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8331 Willow St Ste. E, Lone Tree, CO 80124, United States

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REVIEWS OF Which Wich Superior Sandwiches IN Colorado

Christopher O'Keefe

Tasty and quick. Get the Buffalo Chicken sandwich!

Mr. Skrewdrivr

Which Wich has a wide selection of choices to make a unique sandwich that you basically made, well except the actual making part. This makes your sandwich fitted to your tastes which makes Which Wich unique too. The sandwiches are fresh and full of flavor. The staff is friendly and the chefs make the sandwiches well. My family and I would go there on semi-special occasions or when we just want a delicious sandwich. This makes meals much easier since everybody in my family have different tastes. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anybody and that is why it deserves 5 stars.

Spencer Ream

Amazing custom sandwiches! What is not to love?

Meghan Milnes

Scott Schilling

Rick Bowman

Good food and staff, except the guy that screams out the names for people to pick up the sandwiches. HE IS WAY TOO LOUD. It was very uncomfortable. I saw many people giving him dirty looks. I left sooner than I had intended, and my ears are still ringing!

Robbie Seifert

Kyle Davis

I love Which Wich! This particular location is slightly hidden in the Park Meadows area, but worth seeking out! The menu options had countless combinations made easy through their simplistic ordering system. When you walk in, you pick a paper bag from the numbered containers that house them, each listing different selections for specific types of sandwiches. They offer many choices including, but definitely not limited to, seafood, egg salad and every kind of meat, all of which is served on your choice of bread or lettuce rap. Each of the ingredients you would like, you mark with the provided red markers as well as one of the three portion sizes, 7", 10" and 14" providing a nice filling meal for anyone! After marking your sandwich, the bag is then passed to the cashier who checks you out and starts your sandwich down the line. It looked like each sandwich was toasted or at least warmed before served, however I'm not sure if that is the case with all types of sandwichs. Once served be sure to be prepared for a fantastic tasting sandwich with all the promised delight!

Ron Harris

Punk-assed assistant manager refused to make my sandwich cold today; says it just has to go through oven (making it hot, duh). So I left. Won't go here again; plenty of competition in sandwich business.

Andrea Corbo

pillalalmarri sivasai

Ordered a black bean patty for carry out. Their website says add more toppings, so we thought toppings some of the toppings are already included. When we noticed it was just a piece of bun with patty, I called up the location to let them know that the website wasn’t clear and we made a mistake ordering. The guy put me on a brief hold saying he could do something for us since it’s our first time ordering. But he came back saying it’s our mistake and there’s nothing he could do. So 2 stars for their customer service and website directions.

Laura Parish

Great vegetarian options. Everyone is always super friendly. I order online usually and my order is typically ready in less than 10 minutes. Best sandwiches by far.

Heidi Misch

Though they got one of the sandwiches wrong they were more than happy to make us a new one free of charge to make up for it!

Kevin Gordon

Great sandwiches and great service hands down ! Thank you Wich wich in lone tree !

Tim Johnson

Peppy P

There are few times in one's life when they get an opportunity to eat at such a delicious sandwich shop. This one is one of those few opportunities. I am having explosive orgasms in my mouth every bite - as I type this. This is a place not-to-be-overlooked!

Brett Antonson

Love Which Wich. Delicious sandwiches made in front of you by people who know their job! Great place to grab a bit. In fact I think I'll go there now.

maureen wielang

Great food!

Kenneth Kundrik

Great, for a quick lunch.

CrazyXVirus .

Where to start??? LOL my first order about 2 weeks ago was messed up let it slide called CORP here have this for free because the people there cant read ok sure whatever dont need your hands out. Went back Nightmare starts here. I work at a call center I order online never again<<<< anywas. I paid an extra 5$ for delivery thought it was a great idea its rush hour breaks at 5:pm I placed the order at 4:40pm I called the store @ 5:20pm said the order is still sitting there waiting on driver said It was suppose to be picked @ 5:00pm ok great. Break over 5:30....6pm came by Whichwich calls we can remark your order but you have to pick it up ok but im working. Talk to my boss he said ok go be quick... in rush hour LOL 30 mins later get back into the office sit down like yes finally food WRONG not even what I ordered.F**K ups . Not only that but I paid an extra 5$ for delivery when I had to pick it up from work. 5$ might be nothing for some people you come pay me 5$ :) never again.

