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Where is ShopRite of Governor's Square?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Governor's Square IN Delaware

helen bordley

Nice clean employees helpful

Neen Boo

I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Ron Lux

It's 5 stars for me! Being retired helps a lot as I can go during the week cuz the last thing you want to do is to go on a Friday night or Saturday it's packed but for your money it's the place to go!

Susan Baker

Used to love it but now I have to check myself our and bag my own groceries and dont even get a discount!! Going to Acme. They have cashiers and baggers.


Easy access but congested at times. Great variety.

Vivace Corvus

Good store. Nicely sucked. My only problem is it's a bit cluttered, and the staff can be rude.

Lester Jones

Good store to shop. Isles are easy to understand what products are where and a very diverse quantity of products. The only take was some shelves were low on certain items.

Michael Cassam

One of the few places that sells Burrata. They always have a nice selection of fresh fish with a knowledgeable staff. The guy behind the sushi counter is more knowledgeable about the sushi rolls than many of the local restaurants.

Selma Cash

You always find what you need

Michelle Flowers

Good..but the flies that hang around the checkout area has got to go!! Conveyor belts should be wiped down and cleaned!!!!

Anand B

Not a peaceful shopping experience as it was pretty crowded - maybe because it was a Sunday evening. Hard to find parking spots. The cake we bought here (shadow cake) was not tasting as good as the one we bought at some other shop rite. The staff were very helpful in directing us to find few specific items.

Southern Patriot

They are a little high on their prices but the sales are good We watch the sales fliers and shop then. Always check the meat section for sales and managers specials. They were crowded today (Sunday 4 pm) but several lines were open so not a very long wait.

DeBo'rah Williams

Best grocery store in Newark, Delaware

StopAndGo79 stopandgo79

I always shop here they have great prices occasionally they are busy.

Marie Knight

Clean store, nice variety of items, decent sale prices. I appreciate their fresh seafood department.

Switch Arue

They have almond milk yogurt flips. Awesome. This is also one of the only Shoprite' s where I can find unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, I have a hard time finding them, I search for them often (the frosting contains gelatin).

Deborah Pozsonyi

Best selection, great prices and fantastic customer service!

The Good Elkin

Constantly super busy. I've only ever seen it absolutely swamped with customers. The building itself is cramped and dim, the shelves are really messy, and again it's ALWAYS crowded. I don't understand why it's so busy because their prices aren't even any good. The deli, produce, and bakery sections are nice though with good fresh selection. It's never good for a full grocery shopping trip, only really worth it if you're going in for a few specific items that you can't find somewhere else, or that's advertised as a good sale.

Monique Stokes

Always has what I need plus more.

Michael Frisbee

Good prices and lots of food to choose from

Stefanie Stigler

They are usually well stocked on sale items and for the weekend crowds. Most of the staff is helpful and friendly. I do like to shop there because they usually have everything I need in one stop

Lisa George

This is my go-to store for sales. Every week they send me Flyers With Coupons that are almost too good to be true. As a mother it is hard to save when certain things and this store helps when it comes to the grocery side of savings. The store is clean, the produce is fresh, they have a great selection of produce, Deli items, Bakery, Seafood, meat, and frozen foods. The store is also handicap accessible all throughout the front and plenty of handicap spaces in the front as well.

Michael Colden

Decent experience, not crowded. Aisles clean. Cashiers professional.

Susan C

This store was large. There was a large variety of items. It was easy to navigate in the store. The store was clean. Employees were friendly. Food was fresh. Good selection of fruits, vegetables , meat, seafood and dairy products. Parking lot was clean and well lit at night. They make sushi while you wait. Deli counter was clean. There was a good variety in the deli.

Tanya Noble

My mom loves Shoprite!!

Pat Kowinsky

Good sale prices

Marie Jeanty

Visited today Nov 20, 2018. Shopping for Thanksgiving. A lot of people were in the stores. What I liked was even though the store was packed, they had every line open and even had some staff working the self checkout line. They were very friendly and very prepared. I was able to get everything I needed in the store without a hassle. Even when they ran out of shoprite water on the shelves, I told a staff member and they were right on it. He got my four I asked for first, then he went back and got the water to restock shelves.

