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11721 Chenal Pkwy, Little Rock, AR 72211, United States

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REVIEWS OF On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina IN Arkansas

Mark D. Hall

This On the Border has been around for many years, and the food and service have remained consistently good. The style is Tex-Mex, and they put their own take onto some items by adding unique ingredients. They also have the always popular, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas and tacos. The restaurant features 3 "areas" inside, the bar, the main dining area and an inside "porch," where, I think, the windows open and is perfect for a birthday party or work get together. If you're looking for good quality food and friendly service, OTB will likely please.

Jowy Sowy

I had the lunch chicken tacos. This is my story: I feel the quality has suffered. Not "fast food is easier or better" quality, but it has become greasier and just overall more bland. The food is still good, but not the quality it once had.

Crystal Shorter

Good food! Friendly service at the bar!

Kim Troboy

Food was good but tonight the service was very slow. Slow on chips and drinks, slow on checkbacks. Slow on getting us the check.

Nesi Monae'

This place is unbelievably lovely. The servers are down to earth, they know how to treat a customer you will feel the love as soon as you walk in!! I would totally visit again!!


So I’ve had some rough meals at this location but Kim definitely brought this place back on the map for me. She was one of the best servers I’ve had the pleasure of having. The manager was incredible as well. The food was great and if you ask for Kim, she won’t disappoint.

Faith Crow

Food was raw and what was cooked had no flavor. We will not return!! The manager did take care of us and was very helpful and nice, but you pay to much for bad food.

Melissa Thoms

Love the queso! Very clean and great music

James Brown

Long waits for food , mixed up orders , server inattention and escalating prices have caused me to cease patronizing this location. Sad about this as it used to be very good .

Tim Mcqueen

Best service in a long time last night. Kelsi was an amazing server

Ken Gunderman

Went here foe a lunch meeting. We were able to get a quite table to talk. The waitress dis an outstanding job of ensuring we were taken care of but keeping the interruptions to a minimum. Food was good as well.

Justin Wise

We support this local favorite whenever possible. Clean restrooms, very friendly staff, and the food is exactly what you'd expect.. Great! The best part honestly about this restaurant is all of the support that they provide for local groups and charities.. it goes unmentioned. Be sure to thank them for their continued support to local groups and Charities the next time you're in dining.

Amber Wedge

My fajitas were good but my boyfriends nachos were to laugh at. Good service though.

Amy Lightfoot

Very good food! I love the yellow cheese dip and the Bordurrito, their rice, and black beans. This meal is enough to split with someone or make 2 meals out of it. The only complaint is sometimes the service is slow or not friendly (and that's only been this one waitress we always seem to get when we go there).

Medic Webber

I hate to say this because this restaurant was one of my favorite ‘go to’ this for Mexican food, but this place is going downhill fast. I was there in April of 2018. The first thing I noticed was how dirty the light fixture was above the table. Then I noticed the floor haven’t been swept. It wasn’t THAT busy-i’ve seen it busier. Then I noticed a lot of the stuff they had on the menu was no longer there-including some really tasty dishes. But there were a heck of a lot more drinks. I think they’re actually turning this more into a Mexican bar than a Mexican restaurant because they really did cut the menu down. That’s too bad because the food was good. I ordered something that I have gotten many times and for the first time ever since going to this restaurant the food sucked. It was flavorless. I don’t even think they really added that much salt! This was really, really disappointing because, honestly, I really liked this food. I think somebody has decided to make this more of a drinks bar than a restaurant-to the detriment of the entire restaurant and menu. And I don’t think they’re putting as much time or effort into keeping it clean. Somebody has decided on a new business plan-and it SEEMS it’s: ‘ let’s get the clients drunk and maybe they won’t notice!’ I’m sorry to say this, but try somewhere else.

Angélica Cuevas

I was expecting much more quality food from what I see in their commercials. They provide you with some tortillas and salsa to eat while you're waiting for the food. The red sangria is not big deal (no fruit on it except for only one single cherrie), too pricey for a glass. The Grande taco salad was good in amount (a lot of greens for 1 person but they were mixed between fresh and not that fresh). Pleasant environment and friendly servers. Probably, I will try something else from their menu.

Gilberto Garcia

Nice service and great food


TaKe our is just as good.

Jonathan Wilson

Sat at the bar. Service was great!! Krissy was our bartender, and she was awesome. Food and drinks were fast and tasty. I'm now a regular.

Gavin Belcher

Limited selection but everything is done great. We go regularly and enjoy every time. Ample seating and friendly staff. I would recommend the southwest chicken tacos. I have had most things on the menu and that is my favorite. There are a couple of locations and they are all good. I hope this was helpful

sam green

Great food and On The Border contributing to the Arkansas Foodbank!!!

Brandi Harris

Server Christian was great manager stopped by our table and checked on us. Everything was exceptional! Would definitely come back

Jeff Stuart

On the border ....of 2 CT. Towns, is this wide sweeping Mexican establishment....... On the Border. Just shy of true Authentic Cuisine, this Cantina ha everything known to American /Mexican fare and then some. The menu is full of Mexicali delights, and is extremely reasonable on the wallet. The best thing is choosing from the daily specials menus, and getting the best deal for your pesos. From (free) chips and Salsa to Crunchy creamy desserts, this is the Spot to hit.....down ON THE BORDER.

Andrea R.

Service great!! Endless tacos.........need I say more?

Neil Joslin

Wonderful place to bring a date, meet people after work or bring the family. Centrally located right off I91 and easy to get to. They offer daily drink and food specials with a great atmosphere. They have a enclosed patio with ac and large video screens The food is very good and waitstaff is very attentive and want to make sure your visit is a pleasurable one. The prices are moderate and won't break the bank. For a local chain restaurant it's a very good choice.

