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Where is ShopRite of Newark, DE?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Newark, DE IN Delaware

Tim Smith

Poor experience at checkout, management released a young lady from training before she was ready and it didn't go well. Usually they are pretty efficient.

Bruce Lee

It's in a convenient place.

Neen Boo

I only had to get bread. It was confusing trying to figure out which lines were open and closed.

Phyllis Sinclair

They are the best

Lynn Burrage

Shoprite at this location is the worse I have been to. I go back thinking it will improve. Food quality is the worse. I have had to take food back because it was expired or punctured packaging.

Asif Kunwar

Difficult to find items. Don’t accept ebt on glaciers water filling machine.

smart gang

Lots of great products.. excellent super coupons!

Hassane Jliouel

It's had everything you need

Cyretha Gates

The store had some of what I needed. No seaweed snaxs

Arsh Jamil

Wonderfully well stocked grocery store

Kimberly Dotson

I love shop rite but this one is just too outdated and options and variety aren't available at this location. Great great employees! Very clean and great cause it's in our neighborhood and they are open till 1am and that's awesome. Just if you're looking to do great big shopping you should good one the other ShopRite I have more of a selection

Andrea Alexander

It does need a bit of a makeover

Brenda Wothers

Great sales

Leon Peterson

Great prices

josh and Sonic games

Love the Store and all the staff is wonderful and friendly

con d

I use to like this store. I hate that they got rid of half the cashiers and how its only self check out now. They stop selling a lot of things that I use to buy here as well. I have stopped coming here so much and shop elsewhere. It's sad cause at one time I loved going here. They had the best staff. Now not so much.

Sherry Nasif

This supermarket had everything I needed....


Good selection of food. Decent prices on discounted items.

Holly Hagerman

Good prices but I'm so sick of having to ring up my own groceries so they don't have to pay cashiers. I have my own job why should I have to do someone elses.

james stevenson

The ShopRite in Newark used to be my number one grocery store since they have all self-checkout you find yourself waiting in line a lot longer well never shopping at store again

Jerone Holmes

Always find what i need. Love this store.

Brenda Thongvong

Great prices, and fully stocked.

Rafael Davila

Customer for years excellent service!!

Tyra Person

A little exspensive but a good variety of items


Not a bad place for grocery shopping, l hope they would renovate it like the one off 896

Melissa McCafferty

Clean but dingy can always find good deals

Emily Cabrera

This supermarket in 896 us the best. The employees very nice and I can found the Hispanic food too.

Dion Murphy

Great Very nice good customer service

glenn kayea

Great! No long lines especially on Christmas Eve day. Parking lot is a little scary. Sharp corners and weird one lane out separating sections.

Asha Saidi

It is a great place it has everything I need

Ken Walker

Love this store


Lack of aisle identified as cashier with no one there. I am not going load items, ring them up, bag them, and pay for them and not ever earn 5% off for doing that.

Audrey Spring

Its smaller than the one in Bear however, it feels like you can find what you're looking for more easily. The staff is friendly and will help you bring your cart to your vehicle if you need assistance.

Margaret Pratt

Getting too high prices are study rising, hardly any coupons anymorre

Shannon Ward

Employees are all nice and helpful, and the selection is pretty good, though definitely not as big as some other ShopRites. This is my regular grocery store, and I very rarely have a problem finding what I need!

Dice Dadd

Great lots of ethnic items in store

Michael Colden

My place for Quick Meals.

Al Ross

Really not impressed. Prices were good, store is very dated, smelled funky, looked dirty.

Brendan Saberton

Absolutely terrible. All the machines went down and the only thing the clerk on duty was concerned about was that her shift ended in 15 minutes. Had to stand in line for 20 minutes to use the atm and nothing was done to accommodate anyone that was trying to get their groceries. Do not recommend. Would never shop at this location again.

Kat scarantini

Has a great variety of products . Quick help from cash registers. Great pastries.

Pug Potato

The store is mainly food, but there are other things, like school supplies.

