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2825 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States

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REVIEWS OF Piglatin Cocina IN Colorado

Dawn Romero

Awesome but waiters could be more attentive

Rick Van Wieren

Omg, why have I never tried this place before? Awesome! A new favorite.

Bill Johnson

Hands down one of the best "hole in the wall" bar/grills I've ever been to. The food is amazing, the service is great, and the prices keep your wallet full along with your belly. Their happy hour deals are pretty decent and their menu is simple.

Paul Roehl

This diamond of dining is truly a gem!. It's a quick walk from home, and I am so glad to have this place, so close. Well worth a destination drive.. They get really busy, but 2:00-4:00 sees open seats.. Otherwise, you might have a wait. Totally awesome food. Great service. I've brought dates and friends here.. This is My Hometown Favorite! ¡Salud!

Mecca Alim

One of my favorite places in town! Always a go to. There may be a bit of a wait sometimes, but it's worth it.

Matt Potter

It's pretty good. The menu needs a little explaining the first time you go. The tacos we're good. I'll go back

Jennie Allen

Food was delicious, atmosphere was delightful. I will def be going back. Also how great is the decor! (Fun place for a date)

Taniel Trees

I really enjoyed this place! The food was fantastic! Our waiter recommended I try the Yuca with the Cubano. I was a little hesitant, but decided to try it on his recommendation. I'm glad I took his advice and tried something new. I look forward to coming back and trying the other items they have to offer. Thank you for a great experience!

Sheila Gibson Helme

Love the food! Margs are great, too.

Melissa Vallejo

I love this place! The food is a creative blend of modern flavors and traditional Cuban food. I get the island tacos on Taco Tuesdays and Thursdays. good. Everything on the menu is delicious and worth trying. If you don't know what to try, ask your server. They are all knowledgeable and super friendly. My only complaint is this place is no longer a secret. They are busy every time I go but the wait is usually short and the items are just as good to go. You will not be disappointed.

Katherine V

Pretty good food. Went on a Sunday for lunch and it was packed. I enjoyed the 2 tacos I had but it was definitely pricy for the amount of food you got. Inside the restaurant there were nice colorful murals. However it was a little loud with rap music blaring. Not somewhere i would go with my 4 year old again.

Todd Zurcher

Selfishly I'd like to give this only one star to keep people from going to this hidden gem. Realistically they deserve more than 5 stars. I've been a fan when it was just a food truck, and their restaurant does not disappoint. Excellent food, fun and attentive staff, and a place I will continue to visit.

Colleen Dungca

The food was amazing. The staff very friendly. I highly recommend.

Bob Lange

A wonderful place for drinks & food. Even the basic margarita is outstanding. Dinner was unbelievable. Our server was friendly, helpful, & fun. So glad they have a brick & mortar location. Another DDD gem.

John Smith

As a "Taco connoisseur" this place is AWESOME! taco's are well crafted and prepared! Definitely on my list of Top Tacos in Colorado. Staff was super friendly, nice clean resturaunt. A must check out place if you're looking for a place to grab a bite!

Mark Huffman

Simply amazing... Took about 30min to be seated on a Friday night, but it was worth the wait.

Matt Applesmith

Holy moly this place is so amazing. Go and see for yourself but expect delicious Latin food, tasty (strong) drinks, cheap beer, super nice staff, and it looks like they are building an outdoor patio too!

Katherine Blum

Very popular place. They were extremely busy which led to slow service. Should not take 30 minutes for tacos, in my opinion, but darn were they delicious! Plan to have a lot of time and you'll enjoy it.

Teresa Francis

Consistantly AAAAaaamazing! Great drinks, incredible food, fantastic service.

Meredith Masse

Best tacos in town, period! Love 'em so much had them cater my 50th birthday party. Don't skimp on the island's the BEST. LOVE the new patio with swings and fire pits. Go on Tues and Thurs for $2 island tacos and $2 Tecates!

Doug Baden

Outstanding tacos, delightful service, wonderful white bean and chorizo soup.

Robert Freeman

Make sure you don't listen to the sign that says please wait to be seated and instead you somehow absorb the knowledge via osmosis that you're supposed to wait at the door to "check in" then listen to the sign please wait to be seated. Sat on the bench directly next to the sign since there was no staff at the door as I figured with good common sense someone would come get our names and number of people in our party. Eventually saw 10 people walk up and stand at the door and someone came out and got their names. Really need a better system for checking people in or don't place the wait to be seated sign at the benches right by the door so you know you have to actually go up to a staff member to get your name on the list.


