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REVIEWS OF Zoës Kitchen IN Arkansas

Alberto Modolo

Good place for an healthy and quick lunch!

jordan johnson

This place is unique because all of their food is MADE TO ORDER meaning that nothing is sitting out or served to you premade. I highly recommend- The gruben (if you enjoy a vinegar taste) Chicken salad sandwich (something fresh and light)

niki chan


Charles Carroll

Good, flavorful food. Good portion sizes too. Vegan friendly.

Wanda Adams

The food was delicious!

Steve Jensen

I've been here often for lunch. The salmon kabobs are the best! Everything is fresh and affordably priced. I've never experienced an employee with a bad attitude, everyone is nice. Great place for a quick, healthy lunch.

Night shift Ninjy

My friend and I ate at Zoe’s Kitchen tonight and had the hummus with sliced pita bread, the rustic lamb and meatball pita and my friend had the Moroccan chicken piadina. So first the hummus wasn’t actually hummus it was tahini with lemon and paprika. Fresh made authentic hummus has a slightly gritty texture from the chick peas and garbanzo beans. Next the rustic lamb and meatball pita that wasn’t Pita at all it was flat bread. Pita is pliable and folds instead of breaking into pieces when you try grabbing it. Not to mention I couldn’t tell the difference in taste between the lamb and beef. From my experience lamb has a very different taste then beef and visually there’s no difference in the two. The Moroccan chicken was descent and had a slight spicy zip to it. The only real problem with the chicken is that aside from the zip the sauce didn’t really have a noticeable taste. I won’t come back and I don’t honestly recommend this place. The menu in simplest terms is far from authentic.

J Davenport

This location takes a bit to get your food to you. Very frustrating that the call-in orders always take precedence over the actual person that is standing in front of them. That is really unacceptable although I won't stop going here when I want a tossed Greek salad! Delicious!!!!

Sara Lewis

The patio. The food. The service.

Ian Gray

Delicious...on a par with Panera...

Scott West

Really good food.

Apple Gregg

First time at this place. The food was great and the Restraunt was nice and clean. The employees were very nice.

Ricky Neher

Great way to dine and eat healthy. Always get some chicken salad to go! Soups and teas are incredible

Bonita Fordham

Nice people and tasty food!

Mark Zetino

Friendly Staff and awesome food!

Jason Miller

We always love to eat at Zoe's. It's one of only two restaurants that my family can agree on!

Dan Rydzewski

Good food. Good rewards progran for mobile users. They support online ordering and pickup.

S.L. H.

Loved the chocolate cake the have available on the counter to entice you with extra calories. Not that I needed it, but I'd go back just for the cake.

Michele Schutte

awesome chicken salad, food excellent

Brian Salamone

Great food and prices, get the Power Grain Bowl. Gains bro

Von Shroeder

The food here is flawless and not too expensive. Get the lamb gyro. Live med salad with Farro is good. Phenomenal service. Always timely, never a problem with the food.

Kari Livingston

Excellent baked falafel! Lots of healthy options, friendly service, and very clean and bright.


Millenials need to learn how to work a rush.

Ms. Bridge

This place is great, and has such healthy food! I love the Greek chicken pita. It is a bright clean restaraunt. They were friendly and speedy. I can't wait to go back!

Jenny Hudson

The food was great and they had excellent customer service

Victor Elia

Very fresh and healthy option to eat near Christiana mall. Mediterranean with a Greek, Middle Eastern emphasis.

Shadow Scott

My office ordered a 200 dollar order there was a few things missing so we called and the staff was very rude and told us that they gave us all our food when they did not. Then when we went to pick up the missing food the staff was very rude and unprofessional. Our office orders here at least once a week which is a 200 dollar order or more. We will not be coming back to this location. Its very disappointing that a business would treat there customers like this.

Crystal Clow

Great spot for quick mediterranean food. All very heart healthy and much of it low carb as well. Everything they make tastes so fresh. I love how their chicken tastes like it's straight from the grill, not frozen, no additives. I recommend the cauliflower rice bowl, cabbage slaw, tomato bisque, and hummus.

Dr. TK

I love everything about this place! Food is GREAT and customer service hasn't been too shabby either!

Amanda Rich

Good food. Fast service.

scott bohn

I love everything about this place. Good food, friendly staff.

Paige Walters

Fresh ingredients for a great price! I’ve always received friendly service, and my order is always accurate. You’ve got to try this place!

Brad Eliason

New favorite restaurant... delicious AND healthy - who knew that was possible!

Dustin Pelfery

Delicious, healthy, fast casual dinning featuring a great "Americanized Mediterranean" menu. Patio seating when the weather is nice is also a plus. Friendly staff and good food make a fantastic combination.

P2 D2

It isn't an authentic Greek experience, but the food and service is good!! All of the food is fresh and not out of can. One drawback is they don't have lamb. A meal for two is easily $25-30.

Paco Gibson

Great food. Super clean. And very helpful and friendly staff. A little pricy for counter service.

Keri Banegas

We've been coming here for awhile and the baked feta was our absolute favorite dish. Unfortunately they took it off the menu last week. So I guess this is our last time here. The rest of the food is decent but can easily be made at home for fewer costs. Even though the baked feta cost more than necessary, it was the one thing that kept us coming back. It's been fun Zoe's, but it's time to frequent all the other restaurants in the area.

shawn Davenport

Always great service. Clean and friendly

Renee Gonzales

Service was good. The young lady at the counter made good recommendations and the facility was clean. The food was fresh and delicious and fast. I would definitely recommend Zoes Kitchen as a health-conscious quick service restaurant.

Steph Scuteri

My first experience of Zoe's Kitchen was in Orlando I was pretty excited when this one opened up here in Newark. Every visit has always been met with great customer service. It's something different that me and my family love as far as fast food.

Alvin Merz

I enjoyed my dinner. It is refreshing to find a healthy meal that tastes great.

Noel Neary

This is a perfect place to introduce people to Greek and Mediterranean food. The food is flavorful and fresh but will not overwhelm picky eaters or newbies. As far as fast casual dining goes it is pricey especially when considering portions. I've easily seen it turn into $20 a person which can frustrate some people.

Woah San

Service is fast, food is awesome, staff is nice and the place is clean. Hits all points.

Kyle D. Farnham

Sunday afternoon was the time to meet my parents and retrieve the kiddo from a week fun and games with the grandparents. Zoe's seemed like the perfect place to meet up, grab some food, and catch up. (Be warned... there is a definite post-church rush. Luckily, we got there and had our food before any noticeable pick-up in traffic.) The Hummus Trio arrived quickly, and we tore into it hungrily. As fans of hummus they were all good, but none of three options stood out as being great. Shortly after finishing the hummus plate, our kabobs were brought out. The Steak and Chicken kabobs looked great and were accompanied with various rice, potatoes, and/or veggie options. As with the appetizer, neither option had that WOW factor, but we did prefer the steak over the chicken. For us, Zoe's falls decidedly in that "quick and healthy" category that is good in a pinch, but I'm not sure we will seek it out that often.

Annette Boyd

delicious! it was our first time and we loved it. very filling and fresh tasting.

Julian Robbins

Pretty good food, restaurant was a little cold, a little dirty but I've definitely seen worse ( taco Bell, McDonald's). Overall it was great. Great customer service. Although the potato salad could use some definite improvement. Other than those few minor things it was a great experience.

Eblascd Testont

The environment is very inviting. Zoe's has been one of our favorites in the Little Rock area for years now. Tons of great options and the pita bread and humus has always been one of our favorites.

Linda busick

Just not what I expected I hate the chopped broccoli in my quinoa.

Thomas Thompson

Love their food and fresh selection

Melinda Courcier

Love curbside ordering!Zoes has terrific food!

Victoria Foley

Good kakobs

Samantha Spisak

I love ZK. The food is fresh and delicious whenever I go. I got potato salad instead of pasta, but that's fine because that was delicious too!! It seemed to take a little longer than it should have to get my order, but the kitchen staff was busy the entire time. Overall I am pleased with ZK and love eating here!!

Ron Edwards

Excellent food and service. Their menu is "refreshed" regularly with some of the best Mediterranean dishes anywhere! They move the crowds of people quickly but you never feel rushed. The food is delivered quickly to your table after ordering at the counter...I can't say enough "great" things about this incredible eatery...try it, you'll love it and you'll be back time and time again.

Nicole McCoy

Delicious food, super fresh. Friendly staff and good atmosphere. Just a tad pricey but the food is worth it.

Keith Montgomery

the staff was awesome! they gave us everything we needed to cater the party and everyone was asking where we got the food. great job!

My rh - Handbook

Not a nugget in site. We love to eat here when we come to the mall or appointment at Christiana hospital. It is quality, delicious food. Prices are ok.

Jody Carter

This was my first visit, and was at the recommendation of a family member. We had a Father's Day lunch at your restaurant. The staff were VERY friendly. The food was GREAT. The facility was very clean and well stocked. I will definitely return - possibly even today!

Richard Loghry

So im not what would be called super healthy by modern standards. But that said, i gave their cauliflower rice a go. Wow. Seasoned with a little zest and really moist. Me and the people at my table were like...why would you get real rice when you got this!

N. Khay

Clean, great fresh food and peaceful atmosphere.

J. B.

A great place with healthy choices that taste great! Even my kids like eating here!

Meshraj Khatiwada

Good food but not consistent enough. Had different taste/experience everytime I went there

Bren Sunshine

Love the shrimp kabobs meal with greeksalad, pricey but good greek food

Andrea Lee

The food is freshly made and well balanced. The price is reasonable and the staff is really nice. I recommend the steak kebob, lamb pita, and chicken roll up.

Jordan Schneider

Great Mediterranean food! Everything seems to be fresh and wholesome. Staff is always friendly. I just sometimes wish the portions were bigger.

Shelly Whorton

I loved the outdoor atmosphere and #1 the food beyond awsome

Angie Arlo

Love the salads!

Daren Lawrence

Unique flavors and everything tastes very fresh and healthy. My current favorite is the Lamb Pita (gyro).

Jm Janacek

The roasted veggies are my new favorite!

Alicia Farber

This was my first time to eat here and it was delicious. Perks for having a menu to help find items according to a diet or allergy you may have. IE Gluten Free or Keto etc... Food was good and it has good portions.

Shannon Andrews


Alyson Zgheib

Not too bad...not as I expected

Joshua Hough

My date and I enjoyed a wonderful time here. The food was good and the staff was extremely friendly. We ended up staying for a long time and staying pretty late but the staff was nice and even came and took our trash for us. Definitely would go here again.

Kathryn Delaney

I’ve heard the food was good, decided to give it a try and ended up waiting 45 minutes for a salad and a side of fruit. Service was terrible, tables were dirty and I had to wipe the table off myself even though I asked a waitress a few times. Not worth the wait.

Joanne Mahnken

Food is very tasty, but I wish they didn't put raw onions into so many items - my husband hates raw onions, and was surprised to find them in the cole slaw!

Sergio Cilla

Excellent menu for those who like something different, might be more vegetarian or vegan, but also with other meat dishes. Lots of vegetables, hummus, quinoa, and so on. Very clean. Good service. Inexpensive.

Rohan D'Souza

Love their fresh food. Kebabs and salads are great and the sides are delicious.

William McCreary

Amazing food at good prices. The staff at this location are knowledgeable and friendly, eager to make your experience more enjoyable. Lunch is usually quick and way fresh!

