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Jamie Chester

I just love this place I have a soy allergy and then I never have to worry about it at this restaurant. Also the coffee is amazing I wish you were open a little bit earlier. But I don't care I will drink coffee at 9:00 at night. Great location amazing atmosphere and the staff is always friendly.

Angie Baby

Food is completely terrible and over priced.

Brittany Schneider

Delicious food! We have been here twice now with great food both times. Steak wrap was my favorite and my husband says it is the best flan he has ever had!

brendan c

Reasonably priced and very tasty

dieoxy from

Fast but to much garlic in fries

Tram Tran

Awesome steak wraps

Elizabeth Castor

Having grown up in Tampa, FL I miss the tangy, savory flavors of Cuban food. This restraunt helps relieve my tastebuds' homesickness

Kaytee Scull

This place was a surprising delight. All the food we ordered was tasty and fresh. The service was fast and friendly. the price is a little steep for the portion size. 1 small sandwich is $8-$10 with no side.

Ayana Clark

Awesome little find. Will be back. I highly recommend the pescado plate.

Hayley Bohmer

Consistently good. Love their fries and Cuba Cuba Salad!

l t

The food is always well seasoned and fresh. Unfortunately, my food experience was ruined by the indifference of the cashier who did not seem to appreciate my business in the least, she was not only unfriendly but practically rolled her eyes at me every time I asked a question or made a comment. I'm sure the owner has lost a lot of business because of this type of behavior. The woman had reddish brown hair with a long braid on the side working the afternoon of 6/30/19. Based on the reviews this has been an ongoing problem at this location, which it seems the owner has chosen to ignore. I would definitely visit more often if the service were better, the food is excellent.

Charley Ford

Superb everything!!

Heather Ayluardo

I love Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria in Glendale and was incredibly excited that we were getting one in Northfield. We came by about two weeks ago to try it just after 9:00 pm on a weekend. The doors and windows were open, and people were eating their dinner at the window bar. We stepped inside to order and were informed that the restaurant was closed. We were disappointed, but confused as the windows and doors were open and there were no hours posted anywhere. When we asked for something we could take home with the printed hours, the employees searched around for a few minutes but couldn't find ANYTHING with the hours printed on it to give to us. They informed us that we would have to check the website for the restaurant's hours! If the employees don't know the establishment's hours, how could the guests? Awful first impression for a restaurant I have loved for quite some time.

Justin Foll

10/10 best fries and Cubano I've ever had. The fries are small, have a nice amount of crunch and are dressed with a sauce made from sauteed garlic, oil, chopped cilantro. Pork in the Cubano was incredibly tender and flavorful. Paired with a perfect toasted bread and homemade pickles, the Cubano is a complete knockout. 100% Authentic, reasonably priced, worth every penny food

Johnny Basketball

This place is the real deal make sure you go see my boy josh great GM and great food!

Ilheis Reign

Order the Tempura Maui plate which is delicious. Served on a bed of spicy slaw with white rice and black beans. Wash it down with a Tecate. Also recommend the house mojito.

Jorge Sarria

It is not Cuban food at all. Any one can make rice and beans it doesn't mean that it is Cuban. There is a certain way to make it and cubans don't eat tortillas like mexicans, they do not exist in cuba.

Lulu Lemonpie

If you see good reviews from people just check out their name first! That should say a lot. This is un authentic Cuban food and anyone that says it is , is clearly not from the latin roots and knows real flavor. The beans were flavorless and not enough for my rice. The rice was sticky like Asian style rice. The steak was rubbery like a dog toy I am upset that I wasted my money here. Will never return!!

Michael Price

Nice place to eat with a good vibe. The pork sandwich with the slaw was tasty. Try the plantain chips and guacamole. Yummy!

Ken Carroll

Have had better Cuban sandwich

Frances Romero

It's a nice casual place. My food was good.and so mohito.

Jorge I Arroyo

I had the Bistec y pan sandwich. Pretty tasty. I also had a side of plantain chips. My lady had the fish sandwich, she said it was so so. The place was comfy and had A LOT of Bustello cans everywhere. I like Bustello so 5 stars for that.

