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REVIEWS OF Rolando's IN Connecticut

Brie Fox

joseph mazer

My family and I have eaten at Rolando's a few times, and every time we've had a wonderful experience. Food and service was great. Prices are fair and our waitress is so nice she feels like family already! Thanksgiving we made reservations to eat at the restaurant. Little did we know that they weren't open, they were only there to cater for preordered dinners. The owners were the only people there. They welcomed us and told us we could order anything from the menu or if we want we could have a whole turkey with all the sides! It was my first experience having Thanksgiving out, and it will be counted as one of my finest memories. Roland and his wife are truly deep down wonderful people.

sherry gomez

Lumar Kitten

Small place but great food and great for parties

T S hobbit

Jae Brochu

Much improved since my last visit a few years ago. Service was prompt and attentive, the food was very good, and the prices are reasonable. Rolando's is a step up from the numerous pizza joints that infest CT and is an actual Italian restaurant.

Jim Smith

Terrible customer service.

Anthony Boucher

retiredbodyman retiredbodyman

Ate here twice. Both times service was not good. Food is okay nothing to brag about.

Gale Banks

Nicole Fiorelli

If you can't provide adequate delivery services don't offer them. My order was placed 2 and a half hours ago and was FINALLY received. The ETA when placed was 45-50 minutes. Called to follow up 30 minutes ago and they said it was on its way. I live 5 minutes up the road from this restaurant. Had I known it would take this long I would have went to pick it up, or just ordered elsewhere. Aside from the delivery the food is a 2 out of 5, pizza and grinder are both dry and luge warm. Salad is decent, but who can screw that up? After this experience I'm not surprised to hear rumors of a possible closing in the near future.

donna smyser

The food was good. The owner, very nice. It's such a shame it's "off-the-beaten-tracks" right now;until the Plaza gets finished because it does have a variety of foods & drinks that should be checked out!

Maria Taccariello

Ordered delivery and it took almost 2 hours. Food was ice cold and they forgot the 4 drinks ordered as well. I figured the food was going to be cold so I wanted to check before the delivery man left but he literally got the box into my hands and took off. Called the restaurant to let them know and they talked over me and didn’t understand anything that I said. I had to repeat 6 times for them to get that they forgot part of my order and that I still wanted it. Not sure why they were arguing with me as it’s not unreasonable for them to fulfill the ordered I paid for. They didn’t even offer to refund what they forgot...

Stephen Panda

Tom Mather

1 star for 0 pizzas. I placed an order online and when I showed up to the store they had not received it. I moved to the area last year and have wanted to try their pizza every time I've driven by but now I can't see myself ordering from them again.

Joe Thibeault

The food was excellent and very flavorful , the service was great and very friendly !

gary lazarus

Sean Davies

Haley Cote

I placed my order over an hour ago for delivery and was told it would only take 30 minutes. Every time I call to see whats going on with my order, my call gets forwarded to a voicemail. That’s literally so unacceptable and unprofessional. Honestly everywhere around Southbury/Oxford just sucks with food delivery.

Diane Masciola

Nancy O'Rouke

Steak was excellent, great service, cant wait to come back

Lolli Poppa

First time there with friends. Love the was so nice! Awesome big table with lots of space for food and drinks. Calamari: Excellent Cream of Mushroom Soup: Eh. Flavors good, but it wasn't "creamy and smooth" with some mushrooms in it like I'm used to. The whole thing was basically minced mushrooms. Pan-seared Salmon with Risotto and Veg (carrots, string beans, asparagus): PERFECTION so delicious, cooked perfectly yum! Dessert: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse Cake(?): Yum!

Kelly Schiavi

Brandon Shaw

Mark Barry

Monique Michaud


Liz Arrindell

Writing this as I am eating chicken Florentine by candlelight. It has been 5 days since the tornado wreaked havok in the neighborhood leaving us with no power. We’ve eaten pizza and sandwiches everyday. I called rolandos at 630 asking for a tray of chicken Florentine. At 730 a half tray of fresh chicken was delivered with bread. My family and I are thankful they were so prompt and made the food so good. I will be coming back!! (They catered our Easter and did an excellent job as well for that)

Pamela-Jean Berkheiser

Good italian food nearby. Great specialty pizzas. Love the Lucky Luciano!

Tori Rich

Henry Konopka

Frances Hinkson

George Loose

charlene terrill

Great pizza at a good price. Will have to come back and dine in

Liz A

Stephen Gibbons

I enjoyed my time here. Especially the make your own pasta yum yum

Lisa Bentham

Loved it! Had pasta with carbonara sauce, it was excellent

nashir zhuta

extent good and atmosfer

Yadira Juan

Patricia Pjura


Lesley Shepherd

Jamie Gramolini

David Madden

peter marino

Worst place ever! They made my pizza wrong and when I went back to get a new one they wouldn't make it for me. They said I would have to pay for a new one. I do not recommend anyone to go there. They were very rude to me as well.