A.J. Wade

Great seafood and meat department. Butcher's are very helpful


Hardly any staffed registers as the store has made a hard shift to self check out, which is disgusting to me. I don't come to a supermarket to spend my hard earned money to take on the role of staff when it's time to leave. Especially when the machines are almost ALWAYS a headache to use efficiently. Prices are OK, but you know the only reason they still exist is because the local area depends on them for goods, not because of amazing service or pricing.

Marlon S McNeill Sr

Purchased a cake for my wife's birthday and it was really good... would recommend to family and friends.

Barbara Taglienti

Awesome store. Has everything!


They need more cashiers, this place gets crowded on weekends

Georgia Hill

Teenagers. All I gotta say. Nothing but a bunch of teenagers who dont like customer service. They dont seem eager to help or work or anything. The older staff is GREAT, but man the kids just hate their jobs lol

Kenneth Anderson

Great prices nice staff good location

David Newman

I shop there a lot Because the fruits And vegetables are always fresh in the prices are very good

Jerolyn Frink

I love shoprite..very congested but it's a good place to get your groceries

Jennifer Murawski

Everything is easY ti find

Nancy Penn

Best prices. Great sales.

David Suiters

I love ShopRite prices and the meat. ShopRite is better then Acme, food Lion .

denielle walker

Always a decent place to shop. Although I find the guys behind the scenes(the stockers) more pleasant and often more helpful than the people upfront!

Michelle F

This place is always packed and rarely has good deals

SL Troupe

I like ShopRite because they carry items that others usually don't.

Paul Nilson

Great deals and nice atmosphere

Fahad Alharbi

Very clean and organized.

Margaret Graves

This is my favorite supermarket. I started out with the ShopRite of Elizabeth, NJ which is owned by the Wakern Corp. I was glad to find some in DE owned by the Kenny Family.

Justin Jenkins

The store is nice and well maintained with great staff


Great location, big selection of products, super friendly staff. I like to go on weekdays while it's not that busy, but I think they need to realize that staffing self-service machines rather than the original cashier machines seems less productive (unless those machines weren't operational that day).

Sandra Bouchard

I'll let u know

Pat Davis

I personally prefer a cashier all i could find is machine. The stupid thing kept ringing as i put bags that we're full into the cart. Some of us like humans. I went be back

Teresa C

Busy but organized and clean

Alex Afedzi

I'm often irate from work and their closing hour is a lot of help to do my grocery

orchid Love

Clean and the fresh produce is really good. Pretty good cheese selection.

Robert Jones

ShopRite has everything you need for your home

Dawnee Watson-Bouie

I'm not feeling the abundance of self service aisles to cashier ratios. No one wants to wait in lines, pack the cart with food, unpack the cart to buy, bag your own groceries, then load your car, unload your car, unpack your groceries, & finally load your shelves at home all for same high prices! Saving labor doesn't hit my bar high. Some of us want to interact with people, get customer service & NOT be penalized for it. Sometimes a smile & a chat goes along way.


The organics are plentiful and they are very easy to find. However there were no all natural hygiene products I still have to travel to trader Joe's for deodorant and it wou lo d be nice to see organic frozen foods otherwise your at the top better than stop& shops over priced items from the pantry co

Tianna Jackson

Always have what I need and they usually have plenty of lines open to accommodate their customers.

Jane Quinn-Schwartz

The market is great. They need to police their parking lot. I have had people approach me with scams a few times. My friend had her purse stolen in the parking lot. I don't go there much anymore because I feel uncomfortable. Make it safer and I will be back.

Peter Klein McMonagle

This is my normal store for me weekly shopping. However, I may need to find somewhere else. I go shopping Monday mornings when then open. Today was the fourth time in six months that I had to self Check out my weekly order because they had no regular line open. If someone calls out, someone else in the store should be able to step in until someone gets in. No regular line open is a sign of poor store management. I don't want to go somewhere else, but I may have to.

