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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Bread North Glenn IN Colorado

Jorgealberto Zetino

One of my favorite places to eat. Service is great and food is excellent.

Crystal Swenby

I’ve come here several times. Usually the people are pleasant and helpful. This was not that kind of experience. My 8 year old decided she wanted a salad. So we ordered a half salad only to be told it’s $1 cheaper. We can’t see what we were charged on the receipt because it only shows the total. We ask for an explanation of charges and the girl rolls her eyes, says something under her breath and walks away. Rude customer service. I still feel like I got screwed on the bill but the people working didn’t bother with explanation nor did they care. I will not be returning and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone after today.

Tracey Crosby

The food is always delicious, the Waldorf chicken sandwich is my favorite. The staff is friendly and the restaurant is clean.

Tanya Rivera

I love their soups everything and service

Jamie Osborne


Judy Coursey

Great variety of sandwiches. As well as breakfast dishes all day. Very acomodating for special needs. A favorite

Abby Huber

Food is always amazing and the staff is extremely friendly. Love this place

Tari Ensign

I frequent this restaurant often. Great place to enjoy company of friends!

Jeremy Howie

Very nice place with great atmosphere and energy. There is a great menu selection and staff was friendly. Lots of vegetarian options but not many vegan options. Highly recommend for a healthy breakfast or lunch.


LOVE!! I would eat here all the time, this place is so damn good. Similar to Panera but has way more options.

kaylee Bbq

So many carbs so little time... very good

Beth Bernier

We go here every time we visit Colorado. Cozy atmosphere and great food! Friendly wait staff.

Zach W

Great sandwiches and soup. Also enjoy being able to get a loaf of fresh baked bread sliced to order. The honey wheat bread is the best for toast!

Rachel Schorzman

Yummy as always! have been coming here for years. Always fresh.

Maria Esposito

Food is good..Servers are rude. You have to wave them down for a box & ask again can I have a bag?! Didnt want to walk out carring 3 items. Smh..

Kurt Haserodt

Been coming here since it opened. It’s always pleasantly crowded, but never full. Really much better than that other bread company—just wish there were more of them. ABC special sandwich is my favorite, and it’s only gotten better over the years. I’m so grateful they haven’t abandoned Coke products too.

Laura Krech

Love this place! Yummy food, chill vibes

Christel Chavez

Nice menu selection. Variety of pastries. The afternoon manager was incredibly helpful (needed help with gift certificates). Looking forward to trying new items

Chlxe Cxsplays

Very amazing bread!

epicpowderhound .

The sandwiches are ok, but...they are usually out of some soups ....if you know that you run out of something often, it would seem like good business to make more of it. Also found out (and this isn't surprising), they don't make the soup on site - it comes in bags that they heat up. I was told this by an employee when I questioned why they are usually out of soup and why they wouldn't make more if they know they run out. They said they can't actually "make" more because they run out of the bags. Wow. I'm so hungry now.

steve carpenter

Good soup and sandwich

Scott Schneider

Love the Waldorf! Service is always friendly, it can get busy though.

Glenda Gomez

One of our favorite places. Food and service are great.

Emmi Emaphant

This place sells amazing food and has free kids meals on Tuesdays

Brandon Seibel

Great people, great food but a little too pricey for a little bowl of soup and a half sandwich...couple that with an iced tea and you have a $15 lunch. The staff was friendly and the place was very clean...just too expensive for a 5 star review

Richard I. Osland

Very good sandwiches. Nice place that we found after getting into Denver. Was a good choice. Very much like Paneras here in Illinois.

Brenda Drake

Pretty good... mostly but it seems like Starbucks.... The menu makes no sense unless you know what you are ordering... sticking with Panera


The best bread I’ve ever had! Yum!

Phyllis Wilson

First visit. Busy @ noonish. Good choices. Bumped into a friend. Very good food.

BEAR Cronin

I want to go fast

Dominick B.

I love this place. I like it so much more than Panera honestly. I suggest the turkey, bacon avocado sandwich with the clam chowder soup! Broccoli and cheese is awesome too. Had the steak sandwich with aujus dip and it give it a 8 out of 10. Staff is very nice and knowledgeable about what's good and popular.

ashley klotz

Normally, I really enjoy this place, they have good food and good service. However, this time of getting food from here, we ordered through grubhub and I got a turkey club panini, the tomatoes were bad, the bacon was barely cooked, and there was barely any turkey on it. They got the food to us quickly but I would rather my food be cooked than gotten to me quickly, I dont wanna wait forever but I would rather wait a few more minutes to have cooked food

susy lu

Excellent place! Clean, fast and delicious.

Bob Schilz

Was busier than I expected for 1:45 pm. Waited a few minutes to give order. The meal came out quickly, and was delicious. Try the pumpkin soup!