My Email

The sandwiches were dry and not very good. My 9 year old even told me "it tastes weird". I don't see the appeal of this place at all.

rick v

Nice atmosphere food was better than expected. Need to return and try more.

Nathaniel Moore

Great sandwiches and plates at very affordable prices. Went there for dinner on a Tuesday night. Wasn't that busy but staff was friendly and five was good. I had the chicken plate which was great. Rice is just plain white rice and black beans were just playing black beans. Nothing special. I also had a mohito which was generous portion and very tasty. My son had the Cubano sandwich which he loved. We will definitely go back.

Jade Cross

From the moment we walked in, we noticed that we only saw locals in there and that was out first sign that what we were about to eat was going to be dank. The place was very clean, we loved the atmosphere and the music that makes your bones want to move along to it. We ordered the cubano and Cuban fries to share and we were knocked off or feet from the moment it was brought to our table. The look and the smell was all authentic. Hands down the best place we ate in Denver during our short stay. We know that this food is something that we are going to be taking about for the next year till we make our way back up here. The service was awesome, everything was done in a timely manner. It was definitely worth every dollar. Thank you for the memories we made in there.

Carlos Barrios

Great lechon plate and the sweet plantains are tremendous.

Joseph Ulibarri

Quick but tasty. If you're not sure about Cuban food fair, give it a try, you won't regret it.

Jean-François Rochon

Nice place! Simple and tasty cuban food, some music playing in the background, decorated with colours and no excess. In the style where you order at the counter, it had a nice welcoming and easy going feeling to it.

TJ Treantos

Absolutely love this place! The food is great, the service is great, and the area is great! One of my favorite fast food joints in Northfield! Keep up the good work guys thank you for your service!

Keegan Maselli

I have eaten at multiple Cuba Cuba locations and I am continually impressed with the consistently delicious food. I am a huge fan of their Pan con Lechon, Cuban salad, and of course the Cuban sandwich. If you're looking for a quick and fresh lunch this is a place to check out.

Jose Vieitez

Love this place! All the food is tasty!

Matt Lloyd

Great cheap food - a pleasant surprise !

Patricia Prentis

I ate here today for the first time. I LOVE IT! The best food I have eaten in a long time. Great service and the restaurant and restroom was very clean. I will be back!!!!!

Cesar Murillo

Lechon Asado (Pulled Pork) Plate is my favorite, but also Palomilla Steak Plate is good both come with white rice and beans, I love to order sweet plantains aside but you must order Tres Leches dessert, lot of calories, really sweet but extremely good

Crystal Schillo

This place is wow! Definitely Cuban. We ordered pork sandwiches, mahi sandwich, and a salad all were great!!! Atmosphere was unique and service superb! We will be back, maybe even tonight

Dan Warila

Unfortunately this place wasn't as good as the one I stopped at earlier. That being said it was still a pretty good sandwich. Their cake was amazing

Chelsea Cusack

Wonderfully authentic Cuban food

Danie Capps

Relaxed feel, great music, and the food and mojitos are delicious!

Dana Hughes Jr.

Very good sandwiches and plantain chips. We'll be back.

Toka Mercado

SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! We were in that area all weekend for softball. ..... We ended up going here BOTH days because it was so delicious! Their Cuban sandwich made me wish we lived closer!

Charles S

Great food as always. No complaints

Roberto Ortiz

Service was horrible. Food was ok. Clean.

Maurice Lucas

The food was greasy.

Will Holzapfel

Awesome sandwiches (pork and Cuban) with amazing Cuban fries. They have a really cool vibe, and definitely worth checking out.

Anthony Fuentes

The best service and food

joseph knable

The Cuban is good but the pork sandwich with the slaw is crazy good! I only wish i lived closer...

Thomas Hohmann

The Picadillo and beef empanada are very good but the Cuban sandwich was very greasy. It was a decent sandwich but the roast pork on there was very greasy. Cut down on the grease and it would be much better.

