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5160 W 120th Ave Unit K, Westminster, CO 80020, United States Located in: Sheridan Crossing Shopping Center

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Ryan Singer

Amazing BBQ! Brisket sandwich is my favorite but the wings are a close second.Love that they will cut the fat on the brisket and make it more lean. Have been here twice now and will keep coming back. And if your feeling real hungry...

Natalie Shrestha

Great flavor, great texture, fantastic coleslaw. The service matched the food. Will come again.

Phil Morgan

New to me and awesome to have authentic barbecue in my neighborhood

Clint Steiner

Good stuff - we have been a couple of times and the staff is friendly and the food is excellent. I had the pork sandwich and the wings so far and recommend both of them. The ice cream is also excellent.

Zak W

Great Food, Great Place. Jason certainly knows how to make some good dang meats and sides.

Brian Knight

Delicious and smokey and bbqey and amazing. Just make sure you get there before they sell out of food! (Literally)

Ken Delgado

We had brisket sausage links and cheese fries. All I can say is oh my!!!!!!!! Best bbq I ever had. Highly recommend. Staff was great also. Nice clean place to eat.

Glenda Ball

This is the best BBQ I’ve had in years. They know what they are doing here, the brisket is tender and has a wonderful smoke flavor, even the turkey is amazing and is a hefty portion. Everything on the menu is well worth a try, they don’t stop with just the meats, their side dishes are just as flavorful as their meats, the BBQ beans are to die for, by far the best beans I’ve ever tasted and leave you wanting more. I love their special take on slaw, the crisp apples added in really give is a special flavor, and don’t forget the house chips, yum. Give them a try, if you are like me you will be back for more every week.

Blake Tankersley

Phenomenal bbq. Good selection of beer and fine whiskey. Try the Carolina sandwich. Kelly is awesome

Michelle Layman

First off, my husband, kids and I have only been here a few times so we haven’t tasted all that they offer, however with that being said, my husband used to live in Texas and is a huge fan of good, finger licking BBQ and so far we both agree it’s been the BEST BBQ we’ve had in a long time. We’ve had other so called award winning BBQ at other places in other states and nothing has come even close to what GQue BBQ has. Their sandwiches (pork, Meltdown, Carolina), salads (turkey, brisket), wings (dry rub) and brisket is amazing and so deliciously mouth watering. They also have fantastic deals if you sign up online for their rewards program. But be warned, once you sign up you’ll be coming in more often than you thought. But hey, the food alone is absolutely worth it, the freebies are pretty sweet too.

Robt Ball

Very consistently great. From dry rub the sauceI really have not found any better in the northern area of the city all of their barbecue is really really good I especially like the dry rub wings and the ribs arechampionship quality

pamela Nunya

Terrible food. The cheese fries are probably made with cheez whiz at best. Very little to choose from and the staff is rude. No thanks.

Brian Nielander

Awesome mango-tango wings! The meats are fantastic! Sides like mac 'n cheese are good. I really like the apple slaw! I wish there were more locations.

Tom Peters

Always great food, and a super friendly staff!

Eric Vaughn

Girl at front counter was rude and made us wait for ten minutes while she counted money at the register food was expensive and mediocre at best I should’ve known by the name GQ barbecue that this is nothing but a yup Dive wouldn’t recommend to fam or friends save you’re money

Matt Reichard

Never had a bad experience at GQue BBQ. Their smoked wings are the BEST in Denver. There’s a reason they won 1st place at the 2019 Chicken Fight Fest for their wings. You have to try all their bbq though, so one visit is not enough. Unless you bring a big group and split everything. Their brisket is phenomenal, ribs pull easily off the bone, and pulled pork makes for a perfect sandwich with their apple slaw. Go try them today!

Zvi Epner

Really amazing food and I got free meals by signing up

Scott Gusty Christensen

I've been back here enough times to try most of their menu main-events! I Love Every single thing I've tried. My favorite so far is the Brisket, but the ribs are great and the Pulled Pork was extra juicy. I liked the apple Cole Slaw as well, made a great Pulled Pork Sandwich!!!

Gripand Clip

I tried their Carolina sandwich, their smoked wings, coleslaw and ribs - all were excellent, some of the best I’ve had!

Garry Layman

Love BBQ, especially Texas BBQ. Their brisket is the best. Their pork sandwich is very good and the ribs are heavenly! The sides are really good especially the mac and cheese. I've ordered the brisket salad several times and it is my favorite meal so far. Their meats are moist, tender and I wish the portions would be just a little bit bigger. I've been to several BBQ places in multiple states and not one has been deemed worthy of my return... until now. GQue BBQ is that place!!

