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REVIEWS OF Ben's Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant & Caterers IN Florida

Morris Levine

Bens Kosher Deli is very good. The only thing that its expensive. Ronnie u should have more variety of different kind of Ice Teas just not only sweet and unsweet. Carry Peak which is healthier than Snapple

Brian Gordon

Great kosher deli. Fantastic food and service.

Wise Guy

I like Ben’s when I don’t mind spending a bit more than usual. Their prices are high but that’s pretty standard for Kosher places. Their food is of high quality and quite delicious. Ben’s portions are on the small side, especially with their deli meats, I.E. corned beef and pastrami. The front of the sandwich looks great but remove the top slice of bread and there’s much less toward the back, a bit deceptive in my opinion. Their sides and soup are real good too. As you enter you’ll see a deli counter. Worth stopping there on the way out to take home some knishes or noodle kugel! The service is ok, not the fastest as their servers are not the youngest

Chris Glueckert

A taste of New York in S. Florida - true to its heritage! Delicious. Like being back on Long Island. Highly recommended.

Steven Feinman

Best pastrami !


Best meal I’ve had in South Florida. Friendly staff and authentic ingredients. The pastrami on rye melts in your mouth and the kasha brought me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. I can’t wait to go back and I’ll definitely never go back to Toojays...

Jeff Kasman

Ok small sandwich was almost done until the oil soaked fries came ot

Justin Young

TooJay's is a much better "New York style deli". I could have made a better corned beef sandwich at home...oy

Frank Wise

This place is awful. I wanted a hot dog so I stopped on my way to an appointment. It was without doubt the worst hot dog I have ever had, I took a bite and realized the casing was so tough and rubbery that I would be chewing for hours if I didn't spit it out the square knish was just as bad. Avoid this place!

Trevor M

The BEST Kosher New York Style Deli around! You will not be disappointed if you eat here! Try The Ruben! Yum!

Barb Kirtman

Authentic deli, very good food. Excellent service, however, a bit pricy.

Phil Cohen

Excellent food and service. Prices high quality great


Best deli in Florida

Jorgen Hansen

Ben's is a traditional New York style deli serving all the expected dishes. We prefer the overstuffed sandwiches which are well filled with reasonable lean meats. The place is very popular around dinner time which may create some delay in seating, but the staff is efficient. The servers are fast, friendly, but still patient with their guests.


By far the best deli around. Staff is super nice. Our favorite is Santiago who works at the deli counter. He always takes the time to ask how the family is and never rushes you, such a super sweet gentleman. (He even helped my wife carry out food to the car when she was occupied with my toddler son.) Harvey is also super nice. Food is delicious! Have never had a bad experience. Keep up the great work!

Jenifer Dean

Just took out food, have eaten at the one in Manhattan. I was really looking forward to the roast turkey entree, my favorite off a deli menu. For twenty dollars, I got a few thin slices of turkey on a piece of soggy rye bread. Mashed potatoes and flavorless gravy in the side. No vegetables or other accompaniment stated on menu. Also no silverware or napkins. My husband got a corned beef sandwich and had more meat in it than mine. I would have just ordered a sandwich if I'd known. I feel ripped off and will not be back to the one in South Florida

Bàrbara Gordon

Tasty kosher (meat) food. Large comfortable dining room. N.Y. attitude from server. Very good parking.


Horrible service! We sat for over 10min before I had to get the manager for service. There were 4 of us, our meals did not come out together. When they did the food had absolutely no flavor. Maybe catering to the older clients, not for our party. STAY AWAY

Lawrence Sturm

The hangar steak is a must. But, then again, so is the rib eye.

Ms.spock Star trek love

I live for the food I love the brisket 100 recommended but also the drinks are really good in the pickles are so perfect sweet and sour and the coleslaw is beyond this world recommend for lots of things from different parts of the world

Breezy Jeezy

This place is a joke the staff is all fat and ugly they eat the good food and serve the nasty expired tasteless food to us customers but not me anymore.

