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REVIEWS OF Truffles Farmington IN Connecticut

Peter Krysiak

Not 5 stars due to non organic ketchup.

Connor Joyce

This place is exceptional. They have a great menu and a bakery with a wide variety. Their food is flavorful and fresh. One of the besr bakery's I have ever been too!

Lauren Little

Horrible service! Don't visit this place if you are expecting to be treated with respect. Also, the young women working at the front do not give equal service to people of all racial backgrounds. And it is very noticeable. Shame on you Truffles.

Sophia Melark

I went into truffles and bought a lot of things and I was thrilled when I saw that they had dirt and worms. This was a childhood favorite of mine. Of course I purchased it and was so excited to try it when I got home. However, I was met with utter disappointment. As I ate the chocolate mousse and broken up cake, I wondered to myself how this can be called dirt and worms when it is typically made with chocolate pudding and broken oreos. I’m very disappointed in this creation.

Cecelia Cannavo

I wish they were more eco-friendly like the theme suggests. Instead of plastic cups, use reusable. Instead of plastic coffee stirrers, use wood or metal spoons. I do like the paper containers for take-home food though. Seems like high prices for inexpensive ingredients in the food. Like the kaiser rolls for the egg sandwiches.

Jacquelyne Boucher

Great food and treats ... Just wish they carried my gluten free items.

Jean Louis

The food is great and so are the people that work there. The only thing I wish could be worked on is keeping the special up-to-date on their website.

Kat Brown

This is by far the worst service I have ever received. All of the staff are extremely stuck up and act like they are doing you a favor when they take your order. Not only are the staff members rude but the owner is just as bad. The baked goods are average but it is not worth the treatment you get when going to Truffles. On top of all the rude and obnoxious staff, they can never get the order right, nine out of ten times they mess up. I feel like its my lucky day when they get the order right. You would think they could get one chocolate and one vanilla cupcake right but when you get in the car to check you end up with two red velvet cupcakes (there was only me and one other women in the store). I can't say I am surprised considering that when I ordered the cupcakes the girl was talking to her friend the whole time. I also went back inside to tell her that she got the order wrong and she didn't apologize, she barely acknowledged my presents, she continued talking to her friend. She asked me twice what my simple two cupcake order was and gave it to me. Everything about Truffles is terrible and those people aren't worth the time and money. You could get better service at McDonalds. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

Andy Whittaker

Go here. Buy things. You will not regret.

Andrea Gilberti

Food is always good and services is generally pretty fast

Orlando Figueroa

My wife picked up our sons birthday cake from here and it was amazing. Worth the money!

Jared Woods

Great little bakery in Farmington. Good for baked goods and lunch.

Timothy Alarcon

My wife and I went there and they lost our lunch order which happens. They were super apologetic and went above and beyond to make it right which stood out to us. The food and dessert was really good too.

Cameron Rodgers

We eat here everytime we're in Farmington. Everyone that works there is super nice, and they have great sandwiches.

Kathy McKay

Delightful raspberry and cheese croissant. Fresh fruit salad . Breakfast sandwich a bit dry.

Rob C

Domingo Merced

Every Friday and Saturday morning I go there for breakfast. Their food is great and they have the best coffee!! Specially the Toasted Almond!!!

Vivien Shi

Marlo Vandiver

I ordered the chicken panini and it was fantastic. The bread was perfectly toasted and the whole sandwhich was just put together perfectly. I came with a huge team of people and the staff were very frendly and super efficient. We hardly had to wait and we had 26 people. Overall, a great place to eat!

Greg Kirby

Fantastic cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Only downside is the pricey menu, including these tasty treats. Great spot for lunch with seating available upstairs and out front when the weather is nice. Menu is pricey but sandwiches do come with side of pasta salad and small slice of sheet cake.

Cheryl Upton

Food good but over priced

Loretta Waldman

Clam chowder for lunch followed by a pumpkin bar and cup of hot Earl Grey. Delish!

Nick Voitkevics

Great place the staff is helpfull and very nice the cake pops are amazing !!!

Gary Antigiovanni

Adam Chamberlain

The million dollar bar is divine!

Jacquelyn Chase

Delicious food, great outdoor seating, fast service

Mian Hussain

25 minutes waiting bad experience

Bert Wederburn

One of everything please! Just cram it in a bag!

