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10715 N Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock, AR 72212, United States

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REVIEWS OF Olive Garden Italian Restaurant IN Arkansas

Marshall Nichols

Food was good. The server gave us a lot of wine to taste

Spank Digg

Good food, service was fast, and staff was very kind

Cyrus gaming

Wow best serive of my life our server Josua was amazing. He was on top of everything. Never had to wait for a refill and knew how to serve with a baby.

Dave Bulgini

The service was excellent. Are waitress was on point, food was great, wine excellent , thank u for a great evening.

Ashlea Hodges

Great place for a family dinner. Prices have gone up over the years ! But it’s always a delight !

Heather Haley

My daughter and I had a wonderful lunch today. Emily was our server and was amazing. We had a great day and will be back.

I Forero

I normally get the chicken scampi, because I know it's usually good. I wanted to try their cheese ravioli because i figured "You cant mess up cheese ravioli". Turns out, a restaurant is perfectly capable of messing up a cheese ravioli. It was rubbery and the cheese on the inside didnt look like cheese, it was almost clear. Maybe it was microwaved? I dont know, but it tasted awful. Server was pleasant and the saving grace. She asked if I wanted to take it off the check, because I really only had 1 ravioli, but I declined. The restaurant had used their supplies, and I wasnt going to deny this nice person a bigger check. She took it off anyway, so I compensated her. Atmosphere was pleasant. Menus could have used a nice wipe down.

Betsy Allen

Tried a new dish tonight. It was pretty bland & I will not order it again. This is one of my favorite places to eat so I was really disappointed. Service was great & server was knowledgeable and friendly.

Donald Lee

Use to be a nice restaurant with cloth napkins, a presentable menu, and a calm atmosphere. Now it feels like McDonalds with a limited menu and chaos.

Pat Watson

Me & my wife went to clovis Restaurant on Father's day 2019, we expected to have a long wait but only 20 minutes which was fine for father's day, the waitress named Malissa was great, but the QUALITY OF FOOD WAS HORRIBLE, we ordered the 12.99 SPECIAL & from what was advertised on TV they didn't even have the waitress told us so my wife ordered the shrimp scampi, the shrimp were hard & dry with all the sauce on the bottom of the plate the dish had no flavor just bland with what seemed like microwave shrimp that were over cooked & I had a taste for the giant meatball & pasta with meat sauce, the waitress informed me that they didn't have any that the restaurant had to order those, it seemed to me being a Italian Restaurant they could made those or had some on stand bye but then I was so disappointed, then I ordered pasta with meat sauce, the sauce was to watery & the pasta over cooked. & the exact same dish I took home was way smaller then the one I ordered, so me & my wife ordered the cheesecake another disappointment the cheesecake was dry & no graham cracker crust I paid $60 bucks for a meal that wasn't worth it is should of kept my $$$ & went to BLACK ANGUS at least there I know what to expect. TWO STARS FOR THE WAITRESS

Mandie Borys

Our waiter Dan was wonderful and the food and service was great!

Jimmy Williams

The people was wonderful, the food is what you're looking for to be out standing. It was alright.

Tessa C

Coke and Dr Pepper was ordered and both tasted watered down. Also, one member of our party said he went to the restroom and the stalls were full so he waited outside. He heard a flush and a waiter walked out almost immediately. So I guess they dont wash their hands at this restaurant. Gross. Otherwise, food was good and our waitress was a wonderful amd sweet asian lady, didnt catch her name.

Gee Berry

When we visit LR we always eat at the OGI. But today, what a disappointing meal. I asked the asparagus be left out as I am allergic. The asparagus was chopped in small pieces and add to my meal. I told the waiter and he said the cooks rarely read the waiters instructions. No offer to help. Then as I began eating I noticed realized my pasta had "no" sauce of any kind. Just plain cooked pasta with chopped tomatoes and shrimp. We discussed telling the waiter but decided it was futile. So we just paid the bill and left in a huff. $46.00 wasted.

Dorothy Fuller

I ordered to go. I was displeased to find I only had 2 bread sticks in my order. It was carry out for 1 but still with all the salad and pasta sauce I could've used 1 more.

Amanda Chandler

We had a great lunch and my 2 year old loved it!

tommy way

The food was ok and the service was good.

ruth rodriguez

I was really impressed with the service. The food was great and no wait. Will definitely recomend.

Craig Cather

Excellent service excellent food and the atmosphere is awesome as well!

Yasmin Ali

My family and I have been coming to the Schaumburg location for years !! There have been a bit of hiccups in the past but if you talk to the manager, they make it right for you. The food was really good ! My favorite minestrone soup was on spot ! Everything was just clean and spotless. The waiter and other waitresses were very nice and polite. I like this new change. Thank you. Will be back many times again.


The food was great and the servers were really friendly and enthusiastic! They are willing to accommodate for anything as long as the customer is happy

Robin Mills

I'm going to start with saying the food was great!! I was not happy with our server. I believe he changed my order & charged my cousin more. I ordered just soup. I honestly believe he changed my order to a pasta dish. That to me is totally wrong & dishonest!! I will never ever sit in this person's section again. If I had the receipt i would have spoken to the manager immediately, but i wasnt the one paying.


Food is pretty awful but the staff is super nice. Glad they added veggies to the menu.

Sarah Jackson

Enjoyed my visit at your establishment and the food was great as always. Salad never disappoints. I always eat so much Salad, I have to get take out.

Tee Webb

Just left there - not a great experience. Olive Garden now falls into the three strikes and you're out category. First time there (different location 20 yrs ago!) was decent, but nothing memorable. I'm slightly biased here because I think if you want really good authentic Italian food you should find an Italian restaurant that you like. My second visit (different location)was five years ago and was downright disgusting. I made the mistake of not filling up on salad, which was probably edible. The Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken was a big glob of pasta with a pasty, tasteless sauce - lukewarm. The chicken was chewy. Too chewy. At least the bread sticks were decent. Swore I would never go to Olive Garden again. Yesterday was an invitation from a dear friend and I couldn't say no. Service started out well enough and the giant salad bowl is certainly impressive - the bowl, not the salad, which was served family style for the two of us. Large pieces of torn iceberg lettuce, three very small slices of tomato, three black olives, and a spattering of red onion, shredded carrots, croutons and a couple of hot peppers tossed in. Eh. My friend had eggplant parmesan with spaghetti and there were no complaints. My fried stuffed ziti w/marinara was okay, but the shrimp topping was forgotten. The server, Abby, says it wouldn't be long and asks would I like to put my second order in now (all you can eat deal). I'm only halfway done, but said sure, why not. As I combined my salad and ziti to one plate, I noticed a hair in the salad. STOP! It wasn't a deal breaker, but I did lose my enthusiasm and wanted the plate removed. I very politely asked the waitress if she could take my plate back to the kitchen and have a look at the hair near the black olive. She stood right there, held the plate high, turned it at an angle, and said, ”Oh, you mean this blonde hair?" (For the record, my hair is light, not really blonde and was tied back, and the server's hair is dark, not tied back.) I said, "I can't really tell what color the hair is, but it's a hair and it's in my food." She says, "What do you want me to do? Should I bring your other plate of food?” I answered, "Yes, please, that would be fine." And then it was never mentioned again. No apology, no reference to the incident at all. Let me be clear - I wasn't looking for anything, no free food, no big scene, just a quick, "Oh, sorry about that" or something similar. Nope. After working in restaurants for over thirty years, I know stuff happens and the hair could have come from any number of places, even me. I'm a patient and polite guest, tip well, and fully understand what a difficult job it can be. I could have spoken to the manager on my way out, but didn't want to bother since I won't be coming back. I swear I'll never go there again. Starting ... NOW! PS - the bread sticks were under-cooked. Up

Julie Guns

Food was.good. service was excellent

john Rullo

Worth the trip,good food friendly people

Carlos Rivas

Great food n service

Keavin Braley

It took a little extra time to get service but once we did our waitress was great,food is always fantastic. I always enjoy this place

Dianna Hewitt

Love the salad and bread sticks, nice way to begin a meal. Good service. This last time was bad. We ordered the salmon...OMG it was horrible. Way over cooked and only served with huge pieces of broccoli. $20 is way off to charge for that, there should be at least potatoes or rice also. They comped me $10 but shouldn't have charged me at all as I only ate a couple pieces of the salmon it was so dry!

Brenda Anderson

Brooklyn was our server. She was absolutely fantastic! The food was amazing as always.

John Alpers

Food was good. Our food came before the salad and we got two wrong entries. Server tried but it was messy overall. Felt as though back of the house did not help and caused part of the problem.

Michael Vega

Excellent service, food was quick and everything on point!

sumaira mansoor

As usual my favorite place to eat. Awesome service

Andrea Lennon

Always had a wonderful experience at Olive Garden. My only complaint is I do not go enough. Staff was excellent. Not a long wait. Food is excellent!

Russell Benduzek

Great service. Great food.

Catrina Spendlove

Not the best Olive Garden, was brought two watered down sodas, an expensive and not worth it appetizer combo, and half the food was scalding hot while others were cold. Very loud and busy. Bottom line, if you want a good olive garden look elsewhere. I don't think all olive gardens are this dysfunctional, this one just needs some work.

April Clancy

Me and my husband love it here.good food .

Pamela Stewart

We were in a hurry so we got take out. We were not disappointed. Thank you


Nice ambience, fast service!

Dustin Ward

Would give zero stars if I could. It's my daughters birthday. And after two hours of waiting still no food. What the hell. Was told our party was big (9) and would take longer, party of 11 came in after us, got food and left before we even got our food!!! Thanks for a great birthday dinner with our family for my daughters birthday.

David Coffin

Staff was great. Food is high quality. We love the salad and breadsticks..

Dan Ross

I have been here many times and have always had great Italian meals.

Shane Cherniss

Always a pleasant experience. Very clean. Very well operated. Every complaint is taken seriously and the managers aim to please. I've sent food back and it has never been a problem. They are quick to resolve. Great lasagna, great lobster cheese mac, great dolchini dessert, great lasagna frita. I would rate five stars, unfortunately, there is always a wait. Kids meals are always satisfying for the little ones.

Keith R

The birthday restaurant continues to provide all that you would expect. Great food and excellent service in the atmosphere that seems to have become the place to go for the birthday dinner. During our meal there had to be 6 or 7 birthdays recognized at other tables as well as ours, by the staff. Great fun.

Allen Buford

This place is not what it used to be. The quality was poor. The staff was friendly though. The biggest problem I have is the waitress dropped a cup of sauce. No big deal. Another staff member came over with a wet cleaning cloth and cleaned at the floor. By this time, our waitress had returned with the entrees. She then too the cloth that had been cleaning the floor and wiped off the bench seat. She then proceeded to serve our food to us and offer us cheese for our plates. Really? You can't even wash your hands after using a dirty cleaning cloth before handling our food. I don't see me going back.

Robert Ross

Always good, bread sticks fantastic


Debbie, our server was excellent! She made us feel like family and treats us with perfect service every time. She is a real gem and anyone who goes to this establishment is lucky if they are sat in her section. She goes above and beyond to make sure everything is just right. We come back at least a few times a month just to have dinner with her!

Michaela Tanner

A++ another great dinner.. food was hot and fast... service was great also... olive garden rarely disappoints and today was no exception!!! WTG olive garden!!!

Ruby K

Food was good. Nothing to really say

Hillary Aispuro

Great service and great food..loved it

Wonder Woman

Our server Michael was the best I've ever had their very good service for a good personality he was great

Edgar Due

Great food and great service. Great selections and prices. Great portions for the money. Very courteous and friendly service.

Ashley Boucher

First only reason why I'm giving 2 stars was bcuz shrimp app was good and place was clean BUT Waitress wasnt too friendly seemed like she def didnt wanna b at work, food came out rather quickly but not a good thing. Fritta lasagna, wish I chose something else. Dry and not enough sauce basically tasted like mozzarella sticks..chick scampi was bland, they barely cut up veggies, chicken could have been cooked better and not enough sauce. Dont even get me started on presentation lmao... Will not return to this restaurant!

Tylitha Curles

The food was excellent and our waitress was nice, but the hostess had an attitude when she went to seat us...all because my son held the door for an elderly lady and she had to wait.

Stephanie Bradford

Fantastic service and food! We had no wait time for our table and our food arrived promptly as well.

Ron Cross

Great food, extraordinary waiter! Jacob was hands-down the most attentive waiter we've ever experienced....which elevated our entire lunch experience.

Jeri Thomas

I love this place, the food, the service. EVERYTHING!!!

Peter K

Very good, right amount of food to fill you too. Service was very fast today, but got there around 5:15PM before the rush.

Jon Price

Good food, sweet server, good experience.

Sonia Short

They get - 0 from me so we had a 10 dollar gift card the bill came to43.43 ,I gave them 40 cash and the 10 gift card the waitress brings me 6 dllors and some change back. 50-33 .43 = 16 and some change all day long . The manager explanation was bogus period point blank STOP SELLING GIFT CARDS IF YOUR NOT GOING TO ACCOMMODATE IT !!!!

Sarah Baroni

Our favorite restaurant to eat at as a family. Staff is always friendly, food is always amazing.

Robin Keown

Awful. Waittress got the order wrong and food was improperly cooked. Second time in a row that we have had a bad experience. Done!

Linea Ferguson

Called the manager and told her I had received food poisoning from their take out. She called me a liar and said that is not how food poisoning works. No reassurance that they will look into it, just that so far today no one else has complained.

Prajeesh Chandran

I really liked this place and food


This is one of my son's favorite restaurants. The Olive Garden in Schaumburg. The waitress was nice.

Brandon Sorensen

I like the food there what can I say....usually I take out but going there is nice with the girl and her kids

Ed Morris

Great salad. Good food and service.

Rich Alexander

Very good food with great service and great value

Angélica Cuevas

It's an Ok restaurant if you're not watching your weight and diet. They gave you the option of unlimited bread and unlimited soup OR salad with your entree order. If you are looking for the soup option their chicken and gnocchi is the best one!! I did try the Minestrone and it was kind of salty! My main entree was the salmon (it was good but a little bit pricy). They tend to be crowded specially during the weekends, with a waiting time of 15-20 minutes, not big deal; I just wish they would be cleaner, changing the carpet or something. There is always an smell specially in the front next to the bar.

Bright Eyed With Wonder

As a vegan, I asked for an olive oil herby sauce. I'm not a huge fan of red sauce. I was given plain noodles with a jar of red pepper flakes. Either the waiter didn't even bother asking the kitchen for herbs, the kitchen refused to supply, or Olive Garden simply comes out of a bag and reheating bagged food doesn't require a collection of herbs. It was gross. But i am grateful those breadsticks were vegan.

Catherine Carpenter

Great service excellent food over all great lunch

mocha Landuci

I had a great experience here. The service and food was great!!


Our server offered an awesome rosay type of wine. We ordered 3 things of breadsticks, huge thing of salad, pesto chicken pasta and spaghetti and meatballs. Best lunch experience there!!!!!

Barbara G

Service was excellent! Food was sooo delicious and filling! Great prices on meals. They have a variety of alcoholic beverages that look and taste amazing. Excellent catering options. I highly recommend this location.

Tarah McCroskey

Foods good, service is meh

Robert Bove

Delicious food great staff good prices

Diane Hatfield

Delicious and I got one to take home!!

Jessica Russell

Great service and great atmosphere.

Robert Signs

We really enjoy their soup and salad. Being seniors sometimes their full meal are a little too much. But still very good.

Leslie Brandt

Ordered take out. Staff and service was excellent. Food was delicious.

Dixie Saunders

The food was fine but the server was not attentive to our table.

Enrique Nonalaya

The best food Italian and service excelent .