Jared Brown

To me the number 1 thing a Mexican restaurant or even Tex Mex restaurant such as OTB must have is good salsa. And it must be free. That's one of the reasons I dislike Chili's even though some could justifiable call Chili's American fare it should still have free redsauce and chips. Back to OTB, great salsa with good consistency not to chunky and not overly pureed, what I call applesauce consistency. OTB is standard fare for my side of the family. Prices are comparable to other local mexican restaurants if not just a little more pricey. Service was pretty good but needed some help. Completely forgot a drink order and forgot to bring out my dessert. I had the Sunday special taco soup and chicken fajitas with a brownie and icecream. 12.99$ very good price. I ate the soup and carried the fajitas home to my wife. We both had plenty of food. I will say the soup was not bland but did lack for more seasoning. I had them bring the dessert after the meal was done but it was forgotten about. I will say it was worth the wait, *****100% sure there are pecans in the brownie so allergen sensitive buyers beware.

Cindy Parks

Went tonight to the restaurant even though for being busy my server was great. Food was delicious and there was plenty!

Mark Scaplen Jr

We had a great time and the Servive was excellent. Can’t go wrong on Wednesday’s when the wife and I can both eat fajitas for $20 including tip.

Jason Marshall

The food is great and the staff is very nice. They have a great happy hour selection!

Sheri Drechsler

The Mango Mesquite Chicken Salad was terrible. The chicken was cut into very small pieces and tasted like it was pressed chicken patties cut up. The dressing was very oily and had little taste. Most of the lettuce was iceberg and not fresh. I am appauled that a national chain would serve such disgusting poorly made salad. Definitely won't eat there again.

Carolina Romanauskas

Delish. Love the chimichangas and the chicken tortilla soup. They sometimes forget utensils when you do takeout.

Auto Resurrection

Good yummy food. Good service. Good...... Not great

Rock Reynolds

I stopped by for lunch for 2. I got the bill and am looking at a 33% tax on the bill? That's not correct. When I called attention to the manager about it. She said, "oh well." The bill was $30.56...the tax was $10.08....( 33% ) tax. Probably illegal to overcharge patrons this much in tax. I won't be going back to this rip off restaurant.

Tricia Maestre

Food and service where excellent. I would recommend it too anyone. I wish I could remember the servers name she was excellent.

Native Queen

Our waitress was amazing. I wish i remembered her name. The service was great. We'll definitely visit again.

Yamira Soka

Great Mexican cuisine here, definitely one of the best around they also have great margs!

Anne Johnson

Yummy! Yummy! Service a little slow but it was busy.

Shawna Dean

I am still waiting on my order, and it's been over an hour. I had to ask another waiter to take my order, because the one they gave me was very slow. I sat for 30 minutes waiting to place my order. The order is placed and still I wait. No refills on drinks. The food finally arrived and it wasn't worth the wait. The kids said the nachos were horrible. My husband was not satisfied with his burrito. I am afraid to eat my meal. I will never visit this restaurant again!

Theresa Wilkins

Excellent food! Excellent service!

Walter Crockran

Great food, excellent service. Would recommend to anyone

Carl Brannin

Their all you can eat enchiladas are great. A good price too.

Amanda Carsten

Stopped here for lunch after a very long, difficult appoinment for my son on our way home out of town. Normally we very much enjoy our Border experience.. but here the waitress was very rude when I told her that she got my order completely wrong after not bothering to even write it down. She had a bad attitude the whole time like we were inconveniencing her by our mere presence so we won't be back.. :(

Christopher Casey

Every time I come here the food is delicious. We get our orders In almost no time and the service is amazing

f.c. dougan

Exelant food awesome service!

Adrian Walker

Great meal tonight! Brian was our server and we instantly liked him. He interacted well with our 2 sons, aged 9 and 19. Friendly and professional. We will be back, and we will ask for him. Way to go, OTB!!

joseph petronio

I'm not crazy about those tacos or enchiladas so I ordered CARNE ASADA. Well that was the tastiest most tender steak. Clocked to perfection for me....medium with pink inside... Not dry...very satisfied...

Xiomara Rodriguez

Great servers, awesome service, polite, friendly, clean and of course delicious food and drinks

MarciaC Lee

Great food. Unfortunately our waitress who seemed both new and overwhelmed with the happy hour rush forgot to put in my entree order. Luckily the table ordered appetizers so I wasn't left awkwardly waiting. But after a abnormally long wait, I ended up inquiring about my order in which she apologized and admitted she forgot to put it in. She offered to put it in right away but I just cancelled it because my party was already done eating their entrees/apps.

Maranda Ring

The kids build your own taco platter was a really cool way to get the kiddo to have some fun at a restaurant. Awesome idea!

Christiana Alkire

great food great service

Ryan Zwick

Great happy hour deals.

Lindsey Pemberton

Great food! Love how big the chips are! You get a small portion for a decent price!

Tonya Glass

Love the fajitas and service was awesome too

Adam Bergeron

Good food and service.

mike brewer

Food was awesome! Tad on the expensive size but well worth it

Lizzy I

Yesterday was the first time going to On The Border and I was a little skeptical about the place. Let me tell you... the food was amazing. I honestly thought it was going to be a mediocre place but it was better than I expected. Their food has so much flavor and their cheese sauce.... amazing! I had a beer but next time I go, I'm definitely having a fruity drink. I loved their mini chimis and their chicken tacos. I definitely recommend this place to everyone... especially if you love Mexican food (:

Dawn McArthur

Great food, friendly service

Kelly Muhlback

Amazing service by Brian! Restaurant was very busy but Brian was on top of everything.

Randy Mingo

Good food and drinks, no complaints here.

melissa guay

Friendly staff and the food came out quick. Good margaritas and they give you chips and salsa right away which i love. I always need a to go box and the leftovers reheat well. Great place to go with friends or family for a meal or just drinks and appetizers. It was clean and a good environment to catch up with old friends or just to get a quick bite.

Brendan McDermott

Service was eager but over worked and missed a few requests. Made them right when they were discovered. Food was decent but not spectacular.

Focus Local SEO

This place is really a bargain. They give you more than you can eat for about $15 per plate. They make chips and tortillas in house and they're excellent. Food and service are both very good and the people are great. You just can't make a mistake going here. Try it, you'll like it

Joseph Foulk

Good food, bad waiter... hopefully next time is better.

Ronnie Sanders


RchapmanPro .

Great food, very nice decor. Staff very polite and a little friendly. Price is fair and good sized portions. This place is clean and well maintained.

Samantha Ferris

Amazing food, service by Ryan was top notch and a pretty funny guy.

