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Where is ShopRite of Hamden?

REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Hamden IN Connecticut

Alex P

Yeah what's the deal with their cashiers they have the easiest job in the world yet some can't make the evermost MINIMAL effort to utter a hello, how are you, or a 'you too,' let alone a have a good night.

Jackie Edwards

Always a good experience

Bible With Dan Holst

A good shopping area. Food is good and cheap

Andrea Perry

I like shopping there

Lisa Mentes

I love this store. Great cheese department and Deli.

Dawn Birdsall

Quick and helpful

Ron Devine

Poorly stocked. Poorly staffed. Could be cleaner

regina mapp

Annoyingly crowded as usual. Def short staffed. Self checkout area is waayy too small.

stephanie pouncey

Clean but need cashiers its holiday time people don't want to be in long lines and some cashiers have attitudes not our fault its their jobs.

Light Service

They have a varied selection.

danny toce

Once you try a ShopRite after shopping somewhere else I can almost guarantee you'll keep coming back, the sales are awesome, cant beat the can can sale, rotisserie chickens are bomb, produce fresh, like are quick in and out, people some happy to be there, meat and fish departments know what they're talking about ,not sure what else you could ask for in a grocery store

mac genome

Found out ShopRite are privately owned here when everything was a dollar more than the ShopRite 30 min away, shipped the Frozen section because I figured I'll get it closer to home, ended up paying a lot more. Also there limits are half the other store

Adrienne Geddie

I prefer to shop at BJ's but for small hard to find items ShopRite is can't beat there can can sales... that's when I save the most money


The vegetables are great. I always stop by the bakery and never disappointed with the quality of dessert and cakes. I live it! Thank you.

Anna-Marie Rose

Sweet helpful staff. Love my little community store.

Denise Petrillo

Like stlhop rite a lot not this one as much as wallingford.

Barbara Jean Law

Good store but if you want deli the line is always long

Lisa Schain

This is a huge grocery store. Great selection.

Jared Cannon

Customer service is wonderful here

jamie shedlock

The most unprofessional, raggedy ratchet SR. The "lady" running "Shop from home" "greeted" me by screaming "NAME NAME NAME NAME NAME" No hi, thanks, how are you. Poor representation of a brand.

Anayah Epps

I walked into the floral section and waited about 5 min for the woman behind the counter to acknowledge me after saying excuse me twice. She rolled her eyes and said she was busy placing her order... she asked if I had time to wait 5 min. Maybe floral isn’t the right department for this woman. Wont be back here again.

Robert Ammann

Typical Shop Rite. Big selection of groceries and sundry items. Best place to buy canned tomato products.

Jackie Denese

Shop Rite is where I grocery shop.

QueenFluffy Turners

I just luv their varieties of it all

Allyssa Harris

I love Shoprite!! They always have the best savings!!! Better than Stop & Shop

Debbie Russell

Always clean, stocked and helpful staff. I'm here at least 3x a week.

Cristina Lima

Great deals with coupons fresh food

Mel Bertrand

Best prices!

Bertha Pettie

Just love the bargain's

Kyena Marryshow

Loved shopping there find everything I need with ease

Melvs Murrell

Love their prices

Lisa Daly

Clean and easy to find everything we needed! friendly staff.

Ms. Nancy Papa

This is my favorite grocery store. I love the bakery! Great cupcakes, brownies, and cookies! I appreciate the prices. There's other things to get besides groceries; for instance one day I had bought at Barbie doll for my great niece; so this store can be the one place to shop in. It's a good size store. Kudos!

Joyce Warzecha

Find everything easily. Customer service great

Phil Blunts

Manager decided to not accept coupons because it was making items free or getting overage. when the policy is to just make the items free. Well thought out shopping isn't welcome there

Cathy Portillo

Clean fresh well organized and labeled. Love this store!

Phyllis Herring

I go just about week. Whenever paper towel or toilet tissue are on sale I will get it to stock up on it.

Clarence E Phillips Jr

Great DEALS and Friendly Staff

Joe Planeta

It'd way better then stop and shop and big y

Robert Wilcox

Good selection and good prices. Their produce is generally excellent, and they have a full service deli counter with hot food like rotisserie chicken at fair prices.

Janeczka rodriguez

Good enviornment. Lack of customer service. And theres always long lines

Bae-Hoon Kim

Its Donuts and pork belly are my favorites in there. Mostly cheaper price than expected

Tinisha Williams

Awesome place to shop!

Corey Díaz

Clean grocery store and great selection of food; customer service isn't quiet "quote-on-quote" customer service though!

