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Where is ShopRite of Shippan Ave- Stamford, CT?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Shippan Ave- Stamford, CT IN Connecticut

Fidelia Awadzi

It's nice

Mike Stote

Great prices, great workers, and great customer-induced drama! But what the hell happened to the I Can't Belive It's Not Butter?

Fay Chevannes

Overall very nice

Anthony Martini Jr

This is my go to place for grocery shopping. Their prices usually beat those of stop and shop, fairway, acme, and others. If they don't have something, I'm able to ask Kush the store manager to get it, and he will! Where else can you get that kind of service at a supermarket? No where!

Gio Garcia

Great prices

Katya Vasconez Quinonez

They always have what you need and the staff members are great

Nad D

Good and has lots of options with better prices and offers but not the best if you have dietary restrictions!

Gary Gilliard

Old store, still has great prices! The clam chowder soup from shoprite is top shelf! And they make a great sandwich for you!!

Edgar Verduzco

Great supermarket..always clean and neat.great value and fresh products

Lucy Perez

I've been shopping here for many years and I've noticed that the store outside is always dirty with trash especially around the bottle deposit area.. broken glass on the ground, dirty carts fool of non refundable bottles and bags. The walk through by the deposit area has shopping carts blocking the walk way and it smells... and during the warmer days is worse. Come on owners step outside and really take a hard look...

Kenneth Blanco

This is my local Supermarket and it has all my favorite products.

Za-zaam Flash

Lassiez-faire at its best CSA produce

Rafael Santos

The deli sandwiches are awesome. Very generous portions and the finest quality cold cuts.

Dwain Mcarthur

Nothing special. Deli-Meat and produce don't last long; less than a week. Grew up shopping there as my neighborhood grocery. Now the place is a DUMP!!! Go to Fairway or Whole Foods.

Edwin Divakaran Maria selvaraj

Too stuffy.... No place for walking with the carts... But everything is availble and good... All the issue is the space... No control over express lane...

Vu Han Phung

I love buying at shoprite to get fresh vegetables and meat.

Guy Bosquet

A lot of people on shopritei very nice

Derwin Lanier

Love it definitely a good store of business good quality and the price is right .25 years ago pulling a trailer WAKEFERN as always been strict about everything that comes into there business

George Acuna


Love Laughing

I have been a customer at this store ever since the 90's and it has really gone downhill over the past several years. This store does a poor job with restocking items!?!?! I've spoken to the managers on staff to no avail, so I have just given up and instead of going there on a weekly basis I now only go maybe twice per month. I would have rated with 3 stars, because what they lacked in product variety and restocking they made up for with lower pricing but they had recently gone up on their pricing. If this store wants to stay competitive they really need to do a better job with their variety of vegetarian and vegan selection and restocking regularly.


Just a regular shopping market WITH LOTS OF ICE CREAM and lunchables if I might add. They have almost everything but booze pretty sure.

Reilly Family

I recommend all Grade A Shoprite stores. Especially the prepared food and bakery items! Also fast check outs.

manuel mercado

Shop there all the time great service.

Richey Joseph

Best place 4 steamed crab lobster n fresh foods

Saam Greenman

Good quality and good prices

Jorge Arbito

Fresh vegetables and fruits.

Pat Welds

Great sale prices

Craig Michaels

SHOPRITE on Shippan Avenue, is one very busy store that typically has provided very good service and quality food for at least 7 decades. In the very early 50s, while growing up, my family, like many others after the war, were living in the housing project at Ursula Place and Dale Street. Our place to shop for food was Grade A but not SHOPRITE because SHOPRITE had yet to be formed. The Cingari family owned the business back then and is still held by their family. All in all, their food market has grown into a huge and successful business and is open 7 days per week. There are some areas in the store that need to be changed, upgraded and progress is taking place, here and there, but at a very slow pace. It’s a neighborhood landmark and provides great convenience to all.


Excellent supermarket, friendly staff who all help and sirect you to appropriate isle,staff,etc when need help. All staff are friendly and knowledgeable


Nice place to go

Talisa Cowart

My favorite grocery store

Petčko P

Came here for the coin machine, but the coin machine was not working. The customer service lady counted a few of my coins before they finally got the machine working... I was astounded, they truly care about their customers and wanted to help me asap! Thanks to Anna S for the polite gesture!

Elisee Baptiste

For the quality of the products and the courtesy of the management and the employees.

Patrice Jordan Childress

Every item is always in stock. Very clean. Great staff. Fresh items

Gilson Espinoza

Good place to get what you need, just a bit of a wait to checkout, even at 5 or less. Depends when you go.