A favorite of mine. The chorizo melt is decadently awesome. Often crowded, often loud when busy. Nice new patio, recommended.

josh bouwkamp

This place is cool! The food is fresh and delicious, the atmosphere is full of energy and has a hip vibe, the staff is friendly and the service is great. Everyone in my party enjoyed the house made margaritas especially the spicy margaritas. The patio is great and the interior is cozy and buzzing with energy. I recommend getting here early or preparing for a short wait as there aren’t a whole lot of tables, the waiting area is large and chill so waiting 20-30 minutes for a table isn’t that bad. Highly recommend Piglatin Cocina!

Dev B

Staff and environment are one of a kind! Went here for the first time on Valentine's Day. I thought they were busy because of the holiday, but follow-up visits proved they are really just THAT popular! For good reason! The bartenders and waiting staff couldn't be better. Of course a HUGE shout-out to the kitchen staff, the food is always phenomenal. Normally not a big fan of plantains or black beans, but their Piglatin Platter absolutely has the PERFECT balance, I never ask for substitutions. The chicharrones? Also phenomenal! Probably the only food truck-to-restaurant expansions that I have ever seen go perfectly! Can't wait to visit again.

Jackson Brooks

I have eaten here plenty of times along with the food truck. This place deserves to be hyped up. You have to eat here. Their stylish and original tacos rival any traditional style I have had. In fact, I am more impressed because these guys came up with these things on their own. The fries are great. My friend once ordered these fried chunks of pork belly that melt in your mouth. Service is supreme. Atmosphere is fantastic for a quick lunch with a friend or if you like drinking with great hip-hop music and food. It is all good here.

Georg Gehrung

I have to say that this may be a fun dining experience for younger folks, but for me (over 60) it was very unpleasant! Let me applaud our waitress before I get to the bad stuff. She took our drink order within 2 or 3 minutes of our arrival and had it to us within 5 minutes. However, things went down hill from there. The background music of choice is rap/hip hop and we were seated right below a speaker. We were assaulted by at least 50 (this is no exaggeration!) F-bombs and MF-bombs from the music (you have to be open-minded to define it that way) while we waited for food to arrive. It might not have been as irritating had it not taken 40 minutes for the cooks to prepare our order - a pair of tacos and a "piggy cheese" sandwich w/fries. The food was OK, but not great. I found my sandwich very greasy. The garlic fries that came with it were tasty, but also too greasy. The tacos with fired plantains were satisfactory, but nothing to write home about. To be fair, the restaurant was very busy, but still, it shouldn't take 40 minutes to prepare an order as minor as ours. I was mostly unhappy with the background music and the coarse language that offends me at any time, but even more so in a public place with children in abundance. I can't, in good conscience, recommend this restaurant to anyone - certainly not anyone over 50. I know I won't be back.

Amanda Ryker

Great place to grab a bite to eat. Friendly service and amazing food I will be back for sure!

Whit Breeden

First and foremost, Piglatin Cocina probably has the best tacos in town and their brick and mortar place out here is a really great addition to the area. Unfortunately, it has become just too darn popular, which is great for them, not so great for the little people like myself who have been turned away the last two times. If you are heading out to this spot, be forewarned, there are HEFTY WAIT TIMES. Don't let that stop you from trying though, and I'll look forward to keep eating out of the food truck in town.

Barry Lervik

Great atmosphere! Great service! Great food! Great job to our bartender, Mo! He was more than accommodating! Definitely a place you’ve got to check out if you’re in Colorado Springs!

Crystal Summers

Fun little place to grab colorful drinks and delicious street tacos!

Sonia Blankenship

This place is delicious. The flavors, the yumminess, and service make this place a must try. I can not wait to go back and try some more entrees. It’s our new family favorite.

Mary Cook

I’ve been here a handful of times and the food is great when it’s not cold. Service leaves a LOT to be desired. Our plans changed quickly and we had to take food to go instead of dine in... but we sat there waiting for 38 minutes anyway. Our to-go boxes sat in the window and was overlooked by the bar tender, our server and another server, finally when my boyfriend got our guys attention he said “oh I didn’t see it there.” That’s funny buddy, cause you were just behind the bar taking a shot. Weird. While our to-go experiences are always the worst, dining in has started to suck, too. It just isn’t worth stopping in anymore. Probably should have stuck with the food truck.

Kalyshia Caldwell

First I want to start off by saying this place has a GREAT atmosphere!! The prices here aren’t too bad however, they could have a little more selection in their tacos, or beef them up a little. The only problem I have here is the lack of customer service. Literally there was only one guy who waited on us consistently out of all the people that were around who were “supposed” to be waiting on people. My advice hire some people who love to give great customer service!!!!

