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REVIEWS OF Panera Bread IN Connecticut

tom hearne

Always great food and good coffee

Lee Moyer

Panera has the freshest, best tasting food around. Soooo much better than typical fast food and soooo much better for you. Delicious soups and salads. Sandwiches you can't find anywhere else made with the best breads ever! If you have never been to Panera, you absolutely have to try it. You'll never regret it.

Catherine Florczak

Scones were undercooked and when I asked for the caprese sandwich to be made with a different bread then the pepper focaccia bread was assured it comes on ciabatta bread, guess what it didn't. Called the store and talked to a manager about this and was told the next time we come in to tell a manager about it and they'll give us a free one. Not sure if we want to go back. Big difference between between Dover store and the Philly store we tried.

Rick Hanbury

There is no drive-through at the Newington Panera and they have never gotten my order wrong. I go there all the time and it is on of the fastest and well run Panera's around. Always clean, and the food tasty. Not sure which Panera the negative reviews are talking about. Other Panera's suffer from slow service and long lines, but not this one.

Joanne Davis

Good customer service and good food

Raymond Rossignol

The broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl are fantastic ...

Peter Stathis

Now with drive up window service. So far accuracy of order and speed of service, has been great.

Peter van Bergen

Nice brand new location. Seating is plentiful, even for large groups. Plenty of parking. Drive through. The Sandwiches you know and love. My only complaint about the chain is that, at least in the past, the food tastes like I could have thrown it together at home with deli ingredients.

Sandy Shanks

We all had bad stomach problems after visiting. It was our first visit and we won't be returning.

Joshua Jones

Friendly staff, good food as always and lots of room to eat and work.

Russ C

Use the Panera App to order, or be disappointed. There has been a problem - consistently - unless we use the App. Wrong item. Wrong price. Something. Save yourself the trouble and avoid the people at the register. Use the Panera App and just go in to pick up your order. I don't like to think that they don't care...perhaps they're not paid enough, or not trained well, I don't understand.

Christian Cruz

Terrible customer service, they forget multiple things on my order twice times, and when I asked to come to bring my whole order they say that depending on how far I'm and I should lose the order if I'm far (order requested by delivery)

Bill McCourt

First time at Panera since moving to Dover. Great experience. Food great Didn't get any pastries sadly.

Lillie Reid

I love their breads and pastries

Arlene Delbrey

The food. Is good and is cozy place

Kirk Vanallen sr

Good healthy food. Very friendly service. The Wi-Fi is a plus.

Jon L.

Food is a little pricey. Staff could use some uplifting with their attitude toward customers. For the price you pay I expect a little more... Doesnt seem to be the most sanitary either.

Roger Clough

Decent food. Good atmosphere but thats about it

VintageGypsyQueen Gonzalez

Yum love the food especially the salads superb!


Came to get soup about 15 min before closing, and of course they ran out....YOU ARE STILL OPEN, REGARDLESS OF TIME!!! I always have a problem with my sandwiches when I come, ingredients are always missing, and when I get a salad and specifically ask for it a certain way, it always seem to get messed up!!!


Disgusting lettuce on the Mediterranean ...just offensive for an $8 sandwich. Lettuce is clearly days old and turning black .. Too late already back at my office And almost no cheese... Kinda grossing me out that I ate the first half without looking.

Thomas Helms

Panera is Panera. You'll get the same delicious sandwiches, soup and bread anywhere. That being said, not crazy about the tipping function they've added to their register. The staff doesn't do much - it's not taboo service. Pay them better if you want but don't expect customers to subsidize their wages

yashovardhan dixit

Clean and Green Food.

James Dixon

Another great lunch - Green Goddess Chicken Cobb salad - yummy!

Chaim Goldshekelbergowitzcohenstein

The short haired dyke manager Kim comes off as rude. Stares me down every time I come in. Don't know why but if it's a "time to smash" stare I wouldn't touch that cow with a ten foot pole

Melissa Smith

Well organized and clean. Lunch hour was packed but service was efficient and easy. The food is delicious as always.


To be honest, I only come here for my wife.

tony hamilton

Not bad... have to try other things before increasing my rating

Linda Williams

Excellent... fantastic cashier..exceptional people interaction skills..

Shawna Schwab

Busy place but good..

Robert Layman

Microwave heated premade food.

Jerome Verdier Jr

From the tasty sandwiches to the perfectly sweetened drinks, everything is just perfect over here. Wait here is pretty decent. Facility is always clean and the staff seems to be helpful and friendly. You should definitely stop by.

Stefany Santini

Love the variety of soups and sandwiches not to mention, breads and tasty treats! Great alternative to fast food.

Jennifer Schelly

Exactly what you'd expect; good sandwiches, soups and combos. Nice baked goods.

shane burby

Not bad for fast food

Yvonne Jones Lembo

Nice quick bites. I like the green tea smoothie!

