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14532 SW 5th St, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027, United States Located in: The Shops at Pembroke Gardens

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REVIEWS OF Fuddruckers IN Florida

tracie rottiers

Hands down best burgers ever. Not to fond of the new remodel that was done.

Aly Jay

People there were great, super friendly and fast service. First time there and definitely going back!

Julia Bellamy

I forgot how good these burgers are. Went at lunch time. A modest crowd so it was busy. Didn't have to wait too long. Free refills and the condiment bar is awesome. Decent price for what you get. Great tasting

Dalvis Candela

Food is umm!!! Really ??.. Come in and taste the burgers youll c

Renee Watson

Fudds has some of the best fries in town. We love the nacho cheese sauce to dip our fries in and the burger toppings bar! Great place for families!

Migy Bluey

Sandwhiches are very good however toppping stand was empty for a bit


This place is the best. It has the best burgers and the best fries and the best dips.

Lyd Hellerich

Yum. I love the ambiance. Very cool place.

Sally Lynn

Love their burgers

Jeffrey Levin

Here now. Had the 1/2 pound with gluten free bun. Should have just skipped the bun to start with which was my original plan. Bun was in a plastic wrap and was sort of stale. Guess most people don't order it. Now I know why. The half pound seemed a little short on poundage. I expect better. Wish the Beyond Burger was more reasonably priced. Wanted to try it. I've had it from the supermarket in the past. Not what I'm used to from this place.

sweet .

Ordered food and was charged extra for honey mustard, when I ate the burger there was no honey mustard. Make sure you check your food before eating it.

Silvia Herrero

All Fuddruckers are great! Love their hot dogs.

Ellie Beck

1st time I ever went to this restaurant and it was delicious. Prices and service were also great. I'll definitely go back.

Sean Sidebotham

Like I remembered from junior high. Still good for a burger place.

Nate Seidl

Prices have gone up more than. The quality of food. Too expensive now!

Antonia Koenigsdorf

We are here for dinner. It was close to where we were staying and it was pretty quick service .

Richard Hermann

Food was good but French fries were under cooked could not eat them After eating here for lunch on july 26 2019 afterwards I spent about 3 hours on the pot discharging my bowels. I traced my steps back to fuddruckers. I will not eat here again.

Jerry Portillo

Over done burger, cool fries. They have a pretty neat coke machine that makes any coke you can imagine. Won't be eating there again.

David Geiger

Always have good burgerd

Juan Manuel Alvarez

Ive vesited fuddruckers before like 100 times and I never get tired of it, best hamburgers I have ever eaten. And the service is really quick and good. 6/5.

Sherri C

I always loved their burgers and now I love their gluten free buns. This is the first time I ordered off the value menu and now I'm even mote inclined to make the drive because of the value for a great meal. It was very busy but the food came out quickly. Seating was okay.

Andrew Hou

Great burgers and some of the best fries I've ever had (top with hot nacho cheese for some fantastic loaded potato wedges). Unfortunately, it's definitely on the expensive side and I'm not sure the price is worth it


One of my favorites places, good selection

Jessica Shubert

Was not overly impressed was much better when I was a child. It would be nice if they had jalapeno cheese sauce warm every night since they have the container sitting there. Also wish the staff wouldn't just say well you can cut up some jalapenos and put it in the normal cheese same concept not as good.

Martin Paulsen

Fuddruckers has been the restaurant I pick to go to every year for my Birthday as long as I can remember. Amazing food, super cool menu options and friendly staff.

Ken McFarland

Good food and nice place to go

Duke Ster

Great quality for great price. Quick and efficient service. The selection is really good and there are vegetarian and gluten free options. Great for the family with easy parking at the rear entrance.

William Flood

Good food just a bit pricey

E Centeno

Burgers here are cooked to your specifications. Lettuce and tomatoes are always fresh and crunchy. There is consistency in their coming method which guarantees the perfect burger all the time. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with pictures of actors of Hollywood's golden age and nostalgic Americana pieces. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed and the service is fast.

Frank Biggs

Good burger and fries. Order takers need improvement.

Bmm Jww

Great burgers and milk shakes. They can cook to order and you can add your own toppings how you would like them. The milkshakes are really delicious and hard to pass up. Plenty of seating for large groups. They also have a few TV's playing sports and news playing if you need to watch. Very clean and good service.

April weidemann

First time going! I was very happy with the quality of food the taste was great the lady working front counter could have been more helpful but the rest of the staff was very pleasant!

Don Hankins

Nice selection of hamburgers. Chicken sandwiches also available. We had the salads with grilled chicken. One salad with romaine lettuce was quite good. The other salad which was made with iceberg lettuce had lettuce where the edges were turning brown. After replacing that lettuce with fresher lettuce from the salad bar, the salad was quite tasty.


Great food and even better service!

Bill Hurrelbrink

Good service, good burger...i love the jalapeno cheese. My daughter is on a gluten free diet and they made sure she received a rice Krispy treat for her dessert.

Glen Morris

A good place to eat. Price a little high and does not reflect quality. Clean place and nice restaurant.

A clark

Place was dirty all booths were covered had to clear my own booth

Grumpy Ken

Burgers were good and cooked to temperature, just how I remembered them- I hadn't been in a Fuddruckers for years. Choice of soft drinks includes Fanta flavors which is nice. The fries are Ok but the available cheese was a little watery. Not a bad experience, we will return to try some of the other interesting menu items, like the lamb burger.

Christopher L'Heureux

Small burger was plenty filling. Food satisfying.

Debbie Snyder

Our food wasn't prepared the way it was ordered, specifically, the OREO SHAKE didn't "taste" right. The hamburger I had ordered, I asked for it to be WELL DONE, it was PINK on the inside. Even though we spoke with management, a resolution was not given. I will NEVER go back to Fuddruckers.

Sue Rogers

This is where we have our club meetings. They used to have a large assortment of salads and now there's just two - and a very limited choice of salad dressings.

Effing Dave

Good food. Love their beef. Not so much their wedge-fries.

Nicole Rugg

Very nice staff and yummy food


Yoooo! Some of the best burgers n fries I've had is here at Fuddruckers. Once it took a bit too long for my food to get out but it tasted good sooooooo.... That's what matters to me.

Lovely Lady

The food is tasty and the service is great! One of my favorite places to eat at!

Leduar Corrales

The beat burger on town

Chuck Thomas

Great burgers

cher reynolds

Great food and wonderful staff. You get your own drinks, and they have a toppings bar for your delicious hamburgers. You can get them in 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 cooked to your preference. Also has a children's menu and warm homemade cookies. Who could ask for more!!

Barby Nieto

Best burger ever. Enless side toppings.

Laura Woodward

Horrible service. Took over 45 minutes to get our food. Floors were greasy and tables were gross.

Joshua Ho

What a wonderful place ro spend an evening with family. It was my son's birthday and we had a fantastic dinner. Thanks to Lissett Diaz, the manager, our party of nine, truly enjoyed it. Great shopping afterwards! Great burgers and fresh condiments.

Erica Lopez

Food was good but pricey for a burger joint $34 for two on a lunch date. Best to come here for dinner because you get a lot of food

Steph Hill

Great family place. My kids love it here. Food is really good, comes fast and really good prices!

Joe Devine

Great burgers fun atmosphere

Kerry Kosel

Idk why they even ask you how you want your burger done. Way overdone. The place smells like musty carpet. The staff was very nice, though.

Michelle Vernier

Great burgers, service

Penny Palasty

Yummytastic Elk burgers! Delicious sweet potato fries. Great music.

McKenzie Schmitz

Snuck in for a late night burger. Dined alone. Staff were courteous, and asked if it was my first time. Gave me lots of advice. Burger was juicey. Enjoyed the toppings selection, so that I could customize the burger My own way. The Black Forrest shake was full of cherries!

Miguel Gonzalez

Go old fashioned burger joint... Hands down the best burgers around!

Mike Selvaggi

After waiting for 15 minutes for a burger, I received a patty half the size of my bun. I have never once in my 29 years of life asked for new food at a restaurant but I did here because it was so small. The server at the front responded "I dont get paid enough for this BS" . It was my first and last time there.

Carlos T

Great burgers . Like how you can customize and burger you want. Only down side was it started to storm bad out and the roof was leaking everywhere.

Alex Hamilton

The burgers taste great. Fudd shorts you on the sweet potato fries for the cost, and it is tough to mess up a plain hamburger order but they found a way.

Darlene Hockert

Awful food vegetarian burger terrible off my list for good

Aaron Anderson

Always a favorite burger place is Fudds. Love the menu options and my wife said something that is so true...topping bar is always fresh. That makes your burger even better. I agree totally. We go to Fudds all the time on Sunday and they have a good lunch business. LInes move along. Service is good. Make sure those tables get cleaned quickly and condiment ketchups always filled, employees. Great place, we love Fudds.

Laura Ellingson

Lovely casual dining. Fantastic food. Yet simple. Pop machine was not working properly but didn't mind. Clean restaurant and bathrooms too!

Debra Bruns

My veggie burger was terrible and the onion rings sucked everyone else was happy with their food

Theresa De Los Reyes

I believe they have the best burgers in town

Jonathan Tarazona

Fresh and tasty burgers, friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Dan Viewnow

The place to custom build your own burger done how you like it with toppings you put on yourself. Their milk shakes are a deliciously nice surprise.

Katie Brustad

Love how the meat is sooooo juicy and hot when they give it to you. And it isn't a small piece of meat either!!!

Dominic Miron

Always great burgers.

Michael Strauss

Great stuff... burgers are solid. I get the Cajun Chicken most of the time and dress it up at the burger bar with all the extras, cheese, lettuce, pickles... do it yourself and more. FANTASTIC PLACE TO GO WITH YOUR KIDS OR FAMILY... easy going , no stress environment. Kids can be load, not formal at all.

Rich Bleyle

Poor customer service. Rude cashier. Cheese was watered down and squirted on my daughter's hand. The cashier came over with a dish rag and said "here it's dirty but it's all we have". The food was ok.

sandi wyld

The employees are great! Food is good too.

Teresa Hash

Great food and service. A staff member had an extra shake and let our daughter and her friend share it. That made for an extra fun experience. Thank you!! ❤️

Lowdown Killa

Cheese on tap is the Shiznital Bam Snip Snap Sally!

Timberly Krutz

The best burger I've had in a long time! Good prices and the staff was very friendly. Nice atmosphere and looks like it would be a fun place but we went on a Monday evening around 7pm and there were only a few other people there so it was slow. They have an interesting menu and the chocolate milkshake was excellent! Food came fast and was hot and fresh. Will go there again for the burgers.

chrissyjoy08 .

Was told they're out of white buns for 1/3lb burgers, only slider buns or wheat available. I asked about 1/2lb, if they had buns for that, was told yes, so I ordered that. Come to find out they didn't and I wasted my extra money. Cashier Kimberly insisted she didn't say that even though she did, and she kept interrupting my explanation. Manager very unhelpful, no offer for some money back, no apology, even told me I could leave if I didn't like it, meanwhile cashier is smirking at me from behind him, then he went into his office and closed his door on my telling him I wasn't gonna leave after spending 13 bucks. Also, soda machines here give more carbonation than soda, and one of them sprays water or soda at your pant legs and the floor as it also pours in the cup.

Chris Miller

Great hangover food...I recommend the "Hangover Burger!" the only thing preventing it from getting 5 stars is the prices are a little higher for my taste.

Dennis sutkowski

Good food, clean restaurants. Some of the drinks were empty but besides that all was good.

Dillon Eastman

Unique atmosphere and good burgers. They let you dress the burger yourself, and have a Coca-Cola freestyle.

Jack Flowers

This is a decent upper-scale burger restaurant, it has customizable burgers at a high quality level for a relatively reasonable price. It's in a fairly convenient location, so anybody looking for good burgers in the area won't be disappointed with coming here.

Ladonna Hoeper

Slow service, not very clean.

Julie Creech

Great quality food. Friendly service. Clean.

lynn Scrimshaw

New year Eve, Fuddruckers Hambergers right ?! , okay it didn't turn out as expected. But, just let manger know, he was all out to do it right, no fuzz . WOW I was beyond happy. Mr. Emmanuel @Pembroje Fall Mall Great job. Thanks.

Don Clerveaux

Great variety of burgers (some exotic like deer and bison...they also have plant based). When the cookies are fresh from the oven, if you pay close attention, you can see rays, from heaven, tracing their decadent origins!

Nick Troyer

My only complaint is that there is only one left in town. I used to go to the one out west all the time. Their blue cheese burger is my favorite burger in town.

Athena Cecil

Burger was fantastic. You put all the condiment s on yourself, lettuce, leaf and chopped, pickels, chopped onoins, cut onions, two types of peppers, tomatoes and more. You put on The mustard, ketchup, etc. Burger meat, hormone free. Great selection, chicken, bison, salads, great selection. Gluten free buns $2 additional. Best burger I ever ate. Refills on beverages..

Lawrwnce Nauta

Love their burgers

Alejandro Maciel

I really enjoyed their burgers especially since this is the only burger joint that i know of that serves kobe beef burgers for great quality that the price fits.The onion rings served here are to Die for delicious.

Sean Norton

Best burgers in town. Visit everytime we'r are in Omaha!!!! Great fries and service add well!!

Lori Kephart

I was very unhappy with my food, I got a steak sandwich with onion rings and coleslaw. The steak was very tough the onion rings were over cooked and I didn't like the coleslaw. It will be a very long time before I return.

Christy Lamoreaux

I have loved Fuddruckers for years and was excited to go to dinner here tonight when I found out there was still a location left in Minnesota. The sad part about going here tonight is knowing that customer service skills are a lost art these days, which was made very apparent here. We waited over 50 minutes for our food when this is technically a fast food restaurant. My burger was medium rare when I asked for it medium, the 3 huge jugs of ketchup were empty, and the fixings for the burgers were sparse. Come to find out that they were short a cook and had a lot of new people in the kitchen. Had they told us up front in the beginning when we ordered, they wouldn't have had a lot of hangry customers waiting around like vultures. CSR skills are a dying breed and I'm sorry Fuddruckers but it's going to be an awful long time before I go back. If ever.


Best cheese sauce!

Kim Hash

Good specials, great food, super friendly staff-especially Nathan.

Jordan Williams

Sooo good. Dip your fries in cheese!

_ Antibios

The staff here were awesome in a pretty bad crunch while customers were very rude. They had some technical difficulties put of their control but kept up their pace and hope they see this to know some of us do appreciate your hard work

Alene Wesner

The food tasted great, but they had to fix everything separately for me. I can't have pepper and according to the manager on duty, everything including the onion rings batter has pepper in them. She warned me, but I didn't realize that she meant what she said. Even the ketchup had pepper in it. The employees were wonderful and the employee, Roy, was also very helpful in finding and pointing me where I needed to go. And even though I suffered from sticker shock when I paid for my meal, I still had a good time.

Everett Earley

Fresh burgers and great atmosphere. The girl working the counter made us feel like a huge inconvenience but the food was good. Very disorganized and seemed like they were very short staffed.

Avatar 956

Good hamburgers and for the price not to expensive about what you'd expect for a hamburger restaurant

Vadim Krivopishchenko

Came for the first time. It was okay, I liked it. Could really use an overall evaluation. The food wasn't cooked to the desired request and the silverware was dirty (all of them).


Been going there for years, unfortunately the place was a lot bigger, it had the entire building on the lot about 5 years or so ago, maybe longer. It was great then, had a "play area", machines, arcade type thing. Now it's just to stuff your face, which isn't a bad thing. Nothing special about it anymore. Great Buffalo as always

Haley Schroeder

Been going here since I was a little kid and it's still amazing! Great food for a reasonable price!! Please continue to come here so it never goes out of business!

ynot prime

How can I put into words how good The hangover Burger was. I really don't think I can be so eloquent but I'll try. Imagine 1/2 pound medium juicy Patty on a bun that's toasted in butter... Never mind I'm going to stop I'm getting hungry! Look the burger was amazing it's fresh, it's fast, the fries are great! They have mellow yellow that's always a plus for me! All the condiments are laid out for you to pick and choose from. I think I'm about to take a lunch and take my son up there!

Kenneth N Jackson

Good nice size burger here everything was fresh

Joelle Ambrose

I LOVE Fuddruckers! I've never had a bad meal there, EVER! I've ordered the "kid's meal" many times and they have never ONCE said I couldn't! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Wish there were MORE locations!

Lynette Dick

One of the best burgers I have eaten. The onion rings were also delicious.

tooheys tooheys

So after I got my food I look down at the plate and I look at the manager and I go seriously what's wrong with consistency here are those not even enough flies and here to compete with McDonald's value fries are then after sitting at the table decided I'm going to call because I'm not walking backup there I called and asked for a manager named Michael short guy tattoos on his forearms wears glasses answers the phone after about 6 minutes and hold after I start discussing about the idea of being consistent with food he is trying to counter offer me and tell me that may be happened once. I told him I'm usually hear 2 to 3 times a month and it's at least 1 to 2 of those times or something wrong with my food either the meet is raw or over cooked the bun is covered in blood and grease or there's no French fries even though I pay for a combo I ask politely for the district manager and he continued to decline and refused to give it to me I asked more than 6 times and he kept telling you know I'll take care of it and I kept repeating I should have to announce who I am I should simply be able to come and order my food and get a consistent order when I visit I gave him one final try and he still refused to give me the contact information he then finally agreed to inform me who the manager is that would be opening on the day that is actually in charge of the store named Emilio I think and I can't even guarantee that is accurate I considered actually taking a photograph of Michael so that everybody could see who they're dealing with and where the problem starts I usually pay for the upgraded meat Patty and to be honest with you half of the time I don't think it's upgraded because the other people at my table usually get the regular 1 and there's no size difference I am not going to bother to proofread this because I'm doing it by voice too. but I am going to put a couple of photographs of my fries quantity and my receipt to show my lack in the service once again the turnover rate for the management in this store is astronomical let alone the employees I've watched them hold fast paced interview's to hire cashiers and I swear some of these girls are not here 2 weeks before they're out the door

Ed Kowalski

Very nice place to have a good burger.