D. Williams

So busy at this location more promotional items

Van Mciver

they have great deals you're always accommodating they have good service

Tammy Reynolds

Shop rite bakery at governor square have great tasting cakes. The cake is always moist, and the icing is just the perfect mix not overly sweet. How ever getting what you order is defiantly a problem! I ordered a full sheet cake half chocolate half white, with whipped icing. The writing to be On half of the cake only. leaving the other side a blank canvas so i could place the custom deco that i had already bought, paid 30.00 for and had shipped to me. I confirmed with the bakery they day before and made them read the directions back to me to make sure they where right. The next morning I went to pick up the cake just to find out it was completely wrong!! They wrote across the whole entire cake with no room for the 30 dollar deco I had custom made. The party was in 3 hours no time to make a new one and no body working in the bakery to even do another one anyway. I was very disappointed and angry. I let it go figured mistakes happen and they gave me a discounte. should have not had to pay at all but I was backed in to a corner ;so I took the cake and had to eat the cost of the deco I had custom made for the cake.. So this past week I ordered a quarter sheet of red velvet cake with whipped icing and strawberry filling trimed in pink roses I confirmed again the day before 3/21/19 and explained what happened last time and to please make sure my order was right. Asked them for a conformation email because I have not yet recived one and gave them my email again. On Friday 3/22/19 12:00 I went to pick up my order. just like the first cake it was wrong no strawberry filling and no pink roses. I told the lady I will wait why they made a new one cause I didn't need the cake for another 6 hours. Then the lady said oh I'm sorry we don't have anyone here to make a new one they are gone for the day. I demanded to speak to a manger; I showed him my ticket order of what I ordered THAT by the way I never recived my copy until the lady at the bakery gave me one. On the ticket it stated red velvet cake with whipped icing and pink roses to say happy birthday tia/mommy the order ticket was wrong along with the cake! the person who took my order never put the strawberry filling on the order form and had some email that was nothing close to mine. Pink roses where on the order form but guess the decorator just didn't feel like putting them on the cake. So my cake was a red velvet cake with whipped icing. Not the one I ordered. I was so made I could spit nails and to top it off the bakery manager said he couldn't do anything to help me and passed blame off to the people taking the orders. So I pointed out to him it was not just who took my order cause the roses are listed and where not put on my cake!! He said the most he could do was give me 5.00 off so I got stuck paying for a cake that was not what I ordered once again making it 2x in a row. I will never ever order another cake form shop rite and I would advise anyone thinking about ordering a cake for their special event not to order from them well unless you don't really care if you get the cake you order.

Tony Dorin

Good sale prices

Margery Littman

Not the shopping experience I thought it was gonna be! But it was ok. I'm used to the ShopRite in Staten Island NY or Little Falls NJ where the prices & selection are alittle better. But still better than the south Delaware supermarkets!


As a frequent shopper, their supply is unlimited! Always fully stocked & clean.

David Knodel

Large and well stocked grocery store. A lot of prepared foods including sushi.

William Powell

I shop here for almost all my grocery's. They have the best prices and friendly people. They seem to have what I need.

C Monroe

My go to next to Walmart for staples


Great sales, meats are always fresh. Staff very friendly

Amanda M

Fresh produce and great prices! It is also very noticeable as soon as you walk in the door, that management takes pride in their store. Everything looks beautiful and it smells clean and fresh.

Don Hagen

Love Shop Rite. One was near to me in New Jersey, and I miss them in the area of Delaware where I live. This one is an hour away, but I pass it going to my daughter's place in PA, so stop in on the way home. The selection is AMAZING. Sometimes there are almost too many products to choose from - for example, tomato sauces - huge selection. It really pays to get a flier from customer service and get coupons and look for sales - they are great. The store brands are superb and good bargains.