Pro Restoration Solutions LLC

Good Italian good and wine.

Sue Ulintz Mosovich

First off, the food was really delicious. That's where the 3 stars comes in. However, there were some really unfortunate issues with this restaurant that made sure I will never return. First: as a larger person, the seating and table was more uncomfortable than in any other restaurant I've ever visited. There was no way, literally, to fit my knees under the table. If I had been there for a non-business event, I would have left before the salad arrived. This was not just me... I saw several others uncomfortably negotiating the table legs. Also: Huge bar TVs blasting loud programs - and the dining "room" is essentially a hallway alongside the bar. Even though we had rented the entire restaurant, and even while people from our group were making speeches, we had to ask for them to be turned off - and even then, they only turned down the sound. The servers did their best, but it seemed overwhelming to them in managing a 30-40 person party, which we were. If you're there for casual, good food, are a tiny person, and you don't mind being blasted out of your seat by huge TVs, this place is just fine. But anyone who isn't would be happier somewhere else.

Victoria Marchetti

Delicious dishes, warm dining atmosphere, welcoming owner's very friendly greetings ALL the time. Our portions are bountiful. ALL food is made to order. Needless to say my husband and I frequent 2×per week! bon appetit,enjoy. Vicky <3

Silicon Turtle

Ehh. Not the best. Pretty not good service.

Dan Gramigna

Joe J

This place has great pizza and great appetizers. There bread and mariani great

Mike Evancho

Great food great ambiance great staff

chloe Jace

Great food and service also pig roast and outside seating and tiki bar and heat lamps is great

Micheal Durkin

Great food the service was also great they all made sure we were taken care of

Michael Konopka

Good food, long wait. Received a dinner menu at noon and had to ask for the lunch one. Overall it was fine but the kids selection was non existent and the delays made for more stress with the little ones. Next time we'll try with only adults and later in the day when staffing is adequate.

Michael Pjura

Great place to eat.

Eric Thayer

I took my lady too a nice dinner n rolandos service is excellent nice atmosphere I recommend this place for casual dining


We happen to go to Rolando's on a Saturday night to have the prime rib special, and we were very impressed with everything! The prime rib was very tender and juicy with a great taste to it! We got the biggest 32 oz. piece and it was big enough for the two of us to share! We both agree that it was the best prime rib that we have ever had! They also have a lot of other Italian dinners that looked tasty since we got to see some of them pass by our table! The cooks must work very hard to get all of this tasty food to everyone! The servers/workers there are friendly as well, especially the owner Julie and her daughter Linda! To finish things off, the homemade cheesecake and carrot cake that we had were delicious as well! Overall we had a great experience and will definitely come back again soon! We will highly recommend this small restaurant in Oxford for sure! Once you go there you won't be disappointed with their high quality of food! I hope they keep up the good work! A+++

Pete Latham

Friendly service, food was good. Big portion size

dave m

Apps were amazing. Service was perfect. It's a hidden Gem!

Kristine Torreso

Flavorful food, well portioned, in a great dining atmosphere whether you are sitting at the bar or in the restaurant. The menu has a wide variety - including great appetizers and entrees.

MJD 1141

Sal DeFini

Reopened after it's fire closed it. I am not impressed, small tight tables, limited menu and service mediocre. I was there right after the reopening, have not been back...maybe it has gotten better?

Foxon .

Placed an order on a food delivery app. Payed delivery charge and $29 for food. After an hour realized the food hasn't arrived so called the resteraunt directly, they stated yeah we saw it but you're too far to deliver..... I said we are 4.2 miles away. And it was an hour ago since I ordered, why wouldn't you call and say something, and why would you rake my money and don't care to even deliver the food.

Dan Hassler

Judy Russo

local and convenient. initially we were the only lunch diners so we were apprehensive. But food was flavorful and good size portions. and it was a nice summer day. Waitress cheery but not overbearing. Glad we tried it out. no issue at all.

Pauly Print

I had one of the best filet mignon I have ever had. It was cooked perfectly. Melt in your mouth perfect. The restaurant is a little small ,but good food. It was a casual place with a large bar. Good people.

James Kirkpatrick

Went here because my normal place was rather busy, But look... i was shocked how well this place makes food, they are very good with quality. I will return. "The game has changed" - J.K.

Bfb Everything

Bad smell. Ugly floors. We couldn't get a table because no one noticed us walk through the door. It was empty in there but there were workers there.

Ewelina Kuklik

Came here to celebrate closing on house with my fiancé. Service was great, prices reasonable but the food was AMAZING. Chopped khale salad topped with salmon, chicken Marsala and the FRIED CALAMARI. I dream about their calamari. Absolutely delicious and a must try. Their home made sweet chili aioli is iscredible. Well done and I wish the best for owners after fire incident at previous place. Worth the drive to Oxford.

