food, Decent Prices & Quick Service!

Skylr Kindred

Good food but expensive for fast food

Rs J

Love the place, and service is always good. Also love that they keep it clean!

Sherie Loverkamp

I love Chick-fil-A. This location is inside KY Oaks Mall and isn't as busy as the stand alone store by Kohl's. The food is hot and fresh. We seriously need another Chick-fil-A in the area besides this one and the one by Kohl's.

Debra Scott

Excellent Customer Service

Jeanette Ramirez

Best chicken sandwiches ever! I absolutely enjoy every time I visit this place... Food always on point, and EXCELLENT customer service! The crew members are so into making you feel welcomed and always provide above and beyond service... they don't pretend to care, THEY DO CARE!

Erica Cannon

Jim Brown


Willard Brewer

Pallavi Prasad

Richard Quintana

Great chicken stop In

D Muldrew

I don’t think I’ll ever have anything negative to say about Chick-fil-A. Every time I come in the service is impeccable and spaces for seating are always clean and ready for use. When I get my food it always comes out hot. As a fast food organization what more can I ask for as a customer

Amy Su

Very nice service and food is fresh. But their drive thru is super SLOW! Usually I will see an extra person in the drive thru takes order and processes payment with IPad at other Chick-Fil-A locations. Maybe this will help them speed up drive thru service.

Gregory Zill

Great service and wonderful environment

Paul Brooks

Shanna Renae

Friendly staff. Hot food.

Tony Halcin

It’s really a efficient operation they have going on at this location from what I come to notice time and time again. I thoroughly enjoy every time I visit.

ryan prochaska

Confusing layout to figure out where to order. Had to ask for sauces. Not very good nuggets.

cam Hinkel

It was great i love the food and service! Employees we're very respectful!

Kameron Cooper

Bill J

Love it. Good stuff. Good peeps. Yeah know liberal freaks hate it. Get over yourself

Rachael Garton

I am always amazed at how efficiently the drive through is run during busy times. Great customer service, the food is as expected, and they were super fast!


Always good food!!

Lance Kelly

Joshua Kalus

My absolute favorite one in Omaha, the lines never seem very long during lunch hours, the staff are all very friendly and the store is always clean.

Nicole Fitzgerald

Chick-fil-A is so good! The staff are friendly and make sure you are taken care of. The food is hands down amazing! The waffle fries are too notch and the chicken sandwich is

Zenia Miller

Grill chicken nuggets are the best!

Sarah Alshnaiqat

James Ford

ABQ Staple really good food


By far best drive up team in ABQ


Team was great. Attentive and polite. Restaurant including the restroom was clean. Spicy Chicken was good but way overrated and I love chicken. Will try the grilled chicken should I give it another try.

Theresa Mckinley

I always enjoy a chicken sandwich from chick fil a today's service want as friendly as normal but it was still good food and good service. We usually only do drive thru and it was real lunch hour so I could totally understand if they were busy and over whelmed but hey it was fast service and good food

Carlos Chairez

Love this place! Staff is really nice, foods always consistent and delicious:)!

Debbii Roest

Fresh, hot and yummy!

Mike Young

Extra pickles add cheese these sandwiches rock!

Larry M Brooks

Great food

Aj Ellingson

Amazing. The frozen lemonade is seriously the best thing EVER...

tribecop .

Extremely friendly and good service, as well as delicious food.

Amber M

Everything was fine. Food was good.

Melanie Wright

Jacob Smith

Food was good and their right wing Christian agenda was not too overt.

Jim W

I don't think I've ever been to a fast-food restaurant where there is more courteous staff than at a Chick-fil-A. The food was great, and the speed of service was good too

Tim Fowler

I love this place. Food is always right and they keep good employees that care and respond to customers well.

Melissa Raber

The sandwich I got was kind of plain...

LDB Poetic pieces

Always love for Chick-fil-A... Had the spicy chicken with waffle fries and they were so delish.. those carbs melted in my mouth, still keeping food focused per regular order. Yes!


Christina Kerker

Exceptional customer service! Love the chicken tenders and the cottage fries.

Stephanie Cork

Al Cesarz

Always good, fast, and couteous.

Delta B

Really well run location. Ms. Wanda was really helpful and I was pleasantly surprised with the free cards she gave me

Travis Williams

Brst place in town. Len and his people are fantastic

Rose Lannon

Great service and fast wait time!

Misty Swensen

Always good and love the Christian music.