Darren Cowl

Very good hamburgers and their shakes are out of this world good! Has a nice sports bar type of atmosphere. Really great place to eat!

Jeff Christiansan

Wanted to try something new and this definitely hit the spot! Amazing burgers!

Paul Kalakay

Ok a little over priced I thought

bonita 38

Very disappointing! We went to eat the Lucy burger that was advertised. First the lady taking our order said we could only get it well done cuz of the cheese in the middle. So my daughter went ahead n ordered it even though we don't like our hamburger Patty's cooked so much n I ordered something else. When my daughter get her hamburger, it was 2 separate Patty's wit cheese in between the 2. I ordered a hamburger meal n got tea. I asked another worker if they had artificial sweetener cuz I'm diabetic n she told me no they don't. So I asked a manager n she opened the cabinet below n gave me some. After my daughter got her hamburger I talked to another manager n asked about the Lucy after showing her my daughters n asked why the hamburger had to b well done n she said it didn't. I let her know that is what I wanted to order n she had them cook it for me, not well done. My burger actually looked the picture where as my daughters didn't. They never offered to remake hers. We won't go there again! This isn't the first time we've had issues here! It takes almost 40 minutes one way, so not worth it! Well just wait till we go to Branson n eat there!

Latonya Gaskins

My First time visiting was great, today was my second time coming from 17th Street East Fort Lauderdale to have a meal with my friend. After we ate I decided to grab a shake and we accidentally forgot my $300 blue circle rim Ray Ban sunglasses on a booth table. It took all of 3-4 min for us to walk out to the car realize I didn't have my sunglasses and walk back in. When I got back to booth we were sitting at our food baskets were still on the table along with a cleaning towel but our cups were gone, no one was around except an older woman who was sweeping and I asked her who was cleaning the table and she responded saying she was cleaning it

Connor Jacobs

It's good but greasy

Joy Reed

Hamburgers were over cooked and the fries were cold

Robert De la Crica

It's always great to come here.

Jenna Schroeder

Love the food! It is so delicious! Had issues getting ice for our drinks as the machines kept running out. It is a little pricey for cheeseburger but great every now and then.

Steve Turner

Had a good burger and home fries. Very friendly service employees! Would go back.


Food is good but very slow service.

Larry Cote

I like this place. Food is fresh, service is good.

Matt C

Definitely a favorite place to eat. The owners worked very well with the local schools, however I don't know about the current owners. It is exactly the same every time I have been there for the last 6 years or so... Overall, it's a great "normal" lunch place. I would love to have a lunch that allowed me to go here every day.

Mike Fisher

The fact that you can add the toppings of your choice....makes this a great choice for a burger.

NerdHub-Gaming district

I first went to Fuddruckers when five guys was on holiday and me and my dad wanted a burger. We decided to go to Fuddruckers and after my time there I would always take them over five guys. To be specific it’s the Fuddruckers in Bloomington - 3801, Minnesota. They are an all American restaurant that is most known for their burgers and milkshakes. I think Fuddruckers is an amazing restaurant that any American food lover should at least try. One of my personal favorites was the ‘Bacon Cheddar’. It has crispy and crunchy bacon. A savory burger and bun. It also has fresh Wisconsin cheddar cheese. They also have three flavors of mouthwatering delectable milkshakes that are frosty, cold, and pure. They come in two sizes. Small(large) which is one full cup of delicious liquid ice cream(milkshake) and Regular(extra large) which come with a extra metal cup with even more absolutely amazing milkshake. They also have a cool pop machine. That’s pretty usual but then again, this glorious machine has heavenly cream soda. It also has enjoyable root beer witch you can mix with you shake to make a rootbeer shake or just enjoy some root beer. Everything soda-wise is on tap with free refills. They certainly keep up to date with restaurant needs. The service can be a bit slow at time but that is only due to all of the hundreds of hungry customers. Typically an a normal time it takes 2-4 minutes to order and 10-30 minutes for your food to arrive. There kindness doesn't seem to be monitored. You can get a very kind server of a horribly awful server who doesn't care about anyone's feelings whatsoever. For the amount of customers and the time you get your food a can assume the chefs use their time well. Fuddruckers has a jumpy decor. There main colors are blue and yellow. They cover the place in endless decorations and they light the place well. The layout of the restaurant is also nice in terms of the amount of space you get. However they could improve on cleaning the place up. All though they do clean the tables they sometimes miss a spot on the table. Then again that is pretty typical for a restaurant.

Jordan E

Southwest Burger 1/2 pound and it was perfect. Highly recommend this place if you are thirsty for a burger. Just think about it when your hungry and want something filling and tasty...this place hits the spot. Clean environment and kind staff. Booths comfortable.

shelisa Hogan

Good food great price very nice atmosphere highly recommend

Michael Jensen

Clean restaurant and friendly staff that love their job

R W Hoskins

Used to love going to Fuddruckers in San Diego. I don't know if the quality has slipped over time or if their supply chain has gotten too long, but this one is not as good. It has also gotten fairly pricey. Still a pretty good burger with plenty of toppings to choose from. Relatively quick service once you get your meal ordered. They also offer some tasty desserts.

Penny Mattson

Excellent food and great malts!

Josh A

Always good and cooked perfect.

Kami H

Thought I'd give this place one more chance because my husband wanted to try it. Same experience as last time, tasteless. This time I got the tex mex burger - even tho it had bacon, avocado, and pepper Jack cheese and I added pico and jalapenos, it was tasteless. Never again.

Shana Lorde

I come here a few times with my family and the quality of food and service remains the same...remarkable!


Fun place to get fresh burgers with all the fixins salad bar.

Nasim Sarwar

HAIR IN THE FOOD. They are located in a very convenient space almost at the entrance of the mall. Their decoration brings out the classic American fast food and dinner vibe. But, their food can turn you away from classic American food for ever. Couple of undertrained and uninformed people run the place. Nothing good can be said about the people behind the kitchen door either. Their food is plain, just plain; you wouldn't be able to tell bread from their steak. Went there there times, bad experience all of them. First time, the food was cold, second time, I got food poisoning and the third time I found a hair in the patty of my burger. The employees were unapologetic and seemed clueless about what should be done. Disgrace of a restaurant.

Kenya Bradshaw

Great eats. The burgers were huge and we only had the "regular" size. Everyrhing was tasty. You prder the kind od meat/burger youbwant and you have a salad bar to dress your sandwich whoever you like. Plus the kids get a free cookie when done.

Larry Price

The food was great!!! The restaurant was clean. The parking was barely adequate. The staff was friendly and willing to go the extra mile to keep their customer's happy. And, I'm always thrilled that Fuddrucker's cooks my burger the way I like it; rare. I know plenty about food-born illnesses. I'm an adult. I can make my own decision about whether or not I want to take that risk. I'm sure I'll go back. I admit to a bit of disappointment that the menu did not match the menu I'm accustomed to from Fuddrucker's West Des Moines Iowa location. (This Omaha location has a shorter menu.)

Julio Ocampo

It was ok had better burger's

David Cogar

Great burgers

Kyle Hibschle

Love going here. The food is always amazing, fast line, and never takes long to get my order.

Randy Kennedy

This is my favorite hamburger joint. I have abandoned 5 guys for this place

Michelle Stoller

It was fun remembering, good burger, heavy on the pocketbook

James Lilley

Came here for a meal, I received an over cooked meal, the manager passed by and offer to remake the meal and that was the last of the customer service from this company. I asked for a gift card, he asked me to call the survey on the receipt. It has been two weeks with no reply from corporate. They were out of gift card and the corporate response is supposed be to be 24-48 hours. Good luck with your next meal there we are not going back!

Hannah DeLee

Great hamburgers and handmade milkshakes with an arcade game area for the kiddos!

Glenn Wright

There was more Bun than Burger!

Leslie H

I’d have to give this place another shot. My food was very greasy but maybe I was specific enough. I give four starts because the staff was nice.

John Masseria

Great burgers ... fresh toppings and now Ribeye steaks!

George Latelle

The burger was good but everything else was not. The service was slow, they ran out out of Mayo, Ketchup and Barbecue. The tables and trays were sticky and gross. One of the two pop machines was not working properly and was out of ice. The floor in the back area was covered in spilled pop. We left feeling dirty and the first thing we did after getting to our next stop which was Marianos was to wash our hands.

John Bungert

Top burger place. Other food too

puppet inc.

Big burgers really good shakes

Sara Scott

Fun atmosphere, food is really good, small arcade to occupy kids. But over all cleanliness is poor. Women's bathroom smells very damp and of mold/mildew. Floor has black mold around toilets.

Colleen Stone

The staff was very friendly, and the place was clean. They have a freestyle Coke machine, which was great. I love that you put all of your own toppings on the burgers. The bun is delicious. We had a veggie burger and my son had a bbq burger. Both definitely fill you up and the fries are just fantastic. It has a very nostalgic feel with the decor. This Place is great for a single person, couples or a family. Will absolutely return next time I go to KC.


I love how you get to choose what to put in your burger. Burger patties taste good too.

Justin Zimmerle

Very noisy bartender throwing stuff in sink loud, tipping stuff over making loud noises interrupting my family dinner heard him mumbling swear words I'm sure little kids heard to. Did see the manager over there and the kid was still being obnoxious worker ruined my night with family won't be back in a long time if ever.

Debbie Gillum

Food was super and the service was great. I love their fresh toppings bar and the food is always hot and delicious.

Francisco Ernesto Minaya

Excellent service and delicious food!!

Helen Bickford


Nathan Stott

This is probably the best Fuddruckers I've been to with regards to quality of food. Very fresh.

Michael Brown

Awesome dinner with the family. This place is great for large parties. Shared a birthday gotta get the cookies and cream milkshakes, they have free cookies with kids meals and the burgers are day bomb 2/3 or go home kidd. Dah Brown's

Matthew Strzelecki

Not a big fan just wanted a regular hamburger in the van was twice the size of the hamburger I guess some people like it I'm not much on a big bun for my hamburger

Holly Hougen

Great food and had fun with the kids. Wish they wouldn't have gotten rid of most of their games.

Casey O'Neill

Plenty of seating with fast service even when busy.

Natasha Jones

Allison at Fudruckers was great. She is always smiling and has excellent customer service, and the food is always just as good as the service... I highly recommend this place.

Jack Koenig

Management is on his game. Food is great. I don't like their new menus. I prefer ordering 1|2 lb. Or 1 lb burgers and not small, medium or large

Andrea B

I normally don’t give negative reviews but in this case I feel it is warranted. We have always been huge fans but this is the second time we have experienced this. Both of our burgers, a half and a third pound were over cooked. To the point where they had black scorched edges, I had ordered mine medium rare. My husbands had burnt crisps from the grill in his. The fries and toppings were good which is why I did not give a one star instead of two. I probably could have gotten past the over cooked burger but the restaurant was not very clean. My shoes literally stuck to the floor and the restroom needed some definite TLC. I don’t think they have done a deep cleaning since the remodeling. I don’t think I can bring myself to go back.

Sajjad Kabir

Awesome burger joint with variety of flavors, loads of toppings, big potatoe wedges, fountain drinks, cookies and cake. A gigantic meal!

purple Unicorn

October 30 2018 We placed an order for a some burgers, and mine had a long hair on the bun. I noticed that not all the workers were wearing hair nets. This will be my last trip to this place. They were also painting the entrance at 7pm on a rainy evening.

Oscar Gómez

Great variety of hamburgers. A wide options of dressings and the whole place is perfectly acclimated. Ideal for dinners in groups and family. Recommended

Jessica Sund

This has been my favorite burger place since I was kid. Its a classic !!!! And will never get old.

Janis Conrad

We had to wait forever in the line because you only had one cashier working and the lines went out the door. Then the Lucy Juicy wasn't hot or the middle of the hamburger. I saw other people too whose food wasn't hot. No reason to say anything because it was too busy to find a manager. Was really disappointed today. I felt like I was at Target. With all the lines. I hope you fix your problems. Won't come back.

Monica Hernandez

Antonia was really helpful and thoughtful! Also the food was good waitress were were when I went there!

Edsatreiban Schmied

Perfection total ....the best hamburgers for my

Amber Raak

Loved the toppings bar amd atmosphere.

Adam Brooks

Mostly like their burgers there except for the idea they're always have been pretty expensive for that type of place.

bacon pope

Everything was great except the ballpark-flavored "cheese" sauce. Try Fuddrucker's Sweet Cherry Cream soda.

Lexi Michelle

We came here before the kidzbop concert. Food was good. But you have 7 TVs, and only 3 of them had Gary Hunt’s cliff diving. Mildly disappointed.


Good burgers. Great toppings. Friendly atmosphere. Kind of expensive for the quality of burger. Fries weren't my favorite they were basically potato wedges that were fried. Tables aren't cleaned timely and when we asked for a table to be cleaned yesterday they gave us a rag to do it instead of doing it themselves. We had a large party so only 2 tables would have worked both are dirty with dishes on them.

Spotlight Guru

Stopped in on a trip driving truck, got a chance to meet Alex, super great guy!! Food was great service is excellent I highly recommend!!

Smilin' Jen

Great burger. Bathroom stall was dirty

Jason Black

Greasy deliciousness with amazing self serve toppings.

Amie Galle

Our order only took 5 minutes to come out, the onion rings were awesome, and piping hot, our fries were cold and the brownie was stale/old. When I inquired about the dried out brownie I was assured they were fresh, by the girl who was in the process of cutting a fresh pan of brownies. I'm a Baker by trade, there's no way they were fresh, even the icing on them was dried out and crusty. I will not be back mostly due to the terrible customer service, second oy to the poor quality food and I rarely ever leave comments but this warrants a big warning. Very over priced poor quality food and worse quality service!

Nicholas Ericson

This is our family's favorite place for burgers. The kids love that they can put their own toppings on and the shakes are great!

Kimberly Merrill

Hamburger and chicken strips good. Not use to these onion rings. They were thick cut and had a crunchy, almost bread crumb coating. Guess I was expecting the thin ones like Kansas City. Maybe it was a whole chain change.

Rich Hubeny

To bad this place has been going slowly downhill for some time. On my final visit, we were a party of six, they removed the nachos from the menu. Two of the party usually ordered nachos as we really enjoyed them. It was nice that we could add a good amount of cheese sauce at the self serve bar. Nope no more. Ordered a burger, fries, and a drink. $6.50 for a regular burger, plus $4.99 for the combo = $ 11.49 plus tax ??? REALLY? Now they run out of cheese sauce at 5PM on a Sunday, REALLY ? Additionally the cashier is YELLING orders to the kitchen 10 feet away, REALLY ? Printer is not working in the kitchen? This is the last time we will eat here and 6 is the smallest party I've been in, its usually 10 to 12 folks. They have lost many loyal customers due to their lack of proper management.

Simon Garcia

Rapid service and great food

Angel Montefusco

Excellent team, my favorite the "Big Hot Dog". Very good to celebrate birthdays.

Onyx Clancy

This place is amazing I don't like hamburgers but my husband of course dragged me along and I'm so glad he did. This place is absolutely amazing. I love the entire look of the restaraunt it's so aesthetic. I like how you get to choose your toppings and the amount you want this works well for individuality

Scott Bailie

Still one of the better burgers in town

juan perez

Waited 50 min for a simple burger, Asked the manager and did not care. Very unprofessional manager, poorly organization and bad hygiene. Do not come here. Never coming back.

Clarence Hammonds

Nice enjoyable outing with the wife.

Duane Christian

Just ok, food undercooked, help yourself kind of place. Not worth the drive.

Dan zribi

Great place for a fantastic burger!

Greg Cordes

Decent food. A little pricey for a burger joint but not unreasonable. Burgers are good.

Lenny Greenberg

The hot dog was raw and cold even though I asked for it well done.

Seth Bird

Service was slow, the line was back to the door with 1 register open. Turkey burger was good. Several tables were messy, hard to find a seat.

Digital Dan Hook

Good burgers, onion rings and bloody Mary's.. However service was lacking today. Over 30 minutes in line.. The One person taking orders was new.. One person on bar/ shake area.. Had to remind them to make shake 3 times and 20 minutes from ordering it.

Tyler Ash

They didn't have the elk burger, and they didn't have the Gluten free bun. Sad! I guess its not their fault though.

Nate Sherman

I had a 25 min wait for my food but other than that the food was awesome

Phil Brooks

A nice quiet place to have a steak, or an awesome burger.

Jackie Williams

Delicious Buffalo burger and onion rings.

Zach Harding

Not as good as it used to be probably won't be back. To many other and better options for a burger.

Tony Starks

This place is a freaking dump. You want a great burger? Try Burger King!

Travis Bretey

Good food. Ok service. Kinda dirty but not horrible. I'd eat there again.

Matt Peterson

Quick and tasty burgers. Staff was friendly and patient!

Randal Miller

Fuddruckers is a good place for burgers with up too half pound of meat on a burger you will definitely not leave hungry.and a topping bar so you can make it just how you want it.

James Jefferies

Took my daughter to Fuddruckers for her birthday, and she loved the good and Chocolate shake!!

Leeland C

OMG this place is amazing. Loved my breakfast burger. Also love the vibe of this joint! One of my favorite spots when I come up to the cities.

Chris Worcester

Lamb good. Will eat again.

