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Where is ShopRite of Milford, CT?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Milford, CT IN Connecticut

David Cruz

Nice large store . The newest version i have seen.

Lisa Mentes

I love this store! Big beautiful and clean. Very helpful staff! Fantastic cheese section.

Dawn Birdsall

Nice fast has exactly what I needed

Sandra Jackson

This place is clean..all shop rite stores should be this way.

Michael Petrucci

Good place to shop, bright and clean

G Mann

Nice store

Tino Acosta

Beautiful grocery store! Extremely clean with very friendly staff. An exceptional Bakery! Super trendy visually as though you are in a Whole Foods. If you need a cake or catering for any occasion go here first as they give professional Bakers a run for their money Indy looks taste and money categories!

Michel Ragot

Great new store, but it takes some time to navigate

Unlesh Me

I just love it. Clean Friendly..My favorite grocery store

Cherie Reichgut

Clean well stocked. Dave at the seafood counter is a treasure.

Real Truth

Very Expensive. 5 dollars for a cup of soup... They replaced the RAT INFESTED run down movie theater with this place. Just saying. That place was rodent central. Now there is a big building filled with food there.

Philip Sevetson

Excellent selection, pretty good bakery for muffins, bagels, artisan bread choices. Good prices for mainstream grocery stores. Staff efficient and (almost all) pleasant.

George Acuna

Big Selections Of Foods Very Friendly Atmosphere Staff Are Always Helping Customers!!!

Lady D

Love shopping here, They have everything you needs when it comes to groceries at good prices

cherry love

This place is okay because if you get hungry while you're shopping stop and get. Food already prepared prices on

Danielle Murphy

Unbelievable, could spend entire day there. Everyone was very helpful. Food was beautiful. I bought a prepared meal to go, was great, not expensive. The seafood section was beautiful, well tended, knowledgable people. The place is huge. Fresh vegetables were great. Can't say enough. Customer service dept was nice and helpful. Prices were great.

Chatty Cat

Good variety if items. Some things are store made, a little pricey, but if you look you can find the bargains. Very clean store, helpful staff.

Gary A. James

This store was better than the Stratford store. Real nice in there. Did not looked the same like you would see with others. I will keep it in mind to stop by a times to see if I can find things that arr not available at Stratford.

Janett Swaby

Wonderful Shopping place! Nice environment, spacious parking area, very convenient area. Conducive to great shopping

Joe G

Great selection. Very helpful and pleasant staff. Very clean store. I just moved to the area today and this will be my regular supermarket!

Christina Frey

The bakery at the Milford ct shop rite is lacking to say the least. Management can’t seem to keep the bagels in stock, or on shelf. Customer service is horrible too. I watched one employee helping a line of people (one at a time) while 4 other bakery employees continued on with their own jobs....because obviously whatever they were doing was way more important than the customers staring impatiently at them. Bottom line, if you’re in a rush, or just want a decent experience at a bakery, better go to stop and shop.

Victor Alvarado

Too many drug addicts employed store should do on spot test and get rid of all of these terrible people. They love to sit outside and consume narcotics and alcoholic beverages especially in the spring and summer wont ever recommended this store to anyone.

Leanne Lovgren

That's a great store love that store

Andrew Gray

Decent prices quality of produce could be a little better but all in all it is a good place to get our groceries

Chris s.

well I can't wait for big y to open in town.the selection at shop rite is great,problem is the shelves are constantly empty due to computer allocation.who cares a certain item sells out all the time the computer says we don't need anymore.just really hard to comprehend.welcome to milford big y

cathy vincelette

They have everything you could need in groceries clean and the staff is always helpful and courteous

Jeffrey Gordon

This is a very nice store with competitive prices and helpful staff. I usually go to the West Haven store which is not quite as good. The difference is that the Milford store's parking lot is awful. Terrible sight lines, poor circulation and difficult to navigate.

Cyril Bihary

East in easy out.

James Fraulo

Best selection and prices around. Love the prepared foods. Go there daily for lunch.