Deshae Gilbert

Always amazing, even on the busiest days. #chickfilalove

Gilea Artis

The last three visits the chicken was stringy. I hope they fix this soon.

Henry James Gorski

Sorry but their buns were very dry

Daniel Neal

Food seems hit or miss. Tables sometimes go uncleaned. Employees are personable but not always the friendliest. Waffle fries tho!

Lou Bell

This last visit was not so great. Ordered 3-12 piece nuggets and 2 mac n cheese. Ended up getting 30 piece nugget with fries... Called the store after getting home and I had to leave a vmail for call back. Not happy. *got call back couple hours later. Went to the store and got the mac n cheese. Could've tried making up for the mistake a little more.*

Jake Maguire

Always nice people. Rather high-quality chicken compared to most local chain restaurants.

Jacob Lehenbauer

Quick Union food, nothing more.

Scott Derus

What is not to like about Chick-fil-A? Consistently high quality food and service. And i mean good, friendly, old fashioned service. The kind you don't see as much of these days. This is a well run business.


Came to this location at 9:35 to only get milkshakes when they close at 10. They closed the machine for the day for cleaning. Now we're stuck in the drive thru for the last 10 minutes, with 3 cars still in front of us. Then when we get to the window to speak to the manager, she stood in the back like she didn't know what was going on.

Marylee Henson

Great food used drive thru Fast service amazing considering the line

Saad Alsaad

Candace Lindlaw

Representatives help you order as you drive up, expaining the menu, which is extensive. Food is frsh cooked and excellent. Great value. Timely service.

dianna sigler

The food is very good and the service is phenomenal.

Jack Lortz

The girl at the drive thru (kiley) I believe, ran out of the drive thru to make sure i got the right food, outstanding service and quality control, definitely will return

Yixiang Gao

Delicious as always

Ruth Barnhill

June Kerns

Teofilo Maldonado

Jaylan Buchholz

e young

Matthew Thomas

Good food and great service at a reasonable price. I ordered a chicken sandwich with everything on it with waffle fries and the best lemon aid in the world. I was hungry and I left full. I couldn't eat all the waffle fries they give you alot


Great food. Superior service Easy rewards APP

Kimberly Curles

Service was ok but they keep getting orders mixed up!

Michael D

Never a bad Chick-fil-A visit; great food, friendly staff, and always very clean.

Liisa Parlas

Great restaurant with excellent customer service. Popular with families, children all ages the elderly. Popular with people traveling north and south on I 75. I always order the breakfast bagel, chicken sandwhich or market salad. Have toppings for the salad and dressing. I order the Apple cider vinrgrette. It has fewer calories. When we had a heat wave I ordered often the iced coffee. All good food never got ill. Drive through is quick.

Lori Adams

Quick service at the Highway 19 location.

Alvie Miller

Delicious as always! They were out of spicy chicken

Sherry G

Love this place! Food is great and service is fast and friendly!

Sherry Lucas

Always clean, fast, and friendly. Best place to get a healthy meal on the go.

Rachel griner

It's good, line moves quickly, never had an incorrect order.

Jef McGee

Always great

Ryan Stroyls

Good, hit food. Pretty good service.

Cynthia Cockrell

Great place to eat food is great,plus the employee are friendly and willing to help you

Leitreanna Brown

Great food great service


I was expecting more some how.....

Robin McDade

It was "My Pleasure" to eat at Chick-fil-A today.

Richard Zipperer

Service was quick,hours of a availability where not all that great for family visiting students though.

Sherry Masters

Always good service and good attitudes. The food taste better than McDonald's by far. No grease not cold and always gets my order right!

Michele Leverett

Fast , clean and great food.

willie mayes

Always great service no complaints

Shaneequa Blake

Service is always good love this place

Jackie Puckett

Good. I ordered a chicken biscuit and a large coffee with 3 splendas. My only problem is she called our the orderet as she gave it to me and still forgot the splendas. Not a big deal. I still love their food and service!!!

JoAnna Dragon

We frequent our local Chick-fil-A for a delicious breakfast sandwich and coffee! Yummy, w the best coffee, too! Additionally, we add on s 4-pc chicken nugget order for our dog! He had them eaten b4 leaving the parking lot!!

Robert Hoafat

Not bad for fast food during the noon hour. They were packed out but still managed to get my food out in a very reasonable time. Great job.

Ben Brooks

Good food

Paul Gordon Jr

Food was great and the bathrooms were clean.

courtney harpe

I love Chikfila. I use the app for everything. My order is always ready when I get there. Customer service is always pretty good. Food is always great. It's almost always busy, so the app actually comes I handy. Try the caramel frosted coffee. Its great!