Chris Moores

Cashier 206 was awesome. Helped me out with my purchase. She did not get annoyed when it took me a while to find my club card even though the store was packed. Meat guy in the back was helpful also helping me find frozen burgers

Pamela Inskeep

Maintenance Rx that were free now have a cost of 30 pills for $3 or $4 and 90 pills for $8.

Tara Jones

Great prices and clean place

Evan deMarteleire

I have yet to visit a ShopRite I liked. Their item organization doesn't usually make sense and no matter how neat, always seems in disarray. This location is no exception. They also didn't leave enough space between the end of the aisles and the registers, for the volume of customers, so there are many near, or actual cart collisions.

bernard hanton

Got some seafood staff was nice store is understaffed

Rachel Thomas

Only complaint it that they never have enough cashiers working. Not everyone can use self checkout bc some have handicaps that prevent them from being able to.

Maur Laughter

The best shoprite in town great food store Very good staff.

Denise Dennison

this is the best place in bear to find many food items. Finding the best price food is essential to keeping food in our pantry. However, if the food goes bad in only a few days the great priced items end up o nly being wasted. So, that being said, I find that Shop Rites items are not only fresh at the time of purchase, but the shelf life is much linger than I find at many other places; especially when I purchase "sale" items I buy at many places, I find that you really have to use the sales to your advantage and find which places are best for each specific food items. This Shop Rite is best for lunchmeat sales and the meat departments always have a great weekly special. The fruit and the dairy are always fresh and lets face it

Diana DeGannes

Helpful staff organized neat clean

flower pot

Jack was his name real helpful.would go here anytime am around

delia ocasio

They have the best sushi selection ,fresh produce

Mrs. Madd

Haven't been to this shoprite in a while. I notice some new stuff like the carts. Very fancy and easy to move. I like it.

Pete G

More expensive than other grocery stores. Nothing special about it. Go to another store. There are plenty that are just as clean with same amenities, and lower prices. In this area I'd recommend giant it's less than .5 mile up 40 in Eden square

Linda Ricks

Always a pleasant experience while shopping at shoprite .

Liz May

I tried to use the app where you can shop and pay right from the app but it would not connect to the system network that you need to connect to to use the app so I used the other shoprite app and had to go there the checkout to pay. Even though I was in the store scanning items to go in my cart I would sometimes get a message that the actual item I just scanned while in the store was not available for that store. Really? And they were out of many products on sale. If you're going to put something on sale you should make sure you have enough of that item due to high demand because of the sale. Also the associate that helped out at self check could have been a happier during our interaction.

william callahan

Keep changing setup, no longer carry favorite brands

LeeAnn Matthews

Best prices around on groceries. Employees are helpful. Cashiers always ask if you found everything you needed.

Shamicka Harris

Great customer service even on a busy super bowl Sunday.

Dana Iacona

They have good prices

Ree-ree Holman

Convenient but can get very crowded. It used to be cheaper but a lil pricey especially the meats. Overall not a bad supermarket. 4 stars because of the price.

Daniel Lawler

Very busy but we were in and out quickly. Shop rite is by far my favorite store. The people are friendly and helpful.

Margo Thompson

The store is well organized. Extremely busy. But employees always make an effort to help. Customer Service is outstanding! Quality personnel on every level. This is why I choose to shop at ShopRite!

Brittany Smith

Orangized clean and we'll staffed

Eric Chase

Had to return Been & Jerry's I've cream. It was damaged and I didn't know it until I got home.

Anthony Camerino

Well stocked, super clean, very organized this Shoprite is at the top of its class in Delaware. This is a huge store loaded with fine meats, fresh produce, a big dairy area, and a strong collection of frozen foods, vegtables and dinner entrees. This spot also has a huge deli featuring black bear, shoprite and boars head meat and cheeses, and an exceptional fish and bakery department. If that isnt enough, you can also get already made meals, including chicken and fish entrees.

Carmen Nacchio

Large store,lots if items,great selections.Prices could be better on some items.