Tucker Lusa

Awesome cakes, good wraps

Krislyn Miller


Breakfast for 3 consisted of a quinoa bowl with feta cheese, a lobster panini, and a bakery breakfast special. All food items get 5 stars. The seating is cafeteria style with outdoor wrought iron tables and chairs. Typical deli style decor gets 4 stars for being clean and plentiful on a sunny day. There's also an upstairs indoor dining area but I didn't see it. Service was fine. Quick and done accurately. It gets 4.

Dave Pergola

Truffles is wildly consistent. I have come to both locations multiple times and it's always very, very good. The price is in line with the quality - definitely steps above Panera for a similar cost.

David Mann

Really good and fast service....not to mention awesome food. :-)

Brian Jackson

Great experience there

Peter Nogas

Very good service,and very good food!

Dana C.

Larry Vigil

It's not like it used to be but they still have great cakes and food is ok.

Eugene Klimaszewski

Breakfast wraps are ok. Service was good. Salad is heavily overpriced with maybe 2 ounces of chicken. You get 4x the chicken at chipotle. Unacceptable and Will not be back.

Stokley Villafane

Gilbert Espinosa

1st visit. Friendly, professional staff. Really nice sandwiches.

Ryan Bartholomew

Great breakfast sandwiches! Great cupcakes!

Maria E Lopez

Great selection in baked goods & lunches are delicious!

Big Tuna Gets Bent


Tina Lee Rice

Not sure why there are so many bad reviews for Truffles in Farmington, I have been to both the Farmington and Avon locations and have had noting but great service. By the way both the food and the deserts are awesome. THUMBS UP.

Terry Delaney

Always fresh, with reasonable prices for the area.

Treda Collier

They are always friendly and offer good and fresh food. Unfortunately the construction makes it hard to enjoy the outdoor patio..

Ally L.

Pay a stupid amount of money for a sandwich that's worth half as much, and wait a really long time to get it.

David P. Chouinard


Uncle Sam

Worst experience I have Ever had in a "hole in the wall place" poor service, my first time in there and it would be my last time. Unfriendly staff, but know something my money is friendly. Continue on with your shameful service and you will end up laying eggs yourself. I feel very sorry for the locals and newcomers. Bring your precious time and money some place leers that's is well appreciated!

Christian G.

Michael Zucker

Great service, Even greater food, really Good Restaurant

Jennifer Lowe

I am a faithful customer at Truffles Bakery and Kitchen, but that will most likely end today. I signed up for your Perks program the last time I was in your Bakery. I did this because I like to support local business, I frequent your place often, and I am a huge advocate of customer rewards via social networks. That being said, I ordered my food today, paid in cash, did not get a receipt, nor was I asked if I wanted one, and sat outside and waited on my order. At that time, I "checked" in using your Perks program. It tells you on the App that you should let the cashier know that you have made a purchase and that you will then be credited points for your purchase. When the girl delivered my food, I asked about getting credit for my meal. She replied it was too late, they had already rung me through, and that I needed to do this at the time of check out. I said "really? there is nothing that can be done?" She said "let me go check." She came back out and said they needed my receipt. I explained that I was not given one. She went back inside to check again and never came back out to let me know what the deal is. Really? You are just gonna ignore the inquiry and leave me sitting out there? I love your food, but you know what, you guys have an attitude and you act like you are doing me a favor every time I go in there to patronize your place. Maybe you don't need my business, maybe you just don't care, but I have so many choices for great food around here. I don't need one that comes with the attitude.

Deborah Phillips

Such a cute little spot. Great pastries!

Diana Sadjadi

Purchased a chicken salad and was not happy. For what I paid, I expected much much better. Chicken was pre frozen, don't even think there was more than an ounce and a half of it, just not good and something you find in TV dinners. I did not expect this as a resident of Farmington. Big letdown

Gregory VanHouten

Fantastic lunch and great service.

Ken Colangelo

Really expensive but great gourmet pseudo deli.

Kristin H

We came to this place on Black Friday. The young man that took our order is top notch. We so appreciated him and sincerely hope that customers will put their phones down and focus on what they are there to do and be kind. He was tremendous during a crazy busy day. The shop is adorable and the food is yummy. We will be back. We find ourselves wishing that employees at other places were as delightful as the polite young man that took our order. Thanks Truffles!

Sindhu Emilda

Good quality food.

Caitlin Bryant

Found a hair in my BLT...won’t be going back

John B

Breakfast sandwich was great, and they have a nice patio.

Rich L

Great pastries! Friendly staff and good healthy food.... however, No Soy or Almond milk for your coffee!