Janice Arnett

Great food friendly service

Stephen Shaw

Good customer service and fast also

Katina Williams

Always good and hot. Quick and order always correct

kira B

My son and I got nuggets and they were old and cold at this location. My stomach started hurting afterwards. Friendly service tho but won't visit the Metro center location again I'll stick to Charlotte Ave, their food is always fresh!

Dean Scott

It's Chick-,fil-A what can I say but I'll be back and soon

Sarah Phillips

Best drive thru service ever! Their food is very good as well!

Angelina Vita

One of my favorite places to eat

April Mucci

I Love this location. Everything is Always Good! The double lines make it super fast for take out.


My favorite fast food.

Charity Dent

This is another FANTASTIC Chick-Fil-A!! Great food, great service, & wonderful staff.

Chris Hallman

Always good food, service and quality.

Tim Silver

Staff was nice clean restrooms highly recommended

Mart Martinez

This Chick-fil-A was very clean and fast. The ladies working there were very nice and easy to talk to. They have 2 drive throughs which make it easier and faster. They also have beautiful patio tables out side with umbrellas for a sunny or rainy day.

Peter Lee

Great food as every Chick Fil A offers! Their service is awesome. Atmosphere is very good. Every time I visit they are very neat and clean. Can’t ask for more!

Kevin Story

Best chick fil a I've ever been to

Craig Wehrenberg

Great clean restaurant! Very friendly workers...and MOUTHWASH in the restrooms!

Valerie Rost

I absolutely love the staff here. They are always friendly and efficient. They go above and beyond. The restaurant is always clean and the kids love the indoor play area!

joseph gilchrist

It’s Chick-fil-A what can I say other than the pleasure was all mine.

Dale Ferguson

This Chick-fil-A is not the Best. The staff is a little distant compared to some of the outlying store. I guess it is the Big City attitudes. But they are still better than most fast food stores.

Chloe Black

They are super friendly, great service, amazing food, great vibes from workers

Melinda Robinson

Love this place. Just a little high prices for chicken to be economically low- costing; to be considered cheap fast food.

Jocelyn Moment

Great customer service

Ashley High_Poetry

Good chiken. Mayo not so much. Did not enjoy slurping it. Taste bad.

Dog thing Nugget

Haven’t been but closing at 2pm is ridiculous

Jerel Johnson

First time visiting the Leesburg location. Top quality service.

Rusty Bumgardner

One of my valued customers. I’m in their kitchen & I can say Brian Whitaker (owner) has a top notch CFA.....very clean & we all love their food! Highly recommend Chick-fil-a Greenwood drive thru!!

David Vaughn


Justin Bonetti

I love Chick-fil-A my place to go for dinner

Jonathan Fehl

They weren't able to freshly prepare the item we needed, but the manager generously gave us vouchers for next time. Great service.

Evans Primus

Clean, fast,and sooo good

John Rainey

Bill Latimer

Not worth your time. Food or not good.

Georgia Drone Footage

Order was wrong in several ways. Simple order for one meal. After driving back up there, I stood at the counter(filthy) for about 3 minutes while the employees acted like I was invisible. Finally a lady asked if she could help me and took care of my re-order. While I wait, I can't help but you overhear the employees whining about how they can't wait to get off. They weren't even busy both visits. Being super busy and I understand that stuff happens but like I said, not busy both visits. Very unlike Chick-fil-a. Sad.

Anthony Hanson

Great food very welcoming

Casandra Hammond

Great food, they got our tickets messed up so I had to go back to the counter to get our food m, but the food was fresh and good so I cant complain

Ben Vereen

Best customer service in the food service industry.

michael belcher

Great service great food.

Brian Blackburn

Great food, great staff

Robin DeYoung

I love Chi-Fil-A, but this location is SO busy that 1) it seriously hold up traffic every time I go - it's backed up into both the right and left turn lanes in front of the store, and 2) They almost never have fresh fries - I guess because the have to make them so fast and furiously to keep up that they're just never fresh. 3) the nuggets and sandwiches are sometimes held too long too. So you know that amazing crunch you get on the outside of the meat of a fresh original Chi-Fil-A sandwich? Good luck. And crispy waffle fries with just a little salt? Hmm...

Jere Minkau

Amazing place. My first time there I got a free milkshake. Service unmatched

Don Grenanco

Oddly located in the courthouse.