Kris Henke

I enjoy the food and the decor. There are many memorable sayings on the walls that enhance the experience. We have had delicious meals there ever since we moved to the area. It reminds me of the meals we would get in the Northeast.

Dean Johnson

Service was fair at best. Food was good. Place did not live up to the reviews

Tania perez

Ok good a bit pricey. Desserts where either old or over baked

Dr. Evan J. Hasson

Best corned beef, pastrami, and pickles we've had in awhile. The dining experience is fun, but we enjoy take out. Our usual, when we take out is 1/2 pound each of corned beef, and pastrami with side of slaw and pickles. We take it home and enjoy. When we eat there I try different things all pretty good. Thanks for doing good work. We appreciate your whole team.

Irv Kramer

Very disappointing. I don't like wish sandwiches. Wish there was meat it.

Joseph Weiss

Great food

Marsha Marsha Marsha

In from out of town. So happy to have found this place!!! Great service from Brenda!

Dan Gross

Great food

Julie Thum

Excellent kosher deli & a great option to 2nd Avenue Deli & Katz's (not kosher). Both food & service were great. Portions generous & tasty; sides of coleslaw & pickles plentiful; waiter polite & attentive. Will definitely go back. Sorry no photos. Next time!

Glenn Roid

What can I say? I grew up in NYC and live in an area of the country that doesn't have any delis, let alone a good Kosher one. Have eaten here a couple of times and it really saddens me that the Kosher Delicatessen is slowly dying and disappearing from the world. I didn't appreciate it much as a kid, but the authentic smell you get when you walk in the door brings a rush of nostalgia (and saliva) every time. I had chicken soup with matzoh balls and an amazing half a corned beef sandwich (extra lean). Had enough soup left for 2 more meals as well as half of the half of a sandwich, which tasted just as good two days later. All I can say is if you haven't ever enjoyed great Kosher Deli food, try Ben's. If you have, you know what I mean.

Lynne Raffiani

It was great. Busy night tonight and in and out. Server was also on point.

Darryl Lerner

Kosher deli catering to kosher and non kosher patrons. Pastrami was soft as butter.

Amber Abla

Just tried my favorite Hot Pastrami sandwich on seed in Rye. It was delish! The staff at the front desk were extremely friendly and welcoming. Mike in the deli took great care of me and was very welcoming as well. Must try for Kosher eaters out there.

Stuart Wiston

Great Kosher soul food - pun intended. Food is plentiful and delicious. And the pickles and cole slaw offerings are great.

Michael Radus

Consistently good. Try it you'll like it.

darlene Cohen

Love the food and east coast attitude...which I miss ...

Clarise Boniventure

Quite a drive for me, but the food is good. I like to go here on Saturdays, it's so beautiful inside! My grand kids love it!!

Bob London

Best deli in Boca. Love the food. Like being in New York. Servers are a little brash but that’s what makes it authenticly N.Y.!

Department of Reunification

Great Kosher and real NY Deli food. Pickles and slaw are the best. Great service frim Howard too.

cliffymon .

Awesome place. Not always the best dishes, but usually very good. Occasionally get a server that is overwhelmed. Most servers are veteran,real pro's

Bruce MacKenzie

If you have a bad time here, you better check the mirror. Came for lunch, and ordered the Chicken Fridays, including the Mushroom and Barley soup, potato pancake. Could not finish, there was soooooo much. Server was great, helping with items we were unfamiliar with and making recommendations. If you need the taste of a NY deli here. This is the place.

