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18598 Coastal Hwy Unit 2, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jersey Mike's Subs IN Delaware

Asher Chaudry

Great service and quality food

Nick Cronauer

Every time I have to shop (carry my wife's bags) I eat here. Never disappointed with the service nor the subs.

Mike A

Always good. Fresh ingredients in a sandwich made to order in front of you.

Cindi D

Freshly sliced deli meats on each sub makes this place exceptional.

Robine Reese

Best subs ever.

Sean Humphreys

Jersey Mike's is the BEST. I like sandwiches/subs, but Jersey Mike's is the best tasting ever. Always fresh and the people in the Rehoboth store are ALWAYS nice and eager to serve. Great job guys.

R Thompson

Food is good. Staff is excellent- always friendly!

Lorrie Whiteside

Great subs

pepsi canada

Broderick Chavez

Fast & Friendly! Best subs at the beach! Easy access and plenty of parking! Great REWARDS program!

Bill VanNote

Always great food and service and a Clean store. My go to for a taste of back home in Jersey.

brenda harmon

I love jersey mikes. Fast service. The subs are always fresh ND made in front of u. They use deli meat ND slice in front of u ND the cheese. Their subs definitely fill u up.

The Guy

Susan Hamilton

My favorite Italian sub for a quick lunch. The rosemary parmesan bread is delicious!

Debra Freyer


Kathy DePietro

I am from NJ. Subs are made much better there than this sub shop. They use very little cold cuts and its paper thin So thin the cheese cracks at edges. I ordered a number 2 without cheese . 3 very thin slices of ham and 2 paper thin slices of cappicolla. The sandwich was all bread. Horrible. I was no happy

JasmineDeNae Pennington

Best place to get a Turkey sub everyt!!

John Stillman

The large is definitely large and it is tasty.

John Reiss

Food is good as usual . just as others have mentioned it was cold in the restaurant.

Carl Stevens

Great place for a quick snack, I had a turkey wrap. Quick service and nice folks@

earl heverling

Customer service was fantastic my weight time was minimal the quality was excellent

michelle d

I had a jersey Mike favorite it was very good. The staff was very friendly I also had a coupon ☺️

Fred Hinspeter

Awesome sub great staff

Virginia Xavier

Philip Theis

Best subs ever

Frank Payton

My favorite sub sandwiches, I thought id mever see them simce moving to Delaware!

Eric Jenkins

Montera Dorsey

Better cheesesteaks then Gino's and Pat's. They can't touch Jersey mikes!!!

Frank Ulissi

Outstanding lunch, a little noisy inside but tolerable...

Bob Czeizinger

Yum! Jersey's Mike's makes the best subs. I had a Mike's favorite. Wow, it was good. Fresh fixings on a fresh roll, it doesn't get any better than this.

Karen Simpson

Consistently awesome subs. Staff are friendly, courteous, and efficient. We drive from Fenwick Island, DE to Rehoboth Beach, DE just to get a steak sub. Then we get a club sub to take with us. Can't beat the taste and prices are reasonable too. So we have been making this drive on Saturday nights for the awesome cheese steak subs. Last weekend, the cheese steak was so good, we decided to get another last night. Totally different staff and the lead man was not very welcoming. The sub was not what we were used to and kind of disappointing. We even struggled to find the cheese. Must have been new staff.

Eric Guziak

Love the hogie First time I ever ate one

Arthur Emery

Rolls were not that good

john johnson

Elise Pinkowski

Love the subs

Mark B

Fresh food...however not much meat on the sandwiches. They really should add more lunch meat on subs.

Ronald Isler

It was alright but to heavy on the ketchup and mustard

Bryan Smullen

Great food, open early

Jean Zellner

Great sandwiches and service

Judith DiMeglio

Fresh and filling

Gary Workman

Good fast food subs are very good

Jamie Givens

Yes always great food the same all the time

Kenneth Lawson

Some of the best subs anywhere and always friendly staff


Too pricey Jimmy Johns is better.

Elsie Fountain

Angela H

Great sandwiches. They also have Gluten free buns.

Sandy Donnelly

M Anderson

Very busy so the service isn't that friendly but was delicious.

Melissa Zilinski

We discovered Jersey Mike's in Delaware. Great for a freshly made sub any day!! Make sure to get it "Mike's way"!!

L. Turner,Jr

Great sandwiches

Marty Colasurdo

Better than average subs at a reasonable price.

Dan Hall

Great food

Cory Cothorn

Was very nice clean and friendly inside.