Jenny Letsoalo

I called ahead for a turkey wrap and it was DELICIOUS!! I love the legendary pasta salad and cake bite that goes with it. Quick and friendly

Tina Van Gorder

Their selections were very limited. The staff has an attitude every time I've gone. They should remember they chose to work in customer service.


James Hewson

Went there for breakfast the other day before making the drive back to MI. Amazing breakfast wraps (try the steak and cheese, you won't be disappointed), very fresh and well prepared. Clean tables and friendly staff. While we were eating other groups were all commenting about how much they love it and go out of their way to eat here when they are near. Highly recommended.

Bonnie Zemantic

Great place to get breakfast. I love their breakfast sandwiches and their home fries. Try their Cajun chicken pasta salad as well!

Lexy Nope

HORRIBLE BUSINESS i contacted twice and noone ever got back to me. They lost a few good customers!!!!!

Christine Gibson

The pastries are amazing and breakfast and lunch sandwiches are great, too.


Horrible people...

Larry Price

Blueberry - lemon coffee cake was a show- stopper!

Kim Morris

I don't understand the negativity about the service, I went for lunch the first time Thursday, very busy time, filled shop. The ladies were wonderful, helpful, I'd never been there before and they helped me figure out everything without making me feel rushed. I like the way they ask your name, so the right order ends up with the right person. My salad was wonderful. the cupcakes were very moist, I'm not used to the new style, with as much candy flavored frosting on top as cake underneath. But very satisfying. The labmates were happy with what we brought back to surprise them with. We'll be back again, to try new things.

Scott Roberson

Great food. Bit pricey but you get a piece of cake with your sandwich. Nice touch.

Joel Villanueva

Decent small place cozy I'll agree with all those statements my only gripe is that the egg bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich was tiny for what they charge I guess it's all about location lol coffee was good

Tori Whaley

Nice patio, good breakfast wrap.

A Google User

maybe you were having a bad today but... ordered meals for a business lunch. very disappointed. forgot our salad dressing, cobb salad had one limp piece of chicken,. asked for no almonds on one salad due to an allergy issue, but they were on there anyway.. no flatware provided.

Jim Wilson

Owners are extremely rude and condescending

Shannon Roberts

Food was great, but very difficult for parking even to just run in and grab order.

Jonathan H Garcia

These people are just assholes,I don't understand how they are in business

Tashana Payne

On my way to work i stopped for breakfast, I've been here a couple times before & no problem. I ordered my breakfast the girl brought it to the front and said Kerry I answered and she put it on the counter, I said may I have a bag please? She put the bag on the counter, I said to her you allow your customers to bag their own food? She said we'll soon stop carrying bags! I was appalled at her behavior 8am in the morning, I said your not very nice! I also ordered an orange juice which I forgot, I got in my car then realized she was chuckling and having conversations with the other 2 girls, I saw her walk to the fridge to put back my juice, I said to her it would have been nice to let me know i left it she then said I was going to come out to you I said really? But instead you put it back in the fridge. Terrible customer service, word of advise if your not people oriented or choose which set of people you cater to have a notice on the front door, it's up setting to spend your money where your not wanted or can be treated with respect. Very classless & I'll never return to this establishment.

Christopher Berman

Used to work here, great food, great pastrys and desserts, particularly fond of there turkey club and "better then hostess" cupcakes.

Todd Kelmar

Small bakery and sandwich shop. I hope you're not in a rush when you go here because the wait times can be ridiculous. It can feel like a free-for-all when you're ordering, there's no space inside and there doesn't seem to be any kind of system. If you're ok with frustratingly slow service (20+ minutes for a basic wrap) and don't mind being bumped and jostled when waiting to order, then the food is pretty ok.

Jim Chiaraluce

Great selection of food and treats.


Great food and pastries here! No fancy coffee though but there is a good variety of teas

Jimmy Story

Great food. Place is cozy but because of its popularity it's a bit too cramped. Wish they didn't close the Avon location.

Laurie Cassinari

MMMMMM! I work close by and LOVE stopping in for a healthy lunch or a sweet treat! My favorite treat is the chocolate eclairs. Oh wait, there are the Better Than Hostess Cupcakes (they really are so much better, if you can believe it! ). And who can forget to mention the Dolly that is a really great treat! I guess we now know who has a really refines sweet tooth!

Manfred Grabinat

Schöne Terrasse, uriger Innenraum und leckere Patisserie. Ebenso Gazpacho und Nudelsalat.