Pat Smith

This is a nice place to shop. On a good day you can get in and out without the need for long lines. Lots of very helpful staff that knows the store like the back of their hand. I can't say that about many places.

Rachel A.

The prices are higher here, more than stop and shop, it may not seem like it but it is. There are security guards shopping for their personal groceries it seems, while also slowly walking and staring at people. The ads for the paper (like Easter) comes out beforehand and they are even marketing and having it out around 8 pm, but will not honor the prices for the next day (or 4 hours later). Things like that make me see that this isn’t the type of grocery store that cares too much about their customers and their advertising. Needs an update on the exterior and lower their prices for a place called “shop rite.” They don’t have an app like stop and Shop or digital coupons, very old school. Not my top pick but if I miss the grocery stores that close at 10pm, this is my last choice bc they are open until 11 pm.

Marilu Patino

My favorite grocery store

Thomas Rodriguez

Great place! Good People and excellent customer service.

Nikos Kalaitzidis

Today the young lady she was excellent

Naresh RV

Nice and appreciative customer service..

Carmelo Eleutiza

Excellent customer service and the produce is always fresh and well presented.

Thomas Aylesworth

I have been shopping at this store for 53 years and I find it is the greatest Supermarket with the friendliest people in the owners are so caring and nice to their employees and their customers. The sagari family is an old family from Stamford and they live right in the neighborhood and they are some of the best people you will ever meet. That alone is enough to make you want to go to the supermarket

Michelle Stroud

Parking is hellish

Dominick DePaola

Great prices. People are friendly. You find all of your hard to locate items here.

Michael Campana

Great little market.

Kettya Guillaume

I had a great experience shopping at shoprite of shippan ave they got good sales

joselyn luvschocolate

Great selection of healthy food items


Good market to by food

Janet Guthrie

Store is small compared to the one on west ave.

Mike Zollner

Good place to shop with nice fresh produce and good sales. Lowered to two stars, I called to ask a question and the guy who answered picked up "yeah" and seemed bothered to talk to me. I asked to speak with the pharmacist and the guy literary said "whatever" then transferred me

Nancy Josephine Olaneye

Love food shopping with my King

Gerardo Peña

Very friendly convenient, excellent neighborhood market

John Rovegno

Good neighborhood grocery store. Their flagship off exit 6 in Stamford CT (west avenue) has a little more room and selection.

Rebeca Powers

Great super market, not too big, and does stock all the products I like at a good price. I love their sea food dept

Maureen Boylan

Love our shoprite everything you need on one place and reasonably priced. Far better pricing than Fairway


People keep parking in handicapped spots while waiting on people This has to stop. I have a tag n half the time people are idling in those spots. Also your aisles are mislabeled, I left before getting all of my items. Your meat prices are too high. I don't purchase meat there most of the time. Your employees are great though. Friendly and efficient but we need to find ppl to help in the aisles.

Leslieloves tolaugh

The meatball subs are so good.

Marvin Gray

Competitive rates and great quality and variety.....


Awesome store

Martin Baechi

I prefer their produce selection over stop&shop'

Kamera Dukes

Great store...great prices

lester smith

A favorite Shoprite of mine, love the neighborhood feel of the store plus it's off the beaten path.

Rich Scott

Clean and well stock with a speedy checkout!

ercely garcia

West main street shopray of West main

Rose Mary Fortt

This Grocery Store has it all! Parking lot can be a bit daunting.

Rich F

Reasonable Shop Rite with good selection. Not as big as the nearby super Shop Rite in Main Street in West Stamford, but more than adequate. There is a small bakery, well stocked seafood section, and reasonably priced produce. Cheaper than Fairway but very limited organic selection.

Jillian Krumholtz

Definitely an older Shoprite. Could use some renovations and upgrades. The layout was a bit confusing; went back and forth many times to find paper towels only to find them around a corner in the back. A lot of cashiers though so not very long lines or waits.

Crissi Beth

This is the ShopRite that I go to most often. It has all of the staples at pretty good prices. It does not have a very wide selection, and does not have a lot of gourmet choices, but they keep it clean and the employees are, by and large, very kind. Lots of free parking and they have several cart options including a Caroline's Cart for special needs shoppers.

Nagle Keene

You could get a great deal because I usually get outstanding offer over this place. Just amazing. Go and grab your offers.

Donna Vollano

Lots of variety of food. Fresh fish, vegetables and the staff are really nice!

Kim N-R

My dad loves this store for picking up his groceries

Wilfredo Sanchez

Perfect place to shop

Christopher Murphy

I enjoy ShopRite down here in shippan people are very nice and always willing to help

Buffy Minkler

Very good prices on the meats.

Shaniqua Elliott

Love the store . Not too big and know exactly where everything is !

