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1 Old Town Square Suite 104, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States Located in: Old Town Square

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REVIEWS OF Ben & Jerry’s IN Colorado

Sam Davis

All the choices were fabulous

Ryan Rogoszewski

Ben & Jerry's...always delicious!

Shea Douglas

Kathy Beistline

RJ Meserve

Sarah Krogmann

April R

Typically flavors available

anthony detwiler

I had some Schweddy Balls and it was amazing!! I loved watching them hand make the waffle cones and I loved the outstanding service!

Ryan Embry

Staff could use work but i love going to this location

Bryan Rogers

Everything Ben & Jerry's at a great location for enjoying a waffle cone with the kids.

Carrie Bauers

Best Ben and Jerry's I have ever had. Friendly staff and beautiful, vibrant atmosphere outside.

Patrick Whelan

Lydia richardson

I saw videos on the Internet of two girls playing around in the back. One stuffed a piping bag full of icing into the others mouth. Another time they scooped ice cream right out of the tub without gloves, seems like a few health code violations. And when I called, they pretended there wasn't a way I could contact their supervisor. Ben and Jerry's needs to look into hiring people over the age 18, if all the teenagers are going to act completely immature.

Jennifer Judisch

First time I have been to a Ben & Jerry's, was very pleased. The ladys explained everything to me that I asked. No problems, the store was awesome. They have little activities for your kids to play with too. Definitely recommend!


Good ice cream, but the shop is always hot and the tables sticky!

Kassandra Roeser

MsJekio .

Simon Branton-Housley


Hank Moody

Mallory Wallace

Overpriced - hit up the local spots and save yourself the trouble of a rude staff too!

a f

Double chocolate goodies. Awsome staff

Ruth Mojica

Janelle Zebell

Great store, great mission, always always sticky.

Christopher Najar

It's Ben and Jerry's of course it's great! Regarding this location in particular - it's a nice location in downtown Ft Collins - service is great too.

Rob Smith

On the contrary to Nick, we have never had poor experience here. We love taking our kids here and hanging out outside on the patio.

Paula Winding

Old Town Yoga Studio

You may be wondering if they have chocolate ice cream here. Well they do!

فهود یحی

زق زق زق زق

Scott Goheen

Rebekah Dorris

Lisa Geer

Loved it! Not only was their ice-cream top-notch, but they're so environmentally friendly. They have dairy-free ice cream, they have compostable and biodegradable straws and spoons, they focus on Peaceful activism and Justice, and they focus on their Eagle suffering a lot. Along with making sure all of their ingredients and products are fair trade. I'm so proud to have a Ben & Jerry's in my location making a difference in my community!

Abby Fullman

Amanda Nebelsick

Jen J.

I love that there is a chain! The lady's are always so nice when I go in. Every time I have a question about anything they answer kindly. Highly recommend

James C. Johnson

Awesome Ice Cream

Christina Bramsen

Karen Kealy

Great ice cream!

Michael Zotto

Bombbbbb ice cream

Ari Sovijärvi

Excellent ice cream and friendly service.

Dana M.

Ice cream is obviously great and worth the wait on a busy night!

Ethan Hill

By far my favorite ice cream stop mmmmmmm i want more!!!!!!

Dana Graves

Spencer Ford

BJs are always the best

Eli Dik

Best ice cream in town

Chris the Great

Gibbs Gaming

It was great. Went on a date with my girl there the other day and as I'm typing this she says "God I actually want that right now" LOL. Great service. Girls there all deserve tips lol. They helped us choose 2 cones that we both enjoyed very much. And they when they started to melt and I asked for spoons and bowls they were happy to give them to me for free. It was an extremely hot day too and it was really cool inside their place. Loved it. Going back again soon.

Will King

Superb as always! Luv me some real scoops of Ben & Jerry's from a franchise store instead of the grocery!

Daniella Escalona

I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream and in this location I feel very nice because the girls are super nice!

Brad Opfer

J Ot

Very good ice cream that is typical for any Ben and Jerry's restaurant. There is often a wait but the line moves fast and it is a fun atmosphere. It is a great treat to get an ice cream cone and enjoy it on the mall area. Often there is live music, entertainers or some sort of festival type of activity that really is great for walking around while snacking on the cone. This is an area that every visitor should experience.

Ali Hotto

Tasty way to end a night!

Angry Bird

Joseph Lamplot IV

Sandra Ross

Yummy! They are super friendly and helpful with questions. Yummy ice cream. The prices are reasonable for the quality of ice cream oh and did I mention yummy?!?

April Squires

Paula Ardon Bodan

karthikeyan R

Florencia Pezzutti

Dusty Boben

Alyssa Melvin


Great location to get a refreshing desert.

Rob R

All flavours are yummy

Kristen Robinson

Love Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. For being in the shop for the first time it would have been nice to have more friendly service and maybe throw out some options for new people but other than that the ice cream was amazing. I got a half baked shake.