Maryam A

Lovely place to spend time with the family however the food could be better

Morgan Broadfoot

Good parts: Friendly service Gluten free menu Quick, attentive servers Bad parts: Food is mediocre. It's not really Mexican at all. Part of the reason why Mexican food is so good is the fresh veggies, spices, etc. This food seems like it was made from canned ingredients. I appreciate the complimentary tortilla chips, but they were so salty that we had to brush them off before eating them. Overall: If you're in a hurry and need to eat it's alright but the food is mediocre and doesn't compare to Mexican food from places with authentic dishes.

brian gay

Good food and decent prices

Logan Geurian

This place is perfect for a date night a night alone or a group. Their food is delicious and service is excellent.

Jessiecanna Bellissima

Food is always excellent… Service as a hit or miss...My 4yr old loves the fact that they give Out pizza dough to keep them occupied

Anthony White

Love this place, my chimichanga was delicious, as usual. Service was friendly and quick. Always a good time.

Opi LeCat

Nothing special about the food here. Mexican food should have flavor and spices, however at On The Border it's bland. Waitress Tina was great (5 stars to her) entrees and salads are priced at $10-15 so it's not cheap for family of four. It's a chain so the decor is basic. Wish in the dining area the TV would be removed as it takes away from the fireplace and eating out at a restaurant.

Amanda C.

Food was good but our waitress didnt come to the table besides to take our order (which she didn't get correct) we had to get up and find her for everything we needed. Disappointed.

niki Stultz

Jarrell was amazing! He was extremely helpful in making recommendations and constantly checked in with us to see if we needed anything. We will definitely be back as long as he is our waiter!

Lisette Malave

Ordered take out family style chicken fajitas feed 6 of us with leftovers!!!

Tina Bacchus

Great atmosphere and friendly staff, drinks and food was pretty good too

deon taylor

Ok mexican food. Best part about this restaurant never crowded

Marcia Sweet

Great food, great service, not too bad on the price. And their special Margarita was awesome

Evan Gold

One of our favorites. I love the tortilla soup, portions are large for the price. Staff is always friendly and the chips are light and not overly salted. For a chain restaurant I like it.

Trystan Campbell

Fast service and good food!

Carlos Notcfo

Service was perfect food was tasty, and the manager that stopped by ( Bethany ) was amazing!!! I will be coming back soon and I am definitely going to recommend on the border to friends and family! Such a wonderful experience!

Fred Poladori

Service was great. The manager that was in the dining area was very welcoming and he was working hand and hand with staff. Great thing to see now a days, and a very rare thing to see.

Ranjan Chari

I enjoyed my visit here on a road trip. They have Tecate. Food is good. Restrooms are clean.

Shantae Shaffer

Great Happy Hour!

Uma mb

Best Mexican restaurant .. great value and excellent service .. amazing fajitas, margaritas, nachos and all items.. regular every week for Wednesday fajitas ..


Great Mexican food with excellent service. Not too classy but a good place to go with friends, or family for a celebration or get together. Good prices on food and pick up wait time is fast.

Deanna Baker

I always love thier food. Service is hit and miss

Shanica Bynoe

Great food and staff

Keith Norman

Always great food and service. We go there often!

Arielle Greeson

I ordered through bite squad, and my meal was not a typical meal. I ordered the street tacos, and it also came with rice and beans. I ordered guacamole as well. The guacamole alone was over $6, and when I saw it I was not happy. I could have ordered two side guacamole’s for $0.99 a piece instead of paying over $6 for the amount I got. My street tacos were insulting. The corn tortillas were not cooked properly. They tasted like they had been heated up in the microwave. They were extremely hard and not easy to try to eat. I literally had 4 small little cubes of meat in almost each taco. It almost seemed like half strip of chicken was cut up and put into each. I had to quit eating the tacos because they were too hard. I paid $27 and some change for my meal. This was my first time trying it, and I will not be eating here again!

Kris Dudoich

Consistently good food and friendly staff

Nancy Matthew

Food was great. Long wait to be seated and servers were not so friendly and never got a cup of water only got my soda.

JD Walsh

Happy hour is the best here, I go after work, the food, the beer and the staff are great.

Wayne Trout

Service was excellent, food was ok

Robin P

The food and the service we're both excellent. One of my favorite restaurants in Little Rock. I had the combo with enchiladas and my friend had the appetizer combo. We both took home leftovers to enjoy again later.

Holli frances

Waitress we had was amazing. There was a mistake made(not hers) so our food took a long time to come out but she was very apologetic and gave us our appetizer on the house. The food and drinks were great. Our whole dining experience was great but we proceeded to the bar for another drink after and the bartender was horribly rude. I get working in customer service isnt always the easiest I've done it but we are very friendly, easy-going people that tip very well and to be treated so poorly for no reason at all was very disheartening and I probably won't return to this establishment. An awesome night turned sour over one ladies very poor attitude and my husband still tipped her

Rachael martinez

I love this place ! Great food ! Clean and nice atmosphere. What is great is that you never have to wait too long for your food... They are pretty quick at getting your food to you

heriberto irizarry

Good food and atmosphere.

Monica Wilson

Best steak ever... lol our server was very attentive and kept our drinks full. Always had a smile. Will definitely be visiting again and again.

greg kelley

Good food and good people!

John Jaworski

the best Mex you can get

Nelson Blanco

Fast service and good food. Reasonably priced

Lynne Berry

Great Food & Service. Generous Portions. Pleasant laid back atmosphere. Clean Bathrooms too.

Rajat Subhra Das

Love their fajitas, really good place!

Cassie Woike

Service is wonderful, and attentive. Food is great! No complaints here!

Debbi Heisey

Great food and service

Kevin Robar

Food was very good but small portions if not for chips and salsa i would have left there hungry.

Amanda Austin

This was a Saturday afternoon noon and no one really there. Our tea glasses were empty and food arrive not hot like normal but very warm. Overall, not what an On the Boarder usually does.

Unlimited Properties Realty

Always fun. Portions a little wimpy but we come for the margaritas

Gladys Martinez

Love this place..great food and drinks

Matilde Bello

Excellent, almost no wait, live the food and margaritas

Gayla Volz

Good service and food

Jenny Serrata

Good food. Good customer service. Nice inviroment.