Kaitlynn Black

I go to panera all the time... this panera is by far the worst I've been too. Ordered rapid pick up, I ordered a bread bowl and a green tea, nothing complicated, arrived after my pick up time, my order wasn't in a cubby for pick up, it was sitting in the window off to the side, as I was waiting for someone to acknowledge me I noticed it myself so I grabbed it. My bread bowl wasn't wrapped in anything just thrown in the bag; furthermore, it was stale and super hard to the point I couldn't even eat it. Lastly, my green tea wasn't with my misplaced bag so when I asked for it, I got attitude. I love the rapid pick up with it being so convenient and quick, today was a disappointment

Zee Garcia

Food is always good. Service is good also

Amir Mian Amir Mian

Always friendly and fast service

Luis Rolon

Best French bread in town

Said Mo

We waited way over half an hour for 4 hot chocolates and a smoothie. Finally ,we got the chocolates in paper cups instead of mugs. Terrible experience. And obvious signs of lack of organization behind the counter.

Mayra Borges

I live their soups and sandwiches. Their prices are a little high, but the food is high quality and delicious. They also have scones that melt in your mouth with delicious flavor.

Vj Leon

Food is expensive and no where near waiting in the line

Wayne Brown

I sat in the drive through for literally 20 mins. After ordering.

Sam Difonzo

Dissapointed in the food I’ve ordered at this location. Different salads I’ve gotten are always missing some ingredients. I would’ve chose a different salad if I knew they would be missing things I specifically order them for. Seems like I spent more money to get less.

Dorothy Crouch

Love the Dover Panera. Delicious food

Eric Leftridge

Great grilled cheese, consistent quality.

Jason Vincent

Had a problem with the Panera App and the staff. Ordered 2 dozen bagels on the app 1020 AM to be picked up at 330 PM. When I went to pick them up I was told that they didn't receive the order until "10 minutes ago" and therefore half of the bagels for my order were sold out for the day. The staff wrote down which ones were remaining from my order and we agreed that I would pick them up the next day. The next day, of course, the staff was different and the list that was supposed to be written down was nowhere to be found. The manager allowed me to choose a new dozen bagels, but didn't offer to cut or toast them, handed me the bag and walked away. Not a pleasant experience.

jhon d

Ordered a Fuji apple salad with chicken to go. When I opened it at home the salad had just four small pieces of chicken, no feta cheese, no pecans and no apple chips. So I basically got a lot of lettuce and onions with apple dressing. This is not the first time this happens but the first time I thought it was an honest error. I don't get why they renovated the place with a coming drive thru if the to-go meals are way worse than what they offer there. I've been in better paneras.

S. Reynolds

Service is getting better. The new drive-thru ws ruining the whole experience

Sandra LaPointe

I absolutely love their Holiday Bread. I can eat the whole loaf. They should have it all year long, not just in Nov and Dec

Nadia G

Great customer service! Thank you!

Jim Jacobs

Brand New Location in Dover! Very nice. Still very busy after a year now of being open. Good staff. Some what friendly people. The hipsters that are now going there have a little bit of an attitude and look down on certain types of people. Be aware and ready to catch a side eye from some. I had my service dog with me and I was being stared down as if I had 3 heads. Needless to say I made it known that I'm not the one to be staring at. But other then that it's a great new addition to the Dover area!

Daniel Nourie

Easy ordering on tablets. Only problem is tablets don't let you use rewards but the place is awesome anyway


Good comfort food. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Enjoye my visit today

Christopher Frazzetta

Always a good choice for lunch

Ernest Edney

The preparation was very slow and the woman who was to pour the soup was rude. I was appalled with her attitude because I was to eat my soup there but she made it to go. When I asked her why she didn't put it in a bowl she retorted how am I to know. I said it's in the instructions on your monitor. RUDE..

Toni Carns

Not my cup of tea but I'm glad others like it

Michael Peoples

Food was excellent and the service was ok.


Helpful employees, good food, good value for the money

mr&mrs Wallace

Food is always good but have dealt with rude staff 2 times.....

Laurel Lovely

Love this particular store! Always accommodating to our allergies, good food, friendly staff

Joshua Mines

The employees are super nice especially this barista named Brittany

Arden Keen

Great choices, good food!

Doreen Murphy-Lee

Loved the variety of sandwiches + salads.

Franklin Watkins

Panera never disappoints great food!

Krystena Kibbe

Have been going to this Panera for awhile now, and couldn’t say more good things about it, workers are very friendly, service is amazing, if my order was ever wrong they fixed it immediately, love this place and plan to keep going!

Michael Zucker

Great food, good prices, good selection, easy parking

Theresa A Jackson

Consistently good

Julian Pierre

Excellent.. great service.. great food

Sherry Krcatovich

Very busy lunch crowd, but food was good and ready quickly. Several automated order tablet kiosks, along with their app and the couple of friendly cashiers kept the line moving quickly. All the regular fall favorites available.

Sharnae Williams

Are y’all being trained to mess up orders?! It’s so sad how my orders are constantly incorrect. I love Panera but this location has the worst customer services I have ever encountered. I wish Dover has another Panera close by.

Havre Hamilton

Good food, friendly staff.

