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17 W Main St, Newark, DE 19716, United States

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To this day the firm gets a rating of 2.5 out of 5 and this score was based on 8 reviews.

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This Catering corresponds to the category of Sandwich shop.

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REVIEWS OF Quiznos IN Delaware

sutton tucker

Janet Grim

Great subs

Emily Petty

Great subs, great service.

Curtis Hammock

Matt Grosland

Food was undercooked put things on my sandwich I told him specifically not to horrible experience

jason gesling

If you like subs thid id the place

Kevin Smallwood

Great subs! Service is usually top-notch. Can't go wrong here.

tad Stutsman

Great food!

Chad Murphy

Amy Allison

Glenn Stang


Tim Logan

Pleasant employees and delicious sandwiches

Robert N.

Weren't they supposed to be an alternative to Subway? Sadly, the one in NYC on 23rd St is in no way better. Both the food and the decor look dirty, and the service is fast-food miserable. Only tourists go here, and some kind soul should point them to a better sandwich shop nearby (say, Eisenberg's).

Matthew Jones

Staff is always friendly and good food!

Robert Baker

Good lobster and seafood sandwich. I'd go back more often if that sandwich were on the menu permanently.

Caleb Manibog

twicethejoy .

Their subs are amazing

Rockwell Archery

Go at least once a week, get the chicken carbonera

Jared Broderick

Kerri Grant

Great food..excellent customer service


Love quiznos so much sometimes I drive the 40 mins to just eat it!!!! Toasty subs generous portions.... what's not to love.

Ashlea Berrocal

Paige Craft

Food is meh. Bathrooms aren't very clean and there's no baby changing station.

Geraldine Glover

Always great service and delicious sandwiches. I love the Chicken noodle soup.

Eric Bramowicz

Good, but pricy

Ben Anthony

Outstanding staff!!! Great food

Jarah Brunson

DJ Appleby

Food was good, but they were out of guacamole and tuna when I came. The BLT I got almost makes up for it.

William Russell


Elisabeth Clark

Teresa Logan

Allen Oertel

The local owner of this store actually works in the shop and you will see Matt and his wife working the counter, making sandwiches, filling orders, working the register and in general, bonding with his customers. Although they are a tad on the expensive side (as compared to other places like subway) you get what you pay for. Spend an extra buck or two and get it fast, hot and made to order from friendly owner/operator


Food was very fresh!

Brian Manning

Love the chicken carbonara. There's just not many Quiznos left.

Chloe Rasmussen

Great subs. Great soup. Great service.


Why would you even go elsewhere. Quiznos rocks!

Doris Bianchetta

Good sandwich. Good, happy service. We return often.

Sally Tolentino

The subs are great but the dine in area needs frequent cleaning.

Doug McLerran

Great sandwiches

Charles Graham

It was Quiznos. Nothing bad to say about it. Always good.

Copper Dr

Staff is useless and ignores customers. They also lack the full menu options.

Dark Wing

We finally had the chance to get Quiznos, due to closings near us

Kalala Pisimaka

Be Be

Love the daily specials

Don Ellis

Wrong hours listed. Drove all the way here only to find it was closed.

Star Copeland

sharon rodgers

Good food

Brooke Henson

Arrived at 8:35-8:40 pm, all the chairs were on top of the tables, so if we wanted to eat there we couldn’t. Both of the sandwiches orders were not correct, toppings that were not wanted were put on both. “ The “Extras” you can add to your own sandwich were unavailable. Extremely rushed, we eat at Quiznos fairly often and have never had an issue. Very disappointed with the customer service.

Kristin Hood

The owner is great but anyone he hires, you can tell they just don't care. It's so hard to find good help. That's why I didn't give it 5 stars.

Erin Windisch

Laurie Paasch

Court Hager

Quick service, great tastes.

Adam Pacle

Greg Ruwe

Always great sandwiches, don't forget about the soup!

Mike Gorrell

Steve Williams

Marty Cameron

Great service, great sandwiches!

Ryan Michael Newman

Won’t be back. Tried to order the pair up which is right next to the steak subs, and was informed they wouldn’t honor it for steak subs. Seems shady to me, will be providing feedback to corporate too.