Bruce Bernath

I traveled with a friend to Ben's Deli from Hollywood Florida, and have been to this place for about 15 years. We both ordered Mushroom Barley soup, Potato Pancakes, Stuffed Cabbage and Romanian Steak. Soup came out fine but this is where the nightmare started. I made it very clear to the server called Leo, please wait till we finish our soups and Potato Pancakes before serving the main meal because I did not want to rush and the food to stay on the table and it getting cold. Leo came over while we were still in middle of eating our soups. He said dinners are ready and he is going to serve them after he promised not to put the order in. I told him give us few more minutes, my friend was rushing to eat, because he was worried the dinners were coming out. Stuffed Cabbage was not even warm it was closer to being cold. Romanian Steak which we both ordered in the past was dried up and black it was cold with what lots of grease in the plate. They used to serve it sizzling hot with steam, when it arrived at the time. The side dish of Kasha Varnishkes were dry and cold. It was reheated in microwave and tastes awful. I asked another server to call the manager over and informed him Leo our server did not listen to our request and did what he wanted to do anyway. Dinners were replaced by Corn Beef and Pastrami Sandwiches which were almost empty. Two sandwiches, Potato Pancakes and two drinks $60.00. Who is the blame here? The Owners the person making the food and the server. They have a sign on the door no $100.00 bills will not be accepted due to counterfeit issues. Ben's does not want to get ripped off by the public, but they are ripping the public off. Read the crazy reply below from Ben’s they honor special requests

Martin Gene

Ordered short rib dinner. Totally inedible due to amount of fat Manager seemed unfazed by our dissatisfaction and offered no assistance. We are (we’re) regulars. Having a hard time returning more due to lack of customer service than anything else

B. Glick

plenty of parking its a Deli , corned beef sandwiches are good , pastrami good too. attentive servers

Vera S

Stay away - The food is terrible. Both the corned beef and pastrami taste like rubber. The matzoh ball soup is disgusting as well as their barley and mushroom soup ( gelatinous , tasteless , like corn starch). The potato pancakes are a thick, greasy mess The latkes (potato pancakes) are vile and taste like rancid oil. The knish was microwaved, soggy and tasted sour. This place needs to be shuttered by the health department. It's a filthy mess They put a lot of their food in the microwave before it comes to the table This place is so gross. It's also filthy dirty. There was caked up food stuck on our silverware, so disgusting. The tuna salad is the worst. It's salty and tasted old as well. They must use the cheapest, worst quality canned tuna like Chicken of the Sea. Absolutely inedible. They use really bad quality product and charge high prices for inferior food. They think their customers are unaware. Everything they serve is TERRIBLE A real New Yorker would never eat in this place. Even their NY locations suck and always did This place is a total embarrassment and disappointment. It is also a major ripoff. All the south palm beach county yentas/ snowbirds need to find a much better place to call a NY style deli, cause this one really STINKS. Beware : You may get deathly ill Unfortunately all the real NY style delis are a thing of the past. If this is the best you're gonna get, then I suggest you stay home and buy a corned beef at Publix and cook it yourself ! We actually got deathly ill and I suggest you stay far away from this DUMP on 441 in West Boca Raton This place is a health hazard, truly.

Joel Kanoff

World's best Kosher hot dogs. Never a bad meal. Terrific service.

Mr. Cohen

Sometimes the wait is long and service ok, but the food is very good. I especially like the pastrami and matzo ball soup. Go early and avoid the lines.

Sal Oddo

A touch of New York in south Florida

Lourdes Mederos

Love this place and everything is always delicious and fresh!

Austin Myers

If you have time to sit down with friends and enjoy a fresh meal, this should be a top option. The food here are great and the customer service is great!

Jonathan Harris

Simply love BEN'S DELICATESSEN. I tried the Hangar Steak Sandwich, and it was fantastic. My wife had the open-faced turkey and our friend had the corned beef sandwich (always the corned beef). Everything was GREAT!

Pat Black

Mediocre at best. Tried both the grilled and ungrilled pastrami sandwiches with onion rings. Sad to say all of it had hardly any taste. Very bland. Server was very kind but pushy. Everything else was pleasant otherwise.

Brad Rose

Come here every year. Food is good. Table served with homemade pickles, coleslaw, and fresh bread. Staff is great, even with a party of 20

Zack Mano

The best! No place like it!

Michael Mansfield

Was very disappointed with the waiter and the food wasn't worth the time or the money.