Avery Poe

The building is still cold the food was not juicy and the workers do not seem to know anything, the games agitated like they had interrupted service. The tables were clear but unclean , it was better before the remodel. The remodel is nothing to talk about.

Michelle Turner

Relaxing atmosphere. Delicious food. Friendly staff. I recommend the bourbon burger highly. Their potato wedges are addicting.

Villa Escape

Great burgers!

Paul Hammar

Great burgers! Very clean. Too bad more Fuddruckers.

Brock Dumarce

I had my first Fuddruckers experience here. It was great food. I didn't know of the exotic burgers until I got there. Their buffalo burgers are something else.

Dreshawn Rogers

I love fires an mines were limp not coo

Lauren Christine

Appreciate the topping bar!

RikWCrlsn .

Been a long time and it's still awesome

Rod Hutt

No guidance on what plates were ours. Was given ,3 free cookie coupons but no one behind counter. Asked 3 employees to help but was ignored. Finally just gave up and left.

Greg Brahmstedt

Very poor food no taste, very poor service, they were to busy surfing Facebook to know they had customers

Michelle Beaudion

We should get a whole brownie unless we say not to have a whole brownie


Fast and great food. Not much choices for kids. Expensive

Dan Krueger

Older classic Fudruckers but Delicious

Breanna Gardner

Love them. Wish they a closer location than the Legends. Hamburgers are always juicy and the onion rings are absolutely the best.

Dianna Cload

They put chairs up early an

The Worst Restaurant

I'm writing this review from the parking lot of the Fuddrucker's restaurant at 1500 Branding Ln, Downers Grove, IL 60515. I waited in line for 10 minutes inside, with only one person ahead of me the entire time, and still could not get my order placed, because neither of the two registers that were open were able to take my order. One of the two registers that was open was taking a phone order for the entire 10 minutes, and the other register took 5 minutes to get the order entered for the person in front of me, and then kept talking to that person for an additional 5 minutes after the order was entered, while me and the other people behind me stood in line waiting while they kept talking. After waiting a full 10 minutes and still not being able to place my order with only one person ahead of me, I walked out. That kind of wait time to get an order placed is pretty ridiculous, and pretty disrespectful towards your customer's time. If your staff is not going to bother to open another register to pick up the slack in those situations, why even bother having more than one register open to begin with. If being disrespectful like that to customers is acceptable behavior under your management, then you might as well only open one register all the time, and that staff member can take phone orders and always spend extra time talking to customers after they have placed their order, that way all of your customers can get that type of treatment. Never again will I be coming to this restaurant. It has been the worst experience that I've ever had in a restaurant, and I didn't even get to eat.

Nate Olson

The burger was good, but the cashier that took our order had no idea what she was doing so the process unfortunately was delayed. The food took 10+ minutes longer then normal to be cooked. A carpet strip did not grip the floor so I almost slipped and fell.

Big L

No bottomless fries

Celeste Pittman

Amazing food. Great service. Very family/ kid friendly.

Brock Foley

Fudruckers has some solid burgers. This location especially I feel is quite good. I would recommend it. But what a name. Fudruckers. Like who came up with that. Does it mean something? Fud. Ruckers. What is that? I guess still go but this is a mystery that needs solving.

Daniel Haskin

Unfortunately not what I remembered from going here in the past. Service wasn’t great. The 8 people who ordered after ya got their order first. When I finally went to ask a gentleman says my mistake. No I’m sorry. No let me get that rushed. Pretty poor overall. Elk burger was good (after 30 min wait when no one was ahead of us when ordered). And the kids chicken tenders was over cooked and dry but at that point we just left.

Lisa Jolly

Food was hot and fresh. Love putting on my veggies.

Kelli Serr

It's changed Alot! ☹️ You don't get to pick your own burger they took half the video games out... but added a bar.... The quality of their stuff was still good though.. oh and they added hot dogs to there menu... just different

Julie Schwed

Good food, decent service

Andrew Young

Always a great Burger!!! I personally love the Bison Burger...and who does not live the nacho cheese for your French Fries!!!

Jerod Gordon

Some of the best hamburgers that I have ever eaten. They have some in every size. One that you even have to call a couple of days in advance for them to make.

Carmen David

We had a long time we didn't visit but we had a great time it was amazing

Quinlan Jordan

For my first time going here to eat, the staff was nice but not so nice at the same time. The food was okay, personally I️ wasn’t a huge fan of the burger took some bites and ditched it. Hopefully it can get better.


I seriously love this place so much, the chicken is so juicy and perfect and the burgers of course are amazing.

Tim mangapelo

Burgers here are amazing made to order and come out perfect. Never wait long and always get exactly what I ordered. Perfect place to get a great burger.

Grace's Enterprises

The best burger beef or bisson, chicken available too. Affordable $5.00 and up. Delicious milkshake. Outdoor mall to walk off the calories.

Eian Lewis

It was good, had to send my burger back for them to get right but when I got it , it was awesome!

French Fries With Ketchup

I love fuddruckers it was so much fun with games for kids to play with milkshakes and super delicious foods and also a bakery with cokkies and more make sure to go because it is awesome i love it make sure to go pls

Stephen B

Food was very good and the atmosphere as well. Portions could of been a little more for the price, but very satisfied with employees and atmosphere. Bring down prices and up portion sizes I will change to a 5.

Warren Baczynski

Can't go wrong with Fuddruckers. Every time I'm in the area I make it a point to stop here. The atmosphere is great, old school burger joint feel. Lots of seating.

Dale Burroughs Guitar

Great place, love taking the family here. Good variety of burgers.

Blake K

Delicious burgers! Best in Omaha.

Melt On This

Amazing Food! Great Service!

Jamie Fetting

Delicious, as always.

Sandy Sabrosos

They got my salad wrong , beers are expensive and not very clean

M Preciado

It's a shame that Fuddruckers have been slowly dissapearing. I was pleasantly surprise to see one on my last business trip and made it a priority to have lunch at my old favorite. The menu has been simplified, from the confusing order your burger based on the weight of the patty to small, medium, and large. I get a plain burger and then drown it in the jalapeno cheddar spread as I build my burger. The ingredients here are fresh. Great service. Great tasting food.

Ephanie Ly

Big burgers yummy shakes

Scott Gotch

I wish there were more locations we only have one here in Minnesota on France avenue. They used to have more items to put on the burgers but it's still a great burger that you get to build yourself.

Angela K

This location has really seemed to have gone downhill. The atmosphere is dated and could use a good paint job on the walls, and to be scrubbed down from floor to ceiling. The music playing was way to loud in my parties opinion. Plus, it was not at all anything appropriate for a family dining experience. The wait to order our food was a bit longer than expected. We were 3rd in line, but after taking the order of the first group in line the assistant manager who was on register duty just disappeared for a good 5 minutes leaving everyone wondering what was happening. Finally she came back and we got our order in. The wait for our food wasnt bad. Our food was just ok. Nothing I'd make a point to come back for. The burgers, fries and chicken nuggets were edible. The onion rings were such a disappointment. Save your money and skip these. The best part of the meal was the coke machine where I could choose whatever flavor soda I wanted to drink. We were full from eating here but not satisfied at all. One of those meals you wish you didn't waste your calories on. Hope they can figure it out. This place used to be such a good burger place.

Lois Elder

I love this place! Swiss mushroom burger is awesome one of the best. Along with a side of sweet potatoes fries.

Brittany Johnson

Great food good prices

shari erickson

The Oreo shake was fabulous! My burger was dry and the burger too bun ratio was WAY off. Service was fast and friendly. This location is in need of a make over. And 2 of their 3 beverage machines were out of order.

Julia Vitous

Burger was done perfect, place was clean. Liked the new look.

Layne Coleman

Love the selection of burgers, you can add your own toppings which makes it that much more cool. The shakes are bomb too!

Erika Bw

I used to go here all the time as a kid and loved it! I took my daughter and she loved it too! Best burgers!!


The food is really good. Had a little bit of wait for shakes but it was worth it. Order your sandwich and dress it however you want at the condiment bar. They also have cheddar and jalapeño cheddar sauce for your fries

Alex Behmetuik

Amazing juicy burgers

Zero 22

Best Salmon burgers very delicious.Great customer service.Love the restaurant.Highly Recommend.

Eric Josef

This location is extremely slow. The food is fine, but overpriced. I will not come back.

Logan Walla

quick bite and inexpensive. kid friendly

Peter Sanchez

The place has really gotten bad. Burgers are not great and ambiance is dated.

Lance Goebel

Food quality is great. Staff was mixed. Desserts tasted old.


Great burger. Nice place

Daffy Delis

Love this place food always one point one situation with their brownie was not handle well but I love this place, I just won't get their dessert anymore

Angela Kitter

My first visit was after church on Sunday. A group of us went came here to enjoy the burgers and fellowship. The food was delicious and prepared to perfection! The great part was the big dining area to move tables for a group gathering, so we could all converse. The kids loved the games. This is a wonderful place for people of all ages!

Dane Thomsen

Very pricey for burgers, also for how expensive it is, you have to put all the toppings on yourself. Kinda flawed in my opinion. Milk shake was very good though.

John Zitnik

I have not been there in years. It was great, just like I remember it!

Will Carriger

The employees who work there are very inviting, I loved the experience. The retro environment is also really cool. Oh, great food too

chris mckinney

Good onion rings. Large space with tables well placed. Easy to have a conversation even when busy

Natalie Barcia

I hadn't been to a Fuddruckers in years and it's just as good as I remember it. This location had a good flow. I didn't wait long in line and the wait for the food wasn't bad at all for a busy Saturday lunch rush. The toppings were all fresh and full. It was also very clean. Didn't see any dirty tables at all.

Amy Olberding

YUM!! Great hamburgers, the chili fries were so good. The shakes.....OUT OF THIS WORLD. It was a clean friendly environment.

Andrew Masin

Good sandwich but location needs an update and better cleaning.

James Warring

Great Burgers and salads

Annie Neal

Always worth the trip, Always worth the wait! Line Always moves smoothly. Orders are Always as ordered, & no waiting to be seated or called to pick up your order. The salad bar is Always freshly stocked. Cool music, T.V arcade games, nostalgic decor, and don't forget the bakery on the way out!

Erv Imig

Great burgers.

Dorcia Brown

Best Burgers ever .Grown woman field trip and I love it

Kris N

Love their burgers with cheese sauce.. Yum!

Brook linn

Excellent food, beer, large portions, clean, kid friendly.

Lance A White

Food is always good, and they cook to order

Mercifully Loved

You can definitely tell that this is a very popular place, very packed. ABSOLUTELY amazing food. I bit more on the expensive side, though. The worker at the register taking our order was a little initiative and quiet, they give you a buzzer/pager when your order is ready and as first time goers we would have liked to know what it does and when we were supposed to go up because it blinks every minute and we didn't really know what it meant (the first few times it was going off) but service was pretty good. Overall we were definitely happy it was referred to us. (Picture of my husband's custom burger)

Carlos De Souza

Burgers and shakes were very good.

Mitchell Hish

Every time I go here, I am very pleased. Absolutely delicious burger

Dick Shore

The food is average. Over the years the consistency has fallen. Food is very salty sometimes. I gave a 4 star because these type of fast food places is slowly dying off.

sue robinson

The food was good but it was $11 for a hamburger fries and drink.

Sweet E

There was no music in the dining room, but the music in the bathroom was extremely loud. It was odd. I don't personally care for the fries, but they're definitely well, and the burgers taste great, as does the chicken. I do wish they still had an air hockey table, but what can ya do, you know?

Jacob christensen

It's a shame there aren't more Fuddruckers around. It's worth the trip for the food and the atmosphere.

Tom Davidson

Had the Elk Burger & it was delicious . Love the Onion Rings. Great place for family.

Wil The Snake

Not the best experience here, was expecting a better experience.

Michele Titi

Good reliable consistent burger. Much better than the Habit burger near by.

Joe S.

Always great burgers and fresh toppings.

Miranda Meyer

Super good burgers and toppings offered. The employees are friendly and helpful if you have any questions. The reseraunt is super clean and we set up so you have no confusion. Love fudruckers wish there was one around here.

Noah Vetsch

A family favorite for life.

Chris Metts

Love the burgers, but they are now doing double patties on their large burger. If I wanted a double burger I would order a double. Bring back the monster patty.


First time in this place, very crowded and noisy. The staff is young, unorganized and very loud in everything. Tables weren’t really clean, floor was greasy. I had a Caesar salad with chicken, good size salad, my friends had burgers and they enjoy the range of topping and dressing to add. Way too noisy for a nice lunch with friend, you would have to scream to hear each other. Really aimed at younger crowd and families.

Papa Baer

Clean, friendly, and worthwhile. Our fries were a little strongly seasoned but still delicious and we didn't ask about unseasoned. Bison, Elk, and Kobe are delicious options

Josh Lyons

Awesome burgers. Like always

Diane Coon

Sandwiches are good. I feel like we need this place, unique..

Larry Levy

Great burgers and delicious shakes. Friendly staff .

andrew shelton

Hands down one of the best burgers you'll ever have. Cooked to order, lots of flavor, fresh bun, and a toppings bar to add what you want and how much you want. Fries you say... nope seasoned potato wedges which were just as good as the burger. Definitely a place to come back to!

Ryssa Chrysalis

This is burger comfort food. All food is cooked to order including rare, which is appreciated. Meat is ground in house and the buns are freshly baked and toasted on the grill. You dress your burgers your own way with a salad-bar style lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers, relish, and condiments. There's hot nacho or plain cheese sauce to dip your burger or the potato wedge fries into. Nothing is fancy, but the portions are generous and the nostalgia factor high.

Jolene Oltmanns


Don Fuller

I hadn't been in a few years, and it was just as good as I remembered. Big juicy burgers topped the way you want, seasoned fries and tasty shakes. Still one of my favorite burger places!

Andrew Johnson

Fuddrucker's has actually the best hamburgers. I have tried everything, but this is the only $$ hamburger place that is worth it. I was worried they were in trouble when they changed the fries and gave me two 1/3 lb patties instead of a single 2/3 lb, but I visited again recently and everything is back to normal. Please never change your food! My wife and I are going to try to come by for dinner tonight if we are hungry enough. Thank you for keeping quality high and the topping bar fresh.

Aaron Klumpp

BIG fresh cooked burgers and a great selection of toppings. Fries could have been cooked a bit longer, were kind of soggy

Juliana Musmanni

Completely raw burger. Asked for “Lucy Juicy (has cheese in the middle) and asked for it medium rare. Came out with no cheese and it was completely raw in the middle. Disgusting. Manager didn’t do anything about it.

Gene Klich

Bun dry old.. Different onion rings not good.. They once had the best brownies, thick rich and frosted skinny dinky hard no frosting...I would be embarrassed to serve them.

Aldric Racette

Was good place to eat

Jackie Aikin

I don't like burgers too much but from here I love burgers and they are my favorite food. Best burgers and bread and fresh veggies and all the sauces for dipping and smothering if you like. Love this place, wish they were everywhere. ♥️♥️♥️

Heather Carr

Smallest toppings bar ive ever seen at a Fuddruckers. Not very friendly either. I was excited to see a Fuddruckers and now im disappointed i went.

Kevin M Wise

I always get the veggie burger with three cheese and guacamole and everytime it's perfect. Their veggie burgers are delicious! Wedge cut fries and onion rings are awesome too. I love that I can put as many fresh toppings on as I want! =)

Victor Rodriguez

They used to be great once upon a time in US Wendy's is a better option.

Jennifer Weichel

Service was slow, food was average. The surroundings were dull.

William Davis

Had to get loud, so that we could get some one to take our order. She said she was only taking phone orders. But the burgers came out quickly and tasty.

Eric Anderson

Hmmm could of been better?

Ryan Larson

Gross! Looks like this place hasn't been updated or cleaned in the last 15 years. Food menu was misleading, a double cheeseburger has two patties and double the cheese. Not just twice the cheese. Our burgers weren't great. Not coming back, no wonder this chain failed.

Robert Bjorkman

The food was DELICIOUS as always.... But, the lavatory area needs some serious attention. One can smell the odor of stale urine all the way out to the restaurant area.

Brian Jennings

Great burgers! Don't forget to ask for sauerkraut, they no longer have it available at their bar.

Jmoney Swag

Food was good

Najat Yusuf

We invited 85 people for dinner the manager lisset Diaz and general manager Evelio Oter and the staff were professional and pleasant from taking orders and deliver it very fast. I recommend it believe me you will enjoy it .

Robin Gillespie

We ordered our food well done. It was served bloody rare and the ribeye steak was like leather.

Preston Eke

Looking for a good burger check it out

Kathy A

Great food friendly staff a bit spendy

Stephanie Ortega

Best burger place I’ve ever been too

Jay A

We have been going to this Fuddruckers for years now, they've been in this location since I was young and it's always been a pleasant experience.

Robert Beaucamp

Burgers are great fries were cold

Lisa Romero

The atmosphere and food was great this visit.

Brian Kaster

The burgers are greasy, but taste okay otherwise. The low cost keeps us coming back! Ingredients are typically fresh when we go, soda machines tend to be out of things, but between the two of them you can usually find what Coke product you want.

Neil Graham

People that work there really nice and the food was great

Jamie Bohner

Always a great meal before a flight out. It's our families favorite place to eat in the cities

Ryan Olson

Haven't been to one in over a decade. Fun experience and surprisingly good food. Great place to take kids.

Marcial Acosta

Great burgers, great place,good price

Thomas Mcevoy

Just a nice relaxing place to eat

zarrod beck

Where else can you go and do this.... o.k, no where. Making your burger just like you want it. No more getting your order messed up. A freshly cooked patty and a nice bun. You are set. Hot fries and fresh veggies... oh hot melted …

C M Roldan

Fuddruckers has the best burgers hands down. They have a great menu selection for everyone including combo meals. Everything from their home made buns to their salad bar and condiments are restocked and fresh. It is one of my favorites places to dine an excellent hamburger.

