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REVIEWS OF Silvia's International Restaurant and Catering IN Connecticut

Susan Thompson

We loved the food. The bread, salad, roast pork, chicken francaise were to die for! And dark chocolate cake was an added surprise! Wonderful evening!

Angelica Rivera

Honestly an astonishing restaurant. French, German, Romanian, Hungrian, Jewish, Russian all in one restaurant. So glad i found it. I enjoyed every minute! So many things to say: First, The food is delicious!! Such a unique and fresh taste. Everything made with care even the drinks. Second, the prices are extremely reasonable. One entree comes with a soup, salad, homemade bread/ butter and dessert, can't go wrong with that! Third, the location is in a beautiful area by a lake, perfect for what this restaurant presents. Forth, the inside has such a welcoming and homey flare which i loved. Lastly, Silvia! The sweetest most loving person. Employees are nice and welcoming. I honestly have nothing bad to say. I hope others will get the chance to experience what this restaurant is truely about. Thank You Silvia's Restaurant

Meghan Wert

Barbie kelleher

Very good home style Romanian cooking. We had the Romanian holiday dinner. Stuffed cabbage was mmmmmm, pork , sausage and sauerkraut. Lots of food on one plate. Delicious home made chicken Soup and salad included.

Richard Anderson

This is my favorite restaurant in Enfield. Great Eastern European style food in unbelievable portions.

Freddy LaFleur

Angela W.

Visited this restaurant while staying in the area for the Brimfield Antique show. The owner is a passionate and kind woman who has great food recommendations. The menu is flexible, and can be adjusted. Portions are very good, at a reasonable price. All of the food is homemade, and includes bread, salad, and dessert (all delicious). We very much enjoyed our meals and will be returning in the future! Highly recommended.

Jairo Guevara

Steve Powell

Great find in Enfield. Kind of a best keep secret. Had the whole place to myself. The service is great. The Reuben was very good. Very nice ambiance. Great prices. Hope to get back this way some day. Good coffee too.

Jake Harvey

The service was unbearably slow. The layout is strange and uninviting. When my soda came out it was flat and there are no free refills. When the food finally came out it was pretty good but not what we ordered. It was close to what we ordered. We went for dinner and we're not allowed to order and sandwiches or french fries but my child's meal came out with french fries by default. When I tried to use a coupon, I was accused of stealing the coupon from the restaurant on the way in. It seems like they know how to cook but have no idea how to run a restaurant.

Freddy Walz

My sister, a friend and I tried Silvia's about 5 years ago. We were told by the crazy lady that seated us that Silvia was on vacation, and she was the hostess. We ordered some wine, and my friend asked what she had for DRY reds. She mentioned one, and brought a glass. My friend tasted it, and said, "This is very sweet, I asked for dry. I don't like or want this." She actually put up a stink about it. Then when she took it away, we WATCHED her go behind the bar and pour the glass that my friend had sipped from BACK into the wine bottle!! Talk about a health code violation! So next, we were brought a large crock of soup, which we had not ordered. In fact, we hadn't ordered any food at all and actually had decided to pay for the two glasses of wine we did drink and eat elsewhere. This woman argued that our food (yeah, the same food that we had NOT ordered yet) was already cooking?? How is that possible?? The place was empty, not one guest, and there were kids running around in and out of the kitchen eating sausages with their bare hands?? Also, the decor was quite old and dirty. The whole experience was like a scene from a comedy-horror movie.

Julia Santino

An amazing place with amazing food I would highly recommend reminds just of Europe the food there is amazing I give it 1000 stars

Don Borrelli

The food and service are excellent - IF you call ahead for a reservation. This is a local restaurant, not a chain and the owner will normally wait on you and cook your dinner. Sometimes they are empty and sometimes they are hosting a big party and short handed. So call ahead and you won't be disappointed. Always, you will get a lot of food. Take home a loaf of bread, also, it is the best I have ever tasted, except for my mother's home baked farmer's bread.

Thomas Fingerman

Food is great, and large quantity. Personal service from the owner and cook. Highly recommend a visit. Real home cooked meals. You will need to make a reservation.

