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You will see the reviews of real people who are consuming the products and services of ShopRite of 1st State Plaza (Catering) around Delaware area.

To this day this business has a rating of 4.2 over 5 and this rating was based on 897 reviews.

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This Catering corresponds to the category of Grocery store.

Where is ShopRite of 1st State Plaza?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of 1st State Plaza IN Delaware

Dave Dave

Great place for groceries.fresh fried chicken, awesome bakery

Diane Whitney

I love ShopRite! They have varieties that I can't get where I currently live, so I love shopping here when I come to visit my family. The prices are also very reasonable! Whether you need a gallon of milk or a quick meal for dinner, you'll find it at ShopRite!


Nice shopping experience

Joanne Wardell

Took away express lane making it harder on the seniors. When you only have a few items it came in handy. Most seniors don't like using self check out. Lot of times they need more check out lines open. Went down hill .

Tim Smith

Great service, great food, great beer, and a very entertaining show Friday night. Plan ahead and make a reservation, seats are in high demand. Had the steak sandwich, burgers, and shepard's pie-all delicious.

Marie Morefield

Like the store husband work here like it their

Robert Sturgis

Best grocery store

Don Prescott

I love this place ! Clean, the prices are good and they have everything you need for dinner or snacks.

Brown David

Someone has come in and cleaned the place up. It's better than ot was. Because they have auto check-out, they'll let incredibly long lines build with the checkers. They're much better ShopRites around.

Stephanie012686 .

good place to buy Spanish items

Danny Frost

Only go here because it is close to my home and meats are pretty decent. Otherwise it is kind of ghetto and nasty!

Andrea Lennon

I do not go here often due to I like small grocery stores. They do have a great variety and super sales. Very clean and the staff is friendly. Parking is crowded but a nice place.

Metro PCS

I shop there good people working there

Arsh Jamil

Always busy but great selection

Linda Johnson

Plenty of everything, great.

Paul Mackenrodt

Great place to shop

Jane C

Wonderful experience! My husband was leaving this store this morning(shopping here for many,many years), he was loading the grocery bags in the car and forgot the cell phone on the shopping cart ! ( on the top of the cart, next to the handles)He remembered 3 hrs later and drove back to the store. Thank you, honest person who found the phone and gave it to the front desk. Thank you, wonderful people , from the front desk to every single shopper I 've been crossing paths with, in the store for many years ! The world would be a wonderful place if all people would be as nice as our neighbors going for grocery shopping to this store . My husband retrieved the phone from the front desk . Thank you

Jamie Walls

Great grocery store with the best selection and best prices in the area.

Lynda Wilson

I went to return a wrong charged item. The clerk was friendly, courteous, and very nice! It is my go to store. They stoped money orders though:(

Gaylord Alexander

Decent prices soso selections ok shopping experience.

Jeannie B

Not a good meat selection.

Janice Robinson

Everything went well. Got my bargains and a great check out.

Bob D

Why do you always get rid of the stuff people like? No more allegro marinade, no more shoptrite frozen hamburgers, no more 40 lb scoopable cat litter, sweet and low alternative.... and on and on. Also, on the way out, there are two bumps in the doorways that jostle the hell out of your cart. They should be taken out. That said, the fish guy is great. The staff is mostly friendly, Bill in the meat department is awesome! I like going to this store

Patrick Purdy

With the local choices Shop Rite generally has the best everyday prices. The employees are usually friendly and helpful.

mike Osmers

Nice clean store. Shelves always stocked. Always good parking.

Joseph Davison

You great prices great place to shop

Connie Abbott

Nice staff. Seems overcrowded and dimly lit.

Maurmaurmaur Orangests

It's a great store to food shop, they carry products other food stores don't have. Fresh deli.

Lisa Tidball

It’s easy to come to a store that takes care of their customers especially during the heat wave. One employee was handing out cups of water upon entrance to the store. Donald the cart guy stepped up and helped an older lady unload her cart to put groceries into her car. I will definitely return for good customer service and good prices. Please keep up the great work.