Piper Elizabeth

Love this store

Pat Henderson

As long as they have people on the registers. Hate bagging my own !!

JoAnna Pullella

Offer a very good assortment of grocery items not easily found in other stores and always have amazing sales and of course can-can deals!

Whats To Eat B

I just recently moved to DE and found this to be my go to supermarket. I use to go to Shoprite in NYC so was glad to know ShopRite didn’t lose my store coupon account. The store though seems like it needs a little spruce up curb appeal but the shopping experience is still great. All the aisles are well organized and labeled nicely with sales clear and visible. I’ve had several great experiences with the personnel who have helped me when I appeared lose looking for something and they made me happy to report they do have integrity about their roles. Great job.

Maria Michelle Tarry

It's okay. I like to shop for my groceries at ShopRite because they have the best prices and good weekly deals. This ShopRite is not like any other ShopRite I've visited. The layout is a little chaotic, and the place looks a bit run-down. The produce section is okay, they have a decent selection of fruits and vegetables.

Marlon S McNeill Sr

Great location and has a good selection giving the size compared to other locations.


Akways do ny shopping here, can find everything im looking for.

Jerome Powers

Very rude staff and night manager!!! Called and asked if they had a specific item was overheard an employee say “if he doesn’t get here in 20 mins he will not get his damn plunger!!” Called back to speak with a more rude manager as he tells me that she didn’t say that and he was standing right there! Really!! I will be calling corporate in the am, this is how they treat loyal customers!

I am good Carr

Cashiers who hate being cashiers should find something else to do

Luann DiCola

Great store, clean, stocked well, all associates helpful and congenial. Plenty of cashiers who are polite, friendly, accomodating, and quick. Great experience in this store.

Zach Harris

A quick stop for basic groceries

M Milligan

They pretty much have everything that I need if I'm looking for something new the workers there are always eager to help me find it.

Lucinda Bannister

Great sales an good prices

Dwayne Devaney

The best shop rite in new castle county. Very large selection, very clean, large aisles.

Justin AG

The staff are kind and down to earth and will help with any of your problems.

Low Incime

They’re ice cream usually is on sale

Gene Pennewell Sr.

Great place to go shopping with the family.

Ricardo Gomez

Conveniently located. Well stocked. Competitive prices. The meat selection is satisfactory. The staff is pleasant and helpful.

Steve Mulligan

As always, my trip to Shoprite was a good one. Pam was very helpful and pleasant when I needed her assistance.

Eunice Rogers

Very clean staff very helpful all sale items were in stock no lines very enjoyable

Florence White

Can always find what I need. Prices are great. Will shop here again soon.

Barry H

I grew up with this ShopRite and love it. They always have everything you need. Everything is always fresh. I was looking for pizza shells and found a new less expensive brand in the store bakery department. This smaller store is also easier to get around and find everything you need quickly. I always get though checkout faster in this store when I'm ready to leave. Store has more of a neighborhod feeling.

Autumn Ungerer

I know where everything is, nope with your own check out line everything is easier.

ameer basha

Great place. Finally I found a place where halal meat available. Great deals every week

Steve Hart

Older, smaller ShopRite with a good meat and seafood section... better than most in the area.

Aletia Morgan

Good prices, but too many self-checkout machines, that hurt jobs. Shouldn't there be a discount for using self-checkout, since the customer is doing the store's work?

Rick Nelson

Great place to go food shopping love help there

Leandro Lopez

My go-to grocery store. ShopRite's prices are some of the cheapest around. The main reason for the 5-stars is the friendly neighborhood feel of the store. The workers are all great and helpful and I've never had a bad experience coming here for years.

Ginger Pasquale

I like going here because there are alot of good deals and I know where everything is, but I don't like the bathrooms. Not clean and not customer friendly. They really need to work on that.

Kathleen Clifford

I am not liking that the check out is all self service the majority of the time.

Sue .

A nice & friendly place to buy all my groceries. Been going here for many years. Always have everything I need.

James Sturgis

Great place to grocery shop!

