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REVIEWS OF Springs Rescue Mission IN Colorado

Katrina Barela

They help you with everything you need.

Randall Wharram

Its ok but had my bags stolen

Brandon Robbins

If your homeless and need a service that's the place you need to go to.

Roc Starr

Very unprofessional

David Vlottes

Had a lot of issues with notarizing documents. Communication could be better

Nathan Smith

Springs is phenomenal. They have a low-barrier campus where people can come without cleaning themselves up first. They can bring their pets and all of their stuff to the shelter with them and are allowed to be under the influence as long as they are not a threat to anyone. The compassionate staff and volunteers then patiently walk alongside people until they are ready to end their homelessness. They help people get off drugs, get jobs, and rebuild their lives. They even have affordable, permanent housing coming soon. Can't say enough good things about this place.

Tammy Piedra

I am very appreciative for the shelter, staff and others there. I have always been welcomed and I am thankful for that.

sen garza

Sorry please to try and get help

Laura Martin

Caring organization, new, clean facility. Take in men and women. Great place to volunteer if you are able

John Story

A free meal is always a good thing and these people actualy care they deserve all the praise you can give!!!

Leif Wells

Run away from this place do not come!!!

Solar Guys

Better than salvation army and they actually appreciate when you help them! Unlike the salvation army center thats worse than jail.

Jeremy Pavlik

Helpful in locating resources. Me and my girlfriend are able to get out of the cold and have a hot meal for a few minutes.

Playthell Marshall I


jonathan vounov

Very Helpful for those in need of Warm Shelter, Food, Water, Clothing, Daily Necessities and with Navigating through and Out of Homelessness... Staff here are Very Courteous and Expect the Same from Patrons...

Mike Real

Live at all times be prepared

Loni-Jane Davison

The appearamce is very poor as there are homeless all over, I underatand this is a shelter for them, but staff do a horrible job at the outdoor appearance because there is people sitting/sleeping in cars, getting high in cars. I also seen two staff ladies smoking pot in their car then spray fabreez all over themselves. Very unprofessional setting. They kick the homeless out by 5/6am while it is still freezing cold (sometimes the coldest hours) and arent allowed back in until 5pm roughly. They also let homeless sleep outside with their animals.

Texan NBSK

I'm homeless and they help everyone they do not judge you by what you have experienced or how you may see yourself they will help in a timely manner and have multiple occupational therapists on hand

Roberta Wilkerson

Place to go if you need help

Linda Alejo

New clean facility and a fun fact is the woman who started this non profit still volunteers till this day!

Cody Gross

Place sucks

Sylvia Baird

You guys are sure helping a lot of people! I've heard your commercials and will be donating and I hope others will help also!!

kells murphy

It's a better place than the street,

Raymond Lovett

Thanks to Jesus, the Springs Rescue Mission and the New Life Program, I am clean and sober!

Alexander Mills

Awesome there's somewhere however the navigation and assessment process is ridiculous. Cleanliness is an issue as well.

Tiffany Tramutolo

Welcoming environment. They are patient with people having a hard time. My partner and I are both great full for the winter shelter. Anxiety still over describing our situation but I'd happily still come back until we get back on our feet. As its a mixing place of faiths too iy didn't feel uncomftersble with us being siritual

A. Morgan

Great place to drop off unwanted clothing if your lucky you may see an od or a bum fight.


Very smelly. Odiferous to a unbearable extreme. Full of prime examples of the typical Democrat voter.

Josh Fraijo

They have everything that you need. Beds, showers, meals, assistance with clothing and transportation.... The staff are nice and they have decent wifi.

C. Betancourt

Great place to overnight it. Fantastic parking lot.

Phil Douglas

Free WiFi at this place is all I know. Lol

Russell Shields

Rude staffing. Ni help more of a step down from homeless. Can't believe the government funds establishments like this. Needs to be shut down or ran by proper buissness savey canidates.

Homeless Maine Veteran

The place is tyrannical. You will be gropped like the TSA. They will take your property if it's against the rules that come with federal funds.

mark street

Well intended as it is. It is still a homeless shelter, and community. Adminstrative complex

Marcos Flores

It's okay there bed there first come it coo for the nite if u dont any were to go for the night together out the cold I thanc them for doing what they do for the homeless


This place helps out so many people that are in need! It's truly a amazing place ! Services include but not limited to shelter, food ,clothing, rehabilitation issues, faith based counseling, employment and education. The list goes on and on ! Definitely the best non-profit in the Springs !