Jesse Hendricks

Food was very good services very nice it was very fast. I've been there several times and keep going back.

Nancy Thompson

CFA has it all together!

Cindy & Mike Myer

Classic fried chicken sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and fried were good. This was our first visit. What really impressed us was the clean and friendly atmosphere. The employees and facilities were very nicely kept. And, they really know how to move a crowd through in a hurry! Good place for a quick bite or take it on the road through drive up.

Patrick Warner


Stephanie Richey

Always a great place to eat and bring the kids!

Susan Baker

Great service with a smile! Fast service regardless of the number of customers. Employees keep it clean and always offer to refill our drinks.

Jeff Gultch

I was staying at a motel where this Chic-fillet was very convenient. The sandwiches where very good and I'd recommend to anyone in Greenwood, SC. I live in WI so I won't be stopping anytime soon. If I moved to Greenwood I would probably go there weekly. I will try a Chic-Fillet near home but I wonder if the excellent sandwiches I had in Greenwood would be the same. I need to add the staff was excellent as well.

Direct Direct

Amazing food. Recommend eating here.

Idontwanna Growup

Delicious breakfast. Unmistakable service.

Jenna Kitchings

Very dissatisfied with this location as of lately. I live in Canada, and have a Canadian card. Due to the debit machine, we have to go inside to order our food, which really isn’t a big deal. We have card reader issues every single time we try and pay. But, the manager or supervisor on duty has helped us out tremendously. She has manipulated the system to allow us to manually type in our card number through the debit machine. She asks us for our zip code, and the expiration date, and then we type in our card number on our side. We have done this probably 5 times, and every time it works like a charm. However this morning, we go in to order since we know it works. And are basically turned away because they changed the rules “the middle of last year” to not be able to input cards manually. The manager/supervisor on duty turns the computer around to show us there is no way to input the card. (Given this is not the same lady who has helped us every single time) We were made to feel embarrassed in front of the line and there was absolutely no help or empathy. How can this happen, when we have ordered from this same location 2 times a week? We have only been here about a month. I love Chickfila and it’s all I want to eat while I’m down. I hope this issue can be resolved for us, and for future out of country guests.

Kandis Patrick

Great food, Great service!

Brandon Morgan

Friendly service and good food per usual

Angel Cannady

Good customer service, Food hot and good

Patrick Boyce

Made me ill

Robine Walton-Oliver

Love their salads

Jeffrey Holloway

Always a delicious go to for chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and a shake. Hospitable and family friendly environment. Been a patron since the 80s, starting at the Albany Mall in SW Georgia.

Shane Sexton

Great service!!! Good is always fresh.

Grant L

I think they found the nicest people in Lee County and recruited them for this restaurant. Seriously, they are the nicest people around. Timely, quality is on point, THEY ACTUALLY ANSWER BOTH DRIVE THRU LANES, and it's always clean. I only had one issue in probably 20+ visits with them (my order disappeared once I got to the window somehow). It was resolved very quickly and courteously.

James Linstruth

Busy place due to it's location, and being what it is....the best darn chicken around. Even though it was busy, food was still the same great quality you expect from Chick-fi-A.

Phillip Herrington

Great Service, Clean Store, and a great place to take your family or friends to eat. Employees are very nice.


Kids love the food

Matthew Hanby

This location closes for business outside of what is advertised, in a completely unprofessional move. Be forewarned!!!

Jimmy Moore

Good food. Not too long a wait even during lunch rush on labor day

Diana Reynolds

Nasty taste!!!!

Carol Johnson

The food is fast, hot and the atmosphere is perfect!!

Mark Schlechty

Always good food and great service.

Sheryl Dvorak

Excellent fast service!

Orlando Grant

Always great food; except for the time I had a dead fly in my vanilla milkshake that I sucked through my straw three years ago!

Brenda Roberts


Kerie Emery

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE..... The #1 is amazing with a lemonade and those wonderful waffle fries. I wish they had waffle sweet potatoes fries for a light dessert with an icing... yummy

Layla Perry

Directions did not take us to this chick fill a

Nika Howard

Very nice Chick-fil-a off the interstate about 1/4 mile down the road. The staff was wonderful and food was good. The parking is a bit of a bear if you are trying to turn left, but overall great stop while you are on the road.

Terry Arnold

Model of efficiency during the lunch rush. Great customer service and food.

Derby Kirby

Always great. Staff is the best.