Mike D

As a restaurant and hospitality consultant I have tried hundreds of barbecue joints. This is one of if not my top picks. Not because they’re right up the street but because everything is tender the ribs fall off the bone, the brisket is smoked to perfection fork tender and the pork is to die for. Did I mention how tasty it is... no sauce needed! If you haven’t tried them yet get to it and don’t forget you can get a free sandwich on their website so sign up before you go!

Karsten Goderstad

Excellent dry rub on the chicken wings, and delightfully gooey cheese fries.

Jon Ondo

The service here is always fast and friendly and the food is delicious. Best BBQ I've had in the area hands down. I've worked my way around most of the menu and haven't had a bad experience yet. Always a treat.

MA Rose

I love the flavors here....have been four times. Not sure if I want to complain again or write a review - so decided on the latter. Twice out of four times, I have gotten either pulled pork or brisket with lots of fat. When I ate in the restaurant, they replaced it. Tonight I took it home and here is a picture of the fat - 1 oz out of 4! That's 25%! I expect some fat, but not this much. Not sure I will be back. Jason responded immediately to my concerns and I tried the food again yesterday. It was delicious and did not have fat as before. Highly recommend.

Jackie M

OmG! So much good here. My dd loved it and she is pretty picky about trying a new restaurants, especially one that is bbq. Guess she has some mighty fine taste.

Tom Willis

It’s my wife’s favorite BBQ place in the city. I’ve always been happy with everything they have. Love the brisket and wings especially.

Allison Atten

Food was so good! Deff reccomend for good bbq

Nick Croope

Great smokey flavor! Brisket, wings, and sausage are all GREAT! Still have meat to try, so I can't wait to get back. Texas BBQ at it's finest.

Ruth Nielander

This is some good bbq. I got the ribs, they are so meaty no fat. I also got the salad which was packed with mixed greens cherry tomatoes and thick cucumber slices. Filled me up. Oh and I had a pickle wedge and a piece of Texas husband got the mango tango dry rub wings. Omg they are tasty! We are definately going back. So good.

Anna Scheuler

Having recently moved from Kansas City, was really craving some BBQ and GQue's hit the spot! Tried ordering the Bricker at 7pm on a Saturday, and after we ordered and were waiting, were informed that they had sold out. The workers were very apologetic and let us sub ribs so we had ribs and pulled pork. Both were tasty but the pulled pork was some of the best I've had. It was a little peppery and had a lot of the smoky taste. They had two sauces, one savory and one spicy. Both were delicious. Overall, I learned that you have to get there early on a weekend so you have full choice of menu. I'd definitely return and would update my rating if/when I could taste the brisket.

Ryan Thomas

Awesome BBQ! Every time I go to Denver, GQue is the go to place to get BBQ. The food is so delicious, and the meat tender. They have really good BBQ sauce, and the brisket is amazing. Definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting good BBQ in the Denver area.

Randall Turner

Really tasty food! The bbq is just right and the smoked turkey is moist and delicious. Sauce is served on the side. Even my mother in law who dislikes bbq loved it.

Tara Marquez

Not only was the food was amazing but what amazing people to do such a generous act for people they do not know. We had our good friend Kyle Woodward from Woody's Q Shack in Alamosa Co who told his good friend at GQue BBQ (located here in Westminster and Lone Tree) about our trip up here to Children's Hospital in Aurora. We ended having to stay here for over a month with our son and GQue BBQ offered to deliver us free lunch one of the days.

Erin Crowley

The food is obviously amazing, but so is the staff. Your first time in, you feel like regulars. Amazing in every way. Thanks Kellen and Scott!

Ken Garman

Excellent barbeque flavor, friendly staff, nice atmosphere.

eeyore870621 .

This could be the best bbq I've ever had! Fast and friendly service, GREAT food!

Julie Smith

First of all I'm very picky about my BBQ. With that being said I'm so happy that we tried out this place. We ordered the brisket meltdown and the Sasquatch sandwiches . The smokey flavor was absolutely delicious with our sandwiches topped off with that glorious slaw. GQUE you've out done yourselves. The price is comparable to all of the meat you get. It's so hard to find great BBQ. Well look now more. If you're apprehensive download the free sandwich . You wont be disappointed.

Brian Lampman

This is the perfect Carolina pulled pork sandwich. I also suggest fries and Upslope Brown Ale. It's probably the best 18 dollar lunch you'll get an the Denver area. The pork is soft, smokey and very savory served on a brioche bun with coleslaw. The coleslaw has apple bits in it and is vinegary, which compliments the pork. The brisket can be cut with a plastic fork and the ribs are amazing.

Julie McKinney

Everything was delicious! I tried the pulled pork, chicken wings, and ribs. Really like the rub on the wings, didn't need sauce! So good!

Harvey Smith

Had a pulled pork sandwich, it was very good and nice size. Liked their sauce. Only negative is the prices, especially for the ribs.

TA Mahoney

Great food! They have won awards for a reason. Delicious!