Michael Olko

Visited for the first time today. Staff was friendly and helpful. Very homey environment. I got the chicken cob wrap, it was delicious! Overall great experience. I can't wait to go back and try something else!

Iradj Mehrmanesh

Excellent food & desserts. Breakfast & lunch only. Limited but cozy eat-in area. Prices are understandably a bit higher than fast-food places but the quality & freshness of ingredients make it well worth it.

Cindy Nielsen

I loved this cute little place! Great customer service and delicious food! Fun atmosphere. There is a small dining area upstairs and tables outside during warm weather. Seemed like most people bought take out.

Tracy Perrotti

Awesome food! A little pricey but portions were large.

Joseph Lyons


Cakes are sooo good

Elizabeth Diez

Best croissants in Connecticut!

Daniel O'Keefe

Killer turkey Reuben. A great place to get a sandwhich and a pastry at a fine price. Great, cozy atmosphere with some nice outdoor seating as well.

Keila Jeanette Laureano

I placed online order 5/24 totaling $22.73 and let me tell you what happened, and how disgusted I’m with your service (Two Panini’s with no chipotle Mayo a chocolate chip cookie and a lemonade). Yes, I’m an employee at the hospital. I was told they couldn’t change my order because the online order did not say no chipotle, and I was told to buy a another one. When I always order the Panini’s online with no chipotle, I’m a regular. This will be my last time ever consuming your products due to your lack of customer service your company treated me with. I will make sure I write a review on your business. It’s not about the food or the money is about learning how to run a business and keeping the customers satisfied. Something that was a common mistake cost you a customer. The staff on the truck needs a new job they’re always unhappy overwhelmed and that transfers to poor customer service, however this came from the man behind the scenes that makes the food. It’s a shame.

Gilberto Martinez

Very helpful, the girls in there are very nice too

Michael Sposato

One of the best bacon and egg sandwiches I ever had. Great Place

Michelle Rodrigue


Sean Huntley


Phillip Chabot

Doug Gerlach

The closest business to a bakery there is in Farmington and a popular weekend breakfast spot, with cupcakes, muffins, pastries, and breakfast wraps.

M Johnson

Visited for lunch, with a coworker. Wonderful variety, delicious sweets. I ordered a grilled turkey and cheese on sour dough bread. Absolutely delicious. A little pricey but worth it.

Joel Allen

Always good food.

Michael Boscarino

Great food, great staff!

Emily Januszczyk

I got food poisoning from the Lobster Mac & Cheese. When I called the store to let them know, the person on the phone said "okay, and?" and were not concerned whatsoever. Staff is young and unpleasant at the front of the store. Bad customer service. I would buy the baked goods from here, and that's about it.

Jamie O'Brien

The breakfast sandwiches and omelettes are delicious, as well as everything else. Definitely recommend!

Greg Ratti

Truffles is great! Lots of crazy good food

Cathy Gilbertie Knipper

Great food and coffee! Small and quiant. Very close to UConn medical campus. Eating room was a little chilly but food was fresh and delicious! Table service would make this a five-star breakfast place.

Antonio Brickhouse

Angela Tinella

Food is so good and it's so quaint.

Midnight rain

Elizabeth Wilcox Pei

Michele Neubauer

Wow_ im really disappointed with the ppl who copped an attitude themselves - be nice! They are very hard workers and the food they make are awesome!! they made changes as requested to my order and was the best food I ever had!! Love htat lil palce & will go again & again <3

Laura Damico

Great pastries and baked goods...friendly service. Eat-in menu is good but very limited.

Elaine Romano

Ordered breakfast to go after reading the great reviews on line! Cute shop...with seating, upstairs I think, if you have the time. Great wraps and varieties of eggs and egg sandwiches! Also picked up a Nutella cookie for my daughter and she totally enjoyed it!

Martin Hernandez

Excellent food and service!

Robin Valentine

Sounds great but it has 1 '$'. The menu shows $20 plates. NOT Kool!

Mark McGrath

Love Truffles!!

Pauline Zimmerman

Sweet place for lunch

Jack Noble


Bryan Niedermayer

Great breakfast and sweets! The cakes and muffins are incredible!

Dave C.

Friendly staff and good food. Parking can be awkward due to construction. The Farmington Valley Extreme Salad ("extreme" meaning with chicken) is always a hit. I like the lemon ginger dressing.