Doug Shapiro

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and Ben's brought back childhood memories of the best Kosher foods I had while growing up. We were visiting my brother and his wife, all of us from PA. They just relocated to Delray Beach and wanted to take us to Ben's, their great kosher deli discovery. We were not disappointed! The ambiance is great. The food, outstanding! They start you with tasty coleslaw and pickles. We ordered many delicious appetizers from kishka (derma) to potato pancakes. For lunch entrees, the beef in my wife's goulash melted in your mouth. My deli dog covered with sour kraut and topped with corned beef was tremendous with a traditional square fried potato kinish like we used to get at NY delis or on the beach! I wanted to try the matzo ball soup but already had too much food- next time! My brother already was taking home lots of leftovers! Manny, our server was great! The prices were more than reasonable and my brother even got a discount from Ben's points program. I know my siblings will enjoy Ben's as much as we did when they visit my brother in Delray Beach! This is the first of what I'm sure will be many future visits from "up north" and I can assure you that Ben's will become a regular destination! Highly recommended!

Mitchell Martin

Just like a N.Y. deli. Great lunch specials befor 5 pm

Nathan Y

Ben's is amazing! It's one of the best kosher deli's in South FL and one of the best I have ever been to. The food is excellent, portions are large and it is the most consistent restaurant I have ever been to. The food looks, taste and is exactly like it was the time before. If this wasn't enough they also have great service. The staff are attentive and professional. Unfortunately, my visit tonight, on father's day, was almost ruined by one person Rachel Stone. Rachel Stone began to influence my visit before I made it through the front door. Rachel Stone decided that on father's day, one of the busiest days for restaurants, to train a new employee (2nd day). She spent 2 to 3 minutes training right in front of customers. She was so close to us and it was so awkward that she actually acknowledged how uncomfortable it was by addressing us directly. She said "we can all get some training." Unfortunately we were not being included in training, we were forced into watching micro managing. What's worse is that micro management is really just a pc term for criticism. Rachel Stone stood there, on a busy night, and criticized someone publicly instead of doing something that might actually help customers, coworkers or the restaurant. She decided that this new employee was opening the door for customers incorrectly. That's right, Rachel Stone is being payed to show people how to open a door and she does it on one of the busiest nights of the year. You might think that this reaction is a little extreme but I believe that people who engage in micro management, to this extreme, destroy morral with their negativity. A person who humiliates others in this way is a cancer in the work place. If Rachel Stone acted this way with customers watching and listening then she must be an absolute terror when they aren't around. If you are wondering how I can be so sure I'll explain. I have been going to Ben's regularly for the last ten years (never noticed Rachel before) and everyone has been opening the door the same way. Rachel Stone should find important things that help the business or contribute to a customer's experience instead of humiliating and belittling her subordinates.

corinne ghelber

We order take out periodically. Everything is fresh and delicious. We love the spinach log, potato pancakes, salads and deli meats. Our counter person was so very helpful, reminding me when I needed applesauce or mustard. Great deli every time.

Mark Lenson

Excellent atmosphere, excellent service, and the food was over-the-top fantastic! Serving sizes were excellent and the flavor was bursting with every bite. I cannot say enough about this restaurant having it ALL together which is pretty rare for anyone restaurant to have atmosphere, service, and their food rate super high! Mark

David Kaleky

They have kosher items but it is not a place that people who eat only kosher will eat

Jack Stern

Excellent food & service as usual

Julie T.

OMG! If you want the best Jewish sandwich, this is the place!

Meg Eisenberg

I stopped by Ben’s today for a Quart of chicken noodle soup for my sick son. When I got home the soup was only broth and noodles without a single piece of chicken. For $9.00 a quart I was very surprised! When I called to ask about it before driving back they said they don’t put any chicken in their “Chicken noodle soup” and acted as if I should know that. The woman was very rude and hung up on me quickly. I won’t be returning and will let friends and family know.

Phillip Gamer

It's pretty decent nothing to call home about but not terrible

Roberto Zep

Delicious, soup was great. Pastrami sandwich was juicy and tender. Delishhhh.