Jake Jordan

Great subs. Staff was young and kinda slow. Overall good place.

Evan Babcock

Average visit to a sandwich shop

Clint Tworek

Good sandwiches

Rebecca Wilson

Ramesh Ramamurthy

avi azul

Greg Taylor


Anirudh Rajarathnam

Shaun Burgundy

Charles Skoglund

MacKenzie Welder

Shane VanHull

Jared Lee

Morgan Brooks

Chris Deulen

This chain had been hyped up to me for a long time. Finally got a chance to try today. Unique format of filling out your order on a sandwich bag; kinda cool. My Philly cheese steak looked good and was not half bad but kinda bland. And the kicker: no hot sauce in the entire store. WTAF I just can't get over that. Won't return. Pot belly's is getting my money.

Kurt DeGraw

A very good gourmet sub-shop. Milk shakes are exceptional. Subs are heated and you get them any way you want them. Food is excellent

Joseph Lucero

Gregor Y

Chris Tasker

I love which wich, but not this location! Didn't ever think a chain would taste so different from one location to the next but this one sucks. Sloppy prep work, ridiculous proportions, and lack of a friendly staff. When comparing this location to my regular one, it is night and day of a difference. Besides the lazy staff, the location is horrible.Possibly the worst parking lot of Denver with a poorly organized poorly lit interior. All in all, I would strongly recommend not wasting any time or money at this location.

Steve Rollins

First time here probably won't be back. To loud couldn't even hear the guy taking our order.

Daniel Hammack

Quick and easy.

Efrian Vega

Kate W

Love there food!!

Sushant Katte

Zach Steffens

I always get the Italian grinder. Which is great with the hot pepper mix. Really great milkshakes too.

Alan Preis

Sandwiches are always good here.

Akash Rajbanshi

Eric Jensen

Staff was friendly but the Buffalo chicken sandwich is nasty. The grub was made wrong but it wouldn't have made a difference.

Roland Galla

Douglas Griffin

I'm a big fan of their super food 'wich, which isn't a 'wich at all but a wrap...I order it every time so I still can't comment on their actual sandwiches. It's a little weird that every order is a take out order since they hand it to you in a paper bag. You can decorate that bag and they will make a donation to support servicemen and women. And last I checked, if you climb a mountain and snap a photo with one of their bags, you get a free sandwich.

chad stowe

Doug Woltemath

First visit and really enjoyed it. Food selection is great as was the food and service.

William Finn

Just wanted to leave a review for the guy above. Anyone who walks into a business that closes at 9pm and expects service at 8:59pm is an ignorant butt munch...Keep on doing what you do crew! A+ across the board.

Bob Ho

Got food poisoned

Rick Green

I've dined at this location approximately 2-3 times, and everytime it's a battle to find good parking. The parking lot is disgraceful. There are very few spots PLUS the spots are very narrow. This is not Which Wich's fault by any means, but it certainly does play a role in proving for a worthwhile experience. Food: The food is fresh and tasty. I usually order a 10.5 inch Turkey sandwich. Service: To be desired. If you're looking for a 1-2-3, keep the car running kinda deal, you're out of luck. If it's busy, be prepared to wait a good ten minutes or more for your sandwich. Quizno's(poor quality) is much quicker, especially for a toasted sandwich. One thing Which Wich should do is ask you when you order if you want your sandwich to go or dine-in. All the sandwiches are made "TO GO." Atmosphere: I really like the Atmospehre. There is plenty of seating to go around and plenty of walking space. You don't feel cramped one bit. The look is modern-industrial, "which" I like. The establishment always appears very clean from head to toe. The ordering process can be a little awkward for first timers. You must pick the correct "bag menu" for the type of sandwich you want. If you pick the wrong check-off menu, you'll get the wrong sandwich. It happened to me once, so I know. If you don't know what you're doing, ASK for help. Value: I find the sandwiches to be on the expensive side. A 10.5 inch Turkey base price is $7.50. Add in extra fixins', chips, drink and you're well over $10.00.

Zombie GrRrrl

My family and I love their sandwiches and the ordering process .