Yolanda Verrilli

Love coming here ...large selection of items and easy checkout

Michelle Brown

Great shopping and pharmacy

Amy Steele

Clean and fresh grocery store

Lindy Ladutko

This Store and the one in Orange are very dissatisfying!! The staff whether your at deli, in the aisles, at a cashier or someone collecting carts they are the unfriendly and most have a bad attitude.Right from when they opened it took 3 times at customer service just to get a rewards card, and service never got better. It's a shame I looked forward to both these stores coming. Very disappointed. I only come here for a few things when I have to!! I actually drive from Orange to the Big Y in the Valley.. You could learn from them. Same level of service as a Publix in Florida.

cristian cisneros

Found everything I was looking for, great service!


Hands down the best Shoprite location I've been to on either Fairfieldor New Haven Counties. In fact this puts all other Supermarkets to shame. Always a joy to visit

sdfert4 .

A very nice food store with a great bakery section. Parking can be tight.

Lisa Parrelli

My favorite grocery store in CT! The large prepared foods selection is out of this world! And the produce and meats are fresh and delicious. Great everyday prices on everything, too!!!

Janet Benson

Clean, bright and always well maintained this is my favorite grocery store ever. The selection of prepared foods is fantastic and includes both cold entrees and hot/ready to eat items. The store is clean and the staff is incredibly helpful. I wish this family would open a store in the Monroe/new town area as we do not have a shoprite, and have no store that can begin to compare.

Sebastian Davis

The hr nancy is a poor excuse I had asked if I can reschedule my interview for a lter day or time and she said no I unfortunately had a doctor's appointment for the time slot she had me in my health is more important and I feel like since she couldn't understand health comes first and wouldn't reschedule my interview date or time that some action be taken against her


Great selection lot better than stop and shop

Sarah Davies

Great sales, fresh food, remodeled store. Switched from Milford stop and shop and never looked back!

Rich LoPresti

My go to store for groceries. Store is nice and clean, large selection and prices are in line with other supermarkets. Go to the service counter if you want a weekly circular with the coupons in it. Also use their app if you’d like to see all of their coupons. They also have daily specials at their food counter/grill

Jim Segarra

Nicely organized, very welcoming supermarket

Alyssa Holmes

This was a decent grocery store. I primarily came for the deli counter and the burrito bowls. Very tasty, and the price was decent.

Matt Chausse

Always a clean store when we shop here. So many great prices and coupons

Lisa Bentham

This is my favorite grocery store. Nice and clean, great sales. , great selections.

Andy Hanscom

Nice big store with a lot of product. Employees were polite. Got helped out whenever needed. Layout of the store is pretty good. Nothing really to complain about.

Christophe Attoumbré

well supplied with a lot of good things at a good price


If you want to buy non organic stuff for the double price of organics this is the place for you. Smilar to stop and shop but little better.

Brad May

The store layout is good. Everything is new. The staff is nice but there is never enough help at the deli. Order in advance if you can to save time.

Brian Muir

Love the new store. Layout is easy to find everything. Very much enjoying the hot food section. Can't go wrong with the slices of cake!

Yvette McLean

I love it! I found most of my organic, gluten and dairy-free foods that I have been searching for but I wish their could have been better placed in their health food isle. For example, the dairy free vegan cheeses (sliced, parmesan and cheddar) were all in different isles and it was very time consuming trying to find the items I'm looking for.

Jennifer Kravitz

First time since holidays 2018 After losing my brother in law on 5/1/19 He managed shopping cart detail outside for 26+ years it's not the same

israel escobar

Love this store ! Although it’s ALWAYS busy , you can get in and out fast...

Michael Henthorn

Very clean and organized, price friendly..

Zack Hyman

Clean nice place to shop

Yosheka Robinson

Well organized store. With a beautiful layout. Some of the freshest produce in the area

Samkelisiwe Mayise

I like their spicy crab cakes very much

Kattshea E-S

Very clean store, always stocked and great sales.

Vladimir Pade

One of the larger shop rite stores for your groceries

robert jones

Clean , great cooked food and they carry my "Beyond Burgers:

Jane Gerstenberger

Our favorite ❤️ place for Sunday brunch. Kno all the fun waiters and the menu is extensive Wonderful variety of spices . Something for everyone.

Bruh Heater

Kinda gave me a bruh moment vibe. Not for the bruh worthy

Tibonn Tibonn

This is absolutely hands down without a doubt the cleanest ShopRite I've ever been in. ShopRite is usually a very nice clean store but this one's his head and shoulders well Above the Rest with our rocking awesome hot bar. And their fruit selection is excellent.