Jim Hefner

Always good food from a great menu. Eat early to avoid the crowd.

Crona DarkOne

This place is amazing!! Our waitress was super awesome and always recommending some of the most delicious things on their menu. Checked on us frequently and was very high spirited. She took a while to get my drink, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Jovita Gabriūnienė

The food was perfect! I only tasted a few times a very good lasagna! And here it was so goooood :) And the desert was perfect :) The waitress was very attentive and asked a few times wether everything was ok :) Thank you so much for such a nice supper :) Defenately recommend this place!

ike Smith

Good food with leftover to take home

Dennis Mcdonald

Morgan our waitress was the best. Thanks Morgan you rocked it!!!! Left you a fat tip... And for the rest of all the people that work there you all were very awesome. Thank you all food was great. Thanks again!!!

Micheal McCann

Overall pretty good. Pasta portions are small and you may get the breadsticks are coming out of the oven line but overall good quality

Murdoch Williams

Good food, usual wait times, waitress seemed distracted as our party of 6 sat with empty glasses, salad plates never picked up and 15 minutes just to get the check. Disappointed.

Blue Eyes

Enjoyed family time..great dinner..fabulous service..everyone was happy and smiling

Chris Businelle

Best food ever...the chicken fettuccine Alfredo is 2nd to none

Robyn D

I asked three times for refill on salad and never got it. Update! Olive Garden corporate sent me a gift card to give them a second chance. Pleased with the actual response and willingness to make things right!

Theresa Goldizen

Some friends and I went for lunch during the week. Between us we had shrimp alfredo and raviolis. The food was delicious. The portions are huge and we all had enough leftovers for another meal.

Carmen Maldonado

Like always enjoy this place it's like eating at home. And always great service. Thank you Love your restaurants. First chain of restaurants that everyone is the same great food and and amazing service.keep your special.

M Draper

Went there when they opened party of 10 we had 3 wait staff. Food was great but service was lacking had to ask for missing silverware had to ask to bring bread sticks and grated cheese and extra napkins .

Wendy Frederick

We ordered blue moons, they have a 5 for $5 deal. Our waitress brought us talls without asking. Didn't tell us any specials or anything. I even ordered something that came part of the buy one take one home special and I had to tell ask her for it. I asked for dessert and said I wasn't sure if I wanted it there or to go so she set it upon the kiosk and told me to order it when I decided. I did and she came back 10 minutes later asking if I decided. Food was good she was terrible.

DivineFinesse .

Outstanding service!! While the food prep time can be long it is totally worth it! Personally, I went with the Chicken Parmigiana and it didn't disappoint. The only thing I had a problem with was the Prices ($200 for a family of 6

Richard Esquibel

Was here this past weekend and didn't get any service after being seated for over 20 minutes so i just walked out. Ive had better experiences here though.


Went to celebrate my daughter's Graduation. Party of 7. Phoned reservation in, got there and had to wait 45 minutes past reservation time. Waitress never refilled any of our drinks, even upon request. Never asked if we wanted more salad. I requested butter during our order for the breadsticks, took 3 more times asking before she brought any. Requested extra sauce on my shrimp scampi, received not only a lunch portion at full dinner time and price, but received it with no sauce on it and it dried out stuck to my plate!! Told waitress about it, she rolled her eyes at me and was huffy when I asked her to bring me some more sauce on the side as I requested when ordered. She didn't show back up until everyone else in my party was over half finished with their meal and handed me a thing with perhaps 2 tablespoons of sauce in it and left. Still didn't refill drinks...I flagged her down and told her I needed more sauce. She gave me this put out look,left and didn't show back up for another 10 food, what little of it ...only 4 shrimp on it,(I had plenty of time to count them)there was, was not only dried out, crunchy noodles, it was stone cold by now and when she brought me another 2 tablespoons of sauce, the sauce wasn't even warm! Obviously it had been sitting somewhere. When I mentioned again about there being no sauce on it to begin with, she argued with me saying it had the normal amount, then asked how many boxes we needed!! Never refilled any of our drinks, or salad, or soup, or breadsticks. Stopped by ladies room on way out..HUGE MISTAKE! Employee standing in there as I walked past her into stall where toilet was backed up. I quickly exited that one as she said someone had been called to fix it, only to go in a different one and have to listen to her and another employee discuss in great detail about having to scoop out the toilet etc...add in the smell, and what little salad I had eaten I threw up. Neither employee stopped their commentary of poop scooping with their hands etc...(why didn't they temporarily close the bathroom while dealing with it??) Worst experience ever!! Thank you Olive Garden for ruining the celebration we had been looking so forward to.


I was craving spaghetti, looked up and there was Olive Garden. Super clean inside; walls, tables, chairs, windows, curtains.... These people know how to keep a restaurant clean! I liked my spaghetti. Not a fan of their salad dressing and the bread sticks are just that, not buttered or spiced.

Stephanie Estrada

Had the special salmon. Omg delicious a must try.

Merika Usa

First time I've eaten at an Olive Garden. Will definitely come back. The food is great

Leyla Didehvar

Love their desserts.

Shelia Ward

Visited there for my 27th anniversary and it was great.

Craig Zych

Some people love olive garden. This was my first time and probably last. Food was very bland right down to the breadsticks.

janet young

To expensive for what you get. To loud and very noisy. Service was just ok.

John Phipps

Always great service, top notch food, and world class atmosphere.

CA Fischer

Upon arriving we asked for a simple glass of wine, approx 15 min. later waitress came back and said...ah, what can I get you. We knew we were in trouble. We had a hard time hearing the specials since the baby crying, and ppl talking so loud, I wanted to leave. The meal was mediocre! We don't want to return, maybe you will have better luck.

Mrs Barrera

I love their 5 cheese ziti pasta.. yummy!

Allie Keel

This place is what you make it. It's like good food mostly at good prices. We had excellent service and my food was delicious. Always get the 9oz wine! ;)

peace lissa

I love their chicken alfredo, and their salad trust is life , clean place , their employees are friendly, u can order on line and pick up, whenever u what! Very nice people!

eddy diaz

Never going there ever in my life receptionist and manager will treat you like garbage. They won't compensate you if they are at fault, in fact they will threaten to call the police if you seem upset about the circumstances.

m lou

Love it, stuff big shell with shrimp deliouse and soup and salad can't go wrong

M Thomas

Half the food was incredible. Half not so much. The lasagna that evening was mushy, but I'm picky. The minestrone was delicious

Chelsea Jones

I loved the shrimp alfredo. It's a little expensive. But totally worth it

Susan Betts

Okay Olive Garden Little Rock - we have given you a second chance. Not busy, but the 2 of us were seated at a 6 top right by the kitchen door. 1st basket of bread sticks were cold and tough. Ice tea was as black and bitter as my heart before I met Mark. Salad lettuce was big enough pieces for a sandwich and the dressing did not taste like the NLR Oluve Garden. Entrees were so so, and not very hot. Had to ask twice for a glass of water. Learned our lesson, won't go back.

Kathie Taylor

Our waitress Sam was very nice and the food came out pretty fast we will be back for sure.

carlos nunez

I love their all you can eat salad and bread sticks. The staff are always on top and friendly. The enforcement is clean and neat and makes me feel at home.

Tim Hubinger

Great food always good service

Brian Cofone

Noisy. Like eating in a high school cafeteria. Factory food. Same every time over and over and over. No personality. Wore dress pants and button sown but sitting next to table wearing spandex and tank tops all of us paying 20 bucks per entree. This is the Walmart of Italian food.

Tamika Johnson

Food is Great and so are the people I really enjoyed my lunch will be returning!!!

Brian Langkan

My family and I had a great Friday evening dining at this Olive Garden. We arrived at 6pm and was pleased there was no wait for a table of 4. The free wine sample was yummy and the breadsticks hot and tasty too. Kids enjoyed their kids meals and the adults enjoyed their entrees too! The restaurant manager is very kind and concerned about assuring you have a positive experience too. Great place for a family friendly dinner!

Andyana Lopez

Jumpin mushroom ravioli OK service

Mari Cruz Marquez

After waiting for 45 minutes we are seated and when ready to order they then let us know they are out of the 3 of the 4 promotional pastas. I think that is something they should let you know before you wait almost an hour. Are server was amazing despite us not getting what we came for.

Justin Gailey

Server wasn't very attentive. Missed refills on drinks and breadsticks.

Thom Ireland

Saturday before 6 was awesome.. Service was top notch will be back again around that time

ann oshiro

Service was excellent!!!! Food was tasty as usual

Brittany Zaderaka

I ordered the fettuchini alfredo and got all pasta with barely any sauce. So basically it tasted like noodles with water. Highly disappointed as Olive garden use to be my all time favorite place to go. But if I wanted to spend 18 bucks on pasta I would have gone to the store and made my own sauce.

Andi H

Food was good served hot. Waitress was excellent.

JoJo lover11

It was a terrible experience which is too bad cuz Olive Garden has always been my favorite restaurant my husband found a hair in his food the manager came over and apologized and said he would take the meal of our check which was fine when we got our check the meal was still on there the waitress never asked us if we wanted more salad breadsticks or drinks refilled she was very nice and pleasant but we tired of having to flag her down for anything we needed I doubt we'll come back there again

Joanna De Los Santos

Really nice service. Love how they have a lot of workers and waiting time isn't bad.

Sharon Woj

Katherine was our server she was attentive and kind Best Server EVER

Craig Ragan

Food was not great. Too commercialized. Staff was great.

Lori Phillips

Can never go wrong there. Always good

Roxanne Nartowicz

Wait staff was courteous and food was great

Boss Chic

Great 10th birthday dinner for my daughter. The food was good & our waitress was awesome!

Kristin M

It’s hard to not like Olive Garden! The food is delicious! But, this one is an exception, I live closer to this one but drive further to the one in MD because the service here is always awful! I don’t know if it’s bad management or what but it must be! I’ve given this one a lot of chances but haven given up and just drive the extra distance to MD when I want Olive Garden now! Recently was at the mall and said I’d go here because I really wanted some Olive Garden, was seated at a table in the middle of a busy walkway with people coming and going on both sides of us all night. Our waitress was awful, the hostess was awful! Every time I come here you can tell the employees hate their jobs, they must have an awful manager or something!

Anna Estrada

Dirty there are flies in the window and menus..the soup was cold and the chicken was dry and old tasting..I will not be going back there ever until they get new management or....

Andrew Westhoff

Table service food rating system: 5 stars for correct order on first try, timely service, good attitude of staff. 3 stars if they missed one of the above. 1 star if they missed two or more of the above. Regain a star if they correct the problem.

Tim Miller

Just your usual Olive Garden. Usually really busy in the afternoon and early early evening. The servers are great and go out of your way to make sure you're satisfied

Lauri Vanacker

Very good service... great pasta,salad and bread... Yummy..

Eileen Morris

I really do think your experience here is based on which server you end up with. I’ve been here a handful of times and have not had a bad experience yet. Went the other day for my birthday dinner and our server Leticia C. Was awesome. She was very attentive, and very friendly. Waitstaff definitely does make or break an establishment .


Food was great, our waitress was gorgeous

Shawna Dean

The food was not as good as usual, which truly shocked me, because usually I can get full and enjoy myself with the salad and breadsticks. The family and I visited the restaurant after 8pm, and from the beginning it seemed a little off. The hostess was not enthusiastic at all, and barely said a word as we were being seated. The waiter immediately was lackluster as well, which is a shock, because I usually enjoy the waitstaff. He finally took our order, and for some reason was noticeably absent most of the time. We really lost him when he started flirting with a female at another table, which is where he spent the most time when he wasn't completely absent from the scene. I had to request condiments and drink refills from another waiter, who told me that he'd let my waiter know what I needed. Finally, it was time to go so I stopped the nearest server, and asked for to go boxes, and when he retrieved them I immediately packed up and was ready to go. When I saw my waiter I immediately told him I needed the bill, and he told me to check out on the console on the table. Why thank you very much for nothing. That was one of a few visits that I didn't leave a tip at all. My son told me that I should have left one, and I welcomed that moment to teach him a lifelong message. I told him that if you are in the business of serving people then you are expected to do your job or else you don't get paid. It is a privilege, though lately seeming more of a requirement, to get someone to give you his or her hard earned money.

lora white

Very nice time, loved the managers and how they extended beyond average customer service.

Cynthia Randolph

We were warmly greeted at the door. We waited briefly to be seated. Our waiter was very good. Our food was served promptly after soap and salad. A great dining experience.

Ashley Drummond

Very friendly staff, and good food.

David Hand

No wait at 6pm on Thursday. Soups and salad great. Service fine (she was a little busy but NOT annoying slow).

Yates Greer

Never been to an Olive Garden that disappointed. This one is also A+

Susan Beck

Small portion. Not so tasty


Great food. Calvin our waiter did not bring more salad and bread when asked. I didnt push the issue. I ordered lobster mac and cheese and it was a nice meal.

Brandon Aumiller

One of the nicest Olive Gardens I've been to so far. Also friendly staff. The food is what you can expect at an Olive Garden. Not incredible but decent.

Marsha Spears

Went for my birthday celebration. The service was beyond reproach, and the food was plentiful and delicious. The salad, that was part of my entree, was much more than shredded iceberg lettuce with a few slivers of grated carrots. The were ample carrots, pepperoncini, plum tomatoes, crunchy, fresh croutons, black olives, all served with dressing on the side and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It was fresh and an excellent counterpoint to the creamy Alfred sauce. Then, to end our meal on the perfect note, "to die for" cheesecake topped generously topped with strawberries and a cup of coffee. I am considered have more than one birthday per year!

Angel Lopez

Salad is excellent. Smells terrible in there the carpet reeks of rotten tomatoes sauce.

Aaliyah Haqq

Horrible customer service! We got stared at like we weren’t welcomed. Our waiter seemed like he hated his job. He didn’t give us straws or asked what dressing we wanted with our salads. I had to wave him down and ask for things that should have been asked to me. Our food tasted disgusting, total waste of money.


Great salad great service and I do not normally eat the salad!

Florence Powell-Tucker

Have gluten free meal...but not take home.. Buy one take one

Penny Wheeler

Went here on my birthday and the staff members where is super nice it was my first time there and I had a good experience so I definitely recommend Olive Garden and I will definitely go back

William MORGAN

Great place to eat, food is good and the service is the best

Aly Morrison

Horrible service. Waites over an hour for our food, then when it came 2 of the entrees were stone cold.

Lizavetta kaverina

I recommend to visit this restaurant. We were a family. Everyone liked all the ordered dishes! We had a real pleasure !! Fast service. We were on Saturday of course the restran was busy. But we waited only 10 minutes before we were offered a table. Our order did not have to wait long, we could enjoy a delicious salad while we were preparing the main course.

Maryann Rodgers

Great service. We stop by regular for lunch. Good management. Clean space. Food is always on point!

Michael Esposito

Bring a winter coat if you dine here. Second time we have been here. Both times it's like eating in a meat locker. Not enjoyable to have to eat with your coat on. Went there to celebrate my granddaughter's birthday. Took twenty minutes to get a waiter to order drinks. Another fifteen to order dinner. Waiter was replaced by another one. We told him three times it was our granddaughter's birthday. He totally ignored it. My wife had soup and salad. Took twenty minutes to get a refill on her soup. Would not vist this restaurant agin if it was free.

Pam Conner

I'm from Tulsa, Ok, took my son, stepmother and granddaughter there for lunch. We we're sat at a half booth/table. The floor was filthy, like the people before us just left. French fries and other food under our table and chairs. I didn't want to make a scene, so sat down. How can a great business do this to visitors? Disgusting!!! Will Not try to eat at that one again. Can't tell you who was our waitress, since 3 or 4 different ones came to our table. They need to be retrained, or maybe get a different manager, that cares about customers.