Dalton Knox

Damn GQue what happened?? I can't bring myself to give the establishment 1 star because I love this place and I know they are worthy of a 5 star review. I have to say though it seems like the quality of food is going down. The service has always been welcoming and spot on. I love the brisket and I had to send it back because it was dry and old and this was the moist part of the brisket. I don't know how championship quality bbq gets to that level. We all have bad days I get it. But then no noodles for the mac cheese so that was a 20 minute wait for the noodles. They did replace my brisket the only thing is they gave me lean instead of moist I'll take the blame for that though because I didn't communicate that to our server OJ who was great kid and very apologetic. I really hope the team there can get it together because it's a lot bbq competition coming to the great city of Denver. Plus I dig you guys. Best of wishes!

Richard Reid

Finally was able to go and I do not regret it! Awesome and friendly workers. And the food was amazing and what you would expect from a BBQ joint! And to top it off the pricing is fair for what you get!

Adam Carheden

Perfect meat, everything else disappointing I had brisket and fries. The beef was perfectly smoked, tender and tasty. Fell apart like perfectly cooked fish. Unfortunately both of the sauces were too sweet and not spicy enough. The meat was moist and fine without sauce, but I do like sauce. Then fries and onion rings were greasy and not salted. Very disappointing.

Jackie Hicks

Finger licking good! Ribs and wings are so tender, yet crispy. Just damn good BBQ!

Kaelynn's World

This place is fonomonal, The juicy meat is so tender it just falls right off of the bone i have not had better barbecue. It was so good and delocious i wish i could have eaten more.This os the place to go if you want mouth watering mashed potatoes and mac and cheese this is the place.There meat just falls of the bone and is seasoned flavorful and delicious, i should know because i have tried lots of barbecue in the past.The service was amazing, the people were kind and very helpful to our needs.The drink selection was also very nice. This place is some award winning BBQ definitly 5 stars.

Jeremy S

Top notice BBQ! Great vibe in the restaurant. The people are phenomenal. I’ve had brisket, pulled pork, and the wings and I’ll be back again and again. Don’t change G Que!

Diane Dunn

The brined fries were delicious. Also had the dry rub seasoned wings. A little over seasoned for my taste but I'll still be back to try other things.

August West

Good meats. Limited sauces. Sides especially the onion rings were not good at all ($4 in the trash). Sandwiches run about $9. Get the meats and not the sides.

Luis Juarez

Had a takeout and let the blond girl know and she said we will let you know when its ready. When food was ready they just set it on counter without letting me know when I tried to ask them if it was mine they just ignored me. Apparently you have to be white to get good service here

Marilyn Robbins

Best BBQ in the state of Colorado. Get the pork sandwich and the beans. And the Mac and cheese. Okay, the ribs are fantastic, too. But buyer beware. It will ruin you on every other BBQ restaurants. The others don’t even compare anymore!

Theresa Merkling

Excellent BBQ sandwich. Slaw neat, not gloppy. Tried the keto nachos... A bit spicy but wonderful and generous. Can gladly recommend.

Ryan Miller

Being from San Antonio, I didn't expect much from this place... I was BLOWN AWAY! You can cut the brisket and turkey with the side of your fork! I ate my entire plate without BBQ sauce except to sample it... The sausage is amazing, cheesy, spicy, great... The Mac and Cheese is good but not amazing, it pairs well with the BBQ and let's it be the reason you came here. I'm going to regret trying this place and flying back home...

Nate Scherer

The food is really well done but the sauces are pretty sweet. If your taste runs more to tangy or spicy I'd recommend someplace else such as KT's or Famous Dave's. Service and environment are good.

Brian Baity

First time here. I live out of state so it won't be easy to return but I would. We tried the pulled pork and the brisket and a jalapeno cheddar sausage. Also some brined fries. I want to start with the fries. I am not much of a French fry kind of guy but these were really good. All the meats were juicy and we'll cooked. The sausage was spicy but not too much. Counter service was friendly.

Jeff McKay

Best bbq I have found in this area. Meat cooked perfectly. Only negative, ketchup is off brand, hurts their good fries. But I will be s regular!

Ryan Ostendorp

Delicious BBQ and sides, excellent customer service, fast food prep!

Ashley S

Every time I go here my food has been excellent (and I rarely repeat restaurants in this part of Westminster). The menu has too many great options to choose from and the specials they feature make it even harder to decide! This is the place we suggest to people visiting us from out of town. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed!

Adam Graham

Friendly competent staff. My order was done in no time and cooked to perfection. I would highly recommend this place for any and all. You get what you pay for and I wouldn't doubt you'll leave satisfied. I sure did.

Jen Welte

GQue has some of the best BBQ in the metro area. I love thier pulled pork, they havd the BEST baked beans and really delicious and unique apple and cabbage slaw.