Dave LaFrance

Good food quick service. Locally made bread, freshly made in store

Chantel Collie

Awesome food!

Sirish Holigi

Very bad customer service, even when I asked for the manager. Please improve your service to customers. Manager was rude and all I asked was for was my receipt. I was a regular here but now I have to rethink.

Shateema Sterling

Went there around 12:30. It was crowded but took about 10mins to get our food. No long waiting times here.

June Ridolfi

Excellent! Clean, good food

Shanna Pinckney

I order online for the Catering option. I love how easy it is and how you can customize anything. I only ever order from this location because Ivy always does a awesome job! Any issues I have she resolves them in any way she can! She rocks! I will continue to use Panera for all my Catering needs!

Kathy Miro

Had a great lunch sat nice and clean fresh food.

Moss Purcell

Good place to eat, but a little slow to take an order. Other than that it was great!

Nae Williams

It never fails with this location that I get an order that is wrong (missing something) or sloppily thrown together or both. It used to be great and I didn’t have any issues, but I guess since it’s been around for a while it’s slowly going down. Also each and every time I go through the drive through I am never asked for my Panera rewards number and it’s completely irritating. But any other Panera that I’ve gone to, I am asked... what’s the difference here ?


Healthy b tasty options

billie palmer

Very helpful staff. Quick service. Yummy pastries too

Ron Allen

The place was ok and clean we had coffee and. My wife's cranberry muffin was ok but very little cranberries inside. My cherry Danish was small, I think they are making their portions smaller. At least I hope not, coffee was good and very much enjoyed

Kris D Murch

It's Panera. If you've been to one, you've been to them all. Counter service quality was up to expectations. Sandwich quality was satisfactory.

Michelle Sombric

Quiet place, good coffee

Yohana Wichess

One of my favorite places to eat! The food is so well prepared and so healthy you will not feel guilty to gain a few pounds eating from this place every single day!! Hehehe...

Robert Reese

The food was great but I had to wait over 15minutes for my take out order.

Dara G

Wow I really like this place. I'm able to work without having to do the SB thing of $6 coffee, from yummy breakfast to yummy lunch. Everyone (jenny!) Is very nice... Maybe it's a problem that the stuff is so good!

Aleksandra Irving

Drive thru service was super slow. They just took my money and forgot about me.

Sarah Cochran

They closed their drive thru 10 minutes early and couldn’t get inside because I was stuck in the drive thru.

Sara Mitchell

Definitely, my last time eating at this location (Dover, DE). They just can’t get it right. I didn’t request any custom orders, the recipes are part of the Panera menu- so why am I constantly receiving orders missing items or the wrong order? My sandwhich was missing 50% of its elements. And the chicken on my salad was so bitter I just discarded it. The side bread had a thumb print, that was smashed at the bottom of my bag. What is more, the drive-thru shouldn’t stand for a service experience that compromises the quality and integrity of food just so you can get customers off the clock. After briefing with the manager Jonathan who was very understanding and nice; Offering customers a remade order isn’t a risk I was willing to take, considering the employees couldn’t get it right the first time or the second time. This place needs training and staff development. The quality of food is mediocre and overpriced for what it’s worth.

Tyrone Lamar

Longest lunch line but greatest food

John Walenczyk

It's Panera Bread. It wasn't bad...

Joshua Soucier

Foods decent, the serving sizes are on the small side and the prices are much higher than they should be.


This Panera is usually very busy during lunch but the crowd has always been handled well while I have been there. Food was good too and tasted fresh. This is a cozy Panera as well. Love the hazelnut coffee!!

Devri Japngie

Food was fantastic and customer service has been fabulous

Katherine Wilson

Such great food!!! Nice atmosphere, clean, healthy, great staff and not too bad as far as pricing goes. ....well worth it

Josh Wojcik

got some nice breaksfat. bagel had to order from nice lady. got the assicheese. Backon egg break. I like the good bread.

DynastyZ Warrior

Great food high prices worth the money

Michael Alinauskas

Regular Panera Bread location. Newer and staff working to make your visit pleasant

Paul Boutin

Meh, nothing here worth making a special trip. Happens to be on my way to work so I stop occasionly to grab bagels for the office.

Roman Slazinski

A kid's size sandwich for $8? I thought Subway was bad...

Jennifer Mccoy Powell

One of my favorite stops to eat....

Amit Potdar

The new layout is great. They have new buzzers so that you don't have to wait by the counters to get you food. Overall the experience was great.

Rey Orocio

Kinda over priced for salad but it’s good

Chuck Gottleib

This was like most Panera bread it was clean good atmosphere staff were average, the only complaint really is that there trying to make use of the self checkouts, using it is ok however once you checkout they need to work on customers that use it to dine in I wasn't sure if I was ever gonna get my food or not even after asking an employee there she wasn't sure she told me I should wait to see if it comes out on the pick up area, they need to educate themselves a little more and make it clear how to fully use a system b4 just putting it out there.