John Zaffier

Great atmosphere and well prepared food. I would recommend shrimp and chicken capanaro pasta.

Cheresa Butler

Delicious Food Drinks and amazing customer service

christina bolen

Great food! Call for Togo, always ready, and they go thru everything to make sure you get what you ordered. Great place!

Heidi Bassie

Waited 20 minutes for a table, were seated & sat for 15 minutes & no one helped us. Another table told their waitress we were waiting & it was another 5 minutes before she came back which we were already walking out. It wasn’t crazy busy at all! A server was at the tables around us 3 times & never looked our way.

Sam Patel

This is the first time I got really disappointed with the quality of the food. Olive garden is one of my favorite restaurant for a long time. I always order Grilled Salmon with lemon butter sauce as its my favorite dish. I went to olive garden on January 23 with my daughter and wife. The server Christine was awesome but the Salmon I ordered wasn't up to the mark. The moment I ate the first bite I knew something is not right. But I didn't complain. I continued eating and half way thru my dinner my wife and my daughter both told me that they can smell the fish. Then I knew it wasn't just me who thought something is wrong. For the very first time I couldn't finish the dish and had to leave. I am kiND of customer who don't create any scene at the restaurant and embarrass any staff member so I decided to pay for it and leave. I hope it was just one of bad experience but next time I order salmon it''s gonna remind me of this horrible experience.

Shantee Trudell

Amazing service and the cook Philip Stewart is amazing

Justin Whalen

Food and menu quality has gone way down. Staff sits people right on top of each other even when there are several open tables spaced out.

Bren Sunshine

Best to go on the weekday to gey lunch specials, not offered on weekends, full price then

Barter With Christine

Who knew Olive Garden would be one of my favorite restaurants? With so many choices and franchise type restaurants Olive Garden is on point! What started out as slow to be waited on because they were busy was more than made up for by the friendly and apologetic staff and the great food and drinks. Topped off by this chocolate brownie lasagna that WASN'T sickening sweet and a slice of cheese cake to go that we ate later on after our leftovers the value and quality here is five star all the way!! I highly recommend the Watermelon Moscato which I think is now my favorite drink! The chicken parm is so big its enough for two meals! Love, love, love this place and can't wait to go back. We came here bc I was given a gift card! We are now total fans!! A++++++

Diana Chow

Good food. The wait is usually long, but last night we wete seated within 5 minutes. Could be because it was the middle of the week. Overall experience was great

Jeff B

We ordered Togo and it's just OK not worth the price

Carla McAllister

The service and food were good as aways!

Jean Ray

Great service although lacking knowledge of the wine list. Enjoyed the build your own pasta option.

Ron Czarnik

Great food. The new items on the menu will feed two people.

Anthony Rodriguez

Great drinks and food. Jared was an awesome waiter.

Mike Gonzales

It was great just like everytime i go the service was great so was the food


Good food, great atmosphere, fair prices. Always love the salad, best Italian dressing available and you can buy some to take home. And desserts are rich, delicious and decadent. Wine selection is great and the coffee is wonderful.

Alisa Ashby

We had a really friendly waiter. Food is awesome, as always!

Kay Poliska

Last time I went there, they had deleted my favorite healthy choice dinner. Very few selections for those who want to celebrate with their families but adhere to dietary limitations. The Zuppa Toscana was delicious, but a dietary splurge .

Chad Nichols

Lots of delicious food at a reasonable the bread sticks!

James Merola

Typical olive garden. Bar staff was very attentive, though.

Carol Cottrell

Good spaghetti loved salad and bread stix. Thought wine was high price

Matt Mazzatenta

I mean everyone loves soup, salad and bread sticks. I just went here and spent $10, got some tea and ate so much food I feel physical pain because of the volume I've consumed. I love olive garden.

Diana Arco

Service was extremely fast and food was perfect, nice and hot and perfectly portioned. The hostess was so helpful she held the door opened for me since I had a stroller and I believe it was her birthday as well. Our server was wonderful as well she had great suggestions and tended to us as she did her other tables. It was quite busy when we went but it honestly was a wonderful visit. Will definitely return!

Bryan Leavitt

The food was good and the service was friendly. But the bill was really higGB for soup and pasta. Too high for the experience offered. There are better Italian places for less.

Patricia Estrada

Food is always great here staff is usually pretty on top of things

Molly Serna

Amazing service even as they got busy! Delicious food...Olive Garden rarely disappoints. We were more than stuffed when we left with our leftovers packaged up! Plus, I love the Andes mints they give with the check!

David Brumley

The food was great. Large enough portions to fill you, but still not so large that you can't have a few breadsticks! Scott was our waiter, and he was very attentive. He made the entire experience better.

Julia Evans

Great Italian restaurant in Cape Coral. Very delicious food! Great pastas and they are very big each! Kindly service and people are great! We have enjoyed the meal. Very recommend for people who love Italian food!

Angel Bulldog

Loved booth seated quickly started order although whole party was not all there. Food good except for shrimp dish. Noodles very plain

Pamela Weinkauf

Went for the buy one take one. Love being able to have a free extra meal to enjoy at home!

Stephanie Saura

Food was excellent ,service was excellent!! We will be back again!!

Mya Irwin

Great location for Italian food. Came in on a Weds. Definitely worth a return trip. Similar to a place in Denver I loved.

Casey McCown

Great experience and food. The server was exceptional and prompt. We went for the unlimited soup and salad and though not on the Emmy, she confirmed they had it available still and was able to place our off menu order.

Kirby Frymoyer

Always a joy to eat there one of my favorites.

Patricia Valdez

Luved the service, waiter was fabulous ! Will tell all my friends .

Barbara Nasuta

Great food and friendly staff.

nuhjak 101

We made a reservation for about 15 people at 12:30, we get there at exactly 12:30 and we are told to wait 20-30 minutes to wait to get setup. We were very busy and couldn't wait half an hour just to sit down, tables are supposed to be ready before the reservation time!

BigPoppaJNutZ .

Long wait, but the food was great

kylie nelson

We've been here several times (gotta love those breadsticks), but this most recent time, we had the best waiter - his name was Chad. He was so quick and very friendly. We've never had better service.

Gary Troupe

Food was delicious it was nice and hot. Service was very good.

Maddox Bago

The server was very polite and professional but not afraid to have an actual conversation which was amazing. His name was Chad. Very pleasant meal and everything was hot and fresh tasting when it came to the table. I was there with my fiance, mother, and grandmother and none of us could help but share tastes of our meals with each other. I ordered the mushroom ravioli and although it's not genuine Italian (shocker) it was very good with all the flavors mixing to the perfect blend.

john smith

Ordered the seafood mushrooms and the chicken alfredo. I thought the salad was poor quality and clearly cheap. Alfredo was dry and tasteless. Service was good. My first and last time

Jennifer Dominguez

Food was great, service was great, and had good wine. My boyfriend never had wine before and the waitress was nice enough to bring him some samples to try while we were dining. It was a great experience.

Nancy Behrens

I like olive garden. Very good lunch and early late afternoon specials. At times good dinner specials. Always clean table set up and good service. Unlimited breadsticks and salad.

Vallerie Williams

Busy. The buy one take one home deal not quite what was advertised on t.v. Only got pasta and sauce and if you wanted shrimp or chicken had to pay $5 or $6 more.

Hugo Botello

Great staff and good food

Robert Renaud

Marcus was our waiter and was very good to us. Place was busy but food was delish and service excellent. Love this place

Lauren Moore

Great food, friendly staff; food takes a long while to be served.

Daniel Boyajian

Great price on the items they have an 899 special 3pm to 5pm the device was excellent,refills on soup and salad and breadsticks!

Linda Cook

Excellent food. Great service!

Leon Martin

Good food and service

Clarinda Boyd

You cant go wrong with pasta enjoyed are visit

Vincent Cochran

Bar service rude and rushed. $100 dinner ...had better service at McaDonalds. Dining room service always delightful though. Worth waiting for a real waitress

Kris Craft

Great experience. Had a really good waiter tonight. Food tastes great. I will definitely be returning to this location. Would definitely recommend to others.

Mary Blake

Over priced for what you get. Service was great.

cheryl muzio

There is not a single item on the menu that you'd get wrong. Every chance I can get in there we do so. Thank you for great food. And also for above all great servers.⚘

Clark Melohn

Best service we have ever had. Will definitely come back again.

John Bahlinger

My server Lilly was the best and good was excellent.

Larrianne Baker

Enjoyed delicious pasta on the $12.99 special. Soup and entree were served at the perfect temperature in a timely manner. Waitress was very nice and efficient.

Teresa Sturdevant

Love this place watermelon sangria is amazing

Jack Mosquera

My waiter went beyond the call of duty food was delicious

J Soreng

Great food and Great service. Nice place to eat.

John Sorensen

Everyone enjoyed their meal but it was not different than other Olive Garden restaurants.

Mickey young

It's the best, for all especially kids and grandkids. You gotta go!

Ginny McFarland

Good food and great server. Pleasant meal with my daughter.

Cyd R

I was with a group including 4 others and we came here for lunch today. 4/5 of us are vegan so I researched the vegan options in advance. The service was great, waitress friendly and efficient. Most of us opted for the build your own pasta which also includes soup or salad and bread sticks. Most had the pasta with marinara sauce and veggies. We asked for no butter on the breadsticks. It was fresh, fairly good. I would've needed my sauce seasoned a bit more with perhaps some basil and oregano but all in all it was a decent experience. I won't talk about the flat tire we had on Rt 1after we left.

isabel perez

Page was our server she was great right on top of our refills salad and anything else we needed. You have a great employee very friendly made us feel at home. 3 stars because our salad was a little tangy then usual my broccoli needed more flavor was still a bit raw with my food.

Becir Selimovic

This place is not being kept up at all which makes me think about how sanitary is the food. The smell of the bathroom walking in is overpowering. Mens restroom is disgusting with pee all over the floor.

Brad McKinley

Our server was amazing and put up with our well. Food is good. Minus one star for prices of food

Arnie Vevang

Actually just had soup and salad but both were delicious

Dan Brock

We had a very good meal. Server was friendly and helpful with everything. Wait time was very low for Saturday night. A good price for 'take and bake' limited time offer. I go monthly.

Hannah Austin

my friend and I love olive garden. however, our experience tonight was not very good. our waiter was not attentive in the slightest. we didn’t catch his name, but he looked like he was named Derrick and smoked a vape in the bathroom during high school classes. he didn’t refill my drink (which was completely empty for over 15 minutes, and he noticed this) and my friends drink was also almost empty. We had to ask him to refill, and he only refilled mine and not hers. he knew we were splitting pasta and minestrone, yet only brought us one spoon and one bowl. he asked if we wanted another spoon, we said yes. we never laid eyes on said spoon. my friend was forced to use a fork of very large caliber to eat our soup. she was so devastated. our food came out and was good. however he never refilled our breadsticks (which were unlimited) but he brought the table next to us like 5 orders of breadsticks AND to-go breadsticks. we felt invisible, which is rare because we are quite large personalities. we sat there with empty plates and bowls for like 20 minutes before we even SAW him again. we were ready to file a missing persons report on him. my friend saw him coming back in the restaurant from OUTSIDE. what was he doing out there, we wondered quietly. when he came back, he continued kissing the butts of the people sitting next to us, while not kissing ours at all. this sounds humorous, but that’s only because we are funny people and had a bad time. my glass was very half empty tonight. we felt a 15% tip was quite generous!

Mary Elliott

Our waitress was great Aspen

Christie Poindexter

My grandsons wanted to eat here and I don't like telling them no. The food is overpriced. There are so many locally owned Italian restaurants in the Des Moines area that compared to them this restaurant is fast food. The soup tasted like Campbell's. The salad is iceberg lettuce no spring mix or spinach just iceberg with a slice of tomato and a couple of pickled peppers.

John Brown

Good food, treat you like family I dont like that.

Mary Hopkins

Great food wonderful server friendly knowledgeable

Robert Gordon

Very pleasant experience all the way around. A little pricey, but no complaints here! Their To Go was ready when they said, food was hot & packaged for no spill transport home. Will definitely do this again & recommend to all!

Alex Gomez

Fantastic food, fantastic service, fantastic atmosphere. Me and my family recently went to Olive Garden for my brothers birthday and we had a wonderful time. The restaurant went the extra mile to wish my brother a happy birthday by making sure that me and my family left the restaurant feeling joyous.

Tim Hall

Was a very good meal and the waitress was great very nice young lady.

Reece Owens

They offer a fantastic range of fresh food. I loved eating here. Staff members are always very nice, prices are convenient and the spot is always neat.

Willan Wicer

Never ending pasta is a great thing!!! I recommend it. I also got calamari which was great today and the lasagna dip is great, I tried it for the first time today. I of course love the bread sticks. The pumpkin cheesecake was also really, really yummy.

Clifford Newman

Decent enough Italian-American food at a good price.

Dylan Lawrence

I'm not a big fan of pasta. But if that is your thing, this is the TGIFridays equivalent. Great service, and the free refills on salad, soups, and bread sticks gaurentee that you won't leave hungry.

Ram Chandran

We went there recently for a lunch dine in and totally we are only 3 people. Before reaching there I called them to reserve a seat but they said there is no reservation at this location. After we walk-in, the receptionist asked to wait for 20 mins. During that time they were allowing few other people who reached after us. After we get into seating area we have seen like around 25 seats are empty. We have no clue why they behave like this. For their hospitality I am giving 0 star but their food scores a star.

Jessica Carrera

The food and service were good. I also enjoyed my cocktail. However, it was way too hot in the dining area. I was so hot I couldn't even enjoy my food. Even my baby had beads of sweat on his nose.

Cathy Brainard

I always loved Olive Garden, but this experience was not right. Servers are always friendly and that has not changed. The bread sticks were less then blah. No taste at all. I asked if they changed them she said no and brought us another basket. Nope not the same. Even the salad was different. Now vinager then anything. The shrimp scampi had very little taste. Where's the garlic. My husband did like his Italian chips.

Dick Chenault

Always enjoy the food, server was great and had neat personality. Didn't know each server only covered 3 tables. Was wife's birthday and they gave her a nice time. Thanks

Joanne Mahnken

The food was delicious. Kayla, our waitress, was wonderful. She accommodated all my special requests cheerfully, got it all right, and checked back to be sure we were satisfied. We were seated quickly (although the restaurant filled up quickly right after we got there, so it might just be that we timed it right). My husband and I are using the Weight Watchers program, and Olive Garden had many tasty meals listed on the WW app, so we were able to make selections that fit our needs. Kayla brought our salad with dressing, cheese, and onions on the side, as requested, and she also brought us an order of plain breadsticks (no extra oil or butter, etc.). As noted, the food was delicious, and there was plenty of it - I took half of my meal home (including salad with dressing on the side so it doesn't will!) to enjoy tomorrow. A meal out, with low Points, that didn't make us feel like we were missing out on anything? - we will definitely return! Thanks, Kayla, for making it such an enjoyable evening!

Elias Smith

If you're looking for specifically Olive Garden you could definitely do worse. I've been here a good number of times and the service is at best acceptable and at worst inattentive. The most recent time I had gotten water and what came back tasted like some mixture of dishwater and lemonade. If you want Olive Garden the one on McCain is much better than what I experienced here multiple times over.

Andrea Guerra

Service was very good. Food was consistent with normal olive garden. Portions large.

Steve Hale

Absolutely awesome. Every employee was very friendly. Every person that saw is leave, thanked us for come. Very impressive. Zack our server was very attentive and a great server. Did was great.

maria solis

Food very delicious, fast service

Matthew Craig

Unlimited salad and breadsticks are always worth it!