Courtney Cook

Always tasty burgers, nice staff, clean tables. It's nice that the options range from beef to elk to Turkey burgers.

Ashley Robinson

Ok food and slow service

Jason Morris

It has been a long time since we visited Fudruckers. It was still very good. The atmosphere does not seem as exciting as it once was but that's ok. The food came up fairly quick and was very good. Sign up for coupons on their website and it's a great value

Charles Joseph

Pretty good higher end fast food place. Known for burgers but also have other sandwiches like mahi mahi and tilapia. Cost you $10 to $20 a person, give or take..

Lou Berdellans

Sometimes, you just want a great burger. The toppings bar brings it home

Britt Nelson

Pretty consistent food and service for a work week lunch. Not a bad wait, and a handful of options!

Mr. Draztec

Amazing staff, food is always delicious

Charlotte Bowman

Does not have bottomless fries like advertised, when asked about the unlimited fries the manager was clueless. The bathroom smells quite awful and the music was extremely loud. The floors are super sticky. Poor service, no one checks to see how you’re doing. Most arcade games were out of order. I do not recommend.

Scott Andrus

The new Jucy Lucy was delicious

Nancy Beecher

Burger was overcooked Took 45 minutes to get food Prices are outrageous So noisy could not hear the person sitting next to me talking

Maria S

Great burgers! My husband brought me to this place before our movie date! Totally loved it!! I would recommend it for sure!!!

Lori K

Great burgers and fries

Craig Webber

First time we've visited since the remodel and it was great! Staff members and manager really went above and beyond!

Jennie Maier

Not prepared to open

Frank Jameson

Poor ticket time - almost like they forgot our ticket. Person at pickup window used the "we are busy" excuse, yet table that seated 10 minutes after us got their food 10 minutes before we did.. Teas were out of stock. Food, cheddar cheese was placed on the burger and then handed off for pickup, not melted. Staff member out on the floor was pleasant

Olga Liliana Duque

My son loves the food here but I am sure he is in love with the milkshakes and the dessert cookie for the children"s meal

Richard Villalobos


Robert Benedick

Great as slways only fries werent as good.

Ross Keveles

It was better as I remembered as a child

Fun# Larry

Great staff good prices

Cindy Sue

The food was good but not for the price

K Ferg

The food was good, the service was excellent, and the dine in environment was fine. I highly recommend Fuddruckers for gourmet burgers

Oscar dela Rosa

It has been a while since I been their. Their burgers were very good as well as their customer service.

Paula R

Nit like it used to be at all.Cheese was cold burgers dr, we asked for them to heat up the cheese a few times and they never did, you could hear the staff bickering back and forth into the dining area. Its horrible.. not the worse but not good anymore.

Shakey D

I just didn't think I was getting the bang for my buck when it came to the quality of the hamburger. $13.00 for a cheeseburger, fries, and beverage just seemed a few dollars to high for me. The atmosphere and ambiance did look great. 3/5

Rob Feltus

I have amazing memories of going to Fuddruckers as a kid in places like Hiton Head, Atlanta and New Jersey. This franchise unfortunately falls way short. It could have been a bad night where a couple of employees called in at the last minute, and this was my first time visiting this store, but there were literally 4 people staffing the entire restaurant on a not-so-slow Sunday evening. First off, both freestyle Coke machines were out of no less than half of their beverage options, including all of the signature Fuddruckers drinks. Next, as I looked for a table, half of them were not bussed, and half of them had empty napkin dispensers. I found a table next to the window, but apparently the manager or owner lives next to the store in a large RV which completely blocks the view of the outside. Then my food was ready, the hot cheese dispenser was low, and I had to wait for a staff member to spoon me out a serving. As I sat and ate, one busser came out without a tray or tub and grabbed like one plate and two cups from one of the tables. When I finished eating and headed out, never to return, I passed a for sale sign in the lobby advertising used chairs. I was embarrassed for the great Fuddruckers brand as I drove away. I guess the food was good, but it was overshadowed by the experience.

Bobby James

Cant go wrong at Fuddruckers, everything is always fresh made and prices are reasonable.

Will Boateng

Food is well prepared and fast

bts army kpop lover

Becuase the food is good quality and the milkshakes as well and the sevice is really fast so thats a plus

Eliezer Rea

Excelent place. Good meat.

Jay Clemmer

Always get a good burger here!

Lauren Alvarez

Horrible experience!! Disorganized and slow. I ordered with ubereats and waited two and a half hours for three simple burgers. Then when I got the order it was all WRONG. I have celica which means I need to eat gluten free items or I can be hospitalized, I ordered a gluten free bun and didn't receive it. I was unable to eat my meal. My boyfriend ordered a veggie burger and all the burger that came were beef. He also was unable to eat his meal. I spent $40 for a meal that neither my boyfriend or I could eat. Manger was unhelpful and general manager was rude. Fuddruckers was at fault not ubereats. They messed up the meal and took almost three hours for three burgers.

Jeremiah Beltran

Loved it. It was great juicy burgers cooked to perfection with a strawberry shake. They even let me switch my blue cheese to cheddar cheese on the bourbon burger. Great atmosphere and the jalapeno cheese is to sure for with the fries me

Stephen Romero

Best and only place to get buffalo meat around. Mike47

The Elk burger was great.

Jessica Sharp

Best oreo shake in town

Shawn Putnam

Great place to eat

scott holgate

This location has always been one of my favorites, even when there was multiple in the Twin Cities. Now it's the only one in Minnesota I believe and still has the best burgers and freshest buns!


The burgers are great. Try the Fuddruckers cherry cream soda. Very good. I'm looking forward to a return visit.

Samantha Santiago

Best burger joint in town

Michael Ast

Bugers and condiment bar are amazing. Just wish sides and drinks were more affordable

The Truth

Its alright if you like burgers... we dont come here often.

Lynn Flynn

My favorite burger place because they offer the best GLUTEN FREE BUN! Great sweet potato fries too. I'd read they don't fry with soy bean oil. I'll return - many times!

Michael Glore

I had the Elk burger and it was very good. They have a great selection of add your own toppings, including leaf lettuce and pico.

Tony Lou

Love their burgers. The patties are juicy, never overcooked, buns are toasted and selection of condiments is endless. My favorite burger joint!

Tarik Salem

Love the different burgers and you put ur own toppings!!

Shane Farris

Love the burgers, and the buns are sooo soft and sweet!

Mark Polo

Waygu burger outstanding. Especially when cooked right. Pay up.get the good meat..well worth it

Stacey Eggert

Food was great and you can build your sandwich your way.

Shawn Bina

The burgers were delicious and the onion rings were spectacular. I loved the country music playing as well as the friendly, burger joint atmosphere. You can't lose if you want a good burger. The prices are a bit high but not high enough to avoid.

Rebekkah Stewart

So very good. They have the best fries and I live drenching them in jalpano cheese. I had the rib eye steak sandwich which was very well prepared. Husband had the buffalo burger. They used to make the best coconut macaroons, but sadly, no longer make them.

Amber Delaney

It’s been awhile


It was about 3pm which weird time to get lunch but the person up front was NOT friendly or very customer service oriented. Hoped for better service. The food was fine but I won't be coming back.

Nicki Griffith

Great food, fun place to eat. Love the sandwich topping bar. Fabulous shakes as well. Always big enough to share.

Lisa Ann Gorshe

Disappointment. Used to a favorite place. Hadn't been there for about a year but definite decline in quality and service. 1/2 our order was messed up. At one time this place would have been all over it to fix it. That is no longer the case.

James Berryman Jr.

Always like flood rockers especially their fresh lettuce tomato bar

Crystal Rivers

They have the best burgers.

P. Gilmore

One of the great burgers, for over 20 years. Consistency like that is commendable. Visited this location back when in college, still good burgers.

Kelly Hegi

Good Burger's not a long wait. We really liked it

Stephen Anderson

Awesome burgers that you can top with whatever you're feeling. The fries are the what seals the deal for me. Slather some of that jalapeno cheddar sauce on those wedge-cut fries and you've got some serious food po*n on a plate.

chad svastisalee

1/4 Burger Special, with fries and drink, only $6, 7 with cheese or 8 bucks with shake or a beer. Always happy to build my own, banana peppers, pickle chips, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and various other hot and sweet peppers. Condiments galore.

Edsel G

Food was just ok I asked for a medium cooked Elk burger came out well done. At a cost of $55 for 2 burgers and sodas you would think the moldy stinky carpets would be cleaned. Instead it smells like a rancid mop bucket festering. But hey it's Edina rich people need to feel like they are slumming it somewhere. I don't ask much from a place I choose to spend my money when I eat out. I just want it to be better than i can make at home. and if Im lucky they will make me comeback because it was just that.

Uncle Turd

Great burgers and friendly staff. I thought they were all closed. So glad I found this one brought back childhood memories.

ADS Community Properties

Food is exactly as I remember however they need better service their little bit slow and the service was not on par they messed up on two orders that we had

Mike Borner

Half-pounder with nacho cheese sauce, a layer of pickles, pico de gallo and I'm set.

Paul Counelis

Great food and atmosphere

Sean McCoy

Food is great service sucks

Rebecka Bertolini

Good burgers and like the remodel, kids had to wait quite a while for their shakes, and we ended up taking them to go, because we had finished our food by the time they arrived.

David Marriott

I enjoyed a very good burger, great taste, good value

Joel Gomes

The best place to eat hamburgers

Nina M

My first time at fuddruckers last night and it definitely won't be the last. The salmon ceasar salad there is sooooooo good

Cody Kitzmiller

Didn't have any buns without sesame seeds on then. Was offered a need of lettuce instead, the burger came out a two wilted pieces Of lettuce. Pretty disappointed.

patti jaynes

Awful, greasy floors, burger rare when I ordered well, staff unpleasant

Wayne Boston

The most amazing burgers

Joel Dierker

Great burgers, fries, love the toppings bar

Jeffrey Allen

One of the best burger places and the prices are great. Really need one closer to Brighton.

Patrick Sassine

Have loved this place for years needs to move to a better location though.

Matt Vatter

Love the burgers! I especially like that you can get elk and buffalo in addition to beef. Clean and friendly restaurant.

Artie Banks

Awesome Berger made to order. Awesome steak fries and Onion Rings. Courteous staff. Family atmosphere! I wish they would have one in Naperville!

christina Lawler

Best place for a burger and cheese fries!

Debra Rocha

Great milkshakes

Eddie Mohamed

Always amazing here.

Francie Novo

I love a good burger. There are lots of options at the topping bar. There are also sweets. Cookies are just as yummy. Don’t forget to order the fries... love the circle table in the corner with a group of friends.

Cale Beasley

Denver doesn't have fuddruckers, so I always try to stop in when I find one on a trip. This location didnt disappoint and is consistent with others. Quality, tasty beef prepared to order with high quality veggie/condiment/dressings bar, well seasoned wedge steak fries and I love their cheese sauce. 4 stars because it's a little dark and cold inside, service isn't the best. Regardless, I'll be back.

rod m

Good fast service with a smile. Real tasty burgers, great fries, awesome onion rings.

Naomi Jourdain

Hamburgers and chicken sammies never let you down!! Cream soda is my favorite drink there!

Dayana Hill

Decided to try something new in the legends area. Visited yesterday and I was very disappointed. The food is overpriced ($14.62) for a $8.99 medium burger add $4.29 for fries and a drink plus tax and I thought it was a joke. The burgers lack so much flavor. I could of and should of went to Culver’s up the street. They have the best burgers ever so flavorful. I could of got a whole meal for under $8 and all orders are made fresh to order. The only thing I did like about Fuddruckers were the “fries” I’m sorry I meant potato wedges and I like how you get to put your own toppings on your burger but that’s it. I won’t be returning to this place everything isn’t for everybody and this place isn’t for me.

Elle Dee

It was iiggghht.

Ruth Harris

Good food super busy but that's cool the prices are a bummer though


Good burger joint. Clean, friendly, fresh ingredients and done to order. Good price point and fast. Take customers there all the time for a good fast lunch.

Nathan Ross

On of the best burgers in town, in my opinion

robert colucci

Im pretty sure I got food poisoning from a burger.

Damon Redmond

Has made some serious changes. This place uses to be cluttered for the times. Has been updated to the 21st century. Very open but still nostalgic. The burgers, buns and fries are still the same as I remember which are awesome. They added a bar which is also even better. Will be going back very soon.

Jason Glaros

Nice hamburgers. Nice atmosphere. Friendly lady at cash register.

Brent Ketcham

Got me a 1/3 lb Bourbon Burger with fries and jalapeño cheese. Was really good. Always love the fixins bar. Burger came out quick and was done right. Still miss the sauerkraut though... :)

Michael Selman

Had a really good lunch with my family. Love the grilled chicken with fresh guacamole,tomato slices, pickles & bbq sauce. Big fan of the sweet potato fries & their own Cherry Vanilla Soda.

Larry Anderson

Great build it yourself burgers.

The Extremes

Fast service great food

Julian Salgado

Pretty sure it's the only one left in MN. And it still is one of my favorite burger places.

Emily Harlicker

I'm not a huge fan of hamburgers in general but my friend wanted me to try it out. The burger, fries and shake were actually great. I didn't know they had a condiment bar until after I finished eating though. Wish someone would have told us.

cheri boettger

Love their shakes

Abby Riggs

Always a treat for me as there isn't a location near us. I have always enjoyed the hamburgers there. Great place for loud kiddos, but the video game selections for them are a small amount of what used to be there

Nicholas Renteria

I took my mom and siblings here while they were in town visiting last night. Service and burgers were good. I recommend the Buffalo Burger. 4 stars because one of the soft drink machines weren't working and they were out of ketchup. Overall good experience.

P Collins

I like Fuddy's. It's a place where there's lots of good memories. We'd come here after movies at Centennial Lakes. I've come a few times in the last couple of years, and the food is still as I remember it. I will keep coming. I hope they don't close. I think there the only Fuddy's in the state.

David Scott Miller

Very good food a nice place to bring your whole family

Steven Hildreth

Hamburgers and onion rings are above average. Pump cheese makes the rocking world go round.

millard hill

Very nice. We were greeted with a warm welcome and the food was delicious. The coke didn't have enough syrup but we enjoyed the rest.


Great menu selection and close to shopping.

Jonielle Kost

Loved the fresh hamburger! Great friendly service!

PicknBlues Glen Davis

Overall, not that good. They probably won't stay in business.

chris pointer

This is crazy this place use to be nice one of my favorite burger places to come to and come in it’s for one expensive. Not only is just the price but there was dirty tables almost every where no ice when trying to get a drink and restroom were Filthy. I will never Attend this facility again


Place to go for a big juicy burger and very well seasoned fries with your choice of one of (or a mix of) the hundreds of offerings from their Coke Freestyle machines. You can dress your burger however you like which is great. Lots of seating with paper towels on the table, which is truly genius.

Patrick majilton

Always a good meal. Try the chili cheese fries with some pickled jalapenos. Its magical.

Tim Pagel

The difficulty is trying to get a rare hamburger in which they don't or won't make. And as we all know a rare hamburger in restaurants typically is just a medium cook.

Jeff H

Ordered rib eye steak sandwich. Nice size six ounce steak on an economy sized bun. Ended cutting the steak on a plate. Burgers are put your own fixins from a buffet area.

Nancie Lymer

Great food. Manager was on top of special orders, tables were cleaned quickly once customers left. Restaurant was cleaner then in previous visits.

Zachary Zace

The food is exceptional, I have been here multiple times a week in the last month. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is very nice. There are a lot of relics of times past in this place, from an old route 66 gas pump to old black and white photos.

Nanette Perez

My hamburger was delicious. Only thing I didn't like was that the seat I was was torn. But other than that I enjoyed my visit to the restaurant.

Mike Smyczynski

Great burger!

Chris Holo

I've been going here for prob 18+ years and it remains consistent. The food is top notch! Better than any burger joint in the area (including Five Guys). It is one of the three remaining Fuddruckers in Chicagoland. Hope it is here to stay because I like what they do over there.

Robert White

Very good food

Eli Pinals

Great food and servicd

Juan Echavarria

Great burgers and excellent extras buffet. Parking available

Tim Harmer

Good food and good variety for a burger place - service could be a little faster but overall a good experience

Jason Mummert

Very good. Great service. Fresh food. Bring one to Lee's Summit.

eran vallier

Always good food and service

Stephanie Anthony

Enjoyed my burger. Fresh and delicious

Albert Glover

It's been over 10 years since I had Fuddruckers burgers, and I have to say this burger was tops on my lists of tasty burgers. The vegetables were fresh and the meat was cooked to temperature, I enjoyed the first till the last bite. Good job!!

Karl Hense

Always been a great atmosphere & great variety of American fare including the refreshments. Both times we had an issue they tried to correct it & was mostly pleased. Offer some good deals from time to time also.

Patti Oestreich

Food is decent and was ready very quickly. Love the fries and cheese sauce. Decor is dated. The woman taking our order seemed annoyed in general with doing any work and even more so when we asked a question.

Stephanie Lemos

One star is a stretch. They over cook everything and cannot even fry and egg. For $13 and some change for one meal they will screw up your food in the kitchen and then blame the poor cashier. Then the aasistant manager is a joke, and extremely rude. I Will never eat here again, and I will make sure everyone I come across knows how poorly this location is run and serviced.

Jonathan Giesbrecht

Good. Food was excellent. Although it could have been cleaner in the dining area.

Glenn Smith

Awesome we love it

Taylor Obrien

Very visable the shortage of quality restaurant workers dirty kitchen service staff was a group of leftovers at an unemployment job fair. Burger was a 3 but service a generous 1

Jonah McLaughlin

The floor was very sticky.