Daniel Yex

I've been to BBQ pits and restaurants all over the U.S. including at least 5 here in Colorado. GQue is in my opinion the best out of all of them by far! The meat is tender and the sauce is on point. Also the atmosphere of the restaurant is really nice. I take my wife and two boys everytime I get a chance!

Brad Foust

2nd time to eat at GQue BBQ, had the wings and I liked them a lot. I wanted to get some brisket as well but they were sold out. It was about 630pm. But I've had 2 good experiences so far.

Annmarie Sandoval

GQue has the BEST meat you will ever try! Super quick service. Everyone is so friendly. Tons of options. Unique and delicious specials.

Todd Thomas

Great BBQ everytime I go there. My go to choice is always the brisket. I enjoy the wings and ribs on most trips as well. I suggest family style and create your own sampler and share.

Andrew Hermanson

We went here last night from the moment we walked in to moment we left, the whole staff was friendly and welcoming, quiet and comfortable, great atmosphere. Food was amazing! Next time I’m trying something else, I had the Carolina. When I seen the Carolina my stomach knew I wouldn’t eat it all, it was delicious my kids enjoyed the pulled pork. Even my fiancé and dad struggled, it was that good we all left full and happy. Props to the staff thank you for taking the time to help us with a family picture!!!! 10/10 I would come here again! I hope the other location is just as good and I will be telling everyone I work with to come here. Thank you guys!!!!

Ross Jordan

An outstanding experience! I have spent years and years traveling through Texas Kansas City, Memphis, and the Carolinas. Everyone claims that the best barbecue, and I'm not going to say this is the best, but I am definitely going to say this ranked amongst the top three. I had their lunch which was smoked turkey, bacon, macaroni and cheese, and sriracha sauce. I did not know my mouth could do those things. Throwing a side of brisket, you've got a heck of a barbecue joint! This is the real deal!

Beau Kellam

Best bbq I’ve had in Denver. It’s no joke. If you like bbq, then you will like this place. It’s that simple. You will thank me after you’re done eating.

Boot Hill

Nice place. Prices seemed a little high for what you got. Very good service and meat was tender.

Triston Brown

Just got the brisket, or what they called brisket, smoked roast is more accurate. Whatever it is, its not brisket. So disappointed. Ive tried the pork, ribs, and wings before and was happy thats why i came back to try the brisket. Granted it is smoked, but instead of serving tender smoke ringed brisket its more like a regular flakey beef roast. SUBWAY HAS BETTER BRISKET!!!!... ...To your response: Yes the so called "brisket" you serve is not real brisket. I wasted money on a half pound of whatever nasty thing yall served me, that's why yall get 1 star, and now you can add terrible customer service!

George Osorio

The place is great and the attention is great The people that work there are extremely talented.

mike egner

Best BBQ I have found in CO..Consistantly great tasting BBQ..Well worth it!

Bo Park

Delicious bbq and home of the best smoked wings ever. Beautiful space with a nice beer list are also great extras and the people there are always so helpful and nice.

Krav Lin

Hands down one of my favorite BBQ joints. I can't find anything on their menu I don't love.

Kevin Schaum

BBQ is OK, but I don't think this place even has a scale for weighing meat by the pound or half pound. I went shortly after they opened and was shorted on a half pound order. I figured it was growing pains. Today I ordered delivery. I spent $25 ordering a pound of pork and double mac and cheese and was delivered .3 lbs of pork. See photo with car key for scale. Yes, that plate of food was over $25. Gque is a joke and I will definitely not be ordering again.

Nathan Pawlak

It was all delicious and tender! The sauces were both amazing and the staff was very nice


One of the best barbecue joints I've eaten at in Colorado. Great food, and echoing what others say here, superb customer service. They really care about making you sure you have a good meal, and it shows. The brisket and the pulled pork are both excellent, and the cheese fries are impressively good. They brine their fries, so they're nice and crispy on the outside, with a delicate lattice of bubbled potato, and they're soft on the inside. The great cheese sauce really makes them. I cannot recommend this place enough. Additionally, they have two barbecue sauces, a "topper" which is an excellent Kansas-City classic style sauce, and a "hot-ish", which has a light amount of heat to it. Both are good, though I love the topper.

C Kelley

I've been to the Westminster location twice now and it's safe to say this place is legit! Both times there was a pretty good line (it was the middle of lunch) which moved quickly. All staff seems really on point and super friendly. I recommend the pulled pork with a side of mac and cheese to add on it! Wings are great too if you're looking for that real bbq smokey flavor!

Mohsin Qureshi

Exceptional BBQ. Worth a visit. The taste was exceptional. By far the best meal I had in Denver.


GQUE BBQ catered my wedding. The food is freaking amazing and Nick is so easy to work with. Planning a wedding is hard enough, but catering with these guys took a lot of stress off of my shoulders. I couldn’t have been happier with the food or the service we received. My mouth is watering just thinking about the food.

