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Jeffrey Casey

This was definitely not the kind of barbecue that we have in Oklahoma. I'm a barbecue enthusiast and make it myself. The ribs weren't bad. The pulled pork was a little dry and the pulled chicken was a little dry. The brisket wasn't even what I would call brisket, it was like thinly sliced lunch meat. Usually brisket the way I make it and we expect in Oklahoma it's got a bark on it and you see the Red Smoke Ring which means that it's been through a smoker. This had neither, so if you're expecting authentic barbecue at least on the brisket side you're going to be disappointed.

Nathan Miller

The food is well priced, and very good! They have the best potato salad I've had yet. Do your taste buds a favor and get the burnt ends and splash some #3 sauce on them. I guess disregard if you hate your taste buds for some reason.

Darian Ross

Great food, nice app for quick orders.

billy stringfellow

Best in Conway by far The owner is great and the staff is courteous and friendly

Pamela Ellison

Love the BBQ and saucea. Staff are great also.

Lisa burt

Best BBQ around

Cassie Batt

Good food. Pleasant environment. Friendly and courteous staff.

Kevin Sebrowski

Awesome barbecue and 6 delicious sauces to choose from. Great side dishes too! Fast service.

renae smith

My husband liked the platter but I made the mistake of ordering nachos. They were horrible. Came with that nasty canned cheese.

casey waterson

Brisket was juicy and the sauce choices make the visit!

Allysa Hampstead

Very good BBQ, reasonably priced, fast service. Excellent ribs. And 6 sauces to choose from. The potato salad is to die for.

Vickie Fields

The food was so good the chicken the brisket the ribs the beans potato salad and coleslaw was so good

Matisha McCuien

We went around 6 pm yesterday and got some food. We called it in while en-route to the location so that it our food wouldn't have to sit for so long. I pulled to the window a young man took our money, and we waited about 5 minutes for the food. I have never ever had any complaints about eating here. I spent well over $40.00 for 3 different dinners. When I say the food was horrible. It was cold, lacked flavor...just the overall quality was horrible. I was so shocked and still is. The Brisket and Ribs are normally the highlight of my meal. Baked beans are normally awesome as well, everything was just outright horrible. I am thinking they may have just been having a rough night. But for the price that we paid, it should have at least been mediocre. I'm sad. I just hope that this isn't going to be the norm. We have to places that we go to for BBQ only..Hog Pen and Whole Hog..I'm just praying that we don't have to remove this one from the list. Disappointed!

Dusty Fulk

Good bar b que

Arthur Enright

Went here with a customer and we all quite enjoyed lunch. Portions were generous, the service was great and the food was good. Will definitely be back the next time I come through town!

mudd bugg

Great place to eat BBQ! 6 different BBQ sauce! You can try em all! The meat is allways smoked just right! I recommend the potato salad for one of the sides!

Justin Holstead

My go to place in Conway for consistently good BBQ. Half chicken is my dish, try it with the volcano sauce.

Misty Merchen

Ok food, great sweet tea

John Reedy

If you like bar-b-que, you are going to love Whole Hog.....I don't eat beef, but Whole Hog has the best pulled pork I have ever eaten....They have. 6 different sauces to choose from.....They have great potato salad and baked beans...

Jeremy Franks

Food was dry a little over priced for the amount of food service was decent...

Paula Bullington

Had lunch today was disappointed in my pulled pork nachos. Chip were over salty and pork was hard and dry.

Dennis Roofe Jr

Best BBQ Ever! Ribs melt in your mouth! AWESOME owner, personally ensures quality of product and customer satisfaction!!

John Minard

Good BBQ, wasn't too busy and service was quick.

Sunil Jain

Go to Zomato for my detailed ratings

Amanda Robertson

Wonderful place to get some BBQ! Also great customer service and always great BBQ! One of the best in central arkansas! The whole family loves it and it's very affordable!

