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REVIEWS OF Fuddruckers IN Connecticut

Josue Anax

This place is just too awesome, it has an old school vibe to it and it’s nice looking, also very specious for being inside a building. The costumer service was outstanding, they where really nice and helpful, the prices are reasonable and the portion size is average. I bought some milkshakes also which where amazingly delicious, over I had a great experience there.

Leigh Keezer

Fast and friendly service. All orders cooked as ordered. Nothing is sitting around pre cooked. The best juiciest burgers in the casino. You can eat in or take it to go. Topping bar has great variety also.

Thomas Fisher

They were the best option open for late night food. If you are a little, well, buzzed then it's a good place to stop in.

Adam Souza

Food was good, but the service was slow and they messed up multiple times with our order. Also for the price you pay it should be nicer than a chuck-e-cheese to dine in. The "milk shakes" are just soft serve ice cream and flavoring run through a blender.

Avril Mai Juin

The food was good and all for a decent price to boot. The service was quick and I appreciated not having to wait for too long for my meal. The tables could have been cleaner but that's just me being picky. Overall this is a great spot to grab a bite to eat if you don't want to spend outrageous amounts at the other restaurants in the casino.

Rosina Yeboah

Your Garden Salad was second to none. Good Job

Sandra Clark

Awesome food and service very nice really enjoyed

Ryan Dorsey

They make a damn fine burger.

John Moore

I didn't really eat much. I only had the cheesey fries, wish I had gotten the onion rings. They looked really good.

John Terry

Good food and prices !!!

Robert Mason

Great place for a fresh burger. Nice atmosphere. Friendly service.

John Groezinger

One of the best Hamburgers I personally have ever had,top 5 burgers on the planet I know we're talking about a burger,but done right,is unforgettable.Cleanliness could be better (trays on table,crumbs).Overall,again,top 5 burger joints.

Belinda Tabler

Food was good but they were extremely slow

Essence Bee

So yummy! They even we're willing to do a burger on a bed of lettuce. Awesome atmosphere.

Matthew Stevens

I always choose fuddruckers when I need a good burger. I dont mind that there can be a bit of a wait when it is busy. There are always tables and the food is great. I tried the fritos pie burger for the first time. It was a burger with fritos and chili and cheese on top. I would advise you choose here to eat next time you are at the casino.

Erica H

Type diner eatery. Food was very similar to Johnny Rockets or Five guys. Good burgers cooked to order. Desserts were really good! Staff was short mannered and not very friendly. All in all not the worst place to eat but I would suggest that cleaning routines be review. Often you have to ask the table to be wiped again.

Ian McCabe

I was wandering around Foxwoods around 5am, severely beaten down by Jameson and Ginger Ales. I could see far down the hallway that Fuddruckers still had their lights on. I imagine this is similar to the feeling of a near death experience, when people see the "light at the end of the tunnel." Ordered a burger and a buffalo chicken sandwich. Not only did they taste amazing, but they most likely saved my life. Cheers!

Dee Olkovikas

Food ok but slow service.

James Merola

Food was okay but honestly not worth the hassle. Order slip was "lost" then everything was made wrong. Customer service was non existent and it didn't seem like they knew what they were doing from a managerial perspective.

Will McCladdie

Great burgers...reminds me of my childhood...You dont see many of them anymore

crystal spinaci

ZERO STARS if I could.... $2/.38 for a burger and shake to have my burger charged and to find hair in it.... I’m disgusted

Chris Shouldice

This place made my day. The service and quality is as I remember when I was traveling in Oregon.

Jim Regan

absolutely awful!!! 28 minute wait (place isnt busy) for overcooked burgers with cold shredded cheese & no bbq sauce on a bbq burger. fries are also cold with luke warm chilli and again, COLD shredded cheese. what a waste of time/money.

Marcel Turgeon

The one third pounder seems a bit small go with the next size up.