Valerie Beltran

great deals

Sayde Lowickistein

Wow! I thought the Stanton Shoprite was antiquated. This one is in need of a wrecking ball. Small isles. Limited... everything. All of the check out lanes that were open were self service except 2. Really? You over charge plus make customers ring & bag their own order in a dump?! No carry baskets, only carts, bc idiots steal them...(so i was told when i asked for one). Nothing worthy of ever returning.

Tomlin-Clarinda Campbell

This was once the place to go to. They decided to remove all the cashiers and put in scanners for you to scan your own stuff. I dislike this and have chosen to start going to the whole food store. This change is due to the long lines just to check out now.

Travis G.

Friendly people, good selection, line moved quickly. Parking is also easy and they have plenty of carts (almost too many!). They also sell propane out front and bags of ice just inside near the registers.


Been going to ShopRite since I was a kid. Always a pleasant experience.

Preston Merrell

They didn't have Sweet Baby Ray's red chili sauce

Patricia Shetzler

Was good need more cashears

William Palmer 3rd

I come to this store often. Today I had the misfortune of asking ASHLEY for assistance. Not only was she rude but advised me to get a grip when I showed my disappointment in her lack of customer service. I spoke to the manager Brice or Bret, he said that she will be corrected.

Caleb Torres

Very ugly but huge store

Michelle Covais

Very good prices and specials-!

Chris Pass

Much better then the big chains.

Naomi M Skipworth

This shoprite is so clean, beautiful aisle are always stocked oh my goodness the staff is beyond friendly i just moved here 3month ago from Philly they have nonething compared to Delaware shoprite thanks will always shop there smooches

John Larsson

Good selection of Bob’s Red Mill items at good prices and on sale too! Unlike another ShopRite I usually go to in Bear, this one has most of the Bob’s Red Mill products in one area rather than scattered all over the store. Otherwise, this store has all the same pluses and minuses you’ll find at the other local ShopRites including the outright lie “half price” sales. That’s not to say they don’t have some great sales. They do, however, just because it says sale doesn’t guarantee that it’s a good price.


Nice chain with cheaper prices compare to ACME store. Particularly this store is outdated. Complicated loyalty system. You will need to have loyalty card, paper coupons, load application to your phone to use additional digital this case you can get the lowest price. At the last this place selling fresh baby dill ! Hope you know what is it :-)

phil harris

This is an awesome place the best one I know and I'm from New York

Tina Caballero

Place was very warm in there today. Computer for the plus card was down. Overall I like the one on 896 better

Thomas Buchter

Self check was difficult to use.

Stephanie Johnson

Awesome deals and great online app

sai kiran tamatam

good store for quick shopping of food also have fast food center inside store for quick bite (sandwiches are very nice..)


Too many self check-out lanes. Not enough cashier's. Low prices but poorly managed.

Harold Roy

Love ShopRite,they have unadvertised items on sale!

Mirko Obradovic

Lots of goodies and friendly staff. I love coming here. P.S. join price plus club!

Brian Callaghan

I have been going to this store for years. Never had a complaint,,,,EVER. Till they decided to put in their new self-checkout lanes. I have NEVER called any corporate location for any type of store in my 64 years on this earth. I was forced to call twice in the past 1 1/2 months. Sunday morning not even one of the regular registers was open. However, for the new self-checkout registers 3 of us had full carts and nobody to assist us. Despite the sign that stated cashier? The women in front of me was livid and having ongoing problems with her register. Poor Charlane was assisting customers on the original self-checkout and had to keep running over to assist the lady. I figure if you're going to make changes with the times,,,,,,you better be prepared for those changes. Unfortunately, this system has been implemented long enough that any kinks in the armour should have been rectified.

brenda lumpkin

I had a problem with shoprite having all self check out,,we started going elsewhere,,I told them about it hurting us older people as we go to socialize as well as shop,,they fixed it and now they have equal self check out and cashiers,,we r now back,,thank you shoprite for making us feel cared for in our community,,love our shoprite

Catherine Millar-Haskell

The store seems out of date and old, but the food selection here is noticeably better than some of the other grocery stores in the area. I would give it a higher rating if the parking lot wasn't so badly designed and if the store itself wasn't rough around the edges. Prices were decent, at least.

