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2100, 1309 DE-58, Newark, DE 19713, United States Located in: Center Pointe Plaza

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Here we offer you all the feddbacks of real people who purchase the products and services of PureBread Deli (Catering) in the area close to Delaware.

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REVIEWS OF PureBread Deli IN Delaware

Emily D


Lori Keith

Ruby K

Garden salad was good and fast staff

Robert Rizzuto

Love this place.

Donna cummins

Caitlin Mankey

This is my favorite place, the muffins are out of this world! And the cold pressed iced coffee is a must.

Jen C

I always enjoy PureBread Deli, my favorite place for a quick breakfast

Meredith Towers

Jennifer Lynn

Best food around!!!!!!! Never had something i did not like

Daria Carter

Let's start by saying the coffee was very watered down. And they had no choice of flavored creamers. I have had bad coffee

scott cave

Good food every time

Adam Stone

Robert Njoku

Love the place. Great food, coffee especially and people. Awesome place for a meetup.

Jaime Payne

CA Fischer

Loved it

David Carlin

Ruth Whitaker Gilbert

I recommend the Golden Retriever. Good coffee too.

Erica Ford

Great food! Really good coffee.

Rick Creveling


Consistently cheerful staff and the best bagels in the region!

Arnold Ellis

Few sandwiches place that have some good food

Earl Smith

Awesome place good coffee good sandwiches

Mireya Parra

Super good

Mary Harmon

Love this place. Food is delicious.

Ryan Alexander

Frank Meeuwissen

I've been coming here got a while and not only are their sandwiches great, so is their customer service. When I was ordering a sandwich for a friend that they had found online, they told me they no longer make that sandwich (Black Lab), I ordered one that was similar. While I was waiting, they went out of their way to Google the ingredients of the sandwich I originally ordered and they made it for me anyway even though it was not on the menu. I should add that this was 5 minutes before closing which is when employees at other restaurants are rushing you out the door. Exceptional customer service!

Steven Owens

Fast service lobster Bisque was to die for!!!

Judith Gregory

Great corn chowder and welcoming staff

william jeanes

Great food and friendly staff

Aida Santana


Mo A

Good coffee, great muffins, and ok sandwiches. People that work there are super helpful and get your orders prepared timely. The sandwich I had my last visit was disappointing. A BLT on a crousant that dint really have much B for the price. I try to avoid going too often because the muffins scream to me every time! I will be going back here.

Rachel Ibers

Mansoor Abubakari

Good place for lunch

Dee Coyle

Great food and now they bring the food to your table

Lindsey Hardy

Laird Cummings

Great sandwiches, exceptional service, lots and lots of dog pictures. What's not to love? I normally get a 'Vizla' - a fancy BLT - but today it's a ''Whippet,' a pork, spinach, and cheese sandwich on a toasted baguette. Yummy.

Glynis Smith

Love the soup and salad. Staff is very welcoming. The store us always clean up the

Kyleigh Gloska

Bob Loparo

Great food choices, friendly staff. Good service and clean - woof!

Jorge Zambrana

Eric Kennedy

Hands down one of my favorite places to eat! The sandwiches are obviously made to order but everything tastes so fresh, crisp, new! The bread is soft and made onsite daily. The sandwiches are stuffed, never skimped. The soup and pastries are all great! I started visiting this location roughly 15 years ago. I've been going back ever since. You will too! Don't forget about their other locations. The PB staff is friendly and courteous at each location, making for a pleasant experience.

Rob Hasek

Nice people, great sandwiched!

Crippled_Dude_Got_Game 420

I had a sausage egg and pepper jack cheese sandwhich from there and it was better than wawa's breakfast sandwhich lol,that was my first time going there but I'll definitely be back there again one day and there muffins are delicious,would recommend you guys to go check out PureBread Deli.

Terry Thomas Walker

Good sandwich nice people

Alexis Martin

Pam Johnson

Great place, good food

Tiffany Layton

Kids love all the dogs


Andrea W

Very good...fresh an crispy salad. Very clean and friendly employees

Shonnette Smith

Great hugh muffins, try the corn muffin grilled with butter! Staff is very friendly.

Rex Michael Dillon

Of the several Pure Bread Delis in Wilmington area, the staff in the one near Christiana Hospital don't seem happy to be at their jobs. Stick to the one in Pike Creek.

Patrick McComas

Hot sandwich not hot but styrofoam bowl for soup meltedto almost hole in it.

Paola Castañeda

(Translated by Google) Best sanduich (Original) Los mejores sanduich

John Miller

Angela Cortes


Sandwiches, soups, and salad all with a canine theme. I love the chihuahua.

