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REVIEWS OF Ferraro's Market IN Connecticut

Marcin Abram

Impressive selection of meat. They have vegetables too.

Cindy Thomas

It was as its always been for years . You can always find what you want at Ferraros. Wish they kept their prices the same the while month I stead of going up in the beginning and lowering them towards the middle.

Thomas Gaidish

Great cuts of meat at great prices.

Lisa Siegel

Years ago had a bad experience but tried again recently was pleasantly surprised. Meat was good and fresh and some great bargins. Wear a sweater or jacket very cold inside. Go see the butcher he makes great multi pack deals. And employees all helpful and nice.

Maurice Barclay

Alot of choices to choose from....big store with alot of frsh and cook foods

denise rice

The best customer service there is

Ryan Iannini

Best Meat in Ct, hands down est market. FAMILY FRIENDLY SERVICE.

Amanda Bonilla

I moved to Virginia a few years ago and they have never even heard of Georgia Hots. Every time I make a trip back home I buy some. I don't know what these guys are doing here, but their stuff is delicious!

Keith Stuart

Havent been there for a month or so (super busy) but ive worked in grocery stores for years and let me tell you this store is great for meat prices and deals! Their produce is awesome a lil pricey but fresh and worth it, the deli is very well run and always quick i believe his name is Mark he was very friendly and nice. The dairy section is small but well organized. Tom was super helpful and knowledgeable even carried a case of eggs to my car without asking and even refused a tip! Cashiers are very efficient and sweet and always quick and courteous. The prepared foods are to die for and very convenient. It always smells like they just cooked something which is a great selling point! Overall great employees and store will be back soon!!

Edward Swanson

They said my food stamp card was no good and I called the food stamps people and they said that I had more than what Ferraro said that sucks...

Curtis Johnson

They always have gud deals an prices .with friendly service

Mable Allen

Great store can find any meat you are looking for friendly service

Jamilia James

A one stop shop ! Today we had them cater our company training lunch! Great market great company. You have to pull your car up to load groceries in.

Darrell Lucas

Pretty neat place. I didn't have much time to shop. I got my usual favorite the cold Italian calimari salad. Next time I'm around I'm going to get a grinder.


Have the best hot sausage around

Corei Robinson

I haven't been here in years. But things have changed drastically. I was very surprised at the higher prices for things that use to be more reasonable. I think I might try to go again just to compare prices. Customer service was okay..the attendant outside was very helpful considering I am disabled.

Lance Ligon Sr

Out stand in place to buy your meats

A Gordon Batiste

An amazing and local institution

chrissy west

Great prices and the quality of meat is amazing, not to mention great butchers!!

Tiffany ReRe

Love Ferraro's my family #1 store!

Richard Persico

Top notch. Customer service is outstanding. Very courteous, friendly, and helpful staff.

shane burby

Ferarro's market has it all real Italian cuisine and reasonably priced. I would definitely go back. Only downfall is all the drug activity in the parking lot.

Mrs. DeVonne T.

Awesome meat deals at the deli 10 packs of meat for $47 definitely worth it! .

Bertha Pettie

Love to shop there always sales""

Mary Flores

At almost wholesale prices great service and top notch meat selection.

Angela Brown

Great deals go before the 1st of the month when it isn't packed

tom lynch

It sucked. Everything was overpriced and it felt like I was walking into a jail.

Chris Chavis

Great meats. Good sales

microbial2007 .

You get your money's worth as far as meat is concerned. Best meat market ive been to in a while.

Frank Kochan

Excellent meats and fresh seafood as well as outstanding customer service.

Claudia Warley

Always get my meat from there it's always fresh

Jennifer Aryee

Always the best fresh meats

Angie Beltran

Love it great prices

Joyce Mcelveen

I haven't been here in a while but if looking for good meats is the best

Ashley Marie Malone

If you been going here for years then you know that it's pretty reasonably priced. Meat is good too for the price.

Phil Blunts

Great service and prices.

Angela Beebe

Great meat quality meat market.


Haven't been here in one dedcade! Great products; Friendly Staff team; Great deals

Ruthella Cherry

Friendly cashiers a variety of fresh meats and good prices

Kathleen Pecoraro

Awesome selection of meat!

Deborah Konner

They really have good meats there añd ñot to expensive

John Amarone

Great store , great prices , awesome meats.

Robert Wilcox

It's absolutely the best meat market in Connecticut! The selection can't be beaten and the prices are generally reasonable. I highly recommend Ferraro's, especially if you are getting ready for a major cookout or you need special items that cannot be found elsewhere

Kita P

Very nice meat store with lots of deals. Plenty of parking and staff are helpful


It's my family tradition to shop there. The service could be a little more kinder but other then that it's not bad

Scott McFarland

They do a decent job over-all. Have to be careful as they relabel stuff and play games. Always find a deal or two. Keep away the first few days of the month, very busy...

