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REVIEWS OF ShopRite of Commerce St.-Stamford,CT IN Connecticut

Silvestre Bravo

This place is always busy. My go to grocery store. I don't usually ask for help but they can be quite helpful the employees

Lynda Ferraro

The store is beautiful, but some items are just put anywhere. Usually not as anywhere related to other items that they should be placed with. Its like an open space is available, so they just put something in it whether it belongs there or not. And the cuts of meat have a lot to be desired.The last couple of times I bought steaks they just weren't very good.I guess I'll have to use the butcher shop from now on. And the pork chops are cut so sloppily it isn't even funny.You see one side of the chop fairly thick then it tapers down to paper thin.Who cuts thing's like that.?

Sugar Shucks

Always go there love the prices

Kathleen Hillyard

The cheapest grocery store with the best selection around. And they now have grocery delivery!

Darren Dix Sr

Nice place to shop it was very clean but some of the prices were a little bit high. But other then it was outstanding to go there.

Lisa Mentes

This is definitely my favorite supermarket in Fairfield County. It's big, well lit and has fabulous selections. Friendly staff and great cheese department!

Joanne Dubiel

I love Shop Rite Supermarkets

alfonza burgess

Best buffet in town

Bernadette Whalen

Love o

jose almestica

Very good and fine place to do your shopping.

Lynn Lauber

Vinny was amazing!

David Osler

It's ShopRite it doesn't need review


My favorite grocery store and lovely friendly helping staff for customer support.

Janet Farella

A very busy place!

Jeffrey Schreider

Used to be the best recent changes actually virtually eliminating the healthy items area to add Shop at Home. Disappointing sign of the times everything is online. Maybe some improvements to the prepared food area and deli would be awesome. Forces many of us to split our shopping between here, Whole Foods and Fairway.

Tom Pia

See my note for grade a. Food bar *****

Shawn Webb

My fav grocery store! Great prices.

specialdiva04 .

Clean a great customer service. I'll always stocked. Security and great location

Jorge Arbito

Good prices and very good fresh vegetables.

Adam Kelley

Clean and we'll laid out. For the most part friendly staff. Fresh food at reasonable prices for the area.

Tim Twardy

Great store,price but some of the workers in meat department plus ice cream very rude felt like I was talking to a Walmart worker

Yola Bois

To my one experience that what it deserves 4 Star

Karima Bajana

Love the home delivery service!

Alex M

I used to love this Shoprite. I visited for breakfast daily. Unfortunately more and more the cold and hot food bars are not out in the morning. 0900 and there is nothing out. Disappointing but oh well!

William Mackay

Great for low-price, high quality food. Sometimes keeps strange stock of secondary items from major brands while overlooking their main products (for instance, they have cocoa instead of regular rice krispies).

David Lee

Very hostile they spray something all over me never a good shopping experience at shop rite in Stamford

Julie Vita

Hands down the only place to shop. This is a store that absolutely carries everything for every ethnic heritage. Prices are good and help is abundant. Ample parking. Fresh produce and everything else. Shopping here makes grocery shopping exciting and something tho which you can look forward. I LOVE this place!


Well lit, nice verity Wife isle for wheelchairs and scooters, helpful employees

Anon Emis

There usually long lines in the evenings. I try to buy some vitamins here once. Before I could purchase it, I learned the product expired 6 months ago. The reason why no one removed it was because it was an unpopular item that customers never noticed. So, the employees only focused the vitamins selling around it. Another time, I tried to buy a bottle of Yup. It's a dairy product that was left on top of the coolers near self check out. For some reason, they left a huge number of them on top. I brought one because I assumed it would be safe. When I got home, I opened it and notice the liquid inside was chunky. There was a weird foul smell coming from it. I had to go back to the store to demand a refund. Another time, when I was at self check out, I tried paying for my groceries. The machine took my money but then glitched out and claimed it never took anything from me. I had to get the manager. Then, I had to wait three days to get my money on my card back. Other than all of this, I admit it's still a decent store. There are always sells. You can get coupons for literally everything.

Jessica Castoro

Like this shop rite more than the other Stamford one on cove road! More spacious and a more open feel

Pixel playz

Nice, big and clean grocery store. Always packed, checkout lines are always busy for good reason. Has almost everything you need, wish they can add more variety to the Asian goods.

Michael Campana

What can I say, its a grocery store.

Kettya Guillaume

It was great ,the cashier was very professional and nice

Keith Maconi

First time. Better fresh foods section versus S&S nearby. Signed up for their card and will be back.

David Rohde

Like most big grocers in town, produce is hit and miss. Store layout is a bit confusing, with two aisles for milk on either side of the store. Also, like the other big grocers, if you like certain brands they don’t carry them all. The store is neat and clean and the checkout staff is friendly.