Bob Bauer

Awesome place to get a sandwich exactly the way you want it

Melissa Sylvester

Love this place

Tomi Tasho

Peter E

Not that good

Dan Pagliarini

Their malts are among the best I've ever had. I love the wicked sandwich, too. Five types of meat and the cheeses. Very good sandwich when you are really hungry. This specific store is in a really crowded little strip mall that almost never had enough parking though

Punit Deotale

kara johnson

Ryan Kane

Which Wich is a favorite of my parents when they are in town. There are so many choices when it comes to sandwiches that there is something for everyone. I think bread can make a sandwich spectacular, and their bread is top notch.

Rebecca P

Service here stinks! The employees are rude, and will flat out ignore you. They lack common decency and manners.

Andrew Redfield

Great food and well managed. We go here a lot!

nicole tomaszewski

typical sandwiches nothing spectacular. a simple place to pay 3x the price for a sandwich.

Andrew De artola

Food was yummy and service was fast.

Katy King

Brent Panem

I like the sandwiches. They call your name, so I named myself Zob. It was awkward.

Alexandria Paulsen

First time here and I didn’t know the ordering process and the guy up front was very helpful. I got a hot turkey sandwich but wanted a cold one (my bad, didn’t read) and the guy remade it with no hesitation. Made the experience great and the sandwiches were delish!

Lisa Parys

Good food and good service.

Peter J

Sandwiches are always made very well with exactly what you request on them.

Andrey Martushev

Maria Gasparovich

I was amazed at the reaction of the two workers when my boyfriend slipped and jammed four of his toes into the bathroom door and proceeded to bleed heavily as he made his way back to the front counter. As a pool of blood filled his sandal they acknowledged the puddle as a leak in the bathroom sink and could only offer him a large bandaid that couldn’t possibly take care of his foot. After working in the food industry I sincerely hope the manager knows this is the state of the store since he should be the one to blame.

Andrew Gough

W Johnson

Custom sandwiches that are well prepared.

Greg Moore

Great sandwiches with good variety, clean and nice atmosphere, fast and friendly service

Micah Foster

Bad attitude and they wouldn't serve us because we walked in at 8:59. I understand they close at 9, but it's your job and all we wanted was a shake.

David wrobbel

I literally get greeted every time I walk in the building! For sure a go to for lunch

Brittany Dimond

Not busy. Had to ask for a milkshake that I ordered 3 times.

Matthew Garrett

Cody Williams

Fred Shattell

A 'good' sandwich place for the area. They may have a better product than the others around the area the immediate area and give you a pen to draw on stuff while you wait.

praveen kumar

Jonathan Markey

The wicked is the best

Travis Valentine

Good location and fast service

Daman Ford

Very good food, too expensive!!!

Lyndsy McBryar

Tendo Costa

Roger Rynerson

Quick and good sandwiches

cl vi

Nej Ffarg

The food is great... when they make your sandwiches right. On three separate occasions, we have gone to the Highlands Ranch location and ordered sandwiches to go, only to get home and have everything wrong. Right meat, wrong toppings, or vice versa. Very disappointing. Even contacted their corporate office who sent us vouchers for free sandwiches. Eventually even the free sandwiches wouldn't get us to go back after the third mess-up. Too bad, because their sandwiches when made right really are delicious. :(

Jennifer Wurtz

Christine Roberts

cody rodgers

Holly Lees

Great food. Sad they switched out their soda choices though...

Renee Antique

Gabe circle

Great sandwiches good prices

Sarah Hauge

Chanelle Hayden

Bread could be a little softer, but the ingredients I marked off(other locations and other sandwich shops have messed this up before)all ended up in my sandwhich. They have many ingredients to choose from, which are always fresh. Sandwich tasted great! Good, prompt service. Would like to see brownies added to menu, but they have the small ice cubes in soda fountain which kinda makes up for it. Will come back.

Derrick Sharp

Nick Michalski

david hall

Best sandwich shop in mt opinion

Charles Stutz

Out of four sandwiches 3 were wrong. One missing side of auju, one missing honey chipotle mayo, and one missing side of sauce. Upon calling the “assistant manager” told me it was my fault? Because I didn’t rip all of the sandwiches apart and check them. The “manager” was just as rude. Guess it’s back to jimmy johns

cmz z

Brandon Benjamin

Awful customer service, perhaps it's the managers first promotion? I got a sandwich which I proceeded to eat, only to choke on long strips of deli paper, twice in the same sandwhich. If you are suicidal by all means eat at this location. Best part is the managers reaction when I brought this to his attention. His actuall words were "too bad."