Lawrence DelRosario

Been here a few times and the subs have always been good. Nice selection of subs to choose from. However, I recently went and got the #9Club Supreme. According to the website this sub should have bacon on it. But when I got home and opened it, there was no bacon to be found. Very disappointing. My advice would be to make sure you watch them make the sub, so you can make sure they include the right ingredients on it. If you order on-line and go and pick-up, you better keep your fingers crossed. I am always so trusting that people will do their job correctly. Big mistake on my part. You cannot be like that any longer in this world.

Marc Richter

Fantastic subs. Miss them from my days living in NJ.

Jessie Pitts

Awesome subs, especially them Cheesesteaks subs

Jesse Millman II

Good Food and Good Service

Roz Lewis

Chris W

Great sandwiches

Nicole Cruz


Ed Vega

Great subs and great service!

Amanda Mitchell

Wonderful staff, very welcoming and friendly, fast and efficient service! Of course amazing food. I would definitely recommend this sub shop to anyone and everyone!!!

Judy Skinner

Sandwiches are good

Jason Cooper

I've been going here for a while now and it is always great. Staff is cool and the food is delicious. It's worth the drop in for a bite to eat.

Eric Atticks

Reasonable service with good portion sizes. It can be a little cramped when it's crowded, but I can't complain about the quality of the food.

Christa Parady

Last few times coming here the subs have been aweful. Soggy bread. Meat didn't taste right and gotten orders wrong. Tonight the 3 subs for my family tonight and we all have stomach issues. We won't be back. It's sad first time going there it was awesome and it just continued to go down hill. Never again. Too pricy and now my family is sick.

Lazar Jeka

Al Stuart

So good

George Buscher

Good quality, more meat than subway.

Tammy Willard

Paula Costanzo

Delicious cheese steak with fried onions. Only gave a 4 because it's freezing in here. 49 degrees in restaurant. Brr

Abby Spaid

Really good hoagie, fast service. A tad bit pricey but quality makes up for it.

Robin Stewart

Love their subs

Jay B

Good subs

steve brigham

First time having Jersey Mikes. Very good but a bit pricey

Kelly Owens

Kim DuBosq

Truly great folks in there...I was greeted right away from the assistant manager, not sure on her name but she was very nice and made a mean sub! I had the Original italian...Will definitely be coming back...Great eats!! :)

Ronald Heinefield

Great subs, super friendly people. Worth the trip.

Mike Murphy

Not a bad cheese steak.

Robert Hudson

As always the subs and wraps we're great. Love their cheese steaks Always great service

Paul Douglas

Devon Krug

I am a regular and the staff is always so awesome and so sweet! The food is great and always perfect

Lynne Zanowic

Best subs around

wade young

$7 for a 4" sub ?

I Ess

subs are PACKED. great to share on the nearby beach!

Tom Simon

This is the best Jersey Mike's around. For some reason, the subs are better than the others around. Staff was super friendly too.

Emma Gibbs

John Simpson

Had been driving past this place for years without realizing that it was a gem. Had my first sub, an Italian. It was excellent! The bread was fresh, the meat was delicious and was sliced in front of us. My wife had a turkey club and loved it. I would definitely recommend Jersey Mike's to anyone looking for a good sub!

travis huff

Get the #42 (add jalapenos if you like spicy) you're welcome

John Gajewski

Valerie Gasparovic

Quick and friendly service. Best subs around

Donna Sabella

Quick service, sandwiches made well, good staff.

Tori Balfour

My favorite sub besides my mom's and grandmother's!

Robert Mantz

Super Subs!!

joe thomas

Great lunch and staff

Fuck Off

Just came with my grandmothers for the first time. Philly cheese steak is amazing!!

Desiree Boo

Skip this Jersey Mike's. Attitude from staff and lazily made sandwiches. Sauce literally all over the outside bread and wrapper. More bread than meet. Honestly, Subway would have been better. The one is Salisbury, MD was good so I am thinking this is all on owner and bad hires.

John Gangone

Always good subs. Staff is excellent !!!!! John G. Lewes Delaware

Rosemary Brown

Best in DE

David Peterson

Loved it

Joan Dotterer

One of thr Greatest sandwich places in Delaware.

Erin McBride

Nice, personable employees and good, fresh food. Will be back

Andy LaVoie

Great place for a quick bite to eat nice quality ingredients

Melvin Jones


Stephanie Tapia

Savanna Olsen

First time visiting Jersey Mikes and LOVED it. Im a huge fan of their Tuna Fish!