Greg Russell

Food had little flavor. And the hamburger had no texture or substance. Milkshake was the only good part of the meal.

Duane Taylor

It was okay. The french fries I had were cold

Sarah Brennan

Yummy food , great drinks

Nancy Osman

No bad experiences here. Just super fresh yummy food. The milkshakes are amazing and so are the desserts. My kids love eating there. Plus, it's inside of Foxwoods, right in the middle of the Great Cedar & Grand Pequot casinos.

Jeff Moore

Good food slow service

Gianna Romano

I asked for a bourbon burger and they had no ingredients for the specific burger. They then made a big to do because I had to order something else. 10/10 don’t recommend

Earl Hayes

Good Food not overpriced casino food would return

Erin Masson

Food was good, but the wait was wayyyyy too long for just fries. Waited over 45 mins. Mind you it was busy but still fries should be easy in easy out

Ben Willis

Very good food and absolutely fantastic milkshakes and salads. The only thing I don't like is the atmosphere, prices, and long waits.

Debra Morring

I don't know if there was a shortage of willing management or what but it's clear to see that there is a lack of equal distribution of duties!!!! Other than that my burger was ok, my boyfriend didn't complain.

Christine Riebe

Good size portions, but need more dipping sauce choices...BBQ or honey mustard doesn't appeal to all

M Sierra

The food was amazing. They were packed but didn't have to wait long. Food was hot and so good.

Darryl DeMarco

This place has gone downhill. The 1/3 hamburger was smaller than what it is supposed to be. And the lettuce, pickle, tomato bin was a mess. The food quality is nothing like it was years ago. I used to stop in regularly. I won't be going back. It was also free as I used my casino points. I wasted 11 points on at best C rated food.

Wendy Hall

Again I am the queen of kids meals. So filling and so good. The great thing about this places is you can put as much tomatoes, onions and more on the side to make a salad. It was so filling.

vincent apollonio

Burgers are good wait is long at times

Melissa Plourde

Food is good but they need a better system and the head staff person shouldn't reprimand the employees in front if the customers in the kitchen. It was unprofessional.

Louis Fappiano

The food is good here but this restaurant, along with most others at Foxwoods, keep raising the cost of there already overpriced food while reducing portions or eliminating options from the menu.

anthony windoloski

Dont try to eat a 2 pound burger I did it and it was not great tasting and it killed the night obviously. But when you order like a human it's great. A plus on having the add-ons buffet.

Karen Moore

Good food... Long wait time.. they do not call food in order... Usually under cooked

Abel Bitol

Very delicious

Cheryl Lenox

Love the burgers and fries and onion rings. The person who took our order was very nice and professional. Would definitely recommend.

Sheila Sabo

Great food. Great atmosphere.

Joesh Zurotis

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. My elk burger was over done, I asked for it medium. The salad we got was excellent. The place was pretty busy when we got there but the food came out promptly. Fuddruckers is a great place to grab a bit for cheaper than any of the sit down restaurants at the casino.

Michael Silk

Got a burger what a surprise. Pretty sure they forgot the bacon, but it wasn't until I was 3/4 the way through before I realized. They put a lot of flavor in their burgers.

Carolina Bedoya

Love this place salad was delicious, I wonder if they consider to open one in West Hartford

Mark Aiello

Great burgers 1/3 lb ,2/3lb , Good fixings bar Plus Elk and Buffalo burgers

Jose Rodriguez

Great place to eat and amazing staff

Boston Kyle

Food is just average. My fries weren't very hot and the chicken in the grilled chicken sandwich as a little chewy. I normally LOVE Fuddruckers but I was not overly impressed with this location. It just doesn't measure up to the other ones that I have been to.

Anna Randall

We usually have a great meal there, but, this last time we went, the bun was very greasy on the burger...I had to ask for a new bun because the first on feel apart due to the grease

Kevin Foor

Delicious food and cooked perfectly, we asked for medium-rare and got exactly what we wanted! The staff were polite as well!