Steve Hart

Great sandwiches, last time I was there I had the Newfoundland. Yum!

Sam Odle

If you love dogs you will absolutely love the vibe here.

Janae Luciano

Service is great

Tracey O.

The best feel good place to be for anyone who needs a pick me up and especially for folks who are traveling that miss their dogs they left at home. Great atmosphere, rich flavorful coffee, pastries that LOOK delicious, and deli menu items named after dogs. Did I mention the friendly staff and super cool merchandise? T-shirt, mugs and car magnets...

D. Lee Morris

Aaron A. Wallace

marc-antony wms

I come here just to get the grilled cheese and chili.

Sharon Kinney

Sandwiches here are very good, some odd combinations but really tasty. They can be a bit pricey for some items. They also have a good selection of cookies.

Trish Tarr

Justin Waller

Every time I've been there there have been plenty of tables available. Coffee is always good. Staff is always prompt and friendly.

Ann D.

Good sandwiches and excellent staff.

Rita DuCharme

Delicious sandwiches, soups and salad. This is an innovative place. Totally happy with the food.

Gary Griffith

Love to stop here occasionally for the breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Terrific service and very relaxing place.

Lucas McNew

Great food and great atmosphere

Boyd Reed

Great sandwiches including Gluten free

Sean Q

Avery Krouse

PureBread Deli was an absolute delight. The sandwiches were huge and well-proportioned and the service was fantastic. I couldn't recommend this place more for a very quick, very affordable bite to eat.

Harvey Trill

Decent food, a bit pricey though

Kelly Green

Food was good when it finally was ready. Order was wrong when it did arrive.

Lisa DuHadaway

Excellent food!!

Kati J

We had an absolutely wonderful experience here. The coffee and muffins were delicious (we had a lemon and a pistachio), and the service was top notch. They even gave my son a purebred deli bib! We will definitely be back.

William Kinnier

Local Panera knock off, yum

Christine Pinto

Joyce Irwin

Very good for a quick bite. Had Ruben, a little too much sauce, but it was good!

Vicki Ellis

Good food. Fast, friendly service. The portions were large and my friend and I both really enjoyed lunch here.

Rob Hooper

Food was great! I had the lobster bisque and half a sandwich (Vizsla).

Jaj Hihih

Food good but music Ridiculously loud. Can't hear people talking. Put earplugs in to listen to video. The music drowned out what listening to. Can't relax here.

Sarah McNeill

Great food, healthy options. Reminds me a lot of Panera, but with a dog theme. Will definitely be back.

Robert Parra

Awesome food, just a little higher prices. Great quality.

Thomas Rotundo

Really good and fast

meghan stitely

Wendy Warren

Fresh food. Go to place for lunch.

Charles Rembert


Juston Ling

Ryan Alton

Will never go here again. They don't serve espresso drinks anymore, which they used to, and offered me a chai latte from one of those Wawa style dispensers; if I wanted that I would've gone to Wawa. They used to have these amazing sandwiches and now the quality just isn't there. They got snippy with my friend who was with me because she ordered breakfast 15 mins before breakfast was over and then right after we left the counter they took the breakfast menu away before the time it was supposed to be over. They only offer chips with your meal no carrots and no pickle anymore; I know that seems like small stuff but quality is in the details and it just feels like cheap cost cutting measures. Bring the quality back and raise the price some. People will pay for what you were but I know that I won't pay for what you are and I'm probably not alone.

Kim Vallejo

I love the pun. The place theme is dogs. Any animal lover will love this place

Dave Keifer

Great place for a quick meal. Obviously, plenty of delicious and fresh, bagels, bread, muffins, and such. Sandwiches and soups are delicious and a good value. Special treat is the monitors flipping through pictures of dogs contributed by patrons. Pure Bread is a local business and a real gem

Cindy Dayton

Best food ever, great people

Leigh Raymer

Best sandwiches ever, & you gotta get the muffins grilled with butter!

Matthew Dietz

I used to eat at here ALL the time. This place is a shadow of its former glory. When I first walked in, I heard another customer asking the girl at the register 'How old is the coffee?' she said 'I don't know'. He said 'Ok well its cold, can you help?' Now I hope it's pretty obvious what should have been done here.... Brew the poor guy a hot cup of coffee. Nope, she asked the manager, and offered to warm this old ass coffee up in the microwave for him. My Jack Russel, was 1/3 of a sandwich - not a half. The bread was burnt, the chicken had discolored nasty hard pieces to it. The lobster bisque was not right at all. Can't put my finger on it, but it tasted super chemically. Maybe it was old and had been overheated for hours in the warmer. For over 20$ for two half sandwiches and 2 half soup portions, the food should at LEAST be edible. Edit* The pike creek, and Greenville locations are still on point, and worth the $.


