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950 Yale Ave, Wallingford, CT 06492, United States Located in: Yale Plaza

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We offer you all the reviews of real people who are consuming the products of Fratelli\'s Pizza Rustica (Catering) in the area close to the state of Connecticut.

At the present this business receives a rating of 4.3 over 5 and the score is based on 124 reviews.

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This Catering is classified in the category of Italian restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Fratelli's Pizza Rustica IN Connecticut

Diana Colonese

Matt Barton

They make great mealthe meals are better then the pizza

Lumar Kitten

Andrew Patrick Reynolds

I enjoyed the food very much and the service was great.

Jason Stamp

peter taylor

Waitress was good, kitchen was very slow, food came out cold. We saw other couples leave without eating. Probably will never go back.

Sonny Martone

Unfortunately we had a terrible experience last night. We were seated at 6:30, put in our order received our appetizer in a reasonable amount of time but then didn't even get our salads for two hours. When our waiter finally came to our table and we expressed our anger he apologized and said they were overwhelmed in the kitchen. Thats certainly not an execeptable excuse on Mother's Day. We told him we wanted to speak to the manager and he said he couldn't come out he was busy cooking. He comped us a bottle of wine which certainly didn't satisfy us and said there wasn't anything he could do. Personally he should have torn up the bill. Unfortunately we wont be coming back.

Joseph Scaglione

Sharon Russo

Excellent food

Leo Rider

Gabriel Zermeño

Fetuccini Alfredo: Thumbs down. Apple tart: Thumbs up. Pizza: Long wait, I better left without it.

Kathy Perreault

Great seafood pizza! One of our favorite local spots.

Tammy Lamothe

Michael DelGreco

Best Italian bread around! Loafs for $3.00 and the taste is amazing

Craig Garneau

Mike B

Wallingford's best kept secret. Try the garlic, prosciutto, and basil pie.

J Omal

The best Italian and American good in this area.

Yesy Rivera

Best bread & lobster ravioli!!

Dave Martancik

Great pizza!

ellen dubuc

Christine Sordi

Food is delicious and service is great. The staff are so friendly and they even have a musician an Friday and Saturday

Sobeida Lowe

Great pizza and dinner plates

Rosa Illescas

John Marshall

The food is always fantastic with an impressive presentation. Blendy the bartender and Mary the waitress are friendly and attentive. Their Pizza is the best! I like it better than Modern and Pepe's!

Mario Morales

La pizza small es de 14 pulgadas

Corey lees

I would like to give it 3.5 stars but no option. Food is good to very good. Staff is very nice but they need to improve the service. They just don't have their flow down. Need a bit more attention to detail. Not sure if the kitchen is also part of the problem or not.

Mbl Momo

(Translated by Google) The pasta was delicious. (Original) パスタ美味しかったです。

Randy Larsen

Very unsatisfied, delivery took about an hour and a half for pizza and wings. Wings weren't cooked thoroughly and the product was a little over priced. First and last time will not order from them again.

Brian F

Pizza isn't that great. Crust is chewy.


Waitress was extremely rude never dealt with someone like this and then she charged for things I never asked for. Than yelled at me when she didn’t get a 20% tip are we kidding here

Gary Nolan

Wheel of Fratelli's, for both pizza and Italian meals. Their Seafood Risotto comes in a large wheel or Pecorino-Romano cheese and is blended which the cheese at serving. Awesome dish, which we share with 4 people as an appetizer. Great service. Weekends has live entertainment, and reservation is a really good idea.

Danielle Struble

Good family outing, rustic Italian food.

Karl Savejs

Very good a little on the salty side non the less good food!

Elmer Rivera-Bello

Amazing food and service. Best Chicken Francaise!

Marlene Brownstein

A small neighborhood restaurant, bar and catering service with a very inviting atmosphere. Serving fantastic Italian cuisine. The menu includes everything from pizza, salads, stuffed breads to the most intricate traditional Italian meal. Customer Service is outstanding.

Dino T

Keilani Fernandez

Brittany Skiptunas

Fernando Barreira

Probably one of the worst pizzas I had the pleasure, nay, the honor of regretting spending my hard earned cash on. The dough was soggy AND tough, never knew both those combinations could have existed, but I guess I learned something new today. There was no flavor to their pizza! It was only a margherita, man I really should have gotten something with meat on it to mask the non-existent flavors, but I threw on some good ole Frank's red hot sauce which spruced it up a tad. I also ordered some mozzarella sticks and garlic knots, words can't express and I can't begin to fathom the thought of how you can mess up fried mozzarella sticks. Utterly disgusting mozzarella sticks. Garlic knots were tasty, but wouldn't call them garlic knots, more like garlic hot buns. I gave 2 stars, because those garlic "knots" were delicious. Can't really speak on any other foods they cook, but pizza is not their specialty.