Karen Gustafson

Staff was friendly and helpful. Kids meal ridiculously priced. Adults can get 1/2 sandwich with side, but not kids. Also no kid size drink option and you pay extra for drink. Kids meal more than adult, $14 when all done. You've got to be kidding! Had her check with manager for cheaper combo offer, NOPE! Won't do that again!

Anastacia fam

Soups delicious

Barton Chandler

Good food, easy selection, auto paying, credit or debit. Takes a while for you to get your chow.

Robin Smith

Expensive, but a healthier fast food option than most.

Susan Collins

Always feel I'm having fresh,healthy,delicious food!

Barbara Delconte

I love Panera Bread. Whatever one you visit, the food is consistent. The staff is nice and friendly.

Samantha Lange

Food is sub par, service needs improving.


Fast service inside this Panera Bread with lots of ordering kiosks and workers.Try the warm from the oven chocolate chip cookie and it was heavenly! Also make sure you do not miss the right turn at their sign because the very next right turn parking lot does not connect to the Panera lot.

Amber Picou

Food is great but drive thru is super slow. It happens every time. Going inside has been way more convenient at this point


I overall love panera bread but this was the worst experience I have ever had in any food chain

Cheri Karanzalis

Great food. I got the broccoli cheddar soup it was great.

Breanna Hurst

I ordered a large mac and cheese, BEFORE my boyfriend placed his separate order, also a mac and cheese. He recieved his food, but I did not receive mine for another 20 minutes after almost 10 people that came in after me were given their meals. When I finally recieved my food, half of it was still ice cold. During this whole wait, the staff was fooling around with each other like they were not busy or behind on orders. Disappointed.

Lorraine Sumner

In the drive thru, it would have been nice to have someone say I will be right with you then to just sit there waiting for someone. When you say hello, they ask van you wait. Food was good

Jacob Friesenhahn

Very clean and great service.

Patricia Shea-Samul

I love Panera Bread! Broccoli cheese soup bowls, their chai tea, the egg things they do in the morning and their asiago bagels. Love it!

Theresa Ferreira

My go to on a workday morning when I want to treat myself. Love their iced coffee.

Nicholas DeFrancesco

The drive thru is a nightmare don't use it un less you have plenty of time. While the food is good believe it to be expensive for the portions. Never issue coupons and the rewards program is poor.

joel rodriguez

Good place to eat and work

Vanessa Ramos

Awesome foos. Fresh and great tasting

Tim Green

Never giving my card back in drive thru

Yolanda M

I go only for Broccoli and cheese soup in a bread bowl* the best

Kelly Galligan

Convenient post-Walmart lunch stop

Joann Cepeda

Too many flies flying around food was good but because of flies I was a little nauseous.

Eric Mazzarella

Very fast and accurate service.

Bailey Guimond

This restaurant has shown exemplary customer service. It is understandable that during peak hours they experience a significant rush due to their busy location on the Turnpike. Sometimes when I come here the cashiers at drivethru or inside aren't always as friendly as they could be but surely they are just trying to do their jobs and sometimes it even looks like they are understaffed which could increase how long I've had to wait. Anyways, the food is great, and this place has changed a lot for the better since last year

Jonathan Ball

Excellent food, efficient service, clean

Chris Kibbe

Turned down a small breakfast order (the night before) because they had "too many orders for breakfast" the same day. Didn't refer another Panera nearby or even try and get details as to just how small the order was. Just turned down the order - asked no questions.

Josh Titkemeyer

Customer service was on par however they really need to take a look at their cleaning routines. Both this location and the Wethersfield location have visible MOLD on the ice shield of their soda machine. I found 2 pieces of mold at the bottom of my drink upon finishing. Very disappointed.

Letitia Schuman

Pricey for the portions but tasty.

Terry S

The soup bowl in Phila stores taste better

Alina Storey

Great place for lunch or dinner my experince

Kimberly Keegan

Im a little sad because my order keeps getting messed up here. Not sure if I want to keep trying because it’s frustrating having to check the order every time when I’m in a rush to go back to work. Staff is very friendly.

Angela R. Hunt

Staff was surly. I waited, in a hurry because work, didn't bug them. Three people visibly working on lunch setup but no sign of my drink being made. I still just quietly waited. Had a lady finally say my latte was almost ready. I said I ordered a mocha. She turned and said "it's the only latte on my menu, whatever." The drink came. I picked it up. The cup and cupholder were sticky. Super sticky. I stopped to try to deal with this problem. My box with my donut fell out of my hands and rolled across the floor. I suppose I should be glad I didn't spill the drink. No one came out to help, no employee said anything. There were two behind the counter that saw the pastry fall. I'm easy going. But I will not come back here. I don't have time to stop anywhere else. I paid for breakfast, got attitude, sticky hands and had to throw out the donut I paid for. Service is about serving not about being arrogant. They could have made the morning brighter with a simple smile, instead attitude and avoidance.

Michael Payton

Grabbed a hot carmel latte and it was yummy. $4.39 for a latte from Panera isn't my choice of price, but it was very good, I have had several and they've always been tasty. If you'll pay that for Starbucks, Panera really isn't that badly priced. They do go by order so the wait was longer than I expected. Maybe drinks should get completed first since they only take a moment and I didn't order any food with any of my orders. Just a thought.