Tris Lee

Piglatin Cocina is delicious. I've never had anything quite like it. I have to admit I was scared off by the unique menu at first. But after seeing and smelling my co worker's food on Taco Tuesdays I finally decided to try it. a I am SO glad I did. Try the Island Tacos and parmesan fries - they're amazing. They also make the best churro I've ever had. The food is amazing, but i didn't have the best dining experience. The staff is not very friendly, and it took a very long time to cook the food (over 45 minutes at a time that wasn't very busy). Yes, it's worth it, but for a more pleasant experience, I recommend ordering to go.

Shannon Baumgartner

Super let down. Music was so loud you couldn't carry on a conversation with the person next to you. Staff was bickering even louder than music. Drink was 80% ice/20% beverage. Had to request napkin and eating utensils halfway through meal. While I enjoy spicy food, chicken was so spicy that we couldn't enjoy it. Paid our bill, left a tip, won't be back.

samuel casad

Excellent tacos and plantains, but the music way too loud and slow service. I'll give it another shot next time I'm in the Springs.

Hunter Hudson

It's a little small on the interior but otherwise a fun place to hang out. Island tacos are delicious.

Shawn Alexander

Really dug the shrimp tacos; sauce, flavor, and texture all on point. The pork tacos were good but I felt like they could have used more salt and heat, that could totally just be a personal preference though. Well worth a return trip.

Taylor carter

Food truck or restaurant, either way I love these guys!

Eric Furlong

This little gem offers delicious food at reasonable prices. They also have REALLY tasty margaritas. Well worth a visit. Next time we are in the's a definite stop!

Riah Andrews

Great food and the staff is amazing! Super friendly and quick. Must go!!

Joe Ramirez

I’ve been here several times and enjoy their food. Initially, I left a much better review. I’ve since updated my review based on my last experience. The food was great as usual, but I had noticed a discrepancy in my bank statement compared to what I had paid after our dinner. You see, the thing is I always leave a cash tip and was overcharged on my credit card transaction. It’s not much, but someone thought it would be a good idea to add an additional tip on top of the top so had already left them. To make sure that it wasn’t an error, I compared my credit card transaction to my bank statement to verify this discrepancy. I am extremely busy, and when I have a moment I will arrange a time to speak with the owner about this matter. Since noticing this, I haven’t been motivated to go back, although I do enjoy their ambience and food.

Deb LaRoss

Food was great. Drinks yummy. They need a hostess.

Steve Gaylord

Uckfingsay mazingasay! (Had to do it) I'd driven past the food truck countless times coming or going. Now I'm kicking myself. I had a couple of the house drinks and asked for the most popular dish. Damn! I have a new (to me) place to take people for a meal they won't get anywhere else. The bartender was on it!

Jasmine Mai

Food is great! I love the Piglatin Plate. Love the music and atmosphere, but the service isn't very attentive, you basically have to do everything yourself, like get your own napkins, water, menus, etc. Even when they're slow, so it's kind of annoying.

Jazmin Geloneck

Food was awesome, drinks were great, our server ... terrible, the blonde girl was extremely rude, so many people complained about her and nobody did a thing. Very disappointed on the service. Everything else was on point :) Honestly if you can’t work under pressure or just dislike people that much, please look for a diffent job. Hopefully they can have a talk with her and maybe teach her some people skills.

Amber Mai

Love love love the food and the atmosphere. Very loud inside so plan on eating not talking. Lol

Katrina Nesterenko

Excellent street tacos!! Good prices and high quality ingredients. I'll definitely be back~

Bryan P

So good! Please open one in Kansas City, Missouri!]

Kharma Dee

Really cool place. Very busy but worth the wait.

Kati Saul

Delicious and such flavorful food. This is our new favorite lunch spot. Fun atmosphere and friendly staff!

Trinity L.

Joshua - 5'7", husky, brunette Awesome service

Erik Hopper

I ate from the food truck. It took half an hour to get a grilled cheese sandwich with pork in it, and fries. There was so much fat in the pork, it was uneatable. Two bites, and it went in the trash. I basically paid $11 for a can of Dr. pepper. Never again.

Jordan Guyton

Had the Caribbean nachos (swapped the pork with chicken) and they were amazing. The chicken had very great flavor and spice, the service was great, and we enjoyed the patio with the music playing. I have to return to this place to try the arepas after catching food envy while looking at my friends plate.

james jones

1st time here & the food was perfect, proving that it's better to do a few things greatly, than it is to do lots with mixed results. The patio is a great touch for the summer but fills quickly. The staff is never far away & regularly checks in. Go for the spicy margarita if nothing else.