Bonnie Kim Campbell

Love the Home Delivery Service. Tremendously helpful to my schedule.

Lauren Pauley

This is my store. Produce is always fresh, and it's very clean. It can get pretty busy here, but the check out lines move quickly.

Frank Welch

Shop rite is a great place to shop for groceries and the employees are so very helpful!

Ricky Morris

Great variety of items to choose from. Very well signed which is a great help to new customers. However, cashiers are not very focused. I understand it's a fast pace work environment, however it does not take much to smile and greet your customers and then thank them for choosing ShopRite to do their shopping. Remember customers have other options.

Kate Connors

Everything you need at this mega shoprite. Joe the butcher is da bomb.


The only place for me to go grocery shopping, Elm St. Stamford

Frankey May

Great selection, fresh produce.

Paul Garcia

Good selection. Lots of parking. Good sale items.

Mike Merritt

Like all of shop rites in ffld county , excellent. Very helpful staff. Clean, etc.

Robert Hoffmann

This is our goto grocery store. Always has what we want and need. Very competitive prices and pleasant staff.

Muskatoon Picks

It's got a great selection of Spanish stuff, Malta for son

Gaetano Castelluccio

Many expensive

Dawn Thompson

Have all I need

Gregory Kelly

The best grocery store around. The meat market here is better than most high end butcher shops. Their sea food is also extremely fresh and just as good as Fjord and their very costly seafood options.

Natalia Aguiar

Good people, and friendly and delicious foods and beverage service

Nubia Barahona

I love shoprite

Michele .

Best grocery shopping experienc

Rich F

One of the better Shop Rites in the area. It's a huge store. Still, the organic produce selection is poor but the regular produce selection is very good and often you can find great sales. There it's one aisle devoted to organic packaged goods such as cereal and snacks, and you can find meats and poultry that antibiotic and hormone free.

Jonathan Vic

I've been coming to Grade A for years now known as ShopRite. Small but convenient. Prices are a little high for organic products.

Rex Niswander

I've shopped at this store many time because it's near my home in CT. Today may be the last time. The merchandise and prices are decent but the staff is terrible. They act like they hate the store, their jobs and the customers. I suspect they are paid minimum wage, which is more than they're worth, and they take it out on customers. Their rudeness is remarkable. There's a Stop and Shop across the street which is much better, though it tends to be more expensive.

Christopher Baring

Very good groceries.

Roland Lesperance

Notice some prices on the rise. Yet finding what you need is pretty simple.

Bill Multer

Best run supermarket that I have been to since moving from Brooklyn!

Frank Baratta

This is the best grocery market in the area. Unfortunately they made a change recently and I am not happy with the unorganized displays. I hope they fix it soon.

Leroy Masheck

The atmosphere of workers is awesome

Jack The Rabbit

They have a great choice of cooked food

lynn urfer

Great selection. Clean. Easy to find what i wanted. I like doing my own check out

Fabiano costa

Great prices

Todd Feighery

Plenty of choices but horrible bagging groceries and have to go back to using plastic bags stupid idea with paper that RIP easily especially in bed weather and outrageous charging for cheap weak paper bags scam artists

Erica Blackburn

I love this store always has a nice sale all the employees are very nice and polite


Gotta try the Terranova products, direct fresh bread from the Bronx everyday. The raviolis are phenomenal, made fresh every week.

Carrin Schechter

Very easy place to shop . good selection

Ray Ratermann

Great selection and prices long check out lines

will Oz

I like shop rite. Good prices

Angela M. Hyland

Something for everyone if you look hard enough. At first glance, it seems fairly conventional, but they have deep selections of organic and imported items that are more healthful and interesting.

Cathy Dillon

Really nice folks at the customer service desk. Generous with allowing coupons and gracious when accepting returns.It is a large store with lots of choices including buffet style/ to go selections.Managers and staff can usually help you find something. They sell "accessories" such as lightbulbs and cookware, school supplies, pillows!, but you'd be better off asking to locate exactly where .

Laurie Quinn

Great value and helpful staff

Laura Withrow

Biggest Shop Rite I've seen!! It was massive and the selection was incredible! Staff was very friendly and the store was very clean. Bathrooms were extremely clean. Had everything we needed and more!

Matthew Oldham

Fresh produce (maybe due to high turnover?). Good selection of high end products and ethnic foods scattered through the store. Good bakery. Excellent specials and good overall prices as you'd expect from this chain.

Tiffany Wilson

I came to this store in hopes of buying prepackaged snow crab legs as I wasn't able to get there before 8 (8pm is when the seafood department closes). Unfortunately they didn't have any prepackaged crab legs. Initially I was a bit disappointed, but wasn't upset as I should've gotten there before 8. To my surprise an employee from the deli department helped me get a couple pounds of crab legs. God bless him as he didn't have to help me, but I'm glad he did. That employee went above and beyond for me.and I was so appreciative for it.