Jamie Fletcher

I only shop here because it is the closest grocery to my home. The customer service at the registers is HORRIBLE!!! The cashiers NEVER greet you and after they have checked all of your items they either space out,talk to their co-workers,or get out their cells and totally ignore the fact that you exist. There is no "thank you have a nice day" or "your total is..." The prices vary week to week. The prices are moderately high for a large grocery chain.

Lanscie Pierre

Super, everything fresh I loved thanks

Brandon F

I think management needs to rotate areas of responsibility or something. The cashiers look miserable, which kind of happens when a job is super repetitive. I was helped by BRISTY A, who did not respond when I walked up to her register and said hello. HOWEVER, she did feel motivated enough to strike up a conversation with the bag guy and cashier at the register behind me. I’m all for some workplace trash talk but it looks super unprofessional to ignore customers and then engage in it. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and even said “Thanks, bye”.. NO RESPONSE. Amazing.

Diane Client

When I go to Stamford CT to visit my family there on the way back to Yonkers NY I have stopped at this store 3 times respectively. The veggies and fruit are very fresh and the prices are reasonable depending on what you need to buy versus what is on sale. The store always looks neat and clean to me and the people working there are very helpful without being overly friendly. Checkout was painless and for the 150.00 worth of groceries I had which was a lot the young lady did a good job. Also a great help are the naggers. All in all I hate to say this but I must... I like shopping there better than the stores in Yonkers and I think the schedule store. Also the customers in the Stamford store seem to me to be very courteous and I've actually spoken with some of them at times. Yeah Stamford CT.

Vinny Terentino

Convenient, people friendly and family oriented.


nice clean store great sales

Michael Hight

Surprising what you can find here compared to other SR stores. Bonus, the deli makes giant sandwiches.

Mikey Caban

Live there, I do all my shopping there.

Novatras Soraya

Love this supermarket. The workers very helpful and happy to help you. Have a good selection of international food (Latin, Indian also some Asian). Fresh or packaged produces.

Gurlterry .

My favorite place to go grocery shopping. Hope they look into widening some of the aisle, they are too close.

j c mechanic scott

Great place I've gone there several times never had a problem

Michelle Silva

Great prices

andres grajales

Came there for the deli.good service nice employees and awesome sandwich..

Lineo Young

The barkey crew is always a great help

Virgil Naveda

I am sorry to say but I dislike the people that shop at ShopRite of Shippan. The parking lot is HORRIFIC!! The people that shop there are extremely rude and inconsiderate. They push and bump without saying excuse me or im sorry was that your foot? Not to mention my party of 3 I think were the only English speaking persons there. I won't be shopping there again.

Sebi's and Ely's World

I find everything I need here.

Miryam Calle


Lisa A

Great setup. Vast selection of produce! White Sweet Potatoes

Damion Fragoso

Ok for a small ShopRite always busy and close to home. Could use some investment from the company.

romain lauture

I just love to shopping on shoprite

Larson Shih

The deals are really good. However, compare to the other ShopRite, the environment is not as good. I think I will only go there if something is on discount over the other ShopRite.

Tiffoni Lyles

I shop here almost everyday. Good prices and always a sale going on.

Eddie Flores


Nare Pesso

Usually clean and well stocked. Parking lot a bit of a hassle getting in and out of. Great variety of products from lots of nationalities. Some good sales too.

nastia suzzarini

Very good

Sandeep Pathak

Good grocery with lots of options

Nilda Yoakum

Go almost daily. Great service staff courteous and helpful. Food is fresh.

Victor Roman

Always very good,thanks.

Renee' Parris

Has everything I need! And great sales for each week of the month.

maryellen estrada

This is my favorite Shop Rite - customer service is amazing and this is a "true" neighborhood store. If you feel this store is located in a "rough neighborhood" - try going to Fairway instead. Enjoy those Fairway prices:)

angel diaz

Chicken breast great price all the time hahhaha

Miriam Roldan

Very convenient to get to. And you could find mostly everything you're looking for.

Gururaj B

Good produce for good price..

diego mejia

This Shoprite has some of the best prices in CT and the Staff is always friendly.

James Bowser

Nice big $5 wedges

joseph Nunn

A great store to shop!

Tawanna M

My favorite don't ask why cuz I'm a a a

Dawn Morales

I am completely disappointed and I feel disrespected By the West Indian manager that is working today this is not the 1st time but it will be the last I try to be nice and keep peace with all people but today I was treated like a thief which is not ok with me, so what it was only a $2 difference but she made it seem as if I grabbed an item from one location and tried to get a discount which in essence is calling me a thief. Not ok with me at all

Wilson Alcantara

Great price!! And great service


Great for family's on a budget or not. Offering great deals on popular items such as cereals and yogurts, buy in bulk and save save save. Also have a basic organic foods section for the everyday fruits and vegetables, cereals and snacks. Although the store is clean they haven't done any improvements, still stuck in the 90s.