Shaun James

Great I like it

Jill Herring

Great buys

Lisete Medina

Huge store . Aisles of organic products. Helpful personnel .

Ann Valente

I enjoy shopping at ShopRite and shop there at least 3 times a week. The customer service staff is polite and they have everything you need.

Stephanie B

I visit shoprite several times a week. I know where everything is am always greeted by the staff. The store is clean. Produce is hit or miss. Good variety and I often find items that I cannot find anywhere else.

Junito Lopez

It's a decent store. However, most of the time don't have the merchandise advertise on sale. Moreover, their deli and produce is second rate, compared to Stop and Shop.

Dorothy Post

Long lines due to lower prices.

Chester Greene

Excellent quality

Black Nite

Clean store with the best prices

Sheila Munroe

Good choices

Josh Chadwick

Always good when Amy is there

Sarah Secl

My experience is the store is clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful

Daphne Swiateck

Delivery was a nightmare. They messed up our order and was promised the missing food to be re-delivered at a certain time. They never came and had to call the store which was a second nightmare. I was on hold for 20 minutes and had to explain the situation several times and was kept putting on hold or the phone kept hanging up. To top it off I had to pay a second delivery fee. You’d think if they messed up the order they would waive the second delivery fee but nope.


Always can find what I want and need. Alot of good deals and it doesn't cost a lot.

Cassandra Audena

Always a great experience shopping for affordable groceries with the help of friendly and ready to assist associates!

Elaine Varunes

They have everything you need

Yonzel Burt

Not warm or inviting environment. Staff not friendly

V.Terrell Short

Love shop rite I wish there was another one in Putnam plaza in Hamden

Lauri D

Shop rite in Hamden is a good store. They r cheaper than Stop & Shop & Big Y. Have most things that u need. And their can can sale is always good.

Samantha Luzzi

Had a hard time finding anything in this store. Weird set up.

Michelle Hyland

Visiting from Florida. Really wish we had the great and varied selection of foods in SW FL that Shop Rite carrie's every day (and at lower prices, too)! The store is very clean and laid out well. Nice wide isles. Easy to find whatever you need. The staff here is friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, and very willing to help. I'll be shopping here all summer until we leave this fall. :-)

Ronita Davis

Prices are good. Staff is..., management is ..........

TRe Blah

Not a great shopping experience. The staff here could improve their stocking and rotating stock appropriately. We've purchased multiple items (from medicine to tartar sauce) at this location that were EXPIRED. It's happened several times, not just a one off. Produce selection isn't great. Bakery leaves much to be desired. Sushi dept overcooks the rice. Basically mediocre all around. Parking lot is awful. Oh, and to whoever orders the aisle signs, "Cat Liter" isn't a thing.

roberta johnson

The prices and organization at store we're good.

Donna Levine

I like going to ShopRite to one of my favorite places get what I need and check-out

Kris Wallace

I so glad I stopped here to pick up lunch meat and also found a nice leg of lamb

Craig Cairone

Good place

Katie S

Big supermarket. Lots of variety

Cheryl Chesnas

Prices were good and the store was clean and well organized.


Quite crowded, perhaps not enough cashiers for the amount of customers. The cashier I had was very polite.

Quanna hamilton

Never enough cashiers

Millie Feliciano-Cruz

It does have good supply of food items but my suggestion will be to have more soup selection. The Wallingford store has 8 different soups in the deli section. It would be nice to consider it now for cold evenings in the Fall and Winter.

Samantha Chapman

The staff is very friendly and the store is always clean. If you ask where something is the employees usually just bring you right to what your looking for.

clash royale

Hmmm not that bad

Donna P

Affordable for the area, clean and well-stocked, good variety. Their baked goods are delicious too.

Moo moof

It's good had different selections from other shoprite

Dawn Gibson-Brehon

The cashier was fine. The management needs training in communications and customer service. I will stop somplace else.

Giovanna Marie

Reasonable p

Kate Kosior

Go in the morning, and everything is nice and clean and organized. Go at night and it looks like hell whirled through this store, and the lines are soooo long because everyone is using stacks of coupons


It's OK but the ShopRite from home shoppers always screw up my order. They do not have a good knowledge of items.

Tito Santana

They dont have the biggest selection when it comes to foods or baking items. Their main staff is almost no where to be found on the floor and always act too busy to stop and help, however the pharmacy staff is amazing, friendly, and get to know their customers.

William Hylton

Clean and orderly, but they need more cashiers.