Ken S

My only gripes are the Boca prices and the noise level, depending on where you sit. Food has been quite good each of the 5 or so times I've been there.

michael hockton

Just left here from lunch Very clean, excellent service from the lovely Howard Great nosh

Elliott Koltun

Excellent food and atmosphere

Andrew Washor

Great food. Reminds me of the New York delis of the sixties and seventies.

Mike Yark

Pretty good. Soild Jewish Deli.

Malcolm Nefsky

Food was great. Loved this old school deli.

One Jack

I can not give a zero but they are. Live close by so I get delivery often. NEVER EVER EVR CORRECTLY EVEN IF A SINGLE ITEM ORDERED. I guess I am an IDIOT. Never waste your money or time.

Jim Bowen

We had a taste for a good corn beef sandwich, so I stopped at Ben's Kosher Deli in Boca Raton, Florida. I ordered a carry-out corn beef on rye and swiss, only to discover that they didn't offer cheese according to the man at the deli-counter. I ordered my $12.00 sandwich and left for home. Once home I unwrapped my sandwich and was disappointed in the quantity of meat on the sandwich, but not as disappointed as I was once I took my first bite. This was the worst tasting corn beef sandwich I have personally ever had in my life, and I've had some great corn beef all over the country. It had zero flavor, it was bland, and dry! Did I mention no flavor? Too bad I couldn't leave zero stars! I wasted my time and money, and I will never go back!


Great! Authentic!

Terri Siegel

Really 2.5 - I have mixed feelings. The kishka is good - the chicken soup is bland - the unlimited pickles and slaw are nice. The service can be stellar or terrible - even if you are the only customers there. It's very hit or miss. I'm tired of forgiving mediocre restaurant food and service because they have a kosher certificate.

Michel Papescu

Worse apple strudel ever. Pastrami sandwich so so.

Alba Mora

Great sandwiches, always good food. Our server Joshep's too distracted.

Lisa M

Great food and service.

Eliana Rosen

The food here is fabulous. If you get in early enough the crowds aren't too bad, but around lunch expect to wait in line. I especially like the pastrami and chicken soup. What can I say? Can't complain.

Dianne Powers

Great food!

Brigette Lankar

Very nice restaurant when you want baubbie's food... Jerry is the best, Love him!!


Love it. Pastrami amazing. Don’t take Sevice too seriously as it’s casual NY style dining. Amazing value. Santiago behind the counter great.

Robert Nason

Ben's makes the best deli on Earth!

David Nittskoff

This is a Boca Raton location of Ben's in the New York area. It has a very large menu breakfast items to steaks and fish. The portions are very big oh, and is very high quality. I expect to eat there at least three times during my two weeks vacation. This is certified as a kosher meat restaurant so it does not serve dairy products.

Emery Drew

Great, food and service and I will go back.


Used to be the best... No more. And everyone has a bad attitude...

Mark Winer

Ben's has consistently been my favorite deli and restaurant for all the standard New York Jewish specialties. Two of us enjoyed excellent service from Howard. My personal favorite on the menu is the half sandwich and bowl of soup. Their frequent diner club offers special deals in your birthday month and in response to your frequent visits. Prices are as friendly as the service.


Best mushroom barley soup

Tony M

Great New York Jewish Deli right here in Florida.

Rach Wein

Nice place large selection of food, the lowest in kosher, not for Orthodox Jews

Ron Murstein

We got seated fairly promptly, that was good. Our Waitress came promptly, took our order and brought our food fairly promptly(that was good). The food we ordered was good, we were happy with the meal. After the waitress brought our food we never saw her again as far as serving us-she kept walking by us, she would not acknowledge our need for more water or anything else. We could not get her to come over to give us a bill. We had to walk up to the checkout area to get some service at that time. When we came up to pay the bill we had 3 gift cards totaling somewhere between $54 and $75. The cashier would not take them-he said they were over a year old(there was a statement on the back of the cards to that effect. We had bought these cards at a charitable fundraiser and this had never happened to us before. When we complained about the terrible waitress service the young man at the cashier said, " I do not want to hear about that, I am not interested, she is my grandmother"!!! What an awful customer experience. I live in Boca Raton full time--an experience like this will be told many times going forward!!!!!