Wade Fleming

Edit to respond: The only real problem I had was my table was pretty wobbly. I was able to push it up against the wall to minimize it, though.

Linda Morrison

Excellent food and service.

Phillip Neff

Nice the potato salad is freakin awesome In the pulled pork sandwich was good as well Loved it will definitely go back

Garry McVay

Good pulled pork, great brisket but not a fan of the ribs. Potato salad is a must try.

Lifefilter .

Great BBQ and pies.

Nyxie B

Best BBQ I've had on years! The variety of sauces was excellent , and the meat was smoked to perfection !! I will defo go back everytime I'm in the area!

David P.

Best bbq anywhere!

Sherie Monroe

Perfect Everytime

D Jeffs

Kinda expensive but tons of food and it tastes great.

Elizabeth Koch

Omg AMAZING food and AMAZING service.

Lynne Slater

I enjoy the variety of BBQ sauces and their descriptions. The sauce is what makes the BBQ! Their potato salad is among the best I have ever had. Portions are just right and the counter server was very friendly. If this were a full service restaurant, I would have liked it even more.

Moe Ent209

Best pulled pork I’ve tried in the state yummmy!

Enigma Wyoming

Love the food, service and all the different sauces on the table. Very reasonable and family friendly atmosphere. Nothing at all to be critical about!!! Nice job folks!

Hikaru Katayamma

Great meat and beans. Pulled pork was most, and you choose which of seven sauces to put on it. I went with sweet, heavy, molasses flavor. Great dinner. The potato salad was pretty plain though. Definitely worth a second visit.

John Buerkle

One of the best places for barbecue in the US.

Car Medic

Sooo, I haven't found anything not good. 5stars

Glenn Waterworth

best BBQ in town! Staff is super friendly and professional. Huge Fan!

Dennis Belen

Every time we visit Conway AR we eat at this place. The food is great and the staff are friendly. I don't really care for potato salad but I eat their's. Very affordable too. Oh i try not to eat there at the later part of the day cause the food (meat) seems to be a bit drier...

Big Stick Loud Truck

food is usually good here. service is great. but tonight i had a meal i had to just throw away... ordered brisket and it was just chunks of fat... usually better than this..

Brandon Sturch

Service wasn't the best

Liam Parke

Best BBQ Nachos EVER. I usually come by the drive-thru and get my food on my way home from work, but I've been inside a few times and the girls at the counter have always been nice and friendly. My dog loves to ride in the car with me and the employees are always super happy to see her and they give her a little treat. She loves it!

Andrea Tucker

Lunch date with my daughter and the Bbq was wonderful.

Robert knight

Maybe it was just a bad day. Service and food not so good

James Owens

Love the half chicken with #4 sauce


Great food and a nice big dinning room. They have a nice selection of sauces that they put in a six pack holder on each table. Highly recommended.

Emily Graham

I love to get the bbq pork ribs! They are the best and the glaze on them is the perfect flavor! Keep up the good work!

Kent Justus

Simply the best!

Greg inConway

Horrible food and the high school ladies that take your order are unfriendly. Food expensive in-which we left still hungry ... total was around $27 with small portions of food. The serving of baked beans was about 3 folks worth, much less with the over cooked meat that was dry and tasteless. STAY AWAY. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY OVERSIGHT. As a local, I will dine at a restaurant that takes pride in their service and food... this place was like Shorty Smalls in Conway wheras the food quality took a remarkable dive until the restaurant closed. The Sherwood Whole Hog is light years & service. This place is less than a ONE STAR rating.

Robert Wiley

Very good. I had beef brisket salad. Perfect. Hubby had ribs. Were too hard and crusty on the outside for him to chew. His beans and spicy slaw were great.


PROS: Delicious BBQ, I go for the pork. 6 kinds of BBQ sauce. Beans are some of the best you can get. Potato salad is really tasty, and I don't like potato salad. Volcano (extra spicy) sauce available on request. Brownies are very moist and delicious. Food comes out very fast. The sweet tea is also really good. There is a drive through. Lots of seating inside. Very affordable. Meat available by the pound though I usually go for the combo plates. CONS: None.