Phillip Hampton

Very good food

Pam Eastwood

Great food and friendly staff!! The Cuban sandwich is amazing as is the Cuba Cuba salad. Don't forget to grab a mojito!

Cinthia Sandoval

Fast service and everything is cooked by order Great place for lunch!

AJ Joiner

This bar is not safe for women. And as you notice, Kristy won't leave more than a one-word answer, and won't reply to my Glendale review. The owner of this establishment has taken zero steps to make her bars safe for women. She still employs a bartender that was drinking heavily on the job and purposely over-pouring our drinks. I was a patron of this restaurant for 2 years and ended up in the hospital after drinking one afternoon at Cuba Cuba. Something that has never happened to me before. The owner harassed me and said I "simply forgot" tipping her creepy bartender after I ordered the first round. I didn't "simply forget", you psychopath, I blacked out because your bartender was spiking my drinks. This bar is not safe for women. Don't ever drink their fruity shots. They probably move bartenders to different locations like the pope moves creepy priests to different churches.

Dean Thomas

Pretty good unique place. The food is good and simple. Staff was nice and efficient but they didn't bring out my coffee which I didn't realize until I had left. Good if you want something quick but don't want the normal fast food options.

Ian C

These guys cater to my office all the time. It is always a treat to have them come by. You guys rock!!

tlm fyke

This is a must every time I'm in Stapelton CO

AMS & Fam

There food is really good. Sometimes, I just go for the espresso. I like that you can sit outside up to a bar/island countertop.

Isaias Casanova

Good basic Cuban food. Not Miami but as close as you can get out west. Plantains and picadillo are top notch.

Joshua Landrey

Every time I've been in the staff has been more than accommodating to custom orders and offer more options on top, reasonably priced and very accommodating. Family friendly, delicious awesome food. Ten stars

Do Yunkyung

Sandwiches are delicious and i especially enjoyed their cuban fries! Hopefully one day they also start serving yuca fries too.



Pedro Cruz

Outstanding! Excellent food, good service, excellent location and reasonable prices. Best Cuban food in the Denver area

Lubka Vassileva

Delicious food!

Leah Shook

I had picadillo, it was good, but I've heard the restaurant in downtown is really good.

Frances J

First off first time there. When we first walked, we didn't know if it was self seating or not, do we order at the counter or what. We had to ask yell out to the two a waiter/waitress.. Look like one was training the other. Food was good came out of kitchen good time and price was fairly well.

Don Lines

Great place I plan to visit again. I got the cubano, a classic pork and ham Cuban sandwich and the garlic fries. Both were delicious. Had enough food to take home half the sandwich to enjoy again later. I heard the steak was the best thing on the menu, but I went to a Cuban place to get a Cuban. I'll try the steak next time.

Dionne Washington

Awesome, great, excellent and yummy. If you haven't been here you must go. You won't be disappointed. Trust and believe that.

Monica Kinnermon

Delicious! Food and drinks were great. Staff was super sweet and accomodating--even when we changed our order!

Danette Lopez

This is such a cool place. The food is fantastic! The vibe is amazing. Not too expensive, a true treasure for the neighborhood.

Edward Korabic

Great chicken sandwich

Carley Scott

Amazing food and fast service


These guys gave me the wrong order, wasn't even close. But the food was so amazing I'm giving them 5 stars.

Cody Fermoyle

Very nice little Cuba joint! I had the Lechon Asado and I was not disappointed at all, good flavor to the meat (not dry at all) and combined with the rice and black beans it was a very satisfying meal. Filling!! Laid back atmosphere (Only time I've had better was Home made - Lechon moro Y yuca)

Roberto Rodriguez

Great. Try the lechon with rice and beans and the materva soda.

Julio Parra-Vega

Great cuban food, awesome service, cozy place without pretention.


I don't think these folks are Cuban. The steak sandwich was okay, it could have been better

Chanta Mi

The food is ok and if you like spending your money we’re they have poor customer service then com here. This is not an isolated incident I’ve been here a few times and it happens every time.

Neil Allman

SOOO Good. My favorite sandwich is a cuban sandwich and Cuba Cuba is doing it right. My family all loved their orders as well.