Mohammad Anwar

Nice staff but slow service. Large indoor and outdoor seating. Not the tastiest foods especially for the price.

Karolin Betoush

My friend and I had a nice meal and good conversation

Tally K

The employees always claim they don't have triple chocolate cookies. So, I tricked them one day. I went through the drive through and the same guy like always said "We only have X amount of cookies left." (I came different times and days and he says the same thing every time.) (I don't remember the guys name because I haven't been there in a while. I'm tired of his games.) Then I went inside and told the manager about the situation and he gave me more triple chocolate cookies. They bake the cookies. (So, don't let anybody lie to you.) I don't understand why they would want to sell less cookies *cough cough lazy, but they are definitely losing money that way. My Mom and I are boycotting the Dover, DE Panera Bread until the manager hires new employees. They don't deserve our money or yours.

gucci rice

Seems like every time I go there , no one at the register and they have problems getting on....

Tyler Godefroy

Pretty good food very fresh, be sure you get extra dressing for your salad, you will need it

Prerak Tak

Nice place and usually have quick service!! Has a drive thru and self service kiosk.. but the traffic on the main road is usually bad

Morris Cunningham

Great customer service.

Jackie Scott

It's really good food!

William Seery

Good customer service at this location. When I do stop here my order has always has been correct. Be prepared to wait during regular meal times....located on a busy major route....but they offer kiosk ordering which does help cut down on waiting times.

Sarat C

I placed an online rapid order pickup, and they didn’t have the tortellini aflredo I placed, so the manager apologized and asked if I wanted to substitute anything else. I chose a Mac and cheese and he gave a me a larger portion. The manager was a real class act!

Nichole G

People were polite and service was quick, but I only gave 3 srars because our sandwichs we're slapped together and a mess.

Janice Pickens

String coffee and overbacked bagels and stale chocolate chip cookies. People were nice

D. Sands

I love this place! Great customer service. It can be slow during certain hours but its expected. It's a pretty popular place.

RJ Walters

So nice to finally have another PB option on Delmarva! Service was great, the food was great...the decor was different/questionable. A huge dividing wall made the interior space seem cramped. Other than that, great stop.

Joe Borodec

It's ok n pricey

patricia richards

Really like their food

Darlene Squier

Food was ok . Sandwich bread on the crust was hard and not eatable . Soup and chili was good.

Heaven& Earth

Panera has changed the way they toast/grill there sandwiches. The panini i had and grilled cheese was dry, overcooked and disgusting. They used to have the panini grill and they got rid of it. Dam shame.

Ryan Webster

Very nice and great customer service. Oh yeah my food was excellent!!!!!

Michael Jones

Great place, food is always good and fresh and the employees are friendly. Sometimes you may need to wipe down the tables and seats if the place is a little busier. Other than that it's great.

katriana vazquez

Good clean food. Pricey but worth it.

Zach Yeamans

The food is great as always, but given the number of employees standing around doing nothing the wait for food was absurd.

צדיקה ישראל

My experience today reminded me why I stopped eating from Panera. Horrible customer service. They didn't even ask if I had the members card or phone number. With OBESITY crippling Americans health care. Panera is still putting SUGAR on a cinnamon roll. It's 2019 feed your customers healthier meals.

David S

Probably the nicest Panera Bread I have ever visited, and I’ve been to about 100 of them around the country. New, very clean, and huge with a bright interior and plenty of seating, and the bathroom was spotless, too. Our breakfast sandwiches were all prepared just right, coffee was fresh, and service was outstanding. Just a shining example of how all Panera Breads should be. I’ll make a point to come back on my way to or from the beach in the future.

Amanda Celeste

Love how they have a drive thru now !! The food is always so fresh and DELICIOUS!!!

Ryan Drake

Love Panera Bread! Would love it more if it was 20% less expensive. Great place to eat at.

Krista Romero

Salads and sandwiches always good. Relaxed atmosphere. Can order either at the register or at the screens. However, if using the register prepare to wait as they only ever seem to have one person working it.

Scott Dowler

I really like the kiosk ordering system, no line, no waiting to order.

James Crider

Food is good but drive thru is very slow

Kayann Willis

Love the food here... seems fresh

Kevin Unterkofler

Always good for a quick meal.

Mike Musto

Extremely friendly staff throughout the entire ordering process. Especially a cashier named Isabel. She was extremely kind and accommodating. Fast service as well. Food is the same as any other Panera restaurant.

Nathan Jousmaki

Lobster roll was good but they ran out of the lobster mac and cheese? Not sure how you can not make enough of your top selling item. Disappointed!

Taina Dejesus

Love there salads

Sarah Livermore

Love it for coffee, huge salads, and the WiFi.

Nancy Galarza

Their employees need to wear hair nets then they touch their money and food at the same time is not right. This is specially done in the morning hours. Not very Friendly employees

AshMash potato

Love it here food is yummy best job I've ever had

Lisa Crowe

Food's always great - Jet the manager is awesome!