Shaw Shank

Great experience. Excellent food. Fun atmosphere

Jennifer Whitehead

My family wanted to try a new tradition this year, and go out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. Based on the internet reviews I thought that this would be a good location. The food was very disgusting, the meat was sitting in grease and oil. It was far from a Thanksgiving feast. It costed $25 per person and we had to use paper plates and plastic utensils, thats right, PAPER PLATES at $25 a head! To top it all off we were charged a 20% gratituity fees, and we did not have a waitress, it was buffett self service for drinks and food. First off, when we try to express our concerns to the owner she walked up to our table and literally said "what". Perhaps a nicer approach would have been, excuse me folks how may I help you whwn you have a table dropping close to $300.00. When we further tried to express our concerns to the owner, she told us we did not know what good home cooked food was, and she didn't care if we were happy or not, diesnt care if we come back or not, just pay and leave. Once customers overheard our table they to started to complain and she said the same thing to them. Collectively we all walked out together. I will never return here again, and I caution others to think before they select this location. I am absolutely disgusted with this food, and with the service that was provided there. Not to mention she needs a visit from the health department.



Tina Giustra-Perez

Was 8:20 they close at 9pm. I was sitting for 10 minutes no one came to the table. Went to the kitchen and the owner was on her cell phone and said she was closed. We were not happy. No one ever answers the phone when you call either .

Katherine Boucher

Everything was delicious from appetizer to entree! They gave big portion too! Highly recommended!!!!


Samuel Wolf

Great meal with very large portions

Susan Valeri

A hidden gem in Enfield. Enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and the food was incredible. No wonder since she cooked at the White House. This was real food not the chain restaurant usual fare. Silvia herself was very attentive and clearly cares about her customers.

DJ Harris

Although it was completely empty, dark and the open sign was off, we ventured in anyway for lunch. Silvia, the proprietor and cook, came out to greet us. She is a fantastic Romanian woman who delivers delicious food at a reasonable price (she brought out homemade bread and Romanian wedding soup as we sat down). We'll definitely be coming back with friends.

Morris Armstrong

I can accept all of the reviews except for the bad food. I ate there in the winter with a friend and the place was relatively empty and uncomfortably cool. However, Sylvia's warmth made up for the chill (not literally but you know what I mean). The menu had a number of choices but Sylvia recommended whhat she thought was best that night and assured us that we would love it. She was correct. The breads, salads, soups, entree and desserts were all very good. I do suffer from a vision problem, my eyes are bigger than my belly, and I think that I ate enough for two days and still had leftovers. It is not fancy by any means, the wines are not to my liking so I simply refrained from ordering any, but the meal was worth it. One of the best meals that I ever had was in Milano - where the chef just brought out plates of his choice. In a way, that is how I view this restaurant. I don't understand her pricing, but it is reasonable and worth it!

Lynne Goss

Great food. Very generous portions. Good service. Fine variety on the menu.

Anthony Sanchez

The people

David Robertson

Good food

Tim Konek

Delicious food, accommodating staff, off the beaten path location.


Hidden gem! Best stuffed cabbage, wine, steak, desert!! The host is awesome! Had a great time here and will be back.

Jeff Martin

Pretty sure they just refused to serve me.

Maria Febres

Reina Mendez

Is ok

Dale Ianni

Some of the best food that I have ever had

Madeline Perezhodge

My darling husband took me here 1 wk ago..I was really impressed, the place was very clean and the food was absolutely amazing..everything is homemade including bread and steak was huge and deliciously cooked to perfection...then came desert...that was delicious too...definetly would recommend this restaurant...Silvia your cooking is simply amazing and I'm looking forward to eating there again . Check out the pics I posted

william sinski

Wow, just wow, food here is made with love. I wish i lived closer.

Shelley Ramsdell

Had our daughter's wedding reception at Silvia's restaurant. We could not have had a better experience. The food was excellent and the choices were diverse so everyone had a lot to chose from for their meal. Silvia shared a European tradition of breaking bread with the newlyweds and parents. It was a lovely gesture. It was a wonderful time.

Sharyn Dearnaley


Bonnie Gagne

Great place to have a family dinner.

nay weldon

Shout out to the dj there dj freah great music there

Susan Harris

Went here for a Mother's Day Brunch and it was a terrible experience. We had moths in the flower arrangement on our table. Young child singing for everyone. (Better off singing on a non important day rather than Mother's Day) Staff was very unorganized to say the least. Way too much commotion going on.

Kevin Jacobs

If I could I would give a less than 2% rating but I cannot.

Maddy Argo

Well my fiance is Polish and i'm French so I thought this would be nice. It's very spacious and casual inside not glamorous but we felt cozy. Sivlia came to greet us and she is absolutley lovely and kind. The food was very very good; fresh and with large portions. They had German beer wich my fiance liked and I liked my wine. He found the Eastern European food to be authentic and very good and it reminded him of his trip to Polond.