Don Hirtley

Not a big fan of the parking lot but I dislike any parking at Governors Square. Shoprite itself is a decent supermarket, good layout, big produce section, and good prices. It can be very crowded so I usually only go there when there is a great sale.

Dion Bernardo

This place is getting worse. Need more cashiers and forcing consumers to use self checkout, my son who was a chashier himself had to help someone use the self checkout lame and ended up doing his whole purchase and he's not getting paid for because they refused to hire or pay chashiers just to save a buck while the increase of my grocery bill goes up .

Erica Smith

If you are looking for the WORST service in town, then this Shoprite is the one for you. They are forcing customers to use the self-check-out lanes and creating chaos. People are very angry at shoprite for not providing actual registers with cashiers handling the customers, which is what I call customer service. Also, there are carts all over the parking lot and all the employees seem very unhappy, they never smile nor look at you to make sure you are getting suprior service. It is aparent that this company has no clue about customer service. They lost me as a customer and they provably lost many more due to the lock of actual register attendants and chaos in this establishment

Karin Dempsey

I shot this particular store all the time. The employees are helpful and friendly. The store clean and the items are easy to find. There are always plenty of there is hardly ever a wait.

Quazonia Quarles

Nice and clean. Great selection of products.

Vanessa Robertson

Awesome!!! Customer service clean!

Tony Pisciotta

Normally shop at the ShopRite of Millville but just moved back over here to Delaware. Less selection on certain items and they're actually more expensive here

Asi'a Darring

Store is always clean and associates are nice. Sales are always good. Many times they run out of the sale items but you can always get a raincheck as long as you're shopping before 10pm. Customer service closes at 10pm.

Sean Brooks

Good place. I love to pick up my lunch there. They have great sushi.

Jiustino Rosini

store is clean but unorganized...advertised items are not items on shelf ..they are replaced with larger quanities of same product that are not on sale and ring full price at register...labels on shelfs do not match upc codes listed on products above them...very disapointed for a shop rite & will not return to this store again..customer service also does not know corporate phone number..

Bernice Underwood

Location is less than 5 minutes away from residence which is the driving factor to shop at this location. Customer service has much room for improvement and parking lot is usually chaos. Go EARLY or go LATE to avoid traffic chaos.

jonathan higgins

I love shop rite they offer the best deals

Daniese McMullin-Powell

My favorite grocery store. Good prices and everything looks fresh.

Tammy Banks

Easy to find what I need. Everyone is helpful and the sales are great!!

Charles Fleming

So so grocery store. I'd give 1 star but they do offer a military discount, though it took them a year to process. 5% is better then any other grocer.

Travis Bowers

They sell the best hot sauce ever. Tatanka Sauce

Jennifer Buresch

I love Shoprite but just 1 thing i couldn't find was the little red potatoes... Had to go to FoodLion.... Sorry...


Need to return cashiers & get rid of self service register.

Michelle Fisher

I love Shop Rite. I can always find reduced meat on the end caps.

Ameenah Martin

Market seems to be pretty well stocked with the items you need.

Teresa Childress

Does not have same selections as other ShopRites and prices are a little higher.

Johnny Williams

It's always busy but it's because it is a great store!

Ra'bey Church

Pretty much like your average ShopRite

Alice Mansaray

Nice place to do my groceries. The workers are very helpful.

barb Johnston

The store was so crowded you couldn't even hardly walk around . I got what I wanted and got out .

Darrell Ott

Good got in got out

Peggy Sakers-Knight

It was extremely crowded to the snow. I was surprised at how nice everyone still was. The stickers were trying to get the items with super coupons on the shelf as fast as they could. Definitely would rate this among one of the best Shoprites in the area.

Barbara Hoover

It was very clean. This is a very big store. It was very busy when I went so I did encounter some people with poor attitudes but you get that anywhere. This is definitely going to be my go to ShopRite from now on.

Kris Bingham

Always crowded but prices ok n friendly staff

kenny dockery

Great selections better than any around

werywerywile .