Slasher 70933

Great environment and staff. I ordered and was served within five minutes. I am constantly surprised everytime I visit with the great service.

Omegia Randleman

The Broccoli and Cheddar soup and the Strawberry Poppy Seed salad were delicious. Both items had great caloric values.

Michael Moran

Awesome Southwest Chile chicken salad. Great staff there.


Always great food !!

Jean Grass

Have not been to this store in many years. Was a great was delicious, service was great,cashier was very helpful in answering my questions.Dinningroom was clean and orderly. I will be back.

Yuli Love

Crystal has been taking our breakfast and lunch order and made a very easy summer for my 6 yr old and I. She is patient, helpful and always has a warm welcoming smile!

Danielle Gaines

Let’s start off by saying Panera is not cheap. That being said, I wish they were more accurate when making food because I don’t always get my order right. All that aside, the staff is great and always nice, the store is clean, the food is always quality, and I keep coming back.

Anthony DeRocili

Excellent sandwiches, soups and salads, reasonably priced, with a friendly and courteous staff.

michael chancey

Good food.

Anne Moran

Very good food

capricornyc .

Like there food, always have it when I'm the road

Tina Eleazer

Good food

Donnamyte 3

Food was great! Black bean soup hot and tasty. Salad was fresh. Worth the wait.

Bryce Hurd

Over priced and god forbid you come after 8 in the drive through. Staff is openly annoyed at your prescence and the foods always burnt. Daytime service is good here and there but overall I always leave feeling like I overpaid and unsatisfied.

Brad Hillman

This was my first time eating breakfast here and it was really good!

Murali - Hernane Alves

I don't like submitting bad reviews. Btw I don't even submit reviews ever. Anyway, disappointed for when not having an item on my order, the employee simply put my order aside and left it there. After a lot of time waiting for no reason, I had to go to the counter and complain to find out they were missing something. This happened once at another Panera and the manager gently called to inform. Nothing too important but this time the attitude was totally unprofessional anyway...

Karen Johnson

Had a Turkey & provolone cheese sandwich was good as always.

Nick Curcio

Visited around post noon rush. Waited on quickly. Large staff behind counters prepping orders. Although it was busy, food came out quickly, correctly, and hot items hot! Well organized facility.

C Tolliver

The food is always good.

Joseph Cirunay

Bread and soup? Awesome!

David Giles, Jr.

Good food. Nice workers and atmosphere. Reasonable prices.

Jess Tharp

Was in the drive-thru over 20 mins. Ordered a half a grilled cheese with bacon and it was tiny and cost almost $5. They forgot to give me my hot chocolate, so I had to go back into the store and get it. Not a great experience but the best part is the staff are super friendly just super slow. Not a trip I would make everyday not even once a month, really. I will stick with Dunkin Donuts.

Linda Hill

It was a quiet place to eat an early dinner on a rainy evening.

Bob Gallagher

Clean, comfortable, roomy ambience, reasonably priced self serve coffee and very helpful personnel. Convenient location, free parking, handicap accessible parking lot/entrance/bathroom. This was my first visit and I shall return.

James Curley

Always a good place for soup and sandwiches

Jessie Bouclier

My only complaint is they tend not to restock things quickly. There's someone wandering around cleaning, but not restocking. They dont have the tops for the little cups anymore. I have kids and they dont drink much but I like them to be less likely to spill them all over themselves. Bummer. Otherwise, delicious and helpful and quick easy ordering.

Chuck Lister III

Turkey chili is on point and the self serve kiosks are really convenient.

Jean Tiffany

My order was wrong on several occasions. They did not peel the skin off my avocado. I noticed it after I took a bite of my sandwich. I love Panera bread, just not this location.

Sandy Vis

Good food, staff not so much.

Wyatt Gunther

If I could give 0 stars I would! Called in an order with Sid and went there to pick it up they said the order deleted in their system. The manager Christina said she was sorry but didn’t have enough time to make the food now. Called the Panera in Lewes to make the same order after leaving there and they had it ready in 15 minutes with no issues!!! I love Panera but will never be back to the Dover location and their horrible customer service!!!!

Sean TheSimpleMan

I just love Panera!!! It's what we call the healthy fast food restaurant. My usual order is the Chipotle Chicken Avocado panini and my wife loves the quinoa salad with extra Avocado. If you have food issues, this is the place to go. And if you are with someone that does have issues, there is still plenty of options with bread, cream and a full bakery desert area If you want a little less food, try the 2 fer. It's a half a sandwich and a small item like soup or salad. Definitely worth trying

Christopher Smith

Always delicious and great service

Joan Sloane

We really like Panera, but we did not receive everything in our order, and when we called the person answering said these things: We could go back out in a thunderstorm and she would have it ready at the drive through; Or she could give us a store credit and when we went back we could ask to speak to a manager and get that store credit. She would not credit my charge card. That seems like an awful lot of things I have to do in order to make up for their mistake, huh? And nothing that they have to do...

Paula Davis

They were the slowest sets of people I have ever seen. No courtesy! No salutation!