S. Matthews

Good food. Way over priced for burgers

Daniel Castro

I love coming here for their Elk burger and usually I have nothing to complain about. Although this time finding seating inside where it didn’t smell like a wet rag was increasingly difficult. I figured they just cleaned but the person did not bother to change the rag they were cleaning. Use a clean rag. Please. For the love of all that is holy. LA Fitness locker rooms smell better and that’s not saying much.

Terry Begley

Burger was cooked perfectly and quickly.

Mr. Latham

I did not enjoy my food. My fries were bland and cold. My burger was average at best. No taste or flavor to it. Huge buns that take up useless space, they claim to be home made but I can't tell. First time visiting this establishment, more than likely I won't be back. Five guys is way better and basically the same cost.

Kelli Tison

Best burgers, love the atmosphere, can't beat it

Ryan Hanks

Always consistent and delicious! Fries well seasoned and jalapeno cheese dipping is great!

Sherry Owens

They stopped selling nachos and our shoes stuck to the floor, literally. But the food we ended up with was good.

Tim Geiselman

Massive burgers with a toppings bar and melted cheese.

Mackenzie Murphy

Came in with my family for my birthday. They were out of almost everything my family tried to order. No signs explaining that they were out of different items, just the cook yelling "We're out of that!" as the cashier put in the orders. 25 minute wait for our food. Very poor experience.

Roberta Wilson

A friendly gentleman behind the counter started a pleasant visit here and a peasant meal. My guess is he is a manager as he seemed to be doing several jobs at the same time. He stated the elk had been delivered today so I was glad I chose the elk burger. It was very good as was the Caesar salad. He took my order efficiently and it only took a few minutes for it to be ready.

John Fletcher

Great burgers, very fresh ingredients, your builds your burger as you want. Fry's are really good too. I usually have the half pounder.

David Smith

Recently, within last 6months, interior has been redone, food is great like always, fairly fast service too!

Marion Das

This place is a best kept secret gem! Amazing service! Amazing tasting food! Will be back soon.

mike nichols

Good food just wish there was more choices for vegetarians

Erica Shields

Very nice inside since the remodel! The food was excellent and served fast. Current manager is very engaged and helpful.

angie raya

Who the hell wants to see racist CNN the whole time

Adam Wall

Food is great but the bathroom is horrible like usual

Chel Chel

Not impressed due to management. I loved their food. A little bit on the pricey side but it is well worth the jalepeno cheese sauce.

xJanet Hernandez

Food was good, a lot of stuff missing, no letuss, no hot cheese, and it was a bit dirty. I saw employees with gloves on but they would touch their hair and face. That was grose

Michelle Flory

Great burgers and fries! Love the condiment bar, especially the melted cheese for the fries!

J Craig

I haven't eaten there in a couple of years and forgot how much I liked it. Great bread, everything's fresh.

randy hayes

Efficiently handled a buss of 46. We called in advance. Good burgers.

Joshua Bieber

Good food a little pricey for burgers and self service. Burger was cooked to specification. Was my first time and left satisfied.

Bonnie Wall

This chain has reinvented itself but still could use some refinement. I ordered a small burger. It arrived on a giant bun that made the patty look child-size. I'd recommend that they serve buns the match the burgers so people don't feel short-changed. The topping bar with lettuce, onion, pickle, etc. looked very fresh, colorful and inviting so they should keep doing that. The flavor of the burger meat was good.

Theresa Reeves

My first time here and no complaints. The food was good and very fast. I like that they offer a veggie burger for my vegetarian daughter as well. It is very price though for a burger shop. We totaled out just under $50 for 2 burgers,with 1 of them updrade to fries and a drink. One order of fish and chips and 1 grilled cheese kids meal.

Tiffani Thomason

Overall, I really liked Fuddruckers. I got a burger and fries. Both were very good. My boyfriend got a burger and homemade onion rings. He liked his meal as well. The onion rings were very good. The one downfall of Fuddruckers is that it is pretty expensive for a burger joint. At least to my boyfriend and I. Our whole meal came to about $29! If you want to try something new, I'd recommend Fuddruckers because the food was good and made/cooked to order but definitely not all the time. Nearly $30 for a burger meal for two is pretty outrageous.

Roger Anderson

Not what it used to be... service was OK but the food was poor quality... McDonald's serves a better burger...

Ethan Whitacre

Haven't been in 5 or so years and it was just as delicious as I remembered... DEFINITELY didn't disappoint... food was out fairly quickly a b4 fries were hot!! Can't wait to go back but sooner than 5 years from now.


Still is just like it was when I was younger. Delicious and hearty burgers and chicken sandwiches among other meats as well. Also have a vegetarian Patty. Can get onion rings and fries for a burping good time. You will taste your meal all day and that's ok with me.

Aaron Dean

Great burgers and toppings. They have a lamb burger now. It is really tasty!

Jr Orchard

Build your own burger joint.

Arelis Alvarez Aquino

Very good food. I feel the place needs some updating in terms of floors and wall treatments. Ambiance could definitely improve.

Carlos Dominguez

Foods amazing, fast service, among the last ones standing so take advantage

Nessa Pollack

I find the half pound burger to be just the right size for lunch. Big thick fries are ok but I prefer the thinner ones with more crisp. Service depends on the day. Steady place with good prices.

Charles Zee

Burgers are great, not greasy, and you can add lots of greens, onions, tomatoes, and melted cheese. Best deal is just a plain medium burger. Order taking kind of slow though.

Joseph McDaniel

Wow! The food is as good as expected, and there was plenty of hot cheese for my fries. Fresh baked bun was wonderful, and strawberry milkshake was great too. Why not 5 stars? 2 reasons: 1. Gum under my table :( 2. Layout was incredibly confusing/disorienting compared to the now defunct location in Fort Myers, coupled with being too busy and difficult to park near after driving an hour south to get there.

Gordon Braun

Gotta luv Fudds!

Jay Dollar

They redone the inside. Great food. The Manager name Alex was one of the most engaged and friendly and walk around the whole time greating people and ask how things was.

Daniel Nurczyk

Food was good. Pop machine was low on everything you could think of. Everything was nice and clean.

Louis Lagalo

Good fries, burgers seem to be going downhill. Had to move to a table away from the bathroom, could smell the stench from the bathroom in the dining room. Employee told us they were having an issue with their exhaust system. Hope they get it fixed soon!

Patricia Beach

Always love this place. Go Everytime we are in Kansas City

Anthony Ellingsworth

Amazing food with a very clean and new looking restaurant. The best burger I've had in years by far..

Nathanial Pearson

Been here twice. Good location. Large selection. A bit pricy.

Floyd Fyvie

Great burgers.

Treston Davidson

Brings back memories. Much dislike

Aaron Kackley

A delicious delicacy of wonderful hamburgers. They even have elk and buffalo burgers. Staff was very friendly!

joshua stadler

Here you will find a great freshly made burger. The buns are also made fresh daily. This is not a fast food but has the feel of a fast food place while still trying to hold on to that dinner feel. Burgers are great. Fries are great. Onion rings are great. One of the best parts is the condiment bar. They have all the fixings one could want to dress the burger to your wildest dreams. You can find here also two types of cheese sauce to drown your fries. Ps the gluten free bun will make you question all other gluten free buns

Mandey Crumm

Great place. I've been here several times and always great service along with great food! My kids get excited every time I say "We're going to Fuddruckers!"

Geof's Hooper

Exactly what you'd expect great Burger

Grace C.

This restaurant is in need of a deep cleaning. The smell of dirty carpet is overwhelming. Yuck! As for the food, it is less than okay. They make it where you can see if you desire to. One of the cooks had a nest of hair and no net to hold it in

Bridget Fullard

It's a beautiful and friendly place to hang out food is great

Holly Botts

I do quite a bit of travel and this is hands down the BEST burger I have ever tasted. Made to order the way you like. They have a small bar of FRESH toppings to add on as much or as little as you like. I've been here twice. The wedge fries are great as well. By the topping bar they have hot cheddar cheese topping as well as jalepeno cheese. The tables ate awesome made with old bottle tops. The kids love finding matching pop bottle tops/ lids while eating. Not very loud and very quick and easy flow. They do have around 5 games right at the front door more of grab machines seems quarter machines that the kids love to play on the way out. I highly recommend this restaurant. I wish they would open one in Bowling Green KY

Billie Albert

Was in the mood for a good and delicious burger so I stopped here. Like always, fast and yummy. Service was ok for ordering. Just a quick hello, took my order and that was it. When I went to my table, the older gentleman that was cleaning was so inviting and friendly. Loved that. Best hamburgers around, they are big, satisfying and the price is right. The shakes are the great, it feels like a blast from the past. The decorations and pictures are beautiful. I went there with family and it was a fun experience.

Connor White

Average burger I can make better myself. Not worth the price. Drink and a handful of fries is $4.29 seems really expensive. Didn’t go for a while and now I remember why probably won’t visit that often. Only when friends want to go.

Rose Marry

Friendly staff, good food and really cool restaurant atmosphere

Tracy Turner

Customer service could be better, but when the manager didn't even want to fill up the ice for our drinks, then other employees follow suit in not providing the best dining experience.

Marilyn Uhl-Tauginas

Always great burgers.

Katie Bentoski

I went to Fuddruckers recently and ordered a burger and it was the best burger I've ever had! I want to give a special thanks to the cook that prepared it. Rocky is a great cook I definitely be back!

Tom McMillan

Well, disappointed on my second trip to Fuddruckers. Ordered two soft drinks with my hamburgers, but they wouldn't give us glasses, so was a bit confused! Our order came in way after the couple that ordered after us. Our Turkey burger was pretty blah.

Michelle Patterson

I ordered a Turkey burger and it was lukewarm and as a result of it I got sick. I've tried them before and service wasn't good so no more tries. They aren't cheap so you want good quality. Also, the restaurant could have been a little cleaner for a restaurant. Another the windows and restrooms needed some attention.

Anita Oldak

Not worth the trip. Very overpriced.

Sharon McDonald

Still a fun ambiance. There seems to be a shortage on table staff for maintaining table service. The food is still tasty. Milkshake and french fry serving sizes are a lot smaller than I remember, this was disappointing.

james jones

Burgers that you make to your liking, hidden gem , amazing fries, milkshakes, cookies. And wide variety of sauses.

Lori Tennyson

Standard fare. Slightly overpriced. Not awesome food and the guy who took our order got several things wrong.

Joe Zuchowski

A large is now 2 small burgers on the 1/2 pound bun. The condiment bar was out of about half of the items and to make it more enjoyable free range children running around yelling at each other climbing up and over booths. Since when do the other patrons of a restaurant have to endure the lack of parenting skills of others. On the bright side, when one of the girls flipped over the back of the booth almost clocked the manager in the head. Yes you guessed it we will most likely be back.

Michael Snedeker

I like there shakes!!

Michele Wood

Hostess was very nice and friendly

Ray Cudaback

Fun atmosphere and love their condiment bar!

Ken Deardorff

Still a favorite burger place

Dustin Wolford

Great food and service but the floor was so sticky everywhere that our shoes were sticking but other than that it was a good experience.


Really great experience. I had a buy one get one 50% off regular combo, both were cooked to order- medium well with cheese. Toppings and condiments were well stocked. There wasn't a long line, wait was reasonable for being dinner hour. The staff was pleasant and attentive! Would recommend

Danellyn L

They over cook every burger. When it is ordered medium rare it shouldn't come out well done. Seven out of 7 burgers were well done when most were ordered rare or medium rare.


Awesome impossible burgers

Evan Leibinger

Hands down best burger in the entire state. I drive from Saginaw all the time. Never had a bad experience.

Roni Oleyar

Just had my worst experience there today. They were newly opened after a remodel and management/(?) owner change. The burger was saltier than the fries were seasoned and the burger was overcooked.

Jaimie Gauntlett

It's a fast casual burger spot. I'm giving it 5 stars for the service as the staff is fast and courteous. I've been a few times in the year preferring this review and never have been disappointed. If you don't want a bad burger and don't want to spend $20 on a burger this is a good choice. The food is good and the options you have to customize food can make it amazing. Less greasy than five guys, more filling than burger fi.

Andrew Engesser

Nice atmosphere, amazing burgers and fast service!

Eric Rose

This location is always on point! There is always a manager checking the food as it comes off the line. I've never had any complaints at this will not be disappointed.

Bain Ravencraft

Great burgers

Michele Lewis

This used to be a good place to eat. When my son accomplished something great for himself we promised him some good nachos somewhere. I remember them being so good here a few years back. When we went in we ordered burgers and an order of nachos. When our order was ready (40 MIN LATER) They told me they didn't have any bacon. I could see the bacon, they just forgot to cook it so then they put it on the grill. They were out of all cheese sauces and most toppings. When we finally got our nachos, about 10 minutes after we finished our burgers, they were covered in grease. I wish I could post the picture on here. Had to return them as my daughter instantly got sick. I feel so bad my son and I were really let down.

Jay Dillon

Classic spot, been around for 30+ years and hasn't changed that much. Suggest not sitting at the bar though, much easier to just go through the normal order/seating

Adriene Johnston

Fun lunch out with our kids on a weekend getaway. Kids loved the burgers and the option to choose their own toppings as well as how much of everything they put on. Affordable option for our family of 5 with 3 hungry teenagers!

Stuart Jones

This was just an OK experience, with a few problems. The workers were (for the most part) friendly, and they prepared our food in a reasonable amount of time. However, what we got wasn't necessarily what we ordered. One of us ordered a regular cheeseburger, and a bacon and avocado burger arrived. Hey, no problem right? Who gets mad at extra bacon? Not this guy. But I wonder: did I get someone else's order? So I ask, hey, I think you might have given me the wrong food, right? And the lady at the window said, "oh, you can just take it off if you don't want it." What. And then! An order of apple slices - which I would think would be pretty tough to mess up - arrived clearly unwashed, with the dang STICKER still on the apple! Took them back, got a strange look ("hey, there's a weird customer out there who prefers to eat apples without paper and adhesive!"), and got more thinly-sliced gross-looking apples. But these didn't have any stickers - must have been from the other side of the apple. Quick thinking, Fuddruckers employees, you got me. Did I pitch a fit? Yell and complain? Nope. I'm not that type. I just don't go back. There are too many fine choices out there. After all, this is America! We are so lucky! Oh hey, it's Lee Greenwood on the radio! God bless the USA!

Lynn Knutson

Very good burgers.

John Bohlmann

The burgers are good! It seems loud to me in that restaurant. But worth going again!

Marsha Wilson

Best hamburgers ever and onion rings! Long wait when they are very busy but it's worth it. Free refills on drinks. Beer in bottles available.

Jim Lescarbeau

Good food! Had the chicken burger with bacon and avocado, added lettuce, tomoto and mayo from the bar. A nice man clearing tables helped me locate the salt and pepper. Loved the homemade bun!

Penny Sherman

I loved it. Will go back soon

Brett Slocum

Excellent burgers, very good onion rings, frequent coupons when you sign up, and an amazing beer deal.

E1018elg .

Great food, quick service

Mary Albrecht

I love this place. Have your burger exactly the way you want it. Fries are not to be skipped out on! Leave room for a fresh baked cookie or a milk shake. You won't regret it.

Kelly Fritz

Love the new remodel!


Great burgers, fries, and shakes. Usually clean, toppings are usually fresh, and Nice employees.

Jerry Camacho

The burger patties are good and fresh, made from a good quality 100% beef, the buns for the burgers should be changed to something better, too small and not so good. The fries are good, I would skip the bacon unless is freshly cooked. The bacon tasted like old grease and ruined the taste of my burger.

Anthony Miraldi

Good burger, fast service

arthur green

I had the ribeye steak sandwich, I was very good, no complaints!

Jonathan Coppens

The best burgers! The quality of the food is amazing for the price. The menu has a huge selection. You can get all the way up to a 1 pound burger. If you don't feel like having traditional beef burger you can have a chicken, elk, or even buffalo burger. They also have delicious shakes and other deserts. Great play for a date or even a family dinner! Would highly recommend trying it out!

Kristie Bahr

Needs to be cleaned, food was ok, staff didn't communicate when asked a question.

User One

The fries are the best fries!

Craig Sexton

Great time

Dustin Franck

Out of all the places in the metro area to get a burger I would recommend against it. It's just meh if that. The burger was just bland. Seemed to lack any seasoning. The bacon looked and tasted worse than the cheapest you can get at a Cubs Food. Didn't looked like it was cooked on a stove. More like the microwaved variety. I won't talk about there steak fries as I'm sure some people like the seasoning on them. A average bar burger is better than this. Also usually cheaper. They had a window into "butcher area"(think that's what it's called)... It's clearly processed meat no butcher required as the box said meat patties. The patties in the window looked as if they were sitting in there for a while a odd congealed look to then. Just go buy some tube ground beef and make your own. You will get better results as long as you add some salt and pepper.

Tim Wright

Great food.

Jacque Harper

My favorite place!

Michael Sung

Great place for CHEESE....then a burger!

Dwight Payne

Good burgers! Something for everyone.


Great place. First time here. Service was great. A lil pricey but good quality.

Edward Rodriguez

Great burger!

Mike W

Not satisfied. This is NOT the Fuddrucker's I once enjoyed growing up. I thought MN didn't have a Fuddruckers. I had some lady take my order that I couldn't understand, I wanted raw onions, not a big bunch of fried onions with broth dumped all over the burger as some male employee looked at my order and dumped more fried onions on it with more broth. I finished my beer and left the burger and fries. I'm not going to deal with your employees over this. The employee quality isn't there. I lost $15 bucks but I'm not going to eat a burger with onion broth dumped all over it. I asked for raw onions. Not recommended.

steve krawczyk

Totally pleased with my decision for lunch

Rey Rivera

The general manager checked on us and the food was fantastic. Pretty clean and good music

Dave Gay

Pretty good.

justinater 993

Went earlier this week and had burger fries and milkshake. It was awesome haven't been to a Fuddruckers in a long time. Another that I love is their cookies they are the best.