Aaron Johnson

It's is a great neighborhood store. There is a superstore down the road, but I often find myself going to this store. Android and Apple pay is appreciated.

Jacek Furtak

Great selection of products with good prices. It's always clean and the staff is friendly.

George Delgado

Shop there. All the time

John Tully

Great store. Small but the staff is great always there to help you. great prices. Meat looks amazing and the produce is always fresh

Deborah Montanaro

Shippan Shoprite has good prices and great sales. Def. worth the trip

Tenea Patterson

Great customer service

Chris Jones

One of my favorite markets. I go about once or twice a month. Clean and reasonable prices. Really good sushi and love the bakery

Jorge Cervera

It's ok

john sully

They have good selection and a lot of things

Enrico Dunmore sr

A nice place to shop

Nonov Urbizniz

Produce isn't awesome. Bakery is really good. Prices are good. Staff is friendly. Parking lot is a nightmare. Lots of ethnic foods that aren't available in the other big markets in Stamford.

Trevon Watkins

Really tight aisles, don't really have much as much stuff as the other shop eites and super markets but it still does good. The cashier's don't allow costumers to bag and they aren't great at bagging.

Wilson quiroz

My favorite grocery store

Vicki Zacharewicz

They have a good produce and deli area but their organic section is lacking.

Joe Bowman

Good shop, but food stores in stamford are bbn pretty awful at best

Sharon Bibb

they have only some of the coupon items, but their prices for coupon items cost more.

Reba Gorczyca

Great place to shop for groceries. Have 2 flights of stairs to go up. They always pack the bags lightly for me.


I use this shoprite because of proximity. No other reason. VERY dated.

Whitney F

I have been coming to this location for over 20yrs and I love it. I moved about 3yrs ago and I still continued going to that location despite it being over 20mins away from where I currently moved. Now, lastnight I came to shop rite with my mother. In all of my years of coming to this location or anywhere for that matter I have NEVER been so humiliated, disrespected or violated in my life. I had to pick up a plant to purchase along with a few other items. There was a sign directly in front of the plant that stated that it was for $9.99 as I went to check out it rang up another price so a customer service representative by the name of Robert went outside for the price check and I followed. I showed Robert where I got the plant and there was another plant just like the one I had directly in front of the price that I had mentioned. Robert then proceeded to tell me that the price was not for the item at hand, which is understandable but my question was why he could not honor the price given the fact that there was a similar item directly in front of the $9.99 sign. Robert then proceeded to YELL at me continuously and then he ripped off the sign aggressively almost elbowing me while still yelling at me. I walked inside and Robert was still yelling at me in front of other customers and being extremely rude. I have never dealt with such disrespect before in my life. I have been a store manager and the level of disrespect I received last night is unexacceptable! Nobody should EVER go through what I experienced lastnight. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER THANKS TO ROBERT


Great place to shop shopping 30 years

S. Miller

Fine visit. Had everything I needed wirh a fast line. In and out. :0)

Tameika Mitchell

Their chicken wings are delicious!

Robert Fine

Great sandwiches, good prices.

Lug My Junk Waste Management

Amazing management

Borindio 69

My Market love it !

Elizabeth Yates

The ONLY place i will buy groceries!

Melissa Morales

Great supermarket..I have shopped there for 13 years.

Nalfis Tobar

Fresh baked bread, great service, great prices

Sandra Littlejohn

Love shopping there.

Eddie Davis

Good store has everything you need

Lizy S

Customer service is excellent always polite and helpful. You can find almost everything.

kathleen angelini

Great managers acted quickly. Check out woman great.

Johanna Perez

Excellent customer service, clean, easy in and out, well organized.

Shayna Bailey

This place is nothing but a joke. The service at the registers could be better. They also need to lower down there ridiculously high prices and have fresher fruits/vegetables for the prices they're worth.

Cathy Mullins

Little upset anytime I go I can never return bottles there always packed and people have great big bags

Donet Watson

This my market n the workers are always warm n helpful

Mike Rice

Friendly, Knowledgeable and has the best beehives, beekeeping tools, equipment and Honey Bees.

Anthony Fodera

Great store. Great music while you shop

Craig Alberino

Old school family owned and operated grocery store with great ethnic products you can’t find elsewhere. Well run with professional staff.

Dee Dee

Needs more fruit options

dimka Kandybor

Small store's area

Deb Dahlgren

im a early morning person.i love the fact that shoprite has the soups ready by 8am sometimes earlier. i love this store

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