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563 Newfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06905, United States Located in: Newfield Shopping Center

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We've got the feddbacks of people who bought the products of Grade A Markets- Newfield Ave.- Stamford, CT (Catering) in the state of Connecticut.

Nowadays the business has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 and this rating has been calculated on 324 reviews.

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This Catering corresponds to the category of Grocery store.

Where is Grade A Markets- Newfield Ave.- Stamford, CT?

REVIEWS OF Grade A Markets- Newfield Ave.- Stamford, CT IN Connecticut

Mari Portillo

Encuentro mejores ofertas

Cindy Milano

Plenty of parking, they tecently renovated the store, and plenty of different foods to buy. There are other stores too in this shopping center.

David Vargas

Good store.

Jacob Forero

Food is delicious and there's always a sell on any groceries.

Bill H

Great store.

Cole von Richthofen

There are 4 Shoprites in town, this is maybe the second-best. Still a great spot for cheap groceries. Annoying parking lot though.

Chris Kanel

A good shopping center with many options. They're staff is very nice and they're deli is quick and sandwiches good.

Jim Dunne

This store has a large variety of grocery products plus a large selection of health foods and a very good butcher section. This store is literaly Grade A. It is our go-to store.

Paul Evanko

Very close by

Austin Tovar

I have been going here for a long time and every time, the staff have been incredibly helpful. What made me go on here to write a review was one specific worker. Her name was Naomi. Upon looking for a desired item in the bakery that was currently fresh out, Naomi took it upon herself to call individual Grade A’s until said item was found. Naomi is a wonderful staff emmener who goes above and beyond just to satisfy even the smallest customer. Great job, Naomi! 10/10

Rebecca Wood

My favorite local grocery. Best staff, great selection, competitive pricing.

Susha Unni

Steve Pontefract

I remember some of the same employees there for the last 20 years, a great go-to store


Nice ,little grocery store

Sean Curry

The staff is super friendly, and I had several ask if I needed help finding anything. A little pricier than other Shop Rites, and is also a bit smaller. However, the prices are still pretty good and the deals were great. Not the place to do big shops, but for getting stuff needed for dinner that night it is perfect.

Ju Gi

De todo a comida

manuel mercado

It was great.

Ty Lynn

High prices in racist area

Tom Pia

Everyone is friendly and helpful. Good prices on food and easy parking

Ana Maria Ocampo

(Translated by Google) I love (Original) Me encanta

lamont nelson

Clean atmosphere

TJ Allard

I like this store because it's convenient. It's not as modern looking as some of the other grocery stores in the area but they have great selections and pricing is comparable. Best part for me is the butcher shop. They really know what they're talking about and if you ask, they'll have great recommendations on what good, and even suggestions on ways to prepare what you're getting.

Rahid Basic


Stephanie DeCesare

Ricardo Coste

(Translated by Google) Very kind and attentive. (Original) Muy amables y atentos.


Very helpful and professional staff courteous as well

Valerie Byrnes

Karima Bajana

This is my local market, I am in this place several times a week. Let me start by saying, everyone who works there is pleasant and helpful all the time. Everything is always organized, stocked and clean. They have hot prepared foods made in house and a large selection of olives and cold antipasti items. They also have the most amazing donuts there too...

Craig S

Helpful staff with a good selection of products


Organized and nice and clean place..

Andy Sikou

its a Great little Shop Rite Market , employees are very helpful , it's a very local supermarket

Elisee Baptiste

Good quality of service!

Bruno Castillo


This is a moderately sized departmental store. It has a decent choice of vegetables. But I am probably spoiled by Stop & Shop's choice of vegetables especially microwaveable potatoes. The store has some vegan options in food stuffs, and this is one thing I liked. Staff could be more friendly, and perhaps could wear a smile.

Katelyn Calderon


Richard Gross

Prices are are higher than most decent parking wouldn't recommend the new field store cuz the prices are higher there very small selection as well

Thomas Aylesworth

I shop at grade a market and I've been shopping there since I was 4 years old. I'm now 57. The produce is always good the vegetables are good everything in that store is fresh and the people are the nicest and they'll help you with anything. The bushes will chop up meat for you on the side the managers will help you find anything and I've never had a problem in there or a sour face or a bad word from anybody who work there. I've been shopping there for 53 years with my mother and then as an adult

J. Brian Mitchell

I like this market. It is near my house. It has great produce and a fine meat department. The management and staff are very friendly and they are starting to recognize me, which is nice. Several times I didn't see the best produce or a low supply and have asked if they have any in the back and they typically will bring out what they have in an instant. This is my go to Supermarket in Stamford.