Leah Koller

The atmosphere was great. The staff was attentive and helpful. The tacos were super tasty!

Silvia Huffman

Uh maz ing! The island taco is to die for! The piglatin daq I would drink by the gallon! Going back for sure!

Satish Nair

Wonderful food. Great service. The pork belly was to die for... Will be back for sure

Steph Hooper

The food was amazing. It was hard to decide what I wanted. The pork tacos and shrimp tacos are so good. I ordered the green plantains and they were delicious. The staff was outstanding. The bartender Kayla that served us at the bar inside was so amazing. I can't believe the amount of energy they put out. She never wasted a motion, constantly going, serving, mixing drinks. It was fun to watch the folks in the kitchen making food. When you are there try a shot of aguardiente. A fun and different place to eat. Love it.

Brad Foote

Greasy, over rated, sat by the window and we were swarmed with flies and other bugs. Innovative food ideas but executed poorly. Kimchi quesadilla was soggy and the cheese was warmed but not quite melted. Bought the pork belly dish, pork belly was cooked well but had atleast 4 or 5 cubes that were pure fat. Had the deep fried rice balls, they were bland, but edible with the sauce. Disaapointed and expected much more given the wait and the cost.

Synde Steinwachs

Not from Colorado Springs, here for work and play and discovered this gem! It is well worth the wait and the best mojitos in town. The wait staff are above and beyond anywhere where have been,Josh,Max and Jessica are all 5 stars. The food is cooked fresh and therefore there is a wait. To the very sweet couple who paid for our meal WOW! No one has ever done that for us, we are the ones who do that for others! Thank you, I am rarely moved to tears and there are plenty now! We will continue to pay it forward

Lady Margaret

Love this place and they just keep improving. They have added a large patio with seating around two gas firepits. If you can't decide what to order get the piglatin plate and order a few extra tacos. You seriously can't go wrong with anything you order here. The cocktails they offer are the one iffy thing. Sometimes good, sometimes not so much.

Owen Smith

Fantastic place to enjoy your taste buds. Enjoy 20 stars!

Tracy Bertapelle

Too busy and no tables left to eat on. It seemed to be more of a bar...

Tamtam Tindall

I will be back for sure. Their food's some of the best. I went there yet wasn't expecting to be able to get full since I had my gall bladder removed a week ago and I found the unexpected Veggie Bowl. Yummy stuff for you. My companion tried several different tacos, Elote, Chorizo Beans as well as the Papaya dessert. I took a small bite of the foods to try and I was pleased.

Elizabeth Cammon

The food is great and the set up is super fun! I love the swings outside and the fire pits. The graffiti wall is absolutely beautiful. My only complaint is the hard core, profanity laced, rap that was playing very loudly while we were there. I don’t know what is normally played but this was a Sunday evening. I’m not normally one to complain about music but this was a little aggressive, especially on a Sunday night at a restaurant that has a kids portion of their menu.

tohknee .

So delicious. Only con is that this place needs to expand their space! But the food was superb. Telling all my friends!!! Try the grilled cheese!

Michele Kantak

Tasty drinks, great food, good prices!

Carly Mitchell

This place is really fun and great food would recommend the grilled cheese sandwich it’s one of a kind


Food & Drinks were great! Loved the club like vibe!

Nina Bishop

Apparently, it's who attractive to the bartender which determines who gets served first. I was seated at the bar today, 7/5/19, around 12:40pm, waiting to order a drink when a nice looking young man took the seat next to me. The female bartender, dark hair with glasses, ignored me and served him and told him how she would have loved to have attended his drug and alcohol laden 4th of July party. I shot her a look, which she saw, I dictating I was annoyed she ignored me and she continued serving Mr Good Looks instead. Piglatin lost my business. I took it to Salsa Brava where they can control their hormones. Pity, list cost of meal, drink, and tip and BONUS earned a lousy rating. Hope it was worth it. I had money to spend.

candice bramhall

Waited over an hour for food. Watched people get their food before us that ordered the same thing after us. Asked the waitress about it and she wanted to argue that other peoples orders were faster to make. 4 island tacos were ordered and someone next to me ordered 4 of the same thing with 2 bean sides. Another at the same table ordered 2 island tacos and 2 sides of chicarrons. They got their order 30+ min before mine was delivered. I get places get busy, but dont argue when I ask why it takes an hour to make 4 tacos and other people order the same thing plus some. Bad service in general.

Jon Thomas

Thank god we went next door to this little joint!! By far one of the best eateries I've been too! Hospitality was some of the best I've ever encountered! Thanks Houston for the awesome service! Cheers! See you next time around!