Andrea Parrish

Always great! Love the food! The staff is so friendly and accommodating

Kim Champion

Friendly staff and unique, flavorful food!

Mike K

Good food, fresh prepared. Just need to remember what to order.

Susan Enloe

Great healthy food!

Jason Silva

I cannot say enough great things about Zoe's kitchen! Me and my wife went again this afternoon and had yet another great experience. Staff was so helpful and nice. The restaurant is clean, staff friendly and the food was great as always.

Jenn Moran

Gluten free, dairy free, whole 30 options. This is a safe place for me to eat!

Lindsey Loves Storms!

Kenisha is amazing!!! I don’t where you guys found this girl but she definitely should be given a big thank you for all she does! She is a people person. She knew I loved the lemon cookies from 5-6 months ago when I came to Zoe’s for the first time. She’s sweet,helpful, she doesn’t rush me and helps people make decisions. Amazing person with an amazing spirit. She’s really the reason I’m writing this review. She does more than take orders. She’s happy and it’s contagious!! She’ll put a smile on your face for sure!!

Matthew Campbell

Went with my wife try something new and was e extremely impressed!

Laura Solkey

Food was ok but not great.

Abder Benghanem

If you want heart burn and bland hummus then yes. They tried to simplify and create a very repeatable restaurant model, but totally forgot that people want real food. For the price, the presentation and quality is just not there. This is the equivalent of taco Bell for Mediterranean cuisine. Best of luck, but lower the price point if you are going to serve seemingly frozen food and bad quality meat with tons of ligaments. Yuck.

Brittany Hillman Pierce

My husband and I have been going to Zoe’s kitchen for about a year now and love it everything single time. Today, my veggies were a bit under cooked. I let the staff know and they offered to fix it. From the cashier to the manager, the staff was courteous and delivered excellent customer service.

Marshall MacHugh

Hummus and steak roll up for the win!

Bre D.

Best food and great customer service. Love the online order option and the reward points. The ravioli is soooo good and my favorite is the steak kabobs with roasted vegetables and rice. The cashier is so nice she even brought my food out to my car. Love this place!

K Kinch

We waited 45 minutes for undercooked shrimp and cold food that should have been hot. We didn't bother complaining about our cold food because we didn't want to wait another 45 minutes. Dozens of plates just sat in the window ready to be handed out to customers but no one knew which plate went to which table. When we told them which number we were, they said that wasn't helpful and to say what we ordered. I was over charged. I was confused because the only upcharge I added was 40 cents but my tab came out 4 dollars more than the menu price, which tax wouldn't have accounted for that spike. When I asked her why, she said I don't know. I went ahead and paid thinking I'd be able to figure it out on the receipt. Wrong. She said she couldn't print one. When my friend asked questions about where our food was, she was also meet with "I don't know". Not a single worker was courteous enough to offer an apology for the wait nor an explanation. I have worked in ther service industry, so i get things that things go haywire, but all we were told was I don't know. We weren't the only ones. There were many customers circling the registers holding out their order numbers as of they were in an auction.

Jacqueline Frazer

Must try the lentil soup

laurel hilton

Great food

Mandi Pitt-Reed

Cliff Counsell

Great dining!

Belle Thompson

Great experience. Came in on Thursday night and the store was really quiet, the staff was friendly and helpful, food delicious. I had the steak kabobs and they were great. We will come back.

Melody Rush

I love Zoes! Great menu selections of fresh healthy foods. Affordable. The staff are always friendly and eager to make suggestions. The place is always neat and clean. They also offer outdoor seating. Can't say enough good things about Zoes!

Andrew Moser

Delicious. I love the pita bread and hummus.

Morgan Adams

Zoës recently underwent a menu update and I absolutely love it! This location is not closest to my house but I will drive the extra 10 minutes for their food because it is always the freshest. As a vegetarian they have amazing options that are still full meals and filling for me as well as unique. The online ordering and rewards are also extremely convenient! Highly recommend to anyone looking for healthy eats on a budget!

Patricia Coleman

I paid for my food to go. Waited nearly 25 minutes to find out my my paid meal was given to someone else. The staff didnt even check the receipt. I never been to Zoes Kicken, however this will be my first and last time going .

Phyllis Davis

The food at Zoe's Kitchen was simply delicious and very filling. Thank you.

Cory Tidwell

Good healthy food...quick service...not usually crowded.

Joyce Abel

The menu offers a wide variety of delicious food.


Excellent food and outstanding service !

dale mitchell

A predictably excellent meal. Always consistent!

Gabriel Sterling

Did is pretty good, very popular and loud.

Scott Lindenberg

Clean, fast, reasonably-priced and they have Kendall Jackson!

Samantha Tomlinson

Danny Kim

Delicious, healthy and somewhat affordable. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Even gave us some free pita bread for my kids.

Amber Goff

I love that they have several healthy options and some that are Whole 30. This makes a big difference to me and our family as we try to keep sugars out of our diet on a regular basis. I would love to see them work on adding even more Whole 30 options. I wish they delivered :)

Charles Smith

Great service, great food !!!

John Ulmer

Healthy options. You can ask to customize a meal. Pleasant staff.

Crystal Ross

I love their greeksalad! Yummy!

Laura Johnson


Cody Jobehdari

Great and healthy food I love it.

Tiffany Bannerman

The food is amazing, the staff is very nice and friendly.

Sam Strang

Great food, often overcooked though.

Yaya peeps

This place is good for fresh salads and wraps and sandwiches. A good place to get fresh veggies.

Parker Harrington

Jason Cook

Good quick Greek food.


This is a popular local Greek restaurant in the Forest Acres area of Columbia, SC. I've enjoyed their food for years. I get food for myself and larger quantities when I'm feeling lazy to serve to my family. They do a great job getting the flavors of the food just right!

Carolyne Goddard

Pamela Brigman


Julia Samuel

The steak kabobs were amazing!

Joe Robinson


Hands down my favorite grab and go healthy lunch and dinner place to go. My favorite dish is the quinoa salad with added grilled chicken. Zoes offers such a well balanced and healthy menu but they also cater to your sweet tooth. The staff is always helpful and very informative.

cvt cvt

Fresh and healthy. Clean place. Nice menu.

jarman gordon

I placed my order online, Said it would be ready at 7:30. I got there early at 7:05 to insure my food would be hot. Instead I got there and my food was just sitting on the counter. Not knowing how long it had been sitting there, I get home and all of my food is cold and I had to reheat everything. I dont appreciate paying for cold food. You all should at least try to keep people's food hot.

Carrie Finnegan

Zoe's Kitchen is a life saver for a busy mom. I regularly order the kebob family packs and my kids devour them. I also LOVE, love, love the cauliflower rice bowl with Salmon. I do feel like the portion of salmon used to be much greater and each bowl I order...the pieces get smaller and smaller. But that is my only complaint and I am hoping it is just a coincidence.

Katy Champion

Clean, great food, friendly employees. Nice outdoor and indoor seating.

brian pittman

Zoeys is always great. Friendly staff and terrific food. Highly recommend the Steak Kabobs.

Ethel M

Excellent food. Pleasant people all included from person who took our order to person who cleared the table. Will come again soon.

Nikki Stock

We went here after hiking all day and it was very refreshing. We thought it was gonna be more of a fast food-type restaurant and were pleasantly surprised that it was a very cool, fresh place. The food far exceeded my expectations and I loved everything. We ordered the rosemary ham sandwich, the quinoa salad, the pesto basil hummus, soup, and grilled potato salad. It was all delicious. Even there cookies are amazing. You can taste how fresh the food is, which makes a huge difference. I wish they had more locations! I would definitely go back!

Alfonzo Patino

Great Service!

Ann Maletic

Zoe's has a rice cauliflower with lamb that is wonderful!

Miranda Huston Anderson

Delicious and healthy food! Amazing service - was thoroughly impressed!

Joyce Dierschke

Love this place for a quick bite or to pick up a tasty salad on the way home.


Michelle James

Drive the extra 15-20 minutes and go to the one on Forest Drive. There were literally 3 tables of people sitting down, I ordered something to go with nobody else in line and it took 25 minutes to get my food. No apologies. Kitchen staff acted like they were miserable and didn’t want to be working. Management needs to get it together. The one on Forest drive rocks!

Marc Spigel

Vicki Weber

Nice restaurant, good food. I really enjoy the outdoors sitting.

Jones Aderhold

Good place for a quick healthy bite. Brownies are very sugary though

Anne Willis

Rodney Gilliam

Friendly front staff and good food for many different diet requirements. We go often.

Janine Krueger

Julian Riddick

John Price

Food was barely warm and expensive.

Laurie Devito

Love the vegetarian and vegan options at this place! Also has meat options for my family members. Fast, good food.

Bianca F

Jilli Richards

My food always comes out fast and their staff is always very helpful! Steak roll ups are my fav!!

Kimberly Phillips

I took a star away from each bad moment. First thing was I ordered a Greek salad with chicken. All they brought me to the table was a salad minus anything Greek but feta. No chicken, cucumber, tomato or onion. So when the young lady came to the table with it I politely said I ordered it with chicken. That seemed to be an inconvenience to her and her facial expression. The lady I was with asked for extra dressing .The young lady told her extra dressing is normally on the table for you to share. Well that's why we asked because our table had no dressing. Then when she brought my salad back with the chicken she also brought the dressing which she slammed on the table and walked away before we could even say thank you. I noticed my business associate had ordered the same salad I did. Mine had none of the items on it she did so I walked to the front counter to get the items myself. When I explained to the people upfront what was wrong and how all I got initially was a bowl of lettuce, large sliced onion and bell pepper but nothing else that goes on the salad, the girl upfront with way to much makeup on did say we can fix it for you but with an attitude. I then said because I felt my spirit going left to just go in the kitchen, bring ME the things missing and I'll put them on myself which I did when the only polite person in there went to the back to get the items for me. He was a guy with glasses. He took my order originally. Mistakes happen but if you're going to correct them don't make it seem as if I "The customer" is the one wrong or a burden. If you don't like your job to get another one.... Especially if I wasn't being rude. I should give 1 star.

Kyle Gaither

Andrew Phillips

Megan Mayer

Cassie Wrenn

The prices are very reasonable. The food, ohhhh the food is not to be believed delicious. Everything was prepared exactly as ordered. The salad was very fresh, obviously it had been made when ordered and not before.

Nicole Freeman

I love zoës. I usually get the pick 2 with tomato bisque and a Greek salad. It tastes great and has great options for a quick meal without having to eat a greasy hamburger and fries

C. Pruitt

The chicken kabobs are delicious. Oh if you like beans try their white beans. We all had massages across the street and walked to Zoe's for lunch. Girls weekend was wonderful.

Katy Valesky

The lettuce was pink and apples were sour. Ugh

Anita Odom

Good prices. Food is delicious! Serving sizes good.

Ken Woodard

Good food as usual

Dan Carnahan

Loved Zoe's Kitchen. Food was good. Salad lettuce crispy. Parking was not that bad. In fact, easy.

Emily Johnson

Cynthia Schmitt

It is a great place to eat.