Jacqueline Santiago

One of my favorite place to shop for food!

Robert Ford

I like this shoprite great deals for those who stay on top of their finances who me lol Better i quit now.Nice store everybody.

Rodney Pratt

Finally was able to get my military discount card and they took care of it expediently. Thank you very much again ShopRite employees. Very pleasant experience.

Eva Walker

older store smaller aisles very nice staff

Maria Castiglioni

Service was friendly. The deli staff handled the crowd of people with no problem. Good selection of lunch meat and cheeses. The tomato pie was excellent. Recommend!!

Matthew Trimas

Great shoprite to go to!

Virginia Vaughn

Well stocked shelves and great can-can sales.

Dale Frazee

I can find anything I want at this store! The people who work there are great!

Tanya Noble

Love the cranberry orange muffins, still waiting for some to come in

Troy Hilton

Nice store. Has everything yo need.

David Carr

Great workers and friendly environment.

Michael ciarlo

Was great laddy behind seafood counter was great and register quick and prompt with bagging

Crippled_Dude_Got_Game 420

Pretty good shoprite,kinda small but who cares as long as you get what you need there,which you definitely will.

Lila Stevens

This Shoperite is normally very busy, I never really hard a problem with that. However today was a bit of a problem. I’m not sure what the older gentleman in the golf cart is supposed to be doing, but he made parking extremely annoying and a huge hassle. He was in everyone’s way and he wouldn’t let me pull down the middle row to park, even though there was more then enough empty spots down that row. I would just stay out of the way, this shopping center parking lot of already to small enough.

Raynard Shellow

Nice and clean/ organized

Lydia E York

ShopRite always has the best produce and the friendliest staff members.


Love Shoprite. They have the best sales, and generally have the lowest prices. Also has a good variety to choose from.

Charles Ceaser

Great sale prices...and overall value!

Keshia Trusty

Healthy items I was looking for but not enough cashiers

Terry Tompkins

Nice employees. Great bargains. Great hours. Wonderful selection of all you need.

Andrea W

Can not beat shop rite....

Carlis Fisher

I wish you'd bring back Edys ice cream selection, the fancy brands are a waste of freezer space

Jason Kwiatkowski

Great store for groceries. Only negative remark I have is how busy they always are, but that's mostly because it's a great store.

Eugene Wasnetsky

ShopRite, heck yeah! This is the most affordable, high quality grocery store in the area. After switching to ShopRite from a store which is a 4 letter word, without question I've cut my grocery spending in half. Meat is significantly more affordable. About 30% off other quality grocery stores and ShopRite carries USDA Prime. Something some other stores don't have. Watch the flyer in the mail and get some coupons that are truly remarkable. There's an eclectic mix of beautiful and crazy people here. Both shopping and working. I find the parking lot frustrating because you have to drive through the busiest part to get to 60% of it. If you shop at off hours, like I do, you'll never have trouble finding a place to park on the easy side.

Joyce Hill

Shop rite has a great selection of deli meat and cheese! The bakery has the best muffins

Debra Weaver

Prices are going up drastically.

Monicka Olden

Hard to find someone to check you out

Eileen Anderson

Very friendly! Good service, nice store, lots of sales! Usually well-stocked. The only thing they don't have is a salad bar and a hot food bar. You can get some hot food from behind the counter but I've been in some ShopRite's that you can actually put together full meals from a full selection hot food bar. Other than that it's a really nice store!



Frank Murphy

Good value

Deborah Menard

The employees are always friendly and helpful. It is the most economical place to shop. Just today a mother and her toddler were shopping. The toddler had quite a messy face from eating a snack. A Shop-Rite employee took notice and went over to offer to get some napkins for her. Great customer service!

Britney Keen

I don't perticurly like shoprite. but I definitely don't like this shoprite.

cassandra harmon

I've been shopping at Shoprite for decades. They have great prices, easy to find aisle markings & products, and the staff are helpful in every area.