Melina Aponte

Excellent food and service. We had lechon sandwich and lechon with rice and black beans, with a side of tostones. The tostones was the biggest surprise: thin, crispy, with garlic! The flan was good too. Found Costa Rican beer here, so I got that. Loved the concept.

Alex Felix

Amazing service. Amazing food. Amazing quality. Amazing timing. Nice & clean & updated. Super cool art inside! Perfect

Sean Ozan

Good food ,good service

chrystal Bellaire

Best place to have a good time with family and friends. Music is amazing and food is even better. A must have if you have not tried them. We will be back soon for sure

Samantha Duty

Tonight was the first time we ever came and we are so happy we did! They have amazing food and friendly staff. We now are going to be regular customers.

j a

It is a nice fast-food change from a typical burger-joint. I ordered the Cubano sandwich. The sandwich was well made and the portions were generous, however the innards of the sandwich were cold and the cheese wasn't melted. IDK if it was rushed of the grill press, if the grill wasn't hot enough yet, or if that's just the way they do it. Would have been a terrific sandwich had it been properly grilled.

Hugh Schickel

This place rocks. Quick, inexpensive, unusual tastes (in a good way). Have visited a dozen times this year and will likely visit a dozen more.

Lee Larson

The Cuban sandwich was very good. I will return to this place if I am ever in the area during lunchtime again.

Jason Baird

Good Cuban food. Not too heavy. Nice, cheap meal on a cold day.

Charlie Glahe

I really like this place. It's a great little neighborhood restaurant and we go as often as we can.

Jenifer Liver

Pretty good cubano sandwich and excellent maduros.

Brian Acton

Nice people, sandwiches look good... plate is misleading... flavor was good, portions for price not even close to expected.. next time ill probably go to Chipotle or Las Tortas. Came hungry, left hungry. 3 stars because they were nice. Minus 2 because I spent 40 bucks and left super hungry and disappointed.

red angry duck

Really good food ... would love to check the place out at night could be rocking

Dr. Tino Garcia

Great food great folks.

Taylor Davis

My go-to sandwich joint! And the mimosas are great too!

Scott Shaver

Interesting, I would like to go back and try something different. A bit expensive for what it really is, but its in a stripmall per se with expensive burgers and overpriced tacos.... so I guess they set their prices to match

Chanelle Humphrey

GREAT place!! Cindy was amazing, courteous and professional!

David Ungemah

Very consistent. I really like the pork sandwich and plantain chips. Quite delicious. Only knock is service.

Nancy Rowen

This is my favorite Caribbean restaurant in SD...always good portions and flavor is off the chain...I gotta get my usual oxtail plate and beef/chicken patties when I go. Check out all the spots I check in at on Yelp...if I give any spot a its a reputable spot..this is by far the best in the city hands down.

Anders Fornberg

Great sandwiches. They Pan Con Pollo (chicken) is delicious!

Beckett Hearn

Great food and atmosphere. Prices are very reasonable. I definitely want to go back soon.

Lidia Guerrero

Quick service and kind staff, but the food was not as tasty as I expected.

Jeremy Gilman

I eat here every day for lunch highly recommend the Pollo wrap or one of their desserts

Sandra Christensen

I absolutely love this place!!! I've only been there twice and Blake was amazing!! She knew exactly what I was looking for and remembered me from the first time. Five star rating for a 10 star staff!

Susan C

So nice they named it twice! The staff here is always fun and friendly. They are very cool about customers asking questions. The food is always delicious and served quickly.

Fran Gomez

I had the chicken sandwich ~ delicious!

Brianna Grimm

Cuba Cuba is an absolute favorite of mine and my boyfriend's. We went there last week because I was told they do a free entree and drink the week of your birthday! I thought that was so special and I can't turn down their meat!! The mojitos are a must have as well!

michael valadez

I always get the cubano. It's delicious the flan is pretty good too.

Chris S

So much bread and only one thin slice of meat.. If I wanted a bread sandwich I would of said. The Cole slaw is the best thing here.