Micah Fegley

I had a gift card for Zoe's Kitchen and decided to use it so I could stop caring it around. Obviously, I had no idea about the food when I walked in but I was surprised to see how healthy and nice the options are. I'm on Weight Watchers so it's not always easy to eat out, but there are a bunch of options on the menu that fall within the 0-5 point area that can make up enough to be satisfied and happy! The soup is really good and the falafel was REALLY good! Now that I know it's Mediterranean AND good... I'll be back!

Dan Frazier

Love the chicken roll ups, slaw and hummas. Great fresh options for catering events at work. Something for everyone!

Tre Kelz

Found this place with my coworkers and I've been hooked. They have delicious and healthy food. It fits good with my meal plan when I don't feel like cooking. The cauliflower bowl with chicken and salmon is my favorite.

D Phillips

Its pretty good give them a try

gaetane estelle garcon

Really healthy and yummy

Caroline Nyalala

There was hair in my food, my pita was cold, and the salad was browning. This was my first time ordering from you, and your manager did not give me a reason to come back. I got refunded for the pita bread and that was it.

Ms. P.

It's a great place to visit if you want a healthy meal..

Casira Copes

Ravioli was great, and service was friendly

terri brown

Great food and service

Rex Michael Dillon

Great quality, delicious flavors. Something unique.

Jackie Twillie

Totally satisfied with service and food.

Linda Layne

I was looking for something for lunch (literally, in my vehicle and trying to decide where to stop while running errands!), because I did NOT want fries with ANYTHING! Saw Zoe's and decided, why not? I had a salad there once before and it had been a good experience. Now, for anyone who has not been, for those who are on a serious budget, like for me, it can be a little costly. So today, I ordered the Mediterranean Lamb Kafta (I had never had lamb before and wanted to try something new) and I also ordered a side of Turmeric rice. Both made for a light yet satisfying meal. The lamb (meatballs) was delicious, the harissa sauce was flavorful yet not too hot to be enjoyable and the tzatziki sauce was the freshest I have ever tasted. The cucumber was crispy as well. The wait staff were professional and friendly. Had I not ordered a beverage, the order would have been under $10. I was treated as if I had ordered the most expensive item on the menu. It was lunch time and the dining room was clean and orderly. A VERY enjoyable experience.

Rosetta Scott

Really delicious and wholesome REAL food. Friendly service and very clean! I enjoyed my meal and my experience.

Tasha Henderson

Amazing spinach grilled sandwich. Very pleasant atmosphere.

ross davis

Fresh, healthy, fast. A nice option to have in a hurry.

Steven Truitt

Love this spot!

Martin Gureasko

I could eat here every day. This week, I just about have. Eating clean and healthy is a snap. The menu is loaded with all sorts of tasty options, and the portion sizes are perfect. Try the hummus appetizer (I get mine with cucumbers instead of pita bread) and the power grain bowl is the bomb!

Tom Joseph

These folks live up to their marketing. It's fast food that tastes more like slow food. The staff here are particularly friendly and polite, and the manager frequently walks around and makes sure everyone is happy.


Not such a fan of the food. The service was great but the food not so much

Sunnie Martinez

First time here. Definitely coming back!

Sharad Bhargava

Wonderful light Mediterranean food

Edwin Carrington

Great atmosphere food was very good Friendly staff .

Renee Farris

Delicious food every time

Lauren Unrath

Healthy option for the area. Fresh and delicious

J M Magee

Been to one Z's been to them all. Decent Mediterranean offerings on the fly. Humus is good.

Nagesh Chopra

Better to dine during lunch rather than late evening; food always tastes fresh; I love the hummus trio

Sheila Webster

Love Zoes. Fresh and flavorful choices.

Mike Kibler

Healthy food and it tastes great.

Kevin Young

Fairly consistent with Zoe's everywhere. Good Mediterranean food at a decent price. You really can't go wrong at a Zoe's.

Angela Moore

The hummus trio is the best!

Eric Cloninger

Good fast Mediterranean, but a bit bland compared to a traditional Mediterranean place. The dining room is comfortable. The servers are always pleasant and helpful. Good for a quick bite or when you're craving hummus, but not for a date.

Serifatu Walton-Buford

Food was delicious and healthy. Restaurant was clean and service was timely.

Mary Dinkins

Love this location... food is always fresh and hot!

Marva Blades

Until yesterday, I was a regular here. Yesterday I had the worst dining experience I’ve ever had in my life. I came in to place an order for takeout. Once I took the food home I opened the container and there at the top of my food was a roach! It was in such plain sight that it was impossible for the kitchen staff to have missed the fact that they put a roach in my food container! Even though the manager was extremely remorseful, I will never go back to this place ever again. It only takes one time for a place to ruin their own reputation.

Nina Thomas

Good fresh food. Big portions.

Steve Hart

' had a pretty good meal here

Shufan Susan Wen PhD

Food is delicious and with lots of veggies. The price is affordable for this big portion of food. Self service but food comes quickly. Love this place!

Deedy Dollins Starr

We really enjoyed this place. Inexpensive Mediterranean type food. Like Panera and Corner Cafe. Order up front and choose a table. Green tea with hibiscus was good for a refreshing drink. Falafel dry but tasty and spicy. Our table ordered from about every section of the menu and no one was disappointed. Not fancy, but quick and flavorful. Very inexpensive for what you get.

Aletia Morgan

Healthy fast food - and enjoyable, too! Only occasional issue is a frequently changing menu, so I feel rushed to figure out my order, especially when others are waiting.

Hunter Farhat

Good food, decent price.

Elishia Parker

Fresh food, decent prices, their Steak Kabobs and quinoa salad are delicious, the Feta appetizer is the best thing on the menu. Some items need more flavor or seasoning but overall good food.

ratlady1963 .

Good food clean location

Sherrie Shannon

Wonderful lunch!!!!!! Visiting granddaughter

Nancy Prater Martin

Quick and easy Mediterranean food with kick of southern.

Tiffany Marshall

Amazing job from start to finish! I loved ordering online; everything was ready very quickly and 100% accurate! Food was delicious and we will definitely be making this part of our monthly routine! So nice to find a nice restaurant that does real food quickly!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Laura Lee Williard

Everything I've eaten at Zoe's has been so very delicious. This is my favorite healthy quick food restaurant in Little Rock.

Bebe Webster

This is such a amazing food

Jessica Acklin

I love eating zoe's, all their food is yummy. Mediterranean is light and refreshing, you dont feel fat when you leave, you feel happy and ready to do something exciting, if that makes since?? And those cookies are amazing

Aisha Nazim

Terrible customer service. The girl I spoke to, refused to substitute rice for grain, and was extremely rude. I had to walk out of there hungry.

Brandon R

Great Greek food for a good price! They're pita bread and hummus is AMAZING! The staff are so nice and will sometimes offer you more pita bread if they see you still have hummus left. The atmosphere is very chill and reminds me of a more colorful tazikis. It's nice to have a restaurant with an abundance of healthy options!

Danielle Miller

Great food. Tiny portions for the price.

Tom W.

Really good food. Super fresh ingredients and always presented in a picturesque manner. Facility very clean and well kept. Service always friendly.

hakim ibn-bey

Food was good & didnt weigh you down after being full.

Greg Nelson

Varied menu , including gluten-free options. The food was excellent

Sam M

Pretty good entrees but got an extremely nasty bag of chips which ruined the meal for us.


Great food and service. Try the Ya ya cake.!!!

edward glenn

The food was good but prices were high and portions were small. Not a good value.

Michael De Lio

Nice selection of vegetarian and other options. Quick service and staff are friendly and helpful when ordering. Parking can get tough and as expected, it's pretty crowded at lunch and dinner.

Tina Hoerchler

First time I have ever been really enjoyed it food has very unique flavor very fresh

Jon Megli`

Great space for a quick bite of Mediterranean food. I have experienced a few instances where orders were messed up or the food was not cooked well (over cooked dried rice, Falafels under fried). Seeing I like Mediterranean food I'll likely keep visiting this space given the wide menu and quick service.

Toy Huntley

I am never disappointed with this food establishment. Whenever, I want something quick tasty and satisfying, this is the place I turn to.

aishia roberts

My first experience with Zoe's Kitchen was in Ashburn, VA. I was there for work & stopped in to Zoe's for lunch one day. The food was amazing, well seasoned, hot & fresh. I remembered we had one back home in DE & knew I would like to visit again. When I went to this one, the experience wasn't the same. The food didnt taste fresh & the flavor wasnt the same. I ordered the same exact meal but got something totally different down to the sauce for the pita. I was still fairly good, but I was expecting much better. The atmosohere is nice, the food didnt take long to get to the table & the service was good. I just wished it tasted like it did on my first visit in Virginia

Lavannya Mahesh

Used to love coming here, but they've changed their menu and my favorites are no longer on here. Their food now seems more american than middle eastern inspired. Probably won't be coming back.

Joel H

Ive gone enough that I've started trying random things I've never had before, and I haven't found a food I haven't liked yet. Great service as well.

Sayde Lowickistein

Nice place. Good place for the healthier appetite. Kabobs, bowls, salads & sandwiches. You won’t feel bloated or guilty (lol) for eating out. Definitely a must for kabobs! Even shrimp. Potato salad , eh it’s not bad. They will even grill it for you. But they have lots of other options for sides. Gotta stop there. You’ll be glad you did.

Larry Aspmore

Wonderful staff and healthy food for me and the little.

Blaine Varell

Quick great healthy food

The Carter

One of the best restaurants in Little Rock. Healthy choices, full of flavor, fresh tastes, and excellent service. I've been going since they opened and I'll always continue to frequent this establishment when in the area.

Henry Cline

This place blew my mind the first time I went there. Food is great, cookies are amazing, and the variations to the hummus are great.

Jane Quinn-Schwartz

This was my first visit to Zoes Kitchen. The menu was brand new that day. I had the chicken salad fruit plate. Absolutely delicious. The fruit was fresh and crisp. Their kabobs are super popular. I will have to try that next!!

Steve Chitsey

Clean restaurant and good vegetarian selection.

Stephanie Hanson

The staff and food are Fabulous! :)

Rajesh Nelli

Good flavor

Kati J

Fresh, tasty food and extremely friendly staff. We have a wonderful meal and experience every time we go. I wish they would serve more pita with the hummus trio though.

Larry Casey

The first time I had takeout, it was great. The second time they mixed up the side order and forgot to include the pita bread. I'll go back, but check my order before leaving.

The Ortiz Family

I have a weird food allergy to the red sauce on the mushrooms. Truth: To accommodate this requires a lot of extra work. The bearded manager has gone above and beyond to accommodate my food allergy. I appreciate this beyond words and will choose to eat here rather than another restaurant around it solely based on this level of service.

Gary Shewmake

Good food great cookie friendly people

Jann Gopi

I have always eaten at Zoes, it was the best healthy option near home, but today got some take out order for me and my family and I found a WORM in my food, nobody wanted to continue eating after that.

carlos moore

Great food and service. Love how the food is hot, fresh and cooked when ordered.

Nathan Longardner

Great food. Love the look, the food is great, and the staff is very helpful.

Kenneth Bernstein

I enjoy eating there and I ordered the salmon and taste good


It's so good, I was amazed at how good it was and the prices were very reasonable.

Lindsay Danage

Love Zoes!!! The food is always so good. They put this balsamic sauce on the steak kabobs & it's fabulous! The staff at this location are super helpful & accomodating!!