Robert Batson

This is a low barrier homeless shelter which means they don't test you for drugs and/or alcohol to stay there however; they don't tolerate disruptive behavior regardless of whether you're intoxicated or not. They also offer a slew of services on site (i.e. showers, laundry, haircuts, Colorado DHS, Peak Vista Mobile medical care, parole, Homes for Vets, Pikes Peak Library System and housing location/assistance). They serve two free meals a day here: breakfast from 6am to 7am and supper from 4pm to 5pm (lunch can be had @ Catholic Charities Marian House from 10:45am to 1pm in downtown Colorado Springs). Both the men's and women's shelters are clean, safe and mostly secure facilities to sleep in and store your belongings in during the day. I say mostly secure because there is theft of phones and other small items when left unattended. Otherwise its an excellent place to be if you're homeless. Also, there is no time limit for staying here. I know people that have been here for years.


Good place

Jaime Sanchez

A safe place to stay while I worked hard to better myself. I followed the rules, found a job and left after 3 months. 3 months I got to stay for free, just asked to do a few chores and not show up drunk. The staff is hardworking and deserve my gratitude.

diana willoughby

Good place

Jay Laliberte

Staff is willing to do whatever they can to persons with a tolerable attitudes and personality!

cody gross

Nice new buildings but the way this shelter is ran is rediculous. Anyone can go there no matter if they are on drugs or a child molester. Not a place i would stay at.

Felicity Charles

I was evicted from tanglewood apartments. I had a bad break a trip to the hospital lost my job and they piled late fees on top. This Christian establishment was there for me. I saw manny people in the same homeless situation. This was a hard winter so im greatfull for the help.

Pyro ManiAX

Good place for homeless people. They serve breakfast and dinner daily n offer a place to sleep. For both men and women.

Robert Cowley

Homeless shelter I went to pick up a friend while waiting for him I was hit on by four guys begging for cigs. Four others for money and three asking for drugs, two wanting to sell me drugs. Security at this place is a joke for sure. Lol

steel velvet dreamer

Cleaner facilities than in Denver.

Jennifer Champagne

Its good and bad... Great part is you can have your pet. Bad part some clients there are a bit sketchy. If you get there soon enough you might beable to get a bed is warm months. Once the warming shelter opens back up no problem getting a bed.

Nahshon Cisneros

I mean you got to love a place that helps the's the motherfukers who throw trash everywhere don't want to work Peace River they was drink whatever they want when they want where they want it's Tim cats or f****** it up for the good ones down there oh yeah free Sierra Cisneros please show leniency on her she was going through stuff you could not even imagine like her mother's passing.......... And that's not even the worst of it but she's held on she's been in there for over a month that I just asked at 8 continue to keep her safe and keep her sober

Jan R

Do not stay in the woman's shelter! I stayed here in February 2017 and was raped/ritualized woke up eith a 5" bruise on my leg. Fled for my life.

Anthoney Torrescano

Good place to get a hot meal if you are in Need of one. Also if you are in need of a safe place to Stay.

shannon ostrom

Fast friendly service

Colleen Dunn

Homeless shelter, food pantry, clothes closet and more. Food pantry Tues n Thurs 1-3pm. Clothes closet Mon n We'd 1-3pm. Donations of clothes and furniture accepted daily. Call for hours of operation for all services as they have been known to change.

Drano Drano

Nice staff. Robert, the commandant, is an awesome dude.

Michael Halleck

People are very caring and helpful. There are a lot of services to help get you back on your feet.

rebecca mcclain

Goodwill is great! BUT, I love giving to the the most disparate of our community. Its so badly needed and appreciated.

Christina Cambell

It's never a dull moment paramedics and police come at least once every day

Jolene Marcil

Did not like that I HAD to put my service dog in a crate if I wanted service. Left without getting help for that very reason! If I could give them less than one star I would.

Jacqueline Blanchard

Dirty, unsanitary, unfair to married couples, cage animals including service dogs

Frechelle Q

Excellent vouleenteer opportunity

Andy Mac

Good they have it but I friggin hate this place...they say some of the homeless will cannibalize you but most are pretty decent nice

Channell S

Please rovides an array of services for the homeless community showers mail food free clothing and household goods and more, I value there services and credit there assistance to the great changes in my life

Katheleen McCluskey

Good people volunteer here. Good security works here. Be respectful and polite and you'll have no issues. The resources are abundant if you use them wisely. I am grateful for SRM!

Yvonne Van Dyke

Sheltering and feeding the homeless, how can they not be 5 stars!

