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1440 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

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REVIEWS OF Chick-fil-A IN Delaware


Good ambience. Children's play area. Good parking. Clean toilets

Alisha Parker

Service was quick fast and food delicious

Kandy Williams

Customer service was the best and my food was great.

Nicholas Cahall

Food is always good here and usually the service is excellent. The last few times I went here they have messed up my order or given me the wrong order. Unusual, but it may have just been busy. They do make it right when they mess up. Good food and very fast and friendly service!

Adam Bartley

What can I say this place is perfect every time

Kimberly Better

The customer service is "Excellent! " But the eating area is not all that clean.

Ernest Denby

Our experience was wonderful and the service was excellent. We enjoyed our food and strawberry shakes.

Katelyn Curtis

Employees were so nice, great service and fast service.

Melanie Beardsley

Great service. Despite a long line inside and out, didnt have to wait lonf. Very efficient, polite and helpful staff.

Jonathan Wolfe

Great service, the location is always very busy, but efficient.

Lester Jones

Always great service and food consistently above average for grilled and fried chicken breast. Juicy too.

Moe Depth

Food taste great at minimum cost

Bren Sunshine

Great food, something needs to be done with lunch hours there, for breakfast, lunch & dinner, cars are lined out in the sreet causing jam ups

Jo Norquest

Lines can be long, but worth the wait.

Juan Torres

This was the first time trying this place. The staff was very friendly and courteous! The food is delicious and fresh, highly recommend!

R A Diggs

Great staff, clean, they had Christian music playing, were not in McDonalds anymore.

Dwayne Turner

Fast food but hot and fresh always. Plus, customer service is top notch and they always are very polite and courteous with a smile. Rare in this day and age to see to hear things like please, thank you and have a nice day.

Karen Simpson

Very efficient when the lines are long; but please be aware that navigating a full-sized pick up through the temporary pickets can be a challenge. Many people in compact cars hit the curb; I don't know how they get through narrower lanes! All was well with the most recent order, except it was obvious my frozen lemonade has been waiting a few minutes before it got in my truck.

Michael Pillsbury

The staff at the Dover location is totally on point. Great communication. Great food.

Claudette Brown

I like the Cobb salad which is great and the chicken is fresh.

Andrew Lewis

Dined in, food was good, bathroom and restaurant are kept clean. An employee walked over to our table and offered free drink refills, and refilled a drink. 5/5

Nitro XYZ

Best chicken sandwiches ever and I totally love there chicken nuggets with some bbq sauce yumm

Michael Peoples

Great food and service one expects with Chick-fil-a. We are here twice while in town.

Kiki Natrually

Has anyone Ever really had an issues with the Chick-fil-a come on people lol, the service goes. Above and beyond! Food on point! Just amazing

Eric Kennedy

Always a pleasant experience at any Chick-fil-A. This one was no exception. The staff were courteous, helpful and fast; the restaurant very clean. Other restaurants could learn a thing or two about customer service from these guys.

Phyllis Slay

Food is so fresh and hot also tasty.

William Kelly

Fast service healthy food good prices.

Don Stock

What a wonderful experience, we had a problem with the mobile app and Jeannie kindly helped us. She went above and beyond to retrieve the order from the system! Thank you again

Nina Smith

Chick fil a is always great in my books.

Kenny Oliver

I went inside to order and despite the long line the got to order quickly and after ordering my food arrived in about 4-6 minutes nice and hot. Also the staff was friendly and professional. The place was clean

Michael Martin

Recently voted the best "fast food" chain in the USA. This place is a very family friendly atmosphere with quick service and a delicious menu. I always look for a Chick Fil a wherever I am eating on the go. My really daughter loves the kid's play place! Also, most importantly, this restaurant consistently maintains a very clean environment. Highly recommended!

Jean Jean

Excellent customer service very quick efficient and caring staff. The food is great I am very satisfied. Ps: this location is very clean

David Price

Food is good always a wait.

Lon P Sees jr

Spicy chicken strips are the bomb

Tory Barber

Delicious absolutely no flaws fast service even if the lines look long your never there for more then 5 min and they even saved a life

Natalia Olivia

The bathroom had a foul odor and was very messy. There were even flies, i believe i saw at least ten, half of which were in the bathroom. The service was decent.

Brandon Wilson

Why is this food so good . Is it because it's not open on Sundays? Get there 2 hours before closing or the line gets long as the two drive thru lines are usually slimmed down to just one. Instagram: TheReal_BrandonWilson

Ledema Heffner

Wonderful as usual. Was very busy but we were in and out in a fast and timely matter with fresh hot food.

Trueblue 2053

The food is good and they have a play area for children

Debbie Petfield

Wonderful love the BBQ bacon chicken sandwich

Rooshad Joshi

Can't go wrong with this place. Superior food and customer serviev

Dylan Saier

they got more expensive and portions got smaller but still tastes good.

Kristoffer Alexander

Good food made quick, great staff.

David Sadler

Great food still closed on Sundays :)

Lynn Grubb

Best place to eat! Great food and employees are awesome

Angelita Probst

Great chicken of all kinds! Grilled, fried, salads or wraps, chick-fil-a has a chicken meal for you! Amazing service and bomb music made for the best meal on our road trip. The staff were exceptional and very welcoming, such a joy to talk to as well! Even under the hoards that came, they kept their calm and gave us a perfect order. Thank you Chick-fil-a for an amazing first meal with u guys!

Madonna Jacobs

So polite. The best customer service and good food.

Margaret Spears

Was very good I enjoy the waffle fries best of all.

virgilio franceschi

Chick fil A has best customer service and the food was great. Never disappointed when I go here.

Christopher Stewart

Slowest CFA drive thru I've ever been through. 20 mins and counting at 7pm on a Tuesday night.

funcandy 31

The fries was hot and fresh. That is all I order.