Cheyenne Davis

Food and atmosphere is great here. They could work a little bit on the cleanliness. The floor and beverage is usually messy. The have great tea and outdoor seating. Steak kabobs are where it's at! Yummmm!

melanie hogan

Local fav! Always fresh. Always clean

Christopher Fernandes

Nice size servings after all the shopping at christiana mall

Matt J

Absolutely loved Zoes!! Service was fast and friendly. Food was delicious!! The dining area and bathrooms were kept very clean. They also had plenty of high-chairs for kids, and they were clean as well. We will definitely be dining at Zoes again.

shanea nehmer

My Husband & I Just Experienced Zoe's Kitchen For The First Time. We Both Absolutely Enjoyed The Freshness Of Our Food As Well As Taste And Service. Caitlyn Thank You So Much For All Your Help. We Definitely Recommend Zoe's Kitchen If Your Tired Of The Same Old Fast-food Spots!!!

Carol Sanders

Worst meal ever

Kerri Fowler

Worst food ever! I found a bug in my food and saw them not washing hands or wearing gloves! Maybe other locations are better but dont eat here!

Katie Griffin

Food was surprisingly delicious and feed a family of 5!!

Dr Mary Kay Keller

The food is so delicious. I ♡ Salmon and there are several options on the menu. I also live pre-ordering on the Zoes Kitchen app.

Show Time

Great! Exceed expectations!

Максим Воронов

Too long to get your kebab

Polina Snitkovsky

Love Mediterranean cuisine! Glad to have Zoe's Kitchen nearby!

Vicki Msall

Great little place. The food was fresh and prepared when you order. I had the Mediterranean take on a buffalo chicken quesadillas and they were huge and excellent. My friend had the spinach and mushroom and it was delicious as well. Each was served with tzatziki. The side of falafel was crispy without being fried. Highly recommend this place.

Eric Grounds

If I could rate a negative, it would be a good rating! Hair in food hair in food hair in food nasty staff

sheila hamilton

I love the healthy choices and fantastic food.

Laura Rogers

Delicious food, great atmosphere. First time eating here and I would recommend it to anyone!

James Metcalf

Blake and his people are the best. They remember what I like to order and greet me by first name. Could be that I am in there 3 times a week but hey.


I love the cookies here.

Nancy Morris

We love zoes kitchen..always fresh healthy options.

Michiel de Wit

Great food. So many choices, Fresh natural ingredients. Friendly helpful staff. Everything is cooked just right. Lots of locations. I love this place. So many healthy options. Check this place out, it will become a regular stop. Love love love it.

Millie Wagner

Amazing service, quality food, and atmosphere, I could not recommend this wonderful restaurant more!!!

Megan Cova

My first time in there and the food was delicious, but it really put me off that at least 50% of the available tables were dirty. I was there late afternoon and there were not many people eating at that time. I ended up getting my food to go after deciding I didnt want to eat surrounded by the mess.

David Weart

Awesefood, great atmosphere. Highly recommend

Cecilia Cordova

The food is fresh, healthy and delicious. The portions are just right, not too much, not to little. The place is modern and clean. The service was very fast. The music is cool. This is the first restaurant in 10 years where I was asked if I wanted ice, which I appreciate because I don't like getting ice on my already cold drinks.

jamey wooten

Different but good.

Chad Cunningham

Here's the deal. The food is good here, just like any other Zoe's. This particular location, however, seems to be operationally and managerially challenged to be charitable. Two online ordering experiences here, one today, and one in the not too distant past, have been frustrating to say the least. Their system gives you a pick up time. The pick up time usually gives the staff a comfortable time margin to fulfill the order (in this case the order was placed at approximately 5:15pm to 5:20pm; their system indicated a 5:45 pick up time). Yet, they seem fundamentally incapable of coming close to meeting a system generated pick up time. During the first incident, I placed an order and waited approximately 25 minutes after arriving (arrived pretty much on time) to receive the food. In this particular case, the staff and/or manager seemed to sense the problematic bottleneck and immediately offered to comp food before I could open my mouth. Fine, I thought. Stuff happens, they were aware something was wrong, all good. Today, placed the order at 5:20 as indicated above. Had errands to run and showed up about 10 minutes past the pick up time, at 5:55. Based on the initial interaction and observed interaction between the employee behind the counter and a line cook, it was apparent they'd not even started a couple of items for the order. Let the waiting commence. The order was ready at 6:10, 25 minutes after their self-imposed pick up time, 15 minutes after I arrived, and nearly an hour after the order was placed. Unlike the first time, nobody there seemed to catch on that something might be off. One side item was incorrectly prepared, which adds to the frustration. It didn't take long to fix. The guy offered me a piece of cake, which I declined. The gesture doesn't matter at this point. I get it. This isn't fine dining. I'm a small drop in the revenue bucket. My expectations aren't and shouldn't be very high. Most of the people behind the counter there probably don't want to be there. Fine. All things considered, how bout you put in minimal effort to manage expectations appropriately when it comes to your system's throughput and the customer service on the backend? If you say 5:45, make it 5:45 or 5:50, not 6:15. Or, if you find it's impossible to meet those expectations, recalibrate the timing. Tell the customer it's going to be 6:10pm and I/we'll be fine with that, mostly. If that doesn't work, scrap online ordering. Comping food or saying you're sorry doesn't replace a collective 40 to 50 minutes of wasted time over two visits waiting for food to come out after you've already had 20 to 30 minutes to prepare it, and this at a "fast casual" restaurant. Again, the food is really good, but it's not so irresistible or worthwhile that I'm willing to put up with sitting there twiddling thumbs for 25 to 30 minutes every time I show up for an online order. Lots and lots of other choices out there in the fast casual space that do this stuff credibly. I really don't like being cranky customer guy to the staff or bad reviewer guy online, but just felt someone needed to know.

Sylvia Phillips

Food delicious, friendly staff, clean facilitu

Elizabeth Stack

Absolutely the slowest service. It is always like that but yesterday was the worst and put the nail in the coffin for me. It took 25 minutes to get a take out order- and then it was not even right! They were unapologetic, rude and when I went to the counter to see how much longer I would have to wait, the girl did not say a word in response and just turned around and kept working! From what I could overhear, I think they put my order in as a pick up even though I was standing there clearly for take out. If you made a mistake- fine. Just apologize for it. After telling several others my story, they asked me which location I went to. When I said the one near belle Meade on highway 100, three different people said, "well no wonder!" and "enough said!" They all said they are the worst as far as customer service and they are incredibly slow. Two people told me they make the drive to the green hills location which is an inconvenience but worth it to avoid the belle Meade story. And the manager was involved the whole time and still lacked customer service skills. Avoid this location!

Jamila Smith

Great food for a great price

Raúl Ayala

Jimmy Comer

Alysan Rumsey

Steve Vette

Ginny Brooks

Awesome food and great staff. We eat there often and they are consistently delicious. They sell a terrific Mediterranean spice to use at home.

Karlee Smith

I am giving this three stars because a part of me even feels bad for writing this and this location is usually on top of it. This particular Zoës didn’t close till 10pm and I went in around 9 after I had gotten off work. I ordered my usual (Turkey Stack) because of the iconic feta spread (it’s the best part of the sandwich.) While my sandwich was being made, the assumingly Manager on Duty (idk her name but she has black hair and gauges in her ears) was loudly complaining about how terrible of a night everyone had had. The other girl with colored hair was also complaining as well as the kitchen guy. The manager was also proclaiming loudly “I’m done, we’re not taking anymore phone orders or orders. We have two left and then I’m done.” Not a big deal. I work in a restaurant, too. I get it. But still, it’s unprofessional considering I was standing right there. Then I get home, open the box and something is off. The bread isn’t the same on the Turkey Stack. Fine, no biggie. The worst part was when I took a bite and there was not one ounce of feta spread on there. That’s literally the whole reason the sandwich is amazing and I just feel like these people cut corners because they were tired and “had a bad day.” I can totally understand some of it, but you are literally being paid to do a certain job to a certain standard and you’re failing at that. Also, it’s not like i came in five min before close. Disappointing.

Alexander Looney

Rebecca Smith

Stopped in to eat dinner coming back from Florida headed to Louisville and had wonderful service great food and wonderful employee Julie.

Melissa M

Love the cookies!!! Chicken salad, Mediterranean Chicken, and Chicken Orzo Pomodorina are so good and healthy. Not to mention their slaw and pimento cheese. Download their app and snapped pictures of your receipts for freebies.

Fabrienne Payne

Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl!

Dorothy Dillon

Friendly staff lots of healthy options. Calories marked if this makes a difference to you. My roasted veggies as a side to a sandwich were great. And I am not a healthy eater. Clean and nice staff. Served quickly. Reasonable prices. I want to try their meals

Volteria Garcia

Amazing! Food is healthy and light yet fufilling at the same time!! Prices are medium high but the choices seem to be endless due to the many combinations that can be fathomed.

Summer Thielebeule

Always great food and service

Justin Hughes

Felicity Duran

Good food. Good service. No complaints

Emily Nash

The food is a little pricey but well worth it if you're looking for a good Mediterranean food.

Matt Williamson

Typical Zoe's location as far as the fare goes. Nice staff, good service, and nice environment.


Not was a bit messy when were there, and they needed to stock napkins and silverware.

David D.

I like this place. It has a variety of Mediterranean is dishes and its clean and the people are nice.


The food is awesome, the employees are very professional, and the establishment is clean.

Mike Racki

Chai Williams

The food here is always delicious and always fresh. They give great customer service and even give you the option to drive and pick up togo orders. It is a little pricey but it is somewhat worth it for a good healthy meal.

Gloria Deramus

Great healthy tasteful good food! Very popular place

Kat Hoots

Food is good, but service and order accuracy needs improvement. I walked in to order a to go order. I stood there 3-4 mins before I was even greeted. No one was in line. Didn’t even ask if I wanted a drink. I got home with my order and they forgot one of my side items. Should have been a red flag when two people approached the counter while I was standing there bc they forgot items on their order too.

Hailey Turner

Marlo Kanipe

Always delicious food, but sometimes the service is lacking. I was very disappointed to learn at my most recent visit that my favorite tabbouleh salad was removed from the menu. But again, anything there is delish!

Laura Brinton

Tethys Baker

Good food here!

Nicole Stephens

Giana S

Looking for something healthy? Try Zoe's. My favorite is a steak kebab with roasted veggies and fruits. Quinoa Salad and live med salad are delicious!! Salads are large. If you add some protein with it, it is fantastic.

Adam Cooper

My wife always loved this food, I always struggled with finding something on the menu that I just loved. Yesterday I tried their steak kabob.OMG!!! It blew me away! I can't say enough good things about it get it you will not be disappointed.

Renita Butler

Ordered lunch for the office. A few complained that the chicken was dry. As if it was cooked too long. I had the shrimp kabobs, they were perfect.

manndy mckenney

Amazing Service! Food was out of this world. It had vegan, vegitarian and gluten free items. Staff was friendly and ready to help select items that I could have with my allergies. It was like having a home cooked meal with out having to prepare it. Definitely going back soon!

Chandler Ross

Pretty standard Zoe's nothing out of the ordinary. The location is great for this side of town and they nail togo's with there online ordering.

Mohamed Soliman

David Wilkie

My kind of foods

Darrell Boyleston

Interesting restaurant. Good food

nicole keys

Fresh food fast... and it's really yummy!!


