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REVIEWS OF Schlotzsky's IN Arkansas

Susan Stanford

Schlotzsky's is AWESOME! Delicious Sandwiches! AWESOME STAFF! Schlotzsky's ROCK!

Jennifer Johnson

Drive through can be slow

Matt Dixon

Always excellent sandwiches

Eric OBrien

Great qaulity and easy to get it fast. Drive through and very friendly staff. Sandwich is good and tasty.

Debbie Ashcraft

Had fun with happy employees. Good food too.

Dee D

You have the best sandwiches in town. But, only when you make them right. And the buns are fresh. Its kinda your slogan about the bunz, so make crutons outta those stale ones! Thank you. UPDATE: Thank you. Somebody must be listening. Got it right yesterday and it was delicious!

Kim Golde

They are too slow had to repeat my order 4 times at I'll got it wrong. He was new but don't put him on busy lunch hour until he is ready

Josh Campbell

Clean, good food, friendly service.

Pat Young

Delicious......but he did get the order wrong. I said no onion. It had onion. But I'll keep on coming cause it's my favorite sandwich.

walter cope

We were the last ones in before they closed the lobby (5 min. Before it closed) and the service was great! They even let us stay and eat. Food was superb as always.

dae davison

Its been quite some time since I've been here, the new menu through me off.

Bob Morris

Great service and food. Been eating there for years

Shawn Waggoner

Service has always been fantastic. The staff has always been super helpful. They are usually extremely busy around lunchtime, so plan accordingly. Nothing beats the Original with salt and vinegar chips!

Samantha Breckon

Best Sandwhiches. Slow service

Marlin Roberts

Great fastfood restaurant, love their sandwiches

Donna Sugarman

Excellent classic. And flatbread

Ryan Schwarz

Great food and fast service with very clean tables and floors.

Bob Airoldi

Always good. They can be a bit slow. Plan early or late for lunch always packed during week days.

sabrina mcwilliams

Best sandwiches and that Oliver on the front counter deserves a promotion. Sweetiest guy ever.


Worst sandwich i've ever had

Curt Wright

Food was ok, but not as good as Subway or Firehouse Subs.

John Wick

Amazing sandwiches, great quality for the price. Customer service could be better

Rick Schrunk

The sandwiches were amazing! Was a pretty busy lunch crowd, but the staff got everyone through and served very pleasing food!

Melanie Fewell

This is the best sandwich shop on town. They always have fast service in both the window and inside. The food is fresh and their sourdough bread is fantastic!

Amanda Isbell

Still the greatest Turkey and guacamole sandwich anywhere. Fast service on the drive thru generous portions.

Tim Schultz

Always good food and good service.

Mark Leonard

Great food

Janice Lisk

Good food fast service.

Linda Merwin

The menu has changed and the service poor. Not nearly as good as it used to be.

Lauren Sauls

Best sandwich!!

Kat Mangione

Schlotzky’s used to be my all time favorite sandwich shop! Love their sourdough bread buns! I’d not been to the NLR Schlotzky’s in over a decade (I don’t live in AR anymore.) so I had to swing by- two sandwiches, no chips, two waters, and it was $19. WTH? Sandwiches were just okay. I’d hit a Which ‘Wich before returning to Schlotzky’s. :-(

Jesse Vaughn

Food was great

Nathan Joiner

Fast and good. Their bread is outstanding but its a little expensive for a deli sandwich. Worth it though.

Jim Simpson

Great place

Leslie Moseley

Always great!!

Richard Jenkins

Great service and food

H Witt

Checked the website before driving 30 minutes to eat here, it says “closes at 9”. We walk in about 8:45 and the lady in front of us has a 8 person order. Once we get to the register to place our order the lady asks if we were dining in or to-go, we said in. She replies “we close in 8 minutes so it’ll have to be to-go” I stood there awkwardly and asked if they don’t close at 9 she responded the drive thru closes then and lobby is at 8. Granted, there is literally 5 tables full and 2 people waiting on their food we decided not to be rude and go to the drive thru and eat in the car. We get to the speaker to order and the person working says in the rudest/most annoyed voice “order when ready” we ask what comes on a certain sandwich and she sighs in the speaker before answering. We took our business elsewhere and won’t be back. I highly suggest correcting your hours and/or staff, I get it’s misreable being at work but for EVERY employee to be SO rude....speaks volumes about this establishment. Very sad and unfortunate.

Joshua Schmidt

Delicious sandwiches, a little to much bread and a little more meat would be nice, but good none the less. Will definitely be back...

Ian White

Unique sandwiches. Soups, Pizzas salads. Very interesting food. If you've never tried Schlotzsky's you should give it a try.