Yancey Roy

This is another good place to go if you are looking for good BBQ. Get there early for lunch because this place and the parking lot fills up fast!

Sobeck Photography

Amazing BBQ. The turkey, pulled pork, and brisket were AMAZING!!

Scott Terry

The brisket sandwich is amazing and I also enjoyed the new hot wings they offer. One of my new favorite BBQ places!

Ryan Henderson

Poor customer service upfront, small portions and they do not honor they’re coupons. Specifically the Colorado Passbook “Buy one drink, get one drink” coupon. Wouldn’t come back

Al Suarez

Best wings in the whole world. Ribs are amazing too!

Claudia Aguilar

Friendly service and delicious food. Overall great experience. I recommend you all visit both GQue BBQ locations

Steven Burrell

A bit pricey but the meat is all quality and the sides like the apple slaw are unique and tasty.

Justin T

I have been here countless times from the time they opened and I cannot ever recall having a bad experience. Friendly service and the best BBQ I have had in the Westminster/Broomfield area.

Taylor Oesterle

Best damn BBQ in Denver. Brisket - amazing. Wings - mouthwatering (and I'm from Buffalo) Ribs - fall off the bone, droolworthy Sides - incredible.

Alexa Marie

We have had GQUE multiple times, and it has easily become our favorite BBQ spot! The sandwiches are hot and delicious with almost no fat on the meats! It may be about the BBQ, but their Mac and cheese is sent from heaven. It is creamy, and smooth, and leaves you wanting more after every bite. It's dangerous really! Their sweet tea definitely is "southern" sweet, which is the way we love it! We never wait very long for our food, but GQUE also does delivery and catering for those who can't make it in, or want their event to have some to-die-for food! When you sign up for their newsletter online, you get a free pork sandwich, which I encourage to get you to try their fabulous food! For reference, here is a photo of my "newsletter" pork sandwich, which is a little smaller than their normal menu, along with a quart of Mac and cheese!

Matthew Smith

Great place to eat if you're looking to get skimped on food. They hardly give you any and charge obscene prices.

Cheri Mares

Amazing bbq and the best dry rub wings ever!

Angela Branson

Best BBQ in town! The ribs and pulled pork are our favorites, but everything on the menu is delicious.

Tyler Kain

I've been coming to GQue for a few years now and I have never been disappointed. Their wings are in my top 3 in the state. Keep up the great work GQue!!!

Crystal Alfano

Delicious food! Best barbecue this side of the Mississippi! Words can not explain the true depth of flavor in GQue’s meats. Everything I’ve tried has been truly exceptional. I try to stop in once a week to try the weekly special sandwich or flavored wings. Delicious sides too, the apple slaw is truly delicious. It is light and flavorful and not covered in mayo. We plan to have them cater our next party.

camy rea

Really great food, you wont be disappointed! Serve is top notch and the people are really nice.

Max S

Perfect Find!!! A must try the Brisket Ribs dry rub wings Mac cheese. Pulled pork sandwich the season chips wow savory Toppers yes. hottish. You won't be disappointed!! Very nice staff

Patrick Otenberger

Great food. Can't get enough of the GQue pulled pork sandwich.

Brian Meyer

The best BBQ around for miles! The food is always great, moist and flavorful, with some excellent sauce options. Their wings are fall off the bone tender. The sides always hit the spot, the chips are nice and thick, the beans have great flavor, and the mac and cheese is top notch. Great happy hour beer prices. Overall an excellent BBQ joint.

Stacey Levinson

I don’t live anywhere near GQue, but when I visit, it’s good every time. Love the food here! Everything is always perfectly seasoned, staff is so friendly and helpful! However, my gripe was not with the food. As I waited for my to go order, I couldn’t help but relax and observe, and I noticed that your manager, or who I assume is the manager, interacts with the staff in a way that suggests he is a dictator more than anything. As someone who has worked extensively in food service before as a college student and after, I notice these things and I believe this is something that GQue must address. Customers are the priority but if your staff is not treated well as I have seen by your own manager, then you have a bigger issue on your hands.

Jo Momma

Extremely disappointing. We did a DoorDash order from here. It was recommended by a neighbor. Clearly this neighbor has never had good barbecue. The "sweet" sauce is very tangy. The Hot doesn't taste any different. The brisket is dry. Everything tastes like pickles. Our fries and onion rings were extremely soggy but that's likely due to the commute. They would have tasted better if they were placed in a paper bag instead of steamed the whole drive in these plastic/styrofoam containers. The links were good but that wasn't my order. 2 lunches and wings for $40 is extremely overpriced for this bad tasting food. It all tastes like its been previously frozen. There's a gaggle of other BBQ places nearby that taste much better. Won't be back.