Great stop for a quick healthy and tasty lunch option.

Rachael Schmitty

Just came home with my food from Zoe's kitchen and I seriously couldn't be more disappointed. If it had only been once or twice, I wouldn't think anything of it. But it really seems to be hit or miss on quality of food. The attitude of the cashiers doesn't make it any better. So bummed that I wasted my money there!

Julia Brown

We routinely order take out from here for my workplace. Service is always friendly and prompt (as prompt as they can be when the place is packed full). Food is delicious and offers a wide variety of choices. Pictured is the ham and mozzarella piadina with braised white beans. Yum!

Maryam J. AbdulRazzaaq

Love their food. Very fresh.

John hampton

The food is good

rob kelly

good healthy food

Joey Dickinson

Smile along the employees and super-friendly.

River Gal

Clean restaurant, friendly staff, excellent food.

Ne'Cole Vidro

Love love love thier food!! Service is sometimes spotty but the food is always delish amd makes up for it! My faves are the chicken salad, pita, greek salad, chicken kebobs, the spinach pizza is good too!! Everything ive had, ive loved.

Gimble Guerado

the lobby is clean, food is good, and the staff are friendly. You cant really ask for much more than that.

Vera Dorsey

Allison Dean Love

Always fresh and delicious with healthy ingredients and easy to stop by and pick up something quick! Love the app too!

Sam Guerry

Could have been a 4 star if the hot food had been hot, great flavors though.

Ashlyn Smith

Great food. Great interior set up.

Jenny Parker

They seemed short staffed and were busy when I ordered a family meal but were kind and efficient. Been coming here for years, great location.

Lisa Hollis

Great food!

Pamela a Cannon

I like there's shrimps and steak mix with veggies

Mariena Silvestry Ramos

Sarah Womack

We ordered a family dinner that included three kinds of kabobs, rice, hummus, roasted vegetables, and Greek salad. The salmon kabobs were fantastic, and so were the roasted vegetables.

Caroline Flynn

Love the chicken salad... Yum!

Gregory Yuh

This is a decent restaurant with very friendly staff and quick service. The food was good but nothing to rave about. I did eat all the food I ordered which where tomato bisque soup and steak sandwich with grilled vegetables. There was nothing left on the plate however this is not a place that I would rave about. Atmosphere is nice place is very clean and the staff was very friendly.

Julia Champe

Fresh salads & grilled chicken. Fast service.

Lance Svendsden

Co-workers decided on the lunch spot today, and to my surprise they selected Zoe's. I'd heard about this place before but never went myself. Our take-out order was great!Came here for lunch two days in a row. Food was fresh and hot. The first day we decided to sit outside and eat. It took about 40 minutes for them to bring us our food but it was extremely busy during the lunch hour. The next day I just ordered online


Zoe's is so good when you want fresh, healthy food quick. I love their hummus, chicken salad, steak skewers and sides. Do not miss the YaYa's cake either, it's not healthy but it is SO good.

Lyn Rossman

Wonderful, fresh food, prepared beautifully

Brian Wiger

Great counter ordering Mediterranean food experience! Staff was friendly and helpful. Food was delicious. Excellent spot for a quick bite on a Friday evening.

Tony Jackson

Good healthy options

David Cates

DJ McCoy

I knew I should have checked my order. Cashier was to busy talking to co workers and I did not get what I ordered so I don't get to eat

Tracy Mitman

My husband and I love Zoe's. We've eaten there whenever we go to Columbia and have never been disappointed.

Elizabeth Washburn

Great stop on our road trip especially for those with food allergies/ sensitivities!!

Dominique Zachery

Great cuisine and very nice staff!!! They donated 20 plastic containers for a fundraiser for kids! A++++

Y. D.

Truth: This place used to be fantastic, we haven't been out there some time around over 6-10months since yesterday. We realized and saddened how much the quality of service and the quality of the food was changed. - Crew was different, no one had any gloves on their hands and neither any precautions about sterilization from where we can see behind the cashiers. - Rus hours, two people working in the front and one in the back, orders were in so much rush that presentation of the each order was terrible, they dumped stuff in boxes simply. - We noticed orders weren't fresh at all; you can't make 4-5 people order ready in 3mins. It did look like they have been pre cooking things or half way in the morning and warm up when order comes in, so not much fresh cooking, order needs to feel hot was just warm. Falafel was way too hard and dry, wraps were like a leather hard and dry, so and so. -I got couple drinks and other stuff, made the payment after that cashier looking at my face staring, I had to ask for a bag instead of being offered. Then bag has just being dropped front of me instead of kindly opening the bag and giving a quick handy help. There are little things but makes a difference when it comes to the quality of service. I have been in a restaurant business on a non chain 5 star restaurant management, this is so far the worse experience i have had in any Zoe's kitchen. Problem: It sucks that nowadays everyone is a local guide here in world wide web that google very easily hands this title, everyone drops 4-5 stars easily with lazy and non professional way of providing review without any insight or real thoughts. So you are really not knowing what you are getting into until you are experiencing either if ktsi bad or good experience going to be for you. A micro management served by a professional hands in this place may hopefully pick back up the quality of service and the food. Overall: I would definitely drive couple miles extra and try another location or stick with something more fresh, at least until they re-organize this place back up again.

Tom Parash

Food is good but not as good as what it costs.

Jana Peairson

Love Zoe's! Excellent food that is convenient and still helps me maintain my health goals. And the service is excellent.

Bhrea McKinnie

THE LEMON COOKIES ARE VERy good but they stopped serving salsa verde and why do u put cantaloupe in the fruit not everybody likes cantaloupe

Antionette Blake

The food was great, service was great and price was right.

Ray Dudkewitz

Great location and the food is pretty good.

Josh Randels

I have not had a chance to make it into the restaurant yet, but we get them catered at our office all the time. Their food is excellent! Their meat melts in your mouth! And the Quinoa is amazingly good!

Destiny Castorena

The food was absolutely amazing!

Lisa Walker

First time, will def be back Must try the baked feta!!!

Martquez Quezada1

Good food very affordable

zavier oates

Great food!!!

Christine Casiano

Prices are slightly high, wait is slightly long, but the food is oh so amazing! The steak kabobs are by far my favorite thing on the menu, they are marinated to perfection and make the price and wait worth it.

Susan Midanek

I've had Zoe's from Maryland and this location was a little disappointing.

Alonna T

Loved steak kabobs, chicken kabobs are dry though

Christopher Davis

My favorite Mediterranean place

flower pot

Was fresh but cold...

Molly Grimes

Love Zoes! Delicious food and my go-to restaurant for hummus!

Justin Ray

The baked feta and skewers of shrimp are my favorite. Always good food.

Luckee Greene

I enjoy Zoe’s kitchen no matter what location I go to. But this visit was definitely unique. It was quiet inside, clean and very bright! The staff was polite.. The hibiscus green tea was soo good... I couldn’t wait to dig is soo sorry for the half eaten pics...I got the chicken pita with rice instead of potato salad and my boyfriend got the steak kabob. I’ve been in the industry: serving, bartending and managing for years. I know everyone needs a break and we get it wherever we can. But it is etiquette to not eat employee meals, snacks WHILE working and definitely not in front of guests. A middle aged blonde woman, who I assumed to be the manager, took a piece of cake from the FRONT counter and ate the cake AT the register. Completely unprofessional. If that’s what she does while people are looking, I can only imagine what she does in BOH while no one is looking.

Leland Benedict

Healthy food options for on the go. Clean space and friendly staff.


Fresh and tasty! Unique option

Fran Hildwine

Great food, a little pricey but very good

Laina Dunnahoo

The food is absolutely amazing! I got the 3 kind hummus as a starter and walked out buying 2 bowls of it to have at home! The fact that the staff is so friendly and the food is so amazing makes this one of my absolute favorite places to eat!!

Melissa Kidder

Really good food!

Maia Matarrese

The food is fresh. The tomatoe bisque tasted like it came from a can. The salads are really tasty and they have a great variety of kabobs and healthy dishes. The hummus platter is great! It serves 3-4 semi-hungry individuals. Try it out.

Chris Webster

Love the kabobs. They also have the best limeade.

S Vaughn

They must have new management or new cooks or something because my entre had 50% less food on the plate than every other time I've been here. It was barely all right. I thought about mentioning my less than satisfactory experience with my food to someone but I think the review will do and I won't be back there.

Mark Dirickson

Ate there by impulse and it was great. Great staff great food.

Freman Girdler

Always great quality food. My favorite: steak kabobs, braised white beans & fruit cup. Hummus trio appetizer starts us off. They always have had excellent cuts of tender beef. No gristle or tough meat here. Not a bad choice on the menu and not very expensive either.

Ruqayyah Hashmi

Good food. Good portion sizes. Nice lunch option.

Alyssa A.

The food is good and the staff are actually really nice! I enjoy getting a salad here while I'm out on the town running errands. They also do a pretty good job with catering too, so that's a plus.

Dennis Carpenter

It was great never had food like that but I did love it and would go back again.thank you.

brooks walthall

What a delight! Everything was great- service, food, and prices!

Masoud Sarpoulaki

Good price and the place and staff look nice but food is mostly cold even foods that are supposed to be warm.

Jo Ann

I love it here, the food is great and the service is fast with a smile.

Jody D.

Great food! Fresh, tasty, & filling. Line moves fast. Nice atmosphere


Zoe’s kitchen has some of the most fresh tasting food in town. Each time I come here for lunch, I am simply shocked at how delicious and fresh it tastes. It’s Mediterranean food with an Americanized taste that I can’t get enough of. The food service here is very quick and environment is positive! What more could you ask for?

Thomas Neville

One of my favorite places to eat. Fresh food, prepared well and great service

Latonya Hooks

They even have vegan meals. The food is always great tasting and healthy

nathan manning

I love everything about this place. Interior is fascinating. Food is delicious. Staff is pleasant. Clean and organized. If you love natural food with outstanding flavor definetly give this place a try.

Jesse Spencer

The most beautiful salad we've had here to date. But the presentation isn't worth the 15-plus minutes we had to wait to get it. Receipt time 11:44. Food on table at 12:02. And it's not even busy yet.

Mark Herrick

Healthy food, fixed fast and at reasonable prices, overall a good experience.

Drea Williams

The Food is to die for if you haven't had Mediterranean food then you have not eaten something great to your pallet, open wide an just soke it up, and don't stop there the tea is great an the lemonade is great, Stop reading this an just go ☺☺ NOW I'm hungry by go eat

Alan Chenkin

Zoe's kitchen is a nice restaurant serving Greek/southern food Nestle in the middle of big box doors at the Christiana Mall. it was very affordable and fresh and the quality was surprisingly good! All the ingredients in our meal from the quinoa to the cauliflower rice to the lettuce was fresh and cooked well. The service was quick and the staff was very nice especially when we asked for a small box to take some home. there is ample parking and receipt to be a lot of seating including tables by the window which were nice and bright. Zoe's is a welcome respite from the pizza and burgers that are so abundant in this area!

Joshua Handy

A little pricey but it's good food and it the bowl that I get is quite healthy.

Teresa Barbour

Fresh, healthy and delicious every time.

Reiny Rosario

Delicious fresh new flavors and plenty of dipping sauces

Aurora Gonzalez

So happy when they opened! I love the freah healthy menu and the actual food is as great as their descriptions. So glad to have this spot in my back yard.