Michael Parks

Went there today ordered a ham and cheese original from the guy at the counter charge me 9 bucks for this sandwich. I get it and there is no ham on this sandwich dude insisted I said no ham on a ham and cheese sandwich I'm done never to come back again

Gayla Burkett

Never disappoints always fantastic food

Halley Bennett

The food was great, but the counter service was a little rough. Overall a good experience.

Timothy Wood

Customer service is excellent and the workers are very kind, respectful, and very helpful


Absolute best!

David Anderson

Versatile and gracious staff.

Matt O'Baugh

Great sandwich shop, been eating here since I was a teenager! My preference among all the sandwich shop chains in central AR

Alan Matheny

This location best around. Good prompt service. Always kinda crowded but worth the wait..

Renee S

The sour dough pizza is what draws me. Gave it 4 out of 5 because the crust was a bit lacking this time.

Jason Bailey

Always on point, great food great service!

Claudia Fountain

I just simply love this place!!

CSD 2702

Great sandwich

Cleona Bautista

Friendly service, the food was very good and fast... I went twice for lunch through the drive thru and nothing was left out!!! Very good


Great service

James Corn

The BEST Sandwich made on Baked Fresh Buns daily.

Kathy Lawson

I love this place always great food.

William Fowler

To expensive but great food

Gina Goad

I love their sandwiches! The Schlotsky's bread is one of a kind!

Christyits Logan03

I love everything about this place. It's clean, Friendly and professional. The original is the best sandwich ever made!

Rebecca Bass

Great original deluxe sandwich!

cory bridges

Amazing. Great food and really good service!!

Jeremy Drost

Had a deluxe no olives and it was awesome!

Floyd Bloodworth

The staff was super nice h the layout of the store was great with the back deck to enjoy the weather today. The outside of the store had a "old country store" look to it that I thought was nice. And top it off the food looked like the pictures they advertise them as & was just as delicious as they looked.

Sean Harris

Awe DAMN!!!! Excellent place for sandwiches

Justin Cory

The pizza was tasty but a bit greasier than I thought. The sweet tea was only so so. Overall it wasnt bad. The service was really good even though it was the drive through. The gentleman over the intercom was polite and funny.

Janaytha Perry

Good, GREAT sandwiches!! Big also

Jerry Spraggins

One of my favorite sandwich shops.

Stacey Snead

Absolutely love their bread! Food and service is always top notch

Angie Sunderman

DON'T GO TO THIS LOCATION! The food is the same but the concrete parking block ripped the rubber skirt on the bottom of my front bumper out. Parts fell off and everything. When we looked to see what happened we saw the rebar sticking up 3 inches above the actual concrete it was supposed to be holding in. The manager acted like it was no big deal and said we shouldn't have parked there. He said I'd have to call the main office but didn't bother to give me the number and walked away. I had to make him go out and look. He obviously didn't care. His bad attitude just lost a customer for his store. Hope the owner reads this and fixes it so it doesn't happen to anyone else. As for us, we won't be going back and it's not because of the damage or the food but because of the bad attitude of the manager.

Wayne Olles

The Beef Bacon and Smoky cheese sandwich was great.

Jason Gardiner

Always delicious! This location was quick, friendly, and clean.

Steven Hoover

Always top notch sandwiches. Try the sliders. Absolutely incredible! Go ahead & buy 4! Two IS NOT enough!

Mark Perry

$5 meal for Cinco de mayo...can't beat it. Service was good and the sandwiches we're fresh.

Danita Hunter

My favorite sandwich place!

James Jarmon

I paid $10 for a salad shocked me

Donald Maness

Overpriced for a sandwich. It was good tasting.

Dorean Gibbs

To high prices and w2screamwheresthemeat

Josh Bisbee

I only ever order the original and it is always amazing

Patrick Garrett

I love schlotzsky sandwiches.

Aaron Balkenhol

Fast, friendly service, really good sandwiches

Lee Ann Carter

Love to eat at this place!!!


The food was absolutely wonderful had a great experience and I welcome family to go to this fun-loving restaurant with food that will just melt in your mouth absolutely for knowing matter of fact the next time you stop by if it's not as good as I say it is you can put a very few up behind this you cannot guarantee you in North Little Rock in the West Little Rock location is correct

Richard Blair

I love their food options. Great little patio

M. Willis

Mediocre sandwiches


Service with a big beautiful smiles, great food

Lola Thrower

Love these sandwiches better than Subway!

DeathMinion11 .

Honestly its not bad, i just didnt like the bread, altho a lot of others did. Felt like i was eating a sponge. Everything else is fine.


I've not been to Schlotzsky's in awhile so I had to read the menu. I didn't know they were no longer making the "Reuben" so I had to find another sandwich. The cashier answered all my questions about the menu & he was very knowledgeable about what was on the sandwich I eventually ordered.