Roslyn West

Very friendly atmosphere items easy to find customer service really good

Nancy Wilson

This store is very clean, the prices are more than the store in Wallingford and West Haven. But it is cheaper than Stop & Shop. Which is crazy because they are of the same entity

Michael Gauthier

What can I say but we go there all the time from the friendly staff at the pharmacy to coustomer service and anyone who works there will help you.

tesy guanti

Awful customer service when ordering groceries online. I have 2 days in a row calling with no answer because of some items were not delivered right.

vanessa thigpen

It's ok but something i perfered to get from STOP an shop

Robert Rice

Staff is decently professional and curious. Store is usually clean. Deals are typically pretty good with shoprite card. Don't have many complaints!

Christopher Tillery

I don't normally shop here but due the S-n-S strike I started using this option. Prices are good and be sure to sign up for the ShopRite rewards card for additional savings.

Jettie Miller

Good service lots of smiles.

cloud kattdaddy

Clean, safe, wheelchair accessible, nice an d helpful employees.

Anna Ferretti

At closing time there was only one cashier opened. It was suggested to me that I use a self checkout. If I'm checking myself out, I should receive a discount!

Nikhil Samuel

Great place to do groceries. Friendly staff too.


Store clean, well stocked. excellent butcher and meat dept . Responsive to volume of customers. Managers make sure adequate cashiers and packers are available.

José Flores Galindo

A big variety of products!!

Christian Stahl

This is my go-to for fresh produce! I'm loving the prices and the newer "health food" section - makes staying on a vegan/plant based diet easier!

Lawrence Ivy, Jr.

Tonight I had a very disappointing experience with the Store Manager “Ron”. He was very curt, rude, and unprofessional. As the “Store Manager” his customer service skills are lacking. Considering that there are so many other places to shop, such as Stop & Shop in Hamden. My wife and I ended up leaving the store and going elsewhere. Don’t shop where you’re not appreciated. We do have options!

Felicia McLean

My favorite place to buy groceries

Jose V

Great place

Naomi Pearl

actually much better than it used to be. I stopped going for awhile but I must say during my visit today it was more organized and very clean. also good sales.


Good veggies and dairy products. Clean, pleasant staff.

Janice Craft

Great Supermarket Has All Your Needed Groceries.

Gary Beard Jr

Great employees and store

Amanda Shin

So many people all the time, shelves not stocked

Iris Rivera

I don't know what's happening to shop rite. There produce are not fresh as they were.I can't fine what I want, even using there store coupons. I think I'm going to shop some where else.

barbara hamilton

Highly underrrated grocery store. May appear basic but great prices and staff is SO helpful and friendly.

Francisco Alicea

Great place , some rude cashiers but over all not bad

mary rooney

Found our foxon park soda.

Alex Angeloff

Was Gooood but not as good as orange

Tee Pee

Lines move fast. Friendly cashiers and great sales

Monica Ellis

Love it! Shout out to Eucal, Olivia and Alexis! You all make my shopping experience worth my efforts!

MK Ross

Staff is efficient and friendly. Seemed to be out of some Thanksgiving staples.

Andre Delgado

Always clean and bright...great variety.

Jean Jenkins

Went to Shop Rite @ Bull Hill Lane what a disappointment, the recycle bottle return area only had 2 machines working, 2 are you kidding me, most patrons take the $$ from returns and spend it back into the store, I a shame when you need to pick a a couple of things w/ your returns and The Machines are broken!!!! Shop Rite Do Better!!!

Mark Lee

Great prices, easy to find everything you need grocery related

Keison Arnold

Good store

Ricardo Perez

Close to my house i never buy like groceries But i like this place for they roses and flower

WCante Hondo

The store was overcrowded and it took 40 minutes to check out. However, prices were good.

Tishema Tarver

Friendly atmosphere.

Richard Furman

Everyone is very nice. Good sales and I like the layout of the store

Michelle Rogalski

Need more cashier's on 1st, 2nd & 3rd of the month and on weekends! Waited over 1/2 hr to check out on Sunday for 17 items. Selections great, and staff helpful when asked.

Joey Murphy

Honestly better than the stop n shop in Hamden. Greater variety of healthy foods and international food as well. The beer selection isn't great, definitely inferior to stopnshop in that regard.

M Sanchez

I went to buy 2 pounds of fresh scallops and approuched the sea food dept and the young Afro American female that was working the counter would not serve me telling me that they close at 7pm it was only 6:25pm so I asked her if she would help me find the frozen scallops she said "they have them at stop and shop across the street". Her attitude was not expected nor accepted so I asked to speak to a manager. As he approached me it looked like I had just woke him up from a nap he was not well groomed his tie was loose and shirt not tucked in and his hair wasn't combed. He said he was the assistant manager. I explained what just happened and his response was "oh she not feeling well" so I asked him if he would help me he said "no, if she said it close then it's close" I told him attitude reflects leadership and his attitude was just as bad. I will never step foot in that store again. Not everyone takes the time to write a review but I'm betting if they did that store would have to close due to no customers.