David Madison

Good food and service.

Nancy Sedlacek

This place is AMAZING! I went there with my husband and we were greeted by the owner "Silvia", whom was a sweetheart. The food is made fresh every day. To start they brought us a delicious bread that contained raisins which was very delicious. Then they brought us a German chicken soup followed by a salad bowl with their special salad dressing, which was extremely tasty. I had the filet mignon with an exquisite gravy sauce accompanied by potatoes and veggies, it was fabulous. My hubby had a German dinner which consisted of veal, chicken & sausage accompanied by potatoes and sauerkraut, he loved it. Then they brought us chocolate brownies with a powdered sugar topping, they were mouth-watering. Wow the food was the best I have ever had and we have traveled even to our honeymoon in Hawaii nothing beats this delicious authentic gourmet food. We highly recommend this place. If you're going out for a romantic dinner, family dinner or any kind of event, this is the place to go. Oh and did I forget that they serve huge portions?, yes they do so be prepared to take some left overs home and enjoy a 2nd delightful meal. We will definitely be coming back!!

Ava Carmichael

Going to Syliva's Restaurant is like going home to see my family for a meal. Sylvia is warm and cares for her guests. She makes all of her food with love. We visited for her annual Thanksgiving buffet meal and it was such a warm, inviting, wonderful experience. So much food!! So many different European dishes, from Germany to France and Italy. There is definitely something for everyone (and don't skip the deserts -she is highly skilled in her breads and pastries, too!)

Jesus Campis

Es muy bueno el restaurante se los recomiendo

Leticia Diaz

One of my favorite dance places!

Dominic DeAngelis

You don't even need to tell her what you want to eat she just beings out food and it's always good !

Diana Donnellan

Didn't quite know what to expect so far off the beaten path, but what a wonderful find. Great food at a great price, and by far th he best pirogues I've had in years. Wonderful service, I'll be back!

Nicholas Vassiliou

Horrible horrible experience. Me and my fiance went there for my birthday the minute we walked in i was disgusted. First of all nobody was in there and the lights were turned off then "sylvia" comes out of the kitchen theres no waiters no waitresses. We both get a cup of wine and when we got the wine we both had a fly in our cup totally disgusting. Then we ordered the food my fiance got chicken and i got lamb let me tell you i coudnt even swallow tbe lamb it was soo disgusting... PLEASE EVERYBODY DO NOT GO HERE.

Duster Freebottom

Don't miss it for personalized meals with generous portions.

George Arab

Fantastic home cooked authentic European meals, large servings. This is Lamb Stroganoff with stuffed peppers for 2

Stan Gvinter

It was our first time, we ordered catering for six. Everything was delicious. For dessert we had different kind of strudels it was something you won't find in any bakery.

focus Legend

Jeff Goulet

Off the beaten path. Great super authentic ethnic foods. Nothing that isn't from scratch, except perhaps the vodka!

Robert Wellenberger

Jason Stankwitz

It's like going to your grandmother's house for dinner, the chef is a show all her own and great cook. If you want something special just ask and she will custom a dish for you. Great old world cooking with a homey feel.

Alec Novakowski

Joseph Mackiewicz

My wife and I were driving past Enfield around dinner time so we searched online for an interesting restaurant and found Silvia's. We're very glad we did! Chef Silvia brought freshly-baked bread with a delicious vegetable soup as a starter and recommended the specials: beef stroganoff or chicken fondue. We decided to order both and share; little did we know how substantial the portions are so we had another delicious meal at home the next day. Simply put...the cuisine was outstanding! We were not surprised to learn Silvia has won many awards for her cooking including 2015 Chef of the Year from the Connecticut Chef's Association. If you enjoy fine European cuisine, this is a must-try restaurant less than 2 miles from I-95 Exit 47.

Tricia Beaudoin

The owner was super sweet

Timothy Mercier

Went here with my family and they were understaffed so it took a while to get drinks and take our orders. When we did finally order half of the dishes we wanted weren't available so we ended up with other things. The food we did get was very delicious and definitely worth it if you have a little time

Zuly Figueroa

Francois Gaumond

Michael Moran

Silvia went out of her way to make it a very enjoyable experience. She's a very hands-on owner and it makes a difference when you're at a place where the owner is very involved. Excellent food and service. I will definitely go back.