Dan Santopietro

Denise Santarelli

Non dairy ice cream YES

Matt Gooodwin

Sweet and friendly

Jonah Weisser

My go-to ice cream place. The prices are good, the ice cream is good too, the workers are genuinely kind and helpful, and its a solid place all around.

Peggy Carter

Love it, another good reason to go to Old Town Square.

Kurt Hyllested

I went to the establishment tonight and read on the door that there were no public restrooms. I as a patron find that a public establishment has an obligation to provide restrooms to their customers. I love Ben and jerry's ice cream. I buy it all the time at the super market so the ice cream is not the issue. I'm old school and that is one of my biggest pet peeves as it is becoming common in this day and age. So again nothing against the food just proper ediqutte.

Stephanie Lee

Dustin Johnson

Fantastic place to have ice cream and watch kids play in the fountain.

Ryan Dilley

Amy-Mable Kim-Marks-Hines

It's Ben & Jerry's how can it not be good! Great service at this one too!

Cathy Blakeman

Brought the grand kids this time, and hubby and I come here frequently. There are several flavors I just keep getting every visit. Love the location in old town.

Mary Pierson

One of my all time favourites, and such a close walk from home. The staff are always helpful and upbeat with samples and suggestions. One of the coolest things is if you're up to a challenge or have a big group to feed they have a huge bucket of ice cream with toppings cones, whipped cream, etc. And the goal is to eat it within a certain timeframe and you could be walking away with a free bellyful of goodness.

Joe Sharmer

Its ben and jerry's what more can you say

Kent Chao

Pricey but alright.

Lucy Skrobacz

Locally owned and operated shop. Great owners who are dedicated to giving back to the Fort Collins community. Plus, so many delicious flavors of ice cream, smoothies, and shakes to choose from!

Aaron Nichols

Our night began in a state of pure euphoria. We had just listened to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. We had driven across town to be delighted by the Ice Cream of the gods. (Ben "and" Jerry's). But upon entering, the mood was shattered by the piercing looks of the employees. We didn't know their names, so we're going to refer to them as Emily, and other Emily. I wish there was a way to give negative stars, specifically for ambiance. Because there was none. I have never been in a more negative room, including the day I was "born"? If I were to have a surprise birthday party, where (double surprise) the party is for Satan, the room could not have been more negative. I wish I had gone to 7/11. P.S., Ice cream was great, but my roommate was given the wrong flavor. GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

mark ellsworth

Guess who's favorite place?

Lilli Thompson

Hunter Hach

Lovely ice cream and friendly employees.

Samantha Coontz

The Vermonster only ends up filling 1/2 the bucket.... go ahead, give it a try!

Gaurav Harshe

Wonderful place and feels nice to be treated with a variety of quality ice creams!

Lange Simmons

Right by Old Town Square, you can't beat getting a scoop here on the weekends.

Rebekah Granlund

Katelyn Torie Heller

37 Ben & Jerry's flavors offered at the time we stopped in. The option to take home a pint of ice cream was available but only in a handful of flavors. I loved the bright colorful environment and the added feature of different games (jenga, dominoes, ect.) at each table. The shop was clean and the employees were all super friendly and genuinely looked like they enjoyed there job.

Al k

Great ice cream, fast and friendly service. They even have nondairy flavors!

Rocky Sanks

Very nice on such a Hot day

Shane Kelly

Milla Allen

S. John Ross

Can I be excited by a chain? I can if it's this one. Top quality ice cream and more ... but often crowded.

Matthew House

The food at this location was very good. The coin-operated car inside the store was a fun thing for the children who were with me. The people were very helpful, and they were very patient with the fact that I was traveling with two small children. They went out of their way to help us and to do whatever they could to make our experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Cesar Perez

Alejandro López-Cerón

Best ice cream in Fort Collins. Even during the winter months. I keep coming since 2013 and it's always delicious. At the just remodeled Old Town square, a gathering-people place.

Greg Fisher

All the flavor of ice cream in one place!

Dragon Master

Maranatha Mulhern

Chocolate Therapy milkshake is GREAT


Jesse Pollock

Devyn Glover

noam mantaka

Joseph Willingham

Workers there were great, and awesome location.

Ashley Lukas

I ordered an ice cream cake online for my son’s birthday, I received a confirmation email that my order was placed and to pick up the cake at 11:00 on Monday. I drove 30 minutes out of my way to get this cake for my son, I arrived at 11:45 to find the store CLOSED!!! The business hours clearly state that they open at 11:00am and again my order confirmed this. So now I have to scramble and try and come up with a birthday cake for my son before he gets home from school. Thanks a lot.

Lisa Silcox

Pablo Molina

Donald Heinze

Eric Fosdick

Rick Parker

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