Latoya Perry

Food was good... always busy

charles maxey

A little slow and forgot my onion rings and BBQ sauce on my burger

nathan legensky

Good burgers.. expensive

Michelle Spielman

The food was not that Hot and I think is expensive it should have been hot

Jet Davis

Food was excellent and well worth the wait thumbs up to chef and staff awesome place to eat at

Marge Janowicz

Food is great every time

Mufid Ali

Good burger, great shakes and fries

Rhonda Robinson

My companion was craving a good turkey burger and definately found it there. We ordered from there 3 times in 2 days!

Tony Bizzarro

Great burgers simple menu milkshakes are great!

Olison L. Best

Took extra long to get in only one person on register and line was out to the corridor! Food pick up was hectic. Lots of people at pickup and people behind counter getting food mixed up! We ordered 2 fish &chips and extra onion rings. My husband was picking up and could only handle the fish &chips ( which after long wait) was cold. He went back to get the onion rings and the kid behind the counter told him he should have taken it all together in grumpy voice! We have been here before and first time treated not so nice and cold food.

Phil Santos

Late night pit stop after blackjack. Never disappointed!

Matt Smith

Good vurgers but didn't have cheese sauce.

Brad Greenless

Great burgers, add your own toppings. Great for those late nights when you need a good burger!

Brenda Pastor

Great food

Matt Sakell

Food was just okay. Very greasy.

Tessy Theodore

The line was pretty long. Not much choice to choose from but it is a burger place. The burger was great. I liked how they had a buffet style for you to add on what you want extra on your burger.

Rob Gould

Love the toppings bar. Nice to do it yourself, makes ordering faster. Food is good. A little expensive, but we are in a casino. I expect the prices to be inflated a little.

Rosalind Motley

I loved it. The burgers were great! I had fries with my burger, and my girlfriend had onion rings. I recommend them.

Phil Baton

The burger was good but my entire party wasn't satisfied. The onion rings were overcooked and the fries were honestly disgusting. The only thing that keeps me coming back is the amazing milkshakes they have. I love their milkshakes, otherwise it's just a high priced bar quality fare restaurant

Brian Sheehan

Decent enough burger. Took awhile longer than I'd expect, though.

C Senkal

*what you’ll read below is solely a reflection of my personal experience. Keep in mind that people have different tastes and standards.* Not impressed. My kids raved about the chicken tenders, but my Napa salad was ordinary. A very busy place and they seemed understaffed. This place is small so it gets busy really quickly. I just got the food and went back to the room to eat with the kids. Overpriced for the experience.

Jason Prochorchik

Wanted to give zero stars. After waiting in a 20 person line with only 1 cashier, was told by the manager Patricia, badge# 69639, that we couldn't use a coupon on the phone, and that it had to be printed out. Nowhere does it say in coupon that it must be printed out. When asked why she said it's corporate decision. When asked for corporate phone number, she them said they are run by Foxwoods. Obviously she doesn't know who her boss is, and wanted no part in proper customer service. Will never eat there again

P Hare

We got two Elk Burgers and a cheese dog. Nothing was hot; it was kind of warm, though. They forgot to put cheese on the dog; took it back and threw a handful of cold cheese on it. The French fries were so so, the onion rings were the best. Not a clean table in the house; we had to wipe our own table as we gave up finding a clean one. We won’t be back.



Jose Cartagena

Good place open late in the casino so it was worth it


Yummy a little pricey... But so good. You think just a hamburger but it is so much more... Toppings fresh and burger is made for you.. and good meat.. and they have other things too like salad, hot dog and chicken...super yummmmmy

Scott Padula

I have left many reviews on Google and they were all positive until now. Went for lunch yesterday and even though there were only 2 other customers it still took 25 minutes for a hamburger. The burger didnt taste right so I only had half of it. Later on in the day I felt nauseous and cold sweats only to become violently sick. This was the ONLY thing I had eaten yesterday and ruined my night because I couldn't leave my room. If I could give ZERO stars I would. We have a Fuddruckers up my way always delicious never an issue. Will NEVER visit this location again.