Matthew McGuire

This spot is excellent for BBQ in the northwest section of Denver. I've been here several times and the staff is always accommodating. It is good for families and individuals looking for a delicious pork sandwich.

David Cain

The food here is delicious - outstanding Carolina sandwich (pulled pork with apple slaw) and delicious smoked beans. The sauces on the tables included a savory and a spicy version. The meet was moist and flavorful but the sandwich benefited from adding a bunch of sauce. The prices are a bit higher than other bbq options in the area, but the quality is definitely there.

Jae Junkunc

Great casual place. Can pick rib order size, not just half or full. Ribs are meaty, not too messy. Sides are good, particular potatos and beans. Spicy sauce could be spicier. Pulled pork sandwiches are full of meat. Sides are extra cost. Gluten free sauces which is a plus. Service is very nice. Order at counter and they bring you food. Can be busy at high times and may wait for table.

Marie Lind

What comes to mind when I stop to eat at GQue BBQ in Westminster is YUMMIE Im not kidding. Im a big fan of BBQfood & used to eat at the “OTHER PLACE” NOT NO MORE NOW THAT I STARTED EATING HERE AT GQUE BBQ The serving size. The taste of everything I’ve eaten Oh my gosh mouth watering

Dave Boucher

We love GQue! It's the best barbecue in Colorado! They catered our daughter's wedding and it was amazing!

Donnie BBQ

Best BBQ in Denver! Make sure to get some dry rub wings.

Stephen Hattendorf

Delicious, moist brisket and pork, awesome happy hour deals too!

pamela rose

PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE!!!! You had me at "free"... and now I know that I am an avid GQUEer. The food is of EXCELLENT quality and the service is fast and flawless and here's a free tip... Go to their website, subscribe, then wait for the magic! You'll thank me later.

Michelle Bosquet

Wrapped in a perfect flour tortilla, they were absolutely LOADED with pulled pork. I was in heaven and I had enough left over for a full week of snacks and meals. I have also had their brisket, sausage, and even the iced tea is also very good. I have dined in and taken out, and all I can suggest is that you get there as early as you can, because they only prepare enough to serve for one day, and once it's gone, they close the doors and go home. The dining room is a little small, and you might have to stand in line, but everything about GQue is absolutely well worth it. I have been there at least a half dozen times and the next time I'm back in Westminster, I will visit again.

Annie Medina

I haven't tried a lot here, yet, but what I have had was wonderful! Their pulled pork is extremely tender and moist. On the Carolina sandwich it has the apple slaw on top of it. So good! I love beef brisket and theirs is worth loving! I will have it again! Their Jalapeño Cheddar sausage is also very good. I was a little worried that it would be too spicy for me but it was just right. This is what I have tried so far and I will happily order these items again. I have ordered everything to go but everyone at their counter has been outgoing, helpful and very friendly. The restaurant is spotless, each time I've been in, honest. Gcue deserves the 5 stars, absolutely!

Thunder Birb

Came here for the free pork sandwich promo. Wow! They don’t skimp out on the pork! I’ve seen a lot of bbq places that skimp out on the meat. I might have to go back and get one again.

Paula Gutzmer

Have been there several times and enjoyed something different each time. Would eat everything again!

Seth Oceanak

This place has kindof a chain vibe and I didn’t really want to like it, but.. The barbecue is really good. And they have interesting beers on tap and a good weekday happy hour. Totally solid.

Lori Lucas

The absolute best BBQ out there!!! Also, try their wings. Better than the wing places! I will only come here from now on. Try them and find out. Very meaty and not dried out.

Griffin Hale

Good food. Good service. Good deals. Sign up for there email list it's worth it. Just got some tasty wings.

Elaina Fletcher

Tasty BBQ, huge salads, mac and cheese, onion rings, two kinds of sause just in case you like it a little on the hot side. Excellent freshly brewed iced tea and sweet tea too. Everything we tried was delicious, so if you're looking for great BBQ in a friendly atmosphere, this is the spot to get your next meal.

David Lewis

Most amazing, award winning barbecue in the Denver area. The dry rub chicken wings, dipped in their buffalo sauce are outstanding. Piping hot ti the table, mouthwatering flavor, just the right punch up with the dipping sauce. Enjoyable to the last morsel you can tease off the bone. Well done G'que!

Brittany Harrison

This bbq is some of the best I’ve had anywhere. The brisket was lean, but flavorful and not dry. The onion rings were awesome. We thought it was outstanding and the service was excellent.

Charline Laurent

Our son brought some home last night. It was the most tender bbq I have had in years! First time since I have lived here and ate bbq at other places that even before you finished eating you'd have terrible indigestion not with your food. You should try this. We will surly eat from you every time we want bbq.

Johnnie Lefebvre

I got the brisket and the pulled pork Carolina sandwich. I was very happy with the sizes and portions and especially the taste. Great place, highly recommend.