Teri Walsh

We are frequent fliers at OTB. Especially for happy hour. About 8 to 10 times a month. Service is awesome. Food is good. Beers and drinks are also awesome. We in my sit on the bar area or patio (indoor) and the servers are always A+.

LeRoy Dunbar

Great food friendly atmosphere.

Rojo Zia

On the Border is a great place for lunch. I especially like going there on Monday and Wednesday because of their lunchtime special. On Monday you get endless enchiladas, rice and beans, and on Wednesday you get a very healthy size portion of chicken fajitas. The churros are also quite tasty. Price is excellent and food is good.

Tony Quinn

Great atmosphere and friednly staff!

Sabahudin Mujcinovic

Great Mexican food for a reasonable price

Hannah Nguyen

Love this place. Great food and great service. Usually go on taco Tuesday to get $2 tacos. The fajitas are great too. They also have good seasonal drinks. Tried the watermelon drinks for the summer and they were really refreshing.

Kreale Buie

Generic Tex Mex

Steve Crates

Best food in town. Always fast and friendly service

Travis W

Lunch selection was fairly limited. I would say it was good, but not great. Maybe it just wasn't what we were expecting.

Gabby Allen

Had an amazing experience like always! Would definitely reccomend this location!!


Waitress went out of her way.. Food as expected.. Drinks were nice sized

Len Kaplan

Wonderful food and service. Easy access on and off I-91

Do Tu

I have had three good experiences here, all at lunch time. The food was great and the service was great. I will return.

Jose Santiago

Excellent food and excellent service

Art D

Drinks are the bomb! Ashley is a great bartender. (Chase is cool too. Lol!)

Brian Benjamin

Your average Mexican franchise. Decent food.

Currey .

Ranchiladas came and it looked like a child plate of food. I'm used to California servings. Very disappointed. Daughters nachos came with green chilies in it after explaining that she would not eat it unless it was plain cheese

Jonah Hill

Taco Tuesday! Happy hour food and drink specials, loved hanging out on the patio!

Melanie Griess

Great bar staff and great happy hour specials! It is a great place to go to happy hour. Consistently good food and service.

David Weaver

Very nice people. I also got my food real fast, which was nice.

Pamela McKinnon

We have been going to OTB Rocky Hill for years and love it. We noticed the last few visits that it has not been good. Today's visit will most likely be the last. The service was fair to poor. Forgot about my drink and never gave any options upon ordering entree. Un Sizzlying fajitas delivered by young man with much attitude when we asked for black beans instead of the refried. Sad to see go what was once a favorite spot!

Ben Rietsma

Big portions for what you pay and food is delicious

Angela Reeves

Good fast food. My kids love the burgers. I love the shrimp tacos

Nicolette Addams

The staff was slow and food was the worst I have had in a considerable amount of time. Do yourself a favor and drive across the street to the purple cow. At least you won't be sick later from it.

david terry

Awesome watermelon margarita... Steak dinner was delicious. Salsa is addictive.

Joe Stewart

Service was horrible! This at 2pm, not very busy. We sat in a booth in the bar area. Bartender looked at us, didn't speak to us and kept talking to a man at the bar.(there were 3 customers at the bar.) Our waiter finally showed up and took a long time to bring our drinks. Food was barely warm when we received it. We love On The Border in Hot Springs! This location needs a NEW MANAGER!!

Mark Spring

Great dinner there last night. Service was great. The whole staff was very attentive all the way from the host to the manager working.

Buddy Teters

As always, stellar service, good meal portion size! My wife and I share a meal every time and STILL leave food on the table!

Devin Meredith

The food aw man the food was awesome the staff was friendly and always ask for the white cheese dip!

Craig Brown

clean silverware is a must. received 2 sets of dirty. who knows what the kitchen utensils looked like. I left before ordering

Miguel Santiago

Good food, great service and strong cocktails


12 minute standing at front just to be acknowledged that we even walk in the door. But noticed that two employees were having a discussion at the back of the restaurant along with another employee visiting with whatever friends were sitting at a table. And once we did get a table it took forever for us to get drinks. That were not correct. Then it took forever for us to get food. I'm guessing that the waitress wanted to leave as she walked past to pick up anything that we may not want and removed my wife's drink from the table. my wife made the comment I hope she's bringing it back. It never came back. So later on my wife asked for water. Kid's drinks for empty. I still had food on my plate but she grabbed my plate to take it and I actually set my Fork down on the plate pushing down on the plate to keep her from taking it and saying I'm not done yet. I don't know what her issue was but would have liked a better server. Then again everybody that was walking around singing to have issues or problems. Even the manager. Food was not worth the stop. My wife agreed. Was our first time at any On the Border. Can't recommend this location. You may think I'm complaining but just called it as it happened. Work not happy at all with our visit. also as we walked up all of the tables that were sitting outside had food and beer bottles on them. It it rained about 30 minutes before and I guess Chase everybody inside. But nothing was clean outside. tree that was out front had an overwhelming smell. I think it might have been something like a citronella tree. But sitting outside would have been I think too strong of a smell. It would be like sitting over the top of a burning citronella candle. It may have been because of the rain I don't know I've never dealt with one of those trees.

Yahira Rodriguez

Service was over the top. Food was too spicy and not prepared right. Chicken had cheese on it and half was not melted.

Josh Evans

Great food and great service.

Ashley Roth

Waiter was on point but everything else was NOT, mainly the food wasn't fresh and bland.

Molly Zembko

Great deals for happy hour if you sit in the bar. The Dos Equis fish tacos are my favorite

Nathan Lincoln

Good location, easy parking.. tacos here are where its at

james wolfe

Great for the Tex Mex lovers. Great food and a great atmosphere. Best cheese and onion enchiladas on the planet

Jason Carrington

First time back to this location in a year and oh my the difference. Last year we vowed to never go back but thisrestaurant but iti has made a true change and our experience was amazing. Hot fast food, friendly workers, and even the manager chatted with us. You have won a customer back!

Danell Little

Meh? Why don't any Mexican restaurants here have green chili??? Serve it up with some plies of cheese and lettuce and tomatoes!!! Rice and beans are borrrrring!!!!