J. Ellison

I've been shopping here for years but after my last visit, I will not return to this location ever again! I was mistreated by a very rude lady named Kathryn at the customer service desk. The way she treated me was extremely degrading and unprofessional in the most embarrassing way! I spend way too much money at ShopRite not to be valued! Horrible customer service!

Fred Eysaldt

Great place to shop with reasonable prices, great customer service and stocked shelves.

J. E. Cadwallader

Great prices!

Lucy Cleary

Good place to shop when they have sells

Teresa Pate

Would not let me give it no stars. This ShopRite gives me anxiety from the min i pull into the parking lot....the workers are rude and not helpful. The customer service is not friendly or helpful. The deli machine where you order lunchmeat and it is supposed to be done by the time you finish shopping is a order the lunchmeat and you finish shopping and have to wait 30 to 45 mins for your lunchmeat to be ready. Its is ridiculous. I would rather travel 20 mins out of my way to the shoprite in Bear then to shop at this store which is 5 mins from my house.

Rikki B

It used to be the only grocery store I would go to its close to home it HAD great deals and the prices were better than other grocery stores but now the prices are high so I mostly just go when they have good sales.

Jason Smith

clean found everything I went for great customer service

Lorraine Jordin

So busy every time we go. Good coupon values

Sayde Lowickistein

Dated. Old school grocer. This used to be a go-to for groceries...when it was new. If you want basics, then it’s good. But nothing gourmet, gmo free or vegan section. Bakery is meh. Nothing exciting. Prices are average over all. You know the feeling, when you walk into a store & EVERYTHING looks yummy? This isn’t one of those places.

Ben Greenplate

Nice staff good prices. Helpful to the beginning cook

Bonnie Jennings

Always a great shopping experience!


Went for crab meat and they were having a special of 1 lb containers lump crab for $14.99, got two of those and 1 lb of super lump crab meat for our home made crab cakes. We love the sea food at Shoprite.

Terence Wallace

One of my great places to shop and very convenient hours for my work schedule I wish it would go back to 24 hours again

Natalie Marrero

This store is always kept clean and organized.

jason grubb

Easy fast and clean

Margy OConnell

I usually have a good experience at the Shoprite, but there was a problem with NO CHECKOUT PEOPLE! I had a very big order and only one checkout station open with a long line.. So I went to the self checkout. I use my own reusable bags. The female employee who was monitoring was very impatient with me. No I didn't get her name. I was too busy trying to checkout over $250.00 worth of groceries. I understand there are monitors so you can't steal groceries. Since I was using my own bags I was setting off the anti theft thing so she had to keep coming over with her card and resetting the machine. She said some rude things to me. ...NOT HAPPY!

Jorge Ramos

Where you can get everything

Dale Griffin

Not even 9pm and they only have one cashier working the 10 lines. Self check out is busy but with the coupons never working properly its not worth the time...never again

telia toson

Great place to shop

jason malin

Terrible self service,employee didnt care and deleted coupons and paid double on some items,wont return.

Donyeil Gonzalez

Best one yet

Nathan Roman

Moderate prices, l love buying tomatoes and plantains from there.

Bettina Holmes

Great sales and people. Produce is sometimes questionable. Check it.

Yvette Sweeteny

I love this store. Everything is so fresh.

Melissa Dreisbach

Shopping isn't too bad but they didn't have enough cashiers.

Fidel Ivey

Have all you need and more.

Julie Jackson

I think this is going to be our new grocery. It has a great selection .