Robert Fajardo

Pastrami had too much fat, pickles had no flavor and knish appeared to have been microwaved best part of the entire meal was the coleslaw.

Neil Tepper

It was not good at all.

Ralph Moccia

We have been a customer for over 20 years both on Long island and in Florida. It upset me when some people complained about the prices. Compared to others in our area at Ben's YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The best quality food and staff very accommodating.

Elizabeth Allen

Was really enjoying my brisket sandwich with half sour pickles and coke slaw with terrific waitress who was fun and kind and I was telling her my little kid pickle story from first deli experience and got a BOGO but an obnoxious creepy old guy interrupted my lunch with disgusting comments so I had to change my seat at counter. Then VERY bad experience at cashier ruined it further with little patience and in your face attitude about my lost Ben’s reward card. Manager, she was sarcastic to me. Oh well Food great. Not all staff except for waitress

Scott Dragoon

You may think this is a biased rating,however, after eating in every deli in Boca & Delray hands down the freshest tastiest soups sandwiches hands down. If you join the Ben's friend club you get tremendous $avings. It's clean, sanitations a priority, when only the best will do Ben's is for you

Jeffrey Mandel

Went to Ben's Deli about a month ago. Service was good, Friendly and Quick. Complimentary pickles and Cole slaw was placed on the table. I ordered Hot Pastrami on seedless rye, which was good. I did order a piece of Stuffed Derma but it was cold. Other than that, everything was good. Will go back.


The food was so trash the chicken hard the pastrami was extremely hard and the service was.the worst we never got the right food or drinks we never got napkins and the pickels sucked so much I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to to try something bad

Marixa Maller

Love the steak on Sunday . Best Cole slow ever.

Joyce Polikoff

Benny at the register was very curt and rude . Someone should tell him that nobody ever won an argument with a customer

Frank H

great food and selection. try to avoid sunday nights big lines.

Barbara Larson

An absolutely fantastic restaurant! very high quality professionals and the service staff know what they are doing. Keep it up!

Gayle Shields Eva

Worst customer service experience I have ever had at a restaurant. I have gone here for years, but after the way my family and I were treated we will never return. I went on a Sunday afternoon with a party of 7 (6 of which were there) and the 7th member was on the way and we knew their order. The restaurant was 1/4 full. Empty tables EVERYWHERE and plenty of staff. They refused to seat us until the 7th member arrived. This is the "rule" which their re-iterated several times. We have two small children and I would have no problem with waiting if the restaurant was busy/full. We spoke to two managers (one named Allen) who were both dismissive and rude. Food was served cold but wasn't even worth saying anything. Don't waste your money on this establishment - major price increases have occurred as well. They don't deserve to stay in business.

Ben Z


Norma Sheber

Food was great and the waiter was extremely helpful and

Morty Mozzar

They have excellent kosher-style food famous in New York where there originally from they have lunch specials at half a sandwich and soup and the soup comes in a large plate Les elections on different Meats and they serve knishes kishka and other sides they give you great tasting coleslaw all you can eat and half-sour and sour pickles or you can eat they also have a large selection of dr. Brown sodas a very good restaurant at reasonable prices would.

Marilyn S. Gorodetzer

Excellent food. Go before dinner as it gets very busy

Larry Rothman

Best pastrami ever, all the pickles and cole slaw you can eat, and great prices.

Carol Rosenburg

Wonderful restaurant that you can really enjoy with the family and kids. Food is very delicious and the staff are very polite!

khalil adwan

Good service and nice food, ill come back again

Abraham Moses Genen

A great place for high quality kosher deli at reasonable prices. You can also buy prepared delicacies to take home.