Cheryl Thompkins

Food was good, but I added shrimp at home.

Gabriel Marcon

I had a very good meal, the attendance was very good and helpful. It is a really good italian restaurant with a lot of different options.

Gregory Ingram

I really like Olive Garden, so this review pains me to leave, but it's necessary: On my most recent visit, my ravioli looked old and hardened, and sure enough, this was the case. The edges were rough, as well. Now, I'm sure this sounds very petty. But I've just had countless good experiences here. Total bummer this particular meal.


Good food. Generally consistent. Usually generous portions. Good service. Nice atmosphere. Will definitely return.

Clint Mills

The meal and service were excellent as usual. My wife's favorite restaurant! And the desserts are AWESOME

joseph bentley

Very taste food soup was scolding hot and the bread was nice and soft.

James Stolaronek

Olive Garden is one of my favorite chain resturants. That is why it gets 3 star; its a chain restaurant. The food is great at olive garden every time I go, but It's a turn and burn operation they want to get you in and out of there as quickly as possible. The last time we went the food was food was good I got the new bake chicken alfredo tortellini with asparagus. Our server was terrible first off very unprofessional, his name was Sam, but crossed off his name tag a wrote Fez like the character from that 70's show. If that was not bad enough our salad arrived before our water with lemons. No cheese was offered with the salad. I had to flag our server 3 times he didn't respond until I called him Fez which is kind of ubserd. Still had to wait awhile for cheese to be put on our salad and a side of Alfredo sauce my wife asked for her bread sticks by that time our meal was coming. Not a good dining experience. Also no after dinner chocolate mints with our check. At that point I was done. I will come back because that is not my usual dining experience at olive garden, but I felt it needed to be talked about online since the manager brushed us off because the restaurant was busy.

Carla Jefferson

So we've been waiting an hour now. There have been parties of 4, 5, & 6 being seated. If you can seat that many why not put the tables together for 9 people. We've come in 15 deep and was seated really quick even with it being packed. Olive Garden you need to do better!!!!

Brittany Farmer

Great good and even greater service. Thank you for a great time.

Ronald Crooks

Lost its edge, servers are not trained properly.

Ellen Lewis

I thank their food is good and clean

judy taylor

My partner and myself ordered water and soup.The soup was brought but no water also the bowl came presented with soup on the lid of the bowl (sloppy).Because thep soup was a little spicey I started choking so I got up and requested to speak to a manager. I could hardley speak and had to ask her for a glass of water and complained about the service she got me the water and escorted me back to the table.The End. I have been to that location and several others and always was satisfied. Not this time!

Shannon McDowell

Our party of 4 was sat up in the front area near the bar, it was loud and chilly and we felt that we were not attended to enough. A server did not come to get our drink order until after I went back up to the hostess to let her know that we had been waiting over 10 minutes and still no server came to the table. Finally drinks were ordered, we ordered our dinner at the same time. The soup, salad and breadsticks came so late, our meal was delivered shortly after and then the table was overcrowded and we felt rushed. The salad was very dry and did not have enough dressing on it, the breadsticks were mildly warm and dry. The entrees overall were good but seemed to be of smaller servings than usual. Between the lack of service and the lack of satisfaction with the food I would not visit this location again!

Virginia Vaughn

Went for lunch with a friend yesterday. Expensive! The fried mozzarella appetizer, two chicken parmigiana meals (included salad n breadsticks) and two iced teas came to just around $45. Food was tasty, but breadsticks were lousy...NOT fresh, cold, dry n unseasoned.

Leon Robins

Service was poor, food wasn't fresh. I don't know if it was a different cook are what, but they need to school. It would have been better if it was cooked fresh I didn't care how long I had to wait as long the food was fresh.

Eileen Morris

price and good foods

Robert Larsen

Nice service great food presentation but food had absolutely no flavor no spice at all.

Abel Luna

We (family and I) are visiting from California . We came to this location with my family and it was truly disappointing. Upon arriving we were ignored, no welcome or how can we help you? and when we approached the staff member (older gentleman greeting everyone worked on 8/7/19 around 4:30-5:30pm ) he made gestures with his hands like if we were lost or like what do we need , he is busy. He made serval displeasing and irritated facial expressions after WE greeted him and asked for a table for 3. No one else was in the lobby , restaurant clearly is not busy at all yet his attitude toward my family and I was disgusting. People like him shouldn’t be working in a customer service environment let alone a family friendly environment. On our way out after our meal , the lobby was empty like upon our arrival and we saw a white man entering and immediately that same staff member greeted him properly. I strongly believe now that this man was so nasty due to our skin color. I highly recommend management to address issues with this particularly staff member because everything else and everyone else was great. You have certain expectations when you come to a restaurant as renown as Olive Garden and being treated this poorly is inexcusable. We frequently travel to this side of the country and I can guarantee today was the last time we give our business to this Olive Garden.

John O'Brien

Good food, authentic style, reasonable prices!

sophia _bakugou

It was a great experience their service was wonderful and I recommend you try the breadsticks.


Always a great meal and service! Our server Ron W. Did an outstanding job....

Robbie Elkenberg

I come here for the breadsticks and salad and I always leave satisfied

Terry Meisner

Lacking in service but food was good as always

Mary Widmer

Do love their salad.

Makayla Lowrance

So I went there to celebrate on my wedding day. Supposed to get unlimited salad and breadsticks... we had to search for a waiter to give us our salad bowls and they never refilled them after we asked. Also never got breadsticks until we basically begged. Had to search for a waiter to refill our drinks over and over. When the food came out, the waitress left my plate on the tray until she was done passing everyone else’s out, even waited till the rest of the food came out before giving me my plate as it had been sitting on the tray behind my the entire time. When I got it I had to get it remade because it was literally cold as ice and tasted awful because it was so cold! My new husband didn’t even receive his food until I had to raise my hand and finally get up and find a waiter and let them know!! I was very disappointed in the service because it was the OPPOSITE of busy the whole time we were there. Way to treat the newly weds who chose you to celebrate with

Chris Bowie

Rude staff food was really lacking. This place was one of our favorite places but not anymore

Natalie Buhr

After an 8 hour long drive we only had to wait maybe 10 or 15 minutes in the lobby for seating. Server came right away and took our drink orders. They were out of the wine that my dad had chosen, so she made sure to recommend a different wine to him. Food was served hot and was very delicious. Overall, service was great and food was even better. If I'm ever back this way in this part of the United States I will definitely stop at this Olive Garden.

Clint Birdsong

Togo menu same price as dining in. Without amenities. Speed was great food soso.

Tracy Carpenter

Good food and ok service. Need to have more than one bartender on a Friday night.

Latanya Mcdaniel

Awsome tasting food

David Carr

Great time out eating dinner with the family. Great services. Food was good.

Nitin Garg

Food was really good and also the service. A lot of variety in the menu and the quantity is also a lot.

Jillian Wassmer

Food was awesome but more than that our waitress Lindz was amazing! She had a wonderful personality and was so courteous and more than willing to help with anything!!

Richard England

Just left after having a first date there! Excellent!!! Thank you guys for all the excellent service and attention! Looks like we are going to have a second date! Thank you so much!

Starr Bannworth

Great portions and food. The wait staff was very attentive.

Bethany Davis

I love olive garden, but this location is just trash. My family has given then too many chances. When we ate in the restaurant everything was fine. Take out is like "haha tricks on you". Needs new management or something. The difference in quality is scary eat in vs take out. The zuppa toscana was questionably unfresh. Like if I eat this, I may get sick. We're done.

Jackie T

Picked up salad for 10. Was, fresh and delish, service was great. Glad we asked for extra dressing. For around $25-30 we got salad and breadsticks for about realistically 8 people. It was good in a pinch.

Brad Jefferson

We were here tonight and can confidently say that we will not return any time soon. Our waitress was good, but what used to be a very diverse menu has been seriously whittled down. Given the fact that we couldn't really find anything interesting, we opted for the endless soup, salad, and bread sticks. While the salad was good enough, the soups were not very good. I had the chicken gnocchi and the gnocchi was mushy as well as the soup base being thin. My Special Ladyfriend had the zuppa and the sausage did not taste the same; it was probably different than the last time that we were there. The final blow was the extraordinarily salty bread sticks. I like salt quite a bit, but it was too much. We were disappointed because we used to like going there, but we do not plan on returning.

Stephanie DelValle

The food was delicious. This is one of my son's favorite places. The calamari was delicious and fried but just the right texture. The gnocchi soup was extra flavorful and our server was so on the ball. Couldn't ask for better.

Sasha Cotto

It always is a great experience the staff are so friendly and helpful and they hook it up with everything you need had a nice dinner date with my love and we always leave happy and full!!!! Yummy!! Their salad and soup just delish!!!!!

Susan Letsch

Food was good and our waitress was phenomenal but the overall building smelled musty like old wet clothes

Ted Jancich

I really enjoy this place food and portion is alot better than my other favorite Italian Restaurant right up the street we decided to give them another try and the last 4 times have been very good just one of those mistakes

Gary R Waltz

Good food fast n very hot.

Deon Kjelden

I would honestly have to say that this is a typical Olive Garden in terms of the food, price and quality. The restaurant actually feels a little larger than some of the others I have been too and certainly way more crowded. Which was actually one of the surprising things to me. We were joking that it seemed like in Pueblo,

Junie Garza

Our waitress Carrot was amazing!

CJ Finch

So goooooooood!!! Everyone is wonderful!!!!!!! Yaaassssssssss!!!!

Norman S. Stahl

Food was good, service was excellent, prices were reasonable. Menu selections/variety leaves something to be desired and there was no clam linguine.

Jeff Adler

Friendly staff, great waitress, crowded but not cramped and only a minimal wait. Food was good.

Agatha T

Usually dont come here because their gluten free menu sucks. Otherwise thier salad is delicious.

Caleb Crittenden

Amazing service. Amazing food. I would do 10/5 if possible. The service was amazing for a busy time, and Benson, was the best server ever!

Adam Taylor

Olive garden is what it is they've expedited some of their processes so things work smoother. Food is good, service was great. Not much more to say.

Billy Macmillan

It was great and our server Emily was wonderful will be back very soon.

John Schumann

Love the new huge chicken parm!

Judy Angelini

The food was very good. Salad and breadsticks, eggplant and pasta was delicious.

Diana O.

The food is yummy definitely what one expects at Olive garden. The only reason I give it three stars is the service. We had to wait over 10 minutes to get our drink orders and the breadsticks came out with the appetizers. I would understand if it was busy and the place was filled but in reality only about 5 tables were occupied and they had a different waiters than us. We also didn't have a large party, only 3. Our waiter definitely had some attitude problems and it showed in his demeanor and time that he did not to want he helping us.

Honey Love

I may only get one thing ... But my friends and family Love the Food !!! I get the Five Cheese Ziti al Forno !!!

Alexa Rivera

Amazing food. And above all they have the most outstanding customer service. The sweetest kindest most caring people. Really set out for a life changing experience. Thank you to gabby for providing us with such a great experience.

Phillip Roman

Service was great!! Food was just okay! Had better but this is definitely not the best. It was good enough to say I will still return.

Eric Quinlan

Food was excellent. I had a seafood fettuccini, was not disappoint.

Lori Nichols

Great service! Great food. Italian margarita! Yummm.


Staff does their best to make your dining experience pleasurable. Good prices and menu.

Jon Zollman

The food was great and the service was wonderful.

Hand painted_ momma

Our waitress was very kind. Had a great evening. The food was fast and fresh, and even when there was a slight misshap, they handled it extremely well. This is our favorite Olive garden to do go.

Al Parish

Everytime we go there they give us a beeper and make us wait. Then when you get into the dining room it is half empty. It is a tired old excuse that all the servers have not reported to work yet. Seems like management isn't very good at their job. Food was good, service was good.

Ann Bailey

Food was so so this time around. Seems like they changed some of the recipes, which kind of stinks. Our server was very nice and accommodating.

Danielle Burns

so, originally I gave them 5 stars, but I had to change it to 2 because they took my favorite appetizer off the menu and I always got it for my meal, so now all I eat is breadsticks and salad. I wish they'd bring back the 5 cheese fonduta. it was absolutely amazing and my life is crushed lol


Not a huge fan of Italian food but I had a great experience here with some nice staff.

Clifton Armes

Love the salad and spaghetti.

aaron rowe

Food was good, service good. Some dinnerware was dirty. Ok

Amy Pryor

Haven't been to Olive Garden in years and was not let down at all our server was really nice and friendly and the food was great will definitely be returning

Chopper Originals

You cant go wrong with the all you can eat soup and breadsticks! The daughter and I really like this place. Although, don't touch the games on the little machine at the table. We were just checking out what it was and next thing I know we were charged for games we didn't even play.

Jennifer Plunkett

Server was extremely peppy (almost too peppy) and very, very attentive. I suppose the opposite would have been worse though so I left a good tip for the effort. Food was good and came quickly. Definitely recommend.

Barb Thomas

Food! And $5 entree to take home

John Freeman

You ask how was this place.. Question is I've never been in the building

Chuck Yoder

Good Italian food, Good Service

Teri Meyer

The service was great. Very pleasant.

Spencer Allen

Great service and the food is excellent. I had the shrimp platter that comes with a variety of shrimp. It was all cooked very well, and tasted superb. The prices are a little more expensive, but I don't mind paying for the better food and service.

Sonya Sayles

Exactly as i expected my meal to taste. Good portions and clean.

Megan Baston

Our waiter was very courteous. And extremely attentive. The food was fresh and delicious!

Joseph Slover

Great food! Nice atmosphere. A tad on the pricy side. Over all worth it.

Andrew Zamani

Had a good server, and the turnaround time from ordering our food to when we got our food was quick. Biggest downside is that the tables always seem close together.

Tim Daniel

During a busy lunch hour the service was good and so was the food.

Jale Singh

I love their salad. So yummy. I get the meal home and just eat salad here as salad is free with a meal.

Suzanne Fields

Food good, server better

Donnie Tippett

I've been to the olive garden in Jackson tennessee, it is a very nice place so I just knew the olive garden would be great anywhere. Unfortunately I was wrong! It was very loud, my boyfriend wears hearing aids , I couldn't talk to him without yelling. We ordered drinks he had amaretto sour, I had a watermelon margarita they were both delicious. When our server brought out our sales and breadsticks she asked if we wanted parmesan cheese, she put the cheese on and walked away to the next table. Didnt stir up the salad or plate it for us, wasn't impressed with her at all. He ordered chicken marsala, he enjoyed it. I ordered braised steak and fettuccini, medium well the steak looked like it was half on the grill and half off uneven cooked. I wish I had of took a picture of it to post.

raj singh

The guy treated us so good. He even gave extra bread sticks.

Ron Auer

Nice staff. Most food was fine. Lasagna on taste of Italy smelled strange and didn't taste good. That dish should be the same and pretty good at any Olive Garden I would think.

James Perusich

The Terre haute olive garden has consistently been one of the best olive gardens I've been to. The servers are all very friendly and efficient, seldom have I had to flag a waiter/waitress down to get a refill. The food is always delicious, cooked to perfection and comes out quick, but not so quick that I haven't even had time for a bite of my salad before the main entree arrives. The meal never feels rushed, atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Best olive garden I've been to hands down

H. doreika

Had a fabulous visit to Olive Garden. Food was fresh and delicious. Service was fantastic! Very nice young man working his way thru college.

LuAnn Carpenter

Food is good. Service isn't always good.

Lorelei Taylor

Either not as good as it used to be or my tastes have changed. Food tastes very processed now. I got the shrimp scampi thinking it would be a light dish. It was swimming in butter.