Ros Cuevas

On the outside you will never imagine all the variety and delight that they sell inside. good and succulent products and food! Ven a disfrutar de toda sus delicias...

Tomasz L. Poller

I like this market. I remember similary stores in Italy. Very tasty meat and italian style cheese at good prices.

Joann Buccetti

I love Ferraro's especially when they have great sales

Kesha Greene

Always a good deal @the meat counter on Saturday's. sign up for emails to catch the weekly deals

Amethyst Felidae-Thompson

They have things here that I can't find anywhere else. They have several bands of hot sauce that I like, unsliced bacon, homestyle cube steak. Their prices are surprisingly good considering it's locally owned. The butcher and deli are definitely the highlights. The service is as friendly as you expect from a large locally owned store. It's a madhouse in the days before feasting holidays, and with good reason because the quality is worth the trouble.

Michellece Revill Cufone

Grew up going there for the best of meats. I bring a cooler whenever I visit, and anyone that I know who is visiting, does the same. Best variety. Fabulous prices.

Donnamarie Brown

Great prices and great cuts of meat. They even do inexpensive meat packages at the butcher counter.

ed sagnella

The Best Meat Joint!

Samantha Cacopardo

Amazing deals for meats.

Joy Rembert

Always good deals on meats

Christopher Byrd

This market is great. They have great prices and great customer service. We really like the big guy in the back always blurting out deals he always hooks you up with a lot of meats for so little. I absolutely love how they have so much variety at this store.

Mykel Jess

I love this place. I'm from Montana and this reminds me of community markets from home. The meat is better quality than any other store in CT and their prices are still better. It can be pretty busy/packed so I try to go early on weekdays and it's perfect. The staff is extremely helpful and genuine. I'm getting ready to do a large meat order to restock my deep freezer and this place is the prime choice to do so.

Amy Morales

Great prices on meats, big variety of dry cheeses, they always have a few things on sale for 3$ and under.

piglover 2

Its cold in there but, they have very yummy meats

victor Gonzalez

Don't buy their meats from the butcher who gives you deals because it's spoiled meat another thing I sent over $200 me and seafood and all the seafood was bad is thunk a car in the house I told the manager you think I heard him but are you laughing about it that place sucks now

naomi polanetska

Fewer items than a normal market but very good pricing. They're famous for their meat...but I don't eat meat

Migdalia Torres

I shopped here for the first time this week. I was beyond satisfied. Fresh meat. Ninty cent eggs. Prepared foods. Employees very helpful and happy. They have a forever customer here.

Elaine Varunes

Good prices fresh meats,ect

Ruik Sicignano

One visit and you'll understand why they've been around so long

Jason Card

If you need meat of any kind this is the place to go with amazing prices!

Dianne Vincent

They sell the best chicken at the best prices and you have a large choice of seasoned Meats prepared for you to cook. It is like your good old-fashioned Market down the street from the house where you live and everyone is right there to help you find what you're looking for. You must experience shopping after hours yourself you'll love it.

pookie m

Some of the best prices you can find and good quality

Wandal Brannen

Ferraro's was fine.......and stay out my business

Nikolay Gresko

Excellent place to do grocery shopping, regardless whether you're microwave chef or a home made pastrami guru. They got all of it, prepared foods and prime quality raw ingredients. And very affordable too!

the shark

Shop there a lot they have good food and great sales.

Roberta Harris

Good deals and the food was fresh

Matthew Collins

Clean store, well lit, friendly employees and good quality food.

Toni Davis

Got some great filet mignon, this past week and they cooked up medium well to well, delicious .

Herbert Wilson

Fresh food, good prices. There's a reason why these folks have been in business for so long! It can get a bit crowded at times but that's what happens when you have good products.

Shalynn Mclaurin

Love the people that work there,they treat my son like family

Bryan Doran

Great meat quality and fear prices.

Scott McGilton

The prepared foods are delicious. Big selection of meats and produce. Prices are low. Everyone there is friendly. And there is never a long wait to check out.

Louis Ruggio

Very nice specialty store. Excellent meat and fish selections. Nice selection of cheeses. Prices are about equal to most supermarkets but you can find great sales. Watch their circular available on line. Staff very friendly.

Ann Fernandez

Grew up coming to Ferraros. The staff helped me when ever I needed help. I'm for ever grateful. I will be a costumer for the rest of my life!! Thank you for years of great memories and the great quality of food.

Dorothy cox

Very good ..everything you would want in meats....

TapSnapOrNap 203

Always good stuff and prices.. I get all my raw dog food from here, raw diet is the ONLY healthy diet for your animal, dog , cat, bird, any animal. Stop poisoning your animal with cooked kibble , raw meat and raw bones are the only thing they are suppose to eat.. go live in the wild and see what your options are..