Jack Gallino

Very good,service is the most important thing. Food from the kitchen was the best.

B. M.

Excellent bakery and sandwich shop. Parking is tough but worth it.

Dianne Doyle

Place is tiny. Very disorganized. Coffee was not great. Baked goods fair but costly.

Alicia Ortiz

Nice and cozy place. Very good for breakfast and the rest of the day. Have a large variety of sandwiches and wraps. Also salads,juices a soda drinks.

Mary Joseph

Food is very very good, a little pricey but worth it

Yoochang Shin

맛있는 음식, 깨끗한 매장, 친절한 직원. 브런치를 즐기러 종종 들르는 곳입니다.

juliussk .

Cute place for brunch or lunch right on main road in Farmington. Food is good, and pastries are great (huge selection). Large chouse of salads and breakfast items. Everything is fairly priced for the location and quality. Stop by when you are passing through the town.

Peter Brazaitis

Great pastries

Taylor Sanger

Great breakfast place with healthy food options.

Cary K.

Good eats.

Amy Nottingham

Kristen M

an absolute favorite in the Farmington area. perfect for students at Miss Porter's. it is always pretty crowded and definitely a bit overpriced. sometimes the food can be hit or miss, but most of the time it is delicious. I'm giving 5 stars because it was such a staple at our high school.

Bill B

Truffles Food truck comes to our work every week. Food is great! Got the Brussel Sprout Kale Caesar salad. Excellent and large portion.

Robin StPierre

So charming...delicious ! From delectable treats to yummy fresh sandwiches...What a treat!

Chris Berg

Dine in ct delivered them for me.

Aubrey Skelskey

Be nice to the girls and they will be nice to you.

Lala Vied

WORST service I have ever experienced! I called the bakery to order a cake for my sisters 40th birthday, and they told me I would have to go on Facebook and look at there services before I could even order. I called a second time to ask questions they told me to look on Facebook again and could not answer any of my questions. As a business owner myself, I do not think you should rely on Facebook to be the voice of your business. After finally placing my order, I thought everything was ready to go. However, the day before the cake was suppose to be ready I called to make sure everything was ok and I was told the cake wasn't being made!!! I am now frantically searching to have a cake made for her birthday that is tomorrow! I CAN NOT believe this business is even still in operation. AWFUL service!

nick v

Staff is 100% fantastic all smiles helpful and just great everything is absolutely delicious (best cake pops in the world!!!!) The s'mores cupcakes are amazing and I could go on for days about everything else great place great staff 2 thumbs up from this guy!

Tara Tai

Tasty neighborhood bakery with generous servings

Josh Davidson

Liliana Elsener

Great food. Just the restaurant need to be cleaned more often. One time I saw a dead fly inside the food cooler display. I told one of the employees and they ignored me. They took a couple weeks to finally clean the cooler.

Peggy Moore

Very good coffee, great egg sandwich, nice staff cheerfully made it minutes before closing

Kiesha Schiavo

Derek Benson

Solid option for breakfast, lunch, and bakery foods. Fresh and reliable service. More of a deli/sit-down atmosphere than a conventional restaurant with service.

Brett Matthews

Good food, but B*TCHY STAFF. More of a positive and friendly attitude, less moodiness would go a long way. If the staff is too stressed, hire another person during busy hours to alleviate the pressure. Customers wouldn't mind paying an extra $1 or 2 for their meal if it meant a better experience.

Dianne Antos

Delicious food; smiling staff

Garrett Craig

Ridiculously tasty salads. Fresh fruit. All good stuff.

Tony Doucette Sr

Great food and great wife loves it here....

Rick Blake

One of the few bakeries where the desserts are as delicious as they look. It is a bit $ but not crazy.

Arthur Fields

Great staff. Good food. Reasonable prices. But business wastes too much paper/plastic.

Lloyd Hasselman

it was homey, the staff was friendly, and the food was great. loved the cozy atmosphere

Kevin Downey

Great little breakfast place! Not many in Farmington so this is a busy place. I have only sat outside so can't speak on the indoor seating but it's definitely nice to have the option to sit outside and the service is usually quick. Would recommend.

Jennifer Bingell

For you eat right 4 your blood type, they have very good grass-fed burgers. ~Type O eater

Ashley Hernandez

Always great food. I feel bad that there is so much construction. There is parking in the back which makes it easier to get in and out. Great treats and always fresh.

Keaton Hoyt

Amazing food

daniel isakson

Always a great place to get breakfast

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