Patricia Bonenfant

I thought it was overpriced for the quality

nick ha

Tamdre was extremely professional and friendly, the managar took my comment praising him and told me to "take him home with me." I honestly would have if I had the option. Keep the staff and find a new manager !! Four stars just for Tamadre!!!

Luis Gonzalez

Good food to any style order you want.

Anew Sirus

This is a guaranteed stop for my fiance and I everytime we come to the Foxwoods Casino and Resort. We come here when we attend our traditional yearly concert of one of our favorite bands. After the show we stop in for one of the best burgers you'll ever have and get nice shake to wash it down. Fuddruckers has a selection of different types of meat you can choose from to make your burgers which I myself have never had anywhere else. I do suggest trying a "different" type of burger because they are leaner and are so much more flavorful. Great place to stop if you're ever in the area.

Russell Luts

Fantastic 1 lb burgers hand pressed and grilled also the cobb salad is a piece of artwork and here is a little chef the prepared the salad for me it was exquisite I will eat there whenever I go to Foxwoods fairly reasonably priced fantastic comfort food very friendly staff

Cynthia Thomas

Burgers, frappe and salad were all good

margo cummings

The Burger's are Awesome!!A topping bad on the side for you to help yourself! Lett. Tomatoes, onions, pickles etc..a really satisfying experience!! Can t wait to go again!

Flesh & Bone

Had the Rib eye steak sandwich, delicious. Lacked a bit of flavor but horseradish sauce did the trick. Fries were perfect. Would dine there again!


Love love love so yummy

Justin Bayoneto

Delicious, American style food if you're looking for a cheaper and/or family friendly option. The chicken tenders are incredible, as are the hotdogs. Plenty of seating and great, friendly service. Plus they're open until 4 in the morning on some nights!


First time to this place. Ordered our food, was never informed we had to pick up our own food from the cook counter. So by the time we figured it out, our food was cold. Tables were dirty with not a lot of people. The seat in the corner booth was the cleanest one, but still had tons of food debris in the creases of the seat as well as on the seat and table. Wasn’t a good first experience. Will not be coming back to this particular restaurant.

Frannie Sikorski

Our hot dogs were terrible, chili on them wss so cold the cheese didn't even melt, the wait was long even tho there weren't a lot of people. Save your appetite for food worth eating.

David Arbuckle

Great selection of burgers. I was not impressed with the toppings bar however. It was not maintained very well and had an unkempt appearance. The sandwich I ordered was unnecessarily greasy. But it was delicious. 3 stars, clean up the toppings area and it would be better.


The food wasn't that good but I liked how the place was decorated

Theresa Rosseter

Good food reasonable prices

Dion Oliveira

Got our order wrong but was nice enough to fix it without giving us a problem

Colleen Judge

I love the fact that you can put your own toppings on via the topping bar. Good burger.

Rob Pearcy

Had a very long wait but the food was worth the wait

Michael Sorensen

Had the elk burger was fantastic.

Randy Chamberland

Excellent place for burgers are fish and chips

Percell Greene

Love The And Sides

Cliff Alpert

Good burger, awful one seems to care about customers...waited 15 minutes for a shake then finally cancelled it because I was done with my meal. Sold me a cookie and never received it. Just a rip off...not nice!

Raymond Nix

I regret walking my family into this dump. The service was horrendous. The tables, floors, counters, were gross filthy. Management was indifferant to the problems.

Michael Fontaine

Where to start!? Awful experience with very rude and incapable staff. They couldn't understand and could barely speak English. Food wasn't what I ordered. Place was a mess! I would never go back and don't waste your time

Mark Waterman

Fudding love Fuddruckers... Great burgers, fresh toppings, quick turn around....reasonably priced.