Steve DeLoach

Best sandwiches in town

Robert Coomber

Always provides delicious sandwiches

Christopher Robinson

The food is always good, I love their sandwiches, always get the orginal, but all their sandwiches are good. Love thw sourdough bread. The building was clean and staff were friendly. The building does seem old but it works. Wish there were more location where i live.

Susan Tarpley

Omg the salad I got was so.loaded I could not believe it. Not just lettuce.the best sw chicken I ever had! My 1st visit and definitely will go again! We need one of these in Ohio

Robert Riveira

Clean restaurant, nice staff, and good food.

Cynthia McHargue

Love the sandwiches

Elizabeth Plaisance

Very! Overpriced! Got 2 sandwiches $24.32 Needed bottle of water for dog, small no name brand $2.17 Food good, but way overpriced ! No wonder the place was empty@

Jaynie McClain

First: if it's your 1st time here, and the menu is kinda mind boggling, let me just make ordering real simple for you: * Order the Original, especially if you like Subway's BMT. The small or medium will feed 1 person, (or 2 can eat the medium, it comes cut in half, if they don't eat much). The Large is for the big eater, or to be shared. Every sandwich is Fresh, Hot and made when you order! The Original is TO DIE FOR! OMG! The blending of those different meats, cheeses, & veggies on a made fresh daily bun, all mingling together in your mouth-----SO GOOD!!! I would eat here every day if I could! When it is ready, they sit it on the pass-thru window from the kitchen. Besides the amazing aroma arising from the kitchen, you see heat waves actually rising from the sandwich! With just a few dashs of their version of Louisiana Hot Sauce added to enhance the blended flavors.... and take that first bite..... ahhhh, perfection! I love pulling my Original apart just enough to see the cheese gooey apart....

Linn Burns

Yum best sandwich ever

Dani Boyce

Fantastic food!


Prices on the sign didn't match the ticket

Kaye Lynn Tankersley

Still excellent after all these years! This place is totally UNDERRATED AND DELICIOUS!

Katherine Hopper

It took 15 minutes for a salad with very little chicken for $10. If I knew how to post a picture on this I would. What a disappointment in service and product. Their sandwiches are great and have plenty of meat. That's why I was thinking I would get at least a full portion of meat on a $10 salad .

Tom Mackey

Polite help. and good food.

Liyah Wasson

Pretty good sandwiches. They're simple. Not anything extravagant and a little over priced, but the bread makes them stand out.


Best dang sandwich on JFK. Absolutely delicious...

Max Long

Nice and clean restaurant. Great food and friendly staff.

Ed Powell

Very disappointing. To begin with, the menu on line is differant from what they actually have. So I had to call home to get a differant order. I ordered 2 med. sandwiches but when I got home, one was small and the other medium. My wifes sandwich,the one we had to chang and also the small one, was a french dip and was barely edible. I will say my sandwich was fine. All and all,it was a disappointing trip and I would say we will likely not return, or at least not for sometime. Sad because in the past Schlot,sky's has been a favorite of ours.

Gale Lee

Great food just make sure to check any special orders.....and no need to take you girl off your hip

Joshua Hahn

Always good food and nice people.

Lilly Ann Wright

I love this place so much. I could eat here every day without getting tired of it. Yum!!

Tim Funke

Always love Schlotzsky's. Food is hot and fresh. I'd go for 5 stars if this location would upgrade their restrooms.

laurie griffith

I love to eat there. But the staff needs to be nicer to people with a handicap. I request that my sandwich be cut into 4 pieces instead of two. Im a cancer survivor and i have no bottom teeth. To hear someone laugh when i request that my sandwich be cut into 4 parts instead of 2 is so very rude! Then when i get my order the sandwich was not cut into 4 sections!

Clara Sandner

love their sandwiches

Shane O'Cain

Love the Deluxe Original sandwich, usually the only sandwich I get when I eat at Schlotzsky's. Been eating at this location since the early eighties! Definitely the only place I go to for cold cut sandwiches. Thanks for all the years of excellent food!

Marie Trapp

Great food and service. Try the sliders!

Lynn Harmon

I love the Original!

eric holcomb

Got 2 sandwiches and the mac n cheese... we loved it all!! Had food leftover! I'll be back

Scotti Gerhardt

Great food. The deluxe original is the way to go.

Filthy Franklin

Awesome sandwiches served by beautiful women. Doesn't get any better than this.

Megan Reedy

Delicious California deli sandwiches that have great bread!

Jake Fogt

I went here for the first time and loved it. They have unique sandwiches and other food items for fair prices.

Debra Mosley

Consistently Good

Brent Hill

Good food, great sweet tea and friendly service.

Moey Mauney

Excellent food and service, but too expensive for me.

Sonja D

order was messed up but people friendly and food was awesome!