Esteban Carrillo

It was my first time going to a Zoës and it was great! I will definitely go there again!

Nandini Chatterjee

Very fresh and delicious Mediterranean restaurant. A highly recommend

Beautiful Eatz

If you've been eating fast food all weekend and you need a light healthier option this is Just the place to go. Chicken egg rolls, Kabobs and you can't forget the chocolate chip cookies are a must try...

Liza Grant

Great fast casual place! There is a wide variety on the menu, with different dietary restrictions taken into account and labeled. They also sell portions in Tupperware to go, if you're in a rush. The interior is clean and modern and the wifi is free.

Meagan Hood

Love this place.

Roy De Kler

Very good food. Loved the tomato soup. Prices good. Staff extremely nice.

Joe Meehan

The cauliflower rice bowl with salmon was excellent.

Joshua Olney Zide

Pretty okay as fast casual chains go. Food was reasonably tasty and seemed to be fresh.

Liyah Wasson

Very good and fresh food. The cashier didn't have the best customer service skills and wasn't all that great with recommendations or answering questions, but he seemed like maybe he was dealing with someone kind of difficult before us. The tumeric rice is amazing!

Steven Spence

Really great food and friendly staff. Fantastic for my 3 year old, everywhere we go they have the same 3 things for kids, Zoe's has more options and gets him eating different stuff. I would give 5 stars but they don't have gyros, they do change their menu a lit so I always go in hoping for a gyro.

G Fuller

Service and food is always good. Staff friendly & make you feel welcomed

Tangie Davis

The food wasn't hot enough

Polly Forest

Love this place, lots of healthy choices.

DeShunda Davis

Food could be better for the price.

Jessica Knight

Amazing food & friendly service! This was my 4th trip to Zoe's & I'll keep coming back ☺ I highly recommend it

Derek Lariviere

It's a struggle sometimes finding a nice healthy place to eat but this place has good food with a Mediterranean leaning palate. I had some wraps that were really good and the tzatziki sauce is fresh and good

Rose Harris

Nice place

brad shaw

First time there and love it. Wish there was once closer!

Ney Briggs

Great food! Great customer service

Kelly Magaw

Nice and casual. I had salmon kebabs with veggies. They were excellent and inexpensive. Staff friendky. Pay first and they'll bring the food out to your table.

Tom Resch

Great food

Adam & Julie H

Great service, food was fresh and delicious!

Bonnie Balmer

Roasted veges could have been done a little more. Chicken dish was good.

Michael Krzyz

Lighter fare great for family dinner. A bit pricey but worth it. Friendly staff. Gets busy.

Rebecca Hill

I totally thought ugh that I loved their food before and then they came with their falafel! It’s so amazing and it’s baked!! Seriously the best thing I have eaten!

ekmc2g .

Fast service, great food

Freda Lang

Good food!

Katie Anderson

Fresh, healthy food! The cashier recommended steak kabobs with potato salad and roasted veggies. Loved the whole meal!

Aaron Clark

Hummus and pita appetizer is great for a small group. Falafel is mediocre and could be improved. The kebabs are the way to go for a nice, balanced meal. A nice American touch to mediterranean food without washing the character out completely, but if you want real mediterranean food, look elsewhere.

Patricia Dickson

The counter service was very helpful. You get your food pretty quick. The food is delicious. And the overall cleanliness is great.

Michael McCauley Jr

Will be trying all the salads and bowls

Robert Ford

It's clean. It's nice. Folks are friendly. Food is just lame. I was taken there again for the umpteenth time. I enjoy places where the food has flavor.

AJ Jones

I love this place!! the staff is super friendly and it's always so clean.

Tonya Johnson

Lillian, Keith, and Star made us feel welcome as usual! That is why we keep returning...and the food is always excellent!

Steve McMaster

First timer. Loved it. Had steak kabobs with Israeli Skhug. Great sauce to compliment the beef. I'll be back!

Anna Ryan

Before I sit down to eat, I check bathrooms to make sure they are clean and nonmalodorous. This place is a piece of paradise away from water or beach. I enjoyed their food. True Mediterranean diet. Family friendly environment. Friendly staff. Thank you. We had a good time.

Baylea Brown

Love love love zoes kitchen. The food is absolutely delicious. The staff is friendly and the place is clean. Only weird thing is that I ordered a to-go, then pulled up into a curbside pick up for to-go orders, followed the steps on the sign and called to let them know I was there, and was informed they didn't do curbside service. I'm sure it was just a mistaken employee, if not they should get rid of the sign.

Patta Waay

Love the food & staff!! Prices are reasonable as well all fresh and light.

Christopher Nash

Steak Roll-Ups are the best. Good food and staff.

Cydnee Goytia

Zoës is always a good choice. Being able to use the app and place my order and pick it up is so convenient. The food is fresh and guilt free! It’s a quick but healthy alternative that tastes great!

Enrique Hernandez

Fresh food and delicious.

Jeremy Morgan

Great food, slow service and sometimes they get the order wrong. This location used to be great but has greatly dropped in their accuracy and timeliness of order completion.

Christina Winkleman

Always busy. Friendly staff.

Keri P

Favorite place!!

Michael Hurst

I love this place. The food is great and the staff are always top shelf

Randy Kastner

Awesome food.

Liz Kincheloe

Enjoyed a very nice meal here. I had the Greek Chicken Pita. Tasty and satisfying.

Eric Vitelli

Great healthy meals

Edward Hacker

Awesome meal...

Brittany Thomas

Their hummus and pita chips are amazing. Their kabobs are fantastic as well. Pretty expensive but they have deals on their app. They were really friendly and the store was very clean. We will definitely be returning.

Jan Fortelney

Zoes Kitchen in Edmond is to be avoided. The one to go to is by Quail Springs Mall. The one in Edmond just does not have their act together and they mess up orders and they don't give you enough food. This this is one of my favorite places to eat. I especially like their kabobs. I also get their chicken and orzo soup a lot especially if I don't feel good it's like having mom's chicken soup.

Adria H

Only Went to Zoe's Specifically for the BaKed Feta. Was told they took it off menu because it took to long to make... Bring Back the Baked Feta and rating will go back up to 5 Stars!

Christie Patton

Different food. And healthy

Susan Adamson Ray

Fast friendly service with great made to order Mediterranean food. An underutilized gem in Little Rock.

Rich Miller

What a great place. Lovely Mediterranean food. I love these new restaurans that are popping up all over the place that are somewhere in between fast food and a higher-end sit down restaurant. lots of healthy choices and I like to see that the owner / manager is usually running around taking care of his customers and employees.

It’s Ebby K

I love it here.. Mr Keith, Ms Lilly and Star are amazing. The basil hummus bomb, salmon and steak kabobs super bomb, overall experience ATOMIC BOMB


Kiyoni is the best, she made sure my order was correct and cooked right the 1st time.


Menu is amazing and full of variety. Even if you want to eat healthy. Place is delicious.

Vicki Dooley

Food is consistently good and fresh. Many healthy choices available. Love the white beans and have even bought by the quart to put in a dish and take to a potluck! Best pimento cheese anywhere.

Stephanie Powers

Joe Diaz

Good food

Robert Bowers

Healthy inexpensive food, bright and cheerful decor, attentive friendly staff.

Rosalind Harris

If I could afford to eat Zoe's everyday I would. This location is extremely small, inconvenient and awkward for parking and maneuvering...

Shelley White

Great food. Fast and Friendly.

Jane Burrus

Excellent food. Very healthy.

Woody Allen

judith anderson

Fresh, fresh food, very clean

Win R

Joe Mann

Really good health good that is surprisingly fast. I've ordered to go and ate in but would probably recommend take out.

Mr. Sir

healthy food

Andrea Netterville

Good, healthy food. A little bit pricey for fast casual dining.

Heather Carroll

Service was great. I had the roasted chicken pasta with a house salad. Their sweet tea was fresh, the vegetables in the salad was fresh. My pasta tasted amazing. Only complaint i had was the presentation of my pasta was a little sloppy but the food and experience was very good

S Taylor

Really good food.

debora shiflett

Moe Berwari

Fresh and healthy

Mrs. B.

Stephanie Fields

It's hit or miss with the food quality. Depends on who the cook is that day. Some days its incredible other days I'm upset i wasted my money.

Onur G

Good zoe's location. Fast service

Megan Mason


Great food. Prices have gone up and portions down in recent years.. Most restaurants seem to be doing this ..

Ed Childers

Good food. Some healthy options.

Jennifer Taylor

The food is almost always well made - every now and then it’s clear they’re busy and quality control takes a hit. Likewise, I’d say about half of the time when I call to place an order the phone rings indefinitely with no one answering. I think they’re perpetually understaffed but again, the food itself is healthy and has decent flavor.

kimberly noble

Very good

Colleen Garmon

Love the people, service and the food. Mushroom Spinach Piadini is my fav. Well 2 years later, I revise my review, my favorite menu item is no longer. 5 star to a 3.5

K Car

Everything I’ve had is good but the pasta salad is a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s too dry but the YaYa cake is phenomenal, only chocolate cake I’ll eat.

Drew Mobley

Great catering services! Sadie Rankin went above and beyond to ensure our large catering order was delivered on time, accurate, and the food was fresh and delicious. Highly recommend if you are considering healthy catering options.

Chris Dillon

My date took me there, was very happy with the food and service

Auzdon Anothen

Some of the best food in SC

natalie smith

The food here is fresh and delicious! Love the bowls recently added to the menu and enjoy the variety of food offered.

Chuck Heard

Pretty darn tasty! All the kabobs are good. The lentil soup has a bit of heat (in a good way). The lamb kafta is also worth trying.

Jason Struckhoff

coco madison

Amazing food and staff!

Richard Bartelt

Don't get the potato salad. It was dry and had no flavor. The potatoes were partially mashed with some large chunks. The potatoes were unpeeled which resembled German potato salad, but that's all. The green onions were not fresh. The cost was 2.49 and it was a small scoop. Over priced and poorly prepared.

Charles R

First time coming and had no real idea of what to expect. Turns it it’s pretty decent Mediterranean food. Ordered the Mediterranean chicken mean with roasted veggie and pasta salad. Along with the chicken I put a little of the spicy dressing on it. Turns out the chicken was really good without the dressing but was even better with. Only down side was the lack of some sort of bread. Since this was over $10 for it, that would have made it perfect. I know the Mediterranean area is full of bread items, throw them in! Still can highly recommend everything!

Angela Gilliam

It is good. We go often.

Harry Vasels

Good food and prices

Alex Ray

Josh McLeod

Dawn Louderbough

The food here is fresh and delicious! If you love Greek/Mediterranean food, I highly recommend this place.

Clio Heffley

We had to wait an hour for our to-go order. I could've made better food at home much more quickly.


Loved the food! Especially the staff

Janeen Reyes

Great options. I like the ambience, especially outside. Just don't do it outside when it's SUPER HOT! although the airconditioning inside could be too much. It gets too cold. I like the food. You can tell it's commercialized but still great!

Mary Bates

Very good

ronnor hgih

Lori Allen

The food is good but I find this location to be filthy. The tables are often dirty, the floor never looks clean, the dirty dish area has food on the walls and the silverware area has a messy counter. Even the glass door is full of fingerprints and rarely clean. Today three workers stood around chatting while one worker seemed to be handling everything.