Sharon Nichols

If you need to have an event catered, I highly recommend Whole Hog Cafe in Conway, Arkansas. The food is delicious. The portions are generous. And the prices are very reasonable. They delivered our food on time and made party planning super easy. Thank you Whole Hog Cafe!

John Rains

Lady at the counter was very nice. However the food was some of the worst bbq I've ever had. What a disappointment...used to be a great place to eat.

Amanda Dawn

Best bbq in town, hands down! My personal fave is the smoked chicken and potato salad, but everything we've tried is amazing! I love that they have their sauces on the table so you can sample to find your favorite.

donny simpson

Wonderful,everytime I get close enough I stop and eat there. Best bar b que i know of. And the wait staff is always friendly. Atmosphere is awesome. But the food is always perfect.

Stephen Tarpley

I like coming here with the family. It's a little too expensive for my budget but I like the food. Also has a nice Arkansas theme.

Laura Koch

Always use them to cater our family events and love their food


It was just okay

Cole McDaniel

This is the best bbq joint in Conway, and it ain't close. And most of their plates are under or right at $10. Why even eat at another restaurant? This place smokes the competition. Thanks for another great meal last night, Whole Hog Cafe Conway.

Andy Flatt

The person at the counter was friendly, and gave impeccable service. The pulled pork was passable, but not very good. The brisket resembled sliced roast beef, and tasted like it, as well. The ribs... Where to start about the ribs... The glaze was ok, but the meat was horrible. I would not recommend, nor do I plan on ever returning.

James Fare

Overall great place!!

Nicholas Anderson

My favorite potato salad I've had anywhere. Matt's are pretty consistently good, except the ribs. Love the selection of totally different sauces (sweet, spicy, Carolina, mustard, etc.) Nice staff, good atmosphere.

Mike Alstott

Horrible. Being from Montana all I heard was good things about this place. The place looks like it could use a bit of a face lift. That is besides the point. The young red headed girl at the counter gave us reservations from the start. She could not answer our simple questions and had to go to the back to ask someone for an answer. She was totally unsure of anything. Then we find out a lady had ordered for 60 people and they could not find her order. This lady ended up being there a long time waiting. Nobody who worked there, I noticed 3, seemed to have any clue of what was going on. It was a mess. We finally order and pay over $27. That was for a $15 plate, a baked potato and 2 teas. When we got the plate, there was barely any meat on it, at all. The beans were not that warm, cheese on the baked potato was not melted, and they did not give us a sandwich bun which was requested. It was a fiasco just trying to get one. We asked about the red head about the amount of meat and in typical fashion, the young red head had no answer. By the time we left, there were a lot of customers backed up waiting in line. Bottom line: the food was good, but the service was absolutely horrible and the food was over priced. I was so excited about trying this place out. Very disappointed. It was a joke. Btw, this was today, Dec 24, 2016.

TJ Watkins

We placed a big order early in the day to be picked up in the evening. The only issue we had was that the beef brisket was not cooked and cut like it always is. It was not cooked all the way, it was slightly bloody and sliced very thin like roast beef. No one liked the brisket and we had some who could not eat undercooked meat. So that was disappointing especially for $17. I called Whole Hog to see if we had gotten the wrong item, spoke with Emily and explained the problem. She told me that it was brisket and that it was like that because it had a shorter cook time (no duhh!?)... but perfectly fine to eat. We have been eating at the whole hog chain for 11 years+ and never have we had brisket prepared in that way. Never. She offered to replace it... but we had already had our dinner so that really wasn’t a helpful solution for us, and she didn’t feel the need to make it right in any other way. So my take away from all this is to never order the brisket again or maybe I should explain to them how I want it prepared since you can apparently have your brisket rare, medium, and well done now. And... that when this Whole Hog makes a mistake they will just give you a poor excuse for why and really not go out of their way to make it right. :/

Belinda Hudson

Great place to get some good barbecue.