George Mowers

Friendly staff clean bed and ready to go the distance for you

Marti/Two Feathers Foster

It's my personal preference not to be around crowds of people and it's pretty crowded here. But that has nothing to do with the services they provide which are extensive. So don't take my rating as your own because you'd be missing out on some good help.

Glen Richardson 3

Have helped me and my wife get back on our feet!!! The staff is awesome and they really do care!!!

Angel Pike

They have always been so kind.

Michael K Duren

Great Help Great People Great GOD!

Tony McLaughlin

Great place to have when you need IT!

John Daly

Need to Shelter, feed and cloth all. Use Grant's, volunteers and all available resources to find people jobs so that they can get housing. Keep up the effort, according to what God's will be done! Financials in order, by the CFO and Board Trustees. Peace, Love and Hope for All. RESPECT THE ONES WHO YOU HAVE SHUNNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES!!!!!!!! THEY LOVE COLORADO SPRINGS!!!!!!! EMBRACE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!

Tammy Haynes

So much help for people.

Kimberly Balogh

I can't believe a homeless person gets Blamed for Freezing to Death on Austin Bluffs when the only warming shelter that takes anyone is on the Southside of town. How was he supposed too get there walk. What happened to advocates. As the Bible says Do Unto Others as you would done to you. We live on less than $2000 a month & have no car but I do Random Acts of Kindness every week even though I don't have a car I take clothes, food, & pet food to Westside Cares, ESM, ect... So PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW w/ your resources you could not save this Man's life. When it's cold I take bus & go give food to people on Westside @ Bancoft Park & along Colorado Ave.

Taylor Redmond

They offer so many great services for low-income/homeless individuals and families

TaraLee Stingley

There mean won't let your pet's stay with you they take all your food and lots of bugs and mold. Nevere get any help even when you wait and wait tried for three months they help there favorites.

Seqouya Jones

They are reconstructing the place and doing better. I got a turkey and other food, plus clothes to help me out.

Debby Pramberg

There's a lot of reasons I go there but one of the most important is that I can donate clothing and blankets and stuff to people who need it more than I

Jose Apodaca

Thank you for all that you do! I recommend volunteering here!

Cheery Terry

Very helpful staff , volunteers and the few security officers that I've met and spoke with are very nice and very interested in helping as well as insuring that it's a safe environment... It is a very great thing and I am blessed for everything that they do each in their own capacity... I'm thankful for the awesome service that SRM provides!

daniel stilwell

Crackheads everywhere shooting up and smoking meth and no one care a couple fights a day and they get rewarded with food trucks awesome

Joe Taylor

I have to go see my pro office at the mission but if you need help with anything they will be there to help you with your needs the staff are nice and will get you what you need

Mike Lehman

Really what can I say about Springs Rescue Mission. They call this place a Christian ran organization. Tell you right now a lot of their so-called staff and volunteers. Are not Christians Christians do not despise people disgrace people and talk to you like s***. Grow up volunteers get a real job.

Kayla Scofield

Hate it. Dirty, stinks, no food allowed, obnoxious people, and no respect for anyone. Worst experience I've had in a while.

Dany Limonez

need work

Alika Thompson

They have meals, showers, and beds for the homeless as well as emergency food and clothes available daily. They can also help with getting an address and vital documents so you can get a job.

Adrian Castillo

I gave 4 stars because the place was a blessing when I had no where else to go . Some of the staff may think there better than the ppl who stay there but for the most part they have there hearts in the right place they have just been jaded buy some of the homeless that stay there.

Docman65 .

You dont really want stay here for very long.i had to use them cause of my T1d.


Not a place for real people of God these people have been warned many times and God is going to then judge tis placw and the wocked in it. The righteous have not a thing to worry about. Im shaking the dust. This is a place where the righteous are persecuted and mistreated. I was not allowed by Dorothy to shower for 2-3 days because I chose to go to church during shower time and couldn't arrive earlier before church to shower...for 2 days, 3 days. I was CONTINUALLY harrassed by MULTIPLE staff, security and residents being asked if I put GOSPEL TRACTS on peoples' beds (at a Christian Mission) becuase they were going to "find out who did this and they will be kicked out". These people are WICKED AND THEIR JUDGEMENT IS JUST.

Paul Shipley

Reasonable rent with daily and monthly plans.


Man they try sooooo hard. KUDOS

Christine R May

Offers food and chlothing I think they have a residents program for men.The people That eat and reside are homeless .Trying to survive.