Tim Floyd

Great supermarket great crisis love going there must go you will like i

Mark Douglas

You can get your choice of meat, cut to your liking

Michael Jones

Good food n execellent price. Oldie n Goodie in New Haven

Ivan Soto

One of the best place to get a little bit of everything

Diane Wasilewski

Good prices and selection on wide variety of meats and cheeses and Italian foods. Friendly service from staff.

Derik W

Great quality meat at great prices! The best around New Haven.

Kris Wallace

Wide selection of meats and I really like the different quantities

De'borah Sutton

Went with my daughter, a little pricey for my taste.

Mary Gomez

Great selection of meat at a fair price

David Reid

Meat packages r great. Great service

Samuel Fleming

They do very good pricing and bargain

Luis Feliciano

It's a great Italian supermarket they always have meat specials eager to help

Shamel mcdaniels

Prices are great...just watch some of the meats they go bad very quick hence the great sales

Shawn Williams

This is one of the best meat markets I found it since I’ve been living in Connecticut

sor perez

I bought a lot of good meat for great price. And cashier was really fast serves.

Sherion Medlin

The place to shop . Great customer service. Friendly and most important the store is clean.

cazy one Thomas

Great sales fresh meat love shopping there

Frank Delieto

The only true Italian markets in the area! Get the pepper steak awesome!

Kjell Sands

Local meat market old school deli and grocer butcher specials every day and many bulk products in the freezer worth it for shopping for the family

Martha 1966 Moore

Love your meats and employees especially the butcher

Big Vinnie

Great place for meat see Robert the butcher he is great!!! There prices cannot. E beat. Steaks are outsatanging

david dobuzinsky

A store that has any kind of meat you would want. The prices are very good. I wish I brought my cooler with me.

Cindy Vuley

My favorite is their prepared foods and their marinara sauce is my new addiction!!! I don't have to make sauce anymore and that's wonderful when you live alone. Other favorites are macaroni with tuna salad, baked ziti, stuffed shells, chicken parmesan, and many others!! Not to mention the vast array of meats and seafood!!!!

Jm Hodak

It was good. Always like shopping there. Everybody friendly.

Benjamin Charles

Good prices, lots of variety of produce, premade foods and general groceries. Love coming here for the extensive meat selection and great prices.

Gena Mazzetta

Everything was clean & organized today. Prices seemed lower than usual also. Had a very friendly cashier who actually said hello to me!!! (Deb). Good experience.

Randy Bond

It was a great experience my favorite meat store

It's IraHut!

Good food at cheap prices. I'm talking about whipped cream cheese for 50¢!

Paulina Greer

It's alright. It's too expensive for me and not enough variety but, the people who work there are very polite.

Carmelita Morales

Convenient location, but expensive. Good meat prices in Wednesdays.

Tha Gina

Love this place been shopping here for over 20 years! The prices are #1 and the people are so nice and very helpful

Julian Serrano

The smell is unpleasant in a certain area but you will definitely find what you need for some exotic dishes

Lorrice Grant

I love this market. Been a customer for over 30 years. Meat cut on premises. Great deals and great customer service.

Stanley Sroka

Amazing place. Great meats, great prices

Crystal Decola

Always find great deals here!

Yessenia Santos

I loved the prices for all the meat but everything else was super pricey

WCante Hondo

Good Italian cold cuts, sauces, breads, and soups.

Rob B

Picked up some prime New York strips excellent Robert in meat department very helpful and Tony D in produce helped pick out produce

LaTina40327 .

Sometimes a bit crowded, mostly first 2-3 days @ beginning of month. But that's to be expected at most stores. Meat prices are more than fair. The cuts are way above par comparing to supermarkets. Sales of dairy type items ie. cheeses & yogurt are always great. They need to lower prices on box items though as I price compare and alot of those items are way cheaper @ supermarkets. Some I even get from $dollar store! Staff always very helpful. Being disabled, I always respect and patronize a store that has employees that give their customers the time & help they need.

Tom Bamford

Wonderful meats, a great deli and twsty prepared foods. Just a terrific market!

Deejay Peterson

Best meat deal.. used to go there when I live on Franklin st. And still continue to shop there.

Cheryl Martone

Every thing I buy from there is the best. The hot dogs, burgers, steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts, sausage, etc.fruit , veges, N.Y. bagels, deli, fish, all fantastic and freshest!!!

jerry dananberg

This is the best place.they have close outside at great prices.

Christopher schroeder

The staff are great , the meat prices are fantastic , but the prices for everything else are very similar to stop and shop or Target

Nancy Trask

A deli and butcher shop with an Italian accent. They're heat and eat section is extensive and everything I've had is delicious. The prices and quality at the deli are cheaper than the Big Chain stores plus the selection is amazing. They have different kind of Olives all different kinds of lunch meat and cheeses. They're fresh meat prices are also excellent compared to the Big Chain stores. They also have a whole Seafood section and Deli. I drive over an hour to come here.