Brenden Ourth

Karthik Prabhakar

Kenneth Arteaga

Good food! great taste! large variety of choices good prices and great staff first time trying this place and I love it ! It's better then Subway for sure

dija meddah

Awesome healthy sandwiches. Very clean and friendly. Love the wheat bread.

Scott Tousignaut



Liked the chicken sandwich and vanilla milkshake. It's the best here.

christa bryan

Luke Martinez

Employees helped me navigate their ordering system. Friendly service and good food.

Ryan Hull

Delicious, but simple. You really can't go wrong with any of the sandwiches here. Oh and I always write my initials on the back of the order bag to track my place in line.

christopher kralicek

Great quality food

Jason Edwards

Jon Brusco

Love which wich ! The wicked is by far my favorite sandwich. Love to be able to customize my sandwich.

Dave Kannikal

Quality of food served at this location is consistently excellent, staff is always friendly and the dining area is always clean

David Crosby

It's a quick sandwich shop and better than most of the other similar places out there. What separates this place is the ability to more easily customize your order and the service of the folks. The employees were nice and friendly and quick to respond. Variety and quality of the product were better as well.

Matthew Perez

Just had their cakes for the first time and they were amazing.

Scott Bates

Tried Which Which once and it was a good sandwich.

Celeste Seiler

Easy to order. Several veg options.

Yeon Gee Oh

Bret Eastberg

The food was great and so was the service. If I’m in the area I will be back!

Nicole S

I love this location. The staff is always friendly and fast. The food is always delicious and exactly what I was looking for. My favorite is the black bean patty. I love the way that Which Wich works. If you're looking for a new amazing sandwich shop, give this one a try. You won't regret it.

Heather Erickson

I love creating my own! Forgot to photograph!

james Gilbert

Patricia Mani

Yummy in my tummy..but please clean the tables

Kirk Arza

Chad Gardner

Cory Gibbons

Lizz Graves

I work for grubhub, they had at least a 20 min notice of a customer's order and didn't even look ay the other until I showed up. They were out of some of the stuff ordered, made me call the customer and made me bag the order... they had zero customers... thanks for costing me time and money.

Yecenia Sierra

Alexander Connelly

Used to like this place, then I woke up and realized their bread is terrible and everything about all the ingredients here are all pretty low quality. I like the tick mark order ticket submission method of ordering food, more places should to it. However, I wouldn't ever go back.

Jake Mccune

Eugene Negron

indraja reddy

Darol Sole

Brett Henning

This was my second time at a Which Wich, and it was really good. The Buffalo Chicken sandwich is very good. The service was fast and friendly. I'll definitely be back.

Vimal R

Best milkshakes in town

Venky Iyer

Great food . dont forget to get their fresh chips . has great options for a vegetarian . food is hot fresh quick and delicious . what more can you ask ? can be very crowded at time . best to go during peak hours (lunch hours on weekdays)


It's cool that you get order your sandwich on a bag, and they're pretty tasty.

Tanvi Upasani

Keely Garrison

Where has this sandwich joint been my whole life?!?!

Christopher Cook

The sandwich was good. The choices, provided via check marks on a bag, are a bit overwhelming and confusing the first time you go and it takes much longer than expected to receive your order. There is an app to order ahead though so that might ease the wait time.

JP Aragon

Brittany Adams

Sriram R

Extremely disappointed. Never order delivery from this store. You'll get your sandwich 2 hours later.

Katie DeCicco

Slow, slow slow service. Does anybody work here. 5 people working 2 orders. 20 minutes wait time for a cold sloppy disgusting sandwich. Not worth $8 for a sandwich

Anthony Clark

Great sandwiches ... But no wifi?!! Seriously?

Rachel True

Jason Brown

What happened to the breakfast sandwiches? Couldn't find them in racks of menu bags, walked back out the door.

Kayla Straub

Aniruddha Gadgil

Kevin Gunn

Nick Moschetti

Ordered delivery through GrubHub. They failed to include one sandwich in our order, requiring us to then drive to the location to retrieve the sandwich. The person at the counter blamed GrubHub, then said they were really busy, and took no responsibility. No apology, nothing.

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