Food is fresh and service is great

Joshua Handy

One of the best lunch places in Christiana.

Lynne Van Tine

Awesome food and great service!

Frances Artymowicz


Margaret Breslin

Pure bread is always great! The food is always fresh and nothing beats their bacon egg and cheese on a bagel...except for maybe a complimentary visit to a cardiologist. Seriously tho, it's always good!

Megan Reed

Jenny Mellott-Lillie

The sandwich was delicious, pictures of dogs so cute, and the entertaining videos of dogs were able to help me clear my mind for the two hour drive that followed. It was a little too cold inside though.

Ravindra Ananth

Horrible and too pricey... 8 bucks for a bread????

Amy Stanley

Love this place, good food, funny dog videos.

Raymond Santos

mnhshew mnhshew

allen tweddle

...always a great place to go for a meal; PureBread Deli is one of the most comfortable places to take a break from the day, collect ones thoughts, have conversation. We know it to serve fine products consistently, and, what could be better than being surrounded by photos of humanity's furry friends. A go-to place for sure!

Matt Mangat

Mmmm tomato bisque.

Marianne Carter

Sharon Reber

Ivy Reyes

Mike Cavazzini

Good food, fast service.

Nancy Gregory

Brian O'Connell

A Google User

Sara Del Valle

Super great sandwiches and the atmosphere is so cute. There are cute pictures and dogs on the walls and all of the food items are named after dogs as well. The staff is nice and helpful.

Carol Cool

Joe Jacobs

Nice little nook for sandwiches and bagels. Coffee selection is great!

Dorothy Carter

Love PureBread, it's a regular choice for meeting friends for lunch!

Anthony Muzzi

Food is ok. Love the muffins. Prices are too high and portions too small.

Jay Brockson

Good food but a bit pricey

Paul Sisson

Matthew Anderson

Alicia Moran

Love it here ! The food is good , breakfast especially is my favorite. Great selection of muffins! Delicious! The staff is great ! I come on a regular here & they all greet you by name and are so friendly!

Tom Brough

Great food but very pricey

Anne King

Food was great, atmosphere was awesome, pictures of dogs everywhere, and the tvs showed videos of dogs doing cute things. 11/10

Tony Benedetto


Rob Davis

Great sandwiches. Bummed that they took the "pitbull" off the menu

Bethany Zepeda

This place is on point!! Free wifi, great food, and good coffee. It's a little pricey, but well worth it! The chihuaua is good.

Rian Williams

A cross between Panera and Starbucks but way better. Super friendly staff, great muffins, clean bathrooms, and the magnets are a nice touch.

Jonah F

Amy Rooks

Gary Huegel

Food is great, service is quick and efficient. Only complaint is that the ventilation should be improved to remove the cooking odors.

Wilmer Larios


Deniz Tezcan

Good food, very good service. A little pricey

Jay Kuch

Awesome food, good pricing, staff was great.

Fran Cantwell

Good food & coffee.

Drew Lakebrink

T.c Barry

Best sandwiches got to eat here more often

Edward Goodman

Good sammich, lol. Friendly quick service.. can get packed around lunch time for seating

David Hill

I love the muffins.

Debbie Taylor

Very good food

Ethan Policastro

The Golden Retriever was fantastic and the service was too!

Arun Subramanian

The food was great. If o were to compare some of these sandwiches with the likes of Starbucks,it is a tad bit expensive but the food tastes a lot better Staff was friendly and service was good

Mark Steffens

Nathan Volz

Amazing food, I got the golden retriever sandwich and the chocolate chip muffin. They toasted BOTH!! The toasted chocolate chip muffin was one of the best muffins that I have eaten in my life! Place was cleaned regularly and employees were very funny and friendly! All around amazing experience!

sheldon henry

Christopher Johansen

Good food, but it's pricey and the wait is often long.

Laura Baerwald

Becky Cronin

Great lunch!

Carol Gerhart

Rodney Sebul

Danielle Kuhn

Delicious sandwiches and gluten free bread. Miss the side of carrots option. Veggie chips are not the same as having a real vegetable.

Deep Kahlon

C Mitchell

Nice friendly place and who wouldn't smile with those beautiful pups on the wall!

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