Paul Thompson

Try the turkey! Any of the meats are excellent. New sides are good. Mac and cheese and fries. Slaw needs something. Mayonnaise?

Jordan Moses

Good BBQ with lots of sauce options, baked beans can get really spicy, awesome white baked potato salad!

Boo Wages

I've always had great food at this place. I think they're location is the only thing that holds them back.

Ruthie Burkett

Pulled Pork cold & dry. Would not recommend or try again.

Teena Green

Love the barbecue and the food it's amazing you must experience it for yourself

eric gossett

Was not impressed for the price. ordered a baked potato and they used to fill the bowl, now it's half the bowl, asked for extra butter and sour cream. Did not get it. I got the two meat dinner and I I got to say is where the meat and the sides we're a table spoon each. The bbq sauce was good but what the point if you don't get anything to put it on.

Kim Cameron

Love the pulled pork....get it and use it in soup as well as on sandwiches

N London

Best Bar-B-Que place in town. Plenty of parking and friendly staff.

Janice Clifton

It's a great place for fresh ribs and you can takeout too. Great BBQ sandwiches.

Victoria Light

Whole Hog never disappoints no matter what location you go too...Delicious as always

Deborah Kirkland

Very tasty, just what we needed.

Dave's Nuts

Good barbeque, but not comparable to the one in Little Rock

Brian Locke

I like this barbecue place. The people are nice, the restaurant is nice, the food is great, the price is decent. The conway branch is much much better than the north little rock one

Adam Hensley

I tried the smoked Turkey today. It was good but if I had it elsewhere I would not have thought a bbq place made it. The smoke taste was minimal and it didn't have a typical bbq style rub on it. I plan on going back and trying the half chicken. Other people in our group really enjoyed the pulled pork.

Michael Benefield

Great food. Attentive staff.

Dan Carpenter

If your in the area i highly recommend this place for great BBQ

Martha Witter

I have fun here making my own yummy sauce by mixing different ones... The food is good too;)

tammy manion

Loved it I will be back.

F and I Mills

Pretty good home town vibe. A little pricey but you do get a load of food!

Douglas Hayhurst

Good food, plenty to fill u up

Robert Walker

Pork loin was very good

Gary Beckman

I loce Whole Hog in Little Rock, but the Conway location doesn't hold a candle to it. Tbe food was mediocre at best. It wasn't hot. The meat was warm, barely and the chicken was DRY.

Cordale Rhodes

This place is awesome!

Brent J

The best barbeque in Faulkner county! Always greeted by friendly staff and the orders are out very quickly. Excellent all around experience and the food is always delicious!

Robert Hull

Stopped in with 3 companions 2 of whom had been here previously and everyone had good something different. I had never been here and I got the half rack of baby back ribs by themselves and ordered a baked potato both were excellent the ribs were lightly sauced as I ordered and the potato had plenty of butter as I had asked for. As for my companions 2 of them ordered the same thing the pulled pork plate with loaded potato salad and the beans both said everything was great although one said her pork was not as warm as she had had in the past but she said it still good just a little disappointed. The fourth member of the group who like I had not been there like me ordered the combo meat plate and everything was great although he was a little surprised how the brisket was sliced.

Brent Appleton

Very good ribs. The sauce/ glaze on ribs was perfect. Meat was juicy and tender. Clean diner as well. I will be back!

Adam Kuipers

Had a 40 person group. They provided great accommodations in their group room. Great food all around, and great staff!

Melissa Morgan

Very good bar b que

Phillip G

Large order to go and they got everything right. Unusual for a larger take out order. Staff was.friendly and helpful!

April Lester

Always good choice

Tammy Southerland

The best BBQ choices. Love the options to put on a baked potato. Down to earth people with a smile.