Leon Marshall

Very good food and excellent service

Scott B

Absolutely AWESOME and AUTHENTIC!! Service was excellent! Blake was very helpful and attentive! I ordered a combinacion w/ Cuban, slaw and fries. Hot, fresh, fast, and authentic!! DEFINITELY recommend this place!!

Janyse Hamilton


Maria Neely

Fabulous food!

Peggy Feliot Jensen

When there after the 2018 Denver Art Festival. Awesome atmosphere, yummy mojitos and you MUST try the fries with garlic sauce!

Edson Farfan

The meat, the rice and the beans were so delicious!

Carlos Wharton Jr

Great food, awesome atmosphere and super fast service!!

Sam Hernandez

The best

Steven Hunter

Great fast Cuban food

Adam Hancock

You guys have been killing it! Pan con bistec! So good! Habanero aeoli is amazing!

Paul Sincere

Great authentic food. I love the sweet plantains and the Cuban sandwich of course. The deep fried mahi plate is also one of my favorites. They also have good empanadas, plantain chips, picadillo and authentic beverages as well.

Donald Dickerson

Best mojitos around. There coffee machine was broke but my guess is there coffee would be awesome as well. I had the best sandwich and if we ever go back to denver i will be coming back for more food and drinks.

Sally Rodz

My family and I were disappointed with the food today. I have been visiting Cuba Cuba for a few years. First in Boulder when they were open and now this location. We spend 70 plus dollars and the food was horrible. The rice was all gooey and tasted like water, the beans had zero flavor, the tostones tasted like pure vinegar. The only thing that actually had flavor was the meat. I will never visit this place again. I don’t give zero stars because the meat was ok and because I can’t anyways.

Dorain pryor

I love love the food

Mr. Ed

Great food, great coffee, great atmosphere I was super happy with the service and obviously the food. I would recommend this place!

Brandon Roberts

Not traditional cuban fare more fast food fare.

Michelle Barkley

Delicious and quick polite service.

Jelona Talley

Good food and people

Celeste Pfister

Very good food at very inexpensive prices I. A casual setting. Plaintain chips are tummy as are the garlicky Cuban fries. Try the sangria. The Cuba Cuba salad is fabulous.

Tina Phibbs

Good food.

David Parker

Cheap, fast, and tasty! And no wait like at the original Cuba Cuba.

Jeff Axtell

This place is legit. Great food. Great drinks. Great customer service.

nohemi serrato

Love the place ! Huge portions had the steak sandwich and the cubano both delicious. The fries were seasoned with garlic oil as well as the plantains both big sides. Ordered the mojito but it was more like a frozen margarita I was expecting a real mojito with mint leaves a little disappointed on that but the flavor was good. I will definitely come back when in town.

Caleb Karger

I had Cuban food before from family owned places, and this place was just as good and authentic. It's worth the price for sure. I will be back.

Danica Harcourt

Please note, this is NOTHING like the real Cuba Cuba in Denver. The little stores serve a very odd variation of the authentic restaurant on 13th. Please go to the real place for amazing and outstanding Cuban food. This place is over garlicky and not good.

Rick Shortt

Bland meat. Just an average sandwich shop with a staff that weren't very excited to be at work. I was hoping for more flavor from a cubano restaurant.

Jake Ledbetter

Absolutely delicious! Will be returning

David Vannorsdel

Really good food at a great price.

Frank TERO

I haven't had authentic Cuban food, but the flavor of the sandwiches and fries were good. Pan con lechon is a pulled pork sandwich, very tasty. Pan con bistec is good, but the fries were very awesome w/ butter and garlic.

Julie Binti

The pork sandwich aka pan con lechon and mojitos are amazing!! Mojitos are strong and the fries are sooo good.

Karen K

As a door dash driver, this place is fantastic. The food was ready to go when i got here, they offered me a fountain drink and i was on my way. I'll definitely be back to try the food for myself when i'm not working!

Jayce Lieber

Great food the main store is the best and the mojito's are great

Snaychel Maurice

They have really good food with large portions. I enjoyed the plantain chips.

