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Where is ShopRite of Norwalk?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Norwalk IN Connecticut

RowanNightAngel .

This place was huge and got me hooked. It has become my new default because of the wide selection. The cash register lines always seem to be only a few people at most, and they have a self-checkout too if you're industrious and/or a light shopper. The produce section was pretty and well-maintained: kinda the hallmark of a place that actually cares.


Better overall grocery store than the one accross the street.

Lisa Mentes

I love this store! Very friendly helpful employees. Great selection of everything. Especially cheeses! Well stocked with a lot of my Italian favorites as well. Great bakery too!

linda capestany

Everything you would need to prepare a meal and great choices of already prepared foods.

Annwesha Roy Chowdhury

Fresh fruits and vegetables.. Plus Closes at 11pm,which is a bonus for me..

Sha-tiqua Fleming

The express line were moving fast store has changed a bit the isles have been shifted. Convient in and out shopping.

John Svagr

Great store. Always things on sale that I actually use. Brightly lit and very clean! Huge parking lot.

UniClo Heger

Always great prices... Stop and Shop's employees should go work for Shop Rite

Lord of all the hamsters

Hey it's has everything i need

Gengar Plays

Helpful workers, coin machines never work

Guy Bosquet

my favorite ShopRite is my favorite store to shop every single day

Raul Capeles

Good selection with good prices.

Ravi Banerjee

My favorite in the area. Good selections of meats of various ethnicity. Veggies usually pretty good. Not too much gourmet, but slowly improving.

Shekar Kn

We find fresh vegetables and fruits. We get all the necessary items afresh.

Dwanna d'Allagino

Employees not friendly or helpful. Asked head cashier lady for help and she just rolled her eyes at me. And after not being helpful at all she walked away looking very angry....And the trouble if you using coupon woww they just about shut down the register... just terrible customer service all around! Now I remember why I go to stop & shop...

Cherise White

Shipper has a great personality and great customer service.

Gary DiScala

Great value and coupons.


The store had everything I wanted. The store was packed because Stop & Shop workers are on strike. Check out was quick and smooth.

Carmelo Eleutiza

Very well stocked supermarket.

Delilah Bansi

Great prices

Kettya Guillaume

It was great ,the cashier was very nice and professional she even reminded me to use my coupons, shoprite in Norwalk is the best to buy groceries they got great deals


They are getting rid of the f'n plastic bags. For no damn reason. Is this a damn conspiracy to sell more garbage bags?

Cathy Portillo

There produce always fresh,clean ,and well organized. There are people to assist you if you have questions.

Peter Raba

Has good variety of food.

Daria Kozlova

Always like to shopping here. Nice place with good prices. Very friendly employees

Cheryl Visconti

Reasonable prices. Large selections

Linda Cervi

Produce not always top quality. Question deli meats not on display. They pull them from a bin under the display case. I wonder if the health department checks that bin when doing an inspection. Also, if you listen to the workers you would think you are in a bodega. Many cashiers and even a couple of supervisors constantly speak Spanish. I shop here for basic and sale items only. I find Stew Leonard's and Stop and Shop usually have a better quality of produce and meat.

Bernadette Fernado

The staff is very helpful. The store is very clean. All our family & friends go to that store.

Herbert Hernández

I love shorite

Christina Roush

One of the nicer locations in the area. Baggers need to learn how to bag better and not put one item per plastic bag, I had to rebag everything myself and ended up handing 3-4 empty bags back to him. UGH

Anita Kwok

Fresh foods. Reasonable prices. Friendly staff.

Wheeler Larson

If they could only lower pricing on some of the items they sell here this could be one of the best ones ever. Love the fruits vegetables and the breads. Been shopping here for years.

Jason Zwickler

Better than the grocery store across the street! Great variety, better prices and helpful staff!

Anthony LoFrisco Jr

Excellent prices and good, quality food.

Willie Sitton

Very good hot food bar.

Thomas Lindabury

The service an the quality are always outstanding. Plus the prices are always the lowest in the area.

Mike Merritt

Staff are friendly and very helpful. Selection is over the top, so many items to choose, rarely if ever don't have an item you need.

Debby B

I like the Stamford exit 6 one MUCH better

Pamela Delacruz

The lines are to long and you sometimes dont remember where food are.

Brian Patino

Very conveniently located

Mia Delacruz

It's a pretty nice supermarket but it's always overcrowded and needs better fresh fruit especially in taste.

Seth Freedman

Awesome shopping experience. Everyone who works in there department is very knowledgeable. Gotta hit his place up when they're slow though. On busy days it's no so fun. Avoid on Sunday if possible or go before 9 otherwise it'll be crazy!