Jack Marshall

Well, normally this is my favorite grocery store, even though its not the closest to my home. But last night they were "experimenting" with having no cashiers and making everyone go through the self checkout lanes. It was really bad. The scanners kept locking up, there were long lines, and if you had a full cart the conveyors aren't large enough to allow you to completely empty your cart before beginning to scan your items, so you can't pull your empty cart forward so that you can load your bags into it. My wife was scanning while I bagged and I ended up setting some bags on the floor because I had no where else to put them. We ended up leaving a carton of eggs somewhere - I checked the receipt and we scanned them but they didnt make it into the cart. Had there been some signage or other type of communication of what to expect we might have purchased fewer items or maybe even gone elsewhere but we didn't find out until we asked an employee if they were going to open one of the checkout lanes and she said "nope". She advised us to call the 800 number if we wanted to complain about it. We saw one gentleman with a really full cart who had been standing waiting for a cashier. Plenty of employees walked by, ignoring him, even when he tried to ask for help. He got his answer at the same time as us from the same person. Meanwhile, the scanners were so problematic that they needed just as many employees to run around re-setting the machines as they would if they were manning the registers. And the attitude! Can't say I completely blame them though - all the customers were cranky and complaining and they were just as aware as we were that this was a giant fail on the part of ShopRite's management. A lot of the shelves were bare too. I assume they had all of their help up at the front of the store. I'll go back because it's normally a clean and friendly place, but only if they have their normal staffing in place.

Robin Pelham

Fresh deli & produce. Handicap accessible, free parking,restrooms. Small cafe.

Mary Anne McKinnies

Great price with decent selection but staff and service is less than helpful

Jackie Maykut

Clean and excellent customer service! Food is fresh!

Linda Holveck

Great selections but prices are gradually going up and match a lot of Acme’s. Employees are a little hit & miss but I’d say there are more good employees than bad.


Great prices on meats

loretta deshields

Has everything you need except alcoholic beverages.. Maybe in the future SOON!!!!

Debbie Mossop

I went there to get Tropicana peach juice and there were only 4 left. This is frustrating since this isn't the first time it's happened and it was on sale 5 for 5.00. I dont know who does the ordering but they need to step it up.

Phil Walters

This place is great because trash Jim and Jamie aren't the managers here

Rebecca Brabsopn

Helpful friendly reasonably priced

VictoriA Caulk

Shop here all the time, close to are house. I like the flowers shop, good selections to choose from. Always packed, clean and staff friendly

Marilyn Washington

There is one near my job. How convenient!

Tom Smallwood

Good service good prices great staff and great management and the employees made me laugh to

Barbara Preis

Nice selection of groceries, meats, and vegetables. Frequent sale items and "family packs" of meats. Clean, well lit, offers both self check out and traditional check out. Ample parking. Prices are competitive with local, large food chains but somewhat higher than "budget" food chains and the local farmer's markets.

Frances Gonzalez

Very nice

Christopher Dennis

Great, clean, and well-organized mega-grocer. Conveniently located and accessible, this store offers both great prices and a wide selection of items.

Charles Dietz

AWESOME Store :-)

Jane Tunnell

Megan, work at the self cashier, I ask for help, she did not, but another cashier did. Megan attitude SUCK, no direct eye contact, very cold blooded. She should not be working dealing with customers. I wish I didn't go there today, she really mess my day up. I'm very frustrated .

Matt McCartney

I always find what I need.

Mary Hudson

I was at the Stanton store on Tues evening, for some weird reason they had all the cashiers running the self checkout registers, the girls looked very uncomfortable the registers are lower and awkward, plus slower. Someones dumb idea.

Edwin Bynoe

Did not have cookies n cream ice cream Haagen Dazs.

Pablo Quiles

Its always great to shop at shop rite .we .my family been shopping at shop rite stores since the early 80 's

David Brown

My local grocery store... has pretty much anything. The seafood department is small but does a great job. Got clams and fresh fish yesterday. The bakery is wonderful. You WILL get fat there. We get all of our birthday cakes done here... 9 a year!! Always friendly employees will assist you any way they can

Ruth Finney

product prices are less expensive than acme

Emily Silva

Such horrible bakery. Ive ordered from this place on four different occasions and they only got my order correct one time. I recently ordered a cake that was not at all what I described nor wanted. I love the taste and texture of cakes from Shop Rite which is why I continued trying to order from there in hopes of when I pick up the cake there wouldnt be an issue but this will be my very last time! I am so displeased. The staff's attitude is also very unpleasant and not caring!!!