Arnold Ingram

I ate a Ben's on Sunday 8/13/17, and I have to say the service was absolutely amazing! Our waitress made us feel like we were her only customer. The free pickles and coleslaw were also amazing. I will be back.

Larry Hecker

Great kosher food with lots of choices. Service is good, often busy. Get everyone to arrive together if possible.

Cindy Borden

My husband & I were meeting our daughter here for lunch today. We got there a minute or two before her. One of the managers refused to seat us, because our daughter wasn’t there yet! The restaurant was empty! He could see I am handicapp! When I said I needed to sit down, he said sit up front! At that point my husband said never mind we will go somewhere else! Then he said ok if my daughter wasn’t far away! What nerve! To make matters even worse he started walking us to the far end of the restaurant! I said NO, why can’t we sit right here & I sat down!

Laura Bragg

Service was great and the good was phenomenal!

Jonathan Christopher

Never have I seen a waiter worse then this one. The worst salad i ever ate and the highest price I ever paid for a salad. If you want the unhealthy NYC food it serves than you might like it. Otherwise, stay away from this noisy, unwelcoming business.

Avi Schiller

Turkey leg was cold and very tough stuffing was not good tasteless the yams were hard basically it was not good very very disappointed service was good but that's about it.

H Ray Dobin

Fantastic sandwiches, huge bowls of soups, tennis ball sized matzoh balls, delicious kishka and don't get me started on the stuffed cabbage! Interesting Sunday prime rib special ... might be back just to try that!

brucevdmdesign .

Excellent food and service. Our waiter today, Timothy was exceptional. Been enjoying the food here for years with family and friends.

Jorge Irizarry

Typical menu for NY style delis. Maybe not so kosher anymore, since they now open Saturdays. But pretty good. Cole slaw and pickles already at the table to nosh while you wait. I chose the mushroom barley soup appetizer, and the steak Burger ,was not disappointed. Good old fashioned table service wearing ties and aprons. Try this place .

Elan Yaari

BEWARE !!! NOT KOSHER !!! NOT KOSHER !!! They say they are yet they DO NOT HAVE HECHSHER !!!

Howard Attermann

Always good!

Richard Schagrin

We haven't been to Ben's in years but they had a coupon to buy get 1 free. A real upscale large deli that is extremely attractive. They serve you very good cole slaw and whole pickles. I ordered the reuben, a little different. Comes on rye that is heated in a Panini machine. Surprisingly no cheese on it. Unfortunately the sandwich falls apart when you are eating it. The pastrami is just fair. My wife ordered a corned beef sandwich and had the same problem, the sandwich falling apart.

Vincent Rotondo

Great restaurant great service some of the best kosher food in South Florida

Jonathan Candiotti

Great food great service highly recommend

Herbert Schechter

Outstanding food. Strictly Kosher meat deli- no dairy.

Max Kipust

Amazing food. I can't believe I finished it

greta silverstein

A wonderful kosher deli in boca. My favorite is the corned beef sandwich or the pastrami. The deli is clean and organized and the service is fine.

Tara Brummit

not so good

James Ekholm

Pricey but good and proper! Even ordered delivery while in hospital . . . !

Rabbi Richard Perlman

Love this place... Never come to Florida without stopping here many times

Rabbi Natkin

Finest kosher deli within 20 miles of my house and then some. We took my wife's mother's first cousin to lunch. Cousin Irma is frum. She will only eat kosher and then it has to be glatt (meaning even more adherent to rules.) There was no objections to Ben's and even HER rabbi wanted something for her to bring back for HiM. It was a successful family reunion, fine lunch, and many great stories to pass on.

mike B

Great NYC deli. Try the grilled pastrami

Anthony Giudice

Square knish. Eat it! It's supposed to be with mustard. Just get it. Also, the kosher meats are awesome.

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Olive Garden Italian Rest...
Catering - Florida

Italian restaurant

Liborios Latin Cafe & Catering
Liborios Latin Cafe & Cat...
Catering - Florida

Latin American restaurant

Zoo Miami Catering
Zoo Miami Catering
Catering - Florida

American restaurant