Great food all good people

friedston bowen

The best place to shop food in Norwalk, for quality and value.

Anthony Rafael

They won't even provide bags for your groceries! Listeria, ecoli, and salmonella disease hazard from re-using those grocery bags.

Will Kaighen

Wonderful experience at ShopRite in Norwalk! Everything was super easy to find, and prices compare favorably to other grocers in my area. Busiest grocery store in town! Our cashier was both kind and quick, in and out in just a few minutes! Definitely recommend!

lester smith

2nd favorite grocery behind Trader Joes!

Evon Hamilton

Some of the workers are great especially Marie Rose the guys in the pharmacy are wonderful customer service not so nice

Iris Torrez

Great store and prices

Elizabeth Schor

Good prices, very large store. The fruit section was a bit old, very picked through. Long lines that take forever to check out, even in the express lane.


Everything a supermarket should have, with good bakery and nice staff

Allen Moore

Hands down one of the best places to go grocery shopping. Prices are more than reasonable, the selection is outstanding, and the service is fantastic.

Jun Canlas

Helpful & friendly employees

Steve Bennetti

Roasted chicken is amazing. Always fresh fruit outside. Friendly cashiers.

Bill Multer

Well stocked staff was eager to help


Today they were all out of some sales items that was in the flyer that started today....

Naveen Kumar Meeda

It smells a lot in deli, other than that it's good

Kyle Banks

It's my favorite food store to shop at

Wayne cuber

Great shopping experience Everyone super friendly. Great prices .

* *

Good grocery store

Shekhaar Vorra

Best Bakers and Confectioners in the town of Norwalk. From ordering execution and finish all up to the mark. I ordered the ice cream

Aranza Martinez

Love this grocery store!!! Super fair prices and if you use your card, the discounts are very very good. The bakery is amazing! They have a great tres leches that is better than any Mexican restaurant. Definetly one of the best grocery stores in norwalk


Good prices, always busy

Malcolm Frazier

Hi it's always a pleasure to shop here. Everyone is very friendly.

Tamara Morehead

Good prices

Joel Shapiro

Often very busy. Store is quite well stocked. Produce is fresh. Prices are often better than the competition. Excellent selection of international foods.

T. Kg

Very very nice clean store, fair pricing, and you can find just about everything, sorry no salad bar though.

Yolanda Sierra

Been in that location for over 20 years, never been remodeled or upgraded. Need more variety of International Isle. Flower dept I am dissapointed no one never there and very small counter overly crowded with tons of balloons flowing. Need better choices in the bakery. Should include a coffee shop to drink something hot during winter months. Does not look appealing.

Susan Morgan

I love shopping at ShopRite. Deli Dept is great. Fruits and veggies always fresh. Store is clean and shelfs are stocked.

David Stanco

Large clean store. Well stocked. Has everything a food shopper is looking for.

Julio Henriquez

Excellent supermarket got everything u need.

Clarence Thomas

Wasn't good nor bad. Meat department has good prices, but some product was a few days past expiration date. Besides that everything else was ok

Lynda McManus

Love it almost every day. Very clean and Kush is great.

Jeanne Iacono

I don't usually shop at this store but now I'm hooked. The butcher was so helpful and patient as you know Christmas Eve is a mad house but he made me feel like I was the only customer Thank you!

Lennox Stuart

Always a great place to shop. Good selection, good prices and excellent people. Thanks, Len Stuart

Zeph the best

It was good I got a naked juice from their #shoppingspree

Lana Rowe

They have everything I can look for!

Monica Garcia

Ample parking,good prices,sales

James Dupree

Nice great place to shop and hangout for a min

Virgil Naveda

No one understood English!

Joy Garner

This place is my second home away from home customer service is always great

Nazia Khan

Best customer services, and all staff. We are lucky to have them.

Daniela Almonte

I don’t like the new management. The store is not the same. I grew up shopping at this Shoprite. I do love this store. Fair prices, bakery is OKAAAY. Bakery staff have bad attitude and do not like to help you. There is one Bakery staff Ella she is very rude and I think she is racist against black people. I wanted a hot dog

Juan Guzman

Get your groceries and a hot meal

Shagun Verma

So disappointing! Got a chocolate cake and it was the worst cake I had in my whole life, it was so hard and the cream was stale too, had to throw it out. Also got baklava and yuck!!!! Soggy and tasted disgusting. Worst bakery good ever.

Jim Kavallines

This is my go to grocery store. Great prices, clean store, fantastic staff

Larson Shih

A big shoprite store. Clean and organized.

Shirley Grimmett

This store is adequately stocked with most products.

Nicole Lambros

I was returning my cans and having trouble with the machine. Chris was very helpful making sure I received all the money for my soda cans.