Kurt Malec

The food at Silvia's is top notch! We had a company party at her restaurant last night and people are raving about the food! Huge portions that were truly delicious. Silvia is a great host and her entire staff had us dancing, eating and drinking!

Emily LaFlesh

The food at this restaurant is beyond top notch, I can't say enough great things about it. The soup was our starter which was easily some of the best soup I've ever eaten. We then were served a still warm, fresh loaf of bread. Next came the fresh salad with delicious feta and house dressing. By this point I'm reaching delightfully satisfied, almost full. The phenomenal meal came next; there were no salt and pepper shakers on the table, signifying everything was perfectly seasoned, which it was!! Just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite, 2 still warm brownies were served!! Needless to say, we brought so much food home and still walked out about to burst at the seams. I can't believe we hadn't heard of this place sooner, but we'll certainly be regular patrons now!!

Heather Merrill

Sean Mcdermott

The chief was the nicest lady ever. She was the old grandma everyone wants. She even told my friend you didn't finish your food why. When we got there was a loaf of bread, then she brought a salad I wanted to eat. It was great please go.

Hyacinth Nightshade

A well hidden gem of a restaurant. The food was excellent and the portions very generous! Can't wait till our next visit!

Robert Bean

Lisa Caputo


Lindo Gatito

Michael Kibbie

Best food ever.

JJ Kendrick

Delicious food, great service. Portions are enormous. Highly recommend

Bruce Singer

My daughter had her wedding reception there. The food was not good the roast beef was rare and I could not get it well done. The other foods were only mildly warm not hot. When I asked for a soda I was brought a can of soda and while I was looking at the cam I noticed that it had been expired for over 1 year.

Andrew Bolduc

Tyra Torres

I love the place

Elena Pappas

My boyfriend and I ate here in 2011 and it was great.. so in January we decided to go back. What a mistake.... She only let us pick from three things off the menu "becuase of the weather".. She brought us out a cold tuna/bean salad that looked regurgitated. I cut into my chicken with a butter knife and it snapped, like rubber. It was clearly years old and frozen... My boyfriend and I were nearly sick to our stomachs when we left. The decor is so old and it looks like nothing has been cleaned or dusted in 20 years. I will never go back.. so disappointing..

Kerry Gavlak

If you're looking for a really great, home cooked polish or hungarian meal with modest surroundings that are comfortable and clean, Sylvia's is the place. The polish platter and hungarian goulash were more than what we could eat and they were both incredibly flavorful and filling. I read one person complained there are no "waiters and waitresses" that it was Sylvia herself who waited on them. Like that's such an awful thing?! Really!???? Get real people. Yes, Sylvia herself is not only the host but she also cooks, waits on you and she and one of her helpers is sure to meet your every need. So if you are looking for a great home cooked meal and aren't pretentious enough to worry whether or not it is served with the proverbial silver spoon, then Sylvia's is truly a very good and rare find! Wiwaty, zjedzmy!!

Erika Margarita Lanctot

Silvia is amazing. She opened up earlier for us to go over the menu for our wedding. She is very open to ideas and gives awesome suggestions to make your day special.

Pamela John

The food was cold, the carver at the carving station picked up a big slab of meat with his hand and put it on my plate! I suggested he use the fork in his other hand next time. I could go on and on, but not even worth my time! On the way into the front door, there was a used tampon in the grass and trash strewn about ...I should've turned back then! I just wonder how this place could ever pass a health inspection? The place is filthy! They must've paid those people to give rave reviews, because that's just NOT reality! They actually sat people in a storage room off the socalled dining room. Not recommended, especially for a get together...YUK!

Alexis Cecchetelli

Kyle Douglas

Kathy Ferreira

My husband found Sylvia's on the internet. A bit off the beaten path, but well worth it. We went between lunch and dinner and the owner personally waited on us. We were both amazed that our dinner included first soup (German), Jewish bread (still warm), salad with the best salad dressing I've ever tasted, lamb stroganoff, AND dessert and coffee and tea. Our merlot was hand picked by the owner and that too was awesome. Our servings were so large that my husband took half of his meal to work, and I brought home soup, bread, and half of my meal, AND dessert. The soup was even better the second day, and we had enough leftovers from my meal to share it for lunch on Saturday. The half loaf of bread we brought home was gone for breakfast and our noon time meal. The food was just AWESOME, and I would recommend this place to anyone that loves European Cuisine. The service was wonderful, and next time I go, I'm buying 2 loaves of bread to bring home!!! Truly a hidden gem...prices are reasonable for the QUALITY FOOD and service. LOVE it and I will return again with friends in tow!