Shayna Gamm

My waitresses name was Ashley and she was so pleasant! It was fairly busy, but she was very attentive and on top of our requests.

jamie ann griffin

Quick to seat, nice big table, very clean, exceptional waiter very accommodating. Food was real good. Nice atmosphere. Little pricey depending on choice but doesn't have to be. Good place to eat!!!

Nancy Rybaski

Shared a pasta dinner with my husband. It was delicious and just the right amount. Service great

Laura Miller

I went at lunch time and did not have a wait to be seated. The food portions were good. They had a BlackBerry pineapple sweet tea that I decided to try and it was good.

Maverick Donald Reese Peterson

The staff was so great we went there with my niece and she loved it so much. The workers would go with everything. Such a nice family environment

Beth Bugg

Great service, good food, we had a group of 19.

Kathy Stanton

Waitress was wrong on the question we asked about the pasta deal for $12.99 the zitta is stuffed like the menu says waitress wanted to argue with me saying it wasn't stuffed it's got a cheese filling and we didn't care for it but got the mushroom stuffed ravioli and loved it with the Alfredo sauce

Kevin Halfpop

Awesome food, great staff and nice atmosphere, Endless supply of salad And breadsticks

Eric Graves

Excellent service and excellent food. Love this place

Steve Burleson

As always it was really good food and fast friendly service. Will be going back for sure. We been away to talk. Good job ladies and gentlemen.

Ann Sinclair

Had a great experience! Our server was amazing and took great care of us. Chicken gnocchi soup was the bomb. The chef made the most pillowy gnocchi!!! Yum! More please...

Kyle Jooles

I will never go back to this place thanks to Micky in the bar. Her nasty rude attitude was awful . I cant believe that she would talk and act like she did to customers. She should be ashamed and we will never be back. This place used to be good but looks like they will hire anyone at this point.

Jessica Coen

I usually love this restaurant but this visit was not impressive

Chris B

Are usually don’t write reviews but I had to acknowledge this sweet young lady her name was Bailey she was so awesome meeting me with a great smile and great customer service!

Grn Peepers

I just go for the salad & soup..... OK maybe the stuffed mushrooms too!! And wine

Gmama Young

5 dollar take home meals. Buy one entree get 5 for 5 dollars each.

Nancy Cunningham

This place has GREAT food! Everything on the menu is amazing!! It will not dissappoint!

Margaret Smothers

Great atmosphere. Very friendly staff. Most important the food is terrific.

Crystal Manzo

I really do think your experience here is based on which server you end up with. I’ve been here a handful of times and have not had a bad experience yet. Went the other day for my birthday dinner and our server Leticia C. Was awesome. She was very attentive, and very friendly. Waitstaff definitely does make or break an establishment .

Timothy Angeski

This Olive Garden that we went to was actually pretty good me and my wife went there for lunch and dug in to their unlimited pasta where we tried everything almost I'm there Pasta menu the wait staff was extremely friendly and the food tasted great I would recommend this to anyone that comes to Mystic Connecticut to have a good time. And on top of it the complimentary birthday dessert was very good.

shegrins72 .

Great food. Excellent service. Love the food. For family or special someone. $$$

Brent Curtis

I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, but I love Italian food! Olive Garden serves great Italian dishes! I had the chicken parmesan and it was delicious! But what unnerves me is when they brought out the "unlimited" breadsticks and salad they brought three breadsticks. Don't they know we will probably eat more than three? So we each had one with the salad, so one was left. When they brought our entrees they didn't ask if we wanted more, which really made me mad. They will make you ask for more rather than be convenient and offer one or two more. Their costs are more important.

Marcia Padgett

Good food

Monica Armstrong

Love going here with my best friend before a movie at the rave!:)

Taya Dianna

Always delicious soup and salad combo. Fast friendly service at lunch

Megan Medina

Love all the flavorful vegan options!

D Jeffs

I ordered Seafood Alfredo. It was served perfectly hot, great portion size and lots of shrimp and scallops. Sauce was delicious and creamy. My husband ordered Shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta. He said it was also delicious and hot. The salad was chilled to perfection and the bread sticks we're plentiful. Our server Sean, was attentive and personable. 5 star all around.

Paul Lankford

Was very good. Waitress was a bit slow at getting bread and salad plus drinks but overall was very good food. Did notice afterwards high salt content so be cautious if sodium restricted.

Steven Flaspohler

Food and service were great, our grandchildren really like coming to Olive Garden.

Rebecca Payton

Management is great servers very nice. I love the all you can eat soup and salad. Lunch menu just 7.99. Plus can take a bowl home. Love the feel of comfort there.

Nina M

The service was good, and the waiters were nice. The food, however, was a different story. I ordered chicken gnocchi soup, and although it wasn’t bad, I only got one gnocch. The marinara sauce tastes water based, and canned soup tastes better than the ravioli. The food was so bland. If you’re looking for a cheap, salty, filling meal, Olive Garden is the place to go... however, if you want to enjoy your food, just go somewhere else.

Raymond Selken

There was an empty chocolate mint wrapper served in my dinner. My server had my dish remade however my check was not accommodated for my inconvenience.

Aubrey Spilsbury

The waitress was wonderful, her name was cass. The service was fast and the food smelled good. Their bathroom was very kid friendly, even had a stool to stand on and wash the child's hands. Raspberry lemonade was amazing. The only thing I could complain about were the noodles in my lunch pasta bowl, they were overcooked and mushy. But overall very good.

Louise Coates

Food and waitress excellent. Great daily drink specials.

September Knowles

Our server Alexandria was wonderful and our food was delicious. We had a great time and will definitely go back again.

Yevgeniy Tarasenkov

Very Pleasant restaurant, very friendly. Very professional environment. I'm in favor of Italian food dish there. But most of the time we're in favor of Italian chicken soup with mozzarella cheese and salad. It's a great atmosphere. You feeling welcomed there. Awesome place.

David Newman

Went in for the buy one, get one deal. All of us got a good dinner, good service. The take home meal was very good also.

Jennifer Zmudzinski

Judy was a great server, had an awesome lunch with a good friend for my birthday and was treated like a

Janna Martinson

The hostess lost our name on the list but our server was great

Axs Lloyd

We knew from past experiences with Olive Garden restaurants in Kansas, that for an enjoyable lunch experience it pays to be at the front door at 11am as the parking lot is already filling with the cars of some of the approx 90 employees.who will be there that day. We were second through the door and got a very nice booth with a waiter on his second day at work as a waiter... Hmm, very conscientious, friendly, courteous and got answers quickly to our questions. The multiple menus can be challenging to first time visitors unless you know what you want. The interior furnishing are very nicely done and the area is clean. We had no noise problem as we got there early. The Beringer Pinot Noir was very good and but a bit high IMO at $28. When we left over twenty people were waiting and this is a large restaurant. So please, do arrive when they open, or very shortly afterwards if you possibly can do so; as reportedly many office people come for a quick lunch of the excellent soup or salad and bread sticks! Our waiter and then the manager were very helpful and managed to get me a dinner menu selection of my favorite Chicken Marsala in a very nice to go container and bag. It was excellent for my dinner that night. And my lunch choice of the limited time offer of shrimp and lobster was terrific but may not be available long... Thank you Olive Garden, we'll be back!

Michelle Stead

Good food. Friendly service.

Bubba Allen

Good food. Service is always slow. Wish they had one in Bryant or Benton.

Eric Steinman

It's an Olive Garden. If you've been to one then you know what to expect. It's somewhat overpriced inauthentic Italian food but it's undeniably tasty. Plus, who doesn't love endless soups, salads, send breadsticks. The interior is nice enough for a special occasion but the staff isn't discriminating. You can definitely dine in shorts without getting any judging looks There's usually a line but eating at the bar is also at option. The waiters we had were friendly, the food came out as ordered, and we left happy.

Gene Pennewell Sr.

Great place for the family and friends and has great service.

Anmaria McManus

Food was delicious. Servers were excellent.

Conrad James

I was going through some things and the wifey decided that she would cheer me up and it did, I ordered chicken & shrimp carbonara.. it was off the meat rack... Scrumptious...

Amrish Patel

Nice clean place and good atmosphere.


Food and service was excellent,no wait time and the restaurant was full

Rose Norah

We tried the new Rollatas, something Mia, is what it's called. OMG, I had the Shrimp one, my GOODNESS, it was superb ... They made a great selection this time with this.... Because I don't remember the actual name of it, it's a lasagna rolled up and topped with your choice of meat and sauce. You MUST try this

Sunnie Martinez

It may have just been a bad day but we were seated and no one came to take our drink order for 15 minutes then we waited another 10 for our drinks. We were headed to a movie and ended up having to leave due to the wait. It's understandable to be busy but it would be nice if you let your patrons know there will be a longer wait than usual.

Shelli Keller

I mean its Olive Garden, it's always good! Soup and salad is always good, plenty of bread sticks too!!

Mike Jatzke

Everytime I go there there is a bread stick problem. Bottomless breadsticks but then they make you beg for them . Then act like there's a problem cuz you want some. Today they said they couldn't cook them fast enough because they had a 60 top.

Lacey marie

I loved this place and our waiter was amazing but there was a wait.. as expected. It was pricey but this is more of a special day restaurant so that's fine

Michael Wickliffe

Good service and good food just a little slow

Jeffrey O. Sweeney

Salad and a quick sandwich at the bar meant no waiting. That is exactly what I was expecting. Kud

Sherrie Baldwin

Food was good but you charged a dollar 99 for marinara sauce in the cup was not even full and waitress was not good

Rex Giles

Food was great!! Server Dillion was excellent... Next time in Litte Rock will visit again!!!

J.S. K.

We like going here because fresh salad and bread sticks. Of course food and drinks too. But last few time we went salad dressing was too vinegary for first time and refill was oily. We ordered lasagna fritta for appetizer. It was so salty we only had few bites.. and chips were so oily and burnt taste. Before we left we went to bathroom. It was Thursday around 9 pm so wasn't that busy or busy hours were passed but so dirty and paper towels were all over the floor. We decided not to go there for awhile. At least our server was very nice.

Jennifer Phillips

Always fresh yummy food. The service for the most part is fantastic..always one exception lol. Very comfortable place for a quiet dinner or a fun night with the girls.

hai tran

Food was delicious and the waitress were delightful and helpful. The dessert was nice. Tries the Italian donuts and mmmm. Would definitely come again!

Angel Hart

False advertising. The offer you see on tv deserving. They show food that's not on the specials menu! So wrong. Bagged salad, salty bread sticks, make your own at home I suggest!

logan winkler

The food is always good! The bartenders are the reason I'll keep going ! Excellent service!!

janie pulsifer

I went to Olive Garden and had the absolute worst server. The server behind me, named Cliff, ended up helping our table and made sure that we received the best service even though we weren’t his responsibility. He needs more recognition. He went above and beyond to help, and he was the best server that I have ever had at a restaurant.

Michal Fonfara

Everything was too greasy. Food did not taste good

Kathryn Taylor

Tyler (our waiter) was amazing! My wife & I came in from Bryant to eat here, everything was on point. Best service we have had in a very long time! Tyler made sure our glasses were always kept full and made sure that everything was as we wanted. We will be coming back!!

gwenii J.

Food was good, I was full worth the money. Red sauce could have been a tad bit sweeter but all in all it was worth it.

Alan Shepard

So disappointed in what Olive Garden has done with their menu. The food was bland. The Portobella Mushroom Ravioli used to be my favorite. But it was terrible. They have dumbed down the menu to the point that it isn't appealing. This is not the restaurant it once was. The saving grace was the salad, breadsticks and dessert. At least they haven't changed. Service was decent, but there are much better Italian options in town. Go to them!


Very good food and staff very friendly

terry richardson

Good service, fast great food and prices

Somaris Garcia

Great food. Great service

Florence White

Excellent food, good service. Will return again soon for meal.

Bulls Cubs

Second review ~~~~~~~~~~ Went in again last week. Food was good. Waitress was very courteous. Even a manager dropped in every single table handing out his business card requesting him to let know in case of any issues. They provided a complimentary wine sample. We ordered very limited food items, nothing from the appetizers, but all that we ordered tasted good. Tables were clean. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Only reason I am giving two stars is for the waitress for I don't want to disappoint her for the good job she did. Boy oh boy, where do I start? Utensils were not washed properly. I had to clean the dust off my two plates that were served. The kiosk in the table was disgusting, it was not clean. I don't know why they don't keep basic things neat and clean Next coming to food, we ordered a sampler and the Calamari was not cooked properly, we had to send it back and get them cooked properly. Bread sticks (for which they are very famous for) was served piping hot and fresh, but when we tasted it, It was very very salty, just dry, I mean really really dry bread stick, I mean how can they get the basic bread stick wrong?! Overall terrible experience during this visit. When I see tv shows making fun of Olive Garden I didn't understand it first, but I get it now.


Riley was courteous and very attentive. Will be back again. Thank you Riley

Daniel Wilson

Food was good service was average. Server did not offer lunch menu (time was 1200pm). Seemed irritated when I asked him.


It was okay. The service is great! Portions could be bigger. Gonna try the "unending pasta bowls" next.

John Bodnar

Great food and service. Always consistent.

Jen Field

Love the food here. Huge portions. Enough to take home and even better the next day.

lateef muhammad

Food was great service was good

Sumer Dyer

Food is consistent staff is professional very nice Olive Garden

Dan Ellis

Great time for my family and I visiting from out of town! Friendly staff and incredibly short wait time compared to how busy it was on a Friday afternoon!

David Cutrone

There was a wait, but good things come to those who wait. Everything else was exceptional so no stars taken. Perfect score.

Elaine Estrada

We wanted to try the shrimp and lobster mac n cheese. But we all ended up ordering other menu items. The beef bolognese was awesome. And the best part of the whole meal was our server cliff. He was so friendly and helpful. Great person. Thank you cliff for making our meal even more enjoyable with your great personality.

David Neff

Olive Garden is our go to place for Italian food. Food is consistently good and the portions are huge. My son is a big eater and he could only eat half of the gigantic chicken parmesan. Like most restaurants, they get you on the drinks. $2.90 for a soda, but they do keep the refills coming. Service is always good and employees seem to genuinely like working there. We never leave without taking home some leftovers

Stephanie Schmidt

It was great food but waitress was to busy to keep up!

Dwayne H Archer Jr

Strong smell of STINKY cheeses prevalent at table. Made eating difficult.

Laverne Perry

Disappointed with didn't taste good

Chuck Newman

Good food but pricey

Tanya Silva

Great menu, very extensive and italian

Annika Johnson

Quick, polite and professional. Greeted right as I entered the building. After cashing out I remembered I had a coupon and she was super nice about it, making it not feel like a hassle. Manager was prompt and pleasant. Thank you for the great service!! It’s not as common now a days, very appreciated

Gabriel Tolbert

Service was amazing food.was as well.staff pay attention and we were celebrating our anniversary and they even blessed us with a dessert so I say yes the atmosphere is even better and the food smells.amazing when u walk in salad on point as bread I'd give them 10 stars if I could


I ordered to go and as always the food is excellent, the staff is courteous and efficient O.G is one of my favorite restaurants I've never had a bad experience at this restaurant.

robert massey

Great food and great service. I recommend going during the time they have their specials or it can be expensive

Dana Araujo

Waitress not very friendly. Had to ask to get bread which we did not get until meal was almost done. Asked for specific appetizers that I was told they dont have thdn found it on digital menu left on table. Not happy!! Worst experience I have ever had at Olive Garden

Jesus Ruelas

Good atmosphere and good food, but don't go in expecting a super classy place. It is nice, but everything is close together just like a fast food restaurant. It's sort of like a combination of the 2 styles of restaurants, and while I do enjoy my time there, I can definitely say that I don't believe it to be 5 stars worthy. Pretty close though!