Dorain pryor

Great and fast service...

Joe Barone

Our go to lunch spot. Catered for business lunch. Excellent food. Fresh. Good coffee and lemonade.

shayla moses

Love their agave lemonade and green passion tea and blood orange drinks with 3 pumps of liquid sugar.

Kula Thompson-WIlliams

Yum is the word - tidy is the place - FAST is the service!

jennifer Quiros

Very polite employees :)Things were a bit slow, but I'm sure that was just the growing pains of a new store/workers. I was kind of surprised that you have to pour your own coffee. It's cool though, overall a pleasant experience and atmosphere.

Aaron Henrich

Great food, little pricey and slow service but overall pretty food

Winthrop Bissell

Good eats.

Amir Mian

I recommend the mediterranean veggie and broccoli cheddar cheese soup.

Karolina Rametta

We eat here at least once a week! The food is always fresh and delicious!!

Salad Snack1

The prices are a bit high, but the food and coffee is amazing

Jesse Bien

Panera is Panera, nothing like it. Safest bet when traveling. Cobb Green Goddess Salad is my favourite. Biting into their egg over easy breakfast sandwich may stain your sport jacket, so sadly I settle for the folded scrambled egg sandwich or a soufle.

Joshua Kelly

Panera bread was out of white and honey wheat bread at 5pm. My kids do not want sourdough grilled cheese. No apologies, no customer service, just, "we run out of bread." Cold soup. If they could replace all the workers with machines like the kiosks they push you to use when ordering. STAY AWAY

Leanna H

Love to stop here for smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, bagels and their salads are all very good and fresh. Cant beat the rewards they offer either, the more you visit the more incentive you have to return

Randy Cauthon

Reliable as always.

Simon Gibson

Great food. Very clean and pleasant atmosphere. Sadly on the more expensive end.

Joyce D.

Wasn't flexible with catering payment which is needed when paying with corporate cards.

Kay's Way Review

I love this place. They do not disappoint me. I love the summer corn chowder and salad.

Thelma Raney

Their iced sugar cookies are amazing!

Bruna Danielle

Good place, amazing food.

Rob Lentz

Little off today, staff was friendly... steak sandwich very grisly. Most other times have been good.

David Kane

No problems nor complaints during my last visit.

William Madden

Did not like the soggy Ranch salad

olivia leahy

Don’t get the salad. First they gave me the wrong lettuce which really wasn’t a problem with me—I’m not picky about my food, but the lettuce was rotten. And I wasn’t the only one who had complained. At least one other woman had the same problem. One of the staff told me that the lettuce was supposed to be bitter and denied it was rotten. I eat salads at home and when the it has been in the fridge after the expiration date, several leaves start to decompose. That was my Panera salad. I will never get another salad there. They boast about having fresh and exotic healthy-food but serve a rotten salad rather than crisp, fresh lettuce.

Jason Blendowski

Always great service. I love the automated option to order for when I don't want to hold up a line browsing. I always use the Panera card to get my rewards! The food is prepared specially if you ask and always get exactly what I ask for. I am there almost weekly and will continue to do so!

Mel R

The cold brew is absolutely disgusting. It taste like old coffee with ice. If I had the time I'd turn around and ask for a refund.

Karen Satterfield

I like it except when I want a bagel toasted, I don't want it just warmed. I wish my bagel didn't always come out tasting like an everything bagel. Not a good taste when I have a cinnamon crunch bagel.

Barbara Leon

Great food... cashiers was very friendly and helpful

Paul Grant

Expensive salads

Barbara M. G. Walstrum

I know I liked it. It was my 1st time there. The food was good along with the drinks. Will add more later, cuz of time constraint.

Poppa J Hudson

Two people ordered the same exact thing, 2 grilled cheese, 2 bowls of chicken chowder, 2 smoothies came to $33.61.

Kirill Alekseyev

Let me tell you about today. I’m from NY and you know how we NY guys are never satisfied but today the Panera team proved me wrong. I came in craving a lobster roll and unfortunately there was an ingredient that Panera had a shortage on. I politely asked the lady at the front if anything can be done for me to get my lobster. Man she made my day by getting the best manager Lauren to assist me. They substituted the sandwich to my liking and accommodated me on every level. This crew is special and they go an extra mile to make the customers happy. From the top down Lauren, Jayda, Linda, Alynna and Ranisha worked together to make my day. I enjoyed my meal to the fullest. Without them Panera would not succeed but with that crew they take team and customer service to another level. One satisfied NY guy right here. Shoutout to Panera and the crew thank you ladies

Valerie Duffy

Great food and very comfortable environment!!

April Miller

It was super yummy & fresh! Its always clean & inviting‼ I got an avacodo, turkey BLT..... Oh my goodness‼ My favorite now! We also did a HapPY hope box build there & it was great & a relaxing atmosphere.