Elissa Martinez

Jalapeno poppers are great. Food and service is always great. Get the watermelon vodka cooler.

Chris McCoy

Very helpful and understanding staff. I came in for a To-Go order and they were spot on everything that was in the order. Will definitely go back!

kellye rumph

Me and my daughter went around 330ish on a Tuesday. We were seated fast. The server was friendly. The food was fast and fresh. OTB has always been one of my favorite places to order out, but now is one of my favorite places to dine in as well.

Megan Quarles - Kelly

Great food and amazing service!

Carmen Ortiz

Fast service! Good food! Will visit again!

Crisbear 1991

This place is always on key and never disappoint. I love the happy hour deals is a must . I love the Watermelon Margaritas.. Update on 9/11/2019 Best Happy hour and best Margaritas !

Jonathan Stankiewicz

Great happy hour, great service and amazing food

Rose Lap

On the Border is a franchised restaurant. Keep this in mind when you go. The best thing about it is they are all the same. The burritos are always over stuffed and filling. The tortilla chips are the best. And the hot sauce has just enough kick.

Dameon Barbery

Pretty darn good Mexican food

David Hight

We love Tex Mex and this is some of the best. We like the salsa and chips. It's always consistently good and if you like mixed drinks you will not be disappointed.

Pan Kuk

Good ambience, good service, free chips.. ok food

David Speigner

Excellent service and delicious, authentic Mexican food. Been going here for years, still a favorite. Good selection of food on menu as well as beers. Enthusiastically recommend!

Chris Coho

Basic mexican restaurant, but it does the job

alicia robinson

Amazing!! Cinco De Mayo is the best day to go! Music, dance floor, discounts and free stuff! My favorite Mexican restaurant, hands down!

Hank Bee

Food was excellent and the staff fun and entertaining.

jasmine vasanth

Yummy mexican food... fresh tortilla with salsa when you wait

Justin Phipps

Wouldnt say I love this place. It is a chain restaurant where the food here is consistant. They have daily and lunch specials. Also there is a bar. Not bad food. I have dined here several times with no issues.

Pixel Gamer

Good quality food at a good price

Rj Lance

Service was very good. Food was "eh" I had grilled fish street tacos- the cabbage in the taco was very bitter (like they chopped the core up in it) kinda ruined the whole taco. I wouldn't order it again. My husband had a chicken bowl- he said his was just ok also.

Sharon DeCrosta

Have been going to this place for years and always enjoyed it until the last 2 visits. Prior to going today we were there a month ago and waited 15 minutes for a beer so we walked out. It wasn't busy. Went today for a cold beer waited 7 minutes. Again, it was not busy. I had two beef tacos which in the past have always been delicious this visit it was awful. The hamburg was watery with a very cheap taste like Taco Bell. It appeared they forgot to put the cheese on the taco and was an after thought as there were 2 little stripped pieces on top of the lettuce. It came with beans and rice. The waitress never asked me what type of beans I wanted. My husband had the quesadillas. The meal was not hot and it tasted as though it had been sitting around and they reheated it in a microwave. Not sure what's going on with this restaurant but it was so horrible we don't plan on going back. Also, we did not recognize one single person that work there. We've been going for years and are familiar with everyone not sure if they changed hands or what the deal is but it's not the same place.

Ed Lynch

Thanks to the daytime bartender it is awesome love going there!!!

Wendy Tyrseck

Love the food tonight and staff was great

Benjamin Martin

Great service, great food, great price and great atmosphere. Did I mention I had a GREAT time?

kenny diffy

Tried Fish Tacos for the first time and they're Dang good! Love the salsa and cheese dip. Good atmosphere and food

Teresa Morrison

Great food and the service was fantastic! Tashi seated us right away and with my friend using a walker Tasha made sure we were right by the door so we didn't have to go far. She checked on us to be sure everything was good. I highly recommend this restaurant and ask for Tasha!

Adam Bass

Awesome staff and amazing food


Great experience, Chris from Hot Springs was awesome!

Jerome Knight

Great happy hour appetizers and mixed drinks. Er'body say, shots! Shots! Shots!

Amanda Matlock

When I got there to pick up my order the manger was talking to her staff and never said a word too me.. So I waited 10mins to get my food . I got the grilled fish tacos and OMG when I got home the SMELL was bad, the fish was in pieces but the SMELL was so bad you couldn't eat it ... Spoiled fish.. 11.00 dollars in the trash. One star was too much to give . it wasn't the food container that the food was in it was bad smelly fish. So I had to go get food again and when I came back the SMELL was worst in the trash.Blahhh

Manuel Saldana

Great service, great food, fast serving times, very good prices, just great! I've been going to this location for years and it has yet to disappoint me. My top favorite chain restaurant. Highly recommended.

Bobby Fazzino

Good food, quick service.

Rose Tramontano

Went to happy hour tonight at the On the Border in Rocky Hill, CT. I am very happy that Chelsea was my server. My drinks were were prompt & delicious. She has such a great personality. The food was hot, fresh & the fastest i ever had in The bar. Definitely will be back. 5 star food & service.

Tom Brown

We went here for a party and it was good food and good times.

Heather Marrow

Jen, our waitress was fun, sweet and made sure we had everything we needed. She was knowledgeable about the menu and quick as a bunny! Will come see her again!

W Malone

Great dining experience.

Scott Dowler

I really enjoy their empanadas and quesadillas. My daughter ordered a corn dog, and it came out a little cold, so they quickly remade it and removed it from the check. Great service.

Isabella Hernandez

The servers are very nice and the food was pretty fresh. Decent enchiladas and good fajitas. Food is on the good side of average.

Nicki Walden

Food was good. Watermelon margarita was the bomb and the service was excellent. Thank you Chase!!!

Modern XP Gaming

My first time n the service was really good.. friendly staff make u feel at home. The food was ok not bad not good. My issue was food presentation.. it looked dry n ugly but was ok as far as taste.

Allen Furphy

Stopped in for lunch and sat at bar, had my lunch served within 15 mins!!! Exceptionally fast, clean and good!! Wait staff was very attentive and polite!

Roxanne Childers

Excellent food, excellent service. Great margarita too!