Food is always good with friendly staff

Ronald Cosper

Good food, good price, no complaints

Kristine Hurley

This is a very warm and inviting place. My daughter and I have spent many, many days here while she studied on her laptop for classes at UNC and I shopped. I want to thank the staff for being so professional and polite. Never made us feel like we should not stay so long. We agree that being able to come here was a huge part of her achieving her degree in education. I can't thank you enough!

Laurens Campos

The attention was very bad. The coffee was cold, there was no lemonade in the dispenser. When my daughter spoke with the person at the counter, the woman replied that she was busy and that she had other clients. That person did not have a name tag. When I told her that the coffee was cold, she just made a bad gesture with her mouth and said something like: uhum ! Who "attended" us has a tattoo on one arm.

Romy j

The food and drinks are good! Cozy atmosphere too! the staff were ways on top of it and very helpful!

Eleanor Selle

Good fresh soup and salad.

Daniel Rodriguez

Very good food. Friendly place to eat

Elizabeth Timpe

Delicious food and wonderful environment and staff.

Charlie Echo

It's ok, but over priced... Panera Bread is better.!

John Rendon

Pretty damn good.

Kathryn Stewart

Many gluten free options for a bread place

Ramona Careathers

Love the fireplace!! Their soup was nice and hot and their grill cheese was so good. Will go back! It was expensive, worth it yes.

Cody Harlan

Good service

Yesenya Saucedo

Tomato soup with bread boil is a must.

Cameron Meeks

Nice had an informal meeting the staff did not rush us like Starbucks

Xavier Martin

Great place excellent food

Connie Clements

Great potato soup. Staff is very friendly.

Car K

Really not impressed. Went here for soup and a sandwich. The soup was clearly nuked in a microwave, it took 10 minutes to be cool enough to eat, and it was not worth the wait. The sandwich was subpar as well, it just tasted off. Also the music was terrible elevator music.

Liz Murphy

The food and service was great. Friendly staff. The coffee was pretty awful. I am a a fan of overly sweetened coffee, and even adding a bunch of sugar and caramel sauce, it wasn't enough.

Reed Richter

First of all, I've been to this place a few times now and if you go inside, order, and sit down to eat, its good. The online order system needs improvement. When I went to pick up I stood at the counter for at least 5 minutes while the staff did everything around me (including ask me to move) except greet me and ask what I was there for. My order was actually sitting on the counter ready in the back the whole time. Combined with a order that wasn't completely accurate and take out earns a really low rating.

Karen Willard

Good food, clean & good location, even though it's tucked away in the Northglenn Market.

Werner Kubitsch

Comfy cafe style bakery/eatery with a good variety of menu options, sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta, pastries etc

Cathy Armstrong

Love their sandwiches

Ryan Lederman

The pizza had cold uncooked dough and the “Side of fruit” was still frozen. Disgusting.

Almangie Gonzalez

Nice place! They have delicious bread

Sean Mckinster

Good food but WAY TOO expensive. Its a sandwich for christ sake.

Crmido2000 .

Very friendly, relaxed. Yummy food.

Samantha Schobitz

Good food, good prices. The staff are amazing.

Catsmeow Garcia

Yummy fresh food and great service!Clean chill environment!!!

Brenda George

My favorite place close to home


Love the chicken pesto panini..


Fresh and fresh, always great food and courteous staff. A destination eatery for sure!!!

Robert Bustam

Went for breakfast took 30 minutes to get coffee 3 out of the 4 coffee pots were empty the pot with coffee was decaf. When we got our breakfast the eggs tasted like powdered eggs and the potatoes tasted like they were 3 days old were unable to eat them. We then decided to try the pecan roll it obviously was not baked today. Was a very bad way to start the day. Went to Carl's Jr food was fresh and enjoyable to eat.

Donna Devine

Wonderful catering experience. Ordering was easy! I really appreciate the suggestions from Jerry on their catering team. The sandwiches were excellent. Received many compliments. I will definitely be back!


Extremely disappointed in the way we were treated tonight. Our order was wrong, I call and let them know that our order was wrong, felt like I was disrespected by the person who answered. We got back there and the lady who was working the register was not good at all, showed no remorse for the way she was talking to us. The manager was very very upset by the way her crew was handling things. The manager was the only nice person there. We been going there for years, my fiance knows the owners of the place. Your crew needs to really think about their actions and respect the customer. WE WILL NOT BE COMING BACK!


Roast beef? More like roast funky odor meat! My soup was ok, wife's soup was cold... Bye bye $27 dollars!! I now have a better appreciation for Panera. I just read a 1-star review from a few hrs ago... I agree the cashier gives you weird looks, its like people annoy him or something but at the same time he is pollite lol.

Karen Kahler

The food was good and came out quickly. Employees were friendly.

Rayna Overcash

Yum great food friendly service.