Dave Siltzer

Cold, over priced, terrible quality. Completely disrespectful to the customer on the quality they serve. Would rather eat out of a McDonald's trash can.

Cheryl French

A trip to West DesMoines isn't complete without a trip to Quiznos. I wish we had one in Omaha.

Joe Goffman

Richard I. Osland

Always good. Last one in the local area.

Ron Schaefer

Owners and staff treat you like Nirm from Cheers every time.

Douglas Bishop

Eddie G

The only one in the area...

Mistah Bobo

Erin P.

Best food ever!


Love the food

bulletswired .

Contrary to the bad reviews, I eat here weekly and have never had any issues. Food is good and hot. Service is nice. Prices are a little high, but it's better than other fast food places in the area.

Lisa Dodson

norm sumpter

Vanessa Lopez

Jeffery Large

Clay Murphy

John Neale

I just went to Quiznos to use a mobile Entertainment Book coupon (Get a free 4" sub with the purchase of another 4" sub and a regular fountain drink). They told me they only accept Entertainment Book coupons if they're printed out, even though this one clearly states that it's for mobile redemption. So for my two 4 inch subs, and a regular drink, it was going to be $13.88. Who the do they think they are? It's fast food! And not even a foot worth of sandwich! Also, when you click "redeem" on the Entertainment Book app, you only have a few minutes to redeem the coupon before it becomes unavailable. So not only did they not honor my coupon, but they basically did the digital equivalent of burning it. Very upset. Will not be back.

Sandy Kutzner

Lewis Butler

Greg Hardy

Jay Tomten

Friendly service and good sandwiches in a clean place.

James Douglas

Matthew Brannan

They had closed early for the 4th, so I didn't get to have them today. I have visited in the past and the food is amazing! Just wish they had one closer to Peoria!

Becky Montgomery

Michael Shellstrom

Shawn Scott

I love these subs! They make sure to nail my order every time and the food is great

Andrew Hegele

Friendly staff and great sandwiches. I love the Spicy Monterey. Also, my wife and I enjoy the taste of their sweet tea.

Rex Warren

Honest Reviews

Wonderful hot and cold subs great price and staff

Mel Fit

Sarah Eck

Love their subs!

Denise Lennon

Nancy Maher

Hawk Girl

Jordan Stansfield

One of my favorite places to get a fast and delicious sub

Dan Winston

Excellent and quick place to grab a sandwich

Sonia Vasquez

The guy who works there really sucks. Won't go there again.

David Acker

Always great. Matt and his crew are friendly, fast and serve up a great sandwich.

Alvin Bick

The best Sub hands down

Nickolas George

Good service

Matt Odle

Good sandwiches, great bread! I like that its crunchy.

Joseph Watkins

Complete garbage. How do you serve a kids 4” sandwich with two thin pieces of meat? No kid meal options available either. I think it’s more distressing that it’s disproportionate to young kids while charged the same price for adults.

Joshua Horvath

Quiznos is the best sub spot in my opinion but sounds like they're all closing down

Jacob Bennett

Surendra Holambe

Great staff. Great subs

Adrienne Reeser

Joyce Workman

My favorite sandwich shop! Consistently great quality and service. The veggie guacamole sandwich is da bomb! Their rewards app is definitely worth the install too!

Kyle Sartin

Good food and service

Nadene Lawrence

Great sub shop! Large variety of sandwiches, salads, & soups. Excellent subs. Great service. Friendly staff. AND earn points for free food!

Rachel Tippins

AJ Hernandez

The staff is great and friendly. All the food looks and smells terrific, but we mainly go for the chili and chicken carbonara. It a little pricey compared to others, but the food is flavorful and tasty.

Greg Maynerich

Very personable staff!

John Busch

Great food. Wish we had Quiznos where we live

Dustie L

Erik Shafer

Santhosh Reddy Challa

Very unfriendly store. I work right across the street. They started charging extra for sauces which I never heard in past ten years of my quinos experience. Stay out of this place. I will let my colleagues and friends about this greedy place

Laura Lanham

Friendly, fast, great service. Joshua helped me with the rewards app, as I had never used it before. Will be back! Food delicious.