Wendy Grose

Delicious toppings bar always fresh. Select own toppings for burger which includes spicy or cheddar cheese to top off fries. Made to order. Tasty shakes

Thomas Freitag

I love this place, used to work at one 34 years ago.

Ashdon Kice

Awesome burgers, great fries, good service, will definitely be going back in the future

Cooljet69 .

The double cheese burger with bacon is the best.

pamela hall

We ordered the specialty burgers but when our order came up they were missing all the extras...bacon.. avocado. Dining area was clean

Eddie Jones


leo spott

On Easter my dad was randomly in town and we were looking for a place to spend time together and watch the twins game. He took me here since they were open and we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it. Hey had plenty of tvs for us to watch the game comfortably. The quality of the burgers were excellent and the fancy Coke machines were perfect for our baseball watching. It isn’t a fancy place by any stretch of the imagination but it has good food and has plenty of comfortable space.

Joe House

Good food, reasonable prices & sports on multiple tv's

Johnny Tran

Love the burgers and free cheese

Jennifer Sucharzewski

Always good, cooked exactly right! Seasoned fries were great, place was clean, and staff very nice.

Elizabeth Leming

Usually a decent cheeseburger, but the buns were off this time. Don't know if they weren't file cooked or they changed recipes, but doughy and bland tasting. As always, too dark, and since my last visit the restaurant is showing it's wear. Tape holding tiles down in the kitchen, and again near the toppings bars.

James Goff

Great burgers, enjoyed the meal.

Lacey Patton

I love that you can put your own toppings on

Leandrew Hardman


Nate Haleen

Hamburger was big, but not particularly favorite. Side menu options limited, and greasy

Linda Williams

Great service.

Wesley Hall

I love this place. It seems casual, almost 50's style, yet it is an upper class sort of restaurant. The burgers are cooked to order, yet it seems very fast. The portions are large, and tasty. The deserts are large and yummy. I was just telling someone l am going to take them here. The waitresses are also cute and nice to talk to yet not crass or vulgar. It is self serve for condiments, which is awesome. You can get cheese sauce for your fries. :-)

Natalia Moreno

Prices are fairly high for just burgers

Kiddo Smith

Great burgers and great service. Highly recommend

Joe Johnson

Tucker's appt with Mr Tucker's tidbits was phenomenal

Miriam Ramos

DO NOT order Uber eats from here!!!!! They give all Uber eat orders the old bread and rancid meat. I’ve already contacted the health department and they stated they’ve received several complaints already! I really don’t recommend eating here.

Rosalia Baumgard


Phill Lichtenbert

One the best burger joints ever

Jeffery Camp

This is one of my favorite burger shop in town! I like their fries in the hot nacho cheese, the juicy burgers, and the shakes. The line was long but they served very fast. I also love how we can add our own toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, sauces the way we like it.

Curtis White

Got some good burger deals now so you don't have to break the bank to bring the family there. Great burgers, and malts.

Melisa Kommer

The food tasted really good but it didn't come out correct. I think that they were short-staffed. I don't enjoy writing negative reviews when I feel the parties were trying their best.

Pamela Winnie

Burgers were good! Fresh toppings, great buns. Fry seasoning is delicious! Service person was not as friendly as she could have been.

Jason Babcock

Great burgers. Get em the way you like.

Ebony Harden

Great burgers, clean, fast, good service.

Dan Hart

Burgers were GREAT, fries too. Lets not forget aboit the milkshakes either. Yummy

Lana Abundez

Love them clean restaurant

Matthew Elkarmi

If you are trying to order food from a delivery service app just know they will refuse your orders I guess they don’t like making money


Premium burgers at a premium price

Jason Van Buskirk

They sell you a plain burger, then you put whatever you want on it from the toppings bar. How could it be wrong, you made it yourself!

Stephen Houlihan

Don't get a wheat bun. Burger was ordered medium-well, but came out on the far well side of well done.. practically carbon.

Mephistos Demonia

the stellar reviews simply DO NOT do this place justice. The staff was ultra friendly, the establishment was ultra clean and the food was beyond amazing! We had never been here before and was greatly surprised by the dishes offered here, they even had a a vegan option as well a major plus for my wife! Our food was quickly prepared in under 5 minutes fresh and looked crazy appealing. The portions of our food blew our expectation away and the quality of our dishes were top shelf! The taste was simply just stellar to put it simply. our plates were made with love and this was the kind of food i would serve if i worked here, thats how good it was!!!! YOU MUST GO HERE!!!!!! Its worth the trip for food that darn good!!! We will make this our date night place once a month and try everything else out, we were stupidly pleased with our first visit and this will not be our last i assure you and i told them at fuddruckers as well!!

David Byler

Good food!

Skip Lynn

The cash register attendant Maria, was not friendly at all when I ordered, acted bothered to give me water cups rather than sell me soda I didn't want, and simply forgot to give me the tokens for cookies for the kids' meals Mistakes happen, so no big deal, right? Except that when I found her at the dessert bar and asked her about it, she was not apologetic, nor did she try to make it right. I literally had to ask her if my boys could have the cookies that came with their meal. One person made the usually pleasant experience awkward.

Bradley Jackson

This resturaunt is one of a kind! Great music, family friendly, great burgers and fries! Add all the toppings you want. Plenty of different meats to try and they also make awesome desserts! I've loved Fuddruckers for over 20 years and now my son loves it too!

David Kanani

I have been to this location multiple times and have never been disappointed. From the burgers to the fries to the milkshakes, it's all good. Food comes out quickly and fresh. The fixings/salad bar allows you to completely customize your burger. In my opinion, the burgers taste a little better than Five Guys. Prices are very fair.

Deedee Jordan

I love the food , best burger I've had forever .

Barbara Napier

This used to be an excellent burger joint, sadly it has gone down hill, while we were eating there was a guy doing light maintenance/ construction right near our table. Ordered Fish and chips, no chips, when we asked for chips she said omg !!! Then she grabbed the fries and then served ranch dressing instead of tartar sauce, I hope they can stay in business

Rich Balke

Love the burgers at Fuddrucker's

Jo Taggart

We hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner here. It was amazing. So comfortable. The food was great and the service was superb. All the guests had such a good time.

Beatriz M

Delicious and great service

Heather Grizzle

Restroom was out of paper, waited for about 5 minutes before we could place our order- while the cooks were trying very hard not to notice us. I believe they are just shorthanded, but it still left a bad impression

Afra Daghighian

I always have great experience here except on my birthday this year my sun glasses got stolen in the restaurant and they where never found again obviously.

Cheyanne Kline

This place has a salad bar filled with things to top your burger with not only that but a wide range of condiment. Plus big portions at good price.

Scott Hochman

Very good service & good food

Holly Cheyne

Burgers are very tasty!!

Zeus Torres

Food was off today, buns were dry and meat had too much gristle.

tinkering trucker

Love fudds, but this store is sub par

Alicia Kilgore

Has changed a lot since I was last there. Wasn't really impressed, don't think I will go back. Hamburger was chewy and a little on the greasy side

Kristy Watkins

Rather than waste rabbit food on meat-lovers, Fuddrucker's lines up amenities of the standard lettuce, pickle, onion, etc. to melted cheeses in cheddar or jalapeno, and of course the usual condiments. One small burger is gracious plenty, but why stop there when the flavor is sooo good? (yes, I know that gluttony is considered an original sin, but so is vanity/pride - how does that work?).

Zoe Amerson

Good place eat

Angela Sparks

The food was excellent. It did not take that long and the food was fresh. Employees were very friendly and helpful

Alyse Sena

Good burgers

John Zurek

Great Burger!

Reese Muniz

Have always been a big fan of Fuddruckers since my days in Chicago 20+ years ago... haven't actually been to one here since the other day and I'm glad to report that it's just as good in every way! Food is excellent, pricing is fair, choice of toppings are still amazing and fresh, fries are original and great, especially if you put the hot cheese sauce on them (of which I also add to my burger

Lynn Morse

I really like this restaurant. The food was exactly as ordered and hot and fast. There is plenty of parking and a separate room for larger parties or a quieter place to dine.

Kathleen Imbo

Love this place. GREAT FOOD. Love their hamburgers and fries.

failedclown36 .

I ordered onion rings and the cashier hollered the order at the kitchen, but it wasn't charged on my receipt. I didn't get any onion rings until I was 2 bites from done with my burger. I had to keep looking over my shoulder to see the expedite station because it was not made clear to me how i would get them and my wife saw two orders of onion rings go out with plates ordered after mine. Cherry on top: they were absolutely not worth the wait. I was glad for the fries that I had received by mistake. The burgers were good, consiments were fresh and crispy lettuce/pickles. I saw the lid off of the iced tea while it had just finished brewing, and it looked gross inside. Excessively foamy and had flakes of older tea that had dried along the edge. I imagine it might have been clean at the start of the day and then not rinsed or cleaned the rest of the day, just refilled. I will probably go back, but if i have another experience like this one, that will be the last time.

M King

Have not been here in almost 17 years since there is not one in my state. It was as delicious as I remembered.

Galina Plunkett

The burgers were good the register lady was really on the edge... she kept asking to repeat over and over what we try to order

Kwan Lowe

Good, honest burger... I go here for lunch about once a month. The menu has all the expected items from a burger place, but a step up from fast food fare. The buns and beef are fresh and tasty. They sell my favorite vanilla malt. Minor downside is that they often seem to get my orders wrong, often giving me onions instead of mushrooms or other substitutions.

Michelle I

The burgers are SOOOOOOO good. A little pricey but you won't leave here hungry. I love all the toppings! I love toppings ok my burgers and they have everything you could want and more. Mouth is watering thinking about going back here.

miguel montero

Fast and consistent food and service.

Mz. NeverMiss

Friendly staff, clean, good food.

Richard Bielski

Came up at 8:50 to go in and eat. Told closing at 9:00 and will only take a to go order. Never seen this at any restaurant before

Michelle Gonzalez

Love some pump jalapeno cheese

Michelle Ortega

Food was great, staff was nice, and an overall fun experience.

too far

Good food and a fun atmosphere. The price is a little high. You do get big proportions and everything is made fresh. There is a topping bar so you can add as much as you'd like.

Abraham Ben Judea

Went Tueday 4 pm... Not very busy. Ordered Chopped steak & Fries. Received... Ground Beef patties... The meat patties had small bone pieces... The strawberry shake was done with old milk... The Fries came almost soogy... The cuting knives were given to us with dried food particles and juices on them.... Will never visit again

Devin Youngblood

De Foo FOO b Goo an it cued me canser and gave me robobo arme they maye me de hulk and dey sytff luved mi an de mad mi birges an thiy but hit me in da ls in giv dem gouschi review 1 star da best

Your Mom

The service is nice they ask how you want your burger cooked, the burgers are big and there is a variety of sizes, the fries are also fresh and seasoned well, there is a wise selection of toppings and sauces doe you to put on your burger

c j smeby

I have been going to this place since I was a teenager. But haven't been there for a while until the other day. And it is just as good as I recalled and the service in food preparation was right on point. Highly recommended for those who enjoy big burgers and yummy desserts.

Angela Rivey

I LOVE THIS PLACE! They would get 5 stars if they could just come to Lincoln, Ne.


Not my first time here...I really enjoyed my turkey burger and chocolate milk shake

Bisontar soup

I really enjoyed my experience here. My sister also noted that the staff was VERY nice! Thanks ginger dude :)

Donald Townsend

Great Hamburger, with complete condiment bar. Always love the food there.

Matthew Brown

I have eaten here a couple of times and they have been very good burgers. Ate there today and was disappointed. My burger was very greasy and it fell apart. My wife's burger was greasy as well. The fries and onion rings were good and I enjoyed the jalapeno cheese.

Melissa Post

We r from Kalamazoo..stopped here for our band competition..Fuddruckers had the back reserved for us and the food made promptly and fresh! ...very apprecieated..and fun to end our great day!!

Ivan E

The burgers are good. Really need to have an appetite to finish the 1lb burger

Scott Cameron

Good was great! Had burgers, fries and a shake. I do wish they would clean up more often though. It wasn't even busy when we went and tables were dirty longer than necessary and there was some trash on the floor.

Teresa Loofboro

Awesome place. My first time to one and the food was great, so was the service. Loved the paper towels at the table. Was a very nice experience

Charles Beard

Best burger ever. Dont have Fuddruckers in Colorado anymore. Was in Kansas and they do. So if you are ever in Kansas City near the Legends outlet mall and you love a great burger then I recommend that you go. The buffalo burger is amazing, that was my choice and it will be again.

Mike Campion

Fuddruckers is always the BEST! Can't beat their Monday and Wednesday deals

Jeannette Lawson

We travel over 40 minutes to go to this/ closest location! Love the burgers and the buns!!! Add toppings as much as u like..yum

Carl Jones

America best burger. Every trip to Florida I drive to eat here ( regardless of distance)

Rhonda Rooks

Its a great resturant that serves more than burgers. The malt shakes are great as well. Nice service with a smile too!

Zaneiac Doodlez

place was good and so was the design, i do wish the service was just a tad better and the ordering/pickup process was a little better.

Steven Moore

My first time here and it was fuddrucking awesome!!

Debbie Wallace

Fresh and delicious food and sides. The new additions to the menu are spectacular. Fresh, friendly and fast.

Lydia Roth-Laube

Great prices, delicious food and child friendly environment

Betty Ann Pisciotto

Love this place see there email specials

Matt Balman

Love the food. Great service. Fresh ingredients.

David John

Friendly staff and good food

Ray Vunovich

Great burger and fries. The employees are friendly and helpful. Very clean and neat. A good place for a relaxing meal.

Sim Anderson

I used to love this place years ago. It doesn't seem as good now as I remember, but it's still good. The burger was delicious, and I love that you can still do your own toppings. The fries...not so good. The fries actually were good, but there was way too much seasoning on them. I don't think I ate half of them even after drowning them in liquid cheddar cheese. I'll be back again, but no seasoning on the fries please.


One of my favorite places to eat! The staff here are really great. The food is always good. Their bread for their burgers is one of my favorite parts. Just tastes delicious! I enjoy their experience they give by letting you put your own toppings on your burgers and get your own drinks. I hate going to restaurants where they mess up my burger by putting too much, too little or the wrong ingredients on it. Here, you're in control. Prices are fair. And the sugar cookies for dessert are really good too! Definitely a great place to eat!

Kitten Cult

Always been a fan and always will, great food, perfect for the whole family.

Mike Hancho

Used to go to Fudruckers about 20 years ago when I was a kid for special occasions (good report card, winning a little league game, etc). It was at a different location, but I'm glad to see everything was just as good as I remember. Had the inferno burger and chilli cheese fries. 10/10 will make a reason to come back again.

Amy Reinhart

Had a group of ten people and they got our order out quickly and efficiently. Great job. All food was hot and fresh even with the large order. They were very busy but you would never tell with the quick service we received.

Misty Moncrief

We met a friend for a good burger and shake. The staff was friendly and the food was amazing. The only thing we did not like was the arcade games. They have obviously been set to super hard mode. It was funny to see two engineers try and fidgure out how to win a rainbow coin purse for a 7 year old though.

Keith Bliven

Great burger place! The food was excellent!

Angela Wright

Not my cup of tea! Didn't think the burgers were all that great. Had to wait in a long line to order and then get a buzzer and wait just ad long to pick up the order when finished. Cleanliness in dining area was shabby to say the least and the bathrooms were smelled and looked worse than some port-a-johns that I've seen. Will never visit another Fuddruckers!!!

Jonathan Burleson

Always awesome burgers, and great toppings selection

Judy Denton

Good burgers!!

Carmen Machado

The server Rahdames was very nice and diligent

Carmela Grant

First time eating here burgers are pricey but worth the price. Love the choices of toppings

jamel fleming

Didn't want to make my shake

Kevin Thrasher

Food was great and the service was very fast and friendly.Very enjoyable dinner in a nice atmosphere.

Anna Marie Page

Best burger, awesome fresh baked buns....

Lindsay Molina

Awesome burgers!!! It was an interesting order setup, the workers were very nice, and you can't beat the toppings bar!!!

Jose Arroyo

This place is nice clean and they Cooked my burger to a perfect medium

Matt Reid

Great burgers awesome fries good times

Jason P

Nice place and friendly service.

Genet Donnell

Great place!

Jason Breiner

Great food and wonderfully friendly and helpful owner. We miss Fuddruckers in the KC area so finding this in Omaha was a real treat.

pete iseman

Our family never misses a chance to come here. Its our tradition to catch a movie at Legends and grab dinner here at least twice a year when we're driving through. Simple eats and good value.

Brian Kleinke

Good Kobe burger. More expensive but worth it. Not the biggest fan of the fries, too many different sizes so cooking in them was varied.

Mriam Blet

They have kept up with the times I found Beyond Meat Burgers here

Taylor Cass

Tasted like home cooked deliciousness. Would definately reccomend the Kobe patty medium rare. Very good.

Brian Ethridge

Depending on the cook at the time, the quality of the burgers vary. But with the right staff in place, this is my second favorite burger joint in town behind Dinkers.

Nate Crow

Burgers were great, service to order was good. The only thing not up to Fuddruckers norm was tables were not clean well and relish bar was a bit of a mess as well.