Alex Alapatt

This is the closest we will get to Wegman's. There is a dining area like Wegmans too, but it is almost hidden on the second floor.

Michelle B

They have good prices and is a clean store.

Nick Marchese

Excellent store love shoprite very clean

Barbara Butler

We used to go to Stop & Shop and was convinced how many of our friends and relatives to go to ShopRite. Unbelievable store with an unbelievable selection of every kind of food you can imagine. we brought home 12 plastic bags worth of groceries for $154 which included fresh swordfish and tuna!!! We buy four bags of food at Stop & Shop it costs us that much money! It's crowded but I can see why. Unbelievable hot food bar and deli. Unbelievable selection of meat and fish and poultry both fresh and frozen. I would have given that 5 Stars today if it wasn't for the mess up with trying to get a ShopRite customer card which they screwed up. Hopefully we'll get our new cards in the mail in 7 to 10 days. Bye-bye Stop & Shop!!!

Diane Gendreau

Clean, friendly, good prices...later Stop & Shop!

In The Shadow Of The Wolf

More vegan options please. Please bring back the "Just Mayo," a necessary ingredient for vegans, or at least the Hellmann's vegan mayo.

Stephen Mieczkowski

Too many people and very rude. Can not find a parking spot, have to go round and round. Very clean store inside.

Stephen Hodoba

Very modern. Quick at check out. Staff member on diary department went and got us our favorite cream from the back when the display was out.

James Cardone

Always a clean store people are nice can't beat it best store in town

Donnie Darko

place looks great and bakery has fantastic treats

Paul Ryczer

Decent selection & price, though some of the 'downcounty' S-R's have an even more 'diverse' selection ethnically. Ok overall, but this is the only S-R I've been to where the entrance & exit are one way, to best if my knowledge, (wait, Norwalk S-R like that too...) but the Milford entrance/exits are TOO dar apart. It's dumb to make 2 far apart doors one-way only!

John Steinbach

Biggest grocery store I've ever been in. Great prices and coupons.

Jane Vigliotti

Great! Clean and short lines with plenty of human cashiers! I refuse to use self service. Don't contribute to job loss!!


Very clean and pleasant

Joseph Ball

I like this store. They carry a vast selection and i was impressed by their lower-than expected- prices. Most shocking to me was the amazing produce selection. The store maintained cleanlieness standards and the staff seemed to take pride in their store.

Frands Charles

Good place for groceries shopping,

Gary Zerella

I do really like this ShopRite as it is very clean and always seems well stocked with great items. I just wish they would take competitor coupons like other shoprites I have gone to.

Moo moof

Selection is great love the employees here and prices are reasonable

NIKKI Martin

I love this store and it is huge I went in there a week ago bought some food from the bakery and it spoiled 2 days later so I jus went there again a week ago and the lady from the bakery was wonderful I told her about my recent experience with the product and she told me to bring it back next time thanks so much

Brenda Taylor

I really enjoyed shopping there.

Zai Jani

Great customer service. They do carry 'Halal' poultry and meat

Margaret Bontatibus

Great store clean lots of selections

Joseph Foran

Good quality for the money, but not as fresh as some other grocery stores in the area.


Great grocery store. Very new and very big. Great lighting plus it's clean and neat.

Noh Dums

My visit was great because I was able to find my soy vegan yogurt

Patty Nigretti

Keep Your Eyes on Every Single Page, Of The ShopRite Flyer! I Don't Like the Must Buy 3 or 4 Items That You Don't Need! But There Sales are Good, Just Look at Every Page! Because Saving$$ And Good Quality Food Is the Key!

Patricia Fischer

The store is nice. But in my opinion it is way to big. So, although Shoprite is my favorite store in general, this one is not on top of my list

Matt Wilhelm

Beautiful store prices went up after the move which I guess was expected .

Denes Fazekas

Loved it!! Great experience shopping here. Everything is fresh and new, newly renovated location, very clean. Great produce section, hot foods galore, prepared foods, etc. And just when you walk in. Everything is easy to find, good meat selections, good frozen foods section. Clean dairy section. Excellent bakery

Derek K

Had what I needed. No complaints

Maeng Lamontagne

Clean and great have more than a another's

Keven Smith

Fast freindly service produce section has nice friendly staff look for the ones wearing vest pr shoprite hats. Meat departments butures cut the meat onhouse compaired to stopandshop I can ask them fpr thin slice pork over the quater inch thick cut or make ask for bigger slabs than normal

Valorie worth

This Shoprite is really clean & a nice size.