Ryan Guskiewicz

The food is good and never disappoints me. It is the quality and taste you should expect from any Zoes Kitchen. The service is great and quick. This location is great for a quick bite to eat that you will enjoy and not feel bad about since not only does the food taste good, but a lot of healthy options. Would definitely recommend.

Pigeon Hobby

I spent 2 months in Columbia South Carolina. Because I am picky eater, I had to find a place that I would enjoy when I go out with friends. I was able to find zoe's kitchen. They have great variety food. While they are a bit over priced, but I could see why as their foods were made fresh. The customer service is great.

Jessica Bartos

Came in tonight and was really disappointed. Two of the meals took 15 minutes because they burned the steak and had to recook it not sure why the kids meal took that long because the shrimp was cold and pasta salad was the side. Kids meal with shrimp kabob came out not only cold but with tons of spicy seasoning. Too spicy for a child to eat. Also when we receive new shrimp with no seasoning it was hot. I think the first shrimp kabob was either reused or not freshly made. Probably won’t be back. Used to be really good. :/

Samuel Hill

Nice place with wonderful fresh food.

john arvai

First time I've ever eaten here and absolutely not my last. Where has this place been?! I loved their food! You can taste all the ingredients. Fresh vegetables, meats, and superbly well blended. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Our party ranger from 12 to 46 and we all loved. The tomato bisque with the cheese topping was perfect! Everything we had was tasty, filling but not heavy, and good for you. Nothing fried. Know for a fact I'll be back and this place has earned a new customer for life. Glad I joined their rewards program because I believe I'll utilize this. GREAT FOOD!

Dan Beekman

Great tasting healthy food at a reasonable price. Good service.

Jimmy Maners

Tracy Chatman

Where do I begin?? Everything is delicious. I love the chicken kabobs! The chicken kabob dinner also comes with rice, pita bread, and a greek salad. The customer service is great! Go check them out, you won't be disappointed

Martha V.

Bill Ernst

I've been on a diet lately and my daughter recommended that we go to Zoe's for lunch because it has healthy food. Well I found it it was far from it. The food there was no more healthier than that was admitting other fast food restaurants. The only thing you do is pay more for it. My Mediterranean chicken was the smallest chicken breasts I've ever seen at a restaurant. 4 bytes and it was gone.

Russ Perry

Love Zoe's ... best fast food in the country. Matter of fact, this is not fast food, this is really really good food served quickly and with pleasant smiles and old fashioned manners. Try the steak kabobs or chicken kabobs. You can thank me later. Oh, and the caffeine free sugar free fresh brewed herbal tea. Wow!

Juan Alvarez

Good food

EJ Wright

Stephen is amazing! We visited and it was some of the best customer service we have had in a long time! Definitely recommend dining at this establishment! Thanks again Stephen!

Alisha Zimmerman

Never tried before today I was pleased

Nathan Hogue

Dinner for three, all had different things, all of it was good. We will be back

JT Pickering

My friends at Zoes @ Christiana Mall are the best! I travel all over and have been to multiple place has been better (one place in Plano, TX came close).

Anita Konkler

My husband and I came here because I wanted some clean food to feed my body vs other “fast food” in the area. It didn’t disappoint. We will come back here when we are in the area!! Thanks for the friendly staff and delicious fresh food!!


It was my second visit to this place the food is really nice and the service and staff courtesy is excellent. But the Moroccan chicken didn't find its flavor this time I was not completely happy with that dish today. However the ravioli was great.

Aria Moshari

Their kabob are awesome. Polite staff.

JakeyPlayz .

New favorite place!!! I was undecided about what I wanted for lunch. I was considering Zoes Kitchen, but had never been there. I also questioned whether I was going to enjoy Mediterranean food...well to my surprise the food was AWESOME! Everything looked good, smelled good and taste good.

Clita Harvey

Everyone was very friendly, courteous and helpful. I was even offered a free drink while I waited for my order to be prepared!

Kari Drinkwater

Love the food, hate the wait time. Seems like there's always something happening at the window and not all of the employees are sure what's going on or should be going on. Again - REALLY great food. Little better on speed/timeliness would be great. It's hard to stop in if you haven't already ordered ahead. It really takes way to long.

Melissa Fults

This was the first time I had ever eaten here and am on a restricted diet. The young woman that waited on us was WONDERFUL! She was very kind and helpful and very friendly. Most would have gotten frustrated, but she just laughed with me. She was wonderful. People like her is why people like me will come back. The food was also fantastic.

Shadow Of Reapers

Good food for those who like it,but be prepared for a really specific pallet.

Kristian Richardson

Give me all the Zoe's all the time. #hummusislife #eatkabobs #dontforgetthecake

Zachery Harris

Great staff, good food. First time there. Fast and friendly service. Girl at counter made great recommendations.

U.S. Hemp

A good healthy alternative. Thur chop their lettuce instead of using precut stuff. All have been good that I have visited.

Mary Hall

I enjoy eating at Zoes. The food is delicious and heathy.

John Stout

Good food, excellent taste! Quick and friendly service! Good for families and couples and singles. Try the pick two to get a variety of flavors.

Ingrid Bolton

I always enjoy the food at Zoe's. They are never fast but food is always good so don't be in a rush when eating at this restaurant.

Cassandra Cookson

By far my favorite place to eat

Jack Neary

Delicious food, awesome clean atmosphere and had online ordering and rewards program. Wish they were closer to me.

Molly Dallas

Always delicious and amazing staff!

gaia 3465

I just love this place. I crave their falafel pita constantly! Their hummus trio is delicious as well.

Leo A. Melick

The Moroccan Chicken patina was amazing!

Michael Cooney

Always friendly, clean, organized and above all else quality food

Stan Martin

Great menu options friendly service

Mikel Parkes

Healthy food

B. Richardson

We have eaten at this location quite a few times since it opened, we always enjoy the food and the service we receive.

Shannon Hill

If you're looking for a place for healthy food, then this is it! Personally, I love the Greek Chicken Pita with a Greek Side Salad, but there are so many great things here. Want something different than other places? Try the steak kabobs with a side of pasta salad and roasted veggies!

PaulaPaula Chapman

Great Mediteranian Restaurant! Everything is so fresh! Favorite place...

-Nth- .

Good clean food. A tad on the pricy aid for what you get. The tea is amazing.

belinda moody

1st visit was GREAT...friendly staff and Great food...the cauliflower rice and grilled ckn kebabs were really good!

Racheal Arra

Everything is very bland, and trying to hard. I love authentic Greek food, this is not. I have never left hummus uneaten before but it was just so bland. I had the hummus, lamb pita, with rice side. I only ate the lamb pita after taking everything off except for the taziki sauce, that's what I mean by trying to hard, there way to much "extra" stuff, even the hummus had whole olives sitting on time like a garnish. I'm not one to write a bad review, I love writing good reviews but I just couldn't do it for this place. I will say the staff is awesome!

Angela Winston

Very good food

Terry Storch

Great food, excellent service...and a clean environment.

lisa fransburgess

Very consistent, I have eaten at 4 different locations in Texas and now Oklahoma. Healthy and made fresh with friendly service.

john dor

Cool, ordered a bowl. Very small portions. Ordered my fiance the steak kabobs. Good but halfway through them there was a long golden hair strand. The manager replaced the kabobs immediately and apologized. I will try again. I usually give restaurants 2 tries before deciding totally on the establishment

MacKinsey Mitchell

Great food, especially for vegans/vegetarians and nice staff! Waited a little too long for my food, but they threw in a cookie and another order for free (so I’m pleased).


We usually stop here when we visit my Aunt in OKC. It's reliably unsurprising in quality but service here can be a bit off. On our last visit we were assisted by a very young, slovenly dressed employee who was less than helpful. We were an irritant to her day.

Chris Taylor

Great, healthy food. The staff were very helpful, active, and responsive. Good spot in an area with lots of food options.

Kelly N

By far the best lunch I've had in a long time! Super fresh, delicious food and superb staff, the only downside is that it's not near home

Wesley Rester

Great food and great staff.

Kalyn Littau

Staff is always friendly and helpful. The whole place, including bathrooms, are very clean. The food is correctly made, and super yummy!

Sam Hamed

Excellent, healthy food

Teena C

Very good good food.

Kobi Cordova

Excellent fresh, simple, and healthy food. I love the chicken kabobs with roasted veggies and greek salad.

Gregory Lynn

I love this place. Reasonable prices, healthy food, and delicious tzaziki.

Kathy Connell

The food is fantastic. They have everything from healthy greek bowls to juicy kabobs. The prices are a little high, but it is worth the price. Service is also fast and friendly. My favorite is the chicken roll ups. They are very simple, but still so delicious. The cold dishes also inspire my meal planning for weekly lunches. Definitely worth a try if you are in the area.

John Swanson

Quick, clean, great food and better service. Steak kabobs are killer.

stan berezyuk

Passing through north OKC. Decided to give it a try. The steak kabobs were very good! Great customer service.

Elizabeth Maxwell

Food was great as always, and they got everything right (we ordered a large family meal takeout), but the management is not good, at least today. The manager was being very short with the staff and basically yelling at them in a very tense, rushed voice and they looked very uncomfortable. I heard some v unpleasant words coming audibly from the kitchen. This was all happening while they weren’t even busy at this time. The other customers waiting seemed a little uncomfortable with all of this, too. Again, the food was great, but customers will be turned off by witnessing this working environment when they visit!

Sawyer Bonsib

Zoë's serves some delicious Greek food! Very nutritious also. Friendly staff.

Scott Saunders

Quick healthy options and great service

Sarah Bricker

Love the food. Everyone is very polite. This is my regular lunch spot.

Hayley Vuocolo

Great vegetarian variety choices, speedy togo service

Andrea Calderon

Si Good Good... All is fresh. I Love salmon kabab

Hilton .

I love Zoe's! However, my experience at this location was not my typical Zoe's experience. The place just felt dirty! I don't think the restroom had been cleaned that day - shoes sticking to floor, sink dirty, no paper towels. Restaurant floors hadn't been swept, tables around me were not cleaned off the entire time I sat there to eat. Seriously made me wish I had walked out. I'll skip this location in the future.

Davin Weaver

How do they make a simple pita taste so freaking good?

Essie Layton

I could eat here everyday. The food is always fresh, the staff always friendly. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Karen Sinnett

Love this place. Staff is friendly and helpful. Food tastes great.

f Jake and the court and the crooked politician

I had big expectations for Zoes. The food does not match the prices.

David Swingle

It has a nice atmosphere and the staff was friendly enough. The food was fairly good with a price that is on the upper side of fair in my opinion.

Terrance Bolt

Nutritious and delicious

S Dav

Service was great, food was hot, place was clean. Will definitely go back.

emily curry

Tried for the first time. Had the "Living Salad" & it was surprisingly good! I'll be back for sure!

Wayne Ferguson

Fast food that taste good and is on the healthy side!

Montana Dugger

Pretty good food. Steak kabobs and chicken kabobs are good. They have all kinds of things to chose from and the hummus is good!

Ismael Santiago

I enjoy eating here with my family. It makes me feel like I'm making a healthier choice. Lol

Alphonso Cazorla

Great tasting fresh food. Didn't give 5 stars because it took a good 20 minutes to get the food during the busy lunch hour.