Stephen Michael

The manager is awesome; I ordered over $50 worth of food and forgot fries for my daughter and without hesitation she gave them to me. There's something to be said about good management when it comes to the little things that mean alot. The food was fresh, fast and delicious and the fry issue was the cherry on top to a great experience. Also, thank you to the busboy, (Justin?) who got us boxes and extra cheese cups to go.

Darin Phillips

We love Fuddruckers. We have been going to Fuddruckers since our 30-year old was a little boy, but that was in The Woodlands, Texas. Here we are 30+ years later in a location that is a 20-hour drive away and it is still awesome. I prefer the one pound Burger plain and then I add Mother Fuddruckers mustard and lots of veggies. My wife and son go for half pound burgers. My son gets onion rings, but my wife is addicted to the fries. You can ask for additional free spice when you pick up your Burger at the counter. Then both of them attempt to empty the five gallon vat of melted cheese onto their plates. We also love the milkshakes and the cookies. Even though our youngest is 16 and can no longer get the kids meal with the token (for a free cookie), we must buy him two sugar cookies because they are his favorite cookie EVER!

Billy Smith

It's better than that.great service and the food was out of this world.

Melissa Ardelean

Service with a Smile that was awesome.. Don't get those smiles and friendliness everywhere.. Ordered burgers and also sweet potato fries and didn't leave a crumbling on our plates. Took a peek at a few other tables and their food looked great... Also had a couple beers. Lol..

Jay Mandelker

You add all the lettuce and tomatos you want (practicalky giving you a salad

Debbie Smith

First time eating here with the family. The hamburger's are so good. The service was excellent. Everyone was so friendly. Will definitely be back. Oh, and it's my Birthday! What, what!!!!

Britt S

I am fully aware of bad days at restaurants. Food service is a difficult industry. I do not blame the workers because the inability to have adequate help is beyond their scope of what they are in control of. This was not a very busy evening, nevertheless, our chicken, fries, and onion rings were visibly underdone. Before we recieved our food we could overhear the table beside us commenting on how incredibly fast the food was coming out and how they must be reheating food and throwing it together. We understood when we received our food. When we grabbed a manager to speak with privately she asked if we saw pink in our chicken and proceeded to ask if she could touch the chicken. She asked if we wanted more chicken or a burger and we declined asking if we could opt for a refund. She left the table and came back with a $25.00 gift card that she stated we could accept or decline. We declined the gift card as the amount was much higher than our grilled chicken. When we declined she rolled her eyes and walked away. She came back to the table for the final time and we then finally solidified the refund. All in all what was shown here to me was a lack of training and a lack of customer service. Again, I am understanding of the service industry and I am not being asked to be catered to, but when we are presenting a situation with respect we just hope for the same in return. Maybe she was having a rough day- no way to tell. Hopefully you have a better experience than us.

Lynn Swisher

Reasonably priced. Very impressed with the quality of the food. Could have been a little cleaner is why it didn't get 5 stars.

Tom Hill

Always a great burger. Love them.

J Bayerl

I did not know there were any Fuddruckers in Minnesota anymore. It has been a long time! It was just as delicious as i remember. The customer service was top notch as well which seems to be hard to come by these days.

Daniel Vogel

Good ole American food made to order with all the fixings your heart desires!

Rich Crowley

I am torn about this rating. The burger is Ok. The fries were good. The $7 meal deal is pretty awesome. Love the free cheese sauce. The toppings bar has jalopenos, but the other toppings are pretty basic. It is probably a 3.5 rating. If they actually upped the toppings bar a bit, like add sauteed onions for instance, they could step up.

Brenda Kalmus

Upon walking in the establishment you automatically felt the staffs negative attitude. Phones ringing, eyes rolling, walking past phones and counters. The gentleman who took our order was extremely slow( I assume he was new) but friendly. Ice was empty, tea was mislabeled ( I thought I was getting sweet tea, end up with unsweetened). Found a table and had to clean up the booths to sit and the table to eat. Left over food all over( plates were cleared). Floor filthy, food bits everywhere. Went to use the restroom and all you could smell was urine standing next to the arcade before entering the restroom. Now for the positives, a family of five. All different orders and the only thing they messed up was forgetting my daughters bacon. Meat was cooked perfectly and the food was good. Check out your staff and management, a little morale boost will go a long way. Last thing customers want to hear is the staff ranting about wanting to close and go home (7pm at night)

s f

Good burgers, they even have a good selection of meats to choose from. Not a loud restaurant, family oriented.

Howard W

Always fresh tasty food at a great price. Clean and quick service

Darren Bentley

Had a party of 35 last minute. They were very accommodating.

Brad Conner

Staff was friendly and food was good. The price is expensive.

Jason Cecil

This place is amazing. They make the burgers just as you want them. And it seems that the menu is expanding. If you ever want a good burger joint and you are close to one I definitely recommend it.

David Schmach

The food was good. however it was a little dark inside and for what we got a little pricey

Juan Contreras

Great place! Good service! Great food!!! Just watch out for holes in parking lot... Lol Enjoy

Dan Macgowan

There's a reason I havent been here in 20 years. Dirty tables (two next to us were not cleaned while we were sitting for over an hour.) Our order was incomplete and had wrong sides. One burger missing. Friday evening and special burger was sold out at 7 pm? Last but not least, kids cookies were gone. Had to buy a regular size choc chip for son even though he had a kids free cookie coupon.


Enjoyed the experience food was great

Ed Raner

Nothing special so unless you live right next door and don't know how to cook, Dave your money. The Coke was good.

Micheal Broll

Good burgers and potato wedges (season salt).

rhoda simpson

I gotta edit this. I went there yesterday and things were different. The vibe was dead, I think they're under new management. The workers looked sad and the manager was up their arses. Not my business, I guess. There was no music, either. Also, the prices seem to have risen. Maybe I'm just mistaken... Either way, I KNOW the portions were smaller. The take out containers are hidden in the back now, you gotta ask for em if your want em. Probly won't need it, though. Oh, and the sauce cups are plastic now. Due to the atmosphere now, combined with the prices, I gotta change to 3 stars. I know it's a small thing - I never expect it - but every other time, someone asked me how the food was tasting. Not yesterday. Bummer. Previously: Went there for the second time yesterday, still a 5 star. The portions are filling. Hubby, mom, both kids and I ate for under $50. It was DELICIOUS, you can't beat that.

Joe Garcia

I had an excellent experience with the manager Lindsey. The food is always delicious!

Bryan Koehn

Exactly what you expect out of a Fuddruckers!

William Privara

Food was good. Fair prices.

David Jacobs

Wow. The hamburgers are amazing. Quick service.

Andrew Allen

Good burgers good atmosphere mid level pricing . Not an everyday place but good for a quick meal

Ray Smith

If I could give this fellow truckers location negative Stars I would. We get there and we end up spending like $70 which is way too much. Then we go to sit down and my kids wanted to sit in the booth all the booth were dirty. No one had busted eight tables. We asked the both managers if they can have someone come out and clean the tables. 10 minutes later no one cleans the tables. So my 11 year old daughter ended up cleaning out a booth for us to sit. Once we clean out our own booth that's when they decide to send someone out to clean off the tables. This location was the worst experience I have ever had at a burger place.

Matthew Gall

One of my favorite places for a burger. A little pricey but the so have a kids night, so that helps. You can have your burger cooler to medium rare instead of well done if you want, and I like that.

Amy Pitman

Awesome place, great burgers, great service, clean environment for the family.

Lenny K

This place is great. Wish there were more around. Burgers are better than most yet reasonably priced.

William Hughes

Clean good food , worth the money you spend

William Chapman

We love eating here. Great burgers in fixins bars always fresh.

Shayla Canterbury

I was impressed by how good the burger was. Cesar salad dressing not my favorite. A little high priced. Fun interior and game room.

Jeffrey Mcerlean

Great, simple menu prepared right. Staff was super friendly. I'll be back soon.

Carey Hook

Overpriced for a burger and fries. Good, yes but not worth $18.

Aleia Yue

This place is so dirty! We've already purchased our food but now that we're waiting at our table and I'm noticing it more and more, I'm almost worried about eating here. Got our food, onion rings were cold and dried out, burgers were overcooked and had little flavor. Because of how dirty and sticky everything was I avoided getting toppings from the fresh toppings bar. We were excited because we used to have a Fuddruckers where we live and it was so good. Very let down.

Becky Ellithorpe

Had to wait for my order while they filled 2 to go orders

Timothy McCartney

Love being able to customize my burger. The options for condiments are a plus as well.

Joy Allen

Recently remodeled, and known for their fresh quality burgers you can grab a fair meal here. This said, I'm afraid over the years changes have overlooked the quality that use to be Fuddrucker's. Still offer a variety of burgers, salad and other sandwiches. I am disappointed in the inconsistency of a juicy burger versus receiving a dried out burger. The self serve bar of condiments and beverage is convenient, though I do wish it were more maintained and kept cleaned. Plenty of seating great for, an individual's visit, of course family friendly, or a gathering spot for coworkers. You will get a good meal here, just not as outstanding as in years past.

Yvonne Rosell

We have been going to this restaurant for many years and always been happy but this visit was disappointing. What first caught my attention was that it was a Friday and only four other customers there. Only 4 employees working. They have changed where or the company they buy from. Just not much flavor. Waited a long time for food. I had to use the restroom and it was filthy, plus there was puddles of water in the stall, by the sink and by the door. I don't mean was puddles. The floors were disgusting. Didn't bother using! I will say the staff was friendly. I don't think we will be going back. Sad because it was one of our favorites.

Corey M

Fudding amazing!

Robert McKinney

The burger was really good for a fast food style restaurant!

Kelly Kaiser

Great food. I had a burger. Loaded and yummy. Next time i want a good buger i will be going here. The employees were great as well. I really enjoyed the great food and nice people.

Erica Scott

Not worth the price but food was hot

Josh Hutch

Ive always had a special place in my culinary heart for Fudruckers. The burgers seem fresh, the chicken sandwiches are tasty and the condiments are plentiful. I am picky about burger and chicken sandwich toppings I throw on, so this is one of my favorite places to grab a bite. They even provide self serve cheese or jalapeno cheese sauces for your fries or sandwiches as well. I would recommend Fudruckers anytime.

Nyor Mirror

Great burger but a bit pricy. No longer give punch cards. I do stop by on occasion when I got a little extra pocket money.

Michael Spurlin

Was in Omaha for a professional development and found this place on 72nd Street. First time there and it was "Great!" Service was friendly and quick. The burger was excellent. Wish there was one closer!

Brandon Black

Kind of pricey for burgers but also has good quality ingredients, fresh, and portion sizes.

Matt Mensik

Haven't been to Fuddruckers is a while and it exceeded my expectations. Burgers were cooked to order, buns were fresh and soft. Fries were good too, with a wide assortment of dipping sauces. To top it all off, all the staff we interacted with were very nice.

Chris Pegram

Quick service, tasty food. Slightly undercooked

Wayne Johnson

Best hamburger around. Wished they had a store in Waterford.

Alfonzo Alonzo

Good place and good food


Great burgers and their fresh baked buns are the BEST!

Alisa D

Good food, fast service. They got my order wrong but fixed it without hesitation. Would visit again.

Katelyn Inman

Great spot for a burger and all the fixings.

john helcher

I hadn't been here in a LONG time. A burger place has to be pretty good to compete in the Flint market with all the superb local competition. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Great burger. Will definitely stop back in

John Velez

They seem to run out of pico de gallo whenever I go. Its good but not quite great. I really wish they had more sides.

Will Kidd

It was okay the burgers got smaller good staff need to use clean mop water you can smell it been sitting for a while

Fred Elsinga

Terrible service and bad smell in cooking area

Kelly Scott

Wish the independence MO store hadn't closed.......

Kelli Carmack

Good cheeseburger nice employee Harley very nice and helpful

Nathan Lewis

Fun mashup of a 50s style diner, ice cream shop, arcade, and bar. Good food, reasonable pricing.

Frank Flintom

Burger was made to order fresh bun get to put on my own toppings with fries and a shake good stuff.

Steve Seminetta

Great burger with a tasty bun fries need to be little less seasoned but still taste good

Karl West

Fuddruckers is my all time favorite burger shop. You build it!!! That means if it isn't the best -- you only have yourself to blame.

Jon P. Sundstrom

Still my favorite place to get a great, tasty hamburger at a reasonable price.

David Stewart

Gotta love all the fresh fixings

Rick Scerbo

I am from the East Coast where there are Fuddruckers everywhere and I was so happy to find one at legends. The burger was awesome the bun was fresh and the service was great too

J. Cole

Worth the long trip down from Bay City, burgers are always delicious

Nathan Birtell

The food options and quality was overall good. The buns are made fresh in store and were delicious. However, it is a little pricey for the quality of the food that you get.

Darnell Piazza

The ordering process took for ever, they had a manager on 1 register and someone else on the other register that had no idea how to use the register, by the time she finished my order the other cashier had rung up 4 other patrons. I was overcharged, the order was wrong, and had to spend over 5 minutes waiting while she "corrected" it. Everyone else in the group was finished eating before I even got my order. When they called my name and I went to pick it up, it was still wrong. It wasn't worth the hassle, won't be going back.

Tim Perge

It's a burger. Highlight was the milkshake and free liquid cheese.

Amber Kladis

I love fuddruckers so much!! I live for there fries and grilled cheese, but lately I haven't been very impressed :/


Very good burger restaurant with many alternative choices with regards to exotic burgers and healthier options. Some of the different choices include Elk and Bison burgers. They also have good fish sandwiches (Tilapia, Mahi, etc).


Never had a problem with this place. Grandpa didn't like his ribeye sandwich though.

Bob Anderson

Excellent service. Very good food. The bacon double cheeseburger I orded was cooked the way I had requested and was up in a very timely fashion. Will return to Fudruckers again.

C'mecca Campbell

Recommended by my nephew... excellent choice

Gary West

Great food. Not hungry when I left. Polite staff.

Carlos Miranda

This burger joint is pretty good the portions have decreased and the prices have increased over the past few years. I think it’s a good place if you want a better than fast food meal. It’s like a Panera Bread type place except it’s red meat and not as healthy. You Order and get your own food no tip. So, you save money in that respect. Anyways, it’s a burger place.

Karen Linn

Love the exotic burgers

Delores Etterman

Positively the most dirtiest place I have ever been. 90% of the tables weren't bussed. Floor filthy. Will never come back. Employees having fun.

Ryan Barrie

Under new management, and the new management is terrible. The cups have been replaced with cheap styrofoam, the drink machines are watered down to have zero flavor, and the restaurant was very unclean and full of dirty tables that should have been bussed. I could see the amount of plates scattered around the empty dining area before I entered, which was my first tip off that something was different. Usually this place is clean, reliably tasty, and problem free. Somewhere that I couldn't go wrong. Now the previous general manager's name has been scraped off the window and no replacement given. The new management is running this place into the ground.

Casey Bristlin

If you like Burgers you better stop here. First off you order your burger, they’ll give you a number and in no time you’ll have the best burger in town, and if that’s not good enough you can deck it out in all the toppings you could want at there toppings bar. Very fun atmosphere. Great place to bring the kids and/ or catch a game. The bakery is perfect for dessert or what better to have with that burger than a shake! Oh and the fries are a wedge style and very good as well! If you haven’t tried a Fuddruckers you really should, and this is a great one!

Jenny Austin

Love there food

Adam Algiere

The absolute best burger and steak sandwiches in town.

Julie Schetley

Good food. Liked the cheese sauce!

Marilyn Scates

If you like hamburgers best place for it

Christopher Caesar

Good food, but I miss the old decor

Zhana Gunderson

Tasty food, but definitely not the healthiest choice. Reasonable in price. Check 'em out though when you go there.

Cheryl Arnold

Very good burgers

Alexander Lamminen

Food was good. Service was meh. They forgot my wife's fries and shake.

John Couperthwaite

Your bill can get out of hand quickly if you get extras and sides. The service here is unbeatable. And the food is unique and very good. You're able to get exactly the burger you want. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

Kris Cordova

Great ambience and great food, fast service too

Marcela Pinto

The Napa valley salad .. highly recommend

Josh Mcloud

It was my first time to get the elk burger, and it was delicious.

Amruta Kudale

I love this burger place. We can choose the toppings that we want on our burger and that too how much ever you want.

Wendi Watson

Good food 1oo% better then the last time

Jon Hokanson

Not as good as previous visits. There are a lot of choices for a burger in the area, I'd go somewhere else next time. Slow service, greasy bun and burger, but decent shake.

Mike Swank

Back in the day this place was great. Nowadays it's only ordinary. For the price the are better burgers elsewhere.

Brenda Jackson

Best Burger's and excellent service

Zoey Nemecek

Expensive mediocre burger. Service was okay. Place is poorly maintained. No wonder why most of them went out of business.

Christopher Ely

Great place.

dom z

This place has become one of my favorites as for burgers. The prices are good, the food is out fast and the staff is always wonderful. I like being able to fix my own burger so I know it's always just the way I like it. Lately I've been hooked on their Buffalo Burger. For only a few dollars more, it's always well worth it.

Sean McNeely

My nephew n I love cheeseburgers. I introduced him to Fuddruckers n it's now his favorite place. His choice for his birthday dinner is here. I've been going since 1990.

Eric Nahinu

Great food and awesome customer service. You can tell the employees are having fun but still getting the job done. Solid cooks too best buffalo burger ever. I’ll definitely be back.

Mike DeSantiago

Great burgers

Vance Pierce

Good food. Good service

ry An

Great burgers and very large dining area. Quick good and clean restaurant. I wish there was one closer to home as we would certainly come more often.

Stewart Grimaldo

good service nice people A lot of condiments

Barry Hagen

Food came fast and fresh

Jeremiah Stark

The food was good, also i like that they have elk and buffalo meat. However, they struggle to get orders correct and the entire floor was sticky.