Shayne Kolentik

Emily D'Iorio

Joshua Carroll

Chris Rhodes

Marco Illescas

Love this place, zupa de pesce is amazing..

harry flores

Great Pizza , great service it's my go to place only place that you can compare to NY pizza

R Hines

Pizza smelled great and looked great. However the crust was like a thick cardboard communion wafer, just way too stiff and chewy. The toppings were generous and everything else tasted great, just have to rate it low for the crust.

Steven Porteus

Never disappointed. Wonderful as always.

Tommy Bower

Shane LaChance

This used to be our favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, the service was terrible, waitress was extremely rude and sarcastic! She disappeared on us for about 40 minutes and was mad when we went to the bar to get our own drinks. The main meal took a really long time to come out which is most likely not the waitresses fault but this is the second time this has happened in about three months so unfortunately we will not be going back. Not sure if the restaurant changed hands but it's definitely not the same which is ashame

Carmen Velazquez

Salmon was delicious.

Tom Hurt

Good service and decent food. Wine list was mediocre at best. Overall impression: just so-so.

Music Cube

This is a nice quaint place the food is phenomenal and the service is great very friendly and on point. I would go back any time I'm in town.

Michael Cinotti

Stephanie Kishore

Michael Taylor

Really good authentic Italian food. The bread they serve in the beginning was tremendous. The sauces on the dishes we ate was well seasoned, the portions were generous and the prices were very reasonable. The atmosphere was ok, nothing fancy, but not as good as the food. Overall, the meal was a good value and worth a try.

Bizzie Lynch

Stephen tagliatela

The dinners very good and cooked to perfection......

Wild Ox 9210

Vinod Krishnamoorthy

Found this restaurant while looking for a nearby Italian place and were pleasantly surprised. The food was great and the service equally good. It did not have the usual feel of the franchise operation, instead felt more appealing and definitely a place worth visiting again.


Delicious, fresh food. The bread and dipping oil are fantastic, pizza crust so crispy! Doesn't look like much from the outside, but give ut a try - though won't be disappointed!

Brittani Glen

Good food!

Arber Gashi

John A

Fantastic eatery. During a recent visit to Wallingford I used google maps to search local pizza restaurants. Several choices appeared and after reading reviews I decided to try Fratelli's. I could not have been happier. The hostess was a sweetheart, seating me at my choice in the bar. Mary, my waitress was very attentive and conversational without hovering. Their bread is made daily and excellent. Ask for some olive oil, they add a few slivers of garlic and herbs. I enjoyed a perfectly prepared pizza with spicy pepperoni. The crust was chewing, not at all doughy and cooked perfectly. Shelby, a lovely waitress, and I enjoyed a lively conversation on popular culture. I will definitely be back. Price was very fair. They make their own grinder rolls so I see a repeat visit and a Italian combo for lunch in my future.

Mark Sullivan

Great food and service.

Julie Papacoda

LuAnn Leclerc

Good food good service

Cliff Waite

Jim MacFarlane

We went in for lunch and all ordered grinders!! What a sandwich! Stuffed full of cold cuts, heated through, the cheese was gooey, just the right amount of salt and pepper. Our server was attentive without hovering. She made us feel at home. They were also flexible with the children's menu. Best italian in my neighborhood.

Jose Javier

Really good pizza

Mike Shea

You will not find a better eggplant grinder. You will not have better pene al la vodka I've had lots of things on the menu. Fairly priced. Ridiculously good. The bread is obviously home made and top of the line. I could slam their food down any day.

Elizabeth Thorp

88M8A88R8K88 .

Great cozy atmosphere, food is excellent, and our server was very attentive and friendly, a definite recommend!

Jean M DeRiso

Great food, prices, and service. Big portions.

John P

Been eating there for 18 years and never had a bad dinner

Sarah Andrade

Great service, and every dish I've tried here is excellent. My favorites are the Bruschetta with goat cheese appetizer, and the special entree Butternut Squash Ravioli with cream sauce, shrimp, scallops, asparagus, and tomatoes. Delicious! Also great wine selection and fabulous espresso martinis. Tip: order it dark, without the Bailey's. Perfect finish to a great meal!