Margaret Watters

Sandwiches are always perfect!

Cherie Alexander

Pricey.....but Good!

David Bond

The front counter woman was nice and went above and beyond to make sure no cross contamination would happen due to a food allergy but the lady in the pick up window needs to learn customer service as when I told her that the order was incorrect she argued with me and insisted on me "getting a menu" to see that the item we ordered didn't "come that way". Even after I told her that is the way we ordered it and it was on the ticket and I didn't need a menu, she continued to insist "oh let me get you a menu so you can see". After I repeated I didn't need one, she reluctantly attempted to put cheese on the sandwich. We paid even paid extra for double meat and the other sandwich that didn't have "extra" HAD MORE MEAT ON IT!! Even after it was over we could hear her talking in the back thru the window about how she had to "give away cheese" to someone... clearly she doesn't know her voice carried and shouldn't stand in front of a service window if she wants to customer bash. Not the best experience today

Tha Nidlo

Swung by on a day trip and the place has exactly the same taste as I remember! Schlotzsky's has a unique flavor to their 'sammiches' and they are too few and far between. This particular establishment was small and simple, but spacious enough to not feel crowded. The staff was friendly and fast. Definitely a recommendation if you are in for a sammich on sour-dough!

Curtis Earp

Always fresh hot & delicious!

Jeremiah Ruiz

These sandwiches are above and beyond all others. The taste is great!

Douglas Munnell

Would he been 5 but fox news was on

james williamson

Very good different indeed

Tom Greb

A little bit pricey but good sandwich

Averiou .

Some of the best sandwiches in Arkansas

Mary Edmiston

Out of several items... like Mac's, apples for the salad. I went with my third choice -the half pizza and salad. The FOOD was good and plentiful.

KT Smith

Always fresh food, amazing in taste, always love when I get to eat here! Cheddar broccoli soup was amazing!

Big Country outdoors

Great food service an love the environment would go back again an plan on doing so

Stephanie Bradley

Love the food . And service

Daniel White

Great sandwich!

bonnie sandersfeld

Need to keep more jalapeno cheddar bread in stock.

Kristopher Gates

This place sucks.

Tarpley Danny

One of my favorite places to eat

Margaret Starks

The bread is not baked fresh daily it was delivered in a trash bag to the store.

Tamara Mcclendon

The sandwich was awesome. The service was very friendly! I Couldn't have asked for a better first experience at Schlotzsky's!

Ian Ashcroft

Wonderful food. Great atmosphere

Bill Carpenter

I had a beef and cheese on the original bun yesterday. It was okay. Not amazing. I got a medium which is an okay sized sandwhich but that's all I got and it cost almost $9. I felt like it was overpriced given the relatively Bland flavor and the amount of meat and cheese. Again, it was just okay. For that kind of money it should have been better in my opinion

Carrie Jones Smith

I used to love the novelty of this place. Their claim to fame has always been the sandwich bun recipe they use, which yes, is very yummy. However, their meat portions per sandwich don't justify the price for me any more. They've added the option (several years ago) of adding extra meat but the price is still a little pricey for me. If you like to try very unusual styles of sandwich bread, this a good start.

Sarah Redding

Great sandwiches, but always a bit pricey.

Shawna Satchell

I always love eating here The food is absolutely delicious

Angela B

Very friendly staff, aimed to please. Food was tasty, too!

Fabian Matthews

Simply amazing

John Dancer

Got the original. Brings me right back to childhood. Still tastes insanely good. This sandwich is so unique so delicious it's rediculous. p.s. THE BREAD!!


Love this place! NLR is the only location I know of but they're always fresh, friendly, fast, and delicious. The food is reasonably priced but expect to pay about $9.40 and up for anything but a cookie (those are cheap and great!).

Danna Young

I bring my kids here every Tuesday because we have an activity close by. I will say that the food is good. I’m writing a review today because the customer service was very poor. They got the order wrong on two of our sandwiches. My daughter’s kid sandwich was supposed to be meat and cheese. That is how it was ordered. It came w no cheese and they added lettuce and tomato. When we asked them to fix it, they came to our table and informed me that I would need to pay .78 for cheese. They messed up two sandwiches and didn’t even have the courtesy to waive the cost of cheese that they mistakenly left off when ringing the order. I really hope that .78 was worth it because I will be copying and pasting this review on every site that I can. I own a business. Some costs are worth waiving, especially when the mistake is yours.

Bobby Pockrus

Good food but too expensive for everyday. A medium sandwich by itself is $9.00.

Wendy Stinson

My favorite sandwich deli. They are always quick and the sandwiches are delicious!

Summer T. Wind

Very attentive service..loved their electronic notification system..a buzzing , vibrating coaster kind of thing . Sandwich was hot , fresh and tasty . Delicious...

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