Adelyn Rodriguez

The resturant had a nice atmosphere. The menu looked promising. However, the rude and condescending cashier left me wanting. I had politely asked if the resturant carried a congri on the menu,. It's a staple Cuban dish and my favorite to be honest. The cashier responded that's just beans and white rice and we have beans. So I asked if it was prepared together and she responded in the most condescending tone "we have rice and black beans in a bowl. You can mix it yourself". There was absolutely no need for this. I was stunned. My boyfriend and I both turned around and walked straight out. This took place on 4/28/19 around 1:30pm. We decided to go to Torchy's Taco next door. It was busier and the staff was pleasant.


Delicious!!!! Worth going and eating yummy

Gloria Zavala

Great food love the cafe con leche awesome place friendly worker's

Cheyenne Robert

Delicious food at a reasonable price. Great atmosphere! Parking can be tricky, but there are options. The sweet plantains are AMAZING, and the mojitos are excellent! Hands down, one of my favorite places to eat! 10/10, would recommend :)

Adrianna Rivera

Their food is delicious. Waitress/server/cashier whatever you want to call her always has an attitude like she'd mad at the world and now you're bothering her. Food barely makes it worth going back

Marcus Isakson

Brand new taste that not only was fresh it was pleasantly delicious and surprisingly tasty. One of the best new place I have tried lately! Will be returning again without a doubt.

Kw Kalish

Its good but the Cuban is NOT the best sandwich. The steak is

Hugh Williamson

I've lived in South Florida most of my life and grew up eating Cuban food, finding Cuba Cuba was a super pleasant surprise to find in Shops at Northfield and they serve great Cuban food at this location. Highly recommend and it would be my go-to if I lived in Stapleton full-time. Next time I want to visit their main location for the full experience but really liked what they did with this small storefront.

Stephani Nwajei

Food is great!


The young man who barely looks old enough to even work here was lovely... excellent customer service, great confidence & friendly demeanor. The food & coffee is good & price isn't too bad either. We'll be back for sure!

Ms N

I'm from South Florida. The food was delicious and very Miami to me. Familiar flavors. The aioli sauce is not typical of Cuban food but so delicious. I'd love to know the receipe. The Cuban loaf of bread is pricey. $4-5 dollars per loaf. I'm Miami it's $1. So worth it when I make my cafe con leche at home. If there was a bakery, we'd be there every weekend. I suggest those who have not tried Cuban food yet, will love this place.

Marius Junoka

I chosed to two stars for this location, just because the food is different then the other location they have in Glandale! Over there the same steak sandwich is delicious, the condiments they use over there are great, fresh and they add different stuff inside the same sandwich, where at this location the same sandwich has way different taste, barely has anything inside, no condiments, I mean sure I see a big onion sliced and fried in a ton of oil that turns your stomach upside down, sure I see tons of lettuce inside the sandwich, but then again if I wanted loads of lettuce I would of chosen a regular BLT from Jimmy John's! Inside this sandwich there are a lot of things missing. Sure I wanted a nice Cuban sandwich from Cuba Cuba, but I went to the wrong address! I'm writing this review as I eat, and definitely this sandwich should easily be thrown away, but I won't, I payed $13 for it because it was on a gluten free bun, which makes it even gross. Oh well, I've learned my lesson, I'll only use the Cuba Cuba location from Glandale! Thank you so much for this wanna be sandwich!

Jose Cruz

I was expecting food from home and was so very disappointed. I should've known when it became clear that this was a chain restaurant. I was excited beforehand from the reviews, but I have to remember that alot of people out here haven't had real Caribbean food. The woman who took my order was rude over the phone and in person as well. She didn't speak Spanish and told me so very rudely. Never again

Daniel Seelye

Great Cuban food!

Lawrence Bolton

Good food, great prices, and the staff professional and prompt. Has a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere as well. I will be going back.

Takiaya Obey

Great food. Can't complaint. Fries tossed in garlic are the best. Tostones/Patacon

Davidson Virginia

Best JA yard food in this place! And very good service and delivery. If you do not eat here you are foolish. You MUST do!

Yvette Hixon

Great food and mojitos!

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