Alex Prada

Great Local Family Supermarket with a 1950's feel. Good Italian, Latin, Kosher and Polish Foods. The staff is very friendly. (not in the deli) The have good sales every week,

Karolina Roman

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Zoe DeVito

Nickol O'Meara

Great store! Clean and organized! Friendly and helpful staff! Great variety! Fresh produce! Awesome bakery! The staff goes out of their way to assist you.

Stevia Pack

They cook and clean their chicken very well. I Like this Store. Prices tend to be high, especially since these stores are making millions in tax free dollars. $ Bags


Way better than shoprite much more cleaner and organized for the same price

Alexander Morris

Great variety of specialty items and very fresh fruits and vegetables. Magnificent desserts as well!

Anne marie Lawlor

I did not have a good experience there today..afyer reading the fine print on an offer they had and spending a hour and half of wasted time there suddenly instead of puy any 4 your choice(which it clearly said on the ad) it became pick four of a single item not mixed choice.. after a lot wasted back talk at the register with the manager .I emptied the groceries that were already scanned ,told them that I don't need to deal.with this nonsense and walked out .

Ellen Pradella

I like the Shippan store for it's prices and fresh seafood.

Ken Frattaroli

clean store, helpful Staff and a great selection

Allan S

a fine market

Gregory Calabrese

Basic local grocery store

Donna Persiani

So easy in and out. Good selection great prices

jason timmerman

Rich Scott

A great selection of groceries and a speedy checkout!!!

Rebecca Moon

Great selection great service!

It’s me Ange


Odilia Mendrys

I did find what I was looking for.

Chris Simonelli

Clean. Longtime customer

Anna S

Prices are good...clean and location is convenient for quick shopping

Walter Alfaro

My store for 15 year , excellent product and very good customer service!!

Dawn Angel Clark

Friendly Staff

Shane Smith

Bert Koehler

Store is clean and well stocked.

Larry Sears

Lots of flying carts in parking lot

Ken Ketover

Decent upgrades to the original store. Quality of products is only fair

John A. Fallone

Grade A ShopRite has great prices and fantastic customer service!

Martha Malarkey

I really enjoy shopping in this store. The employees are all very friendly and fun to talk to.

Bruce Crilly

* *

Nice deli, fast check out.

Luciana Rodrigues

Pete Kessler

Great market, clean, great staff. Prices are very reasonable with good sales.

M Bejarano

The best☺

Virginia Ambroseecchia

Penelope Alfaro

dinakar a

Easy on purse, within reach in the neighborhood

J Doux

Great customer service.

Nathan Jolly

Good, basic grocery chain with a lot of Greek and Italian specialty food. Great selection of meat and seafood, too. Family owned, kind employees.

Pat Kyei

Found things easily, and check out was a breeze

Barbara Zuema

Shopping until you can't

Jason Killey

Mary Aillery

Staff is super nice and friendly. Managers even more so. Place is clean and well organized. I rarely shop anywhere else

Rosalie Mastropaolo

Great prices and the staff is very helpful & friendly!

Robert Rosado

Nothing like a good clean, well taken care of store. Friendly , helpful workers.

Phyllis Mazik

The staff is helpful and friendly.

Steven Peterson

David Remy

Clean store, friendly helpful staff, good prices and selection.

Julie Woo

Fresh fruits, meat.

Deepali Rao

richard scig

The people here are awesome extremely polite, caring, courteous and they care . The store is clean and well managed but it is small can get very congested with limited products. I wish they would expand because it the best shop rite experience in Stamford

Jorge Quezada

Love it when I visit Connecticut!

Bianca Cooper

Friendly staff, small and convenient; however, pricer than the other Shoprites.

coman newman

GOOD Place for shopping

desirae carter

Rosario Paiz

People are friendly, everything is fresh .

Alie Vacca

Just love it!

Ricardo Benitez

William Davis II

The staff treat you like family.

Alan Petrson

Great staff.. Great Deals

James Pruitt

The deli is good, mostly like any grocery store. Limited beer selection. The check out line are well staffed to help move line quickly.

Elayne Dener

Local and friendly. Kosher meat and gluten free foods

Maria Portillo

Me encanta encuentro excelentes presios

Sandeep Pathak

Reasonably priced fruits and vegetables. I am a regular customer and like this place. They also have bagel specials everyday at 7pm where 6 bagels are 2.99. I recommend this place

Margarita Sanchez

Very nice

Ronnie Brock

It's ok just little small

dave marco

Had what I wanted and the sales staff was pleasant

Cesar Vanegas

great people I love your shopping. Grade A Markets Newfiel

Carl Del Vecchio

In and out pretty quick. Just needed 1 item.