Gregory Williams

Good food good service

J Rivera-Cruz

Best burger place for me. I drive 45 mins just to eat there. Clean, friendly staff, great food...

Tonya H

We ate here right before a show and it was really good .You order your food,pay and then go wait for your number to be called. You put on your own fixings to a sandwich and make it exactly how you like it. The chicken sandwich was very tasty and I really enjoyed the fresh fixings you can put on top. After I had one of their rice krispie treats and wow it was literally the best I've ever had. My boyfriend after his meal said" this is a total redo place".

Lynnette Perry

Love the Bugers.

Wenjun Pan

Food is good we went several times there

Alicia Dorr

I loved the buffalo chicken burger and fries.

Rudy Gunner

Food was cooked perfectly, and the milk shake was Outstanding!

Sheila Cole

Food is good but they need up my order.

David Duncan

Great big burgers, fresh toppings and a retro environment. For me, the best in gourmet burgers.

Matthew Mulloney

Always good food and great service. I've never had an unpleasant experience here.

Frances Guillaume

The food is so good. Everytime I'll up there this is the spot to eat they basically stay open all day into the early morning


Greasy. And the cashier never even heard me say I would like fries. When I picked up my 12.00 burger and drink I was surprised there were no fries. Nobody offered to cash me out for any of apoligized

Bill Eldredge

This visit was a wonderful experience...they have a large selection of various burgers including a build your own burger. I had a 1/3 lb. with cheddar and all the lovely fixin's you see in the photo. Definitely a place to go if you are hungry (and love burgers, of course). Highly recommended.

Rahshaud Copeland

I have to get a burger everytime I go to foxwoods casino. If you have never been, you are missing out. I get a plain burger with fries. Dont be like me... be adventurous, try something cool. The menu is simple but has something for all burger lovers.


Good food. I like that you can pick your own condiments

Stephanie Bailey

Great shakes, burgers and fries, awesome late night spot!

David Perkins

I love Fuddruckers, but this store on this day was lousy. My burger was overcooked and dry and the bun was rock hard around the edges. Far from the quality I am used to.

Jared Cooper

They forgot my bourbon sauce on my burger. Couldn't go back to get it because i only have 25 minutes left on my lunch break

alicia Woods

Inexpensive, food! You get what you pay for!

Paige Hannigan

The people giving out the food were incredibly rude. I found a hair in my burger that I almost ate, and they remade my food with such a sour attitude after a friend demanded I get my money back and my meal remade. I’m not stupid, so don’t treat me like an idiot just because I’ve come in after the bars have closed. The only nice person in this whole restaurant was the young man bussing the tables.

Eric Greenstein

There's one employee there her name is Fabby! she was very very nice! the food is okay but the service was awesome. The worker Fabby was awesome!

James Castillo

When your in the mood for a quick burger you can’t beat Fuddruckers I really like that you can add your own condiments Everything laid out like a salad bar. I like Red Robin but Fuddruckers is ever bit as good and more reasonably priced.

Hector Casanova

Had a late night 1 lb. Burger (split with my wife) and the onion rings. Both were great.

Evie Anderson

The food is really good & in LG portions

Saucy Moonchild

If you're craving big juicy burgers this is a delicious stop. Great food. Always worth the wait. We've tried the buffalo burger as well, but I'm partial to my hamburger. 'Merica. Menu is NOT the same as a regular Fuddruckers as I was familiar with their '$1' add on for fried onion rings on burgers etc. This location being in a mall/casino does not offer this option.

Mary Ann Lally

Had a chicken salad. Greens were rather old. Disappointing for the price of$10.00.

Lori Santos

The manager was rude. He was just standing there watching as his cashier had a line of people. Before that he was just standing around talking with someone by the snacks. Add we approached the snack counter he rudely told my friends and I to go into the line with the cashier after we were standing there waiting while he stood there chatting nonsense.