Leslie McEntire

Went on Tuesday and it wss a mad house. About an hour wait but well worth it! $2tacos were amazing and service was fabulous. Margaritas were perfect made with agave and not sweet and sour. Tacos had plenty of meat and were filled not lile small street regular baller sized tacos. Hmmmm we will be back just probably not on a Tuesday. Outside seating was cozy and stylish glad they are expanding!!!

Michael Johnson

Amazing food! Spicy, but not over the top. Cool hip hop vibe. Good tracks playing. It was busy, but wait time to seat & for food was reasonable.

Misty Slater

This was the first time any of us had been here. The food was great! I went there with five kids & everyone loved what they ordered. Will definitely go there again.

Andrea Scully

In the 90s I traveled extensively in Central and South America and the Caribbean and really missed the food--until now. Piglatin feels like coming home. And there's a little bit of everything you love about latin food in their menu. You won't find classic versions of specific cuisines (the Cuban sandwich uses shredded pork instead of slices but is otherwise true to the traditional); however, you will find amazing food that's incredibly delicious at bargain prices ($2.00 Island Tacos on Tuesdays and Thursdays are a steal, but are regularly priced at $3.00 which is still a great deal). I recommend having a beer or margarita (I watched their bartender pressing baskets full of limes for fresh juice) in the outdoor patio area while you wait, which can be long because they're always slammed. The staff will make you feel like you're hanging out in their back yard with them--they're really terrific. The only thing I wish was different, is that they turn the music volume down a bit. I like what they're playing, but it does make having a conversation a difficult; and, since it's family table style seating it's fun to meet new people and share your love for Piglatin's food with them--but again can be difficult because of the music volume. My husband and I have been here at least once a week (sometime 2-3 times in a week), trying all kinds of different things on their menu and haven't had anything we didn't love. With still more to try and the budget friendly prices (don't forget to ask for your discount if you're military), we'll be back often. And hopefully you will be too.

Kimberly Talana

Excellent service, cool vibe, good drinks. Food is a mix of Mexican and Cuban. Coming from Miami, it has a lot to be desired. But it was ok. Maybe their take on an arepa was just a bit too non traditional for me. Too many sauces that didn't compliment each other. Willing to go back and try something different though. The service was that good.

Heather Holmes

So awesome! The food was so yummy - perfectly seasoned. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. A definite favorite from now on


Enjoyed tacos and sweet, fried plantain followed by dessert. Servers were awesome. Like the outdoor patio and fun vibe. Will definitely be back and will watch for their food trucks, too.

warren smith

Staff makes you a top priority and the food is amazing. Definitely recommend for something quick and easy. Most plates are ready 5-10 unless you come during rush hours. But dont let this building size confuse you. The staff makes it work. Great vibe with fresh food and drinks and lets not forget the specials on Tuesdays and Thursday.


Wow was this place a great, unexpected find! It's pretty small but they maximize the space they have. They even have a super nice outdoor area with wooden swings by the bar and an outdoor fireplace. I thought the menu was a bit lacking choice wise, but the quality of the food and drink specials more than made up for it. The fare is pretty much non-traditional South American cuisine. Everything's delicious, prices are great, and I can't say enough good about my experience here.

Christian McCurdy

The food was amazing. The staff was very friendly.I tried the island taco and the lava guava chicken taco both were really good.

Rochelle Elmore

Great food! Horrible chairs! How many people need to complain until you get comfortable seating?

Antonio Colón

Wow! But WOW! The food was great and the ambience is awesome. The price is right and the variety of drinks is more than sufficient. The place is bigger and one feels at home on the outside deck. The servers a friendly and want to please. Pig Latin is a winner! Cuddos to management!

Ricki Girardin

Great island taco. Can't wait to go b back. Great customer service.

Blaine Godwin

Really good place definitely lives up to the hype

Ashley Myers

The staff is always great, and the food and drinks are excellent. I love this place and will continue to come back. Can’t recommend it enough!

Rochelle Soto

Piglatin also has a food truck, which we have enjoyed on numerous occasions. So glad they opened a regular store. Excellent food, a bit on the creative side. I enjoyed a seafood combo with shrimp and mussels. Highly recommended. Get there early as they draw a large crowd in the evenings.

Austin Smith

I'm glad they are expanding, rather small, but definitely worth a stop. Everything was amazing and we tried a lot of the menu. Here here! Loved the whole feel of this place.

Zack White

The food truck was awesome and was really looking forward to eating here! Walked in with my wife and son the blonde waitress was rude and acted like we were bothering her so we turned around and walked out!