Matthew Hill

Always more than satisfied at On The Border. The price is right, the food is very good & this one is conveniently located off I-91 at Rte 99. They make tortillas and chips on location and you can tell by the excellent taste and freshness. A new twist, which is really nice is all you can eat rice, refried beans & black beans served in bowls for everyone to share. You just can't go wrong here. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Devin Garcia

Service was great and I love the southwest chicken tacos

Mary Cathey

We were a little disappointed as our food was look warm and somewhat dried out. Service, however was superb!

Trish Camacho

Must try their salsa! It is absolutely phenomenal. It is a bit spicy.


I am only leaving one star because not only was our waiter on point, but he was picking up slack for a waiter who got busy, so good on him. However the food made three out of four people in my family (myself included) sick. Would not recommend going here.

Viola Alcock

The sampler appetizer was really good. But the brisket tacos were amazing. They need to bottle their bbq sauce, so I can buy some.

Monika Johnson

I just left due to rude service I asked one the employees can they move us to another section..and with an attitude the waitress told us that we'll have to take that up the hostess at the front. We should not have to sit there 10-15 mins for someone finally say: I'll be with you in a few minutes..and afterwards we're still sitting and waiting. Best believe I will not be coming back to this restaurant. For future reference the employee need to work on attitude and time management.

Sarom Webb

Great place to grab lunch or dinner. We love the menu choices & drinks. Not too upscale but comfortable with kids as well. Our server was great, friendly and she checked on us regularly. The place was busy and our server did a good job with being focused with other tables and ours. Food was delicious, no complaints.

Gina Goad

The food was great. The service was not. Our order was wrong. And, even though the restaurant was nearly empty (it was late) our waiter seemed not to notice the four times I waved my arm to get his attention. Even though he seemed to be looking in our direction each of those times. We had to find another waiter to get our bill.

Tim Costello

My go to spot for Mexican food


My brother and I visited here and were truly satisfied. We Loved this place! Food is delish and the service is great! Cocktails are the best

Elisa Van Buren

I love the Wednesday Chicken Fajita special. Always Delicious!

Clark Walker

Good mexican food. Good staff. Affordable price

Louis Blue

Always good food, especially the salsa, and great service.

John Hoffmann

I ordered the Border sampler and enjoyed it very much. All 2000 calories. Service was fast, friendly and accurate.

Elizabeth Daniels

Need to have some more flavor in all dishes. . Great service


It's on the pricey side but worth it !!! We come here twice maybe three times a year, but every time we have a blast. The food has never let me down. Good selection of beers wait staff have always been nice. Never rush you out of there even though it's packed most nights. The bar section is also up there

Masiray Koroma

Wasn't really impressed with the food but my server was great. My drink was solid. This was my first time at any On the Border and I probably won't be back. I liked that they had the calories on the menu.

Jodi Rodriguez

Good atmosphere . Good food

Mathew Goldberg

Good atmosphere and good service. Quesadillas are great. Fatijas are a solid choice but wish they had more vegetables included. All in all enjoyable experience and definitely would recommend to others.

Dean Caldez

Had a great lunch on New Year's Eve. Food came out quick and server made sure we never ran out of our drinks or chips.

Frankie Hansberry

Not just the best variation of prices. However good food, good customer service, clean establishment

Anta Fall

Amazing food, friendly staff, and great atmosphere.

J. Myers

Great customer service and are always willing to help with the menu or getting service. Although I will say you can catch them at their best times when the restaurant is semi packed. Overall, no complaints

Louis Mastergeorge

It's okay was our first time there I don't think we'll go back. Like I said only ok.

David Edwards

I had a sampler plate. All was good but the taco was my favorite.

Nikki Garcia

Food was wrong. There was a hair in my daughter's food and the waiter was hardly ever around.

Seth Powers

Always amazing food and even better service

Henry Ridler

Quick service, food was fast hot and really good.

Gene Sengstock

Descent Tex-Mex at a modest price. They do some very nice grilled veggies. Good choice of draft beers. Service was fine, too.

Mike Willis

Watermelon margaritas are off the chain. Best margarita ever. Server was very good

Mike Langley

A must when we go to Little Rock. Love the Margarita.

Donna Fowler

The food was great but the way they treated us and our 85 84 year old mother with dementia and in a wheelchair was wonderful. Thanks guys we will come back

Scott Jones

Kristi and Kim are the only reason I come in on Friday. My family leave when they are not present. They are punctual and persistent. I feel that they are some of the only employees with intregrity and character. Keep up the great work ladies. Your boss needs to know y’all are the only competent people in the building.

John Brereton

Stopped in for lunch during a long trip. Food was very good and bathrooms were clean. I'd go back

Deborah Papallo

I love the food. They are very accommodating---will allow substitutes. Usually great service.

Stephen Kriksciun

there is a live Mariachi band playing and it just made the environment so much fun! I highly recommend eating there on a Friday or Saturday night and the environment is hoppin :-)!

Tom Seafer

Been coming on and off for years but would have to say this location has really improved in the last year. Great staff that was friendly and efficent.

Tom Smith

Enjoyed a good meal

Tim Raines

Very friendly staff, great food, and even better margaritas

Amelda Frazier

Not so good experience this go around. We were greeted & seated then I LITERALLY had to get up and go ask for EVERYTHING.... booster seat, silverware, napkins, & straws. We went for the endless tacos which is served 2 tacos per person per round. First round comes with tacos ,rice, and beans. After the first round, you get tacos only with more lettuce/cheese than meat. Not saying load our tacos down but we didn't go for lettuce and cheese tacos. We didn't really enjoy it so we didn't even order anymore and just asked for the check after our second round. Not saying I'll never go again but it will definitely be awhile before I go back to that location.

John Mitchell

My to go order was made on time and everything was accurate. Food was delicious as well

Joseph Walters

Went for christmas eve dinner with my family tonight, very busy, great service and food. Manager was working busting tables side by side with employees and stopped by to check on us and refill drinks. Great experience will recommend to others

Sherri Carter

Service was bad and they weren't busy. We sat there without drinks but had chips & salsa & everyone kept walking by...we just disappointed! Three people were standing at front door chatting it up.

Mitchell Dryer

Best mexican food around. Amazing quick service!