Karlie Chardi

Always fresh food. Great service

David Leftwich

A personal favorite of mine. Great pastrami sandwiches.

Sue Shang Yang

Everything was great and wonderful staff!

Logan Kuhr

Such good chicken salad and really quick service. Prices could be better for what you get but a lot of variety will have me coming back.

Robert Schittone

Great place to eat has a home atmosphere highly recommended do you want anyone on the go or Family Dining

Michael Smith

Id give it zero if I could. Really crappy croissant for the egg and cheese, must have been days old, I can buy a better one at the gas station. The egg was cooked like garbage. NEVER coming here again!

Kelly Flanagan

Guy at the register (auctioneer voice) is great at his job and also extremely attractive

Aric Amore

Sunday morning and there are about 7 people sitting in the restaurant. Sadly every table is stacked with dirty dishes. There are two employees eating breakfast and just chatting away while customers bus old tables just to find a place to sit. Come on man...

SwineFlu Rasta

Always a treat! They have the best baked goods... Hands down. I normally enjoy the pecan rolls which are fantastic!

Beth Baumgardt

We love Atlanta Bread Company! Great food, nice and friendly atmosphere, and kids eat free on Tuesdays!

Nick Tesla

Best Chicken Enchilada Soup in Denver!! The Ham sandwich was delicious too

Jenn Unger

Good food and service

Daryl Horton

Always good food and an nice atmosphere. Usually stop by a couple times a month.

Cheryn Miller-Crock

Their soup or chili in a sourdough bread loaf is good

Arelly R

Good food and very friendly service

Jackie Simmons

Just a great place for sandwiches and soup, all of there food selection is amazing and great prices, and so relaxing

Kristen DeMarco

My recent dining experience here was quite satisfying. Every employee I interacted with was friendly and helpful, especially when answering all my dad's questions about the menu (he's kind of picky) and offering ahead of time to make him something else if he ended up not liking his order. The food was tasty and seemed to be better quality than most "fast food" with some healthier options, as well. I've eaten similar food at a very similar franchise and felt a bit unwell after because of its greasiness - but not here! The food was ready in a reasonable amount of time and was what I expected from dining at other Atlanta Bread locations. The restaurant wasn't overly crowded or noisy, and there was free Wifi (though they did require an e-mail address to access it). There were vegetarian options, which I appreciated. Prices were higher than most "fast food," but I don't consider this to be a fast food restaurant due to the food quality and service generally being better, in my opinion. I'll be back soon!

Christina Pelshaw

Love the food

Cassandra Haynes

Ok guys. Forget everything you knew about sandwich places. Subway? Trash. Next. Quiznos? Also Trash. Random gas station sandwiches that cost like 5 to 8 bucks? Pass on that. This place changed my life. Muffins? On point! Seeking a small sweet treat? Bruh- worth every penny. Sandwiches? Dankkkkkkk. But. The real star here! Their tomato basil soup. Dunk literally any sandwich in there. Dropped 40 bucks in there earlier! Worth every freggin penny. So dank. So delicious. Such friendly staff! Ugh. So- eat here.

Debra King

I love the butternut squash soup. It is delicious.

Ryan Menard

Great service and great affordable food!

Deanna Proctor

The food is good, straight forward. We had omelettes which we asked for changes - some occurred some didn't. Appreciate the breakfast being available all day.

Blaidd Mathúin

The food is worth it...unless you're very impatient. Not a lot of people hired so very slow, but again, food is very good and worth it.

Tommy Jones

Great bunch of people, restaurants very clean, food is great

Jensen Thompson

I like the panara vibe the chocolate chip cookies are awsesome..

Jennifer Robles

For being a chain, the food is good and the price is decent. I got the half and half, which is half a sandwich and a cup of soup. The butternut squash soup was flavorful and hit the spot on a snowy day. The turkey bacon avocado sandwich was loaded with turkey. The bread was soft in the center and the crust was crisp just like it should be. I was impressed. The atmosphere was great too. They had some jazz playing softly and had a cozy place to sit right by the fireplace. I came in looking for something to satisfy my belly and an outlet to charge my phone. I got much more than expected.

Stephanie Lance

Of all the deli/cafe type places this is my favorite. They offer chili year round (Panera doesn't) and their food is always soooo good. The prices are fair for the type of food they serve and it's always fast and fresh. Friendly staff and clean restaurant.

Jon Urban

Love this place. Bread is all made fresh at location. They are very generous with portions and fresh and healthy!

jb dalvit

Turkey club panini is excellent. Love the kettle chips, & the flavored sodas in any flavor you might want❤

Bethany Biggerstaff

It's basically Panera, but I'm a fan of Panera so no complaints here. Staff super friendly. Food fresh and yummy.

Wendy Thorn

Amazing food, friendly atmosphere!! Bread bowls to die for!!