Tori Balfour

Everything about Chick-fil-a is awesome. My favorite place to go!

ginger sharp

Had the chicken cobb salad which was good. I just wished that the chicken was cold. I had to bring it home and put in the refrigerator for awhile so I could eat it.

carmen cruz

Love they're services.

Donna Dant

Love chick-fil-A. I'm sure a requirement for the jobs are to be super nice.

Lisa McClelland

The best service and always great food

Salena G.

Always courteous service which is rare nowadays.

Stacy Stewart

Very busy as always. Service quick and pleasant. Food hot and delicious. Very consistent establishment. It's the same at all of their location that I have visited.

Eileen Cortes

Excellent food, fast service, and great atmosphere.

Cathrine Hartman

We Love Chick Fila! Customer service is always on point.

mnhshew mnhshew

Very efficient service and fresh food

Lee Patteson

Love this place & as always great service plus the food was great

Diana Bacchi

Food was hot and fresh. The soda was awful. The syrup to seltzer ratio was off.

Chris Brown

Wow !! Great staff the customer service is off the charts. The store is clean and the food is very good. My favorite is the Spicy Chicken Deluxe .

Hey Tiffney

Nice ppl quick service great food!

Quazonia Quarles

Always pleasant workers who greet you and make you feel important. This place is a bright spot in any neighborhood. Excellent chicken. No other compares!

Sonia Aguirre

We used the drive thru and we had a really good experience with the service. Specifically with the staff. We changed our mind while ordering and the person was so gentle. Girl in the red umbrella was very polite. Thank you for Chick-fill-A for training your staff to offer awesome attention to clients.

Payam Abedi

Amazing service. Amazing smiles. Amazing food.

Karen Johnson

Took my grandkids here after the movies. They like the food here. My favorite is the chocolate milkshake, best drink on a hot day

Sharon Keiderling

Very friendly atmosphere. Everyone is very polite& respectful

Cindy Sampere

Great food... Great service... Great prices!

Grace Gaffney

I have been to several chick fil a s’ and i’m severely disappointed with this experience. The food was overly greasy and the lemonade which is usually my favorite was watered down and taste-less. Honestly if I could give this experience 0 stars, I would.

Joshua Wolford

Was extremely busy but they were still very quick to take my order and get my food in about 3 minutes. Food was perfect.

Kenneth Jason

Food was good service was quick workers were polite and handled an order change at the window with ease. Good experience

Mike Nostrom

It's Chick-fil-A. This place is awesome. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. Food is always hot and tasty. The place is always super clean. Playground is clean. We love coming here because both the staff and the customers are usually super nice and well-mannered.

Vicki D

Love Chick-fil-a! I always order online for drive thru pickup. Quick and never any issues

Amber Short

You can never go wrong with Chick-fil-A! Usually the drive through flies, today I waited 17 mins! Other then that the food was fantastic.

Timothy Alston

This is your typical Chick Fil A. Good food, good service.

Damon Johnson

Always fast, courteous, reliable service and the best chicken sandwiches!!!

Barb Wilson

Flavorful chicken but over charge for substitutions!

Kierra Chandler

The food here is always delicious and fresh. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. There is always a long line due to how good the food is. Just a friendly reminder: Chic-Fil-A is not open on Sundays for religious reasons. Their milkshakes are really good and creamy and the crispy chicken sandwich is to die for!

Laura Rust

You go to any of there locations and you're guaranteed to get your order right and untimely orderly fashion!! I can always count on Chick-fil-A to make my complicated orders to look easy. Plus I'm absolutely in love with there frosted lemonade oh my God it's amazing!!!

Malcolm Van Atta

Dover Air force Base is not the only military installation in this town. Chick-fil-A operates with military precision to deliver, On Time and On Target, the Lord's Chicken.

Teresa Bowers

Humm..Well,I used to like this Chick Fil more than , however lately My orders have been messed up.A Few of the workers,as we as Mangers just do not seem to be friendly no like in the past..How ever with that said,last night as I walked in a Worker who was African American said to me.Welcome to Chick Fil A.I then said..Ooo we live here..She then Said.Welcome Home loved her response..I did not get her name,but her response made me have a Great evening..

Caroline O'Neill

Very good it was a very nice chick-fil-a it also had quick service as well as friendly people

Duane Groff

If you have never had Chick-fil-A, you must live far, far away. They have magical chicken sandwiches that deliver a powerful flavor punch. The waffle fries are good too! I dip the fries in mayonnaise, a wonderful complimentary flavor profile. On special days you might even see a giant cow roaming around! Don't wait until Sunday to try this famous restaurant...they are closed SUNDAYS!

Elizabeth Given

Always polite,cheerful. Food always good

Barbara M. G. Walstrum

They are a favorite of mine because of their moral stances, and their food is very good.

Van T. Robinson

They offer delicious food!

dodylynne tooley

What can I say. Food was good as usual. The dining room staff that come by and ask if you need anything was on point. I think there were 2 sisters.

Paul Yannucci

I have never been to a bad Chick-fil-A. The food and service is always outstanding.

Owen Burkholder

Great and and exceptional service...every time!! It's a restaurant that really cares about customers and they do their best.

Musa Macapodi

Clean, friendly server and excellent burgers.


Excellent food, very friendly service and the fastest of all fast food chains! I have the upmost respect for a business that stands to their belief and continues to keep their doors closed on Sundays. God Bless you and your beliefs

Nina Lauer

Amazing staff and such delicious food

Bevarly m Muro

The waffle fries are good too! I dip the fries in mayonnaise, a wonderful complimentary flavor …


I primarily are giving them 5 stars for the way to think handle the amount of traffic that comes through their doors and through their direction each staff member handles it with a smile not stress.

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