Jake Bertuglia

Outstanding food and service. Can be busy at times so its always wise to show up earlier than your desired time. Clean lobby and dining areas, punctual service and never had to ask about our drinks/salad/breadsticks. Shall visit again.

Covis Flor

Always good place to take the wife and kids.


This is my favorite restaurant ill never gonna get tired i recomen it to any one

Michael Schrader

Food and service was great.

Yi-An Lee

Always a good unlimited soup(s) and salad day - each of the four soups have their unique flavor and all of them are tasty! On a hot summer day, a nice, fresh salad with freshly grated cheese is simply delicious. The spicy chicken appetizer is also a good addition. Sorry, that chicken carbonara never made it to the photoshoot. ;)

Erika McCracken

We love this places food, but it really depends on who your server is on if you'll enjoy the experience. This time was great. Really sweet girl, kept up with everything and had a great personality the entire time.

Aida Horacio

After an error on my bill my bill was slashed in half. Great Customer Service .

Kyushan games

The staff was very friendly and helpful

Ryan Peterson

The service was average. Breadsticks and salad are always great with a meal. The food is great for the relatively low price. We went for their early dine special which gives enough food for leftovers, but they always give a lot of food for every meal. Their Peach Tea is one of my wife's favorite drinks.

John Tharan

Always great food and service

Ruth Gear

Friendly, fast service and great food!

Nichole Costa

Great spot for tasty italian food. great hospitality. the service was very kind and attentive. prices were fair for the quality of the food. this place has great reviews for a reason.

Paul Thomson

I've decided that the Olive Garden (OG), is a great place to spend much more money than need be for a meal. IMHO. When I'm a bit more in touch with my stomach, I'll have salad and soup - really enjoy them - and go home full and satisfied. When I order an entre beyond that, it always goes home at quite a price for take out. That said, the breaded and fried shrimp make an excellent salad the following day.

Louise Crespo

Food was as always... Amazing. Service was a bit off today, something I can forgive due to such winderful service in the past.

Mickey Toler

Fantastic food. Great service. Good atmosphere.

-Linda Tait

Awwesome I food n service. Love the minnts

Randall Lawson

Flashback great food reasonably priced

Deedee Keramidas

No wait, good food good service.

Rebecca LaPiano

Server was nice. The lunch specials we're good portions and reasonably priced.

Susan Havrish

Good service Good food Fair pricing

Kevin Durkin

Great food, great service. No complaints here. I noticed that there were alot of little children at the resturant. It was cute to see them look around and smile at everyone. Looks like this is a good place to bring children as well as a date!

Douglas Meyer

Olive Garden is always good but, people in California must have verrry good jobs ?! Either that or the benefits are extraordinary ? $40 for lunch for 3 w/ no drinks.

Jason Maysonet

Went there for the lunch special. I didn't care for the meatballs in the pizza bowl. They tasted like frozen meatballs. The service was okay. It wasn't exceptionally busy. The breadsticks were however delicious.

Jesse Orosco

It's ok, food taste different from what I can remember. Don't go often enough to remember.

Ronald Fournier

Mediocre italian cusine but service was okay. Avoid going on Valentine's day. Was packed with patrons at 2:30PM and had to wait far too long for our mediocre order. Kitchen always is slow in generating our food order irregardless of date or occasion.

Paul Leverette

Wait staff was very informed of menu items, and very attentive, but didn't hover, which made for a pleasant dinner. Food was excellent.

Jason Capps

The food was amazing and great waitresses served us we were a big group

Linna Goldie

Great food good sevice and very clean

Ruchi Mittal

Food was yummy and server was courteous. we had an amazing relaxed time.

Janice Smith

I enjoy eating there. The food is good..but i did not enjoy taking one home . That's not what I liked , I ate it once that's enough for me . I love the endless salad.

Lawrence Rooney

A little slow service but the food tasted amazing!!! Our server was extra helpful and brought plenty of breadsticks!

Deolinda Scrivner

I just want to say we have been to the Fresno location several times before and last night 4/8/19 was one of the best meals ever. My hats off to the chef last night. we got there about 6:00pm and was seated on the right or south side over against a window in a booth. I ordered chicken alfredo, my husband had the tour of Italy and my son had the extra large chicken parm plate. The waiter was a young man and he offered amazing service! Thank you, Deolijnda

Little miracles Nursery

Great food and polite service

Dane Smith

Smiling faces, good service, quality food

Becky Fletcher

Stopped in for an early dinner 8/18/19. The restaurant smells like a dirty sweat sock. Made us wait for a table, and when walking to our table, there was SEVERAL open tables. Not sure why we had to wait besides the fact the hostesses were having a conversation with each other.....once again, THE SMELL OF THIS PLACE IS NAUSEATING......

Ruby Jaime

The man from New Hampshire gave us easy over the phone/pickup order and the best customer service when I arrived to pickup! Thank you... I just lost my father and you really helped the night go as smoothly as possible!

noel garner

Great service! Great food!

Sarah Jones

Bad experience the bartender was very rude won’t be back wanted a nice relaxing evening ddnt get that tonight!

Nelly Lespier

Love going to eat there

Karen Baker

Look, so far I've only ordered to go. My MIL is in a nursing home and the food isn't anything to write home about. Sometimes she wants spaghetti. So I use online ordering at Olive garden. I order her a kids meal. It's awesome. Food's ready when I get there. The staff seems to go above and beyond. I don't usually frequent chain restaurants, but the level of service I get just to carry out is making me think I want to sit down and have a meal here.

Quenten Hamm

I visit Olive Garden before the food was good but this time when I went I ordered the tour of Italy was quite dissatisfied

Joe Basala

Nice leisurely late lunch on Saturday afternoon. The place was pretty busy. The food all tasted great.

lemuelowiw .

Love the food but they always forget my dessert.

Kathleen Davis

The server Gloria was fantastic. She was always checking with us if we needed anything Very pleasant attitude and she was always going from one table to the other making sure her tables were in order awesome worker! The food was awesome as always we have never had any problems at any Olive Garden that we have eaten at. Thank you

Macaylee Szymanski

Very amazing service. My food came quickly and still hot. The wait for a table was quick. I really recommend this for a nice dinner

Tony Kunz

Endless salad and bread sticks, salmon is very delicious and yummy

Derrick Templeton

Alexandra (Alex) was informative, attentive and friendly. We were well taken care of.

JoAnn Leach

Busy Friday night, but less than 30 min wait. Service was good, food delish. The chicken Alfredo melts in your mouth, my husband's chicken and shrimp dish was excellent as well, we prob overdid it with the chocolate lasagna for dessert, but totally worth it. Great dinner out.

Karen Wieneke

Great dining experience. Bear was our server. He did a great job and kept us entertained. Highly recommended!

Maureen Backstrom

Excellent food and service. However, the portions are larger than I can eat so I take extra home. The atmosphere which has been slightly downgraded to more casual than it was previously. More space was opened up that way. The food and service is unaffected. Frequently, there are lines waiting, but each group has a buzzer to alert them of an opening. I think we waited about 20 minutes. Reasonable prices.

Teresa Sims

It was ok. The service was great.

Renee Schuett

Nice place. Staff was nice.

Just Me Being Me

Our server was the best! She was quite accommodating with our requests and even turned the air up so it wasnt blowing in my grandparents as much. Food was delicious and drinks were pretty good too.

Susy Ledesma

Waiter was pleasant and kind. Great service from noim? I think that was his name. As for the food fita-chiny plate was on the dry side. To improve it, it should be more sauce and creamier. Bread sticks were not soft. Salad was great. Soup was good. Pizza bowl not to pleasant. Thats what my view was about olive garden.

NoNo Lofty

A beautifully attentive wait staff. And the food was great for a chain restaurant

Raul Ruiz

The food was excellent, Sea food pasta with a salad, and desert

Bailey garcia

Great. I love Olive garden and my waitress was great. I loved her. I wish I knew her name so I could let her manager know how great she was. She was attentive and genuine and it was just great

Stephen Rudd

It was Fathers day and I was seated within 15 minutes of arrival. My server was Tess. She had two tables, a 6top and a 4top. My appetizer, salad and entree came all in roughly 10 minutes. Needless to say, I had a table full of food, so my entree had gotten cold. At least the manager compensated me for my entree. My server NEVER checked on me the whole hour I was there.

Marsha Grandstaff

Great food, but pricey for lunch

Lorraine Scotto

I Was impressed. The waitress we had was great

Ciara W.

The best customer service hands down. So glad we stopped here. Will definitely be back!!

Christine K

Always good food! Service was excellent today. Wish they had a lunch menu on the weekends.

Muneera Unnisa

Very crowded and food was ok... No napkins on the table..

Leah Siverio

This is the best restaurant I’ve been to. It is a very clean restaurant, and it just makes me feel comfortable.

Paul Cote

Decided to go to lunch here today. Unlike most restaurants, I must say pricing of meals is higher than I expected during lunch time. Not enough lighter fare offerings for this time of day! The food was excellent. Fortunately we are OK with the salad dressing provided with our meals because no choice is offered. My seafood alfredo was supposed to contain scallops and shrimp but was served with shrimp only. I brought it to the attention of our server but let her know that it was OK because the amount of shrimp in the serving more than compensated. Besides, it was delicious. Overall pleased with our dining choice but will defer to the evening hours in the future and seek more moderately sized and less expensive fare for lunch!

Jennifer Hayes

I was highly disappointed in the quality of the food that we ordered, ESPECIALLY for the price... C'mon, now...

Nekole Womble

One of my favorites, service was great

Diane Blasevich

Good food and good appetizers

Debbi Halvorsen

It's buy one take one home month. Their choices have gone downhill. But I ordered chicken scampi for my meal and ravioli to take home. The meal was watery, tasteless. The salad... Ugh. Giant bowl of lettuce and two little cucumber slices. The bread sticks were the best part. My ravioli consisted of 5 & again, watery. Our server was inattentive. Never again to that location, if any.

Nick Razo

Went here with my girlfriend the other day. Wonderful creamy mushroom linguine pasta, great endless breadsticks and salad with entree. Chicken gnocchi soup was fabulous. Great service and clean restaurant, I highly recommend Olive Garden you're next time out.

Brad Kendzora

We've been comping to this location often and its usually busy, which is why even at 4:45 we joined the wait list online for a party of 6. At the time it said no wait. We then arrived around 5:10 and were told it would be a 10-15 minute wait. I've used the wait list often and have come in later in the evening to a packed waiting room that would have resulted in a 30+ minute wait and have been seated almost immediately. I understand the wait list isn't a reservation, but based on past experience, it should work better than it did last night. We ended up waiting over 30 minutes for a table for 6 to "open up". It was early in the evening and I looked around the restaurant and there were plenty of open tables that would seat 6. After we were finally seated the food and service was fine, but due to being treated so poorly prior to being seated, it was not an enjoyable experience and we will rethink comping back.

Rob Dempsey

Nice staff. Good food and drinks. Had a nice time.


Great food. Love gnocchi and salad!

Shauna Wright

Olive Garden is always been our girls day out place. I took my grandson there the other day for lunch then we had a good time. I felt like I was in too much of a hurry but it worked out okay in the end.

Neil Amalfitano

I'm Italian, I love Italian food. Olive Garden cooks and serves great Italian food at very fair price. Their house salad dressing is as good as my Grandmother and much better than mine. If it weren't for the inadequate parking (including handicapped) and sometimes long waits, I'd eat there more often.

Kadillak Williams

The 1st time I have been to this location in about 12+ yrs due to no longer living close to enjoy it. The server was so fake, I don't remember his name and then had a piss poor attitude when he was called out in front of management for the server marking what he thought he should receive. Outside of that, the food was delicious.

Gary Custer

Good food, excellent service.

Linda Danner

Excellent service and delicious food.

Karry Vasey

Great service and food . Waiter polite and efficient. Enjoyed our evening.

Beverly Gables

Great deal and I encourage you to take advantage of the $5 take home meals, You can't go wrong! Seafood alfredo hit every time

Daniel Marquez

Great promt service, Waiter served in Spanish.

Michael Brissette

Meal was good

John Osborn

Yes, I know it's not authentic Italian food, but it does remind me of the homemade Italian food we grew up with. Love the endless bread sticks and soup or salad and a taste of wine. Wait staff always nice. And there's usually plenty left for taking home.

Lori Ruhge

Nice back room for parties. A bit noisy. Good service.

Peter Parkson

We had a good meal here. The restaurant was full, friendly, professional servers. lt was our time and definitely not our last.

justin billingsley

Was really good. Services was great as well

Dr.Phil Bigone

Great place. Got the stuffed pasta me as LSU for wife and I on Valentine's. Fast friendly service and the endless pasta was great. Had couple of beer and wine for the wife. Waitress was helpful in making our decision and promptly brought our salad and bread sticks out. All in all the restaurant was clean warm and kinda cozy .We both had a great experience and would return. Great job

Mark Wood

Good Meal Great Staff

Ashley Hoffman

Shockingly good last night but can be sketchy if they're slammed busy

Cherrelle Fudge

The service seemed to be great until I made it back to my patients home to feed her. We noticed the pasta is gummy. Over cooked pasta heavy on the sauce and cheese no meat.

Zepol Val

I just want to say I had an amazing experience here at the Schaumburg Olive Garden .Just marvelous customer serves .Everything went so smoothly and food was hot and looked so delicious ready to eat ! I’m going to be coming back soon ! It was also awesome that a wonderfully manager named LIZ CORREA came to our table and welcomed us in & said enjoy your dinner. So ..thank you again & great team work your all amazing. I give you all a 10 star ..!!!!

Lynchjf 3025471470

Soup & Salad lunch is a nice meal. Wait staff is great.

Katie Farb

I have never had any complaints with this Olive Garden location before, but that was only because I was accompanied by my family. Today I went with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. We are all 20-year old college students. Growing up, my parents have always enforced proper etiquette at the dinner table and how to act when at a restaurant or out in public. After we arrived I could already see our waitress with an annoyed look as she knew that we were a huge group of “kids”. We were very organized and all ordered water and our food very quickly. After about 20 minutes we realized the breadsticks were still not delivered to our table which we could see that all other guests who were quite older than us received theirs as soon as they ordered. Our food was delivered promptly and was delicious. Once finished, it was time to pay for our meals, with separate checks, on the small machines that some Olive Garden locations now use. Our waitress handed us the machine and our checks and said “Have a good night” and left. Now I have used one of these machines before but it had been a while. I had to flag our waitress down to ask for assistance. One of my friends tried paying with a gift card for 2 checks. After trying and failing to use his gift card a note popped up on the screen and said that we should “ask our waitress for assistance.” We waited for 20 minutes and our waitress was no where to be found. Finally, one of my friends found her and went to her to get our problem fixed. She said she would “take care of it”, and walked away again. Another 10 minutes passed by and during that time we saw our waitress helping her other tables, which I understand she must do, but we still had not received any information about the gift card payment. As she returned she handed my friend his receipt and he asked politely for a to go box as he did not have a chance to ask her before because she kept walking away. ANOTHER 7 minutes passed and there was still no to go box which were 3 steps away from our table. I was tempted to get up myself and grab one. At this point I was extremely frustrated with the way that my friends and I were being treated and asked another waitress if she could get us a box. I believe that our waitress overheard me ask her co-worker and immediately gave us a box. After that, we left the restaurant not making a sound but getting very dirty looks from the older workers. I am a 20 year old woman, not a child. I strongly believe that everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect no matter their age. Just because I am a younger customer does not mean that I don’t take situations like going out to eat seriously. I am very dissatisfied with the service my friends and I received and the way that we were treated. A night to celebrate my good friends birthday turned into a night of annoyance and disrespect.

melissa Rickwalt

Service was great food was yummy. Enjoyable visit

Claire Hunter

Olive Garden is excellent. The food is great and they make you feel right at home.