Amy Haas

We tried it because someone recommended it to us. Huge disappointment!! We order at the counter, find out they do not have bbq smoked bologna which is my sister's favorite and the bbq she likes. She settled for chopped beef, my daughter went for chicken nachos because she also loves bologna. I got a pulled pork loaded potatoe & side salad. Completely underwhelmed especially for the price and its serve yourself. We will not be back there next time we are in that town.

Tyrell Davie

The food was good and service

Robert Wheeler

Great place to take the family.They have a Clean environment. The staff is great and will help you on choices on the menu. They have fast service for being made fresh for you. The restrooms are clean. Lots of parking in the front and side of the restaurant. And the bbq sauce is great many choices to choose from thanks

Cristina Plascencia

Delicious. Absolutely delicious. Best sausage I've ever had.

Nickie Werner

Great food great price

Linda Richardson

Baked potato was hard and cold only tiny dab of butter in huge potato. No sour cream had to ask for some. Asked for it to be loaded. Ultimate platter was cold food. Dry meat. No butter for rolls. Just not good. Will never go their again.

Fred Hernandez

The baked potato with pork is so good, love the potato salad as well!!

Zula Gibson

Very good pulled pork sandwich. Nice atmosphere.

Derek Johnson

The food was great and fresh. Service was also good.

Ebern Wiley

Have real good barbecue not great but good.

Luna Massage

Never have I had a bad experience at any the Whole Hog locations. Clean, quality food and friendly staff.

ross doolittle

All I need to say,,,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Brandi Bruce

Excellent food. Quick service

Marguritia Hawkins

The food was delicious! Love their potato salad!!!

Gabrielle Davis

This is one of three BBQ restaurants in Arkansas that I actually enjoy their food. The staff are very friendly and nice. I typically get something with the sliced brisket (they do not offer chopped) and my husband gets ribs. I've also had the pulled pork, pulled chicken, and chicken quarter. The brisket consistently meets my expectations (the stuffed potato is extremely large, so the price is appropriate). The chicken quarter is a little too "smoke flavored" for me, but I've enjoyed it several times anyway.

Andy Burris

I absolutely love Whole Hog. They get it right every time I go in there. Not only is the food great but the service is amazing as well. Thanks Whole Hog!

Matthew Colclasure

Delicious and made fast. Wonderful crew. All around an enjoyable expirence.

Irvin Horton

Ribs good. Friendly staff.

erich hopkins

went a few weeks ago, delicious. The pulled pork sandwich is very tender, aromatic, all around great food. Parking lot was a bit crowded but if you serve pork sandwiches that good I guess its to be expected

Guy Lathrop

Arrived at the Conway location 20 minutes before closing. We were told to feel free to stay and dine in. We ordered our dinners... and informed the person that we wanted to order assorted sauces to go... it was suggested that we take a few minutes to try the different sauces so we can decide which ones to order. Quickly, we ate or food and agreed on which sauces to have packed to go. Approaching the counter person, we were informed that, at 9:02pm it was now impossible to order sauces to go. From now on, I will tell everyone I meet to avoid whole hog cafe... I'll feel better once I hear that that location did eventually go out of business.

Lori Walsh

Food always good. I love the ribs and homemade rolls. Variety of BBQ sauces available at the tables.

Bobb Tuck

Ive ate here before but it was take out and brought to me. The sandwich i had was ok, but no where near filling. Today i walked in and bought the jalapeno sasuage and 2 ribs plate. OMG ill never eat there again. I can cook better food over a trash fire. I can belive places like this. Money hungry and lazy.

Nicole Wise-Pruitt

Delicious as always! I love the variety of sauces. You can't find mustard based bbq sauce in many places these days, and there's is awesome.


Omg...first time trying fantastic BBQ...10 stars

Kenneth winter

Whole Hogs pulled pork is some of the best around. The potato salad is phenomenal.