Sarah Jacobs

Selections and prices are good.

Cheeki 2

Good prices and selections

Joe Briscoe

Prices are better since Aldi opened near them

Carolyn Nasser

Love Shoprite , great prices

Robert Mapp

I don't have ShopRite stores where I live. Very impressed with the quality, variety, organization and cleanliness of this store. Prices weren't bad either.

Jeffrey Ferguson

Always got what I need. Great meat dept.

Tami Williams

It was ok. Didn't have a Ocranspray Diet Cranberry and Pineapple juice

Donna King

Great Customer Service

Divine Wife

Just have everything and love self check out open late too

Samantha Ferreiro

Always liked going to Shop Rite. It's always organized, friendly staff and great prices. The store was a bit crowded, but what do you expect shopping during the holiday season?! The new you scan registers with the longer belt is awesome. So much more convenient to sort your groceries

Dianne Clark

Usually have what I'm looking for at good prices. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Yvonne Laureano

Great place to shop. Variety will make ur head spin. Staff vry courteous & helpful.

Juan G.

An awesome place to get groceries

Daniel Amigo

Location is the best and they have everything.

Dawn Bunch

Great prices!

Lisa Palmer

They have a big selection of food to choose from but they are very expensive

Nay Harrison

Definitely go early in the morning or late at night. Staff is friendliest and you can get in an out. Prices are reasonable but not cheap like Aldi or Save a Lot but you are also getting name brand quality foods. I shop here every month for my groceries!

Carol Kusel

The most diverse selection of food items are presented with bargain prices. This is an ideal place for retired seniors.

Meek Cuff

This Shop Rite has ample parking, plenty of carriages and is in an accessible location. Most of the staff are friendly and helpful. They have good prices on meat as well as great specials. I'd recommend this location.

Michael Elliott

Great place to shop for food... Everything u need and fresh

Joanie Mas

Nice market to buy. Very organized

glow marie

There so helpful

Chris S

I love this place. They have good prices and good selection. Its an outdated store but they do good at maintaining it.

Sonia Ivette Jimenez

great place to buy your food, safe and clean.

Karen Lynch

Great store. GreT prices

Brandon Sellers

I think quality and service are above what you would expect for the value.

Lulu Chinea

My new favorite grocery store

Ed Robinson

Great place for groceries.

joseph rodia

One of the best stores and good prices and I love there fried chicken.

Camille The Blogger

We love this Shoprite always great sales...they also sale SYLVIA 'S FRIED CHICKEN BATTER which I use to make Fried has a great peach cobbler mix@Shoprite

Stacy Tomme

Store seems to be reorganized in the produce section, looked nice better flow. Store is usually well stocked.

Sam Rivera

Great selection but horrible customer service

Ken Brown

Store is very pleasing to the eyes and easy to navigate

Maryann Cavanaugh

Great food and friendly service. Lots of lunch specials. Had a chicken panini and antipasta salad.

Cristina Lambiase

What I love most about ShopRite is their vast selection of international ingredients. I can always find what I'm looking for...and inspiration for something new!

Kelly Ludwig

It's a grocery store, has what I mostly need and super close to home :)

Nancy Kiloski

Not too crowded today

EJ Neenan

Pleasant staff and managers. Very helpful.

Jenny Kenney

My favorite grocery store. they have the best sales.

Margaret Hutchins

Nice place very clean good selections

Katherine Healey

Big store has everything

Frederick VanHesling

Always great deals in their deli department.

Kevin Lehman

Very friendly and a selection that is unmatched by either Acme or Giant! My new shopping destination

Lisa Baxter

Nice, clean place to shop

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