Hellen DeAssis Allen

Just happens that I was in Enfield, CT for work. I read the reviews and decided to try Silvia's restaurant. I ate in an empty place at 5:37pm, the food was above and beyond my expectations. Delicious, one of the best European home made foods I have ever had. Price was cheap compared to the portions of my 5 meals course. Definitely give it a try, you won't regret.

Susan Cavanaugh

Jeanne Rago

Sylvia's is truly a diamond in the rough! My husband and I just had dinner there tonight. The wine was delicious and was a generous pour for only $5.00! Beer was also very affordable ! The food was delicious (We had pasta primavera and eggplant parmigiana)and the portions were huge! The most surprising thing was the lack of people in this wonderful restaurant! Sylvia couldn't have been nicer and more hospitable! Enfield residents stop going to all the chain restaurants in town and try Sylvia's, you won't be disappointed! Let's support our local businesses!


Olga Matos

Attended an event at this location as a guest. So many things were bad or wrong. The bathrooms have no locks so you have to buddy up to go. The walls are grimy and dirty, the food looked ok until several of us spotted one or two long hairs in the food while it was still in the warming table. A couple of people came in off the street and were feed food from our service. We brought in our own dessert cupcakes for the event and the chef even took some of those to give to the people who came in off the street! When trying to have coffee, the cream were were provided was curdled, and worst of all, the floor was so sticky it felt like it hadn’t been washed in a while. I came from out of the country to attend this event and have to wonder if hygien standards are as high here as they are at home. Wouldn’t recommend this place to anybody. Maybe it’s time to retire?

Kris McIntyre

I highly recommend Silvia's to anyone who appreciates excellent food served in a no-fuss setting. Our 5-course meal was very much a European dining experience, which is to say, a leisurely meal spent enjoying food, wine, and good company over almost an hour and a half. Everything was delicious, and despite eating too much we're still taking home more food than we ate. There will easily be two more meals just from the leftovers. The staff was very attentive, and Silvia personally checked in on us a few times. We look forward to bringing family and friends here in the future, and we're willing to invest the 2-hour round trip to do that.

Nick Miller

Great food! I've loved everything I've had here. My only recommendation would be to suggest that they not store supplies out in the open, something I've seen a few times here. Other than that... it's like the best home cooked meal I've had in a restaurant.

Judy Hesse


don Donald

You will find more elegant restaurants in New England. You will find restaurants with a better wine selection and a better mixed drink selection and service will be great one day and slow the next. But you will NEVER find better food in New England, you have to go to Europe for that.


Zachary Zella

Security was awesome

Jane Seitz

I have been going to Silvias for seventeen years the food is fabulous generous portions and the service is good Silvia follows up on the meal orders delicious wine as well . I had my wedding reception party there and have reserved the restaurant for other events and never have been disappointed. I also have had holidays there and it feels like family with Silvia and her staff . I would highly recommend to anyone

Kyle Slick

Know what to expect before you go! Silvia, a native Romanian, is the grandmother that welcomes you to her home and loves to watch you eat her food. She's also the grandmother that doesn't much care for your opinion on her home: you came over here for a good meal, not to comment on how long she's taking to cook it! Expect the best European food you've ever tasted. Expect to leave FULL! At first glance, her prices appear a bit high but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Do not expect Grandma's house to have the appearance of a five star restaurant. Plenty of restaurants put lots of effort into the facade around the food. Silvia puts 100% of her effort into what matters most: the incredible cuisine you'll be eating throughout the night. Lastly, if its your first time, tell her (or the waiter, they seem to tag team serving the table) so that she can explain how the menu goes. We were confused when a huge bowl of soup, a plate of pastries and a salad arrived at our table without asking for them. It was literally enough food for a full meal for my wife and me and we hadn't even ordered any food yet. That's just what to expect, though, when you're eating at grandma's house!

Yael Hoffman

We happened to find the place on our way to a ball room dancing class and it was so purfect we loved the food all home made large verities of excellen european and Middle East foods. All made from scratch. Large portions and prices are extremely reasonable The servers was phenomenally good and the environment and restaurant setup are gorgeous very authentic and genuine. We cant wait to go again

Paul Holts

Best food i have ever had..the owner and chef Sylvia is a sweetheart from Romania.

julia parsons

Excellent food by the gifted chef Silvia. She prepared food for our presidents and has photos with them on the wall of the restaurant. Winner of many food competition.

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