Cyn Sorters

Great food, great service!! I loved very bit of it, it was close to closing time and we had our daughter with us, she was sleeping and they asked us if it would wake her if they used the vaccume. Said they didn't want to wake her and so we could continue our quiet dinner (even tho there was a kid behind us climbing the walls). I will definitely be going back!

Jeffery ward

Had the chicken parmigiana,it was great. This is a great restaurant, the service and food is great!!

Tony De Sousa

A great place to celebrate a special occasion

sathuluri ram

Good food, unlimited garlic bread..loved it

Vang Studios

Ordered the chicken alfredo, Food was delicious but the waiter didn't come around and check on our drinks.

Nick Miller

The service was great but the food. The food did not taste right..

Ann Piolunek-Terwilliger

So many precious memories !! Where I go with loving friends to renew my soul. Fabulous food at a price that is always much lower than expected. Service is intuitive, pleasant and gracious I love them!!

Clarissa Sanchez

Awesome waiter. And food was fast. And delicious.

Karina Haley

Service was excellent. We were seated quickly, food was delicious and served very timely. No long waits.


Ehhh...Service great! Food subpar

Tom Burke

I love this place. It’s not a fancy place but at the same time their name explains it. Fine Italian food

Clare Rajah

I'm constantly amazed at people who look to criticize a company because it may be a chain instead of an independent eatery. These folks deliver a consistent and quality meal almost every time, and you can find it anywhere they have a restaurant. And while it may be a little heavy on the pasta side, there are tons of choices, and you can get a glass of wine with your meal, or even have one offered to take a bottle home with you as well. And the service, especially here, is top notch. They're organized, they're good, and they're busy because of it. You'll like it.

Janean Knowles

The food is great and right now they have the eat one and then take another meal HOME, 2 for the price of one!!! The all you can eat soup and salad and bread sticks, is a great deal!I had spaghetti and the red meat sauce. They've got really great deserts. Atmosphere is great and music is in the background. The have boosters seating and separated restrooms and handicapped parking spaces. The food comes in large portions. They have take out and reservations. They have a great menu for variety of foods. Yes, they have wines, spirits of all kinds. My daughter had the pasta alfredo as a main dish. It's a very good place for special occasions romantic dining at night. You can see more FAMILY members at lunch times. They have a menu for the children also. Great deserts to dine on.

Harvey Trill

Decent food and polite staff. Alcohol is a bit expensive.

Sammy Thacker

Always a great experience at this location. I have a location that is 10 minutes away from me. However, I drive the extra distance to this location. The food is always cooked perfectly, the staff is friendly and wonderful.

Mike Goldblatt

Ok food, run of the mill generic Italian food. Definitely better options.

Owen pienkowski

The food was amazing. The coffee wat outstanding. The service was great.

Tracey Bossdorf

We love olive garden! Food and service is always great.

Myosha Dabney

Food was good but could more saesoning

C Carboni

We waited 10 minutes to be seated in the restaurant with half of the tables empty and set for service. Then sat 25 more minutes without being offered a glass of water! Never met our waiter even after calling on the table kiosk

Monique Hoznor

Excellent service. ANGELIQUE, exceptional. Food was very very good. .

Gerald Kerber

Enjoyed my family night out with Wolf and Cierria

Sayde Lowickistein

What happened to this place? The last time I visited it was better. But now, their quality took a hike! The food seemed like processed cheap ingredients. Really sad. An attempt at Italian cuisine- but failed miserably. Rotten potato pieces, 3 to be exact, in 1 bowl of watered down Toscana soup. Petrified mashed potatoes, rendered uneatable. Pesto...? more like imitation pesto. Spaghetti & meatballs very bland. Very much like a benefit dinner for the masses with tasteless food & poor quality ingredients.

Jillian Schiavoni

Great place for lunch with girls after shopping!

doris rios

It was only ok, service was just ok. Other half of our food order took a long time to come out. Then they forgot part of the order too. I'm not sure what the problem was as It was not too busy on a weeknight. Food was ok. Pictures menu looked amazing food was only ok.

jeffrey hitt

If you like your Italian food too taste like the plastic bag it was boiled in, this is the place for you.

roger grimes

I very rarely give 5 stars. My average is 3. This all of garden deserves all five of those Stars. Our waiter was fantastic. The food was good. All around good experience I'll go back

Ariana Bueno-Winters

Great service and awesomely compromising waiters♡

Vanessa Taylor

The atmosphere and server were very nice

jes medina

One of my favorite places..some of the servers tho need to be more attentive to their guests

Rodney Anderson

Was good .I have had better.

Kalpana Mutyala

We went for lunch yesterday. loved the food and service. I would go ahead and give a thousand thanks to EVA . she is the best in the job she does. the manager was good. excellent place and we always look forward to go there again.

Nichole Bivins

I had a good experience. The food was amazing and our waitress was very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Tom Peck

Always have great food. Customer service could always be better. Waitresses are spread thin and have a lot of tables to cover for one person

Joe Barone

Awesome food nice environment

Juboo Clouse

The greatest Oliva Garden ever! The waiters and waitresses were kind, especially George, our waiter. By far the nicest waiter asking how our day was, and keeping a continuous conversation. Bringing food quick and filling our drinks. There was a light issue and they offered a free dessert or appetizer! Seriously, only Olive Garden does this! Great food and great service

Jay Wheeler

Portion sizes need improvement. The place was dirty in the bar area. Employees talking badly about other staff while waiting for drinks to be made at the bar.

Beverly Ward

Good meal. Had 5 cheese ziti. My Dad had spaghetti and meat sauce. Both fresh and tasty

Danny Ponce

Italian food, yeah, so delicious. Service is always nice even when they have a full house. The service was very helpful and welcoming. The place has a nice feel to it.

Barbara Baggot

Went on mother's day but called ahead. It helped a little on setting 6 of us. Very crowed which was good for your restaurant. We ordered large salad bowl along with other dinners. Salad wasn't appealing. Mostly lettuce with hardly any tomatoes or black olives, very stingy. Didn't even look appealing for the 6 of us. Ministrone soup was just OK. Dinner meals for the 4 others looked good. Just don't think it was up to par. Food servers were great!

Dave Jar

service was great, place was clean. kinda pricey for what it is though. the bread sticks are still really good

James Butler

It is only at this specific location, Waterford, CT that I just don't have good experiences. Olive Garden as a whole is solid for what it is. But the past 2 times at this location, I've gone in during lunch and sat at the bar. I had the same bartender both times. She is not mean but she is not attentive at all. She didn't leave a straw for my drink, she didn't offer cheese for the pasta and once you receive your meal, she disappears and doesn't check in to see if you want anything else which you typically do when you order unlimited soup and salad. I will continue going to Olive Garden but I will likely be avoiding this particular location in the future.

Fatima Malkawi

The food was good. but we came in and they told us we had to wait 30 mins for our table, finally we got seated 1 hour and half later!

Barbara Taylor

Lawrence made our experience at olive garden one to remember! He was so friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and wines! Definitely recommend olive garden especially the waiter. He made a rose of aluminum foil that blew my daughter away!

Dennis Enns

Excellent low cost lunch.

Kyrstal Sierra

We all had something different. Everything was tasty. Service was great.

Lisa Zurligen

Overpriced and mediocre food but ask for Shaun. He's awesome!

Scott Bond

Excellent meal with my wife and my favorite Uncle! The food was excellent and our waiter Dru was friendly with prompt service. Got to love endless soup, salad, and bread sticks (skinny rolls) I can highly recommend the Steak Gorgonzola and the Gnocchi soup.

Grace Brown

Fast friendly service from our waiter, Ryan. Good food and prices.

Jonathan Hillmer

Our server, Dominic, is a superstar! Kept us laughing and took care of us all evening long. Whatever he's getting paid, its not enough. However, some the food was awful. The meatballs are absolutely horrible, and the lasagna is not much better. The Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, on the other hand, are amazing. So, be careful what you order and choose wisely.

Landon Leach

Go there now try there spaghetti so freaking good.

Shelley Peterson

Met a friend for lunch we both had all you can eat soup, salad and bread sticks... everything was delicious and our server was pretty good


Great food. Got a half gallon of my favorite soup to divide up for my lunches all week. Will be eating well!

Spike 4x0

Enjoyed chicken parm and endless soup for $8.99 The price was amazing - the flavors were just ok. Maybe I had higher hopes for the price point.

Dickie Clough

Great food, decent prices....

Samantha Smith

I'll go here for some alone time with my husband as well as some mother/son time too. Somehow it works well in both situations. I personally love the ever popular soup, salad, breadsticks. They even let my son share them with me along with his own food!

kristina ransom

It was very good, and the waitress was really good as well. Just a few nit pic things that could have room for improvement. Over all great service.

Sheila Stahl

The food was great and the service was awesome!

Doreen Boulanger

Always great food and service!

Deanna Wyman

Food was ok service was not at all on point this trip ! He failed to bring us water after having to ask 3 times and I got unlimited soup And he never came back to see if I wanted more . Was not a good trip

William Proctor

The worst experience I've ever had. Waitress was rude, the food was trash. The whole family got sick.

Nicole Bergner

For the first time ever my experience was absolutely horrible. The server was in such a hurry. Made us feel as tho we were inconveniencing her. Then I asked for a box she set them on the table and just walked away.

Valene Montoya

Server Eric Tafoya was amazing! Would recommend him to anyone who eats here! Thanks again for the beyond expectations service

me yes

Excellent. Had Shrimp Scampi mini bowl at Clovis, Ca location. Fortunate to get Larry as server. Hes been there almost 30 years and treats his customers like royalty. Love him...really good food...Very Clean resturant!

Josh Renteria

Cait made the whole experience amazing would come again just to have her be our server thank you again Dory

Brian Deherrera

I'm not a big fan of Italian food and I was amazed at how can good it can be. The service was great, good atmosphere, and promptly service. I didnt even know what was and told the waiter pick whatever you suggest and I ran with it and wow It was excellent.

Jake D

I made the mistake of coming here for the second time. Except this time I ended up walking out. My party of 7 was told we would have a 5 minute wait, which turned to a 25 minute wait just to be seated. We then sat at our table where the entire wait staff just stared at us as they walked by. 15 minutes later a manager comes to the table and apologizes for the wait and tells us a waitress will be with us shortly. That would’ve been fine, until it took another 15 minutes for us to walk out. I will never return to this location again. On top of the horrible service from the staff, the place reeks of sewage.

Emma Abruzzo

The seafood mushrooms were gross!!!!! I feel they are going downhill...the soup isn't as good anymore. Staff are more worried about chatting amongst themselves..

Terrence McGraw

The food is ok, it is Olive Garden so expect chain store quality, good not great. However our server Heather was fantastic and the host staff were super friendly. We enjoy coming here and we do frequently

Chris Strine

Our meals were great! We got the meal deal where you buy one and take one, and couldn't be happier -- or fuller, more than once! And our waitress, Rachel H., was the best. She was curtious, helpful and attentive. I would not hesitate to return. Thank you.

Terri Jackson

Food was good, service was okay, server talked a lot with the people behind me. I don't like looking at people with rotten teeth when I'm trying to get ready to eat.

Elizabeth Rivera

Awesome food and family friendly

Courtney Buheit

My husband and I decided to take my two year old out to dinner. As we all know, two year olds are pretty unpredictable. We were iffy but thankfully our experience was nothing short of exceptional. Harry has got to be one of the best servers I’ve ever had in my life. Informative, attentive, respectful, thoughtful, and very kind. He went above and beyond great service and definitely made our night. Olive Garden is lucky to have him. Thank you Harry!!!

Valerie Allman

While she didn't mess up my order, my waitress made mistakes at two other tables within my line of sight. I tried the zoodles (zucchini noodles). I was hoping it was impressive. It wasn't. I think the attempt to get the newest "in food" on the menu overshadowed the idea of properly preparing it and making it flavorful.

Sylvia Streppone

Quality of foo used to be so much better. We used to go there twice a week. Won't return. Overpriced and terrible food

George Duren

Great waitress and food just right.

New Yorker2

Great food. Excellent atmosphere. Good service.

Eileen O H anlon

We went to Olive garden for our anniversary and we got A lady called Emily she was spot on everything and very interested in treating us with the best of care in choose ing our dinner,an very friendly an really cared about up ,thank you Emily ,,you where great

heather borden

Fantastic restaurant our server mike was fantastic made it so much better!! Great food and even better service

Shelley Duvall

We had the BEST service the BEST food and the BEST time here. We took the little ones on a FANCY dinner date. (not McDonald's or pizza). We all dressed up and the kids 7 yrs and 18 months thought they were King and Queen for the day. The staff was AMAZING they treated us like Royalty pampered and interacted with them so well. It truly was a ROYAL OUTING for us. Thanks Olive Garden We will be back.

Michael Murray

Pretty good experience. Waiter provided good service and food was good as well. I would come back...oh and I will come back because I have a gift card. Yay

Genna Cinocco

I always love their food

Amanda Cotttill

Ordered for pickup. The food was great and well boxed. Love the fried mozzarella.

David Larson

It's nice... For an olive garden.

Margery Littman

Good was very good & out server Caitlin was very nice!

Rebekka Bast

It was nice I don't think it's somewhere I would have gone for a special occasion it's more of a Vibe of a weekday night out to eat kind of place our waiter was really friendly and on it with drinks and kept everything coming my only hang-up is it used to be more fancy it would have got five stars if they kept it a bit more classy for the price

Shawn Benac

The whole placed smelled like b.o., but bread sticks were good.

Cindy Quinn

Love eating soup salad and tea.

lupe quinteros

Love it enjoy my food exalent custamer service

Solei Alcaide

I love Olive Garden in general but my latest visit was great! Our server was SO nice and our food came out nice and hot; not to mention it was fast too!

Elizabeth Anderson

My mother and I frequently stop in for lunch. Yes, we ALWAYS have the soup and salad. But once ya find something ya like, ya stay with it. We have to ask for extra dressing on the salad, but the server is always happy to accommodate our request.

Tony & Astrid Shay

Super calm, inviting atmosphere. Very attentive waitress. We hadn’t visited an Olive Garden for years and years, the portions are gigantic! Not to mention bottomless soup or salad and unlimited breadsticks with entree order. We left with two take home boxes filled!! After dinner mints topped it all off nicely.

Luis Torres

Server was phenomenal, but the food is pretty much frozen processed food without a doubt. When I bit my chicken I can literally feel the moisture and water go in my mouth from food that's cooked after it's been frozen . I wanted to see the hype and just like I though it's hype . It's no better than Casa Corona boxed rice and canned beans . Save your money .

Char Massey

We love their chicken alfredo and unlimited salad and breadsticks. We have never had a bad meal and the servers are friendly and attentive. The Olive Garden is one of our favorite restaurants.

Charles Dietz


chris ogrady

It was a tough day, being mothers day. A manager named Allen helped us get on track. Servers were a bit overwhelmed. We still tipped, but a missed opportunity

Kurt Krash

Great food and our server was awesome!!! I so wish I could remember her name so I could give her a full credit. she took care of everything and went above and beyond what was expected what an awesome girl.

Juanita Garcia

Dominic our server was Awesome!! Food was excellent our desert fabulous too my sisters loved their wine!! Loved the remodeled finished look!! Gotta go back!!