Ej Studios

Staff is friendly but the store needs to upgrade, and it's a little dirty

Carolyn Agnew

When upper mgmt is talking to other workers blocking the already crowded and narrow isles, you're trying shop, ya think they'd move aside, a little? Nope! This has happened many times, how rude! They're prices have really increased, a lot Shopped there for 25yrs done with it! Truly bottom of the barrel store. Will never step foot in there again. No offense meant to those long time employees.

Geezus pieces 302

Place been here for years good service experience even when I was a kiddo


Shop Rite is NOT cheap by ANY stretch of the imagination; even WITH their card! Customer Service did expediently provide me a new card, though.


It was nice but the way they checked you out was weird. They scanned and bagged everything for you but the register looked like one of those at Walmart with a belt and you do it yourself.

Srujan M

Great deals for cheap price

Patty Windsor Mason

It's very reasonable and convenient...

Kronous Kane

This is a typical super market with the exception that to me at least the isle structure makes little to know sense. The lines tend to be reasonable except for sundays. I personally have never seen out of date products on the shelves and the shelves tend to be stocked well and faced well. Once you remember where things are this is a nice super market.

lisa richards

Very helpful staff especially in the filling of prescriptions. The store upgrade was a great bonus.

Kimberly Walls

Kinda run down but a good selection

Karen Pelletier

Overall, good. register system has me looking for new store.

Kirby Rodgers

Store needs a upgrade but folks there are very nice and it's a great place to shop

Michael Chapman

Nice supermarket with great sales/specials.

Mike Meyer

The best meat department around.


Well stocked

xDNRx .

Been coming to this location for about 15yrs. Love most of the staff, customer service is always willing to help & go above and beyond.

K. McCrsy

The store needs a make over.

Quazonia Quarles

I love popping in here to get quick needed items.

Asi'a Darring

Aleays good sales but the decrease in cashiers is less to be desired.

Sheila Lolley

I dont usually go there,but I was visiting a friend,so I when there,the bus line is not available to good,

Chelle Bachman

I’ve been shopping here for 50 years and it’s always been a generally good experience until they got rid of the cashiers. BRING THEM BACK!

Manan Parikh

Good place for shopping all fresh groceries and other house hold supplies.

Jerry L'Italien

Good prices. Decent customer service.

Tammy Argueta

This location is in serious need for renovation.Expired food found several times.The employees are not happy. I hate that all registers are now do it yourself checkout.

Jaynee Levy-Polis

Compact and complete! This is a supermarket about 75% the size of the newer supermarkets. It's packed with everything even though is size could have been an issue. Staff are friendly and helpful. The store is clean and we'll lit. In the same strip mall, there is a Rite Aid, a liquor store, and a Middle Eastern restaurant plus more.

A. milligan

Great food deals.

Robin Graves

Great sales! Great variety! Accessible! Just doesn’t seem well lit and their meat prices( chicken breast in particular) seem high. On the other hand, they almost always have ice cream on sale! Their produce are well priced. They also have all my Goya seasonings, the ones I can’t find anywhere else. Cashiers are friendly!

joann liberti

I love shop rite. there home made sausage is great. they always have what I need. I miss it. I am about an hour and a half away. so when I 'm there I try to stock up. if anyone goes , they won't be sorry. I'm more then sure. enjoy.

Kelley Hoover

Way too crowded and they only had ONE checkout lane open with a human. The other ones were malfunctioning self checks outs.

shamayara woodson

Cashiers and managers were not knowledgeable about how to work their EBT/Debit machines. Very dissapointing.

Cherry Spratley

Overall a good store with a nice selection. Also quite a few items for diabetics or those who are watching or trying to loose weight. The employees are friendly and helpful.