Donna Carter

Terrible. Been to other Whole Hog restaurants and they have been good but this one was not. Got pork sandwich and it tasted like it had been sitting around a while. The pork was not fresh at all, we wiill not be back.

Jessica James

I've given this place a try a couple times and they say that it's gluten free but I have gotten extremely sick to the point where it feels like my intestines are being ripped and vomiting and having a loose stomach in the bathroom for hours. I think either it really is not gluten free or they cross contaminate the hell out of things. For the most part it tastes good thougheither I'm getting food poisoning or there's a huge issue with their quality control or their understanding of what gluten-free means. For some people it's not some fancy choice, its medical necessity and I think the staff here at need a hell of a lot more training in understanding that.

Tim Collins

I got a combo plate. Pulled pork wasn't very good, brisket was pretty good. Beans, salad, and roll were very good. Overall a good meal for the money.

Candace McArthur

Called in an order for 2 people at 5:30pm. They said they would it ready in 15 minutes. When I got there at 5:50, the order still wasn't ready and I had to wait another 17 minutes until my good was ready. Tasted good, but the wait sucked. If they were running slow, they should have said the food would be ready in 30 minutes or whatever instead of 15.

Zane Rankin

Fantastic food, as you'd expect from Whole Hog. This particular location suffers from being difficult to find, although you can see it from the interstate. The interior is a little gloomy and cave-like. But, go for the food, not the ambience.

Len Ragsdell

Totally great food.

Mike Robichaud

Best place to get great BBQ!! Staff is committed to making sure everything exceeds expectations.

Buyer Here

Best brisket ever... Get it in a salad...

Donna Owens

Great service and food

Nina Ann

Best pulled pork in the midwest! My kids always enjoy testing all 7 different bbq sauces on their meat before deciding, including the volcano. The portions are generous and the staff is always friendly. Definitely try the potato salad and baked beans. They can't be beat!

Jon Pease

Best in the Whole area, better than most in Memphis

David Green

First ti.e there. We will be back. Thank you

natasha totten

Love their potato salad as always. As someone else mentioned, their food definitely seems like it's been under a heat lamp or is old. I loved it when I 1st moved here but the BBQ has declined or the price too high for what your getting...

Ty Hahn

Wish I had some right now!

Ellen Siler

Good food. I always get the baked potato with pulled chicken and #5 sauce. Only thing I don't like is the radio is too loud. That mixed with the bus boy's cart over the brick floor makes for a noisy lunch. Fast service and friendly staff!

Samantha Lopez

Amazing food quick service and clean facility

Miriam Alayon

Cashier was rude food was old tasting.

Angela B

Great barbecue place! Their baked beans are the best!

R Clark

We've never been disappointed here. My kids are picky eaters, yet they enjoy the pulled pork plates with chips. The potato salad is terrific!

Robert McGehee

Consistently good food. Only complaint is (at the time of this review) they don't have Thursday beef ribs like the north little rock/Sherwood location. I'd suggest getting one if the platters with a bit of everything. If you like spice go for the volcano sauce.

Amanda Luckow

Assuming all food in Arkansas is gross if this is considered good. Not sure how they can even call that brisket. I had to send it back and get the chicken which wasn’t much better (and had Hair in it) . I’m giving 2 stars because of the potato salad.

Janae Montambault

This restaurant is fantastic! Their food is always amazing- it’s hot, fresh, and has tons of flavor. My kids (and the rest of us) love their ribs. Their pulled pork is flavorful even without a sauce. I personally can’t get enough of their coleslaw, my boyfriend thinks it’s bland on its own. Their sauces are out of this world, you’ll find something you enjoy with their wide range. I personally love the sweet molasses, the mustard sauce and the tangy tomato- my boyfriend wants to buy stock in the volcano sauce. He loves the heat! We drive from Pottsville to Conway just to eat here a few times a month!

LaLa Garrett

Best bbq in Conway! Friendly staff and management and they go the extra mile to make your experience with them absolutely perfect!

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