Paul Zapata

Best BBQ in Denver, bar none! And fantastic customer service/experience on top of that.

MaKenzie M

Oh, my! This is hands down the best barbecue I have ever tasted. You cannot go wrong with The Carolina sandwich, especially if you like fresh coleslaw with a surprising pop of apple in it. My girls enjoyed chicken wings and fries, and we shared the bourbon cheese cake. I am too busy licking my fingers to say anything but, “Yum!” We will be back!

Alex Pawlowski

The Ribs at GQue are great, order other things but be sure that pick up a couple of bones as well!

Kalei Lewis

Food is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I never have a bad meal here. The best brisket I’ve tried in Denver.

Michael Melosh

The pulled pork, while pleasantly meaty and smoky was not at all juicy. It required sauce to not be a dry sandwich. Their regular sauce is flavorless and the spicier sauce has no kick at all. The apple slaw is quite good and their onion rings were done well. Service was pleasant and quick, but the prices a bit high for the area without the commensurate higher quality.

Jason Byrge

This was our first visit and definitely NOT our last!!! The brisket was amazing and the ribs were even better!!! We received a free sandwich by subscribing to the newsletter and it also was amazing. Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves quality BBQ!!!

Jeremy Sparling

We've had dinner here with our kids a few times and have always loved the food. The turkey for the kids is great as it's pretty basic and plain (they don't like BBQ flavors). But for the adults the sausage and brisket are amazing. Mac and cheese is out of this world. Fries are brined in saltwater take them to another level! My favorite sauce is the mustard sauce although it's a little tough to find as it's tucked away along with several other "special" varieties like the Tennessee Red vinegar sauce and the super, extra spicy sauce. Make sure you hunt these down as they all are wonderful and go great with all the meats. Try the ice cream in the same restaurant. Salted caramel Oreo is amazing!

Fists of Fiore

First off... great food. Ribs fall of the bone, wings are tender and tasty, pork on salad very tender. The sides are some of the best I’ve had at a lot of bbq places. Mac and cheese was creamy and cheesy. Apple coleslaw is vinegar based (needs something to offset the acidity because very dry and sour). I deducted one star because we did a Door Dash and no salad dressing for the salad, no blue cheese dressing for the wings and only a few bbq sauces for an entire rack of ribs and 10 wings. I called and the girl who answered the phone said they are stingy with the sauces because they want you to buy their bottled sauces... well we are doing delivery for the first time how would we have known that? Odd.

Kristie Nolan - WVE Faculty

Food is delicious! Sad they were out of wings so I didn’t get to try those tonight like I was hoping, but they honored my promo and I got brisket - fantastic- it’s the best I’ve ever had! Hopefully I can get wings one day soon!

Alan Santana

I love this place. Every time they send me an email to taste an item on their menu for FREE I end up buying more. Their ribs in particular are great.

John Coleburne

Excellent food, great service. The Carolina is very good. The freshness of the homemade apple slaw is the perfect counter of the pulled pork.

Nick Delmonico

Great food and great staff. Love the BBQ and some of the best wings in Denver. I'd recommend it over and over again.

Frances Brown

Tender beef brisket, Apple slaw is delicious, pulled pork tender, 2 sauces, great garlic potatoes.

Anthony Cada

Awesome food. Friendly helpful staff. Descent drink selection.

michael mullins

Got a email for some free wings. Went in today and tried them out. Never been a fan of the dry rub, since they were free, I ordered the dry. Best decision I made today. This place got them right. Their buffalo style were awesome as well. Great wings and their BBQ sandwiches are off the hook. You won’t be disappointed.

Jasmin Slaybaugh

Service was great! Was in and out quickly and the team was friendly. The dry rub wings were freaking amazing!

Guadalupe Gallegos

The barbecue here is always fresh cut and delicious! No matter what you try from the salads, sandwiches to wings to a great meat plate it's always on spot! Kudos we will definitely be back! Oh ya the weekly special is also to die for....just saying!

Madison Burney

Holly Cow! this was absolutely amazing bbq! I had the Carolina Sandwich and the apple slaw with the smoked brisket was amazing and juicy and flavorful. The bun was not soggy and beautifully toasted. I loved the amount of vinegar everything had and the sauce was tangy and perfect. This was Probably one of my favorite BBQ Places I have ever been at and worth every dollar to me.

Sandy Ketner

I ordered 3 pulled pork sandwiches and 2 orders of fries to go. I never received the fries and was told you couldn’t accept cash because you couldn’t get in the safe to give me change. What??? I will never be back and will never recommend

Chris Bailey

I love BBQ and this place does not disappoint! It's close to my home so it is my new local "go to" BBQ establishment. My wife, who can be quite picky, was very impressed as well!

Jadea Guldan

Amazing bbq!! Such friendly staff as well. Loved the pulled pork and wings.