Chris La Barre

I've gotta say the food is AWESOME. We got there kinda late and to be expected a lot of places too sit, but chose the bar. Then soon found the bartender was rather unwelcoming. The rest of staff seemed pleasant to deal with. But don't let that put a kabosh to eating there....Still a 5 star!

Chinmaey Shende

If you love Mexican food, you must try this place. They have very good verity of dishes and welcoming ambiance. Food was light and satisfying. You don't have to wait very long. Service was very prompt and helping. Ample parkings. Excellent location very much accessible from 91. I am surely going again!

Susan Acevedo

The food was underwhelming and the place was rather dirty.

Gi Young

Great food, good service. Salsa is the best! Love it!!

E Dawg

Good food and prices

James Murphy

Awesome service, and the food was presented perfectly, was brought out still sizzling, and was delicious! Great experience.

Jim Wilson

It has been a long time since I have had a top quality experience but last evening for dinner we dropped in to the On The Border on 11721 Chenab Parkway in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Hostess greeted us with a friendly smile and sincerely asked what could she do for us. I jokingly responded I wanted to sit where the best service was happening tonight. She sat us at a booth where we were greeted by Brian. Brian was on top of his game. Drinks never got empty, salsa never emptied or our basket of chips. He wasn’t hovering over our table but it was clear he took extra care to watch his tables. Not only taking care of our table but everyone around us. I found his service so outstanding I stopped to ask if I could speak to the manager to complain. My complaint was it has been a long time since I have experience great service anywhere. It was a pleasure dinning at their establishment. I hope if you are in this part of Little Rock you will stop in and ask for Brian. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Maybe somehow Brian’s way with his customers will find a way to senior management of On The Border so he could be recognized. I would bet Brian is just a part of a great team at this restaurant because I felt I had been dinning here for years. And finally to Brian, if you read this, Thank You for being a great server! It was clear you cared about your customers and their meals. I hope you have great success in the future and just wanted you to know WE completely enjoyed our time as your customer.


First time EVER eating Mexican food and i'm glad it was at On The Border Mexican Restaurant! The food was delicious and staff was friendly...and most importantly to me, ON POINT with making sure everything was good. I would definitely go back in the future!

John Solury

Good food. service was a little slow

Brittany Burgess

Sean was an awesome waiter!!! Thank you so much!

Angie Rodriguez

Awesome Family time good food and you get complementary ship's and salsa, food is delicious, good prices


Food was excellent! Server didn't seem too friendly until she saw our tip. She never came by our table to check on us. We heard the other Servers checking on their customers. We decided to give her a great tip in hopes that she would pick up on being good to others.

Joshua Kelly

Normally good food and service. Occasionally your food will be room temperature and or you won't be able to get your check.

Sarah Verheyen

My boyfriend, one year old son and I go to on the border most wednesdays and love the food! CHELSEA is beyond the BEST waitress we've ever had there! She's always friendly and fast and doesn't rush us. Today her shift was over and didn't hesitate to take us anyways even though she could have left. We love her and how she treats our son. We will never ask for anyone else or even be seated if she's not there. Go see Chelsea Wednesday nights if you want to have a fun night and great service! See you next Wednesday Chelsea, we want our same booth! <3 <3 <3 Sarah, luis and little luis. :)

Darlene Mcmahon

Food was good service was a little slower as they were busy.

Eddie Moser

Great Service, excellent food, outstanding atmosphere

Alexa Escapita

Food was good, their strawberry margaritas are delicious. They have a good selection of margaritas. The border sampler is a really good appetizer but can also be used eaten as a meal.

Mina Chen

Food was good, but since the price was also higher, I rated it 3 stars.

Natalie Nelson

$2 drink special Awsome!!!

Jay Actionappliancepro

Good food and service. Table side guacamole very good

Michael B

Always great food and atmosphere!

Johnny Conley

Food was not that good but the great service made up for it.

Laura Ryan Lillibridge

Delicious food great portions and a wonderful waitress Riley.

Scott Madding

Great food great drinks!! Wonderful staff

Dale Mercer

Amazing food, even better staff. Will definitely be back and tell my friends to come here

Harsh Patel

Been going to this place forever and when visiting home decided to go for a quick birthday dinner with the rents. Everything was normal as expected but ordered the fajitas came out without any tortilla bread. This is when the waitress realized this and rushed over to make it her self and in a rush was under cooked to a point where it could have been rolled back in to dough which I did. I then pointed this out to another wait staff as I couldn’t locate our original waitress and she said “this is how they are but I will make you more” at which point went to the front to request a manager who came by and said “I can tell that they are raw and don’t even have the grill marks”. I am not a person to send food back or complain but it was completely unacceptable and when we got the check the manager comped the house margarita which cost the customer $7.00 and the Restraunt $1.50 instead of the actual food that was wrong. Still left a 15% tip! 1. Understand you were busy and mistakes happen, correct the situation and don’t tell the customer they are wrong especially when they have eaten there for years and expect a certain quality! 2. Don’t comp the cheapest thing when the actually food should have been comped! 3. The manager should have been a manger and came by to apologize and tried to keep a customer! Basic Hospitality Skills!

lati 801

Nice atmosphere, food was good

Carah Still

I ordered a vegetable quesadilla through Bitesquad. The veggies had a weird, funky taste to them; maybe the grill used was dirty or the grease 'off' or something. My meal was missing the guacamole and pico that was supposed to come with it, I received instead a HUGE portion of sour cream..? My meal was gross, I won't be ordering anything from here again.

Taylor Ercanbrack

Although our food LOOKED delicious, it was not, at all. We ordered 3 meals of fajitas ... fajitas should always be hot, theres no reason for them to not be.... we had to send 2 of our plates back because they weren't even the slightest bit warm. Our sever was more worried about waiting on the table of men and flirting the whole time than to take care of my tables needs. .. . You couldn't pay me to go back there.

Michael & Jaimie Kennerson

We go here about once to twice a month. It’s hard to find a good Mexican restaurant and this place gives your favorite in a simple yet delicious way. Reasonably priced for a good portion.

Terri Lynn Lillibridge

Riley is awesome and the food is delicious.

Corey Hayes

Employee at the front was very friendly when sat, server waa very attentive and food was top notch.

Donald Peters

This is one of the few restaurants i go to regularly.