Lane Kress

The workers are always friendly, the same folks are always there (I assume they are the owners) and the quality is consistently high.

Andrea Swenson

sheryll clark

One of the best Quiznos around. The staff is always smiling and remembers your favorite!

John Kilroy

Sean Ruhlen

This was my 6th time coming in and every tine, the wait to receive service is sub par. There were only 3 people in the shop with one eating and one waiting for his food to be made. I wanted 10 min with out even a greeting. You figured he would of at least acknowledge me and provide a typical response like, "Welcome, I will be right with you." Nope, not even a smile. Let's just say that if this guy wants to provide better service, he should obviously hire some local help, go to management and training classes in order to provide adequate training to new employees instead of berating new employees in front of customers. He should also not pick up his personal cell phone with bare hands and then continue to prep food with put washing his hands. I witnessed him prep food, grab meat from containers with put use of gloves, touch the register etc etc. Not acceptable. No wonder why there is only 2 people in there every time I come by for lunch at 12pm. Best wishes and I hope the feedback for improvement helps because I typically like Quiznos, just not this location. Aloha

Jimmy Fung

This is the closest location to us and they look and feel just like the mainland locations. Owner was considerate and food was very good. There was ample condiments unlike the Iwilei location that closed about 2 years ago. They acceptes giftcard and local coupons. The app worked here as well. We like coming here but it is a 25 minute drive just to get a sandwich.

Nicole Scantlin

Darren Witty

Clean atmosphere!! Very friendly staff and Awesome cheese broccoli soup!!!

Drew Evans


Brian Dall

Good quick service and good sandwiches for a reasonable price at lunch.

darrell gallagher

Great sub shop. After firehouse subs closed shop here in Springfield, I was looking for another unique place to fill the void. Quiznos was a fine addition to my weekend sub sandwich tradition. Nice and clean, with a perky, friendly staff, and a nice menu variety. On line ording and purchase for convent pickup also a plus.

Sandra Thomas

Ashley Shawgo

Delicious toasted sandwiches.

Bethany Middleton

The workers are always pleasant and quick to get you served.

Roy Jones

Holly Ostdick

Ezara Penning

Cory Burris

Ben Schuring

Robert Dolormente

Sharolynn Harper

The service is very fast. The store is very clean.

Michael Haslett

Nicolas Hardy

Beutiful owners customer service is magnificent

Sue Ann Niehaus

Martin B

K Wagner

Love this place! Fast, friendly, family owned yummy restaurant!

Dean Sayre

Tasty chain sub-sandwich restaurant. Conveniently located in the continuously growing Kapolei area next to Safeway and tons of other shops. Good food in a good location.

Taylor b

Harvey Klar

"Great food, spicy, good variety; the place is packed at lunch-time."

Abraham Ramos

Amazing food and service!

Mike Morgan

I've always liked Quiznos and owner Bob. It's a clean place and the sandwiches are fresh and made according to the script.

Chelsea Fehring

Staff is always friendly

Linda Caldwell

Love their sandwiches and Tator tots!!

Demetria Witt

Tyler Gladu

april Juggalotus

Absolutely love Quiznos the staff in the owners of this establishment are amazing super helpful great food good value

Charlie Dunham

Anne Denny

Good salad.

P Sha

Jessica Mellor

Leinaala Kilakalua

Brian Biggs

Excellent service and food!

amy manuele

The best sandwiches anywhere! Great staff who make you feel at home.

Whitney Ellis

Tyler Whalen

With no Quiznos in Omaha I like to grab a sandwich as I drive through Des Moines. Last time I stopped there I asked for mayo to be added to my sandwhich. After I asked, the employee said people don't generally add mayo. I asked a second time if I could please add some mayo and he pointed to the ordering sign and said the sandwich doesn't come with mayo and wrapped it up and handed it to me. ***Update a year later*** So I figured I'd give this place another shot as I really like the steak peppercorn sandwich and the city I live in has no Quiznos. I made it to the final stage of adding toppings to my sandwich, this is where it went south last time. I asked for mayo to be added and was informed that they would do it this time but it costs an extra 39 cents. Really?.....39 cents for a squeeze of mayo on a sandwich?