Wayne Maier

I am so incredibly grateful for this place. They all work so hard in their mission to help those who can't help themselves, or just need a bit of guidance.

Willard Colebank

Does not at that time help Sex Offenders. Had to be homeless again.

Angel G.C. Johnson

Don't go here if you wish not to be discriminated against or bashed, they allow a man(transgender) to sleep in a dorm full of women,but allow for two gay men to be bashed by staff and other homeless people and tell them that they need to learn to just ignore it and if they don't take family counseling they would not be allowed to stay, they ended up kicking the couple out, the shelter does not issue blankets, the staff spend more time looking for reasons to kick the homeless out then they do trying to help them, one coordinator told a guy that because he was drunk he was helping him out by kicking him out in 16 degree weather... But this is a christian organization???

BIG D Cavanaugh

Thank you SRM. I love you all. Jersey and Nina, now supporting ourselves in Castle Rock.

Zackary Barnett

You have to put your animals in a kennel. Only the 'healthy emgagement' get fed lunch, leaving all of the disabled people (physically and/Or mentally) to fend for themselves. If you have a prescription to marijuana they will ban you from their services while simultaneously allowing people in with opioid pain killers, xanax/klonopin/valium, and barbiturates walk right through their doors. They claim to be a Christian organization but have no problem letting people go hungry or without a shower if you so much as make a mistake. If you get into an altercation you will be banned (even if you don't retaliate). I've never been so disgusted by a group of people in my life. They claim to be religious but turn down the homeless for next to nothing

Edge Entertainment

Serving the community and providing a place for the homeless to sleep, a meal and ☕ in the morning, meal at night, even social services, veterans services, clothing, mental health services, counselors, showers, access to many resources within the community. The ONLY place to get five stars ever from us at EDGE. We did a story on the issue of homelessness and veterans and this facility rose high above the rest!

Joseph F. Manzanares

It's a shelter with all its amenities.

Darold Hibler

Great staff and volunteers!

Barbie Wischhusen

The springs rescue mission is set up to cator to the homeless population giving them a safe place to lay their head at night.

Homeless Awareness

The staff are wonderful, and they provide a lot of needed service like; showers, washing machines and dryers, wifi, receptacles for charging, access to case works, Church services, and NA, AA, CA meetings. They have in place programs to take a person off the streets to working and being self-sufficient. Springs Rescue Mission truly cares about the plight of the homeless. But there are some major deficiencies. The non-program men's shelter has NO running water to wash ones hands, porta potties are filled with feces passed design and illegal specifications (see pictures), and NO hand sanitizer anywhere. Almost everyone in the shelter, including this journalist, is sick.

Cristi Dozeman

We put in community service here for my son's school. The kitchen is very fun to work at. Those guys in the back sure have some fun stories to tell. And they welcomed us with open arms. I can't wait till we have to go back. My kids learned a lot from them in such a little amount of time. The breakfast shift i think is the best time to go.

Ann & Rick Lechner

A great Christian organization helping the poor and homeless of Colorado Springs

Aaron Lawrence

This is an absolutely huge mission! They feed hundreds of people daily. I'm not sure of their sleeping capacity, but it's big and I know they wish they had more room because of the phenomenal number of homeless in Colorado Springs. They seem to be able to chew every bit of available resources right down to the bone and then some. I would like to encourage anyone and everyone in the Colorado Springs area to donate to this mission. I recently ordered several sets of sweats )shirts and pants). When they arrived I found that they didn't fit as described. They were all a bit small. They are very nice sweats, so I decided that instead of sending them back, I'd give them to the mission. I was so proud of myself giving 12 brand new sets of sweats to cold people this winter. After going down to the mission however, my gift seemed so tiny compared to the phenomenal need they have for clothing, toiletries, food, and yes, money. Please folks! Dip into your pockets and dressers and closets and try to find something in there to help this wonderful and worthy organization.

jessica shaw

Some of the employees here are a God send. The employees whom I am speaking about give the homeless community a sense of self worth, they respect just the same as if their clientele were the white house. I give a huge thanks to those who either work or volunteer there who have that compassionate heart may God bless you abundantly. There are however a few issues. Considering the fact that the Springs Rescue Mission was founded on Christianity they should try to hire people who walk with the Lord or have faith in Jesus Christ because there is a lot of darkness there. The darkness im speaking about does not come from the homeless community itself but rather the religious spirit. When Christianity is based upon a relationship with Christ not a religion...religion equals money in my opinion. There are a lot of money motivated individuals who run the place and lack compassion but NOT all. Great place to get emergency shelter.