Ashley Woodford

Atlanta Bread Company is my favorite lunch spot. I have never had a bad experience here, and have tried nearly everything on the menu! Staff are efficient and kind, and the restaurant is comfortable. I highly recommend checking ABC out on your next lunch out.

Marion Morrison

Enjoyed a pleasant lunch with a friend. We both had omelets and they were cooked perfectly.

Byron Huntington

Great Food and a laid back comfortable atmosphere. Very cozy and super friendly staff.

Kelli Leslie

The food is delicious! I hope you can open a branch here in California.

Jennifer Southworth

My grilled cheese came out unmelted. When I asked her to cook it longer she came back 30 seconds later with the plate warm and my pickle missing. The sandwich had obviously been microwaved. I'm sorry but it really frustrates me to pay $8 for a microwaved grilled cheese. The bread really wasn't good. I will not return to any atlanta bread company.

Cheryl Pinzone

Ordered takeout and asked for a sandwich with no cheese, cashier even asked twice to double check no cheese, got all the way home to eat it- not only was there cheese but also some kind of cream cheese on both pieces of bread (not described on menu). Threw my $6+ sandwich in the garbage and continued moving with no sustenance. :(

Silvia R

Love the nice and fresh breakfast here,the service is amazing! Fresh Danish and a coffee in a nice cozy environment, love to have a coffee date with hubby here

Cathy Cross

Love this place! The food is always good quality, and the manager/owner obviously cares about the customer experience.

Frances Brown

Good Bengals, tea, muffins. Next time will bring home a loaf of bread. Service friendly and timely

gary cabral

Good people good food good service clean

Nice Happy

Was looking forward to a good breakfast meal. 2 girls at counter talking to one lady who wasn't ordering. I walk up and the one girl says, "What?" Excuse you. Worst greeting ever. Extremely rude. I'll never give this place a penny. Guess I have to go to IHOP....


Wonderful food, LOTS of chicken in my sandwich, reasonable price, fast service, friendly and cheerful staff.

Caylee Penka

I love this restaurant. It is relaxing and clean to eat there. The workers are super nice, and they have amazing comfort food. I personally love the Organic Tomato Bisque.

Joyce Farmer

Food is good ,fresh. Friendly atmosphere. Very popular. Nice servers

Rosemary REEVE

Great servfood,Thei great atmosphere too! The food delightful. Tons to choose from. We will stop in here often! We also are Gluten Free and 1st went to Heidi for gluten free which was on their website...NOT SO so we looked online for gf and found Atlanta Bread Company right across the street. This time we called first. Per the guy who answered the phone they have a ton of gf options!

Coţofană Pavel

Amazing chicken avocado sandwich ❤️

James Douglas

Excellent environment, clean and tasty. Will definitely be back!

Natalie M'debaca

The quality of service that this ABC demonstrates has exponentially decreased over the recent months. I always look forward to great customer service, but I feel like some of the employees don't quite care. To begin, I went in about a week ago to purchase a gift card for a friend, I waited at the register for 10 minutes without any recognition. I spoke up after some time and the employees asked "What do you want?" in a rude tone. I was shocked, purchased my gift card and went on my day. Another instance today I went in to pick up a couple of loafs of bread. The employee who was assisting me began to hand me the loaves of bread over the counter without a bag, just plain loaves -we all have lapse of judgment- so I kindly asked can I have these loaves in a plastic bag. The employee looked inconvenienced and said they don't offer plastic bags for loaves. She proceeded to place my bread in a paper sack and I asked for a manager, (was told they were not in today) so I went on my way. I am frustrated with the quality of customer service, and the only reason I go here is because of the location. I won't go here any longer and I have advised those that do go here, and those that host meetings here to not expect any good customer service.

Robert Leffler

Consistently good.


Love this place!!! I come here frequently and the food is always consistently fresh and tasty and the prices are extremely reasonable. The half and half option is perfect and if you haven't tried the pizzas I suggest you do!!

Cherie Van Duyn

I was undecided on what I wanted, from their menu, and the young man at the cash register was quite helpful with offering suggestions. Great food and great customer service!!

Richard Ortega

Went to have a quick was great.

George Smith

Had breakfast today. Had French toast, syrup was cold, had person warm it up and was brought back in a small dish, I'm 80 yrs old, a good way to spill on me and get burned. My companion had an omelet that was runny. My ad is is to get a good cook, if he wanted runny eggs, would of brought raw eggs. Very disappointed with food and service. Will not return even if its free.

Birgit Jackson

One of our favorites for a quick breakfast or lunch, or just to pick up some bagels and bread.

Santa Clause

The service and food was really good. I ordered a pizza and the manager came over to tell me that he was remaking it because they added too much sauce and it got soggy. I really appreciate that they told me about the problem and fixed it before I had to tell them about the problem. Thats how all businesses should run and I wish all businesses did run like that.

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