EmoG IHaveToEnterALastName

Breakfast should be till 12 or 1

Pastor Dan Eidson

Great service and great food. I visit there often.

Reni Gaddy

Great service, fresh food, clean facilities.

Lora Pine

Wonderful! Such a sweet staff! Fresh food, the chicken tortilla soup is great!

Alexander Starks

The nuggets were luke warm and there were too many flies inside the restaurant, like landing on you multiple times before you can complete your order. In retrospect, I should have waited for another establishment on down the road.

Robert Cockburn

As always, great service and surprisingly fast

Breeanna Mann

Employees are so nice, speedy service. Loved the sandwich I ordered.

Travis Jones

This was my second time eating at a chick-fil-a. One of the best experiences and food I have had. Only wish the sweet tea was a tiny bit more sweet.

Felix Boecker

Clean, friendly, fast. Even during peak hours.

Toni Rooksberry

This is a clean friendly place. They go the extra mile in service. You go as a customer and become family. They do a lot of great services. Such as our police officers eat free. Senior citizens bingo, preschool story hour. And family night, paint classes. Etc.

Strawhat KiLiK

On the 3rd floor of TN Towers. You need ID to enter. Staff is kind

Jenn Faring

No matter how swamped they are, they are still always fast, friendly, polite and check your order to ensure accuracy! I get anxiety about digging through my order in a busy line to make sure everything I ordered is right, every sauce and drink is in order. Chickfila takes that worry out of your hands. Never had an order come out wrong! Even when I ask for an insane amount of pickles on my sandwich. Staple weekly take out at our house!

Linda Mathews

I love going to eat here especially when I go with my daughter

Topher Kersting

If you're in the building, it's a great place to grab a meal, but it's not convenient for people coming from outside. Friendly employees, very clean dining area.

Gale Hammack

The food is always good

Apryl Brown

Excellent customer service. Had a less than sub par sandwich and they bent over backwards to make things right with sincere apologies. Too bad that others can’t take notice. I’ve always enjoyed their food and go there bc of stellar service.

mr. Begeer

I love there waffle fries! Very good food!

Blythe Henderson

Customer service is always on point, orders are never wrong, and food always fresh!

Lindsey Fallon

This location is busy! Line was 10-15 people deep around 12pm. My son wanted to switch out his toy for ice cream and no one would help us. I understand that they were very busy, but other locations manage the crowds much more efficiently. I also never received refills. Employees were friendly and the store was clean, but I'll probably never go back during lunch.

Nancy Warren

Great customer service and food was great

Gina Ironside

I've never had a bad experience at Chick-fil-A. The associates are always friendly and wish you a blessed day. And the limited time only peach shake is scrumptious.

Eric Catman

Yummy Chicken, of course... But so was the Peach Milk Shake!!!

Christie Spradlen

Excellent service, clean store. The food was fresh and hot

Florzell Paschal

Staff spoke enthusiastically, order was correct, food was hot, and the wait wasn't long despite the number of customers that were ahead of me.

Swagking's Gram

DELICIOUS!! One of my favorite places! Also, I support them not opening on Sundays. Their ed employees are wonderful and make sure your order is just right. It's always clean. And the food is ALWAYS fresh and just right!

SheKella Prince

Always display exceptional customer service. The food is always worth buying.

Cassandra Nichols

The service is great!! The atmosphere is great! Love Chick-fil-a

Matthew Herron

Efficient, friendly, and exceptionally courteous staff! High-quality, freshly made food, and their lemonade is awesome! Restrooms are great, as well.

Mary Gillespie

Always a quick trip. Great food and employees are always so nice!

Georgia Richey

Always great food

Casey Blackwood

Always great

Robert Park

Good service and the food was awesome.

Clm Jms

Great sevice... way to pricey for fast food

Marc Maddox

I ordered a large pickup order for a meeting because delivery was unavailable, was not able to find anywhere to park around this store because it is in a large muninciple building, none was available. I even called many times to cancel my order or ask wher I could park, no one ever answered the phone. I will never try this location again.

Leah W

This location has not been as busy as the other location since opening..But I was proved wrong the other day both drive thru lines went into the road. I will say they were faster more proficient and the food was better than the new location my buns were even toasted. I will say both locations have crappy drive thru and parking areas. Its rediculas! Both have friendly customer service.

Taylor Carlton

The worst chickfilA in Albany. 2/3 times my order is wrong and most of the time it's the longest wait! What's up with this Chick-fil-A? I'm always disappointed when I go here. The service is slow but the staff is friendly.

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