Elaine Brown

Customer service is great the vegetables are fresh and crisp. . Lots to choose from and everything I tried so far I really liked. Must come and try at this location

Coach Taylor

Always like my toasted subs!

Michael Piunno

Love Quiznos!

Antonio Ramirez

Elijah L.

Quick service, great food

Arielle Blount

After not have such a great experience at the location in Urbandale, IA. I was contacted by Randy with Quiznos. I tried this location and was very pleased with the staff and food! This was the best experience I have had and will continue to go to this location only! I'm so happy I tried a different location! Thanks Randy and everyone at this store!

Jake Featherston

Aaron Gumbiner

Rob Hutt

Matt Brannan

Best sub shop within 100 miles

Gisel Lopez

Howard Bentley

Nikki Garringer

Love this location! The people are awesome. One of them has even memorized my order!!

Bryce B

Ronald Hubbard

Awesome crew !!!

tomorrow again

Courteous and quick service as usual. I love it!

Lawrence Shimabuku

Guest Account

Virgil Slaymaker


Norma Wingett

Love Quizno's!!! Drove from Omaha to get lunch!!! Bring Quizno's back to Omaha!!

Diamond Carwash

Good service and they don't skimp on the amount of meat and vegetables

stephanie rinkel

Shawn Skelton

Fast and great food

Jeremy Roose

Decent food but poorly managed. Bathrooms were dirty. Every single table was during dirty and they didn't clean it when I asked them. An order of four sandwiches confused them. But, it's right off the interstate, easy to get to with plenty of parking.

Tom Hauser

Bonita Large

Chris Ortman

Great service and a friendly staff. To top it off the food is great!

Ms FemmeSlayer

Jared ____

Dude working was slammed, didn't have any help for quite awhile. Ended up waiting almost hour for a mobile order I made. Sent email in via app to complain, but nothing happened. Didn't get my sub I ordered, and was notified during movie that it was read for pick up, didn't get out till after 9pm. 6:22 I put the order in, registered ready to pick up after 8pm. I do not blame the lone guy working, but I do blame Quiznos for putting him into that situation. He should not have been there alone. Edit- over a week has past, no response from my email, I cannot suggest Quiznos in good will anymore. Jersey Mikes has higher quality ingredients and not that much more than Quiznos.

Dawn Cobb

Great food & great staff!

Jason Hahn

Blaine Reiss

lonewolf sheppard

Anneke Barr

Jon B

Very good sandwiches and love the soup.

Brandon Rice

Erin Howell-Mills

Ordered off Door Dash, 3 sandwiches. They called to let me know they were out of meatballs. Okay, just picked something else, as per their suggestion. Fine. Then the Door Dash delivery person got here with 2 sandwiches. The sandwiches looked exactly the same, even though they were supposed to be different. Apparently they didn't have the second sandwich I ordered on their menu, either. Rather than call us again and let us choose another sandwich they just refunded the amount and said to hell with it. So now we have to go out and get something else to eat, as there isn't enough for everyone. Lessoned learned, Door Dash is good, this Quiznos not as much.

Georgia Warren

Always love to go to Quiznos when in Springfield. Service is fast, friendly and upbeat. Place is clean and my favourite sandwich consistent.

Jacob Nutt

Only Quiznos left in Springfield and worth it to stop in for a bite.

Makayla Gratz

Shawn Kastl

Service was great. Got the Chipotle steak and meat tasted like it had been frozen and then reheated.

Judd Furlong

Marie Brohan

They closed early when we raced to get here! It’s only 7:40

jay miyamoto

Robin L Waters

Brian Neuendorf

Brad Metzger

It's okay. Try local sub shop. Headwest or Monte's sub

Joe Ferguson

Good sandwiches

Joe Sciorrotta

Good food and service.

Jacky Mallory

Very confusing setup for first time custos

Cindy Kiesewetter

R. Shane Smith

Tammy Linne

Tabatha Swart

I love Quiznos and now they have an app that helps you save money! They also have some of the best customer service I've ever gotten anywhere!