I just did not have a good experience. In honest I didn't give it a real chance but I just completely dislike pricing hoops so I left and went to Kmart in the same shopping center because I just needed soda.

brian henderson

One of my favorite places to grocery shop always has great deals shelves always stocked hardly ever a long line to check oit

Robert Colclough Jr.

Clean and well stocked

Terry Otis

Shoprite is always presenting fresh foodsove the meat selection

Gil Aguirre

Very nice thanks you

Ginger Johnston

This is nice shop Rite it's shop Rite so deli department, etc.

Felix Figueroa

Everything you need in one convenient location.

Tamara Lynn

This is a very nice clean store

Robin Selk

Young man that was checking out my groceries was so nice and helpful. Need to tell fork lift guys to be careful.

Nasim Powell

All of the employees are respectful and helpful if your lost trying to find a specific item; the only problem I have with them is they don’t have every register open which makes it a longer process to check out

Ro Jone

ShopRite in Governors Square is absolutely the best.It has everything you need and the employees are all professionals

Curtis Eaton J R

Was very good but going need to open more line

Virgie Westray

I like the cake lady. Customer service is great and she is very attentive

Faith Shorter

Good. Clean easily to find what i was looking for very spaces.

Baraka Porscha

It's always busy yet it's a great place to take your family and shop for the items you need.

Channa Jennings

Have to buy infant milk from guest services and then pay for my other groceries in check out line... sad... because no other super market in this area does that...milk is placed right in the baby aisle... not understanding why this store does that!

Donald Brady


Dashawn Wilson

Love how accessible it is to all with or without a wheelchair and good price with quick self checkout.Just wonderful I go quite often because of this.

Howard Sholl

Always has what I need. The best supermarket in the area.

Terry L Williams

Nice store good and affordable


My go-to place. Well (enough) stocked and friendly staff.

Deeva Anderson

This store hasn't got a clue about customer service! They expect you to scan and bag your own groceries while most of the check out lanes are closed! Their fruit should be FREE because it's either hard(lemons, mangoes, peaches etc) or rotten. The staff is friendly for the most part but they're usually in the way while they're restocking items. To avoid the hassles of long lines I will go out if my way to shoot at Food Lion or Food Giant. If you want a frustrating shoppy experience head to Shop Rite in Governor's Square!

Mike Jeandell

OMG.....every time I go there I swear it's my last. Just left there getting a few sale items because my wife is sick. Parking lot littered with trash people dumped from cars along with a ton of shopping carts their nice clientele didn't feel like walking to corral. Inside there were 6 staffed registers with lines and 16 self serve!!! NEVER AGAIN!

Maureen Winter

Quick pick up stop but always most inexpensive

Carol O'Neal

It was horrible, there were people fighting in the meat department and the cashier at the self check out rolled her eyes at me when I asked for help. Will not go back there again

A Chipoletti

I normally would rate this store a 4 or 5, but my experience today in their seafood department only deserved a 1 or 2. I needed a piece of salmon with the skin on. I asked the young lady behind the counter if one if the selections had skin - she said yes. I asked her to cut me off one piece - she said she could cut it, but needed to sell me the whole piece. So I asked about their "individual portion" pieces, but found out they had removed the skin. So back to the larger piece, which she said had the skin on. I asked her to cut it into 3 pieces. She took it to the back counter, cut it and wrapped it. When I got home, found she had cut it into 4 small pieces. AND THERE WAS NO SKIN!

Pattie Richardson

Nice store ...great sales and always alot of cashiers open ..

Rochelle Pratt

Prices are great Customer service sucks

Lana Williams

The store was clean and well stocked. I found everything I needed. My cashier was friendly and courteous.

Johnny Dunn

Out-of-towner visiting family and tagged along to see the place. It was pretty big with alot of items , some were pretty pricey to my taste and some were evenly matched based on where I shop down south.

karen fuller

Fanatic store great things ,no where else shopping

Cathy English

As usual not enough registers open... I love the products and price points but do not like the experience. I will do ANYTHING to avoid going into this store

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