Alexondria Bennefield

Super busy and hot. One server came to us then left never told us that someone else was going to help us. Waited 25 minutes for a new server and water. Our new server was nice an checked on us an that fixed the issue a bit. I would suggest having ice cold water when its super hot in the establishment.

Brian Brown

Felt like I was back in Miami, with the music and design of the place. The island pork was really good but felt like the price of $10 for two street tacos and a very small side (elote) was a little over the top. For the price I don’t think I’d be able to justify going there again.

Anna Cannady

Amazing food and spirits. Small but fun atmosphere. Good service. Would definitely go again if I lived here.

James Wieker

Amazing quesadilla! Best I've ever had!

James Pocock

Great food and atmosphere, especially with the new outdoor seating. We like everything about Pig Latin (as long as they don’t run out of chicharron) EXCEPT the music is too loud to be able to have a conversation without shouting at the person across from you

Max Flaskamp

The place was quite busy with a bit of a wait time, but by the time I got my food it instantly made sense why the place was so packed. The food here is phenomenal! I reccomend the chorizo melt and yuca fries!

Adriana McClintock

Drinks are amazing, food is incredible and the whole vibe is super chill. Get the chicharron!

Fuk Mi

Good food, bad service. They will tip themselvs. If you call the phone is either off the hook or they don't answer. Then you get there and they are not busy.

Tashiana Jahnke

The food and the menu are great. The music is somewhat appalling. We were there on a Wednesday for lunch. The music was better suited for a Fri night bar

Kim Archuletta

One of my favorites!!! Atmosphere has a great vibe. Food is Amazing! Have introduced so many people to this place & they love it just like me. Had one bad experience with service, but thankfully was a one time occurrence.

Richard O'Cain

Im on a Keto Diet but food was Awesome.. Pork was awesome..

Soka Neung

I am very spiritual when it comes to eating and I LOVE how flavorful their tacos are here. If you catch yourself being told that the wait will be 2 hours, just do a take-out! $2 tacos on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Sports Center

I can get a better grilled ham and cheese sandwich at my office for $1.00. Drastically overcooked, low quality bacon and nearly tasteless cheese between the worst Texas Toast I've ever had. Despite having what appeared to be a well staffed kitchen, this place likes to let food sit on the window between the kitchen and bar for a LONG time, which I'm sure is the reason why my fries were room temperature. The server had to be reminded about things we needed, and she inexplicably placed unwrapped straws directly onto the table, and not onto a napkin. What restaurant uses unwrapped straws? VERY unsanitary. I will NOT be coming back.

Kirsten Nash

Super awesome, very hip, local establishment. Delicious food and drinks!

JJ Ray

Whenever I cant decide what I want for dinner, I always go here. The cocktails and tacos always hit the right spot for my taste buds!

Patrick O'Connor

Flavorful food. Friendly staff. Great spicy margarita. People have found this place so there may be a wait.

Jeremy Johnson

I ordered food to go and the bartender was extremely rude. Told me to call back when I know what I want! I've never had food here before so I had some questions And apparently she didn't have time for me. I ordered the first tacos I saw and some corn on the cob. The waiter when I got there was very nice. Food was good! 3 stars because the bartender.

Dannah Koeniger

We finally tried this restaurant. It did not disappoint. We ordered several items and shared and everything was great. The Caribbean nachos were fabulous!

Kathleen Jordan

So delicious! Fat tire and island tacos.. in a super chill environment

Melonie Marshall

Totally digging the vibe! Love the music love the atmosphere and the food is so good! Tried the nachos this time and really enjoyed them. Also had my grilled cheese go to with the egg on it and a side order of the plantains! I keep bringing friends here who now have it as a new favorite!

Yoko George

What a fantastic gem of a restaurant! The artsy atmosphere was really fun, the entire staff was very friendly, but most importantly the food was superb. It's not easy to find Caribbean food in Colorado, so I was thrilled to eat fried plantains and Cuban pork! I waddled out of there as a very satisfied customer.


The food is amazing. Have visited here a few time and haven't had anything I didn't like. Island tacos are my go to. Pig latin definitely has a more adult friendly atmosphere. Loud, profanity laced music doesn't bother me, but I wouldn't bring my young daughter. I knock off a star because of the volume of the music, I think it prevents the staff from hearing their customers orders correctly. That is the only reason I can think of for so many inaccuracies in my orders.

Max Peterson

Food was delicious. I ordered the pork belly arepa and my wife got a shrimp taco and a pineapple pork taco. Prices were reasonable and service was good. The music was far too loud and seating was extremely uncomfortable. I found myself standing up more often than sitting as the seats aren't comfortable at all. Will definitely go back but I think this would be better as a good truck with the current set up at the location.