Annette S

Food was ok, very slow service, over priced and dirty tables

Paul Reising

Love those burgers

Abed Ghanbari

worst bun for the burgers. overpriced

Jaime Mulvihill

Horrible!! Lettuce was nasty and wilted! Not very hard to make a salad, took 2 bites and threw it out

Jay Swartz

Lots of options but the hamburger was a little extra greasy

Mc fids

I love the food. The people working there sometimes dont care. I understand the grind, but you can really feel the "love" behind food. And sometimes the person who makes your meal doesnt care. But when they do, Boy the flavors are there. I always go here at least 2 or 3 times when I am on a foxwoods trip. Great milk shakes, great burgers, great apps, great Tenders. Their Nachos have high potential, but you need the person to care.

Linda Hill

They have delicious turkey burger, salads, grilled chicken sandwich and fries.

Robert Hazzard

Overall good but not up to level of some other Fuddruckers I've been to around the country.

Donald West

My wife had burger, guac on the side and fries. She got guac on the burger. Sent it back. Her fries were surprisingly few but hot. I got burger with rings. Burger was perfect (5 stars worth) but the rings were barely warm and like the wife's fries rather meager. We love their burgers but the lack of quantity and quality of the sides is disappointing.

Esther Duncan

Fuddruckers restaurant was wonderful reasonably priced and delicious food inside the Casino will go back next year

robert egan

I lost my phone hear and they held it for me. Very honest establishment and very reasonable pricing on food.

Arin Sarris

GREAT food and a go-to eatery when visiting Foxwoods. A good burger, fries, and a fresh ice cream shake is a winning combination. Sometimes a bit of a wait and the service could be better but the food is always spot-on regardless.

Melissa Trezza

Food took foreverrrrrr and no one was in the restaurant

B Pea

Great burgers cooked to order just the way you want it. Shakes are fantastic. Got a kids menu also.

Taisha Jean Baptiste

The best chicken sandwich ever, large place, kid friendly, lots of desserts to pick from. Staff was very frustrated because it was closing time and people were still ordering they were very loud which is totally unprofessional. We were there nov. 19 and whomever was in charged said nothing. Very distasteful actions. The cashier seem to have a big attitude was very short and cold. A person who will face the public should be inviting, energetic and smile. This lady looked like a big unhappy woman yucky.

Ben Steele

Food was free and very good. They bake their own bread in the restaurant every day. The food was inexpensive and the line was short and the wait time for my food was minimal.

Theresa Davis

Burgers were alright nothing special. Cobb salad was very good very large. Unfortunately we didn't find it to be the cleanest...had to wipe down our booth and table also our silverware. Cashier raved about the cookies so we bought a dozen. Sadly they were just ok. Got hard within hours of purchase.


If you feel like getting out and doing some housework, visit this establishment. I have never seen so much trash strewn about. I ordered and then had to choose from the least dirty table to sit. After taking the trash off the table and rolling up the tablecloth smeared with chocolate and every condiment in this eatery, I ate my burger and watched while one worker " cleaned" up the booths. It was both sad, but comical to see this person grab one or two dirty baskets, walk them off to the kitchen and return every 5-10 minutes to grab one or two more. This person was kind enough to leave the crumbs and straw wrappers behind. The food was nothing to brag about. This was my first...and last experience.

Josh P

Food is good here just need a little less black pepper on their fries

Justin Clark

Burgers are good, milkshake is great, and onion rings are tolerable. If you're in the mood for a relatively quick meal that isn't too expensive then this may be a good fit. That said, I've had much better burgers at places like Shake Shack, Five Guys, etc.

Richalena Adelaide

The food is delicious and fresh. It is made to order. Great place for food on the late night

Leon Labarre

Perfect for late night not too expensive meal

Ernest Turner

Decent burger spot that is open late on the weekends. Does take a little long to get your food.

Dale Lott

Delicious. Great experience save the drunks.

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