Sheila Rogers

Joe Puente

Jaime Collins

Simeon Bethke

Dario Skyline

Jason Wolfe

Best hot subs in town

Antonio Rafinello

joel miller

Len Williams

Tosted sub's

Kiela King

Ravi Pappu

Bruce Egolf

We love this Quiznos. Everything we have had is yummy! The store is clean and the team members are very friendly. We will be back as regulars.

joey f

Tricia O'Donnell

OOT Box Media

Brian Boettcher

James Slye


hopeisaphase .

The workers are always friendly and the orders accurate!

Desarae Veit

yes burrell

Aaron DeRossett

Friendly service and great sandwiches. Never had a bad food experience. Also has rewards program with free small sub

Ella bella


Maxim R

Jonathan Saavedra

Love the food here, wish there were more convenient locations. I was very sad when the Kaneohe location closed.

Jeff Ashenfelter

One of my favorite sandwich places

Kathy Dennison

Paul Grandgenett

Best toasted sandwich shop around!

Debbie Wilson

It was a rare treat for the family since there's none on the east side of Des Moines anymore. My hubby loves the French dip and I like the broccoli cheese soup.

Diana Hall

sharvelle hubbard

Brian Ouderkirk

Justin Guyette

The absolute best place to get food on campus. The food is amazing, and Griffin, Gary, Adam, Chris, Karina and Arcelia are some of the friendliest people I know. Last semester I ate here after practice every night, and I'm definitely planning on continuing that pattern this semester. Wish I could rate it 6 stars

Jimmy Dean

Dana Abood

J Wooly

Placed an order through the Quiznos app. When I got there, they did not have my order ready. In fact they didn't start to make it until I informed them that I placed it. Had to wait another 15 minutes to get my order. I don't known if I should blame the workers for not paying attention or the order system that lets them know when an order is placed. Either way, if they have customers in the store its likely that the online order will be ignored.

Vanessa Chamberlain

Quiznos never disappoints!

Tech Wizard

It's a great Quiznos.


Sub is good. The lone guy working was slammed with orders but he made them as quickly as possible.

Edgar Gomez

Nick Meurer


Adam Thongvong

Adam Collen

I've been going to this West Des Moines location for lunch for years, and the guys working this shift have been excellent. They always seem to be enjoying what they do, and the sandwiches are always delicious. The Baja Chicken sandwich is probably my favorite sandwich ever.

Steve Anderson

chris augustine

So good

Donald Schuh

Rodney Dailey

Good eats hot and fresh!

Garrett Thompson

June Cummings

Elaina Blodgett

This doesn't even deserve one star. I had high expectations for this place and was let down. I asked for no onion and repeated it three times for my classic Italian sandwich but onions got put on it anyway. I also ordered the cheddar loaded tots and got tater tots that were undercooked and soggy with only had a burnt piece of sliced cheese on top. Very disappointed and not returning.

Cheryl Santee

Edited Visions

Love a toasted sub and Quiznos has one of the best around. Always made the way I like it.

jadeghost .

Always loved they're Masiquite Chicken subs. So few of these places. Employees were chill and and very quick with the food. Clean and orderly, place was great for getting in an out quick.

Luke L

I have always loved Quiznos. The best today's subs are here

Shanda Hassinger

Gordon Tucker

Good food, clean, and courteous service

Ian Hougland

Jessika Westmoreland

TIM Mannisi

Chad Sussex

Geoffrey Bunger

Credit Card machine was down, but no biggie. Classic Italian is delicious, not many Quiznos left around... Clean store.

Missy Nelson

Scott Joens

Shana LaMar

I received the wrong breas, but ate it anyway

Brandon Stricker

One of our all-time favorite sandwich shops that We visit often . The owners treat their customers and employees great. Food is always delicious.

karen froman

Jim Good

Megan Splittstoesser

Kimberly Hoshell

Dawn Beals

Darlene Burris

Chris Miller

Josh Dugan

Good place for a good sandwich. Owners and employees are good hard workers.

khalil yahya

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