Robert Turner

The #7 is my standard order

Cassandra Harris

I’ve only been to this place, but I’ve enjoyed my experience each time. I usually don’t write reviews, but something happened today that brought a smile to my face. The tall skinny guy with dreads (idk his name) was leaving and went out of his way to tell all the customers goodbye and to have a nice day. It was so pleasant.

rosa gumm

Supports local charities

Erik R

Kathy Viviano

Young man who was training the girl got my order wrong and was very rude rolling his eyes because he had to give me change come here daily but will NOT be returning!! Especially since he was the one training terrible customer service !!

jim nguyen

Super good and fast and friendly service!

Donna Beck

We love Jersey Mike's. Their Itallian is delicious, and I don't like subs. But, their recipe is a flavor combo that is addicting. I even take them to pot lucks, and there is never anything left when I gather my plate.

Dan Kraus

Always the greatest service and wonderful food!


One of the better places to get a sub in the area. Fresh sliced ingredients on fresh baked bread.

Colleen Perry

Great Staff

sarah gaspar

Delicious subs!!! And quick service

Robin Bostic

Love my #17

Greg Schmidt

It's a great tasting sub, but it seems to me that the one in Vienna, Va makes their subs with more meats. These seem a bit light.

Myst Cooper

So totally disappointed went for the first time and the one person .was rude and the second one there was just standing there can't believe that our bill was 40. For three subs they better be worth it because just the rude people will make me not set foot in their ever again.

Brent O'Neill

I came to Jersey Mike's under sheer desperation after not having eaten in what seemed like a literal millennia. I walked in the door and was instantly greeted by a booming man with a huge smile plastered over his face asking me what I've been up to, and how I've been doing. I suspect that in an alternate universe, he was a therapist because the manner in which he listened to me made me feel both supported, and in a way --- loved. I'll be honest, I came into the store completely content with just a meatball sub, but this man looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I deserved better, and for a sheer moment, I truly believed the life that he spoke over me. A glimmer in his eyes appeared as I ordered what he recommended -a cheesesteak with perfectly melted cheese, meet cooked to perfection, sautéed onions, and green peppers- because he knew what was in store for me. A fantastic and beautiful girl whose smile lit up the room quickly ran over and began her preparation for what was about to come. Words cannot describe how I felt while eating that sandwich. I said grace not only before eating, but during each bite because I was reminded what a gift each sandwich was, and how I may never taste something so good ever again. I actually yearned for the pieces to get lodged in between my teeth, so that I would be able to continue taste this gift for the rest of the day! I was changed that day at Jersey Mike's Subs in Rehoboth, and I want to encourage all to step out on a limb and treat yourself as you deserve to be treated. You will never regret it.

Cynthia Mcginnis

This Jersey Mike's has the BEST Italian subs, Mike's way! Staff is always friendly as well.

Joy Walter

I felt that this is your average sub shop, with above average prices.

Anne Creech

Good gluten free sub rolls.

joann liberti

the food is good. they make a very good regular sandwich. don't know about hot ones. Roast beef taste great.nice and full.

John Finch

Paula Gillespie

Service was so slow

Jon Springfield

Very efficient. If you have a problem they always do their best to fix it.

rachel hoyt

Joan McGrath

Forget Subway if you can get to Jersey Mike's! Tons more meat and cheese, true sub artists st work.

Shanna LaBarre

Just not good. Made my stomach upset. The cold cuts did not agree with me.

Ecool 123123

I really like the food and how fast it is to pop in.

angel mcnamara

Great subs!

Aaron Henrich

Great service. Pretty fast for a busy day

Patrick Corcoran

The sandwiches qualify as subs I guess. Most delis and pizza/ sub shops are much better.

Jeffrey Cornish



Patty Rohme

Best steak and cheese I have had in a long time

Lamar Meekins

Joseph Zimmerman

Good food and price

Billy Moss III

Best Italian sub ever.

In Contempt

Great steaks but it's getting expensive.

Lidia Jackson

Very good sub !

Michael Bowen

Great sandwiches for a good price, fast..

Janine Eaton

Great subs! I screwed up my online order and the staff went out of their way to make everything right. Very helpful, fast service

Don Gaul

Amazing Food! A little pricey but well worth it.

James Ohrt


Patricia Hillman

Not worth the money. Wawa has better subs.

kevin mackesey

Excellent sun

susan chappell

Best club sub ever!!!!!!!!!

Jose Rolon

Frank Dillon

Good fresh sliced subs, fast service.

Kelly G

This place is great! They know my order before I even come in which has never happen anywhere before!!

Janet Nelson

Excellent! A taste above!

James Bray

I don't have one near home so this will be a must stop every time I'm at the beach. I get the Italian "Mike's Way". no other sandwich like it.

Judi Spencer

Best Cheesesteaks in DE!!!!

Joe Williams

Good stuff great subs!!

Mike M

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