Dawn Magi

This Shop rite is the cleancleanest store that I have ever shopped in. The employees are very nice and I always find what I am looking for there.

Jane Bland

First time here- very nice selection and lots of check out lines open!

Brian Lavoie

Huge store wide selection. I took off one star because there were no organic bananas.

Dianne Prince

Store is very organized and clean and the employees were very pleasant although I was there almost at closing

Kevin Harris

Very good store

Jai Hanuman

Best place for veritable and fruits

Lawrence DiCapua

Good quality food, helpful staff especially Meats, top notch customer service, good value, good selection of sale items. I went from skeptical a year ago to a loyal shopper.

Ms. P

Terribly outdated, barely any sales, overpriced items compared to other locations, store layout made absolutely no sense, seafood section smelled foul, employees were either busy chatting with each other or didn't know where items were when asked. I've never had such a terrible experience at a Shop Rite ever!! Never going to this location again.

devopreet Chowdhury

I go here every fortnight. The vegetables stay good for 2 weeks if properly stored.

cmanenarwhale .

it’s a solid shop rite dope people dominic berisha is the best cashier ever

Maria Pavon

Wonderful...!! My preferred place!

Leslye Nicholson

I always have a great experience at shop rite

SHAY Wills

Always a please when i go the veggies are always so fresh just wish the kept a stash of burro banana's on the side for me they go so quickly ; )

Helen Welch

The butcher has great awesome cuts of steak.

Hanna Peart

That supermarket is as big as a Walmart. It was clean and organized, would have been five stars if they had my peach La Yogurt

Alex Seide

easy to shop cause items are very organized

Joseph Vermilyea

LIKES Price's, c/s, cashiers. DISLIKE 1% milk. 2 weeks in a row, it went sour way before the expiration date. I always buy it at the end of the shop and refrigerate as soon as I get home.

Annette Keslinger

Food is fresh. Quality is excellent. Presentation of food is lovely.

Kevin Johnson

Has many great deal, wide variety and efficient staff

Christopher Raymond

Shop rite is a.great place with great employees very helpful very on top of things

Jose Cary Villafranca

simply the best grocery store you can go to..however some of their managerial staff's attitude need to be addressed.An incident with a male manager(spanish descent)he was very rude to us just because we had a question regarding an item that was on sale and the price it has in place.Anyways overall i lije this store..

Judith Thelusma

Sometimes when they have a sale. They don't have the item. And you can't have two Ring check that only thing I don't like about shoprite

Karla Martinez

I love this place, but I'm very disappointed they moved the organic stuff all over the store. It was nice when I was able to find it all at one spot! Please change it back!

Christian Barrientos

It's a good grocery store. Great selection. Remember self checkout takes away jobs so always use aisles with cashiers

Darnell Morehand Olufade

Excellent prices and fantastic variety of foods.

Paul Rapisarda

We do all our shopping there

C. Daniel Bush Jr.

Parking lot was a zoo. Glad the holidays are ending. Love the deli.

Norberto Martinez

Huge grocery store. Large variety

Leslie Weinberg

I enjoyed my visit to the store. Prices and availability is very good.

Melanie Wright

Love more savings than Bridgeport.

Nicholas Tarnowsky

Great prices underated butcher pain times better than stop and Shop across the street everything is good the bakery and once again the prices a really good best bet is looking at the weekly ShopRite flyer that comes in the mail or in the newspaper you get a great deals

Philomene Fabien

Good price, fresh food, clean store, good customer service

Nishant Saran

Okay grocery store - very cluttered

Reyhan Habib

A grocery store in Norwalk, Connecticut. Pretty average place to shop. Once in a while they provide samples, but not that often. They carry a hunk of items, mostly produce and baked goods. This store also carries affordable toys, and items.

Joe Toscano

The store is clean the workers are Pleasant to speak to and always helpful

vijay yadav

One stop shop for grocery, ample parking space

Katherine B

Great place to shop. Food is fresh, always discounts.

Tony Guarnieri

It is my favorite grocery store. Great selections and great prices. I shop there on average of twice a week. I usually stop there after work at 7pm. Very clean store...I truly recommend this store over others in the area.

Monica Brown

Better prices and a variety of products

Elena Mihaila

I would not wish for a better food shopping than my local shoprite. It has everything I need. All is fresh, tasty and available!