Shaniqua Elliott

Love the fact that it's Close to my side of town ! BUT hate the store itself . Isles are way too long !! A but confusing , and very tine consuming. Would rather drive all the way to the other side of town vs this one

David Cooper

Clean well merchandised store. Very price focused ... lowest in area. Excellent customer service with easy returns.

Drüs St-Lüs

Great Sales! Recommended!

stacey morse

Nice big store


This is my favorite grocery store very convenient for me

Michael Rosato

Awesome and frugsl

princess unicorn

The staff is very helpful and attentive.

Brian Hoth

Love this place, best deals in town, clean store, and wonderful staff!!!

wil a zavala

Friendly! Quick! The good ready delicious! Good price location accessible! Few words super nice

Milienne Milius

Good place to buy

Francine Sanabria

Good. They always have good prices

Albert Rivera

Sweet Plantain were four for a $1:00.

heather lamy

Clean and organized. Great selection

Shagis Gisanga

I don't have any specific matters to hate one of my favorite places to shop some groceries and I can only recommend people to go shop out there as often as they possibly can because the store provides better products and it has almost anything you've ever wanted when it comes foods including other miscellaneous related to culinary.

Jaime Urteaga

Honestly the best grocery store in the area. Wide variety, both cheap and bougie items. Excellent vegan selection.

Cliff Wittig

Your great local food choice in Stamford. Great hot food and salad bar option.

James Pruitt

Large store. The store has labeled the gluten free items. Very help. Will be most of my shopping here.

Brad Chonka

Great grocery store. Starts off with ample parking, very wide range of varieties off good. Excellent meats and fishes that are all fresh. Lots of choices to pick what ever you want. Well staffed and run. Great store

Maria Christine Sosa

Lots of variety. Reasonable prices. A busy place.

Nilda Yoakum

Clean well stocked, spacious. Loved self ck out.

Nancy Arruzza

What a great grocery store, it's huge inside. They have a nice area to sit and eat food they make at the store. The prices are very reasonable.

William Helmrich

Excellent. The staff is friendly. It is well lit and managed well. The property is clean and well kept and there's plenty of parking.

Fleuristal Alph

They make a good job

Stanley Farrow

It was good be found what I need

albertine gibbs

Love ShopRite at Commerce Park in Stamford!! Always enough cashiers & baggers. Meat is really good and well priced. Seafood is wonderful and also often on sale. It's great that they steam the lobsters for you at no charge. Produce is fresh and well stocked. Raj is the manager and he and MD are great- friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

sebastian thoma

Excellent service and great value products

Darren Plateroti

Always a great experience. The prices are fair and the most pleasant employees in town. Helpful and well versed in their departments.

Adam Leader

Best supermarket selection of national brands in the area (think every flavor Oreo available). Excellent special diet selections (gluten-free, dairy-free etc). Best in class customer service (eg bagger on every aisle). I don’t love the produce, but it’s fine and there is a great variety at least. Parking is copious but parking lot is challenging (par for the course for this area). Can’t emphasize enough the superior selection vs other markets.

Rich Ravz

U already know

James Bowser

I had to make hummus run. It is my go to place for hummus.

Sandra Gonzalez

Don't like how they rearranged the store items so it takes longer looking for them. Biggest mistake was them separating the international aisle...Goya products are scattered in different aisles all over the store. Frustrating to say the least...but still my favorite one of them all.

Carol Popkins

Love my ShopRite!

Inhale Yoga

Very,Very Big inside Too many isles.If u r looking to pick up 2-3 items b prepaired to walk a big distance from isle to isle...Very un nessisary...This Shoprite is kept very clean..Workers are very helpful...Stock is always up to date..I personnally do not like huge supermarkets.Makes me feel like Im in a Costco,or Super Walmart..

Rama Ramachandran

Large Store. Easy to locate items. Great prices.

Marc LoPonte

They put the super in supermarket. Great value and their prices really are better than anywhere else in the area. I drive 12 miles just to do my shopping there

Wilson Alcantara

Good prices and fresh produce

Jordan P

A great location and getting better, recent renovations have made the store front and interior much easier on the eyes, and a much more convenient experience(especially with the express automated checkout)

Michael Henry

Great food and staff is great

Marie Charleus

ShopRite is a great store, my fruits, vegetables and meat are always fresh, the price is good and I can always get my medication there.

Monika Walker

If you can stand the florescent lights for an hour, this is the best and least expensive grocery store for miles. Come early in the week when shipments arrive, because the produce can get pretty grody otherwise.

sherri manning

Not a good experience went in for one item the didn't have it ready so what I was making for dinner, I had to find something else to make.