Omri Sela

Large portions of not very good food. I can make the dishes at home and they will taste much better and balanced.

Jacqueline O'Hare

We were given a gift certificate and tried dinner with my family who is very picky with italian food. We were very surprised and pleased with the food and the service was tremendous. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Stephanie Bonicki

Love this place. Food is delicious ! In a plaza but always busy.

Ashley Desrosiers

I will preface this by saying 2 things.. I am the pickiest eater ever, and I am NEVER happy with alfredo dishes! Fratellis alfredo sauce is TO DIE FOR! I stopped ordering anything alfredo out because I was always so disappointed when it arrived! With fratellis, I order the alfredo to go and use it at home all the time! And their bread! Omgoodness! I have to restrain myself!

Chris Makowski

Thin crust pizza that was pretty good Service was good too.

Antonia Perez

Anna Ferretti

Great food and service. I've been here for parties. They went out if their way to make sure we were satisfied.

Basil Minickene

Kevin Butler

Kate Hall

Great food

Nathan Ramos

PartyFrog Markle

Great Food, Great Value, pleasant staff and a the bread is divine.

Matt Caplan

Pretty good food, but way better Pizza options in New Haven

Tom Calderiso

The food and service was top notch

Deborah Papallo

One of my favorite restaurants. Some of the meals seem pricey but most are fairly priced. But the food is VERY good. Nice atmosphere, perfect wait staff.

Connie Shamock

We had an excellent meal with excellent service! Loved our waitress!!!!!

Kayla Herrick

David Gay

So good & such a great group of people. One woman who recognized my son came up & said hello. And while it was our first time with a new, young waiter, you would've thought he'd known us & been doing the job for years. Been many times & we will be back!

Garrett McCurdy

Absolutely amazing experience with Fratelli's catering service. The restaurant catered a post-funeral reception for the passing of a loved one and our family couldn't be happier with the service they provided. The staff and ownership went above and beyond and the food was incredible. I can't recommend Fratelli's enough!

Magnus Thomasson

we love it ^_^

Rob B

Food is very good prices moderate good size portions service is always excellent But restaurant is tired looking Needs to be remodeled and soundproofing added

Jack Flagge

Always great Italian

Tim Watson

Rebecca Moulton

Good food.

Eric Klimas

Goodnight TGDOCA11

Great Italian food. Not that commercial Italian food!

Joseph Bracone

Been going to Fratelli's since my father and I went when I was around 10. I am now 31 and still has some of the best bread you can never have. Amazing pizza, stuffed bread, and italian food. Great environment worth checking out. Evelin

Mairead Hall

The food was absolutely delicious! The place looks very nice and the waiters are very friendly! I was very impressed! :)

John Longmore

I think Fratelli"s has the best veal dishes and some of the best service staff in Connecticut .

Michael C

The food was good but the service was not. We waited 45 minutes from the time we placed our order until we received our salads. Also, when I asked for another drink it was 15 minutes each time. When we received our bill there was an auto tip charge of 20% on the bill. The service wasn't worth 20% and normally a group gratuity is 18%. Finally, we asked for a piece of cake for my mom's birthday but never received it. Definitely could have had a better experience. They need more waitstaff.

Jesse Bylek

Linda Jenkins

Love their food !!!! People are nice !!!!

Audrey Acabchuk

Marylou Monahan

Joseph Sordi

The food and staff are amazing. I love eating here and the live entertainment on the weekends is nice. My wife and I sing along as we eat delicious food .

Leon Hebrink

Excellent pizza along with good apps and entrees

Jacob Lee

Vin Carrano

Lisa Bernardoni

Excellent service and excellent food

Cecelia Bopp

Excellent food as always. A great dinner.

Frankie Pagano

Ordered a small pizza with basil and fresh mozz. Small is 8.95 and its a dollar per topping. They charged me 13.95 as one of the gourmet pizzas. They also forgot my two water bottles. Pizza was luke warm.

Lizzeangie Freeney

Good food, great service.

John Calatayud

abdullah shakur

Food is superb and the hospitality is great!

Diane Baum

Mentor Berisha

The staff was great with everything filling up my cups making sure the plates where off the table soon as I finished was Delicious would recommend it to anybody

Jason nec

Rick Lech

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