Kyla Harmon

Wonderful food & drinks for a great price! I recommend the Pork Belly Arepas and Cheesy Rice Balls! Totally worth the wait- I promise! I will definitely be back!

Jason Panzarello

Worth any wait, the rice balls and churros are great and the main courses are delicious.

Dan Noteboom

Terrific local spot. Rivals Old Colorado City for a cultural experience.

Melinna Barrantes

Great variety of food Latino's style, prices very reasonable, amazing margaritas (the spicy one is really spicy), friendly and very quickly staff, good environment (fire at nights on the patio, inside and outside tables options, very cool playlist too). No complains at all.

Janée W.

Food was great and the atmosphere was nice. The servers are some the best around..

Sage Lopez

This place has some phenomenal food thats fairly priced. Cheap drinks. There deserts are addicting. Highly recommend

Bonnie L

I felt like I was walking in to a club in downtown Atlanta. Despite the horrible blasting club music, I decided to give it a try with my 2 month old baby and husband (clearly not a family place, tight seating). My husband said the Mojito was good. After 30 minutes of waiting (watching people get served appetizers who came in after us). My 2 month old couldn’t handle the music—either could I. So, I asked the waitress for our food to go. While feeding my baby in the car and waiting for our food, the waitress apparently told my husband they had a cook leave... I don’t understand why they couldn’t check up on us and to let us know the kitchen is behind schedule ahead of us changing the order to go. Just no courtesy considering we have a baby. The meal: pork tasted good, but they smothered my corn in mayo

Hilda Ostby

We were staying at an airbnb in Colorado Springs and our host told us to be sure and visit this place. We weren't disappointed! Loved the atmosphere and the food was great.

Dusty Ray

3to6 happiness! This place has it on lock! The drinks, the music, the food, the staff and most importantly the atmosphere is amazing! Love love love this place and everyone who works so hard to create this awesome place to escape day to day b.s! Keep up the wonderful vibe people. See you all soon. From my fam to yours keep it lit! You are all badass!

Rachel Salway

Spicy Margaritas are fire!! Island tacos make you do a happy dance!! The shrimp taco is heavenly!! The Yucca fries are my fav!!!

Heather Grubert

Piglatin has truly amazing food and drinks. The music can be a little loud inside but the outdoor patio is fantastic to sit at. The aprepas are amazing and the nachos are fantastic but more of a shareable than single portion.

james rodriquez

Ashley is the best! Always friendly and fantastic service and the food always on point it never disappoints

Kimberly Sibert

I adore this place. It's small and there can be a wait, but it's worth it!

Heather Noteboom

We first tried Piglatin truck about 5 years ago. When they opened the restaurant at Dublin we couldn't be happier. We take our family and friends there. We have a Short Term Rental and tell all our guests. Everyone loves it! My personal favorite is the Spicy Margarita and the Kimchi Quesadilla.

Morgan Avery

When we arrived it was a 30 min wait, which is understandable due to the small size of the restaurant. The host was very nice and got us drinks while we waited. However, while we were waiting, a local artist was spray painting for the restaurant right next to the patio. The patio was packed with kids and people eating but the fumes were very strong. After our wait, we were seated inside (thank god) and the server was very friendly and professional. We immediately ordered and did not receive food until an hour later. Between the four of us, we ordered tacos, corn, french fries, and fried pork belly. When the food came out, it was all cold. While i could tell that the food was good when warm, the whole experience was subpar and not worth the price.

Kelsey duh

Sooooooooo good and they have an AWESOME patio

Kerry Gonzales

Great atmosphere, smiling staff and wonderful food. A plus that there happy hour pricing is reasonable.

Christopher Fugate

Saw this place on diners so figured I had to try it. I wasn't disappointed. I recommend the bacon grilled cheese!

Johnny Gee

Loved the food and atmosphere. Good vibes.

PJ Koenig

Busier than expected when we got there. Great wait area though, so that's fine. Too drink orders while waiting, so that's great! First time there, decided to split a couple of options with the wife. Every. Single. Thing. Was FANTASTIC! A couple of tacos, elote, nachos, drinks... All on point. Got a Cubano to go, too a bite when I got home... Damn! Will definitely be back... Probably soon!

Stéphanie McGuirt

Why even have a kids menu if kids can't go because they're blaring music that's SO inappropriate for kids... ? We got here and had to turn around before we even walked in. Bummer. Food looks great, though. [Reply to owner's response]: Thanks! I totally get that. I love the music too... just minus the inappropriate language during times families may be dining (Sunday lunch time, ie). I appreciate your transparency and hope the small change is made so that we can give it a try!