Brownly J. Louis

The prices are decent compared to other food shopping stores. The service was good and every section is well organized based on the signs and posters.

Curt Alfredo

I was the 100000000000 trillionth customer and won a nickle, thank you ShopRite, and especially love you new $4.00 tiny Philadelphia cream cheese prices. Why not just make it $50 for ounces and be done with it!

Reza Senejani

Nice people are working here and the place is pretty much clean and organized. Hours are great and I definitely recommend this over stop&shop ;) eventhough stop&shop on Dixwell ave also is good.

Dana Welch

This was my first time entering a ShopRite it was very neat and clean and well organized yes I would shop there again the prices were reasonable.

Katrina Goins

I love ShopRite! I'm here every week with the large variety of items. I would love if they had a bigger selection of vegan/vegetarian foods. Overall store is clean, staff ok, items generally always in stock.

kim pupello

But, of course & under the circumstances, crowded today! It seems Shop Rite was prepared, employees were courteous, and other shoppers were mostly courteous

Sunny D

Very pleasant staff.

LARRY Redskins

Good store

Jessica Lassiter

My idea of the perfect grocery store! There is an excellent variety of products, the store is clean, staff is friendly, inexpensive, and everything is fresh. I’ll be a customer forever if you keep up with your current standards. P.s I appreciate the fact that you guys have Juniors cheesecake available, saves me a trip to the city.

Alphonso Wright

Good experience, found what I wanted quickly, in and out quickly.

Carolyn Pappacoda

Great store, amazing selection of food, and reasonable prices. Clean store, helpful employees

Dawn Langston

I love the location of the store. I wish they had a better selection of items to choose from because I have to shop at 2 different grocery stores. This ShopRite is not as big as the Milford location.

Rachel Spells

Clean & Tidy appearance. Smelled nice. Price's cheaper than Stop&Shop. Good coupon system

k m

Great place... Loved the prices...And the store was clean a d organized thank you to all the employees in the store keep up the good work

Reggie Chang

This place is disgusting. Slow. Workers stand around like they're at a cook out. I need to move out of Hamden.

Brenda Knox

Shop rite had everything I needed and easy to find

Kenja Arnold

Always busy but always stocked

Quentin Jackson

This is one of the best plazas in the unites states I have ever been to... There is nothing you can’t find in this plaza.!? I suggest you drop in for a one stop supply all

Kenneth Wong

My parents visited the store to buy some lobsters today at around 1pm and the African-American Female worker who serves customers there at the seafood section had a really terrible attitude towards my parents. I understand that my parents might not speak the perfect English (I don't think she can speak proper English anyway) but I definitely do not think a worker at that position has the damn freaking right and power to treat customers poorly. If your store allows people at that level of civilization to serve customers, I do not think you deserve any returning customers at all. Please take this into serious consideration and take appropriate actions.

Nesh Warden

Standard grocery shopping experience. I'm sure management has their reasons but there is always a shortage of cashiers working. The cashiers that are on staff are delightful and patient.

B Highsmith-Lumpkin

Love this store. Lots of variety in produce. Meats are good as well as seafood. Clean and staff are very helpful.

LB- Brown

Clean an great service Thanks

terri richardson

Clean and well stocked!

Suzannah Holsenbeck

Great customer service. Didn't have everything I was looking for but good prices overall.


I love Shoprite and have for yrs. and don't spend as much as i would Stop&Shop.I run up on some good deals also.

steven gallagher

Store is always clean, staff is helpful, and the prices are usually very good.

Alison Pate

I had a fun time! My cart was what I thought was broken. Too funny!! You all have the sweetest cashiers! This adorable girl helped fix the cart. It was funny! I adore the people at the seafood counter! Everyone there is so nice! It was great!! Excellent service from your employees! !

Michael Marette

Simply awesome. Prices are very cheap and customer service is fantastic all around including the pharmacy. Everyone I've come into contact there is just phenomenal.

Darcy Fray

Excellent store, stocked very well and super nice/helpful employees! Shoprite from home experience was also amazing, Bianca is THE BEST! #CouponLife #twinmomstockpile

Bonnie Alvelo

Helpful staff. Fresh Produce and meats.

Darryl Setzer

I love shop Rite grocery store in East Haven of the great customer service experience they have, and they give a person opportunity for feeding their families by giving employment opportunities for any one looking for a job. And give out millions of dollars to all different charity causes.

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