Alex Rubio

Food was delicious. Perfectly portioned. Left full, not stuffed like a Turkey yet not empty like my bank account. Would reccomend if your mother is vegan. Very short wait times. Excellent service. Very clean place. Awesome full sized mirror in bathroom along with good lighting to take photos (if you're into that). Ate everything but the bowls as broken teeth wouldn't be justified to my Medicare.


Nice atmosphere. Restaurant was very clean, but wasn't a huge fan of the food. Hummus could come with more pita for the price. Food could have more flavor. It was a little bland. I'd recommend supporting an authentic, local restaurant.


It's okay, service was bad I feel they don't want me to eat her

Beth Carson

Not only was the food delicious and reasonably priced, but we had our two dogs with us on the patio and they were SO accommodating! One of the more dog friendly places we've been to and we REALLY appreciate it! I can't say enough good things about the service we received, thank you!


We love this place in my house!!! Great food, and atmosphere!!! Fast, friendly, and convenient

Kandase Urban

Everytime I go into Zoe's I have a wonderful experience. The food is always fresh and delicious. And they've got the greatest employees ever. Everyone is always pleasant and cheerful

Georgi Petrushev

Very good and healthy good job got bless the owner !

Rockell Williams

Food soooooo fresh manager Kriege the manager is the best Please keep him happy. Fast and efficient

Samirah J

Nice layout..really like the color scheme...but the food is so earthly fresh...That balsamic vinaigrette is so dang on delicious...Lentil soup was flavorful..and the hummus was tasty also..This has become 1 of my top five spots!

Amy Liebetreu

Unfortunately I'm addicted to zoes! I LOVE it!!!!

William Jenkins

Some of the staff was very inattentive. The tomato bisque soup is phenomenal. I had a steak wrap previously,once it was cold another time it had the outer layer of the onion in it. The onion was very chewy. This time no onion on the side as requested and the Sandwhich was very skimpy.

jennifer chitwood

Excellent food and service. Thank you Kraig Willis!

Emily Thayer

Love this place. Quick, nutritious, tasty. The chocolate cake is amazing.

jackie streber

Great food!

John Cowan

Never disappoints!


Good food. Take out.

jameela jackson

This was my second time visiting the place. I just can't seem to bring myself to love it.

Scary Monster Girl

Worst experience I've ever had here. I ordered the rustic lamb pitas and roasted veggies. There was one piece of lamb in the pita, and the roasted veggies were dried out and bland and covered with the horrible taste of the badly overcooked broccoli. The entire meal was inedible.


Not too bad of a place to eat. Very nice people.

Crystal Msiri

It was smaller than i expected, but still a great place to eat. Has good,healthy mediterranean food. I has the cauliflower rice bowl,which was very fulfilling and great treat.

Carolyn Saal

Fresh Mediterranean food, everything taste homemade.

Matt Benson

Kabobs! Tried the steak and the shrimp. Could've been a little bigger, but were very tasty. Rice, potato salad, mac salad, and fruit were all top notch.

Tammy O'Connell

I ordered lunch for my office staff, none had ever dined at Zoe's Kitchen. Every order was correct and complete, the food was delicious and each employee remarked to me how good their lunch was and how much they enjoyed trying something new. Well done!

Brendan G

Used to have grilled peppers, onions and tomatoes with the chicken kabobs. Their still good but only come with a few pieces of onion and tomatoe on top of the kabobs.

Kimberly Sumter

Food was excellent and fresh

Peyton Scott

Love this place! Great for ordering ahead and picking up at lunchtime!

Ellen A

Quick serve and healthy food options.

Nancy Will

I find the menu to be slightly limited and they could use a few more things, but the menu is fresh and the food is crunchy and good and healthy overall. The power play is amazing and I love the slaw! However, it's not something you can eat and go back to work because the slaw has a lot of onions and garlic. They should offer something for those who have to work with less onions and garlic in it. Overall it's a good and healthy place and I eat here about once every two weeks.

Joe Gilmore

1st time here, will definitely be back. Everything was delicious and I want to try the whole menu. Fresh and quick service.

Jessica Robinson

I ordered online and once I got home my salmon and vegetables were cold and uncooked. I called to see if I could get fresh food and the response I received was not customer friendly especially since I just informed them my food wasn’t cooked and cold. My only option was to receive a refund. I will never return to the Forest Drive location.

Angel Ranger

Tasty food fast service

Ronald Anderson

Enjoy the ham rosemary piadina, very tasty! Wish they'd give something other than pita chips with the meal. Greek salad is a good choice of a side, always get that.

Kanika Sood

Really good healthy vegetarian options at reasonable prices. Super quick service, tomato soup is a must try.

Kimberly Petty

Tammie Holubesko

Jim Walton

Very good food, very casual problem is finding parking space as is located in a busy high end strip mall

Tina Marie Devlin

I eat at Zoës at least 2-3x per month! The food is fresh and customer service is great! I love the BOGO coupons, free hummus coupons and $5 off coupons! The baked falafel pita, tossed Greek salad, basil pesto hummus, steak roll ups and roasted veggies are some of my favorite items! LOVE ZOËS!

Linda Mc

Super good Maurocan chicken and rice

Meta James

One of my most favorite restaurant. The food is great and so is the service.

Jim L.

Always good, always fresh. I love the Greek salad and the various kabob entrees. The sald dressing is delicious and so is their tzatziki. Not only is the food great so is the service. If you get a chance, try the potato salad and the roasted vegetables. So good!

Cathy X

Had their lentil soup and the onions in it was crunchy and it was luke warm.

Karen DeLeon

Good place to eat healthy, and delicious. Our first time and we felt very welcome, the manager take care of my questions and requests very kindly. Great people very recommend for families..

David Crow

Zoe's kitchen is great for a semi-quick meal. Lots of delicious, healthy options.

Ashley Maddux

Malcolm and Patricia Campbell

The best food and quick service! Clean restaurant and very nice employees! Nothing bad to report here.

Gregory Morris

Food is amazing. But expensive, to be expected for the great quality. This is a big step up from fast food but is certainly not fine dining.

Aaron Hill

Food was good it had that standard Greek taste dressings were good as well seemed homemade. I feel like I was getting less than what I payed for though Ordered the chicken kabobs with two sides Pita chips were good the rice was ok and the chicken was fairly average

Jeff Hill

The new ravioli dish with the chicken was awesome. The portion size was just enough to leave me wanting a few more bites. I'm still hesitant to get my order to go after a number of visits with wrong or missing items but dining in has always been a good experience.

Joel Vallejo

Good, healthy food.

Cathy Crumpler

Excellent, always good. Clean and friendly service.

Boom Wilson

Not only were they very rude, and impolite, but my order was incomplete, and the shrimp was rotten. Worse dining experience I have had, and I have had dinners in 3rd world countries. Horrible. Sad.

Rosie Morton


Jessica Ulmer

Walk in to-go order. Watched part of my order get finished within 5 minutes and then sit on the counter for 15 minutes waiting for the second part of my order. Now I’m eating cold chicken and room temp veggies. Won’t be going to this location again any time soon. Parking sucks. Service sucks. Used to be so good......

Kim Justice

Consistently good quality and healthy food.


Good food at a reasonable price

Marc Simon

Been coming here for over 3 years.. service and some food has gone downhill.. we have had to wait longer periods to get our food to our table.. and baked feta was somewhat cold.. chips were stale .. men's room was very dirty .. very sad because we bragged about Zoës to all our out of town friends

Kimberly H

This is my go to, favorite restaurant hands down. As a newly transitioned vegetarian, I can always count on Zoes for something good, and within my dietary preference. I have yet to try a dish here that I don't like.

Constance Collier

Their menu selections are great. I had to score this ZK as a 3.6 out of 5, so read below to see why. I enjoyed the Quinoa salad. Unfortunately, there were some lettuce leaves that should not have been used. The workers were friendly. However, the one employee clearing off the tables, didn't pick-up the chairs to place them under each table. Therefore, the chairs at each table he pushed scrubbed loudly against the floor causing a lot of distracting and irritating noises, as well as, silverwares falling on the tables while being cleaned off. Believe it or not, he was very nice and spoke to the customers respectfully. He just needs some instructions on what all is included in providing great customer service in any setting, which includes: sights, sounds, empathy and compassion for us elderly customers. I saw how others, as I did, look at him and how he was handling chairs and clearing tables and none of us appreciated how that interrupted us. Due to all that, my mom and friends will not be able to come eat there as much as I wanted to bring her and other friends. My 1st visit.

Armando O Sagcal

Always delicious, fun place to eat with friends and family. Be sure to try the chocolate cake!

Karen Prater

Great chicken salad and customer service!!!

Brittany Hammond

Fresh always ... Decent customer service

Kelli Stratton

We were looking for something new (to us) refreshing & delicious. Zoes Kitchen was the perfect match for our tastebuds. The cauliflower bowl with Lamb & the chicken kebob with Greek salad & roasted vegetables all was great! It provided enough for lunch too.

Matthew Williamson

Typical Zoe's location for the most part as far as the fare goes. Nice staff, good service, clean environment.

Wanda Jones

Truly healthy eating, very interesting

Mike Williams

Zoës kitchen is always pleasantly consistent; this location was slam packed at lunch time, but the food was good as ever and ready quickly. Highly recommended.

Anurag Sharma

Surprisingly good food. Excellent service. Can't recommend it enough.

Carlos Cruz

Amazing food. Service was quick.

Venecia Washington

Made an online order tonight. Was very, very disappointed when I opened my container. My salmon kabobs were so burnt there were flakes in my rice. Very unacceptable. When you are paying $$ for a meal, it should be appetizing.


Just average food for an inexpensive meal.

Marcos Harris

Great food and service.

Lindsay Johnson

Steton V

Hair in food. Less than enthusiastic and energetic crew. Not clean. Chicken was tough and dishes were sloppily plated. Disappointing as Zoe's Kitchen is one of my favorite chains to eat at.

Freedom Ain't Free

The Best in the world

Miranda Herrick

Monica Barnes

Daniel Koehler

Good Mediterranean food

Aaron Maccaro

Larry Pareigis

Great food, very clean, responsive staff. A+ experience!

Kathryn Tymonko

Cassandra Wit

Destro Baby

Andrew Loyal

Ashley Cote

A new FAVORITE of mine. Their menu is SO different and fresh. Definitely go a few times a month

Kristy vasquez

So I placed an order for 5:30pm pick up. Order was placed at 3pm. Yet when I got to the restaurant the order was not ready. Still waiting here 30 minutes after the order is ready to have it come out for me. Meanwhile the guys in the cooking area are just hanging around doing nothing. This was my second chance for this restaurant and sadly it's the staff that the problem is with. Perhaps getting a new staff to cook in the back would be a good idea.

Letetia Gregory

The food is priceless meaning wonderful and worth every pennie.

April Shutes

It wasn't great, or even good it was less than average for the price....the veggie kabobs are so over cooked, the chicken kabobs are bland...service was good, I'll stick to Tazikis'

Brett Ellis

Fantastic food that's pretty healthy compared to other places

Randy O'Brien

Always fresh, always good and good for you.

Princess Jheanielvea

Zoe's Kitchen was filled with welcoming employees and a relaxing vibe. Enjoyed the food. I'm a fairly new vegetarian and they have plenty different options. Will have to try them all!

Kinley Films

Great service

Richmond Taylor

Super good place to eat. Healthy and actually tasty while being reasonably priced.

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