Victoria Moffa

It has a wired layout, it's very small and old. The employees are very nice.

Luz Maria

My go to store for shopping. Has most of what I need.

GodWithUs Emmanuel

Always had great shopping experience each time.

Richard Sun

Friendly service. When asking for help they find someone to help you if they can't.


Needs need look and it was really hot inside

Monica Durrell

While the store could use some updating and a good deep cleaning it is all and all a good local grocer. They have a good selection and they’re prices aren’t to bad either. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Gregory Maahs

Gone away from regular cashier's, making longer lines. Substituting items because they don't order enough sale items. Feel like it's a bait and switch! !!

Chris Mendez


John Zeron

This is my source for La Yogurt. They have all the flavors of this probiotic treat with certified live and active cultures. The produce is varied and fresh. Meat prices are merely acceptable. Seafood selections are fresh. However, they are not suitable for sushi or sashimi. The dry goods lack in breadth of selection and variety of brands. Who doesn't dell Juicy Juice?

Diane Henry

The employees are great but I ABSOLUTELY hate the new registers. I wait in the old registers lines. It goes much faster.

Regina i

This is a great shoprite except they don't have many cashiers anymore. If they are going this route, they should at least offer order online with in store pick up. This shop rite is a five minute drive for me, so really like going to this store.

Bharathkumar Kandaswamy a.k.a ABS2

Slow moving shopping experience, there is a lot of time wasted in sea food and billing sections

brittany anastasia

Love this place great service Deli meats are amazing. Sales are always great as well

John Beauchamp

It was one of the worst shop rites I've shopped at. They had only 2 registers open with a cashier and THEY WERE ONLY FOR 25 OR MORE items. Lots of self help registers but nobody there to pay you for ringing yourself out!!! Issues with self check out. The people at customer service acted like they did not want to be bothered to help.

rose Henaine

My favorite store always good prices

Sniper Pigeon

Offers a military discount, open late. Decent prices

Mickel Smith

It's not the worst but also it's nothing special.

Harry Porter

I really can't say enough nice things about the Newark Shoprite. The people are like family, truly, if you need help with anything, they're there. I've been a devoted customer for 20 years now and they truly are a step above. They have a better cheese selection, better meat selection, more ethnic food. They even hve a great selection of Jamaican stuff (I love Jamaican food). Even better since they added the Kenny's spice selection

Tiffany Hamlyn

The employee needs more training in customer service.

N. Gino Banco

Excellent experience. Got everything I need at reasonable price. thank you

sheila faber

This place has gone down hill. Is getting to be a bit ghetto

Chef Steph G.

Pros: Bathroom was clean. Employee helped packed my groceries in the self checkout lane. Cons: Called store to see if they had a product I was looking for. Thé customer service rep said yes, but when I arrivéd they were all out. It was on hold. Fyi: If you call thé store looking for a product, ask them to check thé shelf so you dont waste a trip.

Aaron Wilson

Store has a horrible parking lot design. The inside of the store was pretty messy and I did not realize until I got home that the coffee drink I had purchased was 6 months expired. All lanes were self checkout and a complete disaster for logistics.

Laura Lenox

Great neighborhood store.

Kristine Waldo

There new system of everyone checking themselves out is ridiculous. I have come to this store for 25 years but have not been happy with prices for the past few years. With current changes, I will not be back and will warn others. Lines are awful.

George H.

Dirty now only self serve registers. Always backed up.

Lisa Barrett

Love the 1am closing. Sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day to get to the grocery store at an earlier time.

Star Taylor

Produce doesn't seem to last, but I have been going here since I was a child, plus it's close to my home. Louis, Sharon and Brenda are nice, just to name a few. The birds that fly in from time to time are disgusting to see. I get select foods here because of convenience only.

Rose Bush

I love this place. From the Bakery, the Deli, and Produce, to the Cashiers and Front End (that's what the position was called when I worked at Safeway), everyone is genuine and helpful. I know the electronics aren't the fastest, I go for the savings, convenience, and the Presence.

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