Nancy Arruzza

Shoprite is a nice grocery store, the Milford store is a newer one. They have good prices, a nice clean store.

Gabrielle Lepesko

Rating Shoprite in Milford 4 stars. Great store & great staff. Took off 1 star for the parking lot. Beware, it's that bad. Shoprite itself is great though. I use shop from home often and pick up in store. Easy & very convenient.

Zack Fogle

Not on strike so theres that, the place is huge and has a lot of selection big plus, its also accessible and in close proximity to a banging liqour store across the street in the other plaza (not total). Anyway you get your food, you stop by the grill get yourself 2 for 1 sammies on Thursday I believe, and then wade through the throngs of people to check out. Bada bing bada boom

Jennifer Gargiulo

Shop there every week. People are great. Good sales, especially with super coupons. I wish there were less single use plastics. I don't need my lettuce wrapped in plastic for example.

Ben Varick

Great store. Would have given this review a 4 or 5 star but was disappointed in one particular area with today's visit. I went to the sea food counter to place an order, but decided not to after seeing the counter person having long dread locked hair without any netting or protection. It struck me as to unsanitary so I went to a local fish market later where all the counter help had hair netting on. Isn't that some kind of health violation on the part of Shoprite ?

Coleman Harbor

Great - lots of variety. Thanks

Kevin Polomski

Workers very unfriendly. Prices too high.

Stacy Samerotti

Loved this store. But lately it's over crowded and not fully stocked so I keep having to make trips to other stores :(

chris pellas

Great job you can find everything you need in one place


Very clean nice staff

Jane Winters

In an effort to give a better variety, there's almost too many things to choose from.

Shelly Simoneau

I have shopped at Shoprite for many years. Shoprite employees are always friendly and helpful and their prices beat stop and shop....hands down! Recently shopped at their new location after retiring to Florida and WOW....impressive. I like the fact that you can buy already prepared food and their bakery can not be beat! Wish you were down south....

Greg Peck

Store beautiful but almost to big. Hard to pick up just a few items without spending half an hour.

Thomas Sollitto

Great variety, good prices, better when you use there weekly circular & coupons.

yoruba mizell

One of my most favorite places to shop for prices but the parking lot is horrendous.

Michael Rios

Huge selections of products and their kitchen serves fresh and tasty foods . Another favorite spot for me

Alex Angeloff

Worse specials than orange though I want rotisery chicken Mondays


My favorite shop rite in the state with the nicest staff.

Jack Connors

Prices were cheaper than Stop and Shop! By a Good difference!

mika french

Much better than the other shoprite that was across the street

john lee

So clean inside, it has a huge selection, and the food seems fresher compared to other ShopRites. Very nice grocery store.

Dixon Vixen

Nice clean store, fair prices, great workers

Peter Hermance

Very clean and quick. Very helpful staff.

Jonathan Mador

Live Shop Rite and especially this store!

Adam Heller

Super clean and always stocked. Can't beat the Monday salsa bar special

Jessica Santos

This is the only Shop rite I like and since I moved to Milford 2 years ago it is my primary go to shopping place. It's so much bigger that you don't feel crowded and have to constantly move out of the way like at the one in Stratford and Fairfield. Those aisles are too close together. The veggies are fresher and sprayed with water and they have a nice variety of food at the hot food bar and they have a taco bar and grill. They also have a place on the second floor to eat.

wendy recine

Nice store. Good prices

Wendy Russell

I absolutely love shoprite of milford,i know right where most stuff I buy is and always find a little xtra bonus every time I shop,love love love shoprite!!

Catherine Sumpio

Unfortunately a bust after friend raves about this store since it’s opening. Came 3:30p Sunday 12/23 for fish after calling ahead. out of cod, sole and the lobster tails they said they had. Went up the road to Whole Foods which had everything - aplenty. I mean gleaming cod and lobster tails on sale for Amazon Prime members. Don’t waste your time at Shoprite

Christi Juliano

Nice clean store. I truly only went due to Stop n Shop strike, but was impressed

Joe Fort

I went back home to Connecticut, to visit for a week. Now living in Florida oh, I find it very hard to find Italian Food Specialties. One thing I've always enjoyed as a child, was anisette toast. This is an Italian cookie, similar to biscotti, but not as hard. I went into several different ShopRite locations and luckily found the ShopRite brand biscotti at the Milford store. When I lived in Stratford, I would always drive up to Milford to do my shopping at ShopRite. I started shopping at ShopRite more than 35 years ago, way before they ever came into Connecticut. They always have great deals on all the fruit types of products, and a huge selection.