Misty D’amici

Denes Fazekas

Jim Dempsey

Sue Greene

Lori SOltesz

Awesome atmosphere, great service and the food is top quality. Definitely a must go to, can't wait for the weather to allow for the outside seating

Sean Cleary

Amanda Bonardi

It was okay, salad dressing is watered down and has NO flavor (both house and antipasto). The bread was delicious and my entree, chicken marsala, was very good. Overall we would go back.

Kelly M

The service was good but unfortunately the food was not. The restaurant is small but beautiful inside. However, if it was busy it would have been very uncomfortable. The tables are very small and very close together. I ordered a steak dinner medium well. The salad was tiny and the pasta fagioli was creamy and mostly all white beans. The portion of steak was large but the meat was completely red in the middle. It came with a small side of mashed potatoes and "mixed veggies" per the menu...those were one carrot split down the middle and 2 pieces of asparagus... we also had the steak tips and they literally tasted like the meat was bad. The child's pasta was just plain pasta with sauce, can't really mess that up. The bread was fresh and the garlic knots were good but the rest of the actual food was terrible. We won't be returning.

erick brusil

Holly Lee

big mos

Really tight seating

Debbie Saccavino

Patrick Walsh

Great place, good food, good people like lanterns at entrance.

Cassady Clark

Matt matt

Tara Mirto

Food was not that good. The way they have their tables set up you almost can't fit your legs under them.

Jack Lampiasi

Loved it


Outstanding food..great service

Brian Goncalo

Very good food at a good price. Dining room is a little tight. Good service

Elayna Smith

Always yummy!! Very attentive

Behnoud Baradaran Noveiry

Patricia Hermance

Excellent!! Steak was cooked to perfection. Will definitely be going back!

Cheryl Celone

Good food & service

Carrie Stephen

Christian Galasso

If I could give this restaurant 0 stars, I would. First, the staff is incredibly rude! I don’t expect to be asked “if” I want bread and when the answer was yes, the waitress then asked, “are you sure?” She then proceeded to ask who, like which people at the table wanted bread...seriously! We ordered a large pizza. When the pizza arrived it was as if they ran it under the faucet prior to serving it, soggy is an understatement. One of the meals that we ordered was a special, steak with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. The steak was incredibly undercooked. The small piece that I found edible had a significant horrible, pungent taste. The second meal we ordered was a chicken and spinach dish. It was the most edible meal that arrived at the table albeit quite tasteless. Aside from the absolutely horrible meal(s) and unprofessional staff, the restaurant was quite loud. With a tv blaring and overly loud patrons at the bar it is not very professional to have the bartender doing shots with the patrons. I will NEVER return to this restaurant and would highly suggest you give it a second thought before you do either.

Gertrude Palutis

Stopped by for lunch Very good.

Margaret Kawecki

Great place, Great Food and owner and staff are the best. Eat there once a week.

Alice Liang

Great Italian restaurant located on Rt67, Oxford. We ordered a pizza, a large size with eggplant, mushroom, onion and garlic w white sauce on it and House Salad for two people. Excellent pizza plus warm and friendly services. We enjoyed all. Highly recommend. Will visit there again.

Robyn Fantano

Excellent food and service is outstanding

Brian Tomasulo

Great food and good service

Renee Grailich

Arijan Ramku

The food was phenomenal. The stromboli and garlic knots were delicious. Pizza crispy and chicken parm juicy

Corey Ferrell

Always great food, great staff (& family!), Great value, and great atmosphere. I do enjoy their cocktails and a nice wine & beer selection.


Joyce Lamas

Friendly great food beautiful atmosphere

Kelly Murphy

Jarred Yates

The food is amazing everything I’ve ordered has been spot on. The stuffed calamari was to die for. Owner is very nice. Can’t recommend Rolandos enough!

Jake Crystal

Charles Arrindell

Excellent food and the drinks were amazing. Sat the bar and enjoyed margaritas. Surprised by the amount of people here. Under estimated the deliciousness and drinks by far!

Michael Gomez

Good food limited bar great atmosphere

Valii Beluli


Artim Zhuta

Great food friendly service and reasonable prices, not too bad!!! The calamari was

Linda Bomova

Alvaro Garcia

Very nice place. They have gluten free pizza and pasta.

MaryJane's Bouquet

The food is generally wonderful, however, some waitress who barely spoke English would not accept my valid Connecticut ID even though it contained photo I.D. as well as my date of birth which states I am legally of the age of 22. Very disappointing, rude customer service. Do NOT recommend attending the bar. Also very little selection. You’re better off getting take-out & leaving...

Alicia de Kroon

So rude to me and my family.

larry wolf

Best meal and service this side of Italy

Michelle Joe

Carl Palarino

Great pizza and service

Stephanie Mazer

One of the best Thanksgivings ever! Last Thanksgiving my family decided to go out to eat. First time ever! We made reservations and showed up at 3 to eat. The owners were there preparing thanksgiving meals to go but the restaurant wasn't open

erwin baugh

John Cude

Not my cup of tea

Andrew Martin

Loved it, Great Food!

gayle clark

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