Niyaz_Gamez Gamerz

It ok

John Jimmy

It’s ok!

James Bowser


John Hopkins

Extremely clean - the cleanest of Grade A Markets I have ever seen - and excellent selection. Friendly staff.

DavidNicole Carroll

Ok but outdated.

Yvette Cartagena

They have everything you need

Patty Gilmore

Generally find what I am looking for good sales

Ronald Buquet

Great and friendly service and the kitchen staff are great at what they do anything you need they're going to make sure you are satisfied. Especially that one cook Ronnie he's the best in the biz

Wayne Grieco

Always Great

Rachel Mackson

Good store, good location, good prices.

Eileen Dorso

Oñay Sheard

I come here all the time to get everything I need. The staff is friendly and get to know you by name.

Glennyza Dominica


naga sunil


Nicole Carroll

Nice staff, easy parking, hot food section makes it worth the extra 5 mins from the Hope St. store.

Stephen Feintuck

great little community supermarket

Fernando Ikari

A good selection of products for day-to-day shopping. The soundtrack with music from the 50's does not always help but the staff is super cool, some of them have been there for years!

abhi gadikoppula

better than the shoprite on hope st. a little expensive but clean and hygenic service

Kyleigh Inverno

Great selection of food and other products. Definitely recommend it.

Gary Anthony Sanchez


Nelson Idarraga

Es un lugar muy organizado en donde encontramos gran variedad de productos para nuestros hogares, además de contar con frutas y verduras frescas y un gran personal que nos hacen sentir como si estuviéramos en casa.

Melissa Morales

Nice store one of my favorites

Andrew Miliaresis

i love it here very nice people and great service

Wilson quiroz

Nice and convenient

Barbara Gilleski

JW Cult Survivor

Mona Mitri

Natasha- I want to thank you for going above and beyond to make our event at Tutor Me SOS spectacular yesterday. The food was delicious and fresh, the variety was incredible. The presentation was unbelievable. Your staff were very professional but YOU made it all happen and I am very grateful. My clients LOVED everything and they were amazed by your service. Thanks to you, I was able to enjoy the event as well and not worry about anything. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs a caterer. You surpassed my expectations! You blew me away! Thank you!!

kenneth gareth

Darryl Hoyt

Great place to shop

Kurt Studer

My favorite place to shop groceries

Annie Carriero

Shop here at least once a week. Like food choices and prices. Also close to home.

Alfonso Velázquez

Good supermarket. Small organic products selection.

C Gomez

Good size. Not overwhelmingly large. Well stocked.

Jacqueline Courtney Rios

Always great service.

vicente emilio valencia carmona

We find the food we need at home, and the staff is super friendly.

Hemragul Murzayeva

Grade A is great...

Patrice Candela

Great prices, quick in and out. Found exactly what I needed !!

Johanna Perez

Clean store

Glenn Newman

Great prices friendly staff... Layout is confusing.

Cathy Mullins

It's hit or miss here. Sometimes great service and other times not

John Crow

The store is ill staffed, poorly managed, can't keep stock, and what stock it does have is of bad quality. There is no excuse. Avoid.

James Stasi

Great selection for the most part but Organic section is just okay. They have done a good job keeping up to date with products. It's not Whole Foods but a lot cheaper.

Tony Ruvolo

Neighborhood market that gets it right. The Cingari family markets are the best in the area.

wendy alvarez

joseph tedesco

I Always A pleasure


Staff is always friendly but sometimes the prices are more expensive than shippan grade a why is that ?

Ricardo Duprey

I paid nearly $1,000.00 to walk it from new field green to the Tully center. And I'm disable pushing a shopping cart and the city of Stamford,CT calls it a property tax on your vehicle. They didn't purchase our vehicle nor they paid the taxes when we purchased it or register it. And when you call something like property tax that means it's stable to ground. As I know our cars move from state to states . So please tell me how's that property tax. Someone is pocketing all that money!!!!!!! Oh and people it's close to the billions.

Alex Bunya

Prices and discounts are completely different from the store near the exit 6 on I95 . Helpful employees.

Rick Nunez


Joe DiMaggio

Always great sales.

Stephen Smith

They have everything we need, including a pretty good seafood section. Friendly staff, too.

sharon watkinson

I reported that I picked up a can off the shelf and got a shock it was very close to an electrical connection. I don't think they did anything about it because it happened again to me same store Cashiers are nice but management blows people off I'm there everyday

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