Alejo Pozas

Really nice supermarket I love shop rite and it's always clean and they always have everything in stock.

donna campbell

I was pleasantly surprised today to find employees at ShopRite very helpful, smiling, and really nice customer service, they knew how to interact with people. I shop at Stop and Shop but because of the strike over there I went to ShopRite. I’m not particularly fond of employees at Stop and Shop in Norwalk or Milford... they are militant, they don’t want to help, they avoid you, it’s like you are an imposition or as though they aren’t there to help. One time I accidentally broke a jar and the guy started yelling at me. Stop and Shop has terrible customer service throughout the store... they may get you what you need, or not, but they look at you like they are doing some big favor... they do the absolute minimum interacting with customers, many of them they don’t know how to converse with people and they have these stone faces... So after having such a great experience at Shop Rite, I’m going back there... the only thing I didn’t like was a worker using the “F” word, loud and clear like he was using the word rainbows... younger guy, dark hair, maybe on the shorter side over at the poultry section, don’t they have enough sense to know you don’t use that kind of language at work. Aside from that I had a great experience. ShopRite also has a much bigger selection... and the ground beef I bought at Shop Rite was so much better than Stop and Shop... it didn’t have a funny taste and if you can have a clean tasting burger, this was it. I’ve had so many bad experiences at Stop and Shop that I’m looking forward to shopping at ShopRite... BIG DIFFERENCE in customer service!

Diane Brickhouse

I love the store l have shop their for15years...except I call one day to talk to bakery to place a order some pick up place on hold and never came back to the phone so I call back no one answer the phone at bakery.

Celeste D

Not my usual Shop Rite. This place is pretty big.

Robin Baptist

Good size place, good deli and hot food, good selection of groceries.

Shirley Haygood

Great, saw people I hadn't seen in a long time and very crowded

Swapnil Awasthi

Comparatively bigger than the one in Stamford. Usual shop rite stuff-great with discount coupons and offers. Not a big fan of self check out option here - kind of useless- non user friendly.

Law Tem

Always a great store for groceries... Great value

Gloria Daniel

It's okay only when they have sales it used to be my number one place to shop but after the recent changes it's more of a hassle to shop there a lot of products are no longer be carried by the store which is great disappointment I still go there but I never spend as much as I used to this ShopRite seems to use a lot of trickery to force customers to buy products that they're over overstocked in I no longer see them as a store that is trustworthy. I lived in Norwalk for 54 years I shopped at ShopRite for over 20 years why would they rearrange the store it's like why would they fix something that wasn't broken that was a very bad decision nevertheless it's okay for odds and ends but I do my main chopping now elsewhere where it's more convenient for the consumer and less convenient for management

Nalfis Tobar

They got your spanish food ingredients and treats

bonnie sutton

Love ShopRite. Great sales.

Johanna Perez

Great customer service

Craig Alberino

The crown jewel of this family owned franchise. Focused on variety in the produce section,customer satisfaction and employee training. And that comes across in every shopping experience in the store.

Christelle Cadiente

I shop here often. It's always busy since a lot of people come here to get their groceries. The cashier's are always polite and helpful. There is parking, carts are conveniently ready to use by the entrance. There is always security personnel by the exit and helping pedestrians cross the lot

Keith Merriman

I love their baked goods: you can definitely tell most of the goods on site. Meat Dept is top notch.

Mary Pasiak

Open a store in Florida!!

M DiRenzo

It's ok.. nothing spectacular

Danny Ponce

I just moved to Norwalk July 1st and it is so much better and bigger that the one at Stamford. Also it is more clean.

john c

This is our favorite supermarket in Norwalk. We find the prices and quality of food as well as the selection to be superior to the competition. Stop and Shop is right across the street, but we no longer go there since it appears that the customer is valuable to Shoprite. Also, there are always plenty of registers open, so checking out is rarely an unpleasant experience. Can't say the same thing for most other supermarkets.

Linda Stone

Great store to shop. Food is fresh and you can find just about everything you need.

Matti Tomaselli

Great deli/catering dept. Jason and his crew are sooooooo helpful. Made my party so much easier. Thank you again ShopRite on Connecticut Ave. Norwalk

Penny Ladrigan-Cave

It had what I was looking for.

Kasandra Charles

Great selection and prices. Everyone is courteous and helpful. Store is organized and clean.

myli lozada

Close to wrk to get dinner or lunch

Lisalr Lisalrn

Be careful. Check your receipts, especially if you use coupons. Cashiers make mistakes Often.The store was reconfigured recently and since then, prices going up. Better off at Stop and Shop.

Maureen Carroll

Good prices. Friendly, helpful employees. Plenty of registers open with people to bag your groceries.

Lissette Grijalva

I enjoy going to Shoprite, it's a family supermarket and they have great prices..

Adam Odorczuk

Great variety and prices. Butcher department is top notch.

Ben Rich

Great value, quality and prices are not to be beat. Staff is very friendly.

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