Hillary O

If you are Disable person dont come here

Kid R

They do great work for the homeless!!

emery barker

Unorganized bum camp. Services they claim to offer impossible to sign up for. Big cherade of an operation

Michael Carnahan

Extremely grateful for the kindness and care this organization gives to the Colorado Springs community.

layla payton

Wonderful orginaztion that helps their neighbors and community. Best place to volunteer and donate these guys are absolutely amazeing!

Michael Forbis

Great people and they help in any way they can

Sara Davis

Easy to find location when dropping off donations. Helpful staff.

Jon Reid

Not very impressed with the donation process here. First - where you need to drop things off is not marked, either with a sign or address. I drove around for 10 minutes before finally giving up and going in the main building which has a sign stating donations are not accepted at the location. The gentleman inside was kind enough to point me to the building in back where they accept donations. At that building there were two men ‘standing guard’ for all intents and purposes. I asked if this is where they accept drop offs, one responded ‘we take donations’. Ok, so I decide to not argue the semantics. One guy says nothing, takes the two bags I have (I explain that they are toiletries) and walks away. The other starts writing on a clip board, asks if I need a receipt (I didn’t) and walks away. I wasn’t looking for much, maybe just some pleasantries or a thank you, considering I’m taking the time out of my day to drive across town to donate to those in need. They acted like they were doing me a favor, which is really a shame. Next month I’ll look into another place to donate.

Becky Ward

They don't treat the people who stay there with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Elphaba Thropp

45 million dollar project for the homeless. Great facility with WiFi, showers, meals twice a day, but a place where one needs to watch one's back and one's possessions. High crime and drug abuse rates. Any number of homeless have been murdered along the river walk

ursula debeaux

People need to gratefu. Where can you live for free? Fee food,water shelter they even give you clothes furniture an wash your clothes

Blake Arvay

It's a great place for you to go if your homeless and on the streets. They will feed you, and give you a place to stay as well as give you resources for just about anything.

Matt Stickel

Top notch nonprofit. The staff are great and you can tell volunteers are appreciated. After parking, there's a big sign that says We Love Volunteers. Well volunteers love Springs Rescue Mission. It's a great way to spend some extra time and help out struggling neighbors. Everyone's so appreciative of the kindness and encouraging words. If you haven't yet, you should visit and see about volunteering.

bobby bruffett

Good place to get back on your feet!

michael malone

Better run than Denver. Only 30 minutes to get a bed. No FOOD served or allowed in dorm.

Kenneth Higgins

I heard good things from a few people, one of which had volunteered there. And it appears to be a really nice place with alot to offer. But when I reached out while homeless and living in my car, I didn't seem to get anywhere. I went down there 4 days, 3 in a row, seeking housing assistance, food, and maybe shelter. The first day I was told to go to the wrong door so I sit in the parking lot all day, rechecking the door I was told to go to, and going back to the only employee I was able to find. He didn't seem to know where everyone was, kept saying they must be in a meeting. The 2nd day a guest finally showed me the actual entrance which is in a gated area on the opposite end of the building. But, after being there for 2 hours starting at 7am, I was apparently too late to recieve any help that day. I was told I would have to start with a "navigations counselor". Apparently they keep their sign up sheets so unless you know who they are and can catch them, you cant sign up. The 3rd day I came back, was told if I got there early I would see a navigations counselor and could sign up. Waited 4 hours but none were there, needed to leave for a job interview so asked again, I was told to come back in 2 days and I would be on a list for an appointment. Came back 2 days later and was not on a list, and of course no navigation councelors there. Not sure what the secret is to get help, but I spent 4 days asking over and over until I finally gave up. No one seems to know what all is going on, and there is no direction for new people. The "navigation councelors" are the only way to recieve meals or shelter, but I have no idea how to get an appointment with them. As someone who worked for the homeless, and unfortunately has found myself homeless on more than one occasion, there is one common issue I seem to run into. Being able to navigate resources can be almost impossible without help. This organization really needs someone to greet people and tell them where/how to access the resources that would help their situation. Waiting days, or maybe even weeks (4 days I had no luck so gave up) to speak to a navigation counselor just to recieve a meal or shelter is just too long. People are already down, so many will give up. And the organization should do better at training people on the basics of how they opperate. If the right hand has no idea what the left is doing, and just leading people in circles, than you might as well just be denying the service, either way it becomes unavailable to the one in need. For the benifit of those seeking help in the future, I hope the organization can use this negative feedback as constructive criticism. I feel for those like myself who will give up over the confusion, it's more than frustrating and it takes more than most can handle tp deal with it when they are already so far down. It really sucks to not know where to turn to when the one you are told to, lets you down.