Nilsa Champoux

Excellent prices and they have different stations of prepared hot food. Perfect for lunch time or supper. Clean & friendly personal

sandy sharoh

Great selection, except no shishito peppers. Helpful staff. Kind baggers

Bipin Saxena

My go to place for any grocery, veggies, meat, beer, ice cream ——- many things.

Corbin Pressey

They were fast at check out line.

Dawn Langston

The organic produce and the cucumbers were in very bad shape and there weren't any fresh ones available. Everything on display was old, and soggy. Other than the produce, everything else is good. I love that they have plenty of cashiers.

Jeanette Marulli

Beautiful store and clean. Well stocked. Great prepared food and deli. You need your card though for savings. I misplaced my card and my phone number was not working and I lost out on the sale prices.

tina kifer-dibona

Great choices... product always fresh Spectacular Customer Service

jim m

Excellent service,great produce


Very nice store , immaculate, fully stocked and great bakery. Professional staff and good customer service.

TheGod Ofwar

The place is really clean compared to ShopRite in the hood. I also would say if you want better service travel to places like this. The store is nicer and place is cleaner the people are nicer and the prices are pretty cheap.

William Ostroff

Store is always clean and well stocked. The staff helpful and friendly.

Rich Garcia

Huge super store! Has everything! Plenty of parking. Handicap accessible. Right off Rt 1. Very convienent store hours.

Niles Mackenzie

Wonderful staff and a great variety of items I got all the things I came in for. Only drawback is you need more handicapped parking every time I come the ones you have are full and I have to park far out in the lot.

Home Brysiewicz

Nice location. Could use better produce.

Elaine Lee-Melillo

Be leery of how their fish counter marks the price on your order. I had a mistagged product and when bringing it back to the store in Milford, they did apologize nor not honor the state commodity consumer law. I am going to Big- Y when they open soon in Milford! They are honorable to admit their mistake and refunds the product in totality for troubling the customer.

Stanley Gordon

Neat clean modern always busy, prices good


Great supermarket to shop at and really Save some money. Handicapped parking at front of store with wheelchair accessible entrance and bathroom. Fresh produce and well stocked items; even items that are hard to find at other stores; Shop Rite has it. Friendly and ready to help employees. Pretty fast checkout along with employees that will help you with your groceries to your car. Building is visible from street. I highly recommend trying Shop Rite on your next shopping trip.

Margaret Barnes

Love this store, very clean and organized. If you can't find it here you don't need it.

Zachary Arvan

Pricey but better selections than stop n shop.

wes simpson

Nice big supermarket with best selection in town. We can find things here that other stores don't carry. Prices are generally OK, with good weekly sale prices if you have a Price Plus card. Some sale items require a digital coupon, which is a pain in the neck. Very good bakery, with tasty baguettes that are better than most of what you can find on this side of the Atlantic.

Lea Massaro

best place to shop. beats stop and shop in price, fresh produce, clean and well organized. very friendly and helpful staff.

Mike Lynch

So large very crowded had a hard time finding what I needed

alicia garcia

Beautiful,clean and a variety of items

Barbara Hilario

I love this ShopRite! It's absolutely Beautiful. The selection and staff are great!

Liz Stosse

They don't carry anything that I need. Stop & Shop is so much better

Kathleen Bigler

Prices are right delivery is good store is clean and well stocked

Michael Fitzgerald

Yes I believe ShopRite has best value.. I just left the store with a pound of fresh scrod .aka fish and produce.. this large store was very clean and the shelves we're all fronted.. the price I paid was excellent..I give them credit to keep such a large store in such condition.. best seafood prices with quality....

Meta Carter

Big, bright and the best for some hard to find items. Appreciate their Shop Rite from Home staff- hard workers and very conscientious.

F Sanchez

Always clean and well stocked!

Kathy D'Onofrio

Very clean store and attentive cashiers

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