Roxanne Defreitas

Excellent customer service you can't find what you want just request

Bose Daniel Rajan E

A very good place for groceries with their wide range.

John Clark

With Stop and Shop in meltdown, going across the street to Shopright was great. I tended to avoid it because it always seemed "too busy" What's wrong with that you ask? Well, they really have their act together. It was mobbed but finding things I wanted and checking out was a beeeze.

Royal Blythe

Great Deals

Ravi Hiremath

Convenient and spacious parking lot.

Jacob Hilton

Always busy at all hours. Rarely are products out of stock which implies good management.

Kurt Lundberg

If I’m paying for bags then the cashier doesn’t need to be telling me what I can and can’t put in them. She physically took items out of my bags because she had already put “paid” stickers on some items. When I explained that I have to go up several flights, she said, “well I guess you’ll have to make more than one trip.” I’m boiling mad right now. I’m sure you guys really don’t care. But there are other supermarkets. I don’t need to come here.

Rodney Turner

It's always good

kpjudge11 .

My family has spent almost 99%of our grocery budget at Shop Rite on W Main....then in a deli experience i asked for Black Bear (which was on sale at the time) and was almost given shop rite brand (thankfully i asked!) terrible for this bait and switch....i avoided the deli since....until today when my wife specifically asked for something from the deli....and it was the same experience! I even walked behind the counter & confirmed the 'alternative'product! I dunno what they're trying to prove...but they lost a good family customer today! what a shame...

lenora robinson


Mr Duff

No dont go meat went bad fast

Teva Carter

some of the workers has great customer service and always have a smile on their faces

Cynthia Johnson

This is a GREAT supermarket. One stop shop for anything you could need. I love the bakery, deli and hot food. Great cheeses from around the globe! For pricing that's correct and great options, this is the place!

JoJo Jean Louis

I love going here, when the time comes. The prices are amazingly affordable. They always have a discount and the employees are always willing to use their discount cards for you, in order to get the discounts you deserve. I highly recommend coming here to do your weekly shopping. Its just amazing. The produce is fresh, the pies are incredibly delicious and the meats/ sandwich meats are fresh.

Janice Gunnip

Love ShopRite! Great prices, produce and meat. Love having a butcher shop right there.

diana marie

Great store; good sales

Veda Francis

Great being back at my home store

John Szillat

They got everything you need , I like the hot food to eat right away.

Jen Serenita

busy store but has most i need...quick checkout too

JW Cult Survivor

I love how they have a salad bar and hot bar to choose from. I enjoy shopping at ShopRite!

Cesar Alonzo

It's a great food store big parking cars and to many brands name's a food it is really good end they have to many offers.

Alfredo Sanchez Jr.

Has almost everything you need and prices are amazing

Dominic Carlucci

Very clean store...the only negative thing im compelled to say is that their fruit has more nail prints and finger prints ( leading to bacteria ) than the FBI !!!

Robert Gordon

Good pasteries and fresh made food

bonnie sutton

Live in FL. Now. ShopRite is the best. Had great sales. Good deli food. 2 for 1 sales. Miss my

Domain Admin

Well stocked supermarket with great variety of international canned and bottled foods. They also have a large selection hot buffet (with a choice of 4 hot soups daily) and large selection salad bar with hand made sushi.

Ralph Serafino

The butcher Joe is great fun to work with and he know that when u talk with him he help you pick out the right cut for what you making for dinner and when u only buy prime it helps talking with joe

Cathy Mullins

No bagger at the register again had to bag my own. Other registers around had baggers.

Donet Watson

As usual OK find what I'm looking for with ease n it's nice n clean n fresh, cashier service was great

Veronica Walters

Food fresh

Sharon Johnson

the cashier was not helpful she didnt help with packing my groceries

Mike Mullins

Has it all, nice home made foods, covers all nations. Due for a makeover.

Jolyn Jackson

I love this store!! Great customer service, great staff and great management. Better prices than other local grocery stores and I love the digital coupons.

John Reese


Jed Simon

Better than expected, but not that great

Billie Jean

My aunt's favorite place

Lenora Primus

This one of the best shoprite's l have ever been to, if not the best. Always clean, staff helpful and friendly, great selection.

Nicholas Nairne

The place is clean and well stocked with all you need in one spot but before I left one of the staff (Indian guy) was rude to me and my grandmother who asked him a simple question. That ruined it for me!!!

Vans Littys mc. grittys

What is up with paper bags!! You seriously have to pay 0.10 for them.

Alberto Barbieri

Very good service.

McDonald JR.

Great place but they need to gas reward points and not a free Turkey after spending 400 dollars why not just buy the Turkey. I'm just saying

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