Kellye Demski-Kuklin JP & Associates, Realtors

Just flew in from Texas ... omg. This place was so delish. Margaritas were so good and freshly made, fun music, service was great. Everything we ate was sooooo good. We will be back before we head home

Crystal Sundby

This place is the bomb! Been wanting to try this place and man I'm sad I waited so long. Everything was so great and those garlic fries were EVERYTHING. Drinks and bartender was fabulous. Cant wait to go back!

Bret Buckridge

Best meal I've had in years... the grilled cheese is off the chain!!! Awesome experience!!! Ask for Sean, he will hook you up!!!!

Jettie Castle

Piglatin is my husband and my go to when we want to eat something extra delicious. It's wonderful that everything on the menu is super affordable, but we'd still eat here if the prices were more. We had our first hiccup in service on Thursday (forgotten drink order by the host and subsequent promise to correct was neglected) but it was a busy night. I'd recommend Piglatin Cocina again and again... just maybe come on a less busy evening.

K. Flewelling

So delicious! Garlic parm fries were amazing. Loved the pork belly arepas. Fun place!

Nicholas Merchant

Perfect Food. Perfect Music. Perfect Pairing. Get the Churros to go.

John Marty Fogle

I can easily see why this company went from a food truck to a brick and mortal restaurant. My wife and I shared three completely different dishes and it was all inhale-able (chew your food!). For three dishes and two drinks, it all totaled around $35, which isn't bad at all. The servers & bartender were awesome and the drinks are also really good. This place is definitely a repeat.

Rachel Schmidt Jabaily

Really great food, but excessively noisy music (especially for happy hour time), lackluster waitstaff, and entirely disposable and thus wasteful cutlery, baskets,etc.

Jake Reed

I went there for the first time. It was amazing. The food was spice fresh and hot the spot. They have an excellent staff with a great selection of tequilas. It is definitely a place to checkout. They have a food truck too but if you catch the truck the brick and mortar is worth your while.

Lynsi Killian

Good flavor, but for $10 one would think there would be more meat on the chicken taco, and more than 3 shrimp on the takes 20 minutes to put a to-go order together that has 3 shrimp on it? Come on....

Ashlee Huver

Love the flavors and fusion of this growing place. 2 dollar island tacos on Tuesday

sunny dunbar

The best food I have ever tasted! Fresh and flavorful new experience. Prices are perfect. Service was great for as busy as it was. If you love the 90s and 90s music this is your place. If you dont want to wait just get take out. We are fans and this is our new favorite place ...Forever!!! Thank you for making delicious food..Finally

Ellie S

They are usually slammed, but it's for good reason. These guys are fun, upbeat, and most importantly, the food is tasty as... heck.

Marco Lam

Funky place in a strip mall. Non traditional but really well done tacos and arepas. Hip but not pretentious. Good service. Fast.

Drew Rodgers

Cool place. Food is great. Beer is affordable. Music is dope!

Guadalupe Cortez

Food and environment was amazing strongly recommend checking this place out if you are in Colorado Springs. I had the Isand taco and elote , best I have had in Colorado and don’t forget to order the Churros they are to die for. Si esta buscando un elote autentico este es el lugar.


The food is absolutely fantastic and the service is great as well. We’ve been here twice and have tried several items in the menu, some are spicy but everything has been amazing. So why 3 stars then? Both times we went (Sunday morning and a Monday night) they had rap music blaring so loud we couldn’t hear each other. This isn’t radio friendly rap either, this is extremely vulgar rap that is not suitable for children (or most people for that matter). It’s a shame because it’s such a great place and has a cool vibe, but not being able to take my family or guests brings the whole place down a couple stars for me.

Matthew Wicker

Best pork tacos by a mile and the churros as well. Don't forget the guava sauce to go with it. Delicious. Nice vibe and atmosphere, only complaint is it can get kinda hot sometimes inside and end up leaving sweaty.

David MacArthur

The food was good.the service.was good and the atmosphere was great as well.

Ernest Davila

It was a limited experience for me because I order food to go but that being said the food was great! Chicharrones...ON POINT! Tostones...ON POINT! Piglatin plater... ON POINT! It has a layedback, youthful environment with awesome modern Latin music that of the English speakers knew what they were listening to they would blush

Christopher Carson

The food here is amazing. The wait staff is very energetic and awesome. 100/10 would done here again.

Bradley Pring

Live .5 mikes away for over three years and never knew about this place. Man have I been missing out. Food is fantastic, and the drinks are unique and enjoyable. Little pricy but well worth a night out with friends.

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