Joe S

Good Burgers. They are often busy and it sometimes takes a while to order. Also many tables were not wiped down and/or wobbly

zeb jensen

One word for this place. Deplorable. And you know what I'd be surprised if the staff could even understand what that means. The man running the register is an idiot, who tried over charging us and giving us another persons order. And to top it off the moron's idea of fresh fries after they mess up when asking for no seasoning is throw them back in the fryer then back on to the plate. The man is an idiot, not only do you get uneatable burnt fries that you would brake a tooth on even trying to eat them. But you also have tainted oil and he seemed to think that it would clean the fridge. The man is so dumb has he never used a fryer before you never refry something like that as the oil will be tainted and would need to be changed imedeatly. And if that don't beat all he argued with me about it while I watched him do it. So if you ever think about coming here don't. There's a reason why this place is the last. Lozy service. No matter how good the burgers are it's not worth putting up with that idiot ever.

Alicia Florizone

I gave this place a 1 star 10 months ago, but they have improved to a 3 out of 5 stars. The floor is way too sticky or it would be 5 stars.

Christian Wietholt

I liked this place. It is a good option to grab a quick lunch. I liked that you could stack your own burger with fresh ingredients. The price is certainly a bit higher than fast food, bit it was almost as quick with way better quality. The …

Travis Dallegge

Super friendly staff. Burger and onion rings were great.

Paul Costa

Good burgers! Better than Red Robin since the bun held together.

Laura Funk

Quick, friendly service. Tasty as always.

Carole Lindstrom LaGrange

Food ok. Employees very unfriendly and not helpful. Won't be going back.

Troy Roberts

I haven't been to Fuddruckers in a long time, but it was a great opportunity to get reacquainted with a great burger. The only location I'm familiar with is the Kansas City, KS location at the Legends, so whereas it's across town from where I live, it will be a special trip to go back. But I definitely recommend it if you are around.

Kathy Anderson

Great Food

James Hubbs

As good as always

Marc-Anthony Perez

Decent burger joint to try. Burger combo will run you around $10 and is pretty hefty. I had the elk burger, which wasn't all that flavorful when compared to the different types of Elk I've had in Wyoming. I would just go with a normal burger. Pretty clean area, good food, small and rough bathrooms though.

Zachory Wolfin

I really enjoyed this place. I just really felt like the flavor was not there considering the price.


I wasn't overly impressed. My burger was well over medium rare. Id rather not.

Bruce Anderson

Order takers were very pleasant and helpful. Dining area looks like it was remodeled. Very pleasant luncheon experience!

Laura J

There is something about Fuddruckers. Adding your own sauce such as barbecue or cheese sauce makes the burgers just right. French fries are yummy to dip in cheese sauce or even barbecue sauce. Add your favorite lettuce and any other topping then enjoy.

Alberto Krohn

This time I felt that it was lacking on cleaning, food was good and fast.

Juan Garcia

It's always AMAZING

Kim Petrie

Very good burgers and fries. You're able to put everything you want on your burger yourself including hot cheddar cheese for your burger and your fries. Wish they had more locations.

Monique Henry

After having my burger made 3x still left a little annoyed... everyone on staff looked like they would have preferred to be anywhere but there... really sad because my children grew up on Fuddruckers as a special treat now I'm not sure what I'll get if I tried to share this once wonderful place with my grandchildren..

Napoleon Demps

Kobi Burger is Awesome!!

Sherry Tobiason

Our dinner was very good. I don't like a lot of spicy stuff and I didn't care for the Spice on the french fries. Most people I like it a lot I'm sure. They were nice enough to make me some french fries without the spice on it.

Andrew Esquivel

The chicken sandwich is almost impossible to beat. Made to order every time. And it's a huge piece of chicken. Buns that are made fresh everyday to go along with it. And of course, the soda machine that has dozens of flavors to choose from. Make no mistake, this place is worth every single penny.

Lizz Willison

Amazing staff! Something seems to have changed around there. It's much cleaner... My feet don't stick to the floor, everything's always stocked... Their burgers are always cooked to perfection! My 5 yr old, who loves burgers, said it was the best burger she ever had... Daddy looked heartbroken hahaha

Keisha Merritt-Grant

My son loves hamburgers and enjoyed creating his own.

johndub14 DUB MALI

Nice and friendly staff. The fries were great but I wasn't impressed with the burger especially for the price. However I would still recommend people to try it and decide for themselves.

Kevin Craven

Juicy big burger, topping bar, free cheese sauce. Coke freestyle machines and a dessert/shake counter. Hand spun yummy tasting shakes. Nice friendly staff and a very clean restuarant.

Jenifer Dunkle

Great food. Not busy. Wish the jalapeno cheese was actually spicy

Steve Wright

One of the best burgers in town!

Anthony Spulak

It been a long time since we ate at Fuddruckers. It was fast, friendly, and convenient with food choices for the entire family!

Tom Scholl

Always have a good time when we go there. Ambiance is ok. Not a place for a quite meal. More of sports bar atmosphere. I ordered the bourbon burger with a malt. Food was really delicious and more than enough. I would go back again.

Kim Haag

Always my husband's favorite place!

Jerica Lane

The inferno burger is amazing n the jalapeno melted cheddar

Catheryne Milner

Great service, amazing food, definitely a five star for me!

Nicholas Ramos

50% of the times on our way home from Miami we stop at Fuddruckers for a burger We get the Elk, Kobe, Bison, Turkey or plain burgers. We also get their milk shakes to go and some pies...key lime, and passion fruit cheesecake. Lots of room inside, never a wait, lots of parking. When we are full we will always walk around the mall...definitely worth i. Love Fuddruckers and this Fudds delivered! Fresh burger and fries served quickly considering the place was packed on a Saturday night. Staff was friendly and place was clean. Highly recommend!

Jessica Jones

Always Fantastic food and atmosphere! Love the spaciousness. Please bring back your nachos again! They were worth the long drive.

Nancy Shikar

Food was great. I am not a big burger person, but enjoyed it. Very busy location.

Andrew Bohnenkamp

One of the few Fuddruckers in the area. It has been at this location for many many years. They serve good burgers.

Nathan Lahr

Burger was really good and the price wasn't bad. I liked the environment and interesting to see it utilize the buzzers for waiting for your food. Usually I have only see them when there is a long wait at fancy sit down joints, so it was kinda cool. Overall, give it a try at least once!

Mike Dyer

Nice people and delicious food, always wonder why I don’t get there more

kimberly walker

pretty good miss u bein close

Marshall Silberstein

This is a delicious serv yourself restaurant after ordering and being called to the counter for pick up. The serving sizes are large and wholesome. Everything is fresh. Buns are soft and the veggies are cold and crunchy. Pick what you like; as much as you like! The HOMEMADE onion rings are superb. Come hungry and don't forget desert! Kids meals are discounted and kids get a free cookie! Yum!

David M.

This used to be my go-to burger place, but the last two times I went here my burgers were cooked well-done despite specifically having asked for medium. They offer cheap Sutter Home merlot wine, which is fine, but they should also offer some better options and more variety (Cabernet, Malbec?). I also tried their more expensive Kobe burger, but it tasted exactly the same as their regular burger, which makes me wonder whether it was Kobe beef at all. It's likely time to find another burger place, unfortunately :(

Tony Ochodnicky

So so so love this place. Everything from the toasted bun to the condiment bar. There needs to be more of these. The price is not bad at all for what you are getting. Ugh no I really want some Fuddruckers

Nate Smith

Consistently good burgers and we always find enough seating for our large group. Very clean and ordering is easy with their large print menu.

Michael Wiegand

Very much a 'meh' experience. Won't be back. I wouldn't all out about it.. the burger was tasty. Rather the second burger was tasty. The first one was so rare my bottom blood was soaked in cows blood. Or is it myelin? Whatever. I ordered it medium. I got it rare. The second one was better - no myelin! So there was a pallet of onions sitting in the eating area. That's usually a sign that... Oh, this place prides themselves in their onion products like onion rings, or haystack onions. So we ordered some rings, and the haystack onions came on my burger. Those were fine. But the rings were the blandest thing I've ate in a while. Surprisingly there was little to no onion flavor. A feat that would be impressive if we didn't want onion flavor. I could only tell they were deep fried by appearance and the undercooked batter. The staff was friendly enough, sort of. But the profanity and horsing around that was occurring in the kitchen left a bad impression in my mind. If you've never been to this place the kitchen is relatively open and you can see what is going on back there. Let's just say the place lived up to the name Fuddrucker. That's exactly what I would call it. I recommend you find a better place to eat. We went there on. Friday evening when all of the other stores in the Legends were booming with business. This place saw 4-5 sales during the half hour to 45 minutes we were there. The parking lot should have been our first clue. I wouldn't be surprised if this place winds up closing it's doors. It had that feel to it.

Ch Kel

Parking light and building lights were completely dark. Once reported it at the counter, staff didn't care and said the manager was aware. Food was decent but I didn't receive a choice to how protein was cooked and type of bun. Order taker lacked attention to detail or enthusiasm.

Travis Brown

Had the Turkey burger, really good! Though when you pay $13 for a burger small fry and a small drink, it would be nice if they made it for you, instead of buffet lining the condiments and add ons. It was my first time and it was great, just a little pricey when you're putting your own food together.

Kevin Brost

Fuddruckers still has a good burger but I don't understand where they lost their way. They used to be great fun places with an inviting atmosphere but locations like this are like walking into a Thai cave,.and you always feel like you are their last customer. This location had the same employee take your order , cook it, bring it to you and then clean up. A young lady who worked hard and might be the only employee even though others seemed to be lurking in back. Pretty Sad as I love the burger and the franchise.


These burgers and shakes are the best I have ever had. I go here whenever I get the chance and my friends and I always hang out here. It's really so good eating here, quite the experience. If you like burgers and shakes and other fun foods, make sure to check it out, it's perfect.

Brian Wolff

Longer waits than normal. Fans on the porch are broken, manager was aware of it.

Patricia Emmendorfer

We love Fuddruckers! Friendly crew that seem to enjoy their jobs! Great food!

Mike Young

Fat Burgers before fat burgers!

Tim Webster

Food was great , staff friendly, clean, new updates look very nice.

Joanne Miller

Food was good, atmosphere relaxing, staff friendly and courteous.


Burgers ate amazing and I hot the hot wings for the first time. Also amazing


Very good service and food as always

Otis G

Very good burger with fresh ingredients and is freshly prepared. It is more expensive than I think it should be because we spent 53.00 for two adults and two children which is expensive for a burger place not named Five Guys. The portion sizes are also small for the price, and their burgers are above average. The wings are way overpriced and overrated because they are relatively small for the price tag and taste. I don't know if I will go again unless I have a coupon but it's not awful, but just pretty good.

Ed Johnson

Great for my first time in KC been there in Oakland

Molly Hicks

Food was great! But...the first table we sat at was extremelly broken and kept spinning. The second table the bench was broken. The condiments were all empty. And when we arrived at 11:10 the dinning room chairs where still on the tables.

Marisa Fernandez

Their burgers and fries are really good.

Mike Little

My all.time fav from Chicago we had these but the one in Wellingtin closed, so now I treat myself when I am in the area.

Jay Harrell

Holy cow! The best burgers in the world. Great fries as well and you won't be hungry for hours!

Aaron Fent

We were unimpressed with the food & the price. Our order was taken and we recieved our food in a timely manner. The food just wasn't that good. Pop machines were out of ice. We also noticed an employee touching the trash can & food without changing gloves. Could have definitely been better!

Rashad Howard

Very nostalgic burger joint. This place hasnt changed in yrs! Very cool

Matt Findley

Great food just need more games for the kids

Jack Linn

Fries were delish and my half pound swiss and mushroom burger was tasty. The updated facility wss very nice and clean.

Joan Whaley

I wish the bun was warm

Alex Garcia

Best burgers I've ever ate

Patrick Henrichs

It's been several years since I was last at a Fuddrucker's. This visit was a welcome surprise. The place was quite busy on a Saturday evening (soccer and baseball games that evening) so we had to wait a bit for service and tables weren't turned as quickly as they could be, but the place was generally clean and our food all came out as ordered. The burgers were just like I remembered: not the greatest I've ever had, but definitely in the top half with a good selection of fresh toppings. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and we will certainly be back at some point in the future.

Andrew Parrott

Food is fine and a little dirty

Courtney Randall

Terrible. Ordered crispy chicken and got grilled chicken. Should have went with the inferno burger....smh

Melissa Gray

Had a great time with my co-workers here tonight! The food was great, everyone couldn't eat all their food the portion sizes were so big! They kept our tables clean and our glasses full! We always like to meet here because we have such a great experience! Highly recommend this location! Like if you agree!

Virginia Carter

Not just plain old hamburgers..elk buffalo,veal. Man what a great way to spend father's day.people friendly, service great never been there before but I enjoyed it and so did the family

Jonathan House

Very good service and food. A little on the pricey side but very good

Allan Castellon

Very friendly at the cash register! Cool vibes in the lobby

Sarah Bovyn

This has been one of my favorite restaurants since I was little, and for many reasons, not just those amazing wedge fries and melted cheese! Of course, the burgers are great, and those buns, amazing! They now offer a wide variety of toppings. We have also tried the cesear salad, onion rings, and chicken tenders, all very good too. They do offer shakes, cookies, brownies, and some delicious rice krispie treats.


I love love their salad bar along with their bison burgers! You'll love dining there too, so take the family out and have lunch!

Wilson Caicedo

This place is awesome...I had visited the location in Doral before but this was my first visit to the one in Pembroke Pines. My order taker was friendly and thorough. The atmosphere was lovely and the food was even better. I had the Bourbon Burger combo and while it wasn't cooked to my chosen specification, the burger was still very good. If you happen to be in the Pembroke Pines area and are craving burgers, you should definitely stop in. You won't regret it.

David Estep

Great food, clean, and u dont wait long

Kelsey McCracken

First time going and it was delicious! Perfect burger, perfect fries and onion rings. Great atmosphere! Will definitely go back!

Gaston Jones

One my favorite burger places, the melted cheddar you can self serve is priceless... ;P

Dan Koeppl

Been going here my entire life. 50s diner atmosphere and the best hamburgers around!

Midnight Mechanic

Haven't been here in years but I know it's amazing!

Debra Bledsoe

Yummy burgers, onion rings, and sweet treats.

Mason Schram

Wife and I went here for a quick bite after shopping at NFM all day. Quick ordering process and a short time to get our burgers. This was our first time experiencing it and it did not disappoint! I love being able to top my burger my own way. All toppings were fresh too.

Chantae Capshaw

Very nice place to have a good burger W/ the family.

Patrick Ryals

Very nice place. Food good, service good

Steve Taylor

I haven't been to one of these in a while. Still great burgers with all of the 'fixins'!

Elizabeth Boyles

Friendly staff. Always consistently delicious burgers!!

Mary Gamble

Delicious burgers homemade shakes

Alexander Wong

Good place, I like how they have a bar where you can add your own toppings and a pump for nacho cheese. Although do not waste money on a buffalo burger, it is more expensive than beef but does not have much flavor or taste any better than beef.

Matthew Grabowski

Meh... I used to really like Fuddruckers when I was younger... Probably why my kids liked it so much... I felt this site was average to underwhelming in just about every regard... Visited on a weekday at dinner time... Food was palatable but not great... half of the condiments were empty... Toppings bar was a mess... And several of the arcade games were out of order... With so many restaurant options in this area, you can do better.

Pastor Michael

Fine tasting combo special good time to visit with friends

Mary Ellingson

Good food, service aas a problem.

Mi Vida Jugosa

Chili fries were very good, had great flavor and were very crispy. I order the chicken sandwich and it was very good too. They make their own "Frank" style sauce and it is delicious has a great flavor with a little kick to it. I did not give 5 stars because that's my rating. But I would definitely come back

Rory Prodoehl

Not busy and very slow service. Took 30 minutes to get 2 burgers with fries. Burgers were overcooked and very dry. Fries sat on the tray under a warmer for at least 15 minutes. Used to really love Fuddruckers but their service and food quality have become an issue.

Chuck D

Not clean. Flies kept bothering us. Those annoying fruit flies that hang around dirty soda fountains ya know. Then I wondered... if the dining area was rundown and smelled like fermented soda syrup... what in the hell did the kitchen look like? I got grossed out. Will probably never go back.

qualityone net

Good service on a combo meal special

Trudy Berkey

The food was wonderful, employees very personable and nice. Food came out fast and correct and hot.

Luis Vasquez

Good Burgers & great $$

Nick L Dime

Food was good and the service was good it was a bit pricey

Matt Buccellato

I love the burgers here. You can choose how big you want it. You can pick different types of meat for your burger and get it cooked externally how you want. Then you can top it off any way you want at the unlimited toppings bar. After that get a fresh made milkshake to wash it all down.

Yadira Romero

My kids and I love this place! Food is always great. The only thing I probably would like for them to do is add some seasoning to their onion rings. Other than that place is awesome.


The best cheese burger in the Town.

Mike McDonald

Fantastic burgers with great variety.

Wes Dodge

Not quite as good as it used to be for the cost.

George Cook

Great burgers and atmosphere with a surprise of fish and chips

Shannon Schwegler

It's s burger place. I go because they were there only place to get sauerkraut on my burger. They no longer offer that option. Manager did say they would look into offering it again. No dill pickles. Ended up eating a very dry hamburger.

Howard Beals

This is fine burger joint. Nothing spectacular. Can't get a medium rare burger. All hard medium. Used to be great.

Lisa Freemam

I just had the worst service ever here! Our food was sitting on the counter without the fries . The buzzer never went off. The staff was very rude when we told them out food was cold. I would not recommend this place!

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