David Martin

Ok food, good margaritas and our server was great

Sabrina Samuel

Food is ok but they have some great chips and salsa.

Liz Mackenzie

Always 5 star - great food, service is attention detailed, and enjoy meeting new clients at this great restaurant!

Phoebe Hamilton

Cozy, always a booth, great fajitas! i like the mexican ambiance too. Specials on mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo (5/5).

Mallory Cadez

Amazing food and service was even better!

E Meka

Good food and nice central locarion.

rick wilson

Figured it would be good when it was almost a packed house at 5pm...and we were not disappointed. Very short wait, best Mexican I've had so far in CT

Troy Hirschfield

Great service! Typical Mexican chain food. Can't go wrong eating here.

K Del

Love the salsa. The food is average at best. Could not find the meat in my taco salad. Salad served on a plate with chips. The chicken tortilla soup used to be great but is now bland. The wait staff is super nice.

Richard Graczyk

Food is always good. Great atmosphere... 5 stars.

Larry Reese

The beautifully done interior and exterior, reminiscent of a Mexican Cantina will invite you to visit. The food will make you glad that you did. Everything has the true flavors of Mexico and the food is beautifully presented to you by a friendly, helpful waitstaff. there is ample parking and the location is easy to get to from the major local roads. Enjoy!

Ali pavon

Bad service and cold food

Elaine Bridges

The food is delicious but the service was awful. If you want good service do not sit at the bar. The two bartender treated the African Americans different from their white guest! They do not greet or check on you. When I talked to the manger about the situation he basically told me not to sit at the bar. I will never go back. We as a people should treat each other equal and if you can’t do that find another line of work.

Heather Sherman

Love coming here. Great food and great atmosphere. Convenient location and close to good stores. Worth the stop.

Jeannette Estrada

Excellent service all the time

Janky McTango

This place is a rebranded Taco Bell. The food is bland and the service slow.


Got seated quickly but sat for a half hour no service, not ever acknowledged us and we walked out . Will NEVER return again highly disappointed

John S. Wagner

Seen this restaurant on gift cards that been given to in the past and always wanted to to try it. Finally found one and wish I didn’t. Had a burrito with chicken and three sauces. Sauces tasted like metal and the chicken looked like the chicken from chicken noodle soups. Stomach was upset rest of the day.

The Beasto891

My stomach has been buying for 3 days but is still a good place to eat

Pat Turner

Had an amazing lunch. All the employees we're working as a team, even employees who weren't my server were making sure I did not need anything. Rarity now a days

Stacey Giesbrandt

Very good happy hour menu.

S Dav

Took a while for the server to get there and once he did you could tell he was exhausted. Food was ok, seemed it had been put together and sat under a heat lamp for a while. One strange thing, the host came and sat at a booth across from us restyling the menus, cleaning them . Place is full of guest, is this a normal thing. Then another server brought a dust pan to sweep up, left it leaning on the booth. Everyone was stepping over it. Not one person thought to move it.

Raul Iglesias

First time visiting this restaurant. I have to say that our server Braden was super cool and made the experience even better. I had the tortilla soup and it was great. I think their salsa is the best I have ever had.

Kerry Snellgrove

Can't remember our waitress name but she was the best I've seen in a long time. (Really tall skinny black lady) thank you so very much

Lily Maria

My family and I had a great time here! The cheese dip was delicious, but the cheese quesadillas were hard and didn't taste that good. The pink lemonade was very watered down too. Our server, Ethan, was very kind and helpful though!

Nicole Danielson

Very polite server. Food was delicious.

Ninfa Hale

Yes!!! This is my fav Tex Mex joint when in Little Rock.

Tonia Martins Williams

Want an awful place! It took our waitress 20 minutes just to come over and take our drink order. Then another 22 minutes to bring them. She took our starter order and brought it to us in 25 minutes. By that time we just wanted to get out of there. My drink had a rotted piece of fruit in it. My son's Nachos were still cold and the cheese wasn't even melted. Terrible service! Terrible food!!

Mark Lawrence

Nice atmosphere very good food, great margaritas. Our server was sick and a little bit to friendly but overall I'll be there again.

Stephen Zaremba

Awesome Food and a wonderful day. The staff was extremely well.

Michael Wilson

It was a new favorite place of was great drinks were great...i will be back

Paradise Breeze

First thing is the Service Sucked, A friend & I went for happy hour this evening, & it took forever for the waiter to come to our table. Anyway i ordered a margarita with no salt & 3 mini tacos. The tacos was dry as a powder house & the side of lettuce that came with it was brown & looked pitiful. I told the waiter I didn't want the food & he laughed about it grabbed my plate & walked off, Wth!! Not to mention the margarita had salt around the rim. So I took the drink back to the bar because the waiter still sucked at this point & i politely told the bartender its suppose to be no salt. Well he poured that same drink into another glass & expected me to be satisfied. Never again......but shout out to Chuy's lr for fantastic service, great food & a great time!!! after a bad experience from o.t.b

Juanita Sanchez

I love this place.

Rick Reynolds

It was pretty good. Endless Enchiladas...

Stacy Belkins

Loved coming here. Always sit at the bar and get amazing service from everyone. Best place to go to relax.

Pat Burke

We love your restaurant.

Jerome Fox

Great appetizers on Happy Hour! Total bill for 3 without drinks was 12 bucks

Beverly Hahn

Delicious food, amazing staff, had a really great night out. Family friendly.

Michael Cashew

Really great meal, even better service. Ive been in the restaraunt industry for about 15 years now, I observed team work the entire time I was in the building dining which is so rare these days. Thank you for making my visit a great one, definitely will recommend to others.

Alena G

Bartenders were nice. This is a Mango Margarita during happy hour. It cost about $3 or $4. Pretty strong.

Jason81 Laughlin

Pretty great place

Nicki Hoop

We love this place waitresses are excellent the food was hot drinks refilled almost before we finished the last one highly recommend the queso and fajitos. Try their monthly drink or desert specials.

Brennan Rhodes

Come here every Tuesday for taco Tuesday...haven't been disappointed yet! Cheap, but good quality street tacos, along with a variety of happy hour deals. Staff is consistently friendly and service is fast

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