Sean Moss

Loving it. We got there around 6:30 and only had a 1/4 of brisket. Amazing. The pulled pork exceptional. And for myself, the only one that likes turkey enough to order, was extremely pleased. This was a great place for BBQ in denver and Boulder. The two issue was the Mac and cheese being mediocre and the food got cold fast. Which happens with BBQ. Highly highly recommend it

Deplorable DeadHead

WOW! I had the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and it was amazing delicious!! (gotta write it again..) WOW! Super cool restaurant and staff. The pickled onion and housemade pickles are fabulous too. Get in here and eat some award winning barbecue!

Christie M

Love Gque bbq. My mom usually sends me to buy a rack of ribs with 1-2#s of Brisket. Savory bbq sauce is a must have and they have specials hand written on wall. Expensive but, always worth it!

Adam Follett

It is really hard to choose what to get here. Everything is good here. I do end up getting the dry rub wings the sausage and a pulled pork. If you had to choose, get one of those.

Ryan Meeks

Ok here goes. The next time I pay twelve dollars for 4 ribs, its either because I have a weapon to my head, or I was just that hungry. I have and had really high hopes for this place, and even with there second location in Park Meadows mall that the rest of Denver metro would know what a decent slab of ribs taste like, but man is this place expensive. For what I paid for 4 ribs, a soda and a side of fries, in any other part of the country as in let's say Alabama, Georgia, or the pan handle of Florida two people could have ate and almost even contemplated dessert. By all means this isn't a bad review. The food is amazing, consistent, and unique. Why 3 stars? It's simple. If I were with someone else on a date, I wouldn't pay $40+ to eat with my hands.

Dallas A. Hendricks

Since I've been watching Jason's videos on YouTube I've been waiting to check GQue BBQ out, drove up from Arizona for Vacation and it was worth the wait!!! Service was awesome, friendly and fast. Brought home some rub and sauce!

Adam Snodgrass

This place was really good. We are from Kansas City and we know good BBQ. Sought this place out during our Colorado vacation after hearing the owner was from Missouri and reading reviews. The brisket was thick cut, juicy and flavorful, ribs were perfect and the sauces were very good as well. I left wishing I’d ordered more of everything.

Elaine Lewers

Excellent Carolina pork sandwich. I wish they served a sweet sauce with it.

jackie h

I usually never order brisket because it's always fatty but the pics online convinced me and I'm glad I did! So lean and amazing smoke flavor. I'm a picky meat eater and I cleaned my plate! The best BBQ I've ever had.

Lori S

Drove a ways to get here for my husband wanted to try another BBQ and this didn't disappoint. We will be back. Even my left overs reheated were yummy!


Simply the best place in Colorado for awesome BBQ, not to mention the outstanding hospitality. Each time I visited, I was greeted by first name by the current manager, Patrick. This place definitely deserves the reviews and recognition it gets. GQue's also has some pretty dope apparel for being a BBQ place as well.

Adrian M

Great place to enjoy smoked meats! Exceptional customer service!!! Food is full of flavor! A cool place to check out!


Excellent BBQ. Tender ribs. Great wings. Good smoke flavor. Super BBQ sauce.

smiley kylie

Everything was so good, and, this is better than Dickey's BBQ it's the best BBQ I have ever had I recommend you going here and not going to Dickey's BBQ, yeah, it's good and all, but this is way better

Katie Nance

Really good barbecue. I'm not the biggest barbecue fan but this stuff is good. The coleslaw is delicious, and so is the pulled pork. I've heard their sausage is good too. They aren't lying when they say "till it's gone" on the door, they do run out of some meats by the end of the night. Sides are tasty but you do have to pay extra for a side. Tuesdays you get a free side with a sandwich. Good specials too. They have sports on TV and I don't care about sports, but they had bowling on when I was there the other night which was actually pretty entertaining. Crazy busy during lunch time but not much of a wait in line. You order at the register and then they bring your food to you. Good portion sizes.

Mary Cay

I visited the Westminster store to have a BBQ pork sandwich, onion rings and my favorite summertime drink an Arnold Palmer. The food was great but the customer service was even better. First off the cashier was a young man who had to let the line know that he could only take credit cards. He did this with confidence and a smile and the line got on his happy train - crisis avoided by his demeanor. The soda station was out of the 'homemade' lemonade and the server quickly replaced it. That was the best Arnold Palmer I've had this season - perfect lemonade. They have two sauces and both are good. I love smoked food but over smoky food is too much and I find a lot of BBQ places overdo the smoke. Not here, it was subtle and delicious. At the end of my meal the GM, Patrick, asked me how the meal was and it was clear that this store is well run and under great management. To have good food and a good customer service experience, inspires a worthy review. I'll be back and would recommend it. Looking forward to the wings and another AP.

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