Jay Hankins

Great hot food. Reasonable prices this is my one and only grocery store. Owners are friendly and nice. There's always deals!!!

Kevin Mackowski

Although located in a sketchy area of New Haven, this place offers some fantastic deals every week. This place is well known for its fresh meats, they have a ton of variety here. Several types of homemade sausages, and lots of marinated & dry rub cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. On Saturdays you can haggle with the meat guy to buy an assortment of meats at a true discount. The deli & seafood sections are another place to find deals, as well as the frozen section. Well worth a visit.

Celeste Morrison

Pork chops were paper thin and not labeled as such.

Sunny D

Love this market, I shop here specifically for meats. Be on the look out for Great butcher combined deals! They also have some produce, dairy and other miscellaneous great deals from time to time! Majority of my visits there is always a deal on some meat. Not an immediate total grocery list selected market. At least definitely not the intended for me, I'm a frugal shopper.

Nina Tsialas

We love coming here to buy our meat in bulk. Excellent quality and service every time.

Joseph Cole

Ferraro's Market is the place to go in the Greater New Haven area for meat. Great quality cuts at really good prices, and they're always offering specials - often just yelling them out from the butcher counter.

Alicia Hilliard

They have reasonable prices on their meats and deli meats.

Danielle Defosses

Absolutely love this store The meat is always fresh they always have great deals and the staff is always amazing

Jennifer Sierra

Great quality and good prices for there meat

Trisha Blessed

Surprisingly reasonable, excellent quality!

Floyd Ambrose

Been going here since I was a kid with my parents....Great atmosphere with all your needs for any party or Holiday. Great prices on meats n seafood. I really wish they would open a location in wallingford, since the meriden location did not work......I PRAY

Niles Mackenzie

Love the meat prices as well as the quality


I was out and about and craving a caprese sandwich, and I knew this was an Italian market, so I decided to stop by and see if I could get one. What I discovered is a small grocery store with some store-made Italian goods and lots of meats. There is religious material throughout the store. For example: a mural with "the ten commandments" on the wall. There is a deli counter with not only meats and cheeses but various salads (potato, etc.) but no sign that they make sandwiches. I ended up buying a potato croquette ($1.75) and a tray of cheese/mushroom stuffed mushrooms (6 for $4.75), to heat up at home in my oven. Interestingly their flavors were very similar...not sure if they used the same type of cheese for both items or what. It was a bright, almost acidic flavor and tasty but needed more balance in the recipe. Looking forward to stopping by every now and then and trying new stuff. This place also would make a quick stop for a handful of groceries when nearby and in need of something. The staff members were pretty friendly.

Greg Myers

Great food selections. Even loved their steaks

Ken Alexander

This is a great old butcher, they cut steaks, grind fresh hamburger etc.. They have just about every ethnic cuisine covered. Lots of staff to explain, locate, give advice..

Lin Guan

First time I stop by. Their stuff is very impressive, both price and quality. Specials today are really good and special. I like this mart.

Gina Jean

I travel from Stratford for their Great deals, their meat rubs are awesome. I just hate how very crowded it is. The cashier "Debbie" is so nice she's one of the reasons why I keep coming back!

anastasia makris

Great easy heat up meals for home. Great grocery and deli selection also

Syk the Creative Artist

Love this meat store prices and quantity are great love the inside sales like Kmart blue light special

Renee Estelle

Like the cuts of meats,but why are chicken legs so expensive??

Priga Tinamarie

Great start to the day and was in and out within 20 minutes.

Bill Augustine

Meat, cheese, and fish they have a lot of things. Small servings to bulk you can't go wrong. Special cuts or order.

Fairfax Felix

Great place for meats and deli cuts.

Ivan Taylor

Grate place to get all ur meats and side's. Grate prices and the people that work there are nice if you need help they will help with ease

Jose Centeno

The choice of fresh meats is excellent, but the waiting in line to pay needs improvement.

Gregory Nowlin

Awesome during the holidays, I can always find what I am looking for

Dolores Colon

Good for fresh & fairly priced meats.

K.D. Grace Aesthetics LLC

Great place to find a bargain on meats and other food items. I've been shopping here for over 20 yrs. Nice mom and pop feel. Great Italian meals available to purchase as well.

Jennifer Holecz

Lots to choose from. Great selection

Elaine Kaiser

People are friendly and helpful, amazing deals and the mac and cheese is fantastic!

Vida I

Great place to shop for meats and vegetables. Other staples not so much. I just go there for the items above and always get a great deal and I like that they have a wide variety. The place is always busy but the checkout is fairly quick.

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