Debra Satulla

It is a warm and secure place to stay when you don't have the resources to be elsewhere. Waiting in lines out in the freezing cold though is difficult for many, especially for those who are older or have medical issues. It is best too if you can" stay to yourself" as much as possible. Most of the time you will have fewer issues with some others around you.

Lunixia Holland

Always helpful, most of the staff smiles at you and the kids. Some if them are always crabby. But I always get the help needed from them.

One Ortiz

CA meeting at 8:00 PM On Wednesday's


it felt good to give back to those in our community in need. it is a special group of people who run this place.

Jeremy Lipinski

They can help you with any situation you're in & they won't deny anyone services here. The lady with the glasses had excellent customer service skills & was very helpful & knowledgeable at her job. That's why I give Springs Rescue Mission a 5-star rating.

Daniel Robbins


Deion Blackmon

It is cool. Watch yourself. Read books.

Lizz up ostkg Nm

Very impressed with their help for the community

Dovie Green

Relieved to be able to get a shower and get my laundry done.

Richard jarry

Four showers, 100 people. You do the math.

JJ Jameson

David is always helpful and friendly. It's hard to find staff at homeless shelters that treat their patrons with respect or kindness. He is never impatient or rude to anyone even when some transients become unruly. Bit of a chaotic place during peak hours but a lot of good resources

Mary Rose

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a group volunteer project at this community center. The associates took the time to give us a tour and explain how their various programs work. This shelter has low barrier options and even accepts well behaved pets! They are invested in assisting by offering a hand up, not a hand out. I highly recommend giving your time to them if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity.

Jared Green

Awful experience but when u have to do it you have to do it. It definitely motivates to work hard to get out of the situation.

Heather Wharram

Ppl are nice, but...... Get your stuff stolen every time

Cody Winkler

Too many Meth heads

james h

People that believe in their mission statement and do it.

peggy eeten

Love love love

Manuela Paulino

This place is amazing for those in need. The people who assist you there are friendly and compassionate, always willing to help with love. You can get pantries, clothing, and furniture. Thanks for volunteering to help others . God bless you all !

Jerry Baca

Fair,a place to restart you're life

Connie Strickland

Hot showers. Free clothes and other items Mon/Wed/Fri 1100am-100pm

Russell Torrez

Too many fights and people stealing a lot of drugs are going to In and Out I wouldn't even give it one star but it's the only way I can contact and leave you guys a message

Andrea Chavez

This loving organization to the needing is an example of what this community needs more of! With God's blessings wished for all & tools to move forward to sustain a living is a right for everyone to prayers for the homeless that needs hope! God is good!!!

Terence Washington

I've been here for a month and they dispose of my belongings. How can a homeless person carry all their belongings, while looking for a job and an apt.? Well RMH expects you to take ur stuff or they will throw it in the garbage with no shame. And wants you to sleep on a mattress without sheets or blanket. The rules make it really hard for you to progress out of the shelter. Makes no sense. Need new staff or protocol.

Bunny Goneheart

Awesome place caring never go hungry..there helped so many to their to live right .give direction. Never judging

Brian Hall

This place flip flops so much , I have been here 12 days and only had 2 showers in the day time you play a lottery to shower at night you need a job to have a shower . don't come here if you like to be clean.

maxine patton

Although I have to put my therapy animal in a kennel; I have enjoyed my time at the shelter.

Barbara Wischhusen

I went to the RM on Tuesday the 20th 2 days before Thanksgiving for a Free turkey. The folks handing out the turkeys & the fixens we're very welcoming and accommodating.

Kevin Glover

Amazing organization. God continues working to restore hope to those who have lost it, through the efforts of these faithful men and women.

nick nilson

Alot of programs and help for the homeless

Christina Ferreira

They help SO many people! I would love to be a volunteer, it's so hard to help. Still... what they do is a blessing, full of kindness and caring.

Joh Rannila

better then the bridge....needs real bathrooms... C.A. is the best recovery group

Jason Canitz

There's a big problem with theft. It seems that most homeless people have no honor and will prey on other homeless people instead of being self-reliant and obtaining their wants/needs through proper channels. Some staff members enable this behavior by claiming they can do nothing about it.

Nick Kacin

Nice and caring staff kind of ghetto but just like every city has it's own styles

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