Peggy Nofftz

Good food but seem everytime I stop to grab a quick lunch salad it gets messed up. Today unfortunately I ordered light onions got extra. Everyone in kitchen had gloves on but the one making my lunch and then snapping my bread was not appealing with her bare hands. Ugh! Birds got the bread.

nawana barnes

Soups awesome on these cold days

Jacob North

Stopped here for lunch the other day and had a great sandwich and cup of macaroni and cheese! Loved the food, the restaurant was super clean, and I didn't wait long for my food. I'd definitely recommend this location to friends or anyone wanted to grab Panera while they are in Dover.

James Thomas

great food and service...

The Beasto891

Bowl dirty Salad dry after taste is bad Only thing good is the bacon mac and cheese

B. Jimenez

Fresh and delicious food... Nice staff

S Bruno B

I decided to give this Panera Bread location another try after they failed miserably last month. I went through the drive-through and honored to salads was very simple requests and 2 coffee's .At 11:25 a.m. I waited 6 minutes and 57 seconds which is ridiculous but I had nothing to do but count minutes anyway since I had A-day off finally. I got to the window and checked out to salads before I pulled off and one was completely wrong ,So I said to the girl can you please make it into the Thai TAI chicken Salad and she told me I would have to go around again because they were too many cars in line! I told her I would not do that and I said I come there all the time could she do me a favor? She then said to me.... she's there all the time too!! .I was blown away I can't believe how rude and disrespectful I'm not gonna go on any more about this but I would tell anyone to never ever ever ever go there again.

Kristen Buteau

I ordered through grub hub tonight, my favorite comfort food when I’m sick, which I am. Sadly, I did not receive the soup with the rest of my order upon delivery. Yes they made a mistake however human error happens which I understand. Anyways, I call the store and tell them about the mistake and they were very friendly, took my order down and were empathetic. The real customer service was with the delivery driver. Every delivery person struggles with my complex because the buildings lack visible numbers, aka don’t have them. He was very kind and took the time to ensure he gets the right building by calling, apologizing and upon returning the second time, was just as pleasant plus wicked fast. I’ve worked in customer service before for 8 years so I know how difficult it can be when mistakes happen, the real service is having the right people to correct them. I’m enjoying my soup while I rest up to feel better and thank you Newington Panera for making my night. I will order here again!

Hannah Beaulieu

I come to this panera multiple times a week for breakfast. My order is made incorrectly every single time. How hard is it to not put cheese on a breakfast sandwich. Have resorted to ordering tuna salad sandwiches at 8am.

1st degree Northam

Always get my morning coffee here. Might be a good idea for the employees to hand coffee cups to customer's the correct way and not hamd them out by the top where our mouth goes on. Idk where there hands have been. They teach this in serve safe classes.

Ed Thompson

Food is what is promised. They are very conscientious about food allergies and have your whole back of the house system in place to ensure that there is no cross-contamination. My daughter is allergic to Sesame seeds and my son to milk protein. This is one of the few places that I'm confident that my daughter can go and not worry about a bagel being cut on the same board or with the same knife as sesame seeds.

Patricia Cancel

Fast service thought drive thru

sandy brodeur

Love the 10 veg soup. This location does not have the variety of baked goods others do.

Len M.

Been going there since it opened. I've had everything on the menu. The best.

Bill Furman

Great bagels

Krista Shirley

Bagels and Cream cheese is a huge issue here. First time I was given a cream cheese that was expired. No big, happens?

Mermaid Dinosaur

Coffee is too expensive. Should have went to Cumby's

John Hennessey

Once really liked it, but lately it's losing stars. Seems like under different management and staff. I love technology and self-sufficient service with the self-kiosks, but this implementation does feel like work.

TJ Karwacki

It used to be good place. Last couple visit hudge disappointed. When I ordered my food I wasn't even asked if I want bread apple or chips (same thing already happened few times with the same cashier). Then I received my panini sandwich almost cold. And all 3 sandwiches had almost no meat in it.

Jay Morales

Normally outstanding. Last 2 visit have been short... couldn't serve what was ordered, had to substitute even though it was 7pm.

Justin Clark

As you'd expect, everything is cookie cutter to other Panera Bread locations. The food isn't spectacular, but it also isn't that bad. I'm a big fan of the bagels, but the soups and sandwiches have gotten worse over the years. The one thing that does frustrate me about this location is that there's often a lot of little kids running around or making noise. If you're trying to have a quiet lunch or snack then be prepared for that.

Alex Covers

Panera Bread has great, healthy delicious food. Great salads, delicious sandwiches, and creamy mac n' cheese.

Orville Fisher

Never have everything u want all was running out no jelly no popping seed bagel no green tea. And that's at 10:30 am.

Phyllis Pipkin

They have great sandwiches and soup.

Judy Smith

Usually use the kiosk to order, has been spot on last couple of times. always order my favorite napa almond chicken salad sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup. Sometimes I switch up the soup.

Marsha M

Mac n cheese is delish

Steph Salzburg

Awesome service and awesome food

Connie Ragin

Prices are high, portions are small and utensils where not clean.

Daniel Fetterolf

It's too busy? And the workers aren't the nicest! It's a 180 from the Panera Bread at the beach

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