Tania L. Werner

Waiter/seating staff is super friendly and really accommodating. I think everyone tries really hard to make it a good experience for folks. The food is chain food but I think they also try to make it as good as possible.

Bonnie Ware

Great service. Good food.

Ken Oliver

Service was okay and portion size was massive. Quality if food was mediocre. Bread sticks and salad were the bomb as always.

Katherine Elizabeth

Good food and great atmosphere. MY waiter was very helpful and funny.

Barbara Loso

The food was great. Waitress was both pleasant and attentive. Bar Chardonnay was sour, but that's not unusual at restaurants. Spring for a better brand.

Sandra W

Great service and great food!!

Kiley F

The server was AMAZING! No wait to eat, everything was correct when it came out (my kids are picky) and timing was great. The server could not have been better, went above and beyond but was not overly intrusive!

Katie Mooney

My friend has a dairy allergy. She told our waitress this more than 3 times. She asked if there was dairy in a dish, our waitress said, "I am not sure," and didn't offer to go check for us at all. The dish she ordered she said she needed it without cheese twice. It came out with cheese on it. Not impressed with the service.

Maria Curry

Italian food... so fresh. Super savory. Looking forward to returning with my relatives. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Haimanti Chowdhury

Their house salad is amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

Danyelle Durocher

Very good food, as always. However our waitress hated her job and it was well known.

Kenosha McElroy

Food is always good & fresh!!

Alicia Perez

Our wait time was awesome, didn't wait no more than 10minutes.Our Waiter was okay, not super friendly like the melrose Park location we always get super duper hyped friendly waiter's. He didn't check on us as expected and spilled iced tea on the floor Wich got on our feet and shoes didn't even bother saying sorry nor coming back to clean it up. They didn't have our favorite appetizer lasagna fruta so we ended up getting something else, this was today 8/9/19 for our dinner.Our first salad was dry , second he brought us extra dressing on the side Wich made it taste better. First batch of bread sticks we're dry and cold and no flavor, second batch we're warm and had salt on them. Fries from my kids dinner we're okay, we had better.

John Blanco

I went to this restaurant and liked the food, but then the server leaned over me and whispered. “would you like a side of death with that? Then he took my fettuccine and formed a pentagram on my table, no one acknowledged me after that. Don’t go here or do whichever.

Keith Chase

I know that it's a chain restaurant, but the food isgood and the wait staff is excellent.

Yvette Sweeteny

Great place. Took a friend here for her birthday. Gave us a HUGE piece of free cheesecake!


Plenty of shrimp in my main dish but for me very salty. Our waitress, very nice and ingaging. My dinner partner also said their dish was very salty. Also one peice of silverware was dirty.

Doug Wadley

Good food and drinks and staff was great.

Terry Mcclennahan

The dining experience and food was very good.

Dustin Beener

Food is always Great. We ordered food for pick up and the idea is there but not perfect. Person taking money did not know how to make change and only 2 people kinda knew how it was to work picking up Togo's.

Katherine Brennan

The food and the service are okay, sometimes there's a wait to be seated even when it doesn't seem busy. The servers are always extremely nice and accommodating. 5 stars for the waitress herself.

Chris Kurtt

Food was just ok. Wait staff was very friendly and fast though.

Summer Pellegrini

Server Alex deserves a raise! 10/10 service, left extremely satisfied

Connie Ewing

Service was great and food was delicious

Anna Schaefer

Very clean, great food, and very helpful waiting staff!

shane bdx

Food was good however the service was quite unorganized we ended up getting double are appetizer and alfredo sause. The service was kind just unorganized.

Earl Woodard

Great service and very good meals!

Courtney Mccormick

Stopped in on Saturday, 7/20 for lunch. I had put my name in on the online waiting list and when I added it, it had said it would 6-10 minutes. When we arrived, I said we would have two and the hostess abruptly said 'its 30-40 minutes'.. I replied and told her that I had checked in on the waiting list so she didn't put us at the bottom of the list or something.. she did not acknowledge what I had said, did not look up at me, nod, say okay.. nothing - she just repeated again that it would be 30-40 minutes .. I tried to say again that I had already checked us in and she again said it would be 30-40 minutes and started handing me the buzzer.. I asked her if she had heard that I already checked in and she then rudely looked up and said 'yes, but it's still 30-40 minutes'.. I asked her if she would still need my name or anything to acknowledge we were checked in and she then rudely said 'you're the only one on the waiting list and it's still going to be 30-40 minutes'.. I then told her that all she had to do was tell me that I was the only one on the list.. her communication was terrible and then the attitude that followed due to HER lack of communication was ridiculous. We were them seated within the 6 or so minutes the online waiting list had initially told me. I'm not sure if she was just unfamiliar with how the waiting list process works or what but her attitude was definitely uncalled for. As a hostess, you're the first face/experience guests get and you set the tone on a whole visit and she completely ruined that for us. Luckily, our waitress did great but I think the hostess needs some additional training. I did not see her name tag but she was a younger african-american girl. I'm hopeful the next time we stop in, we will be greeted by someone more helpful!

Dani NinFL

Loved the Zoodles Primavera! Angelina was very knowledgeable about the Menu items, friendly and gave great customer service

John Willis

Good food. Big portions. Awesome service!

Pamela Inskeep

My guest and I dined in and had the $12.99 take-two specials tonight; shrimp scampi in angel hair pasta and cheese ravioli and two cheese ravioli meals to take home. Shrimp were large and plentiful and the scampi had baby asparagus and chopped tomato in a light butter and garlic sauce also. Simply delicious. The only drawback was that the stalks of the asparagus were a little woody. The portion size was generous. The cheese ravioli was smothered in a layer of mozzarella that was lightly browned. A heavier meal in a generous portion size. Again, delicious. The scampi was a premium entree with an add-on price of $4.95, but even so the take-two specials were still a very good deal.

Chris J Coats

The experience usually is always phenomenal and this day was no exception, I really love the to-go order booth and how accommodating the lady was and taking my order despite how small my order was, literally under 5 dollars, she treated me with such class! Love it here!

Sarah Phillips

Manager was very polite but couldn't say add much for our server. Our food was dry and hard. It just wasn't one of our better visits!

Isaac Ramos

If I could give no

Nancy Potter

Went there for lunch today, was a little disappointed. We had 3 at our table, Was told she would bring back some more breadsticks, but she never did. Usually they asked if I want cheese on my lasagna, she didn't offer. I haven't been there in years. Now I remember why.

Tim Barnes

Good food and great service.

Sharon Vallejo

Olive Garden is mediocre food in a fairly nice setting. It's way overpriced and for that we sit around and discuss everything but the fact that the food is 1 step above a frozen hungry man dinner. But they do still have killer breadsticks! Our server was great but (this is hysterical) the person who brought out the food looks at the food and says, "I'll be honest, I'm in training and dont know what any of this is called." Then proceed to show is each dish and would say, "Padta w some shrimp of some sort. Does anyone want to claim this one!". Lol. We laughed but also felt bad for the guy.

Nellie's PC Workshop

Got really bad service and a absolutely horrible experience. My original server was very nice we order our food with her. Got our salad but no bread sticks, they were being baked so there's a delay. No big deal... that's fine with us I told my original waitress. Things when down hill when this rude server with an attitude came to our table saying that the plates of food she brought were for us. I looked at the items and not one of them was ours. She insisted that at least one of them was ours and rudely put them on our table. I told her no and she says that my pasta with ravioli were not available and that this is a replacement. So I hesitated and took the item started to eat and also give to my son who wanted to try it. That same server came to our table again to say it wasn't our food, no apologies, she just wanted to take the food back. Lol I lost it after that and my temper got the best of me. Manager came over to apologize but I was livid that this manager who saw what was happening from the bar didn't do anything at the moment, so we just walked out. We've been going to this place for years and lately the service and the food itself haven't been that great. What a shame so disappointed. All this happened on 6/2/2019 3:00pm

Jessica Bellar

Sadie, Give her a raise! Phenomenal waitress, funny, patient prompt, nice, over all went above and beyond for us. It has been a while since I had such an amazing waitress like her.

Lis Rodriguez

The food was amazing but the service was even better, our server Douglas was the best.

Richard Cooper

The waitress was very kind

Beth Chapman

You can't go wrong with Olive Garden. Always delicious salad and breadsticks. It would have been nice though if the waitress would have explained the special about buy one take one. Didn't know about it until after we received our check and that's because I heard hee telling the booth behind us about it.

Kari Mendenhall

They have good food and great service

Mary Tepp

We both had the salmon piccata. It was very moist and absolutely delicious. Our server, Donavon, was attentive and added to the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant.

Chris Dowers

Carried out this time. Very professional staff. Made sure you saw what was going in the bag. So there were no mistakes.

Matthew Long

Very good restaurant I stop by at least 2 times a month maybe more. I like to get the chicken parmesan with alfrado sauces. I also like to get alfrado sauce to dip my buttery bread sticks in. The wait staff and managers are some of the best in town. You can almost always bet on getting good service and a friendly feel when eating at Olive Garden. Another time we eat at Olive garden is when we have big track events we get Olive Garden to go for the whole team the kids are always happy to have good food the day before they run.


Great food and Management is top notch! Highly recommend Chicken and Gnocchi soup.

Thomas Morton

The food was good and the staff was excellent.

Pamela Firestone

Food is always good..always something new to try!

shane cottom

My daughter says she used her sparkle magic to make my drink better. I have doubts.

Brenda Everett

Went to Olive Garden in Terre Haute Wednesday just at the end of lunch rush. Got a booth right away. Server was there in less then a minute later to get drink orders, had our salad, was still eating it when our food came. Service was great, price is middle class. Depending on what you order. Drinks are expensive, ie: coffee, soda, tea, almost $3. Otherwise great food n services

dave ico

Best service we have had in a long time. Food was great and fast.

Alex Phipps

Food is fantastic, the servers are grear, and it is always clean.

Jason Swarens

Great food and staff. My track team loves going there before our regional meet to carb up!

Julie Summers

This location is well cleaned, staff is friendly, and food is great

Catherine Airhart

The hostess sat us at a dead table that did not have a server assigned to it so we sat for about 8 minutes before the server next to us realized no one had brought us drinks. He came over and took our table and provided excellent service. He had our food rushed so we didn't have to wait for it. I was very impressed by the level of service we received when we weren't even a table in his section.

Gary Kramer

Very good. Had the lasagne and it was really good. Great service. Just a nice place to eat. Plus was my birthday dinner.

tiffany monnett

Friendly staff and delicious food

Marvin Williams

Great Italian food and service. Reasonable prices. Friendly atmosphere.


Waitress was very good! Negative was the food. Last several times we go the cold stuff isnt very cold (salad) and the entrees and breadsticks are lukewarm. I feel like I'm eating leftovers and when I go out to eat I want hot fresh tasting food.

Casey Frayser

I used the To-Go service for three different meals and everything was hot and delicious and the 'later' meal containers were cold/frozen properly as received. I wish they offered plastic wear by the pick up bar area (or maybe they do and I just didn't see it) since every person's lunch/dinner situation differs and may not be eating where actual silverware is readily available (for those not eating back at home for the 'To-Go' orderers). Overall, I was satisfied with the food quality, temperature and bagging (the soup didn't tip over in the bag, etc) and would recommend this Olive Garden to others.

Abram Beck

Two trips here recently first time was great the server was wonderful. Second trip she wasn’t the best but ok. We will be returning for sure.

Gordon Simpson

Our waitress Kaylee was fantastic! Super attentive, very polite and always smiling! The food was good as well but Kaylee made the visit awesome!

Big Fiend

Great wine and food :) no bad remarks on the waiter either. Very knowledgable.

Boss's girl

Love Italian food I got the shrimp and James H and Sue Vanalstyne got pasta! Was actually here today on Valentine's day! 2/14/19 Vincent was our server great job

Doris Brucken

Great meal, the food is always good, the service was great. We went in after the lunch crowd had been through and we had to wait for a table a little longer than we should have because they didn't have tables cleaned off yet. Salad is great as usual and the ravioli di Portobello was excellent.

Nita Corenflos

Filthy windows of weather & children. Trash at our feet Waitress took 10 minutes after pressing dirty table call/game/pay machine on table. It was not at all busy so no clue why waiting 10 minutes on refills of water, or salad bowl, or newbowl soup on our all you want soup & salad @2pm on a Friday. Salad was yes that, salad. Water was water & soup was ok soup.

Crystal Taylor

The chicken marsala tasted spoiled and was not stuffed like it should have been and the breadsticks were hard as a brick

Lisa Hutchens

Great place. Awesome food

Gongon Gaming

We came from Greencastle to eat here which is about an hour drive. When we arrived we were not greeted but stared at for a prolonged period of time. When we were finally seated the rest of the experience was decent aside from the fact that we were not offered any wine. The food was excellent. The drinks did not come out right the first time but it happens from time to time and the second round was perfect. It was adequate but left much to be desired.

David Jackson

Great food andservice

Gracie Godsey

Went here for a dinner date with my hubby and I got cavatappi with creamy mushroom sauce and shrimp and it was delicious!! Our server Seth was great! We will definitely be coming back!

Mellissa Nesting

Great food good service

Melissa Strowmatt

Great food and service


Wait staff and bartenders are very friendly and attentive. The menu selections are plentiful. The parking lot can get a bit packed at peak times and you may even need reservations, or just plan for a bit of a wait. They turn tables pretty quickly, so the wait is never too long.

Dominique Jones

Love the salad and bread. The 12.99 pasta all you can eat is the real deal.

Fifi Sholar

This is our favorite Olive Garden! Food always good staff friendly

Josey Spets

The service was great and food was excellent I guess you pay for that ....fifty fifty on the cleanliness of the restroom....was in great shape the first time there and bad this visit!!!

Deborah Branch

My mom chose to eat there for her birthday. We had to wait a little while, because we had a party of 25. Food was great, so was the service.


No self respecting Italian should feel good about eating at Olive Garden unless it's free. Even then, the place gives me anxiety. The soup, salad, and breadsticks are tolerable and at a decent price during lunch though.

margaret gomez

Delicious food, awesome staff. Welcoming place for making memories with family and friends

Diana ONeill

Great place to come, even on busy times during the weekend the wait time is never too long. We always enjoy coming here & the waitress s & waiters are always bery good.

Tyrone Lightfoot

That was my first time ever going here and I'll definitely be back

Olivia Rockacy

Called in an order to go took 95 minutes to get a 75.00 order. Learned our lesson will never use them again and staff was very rude and unresponsive. Did not care...must not need the business with so many choices out there for pick up orders. We will cross them off any list for options on italian...very bad custmer service...

Maggie Murillo

Customer service is great dispite of it always being busy.Not to mention the food is just delicious the best!!!

Kevin Schaefer

Staff was friendly and attentive, place was clean, food was really good

Jenny Warren

Love the Peach Bellini's and almost every appetizer/meal/dessert they offer.

Shelbbie Daugherty

We usually love this Olive Garden. We come here EVERY time we eat Olive Garden. The past two times we have been we had very bad service both times they weren’t busy , but we were more so disappointed in the food. when we ordered our food tonight we requested the soup to come for our meal. We didn’t see our waitress for another 20 minutes and didn’t get our drinks . She finally came with our cokes , and said she would be right back with salad. Another 20 minutes passed and she brought all the food at the same time . We probably could have dealt with bad service if she would have told us she was busy or something , but then our very late food was nasty. I usually get refills on my soup and could not finish one bowl because it smelled and tasted so badly, my husband said the same about his soup and even lasagna . When I was writing the survey the waitress came and stood beside me to see what I was writing . Very disappointed, don’t know if we will come back to this location.

Robert vila

I had the soup, the endless kind, don't know how to pronounce it nor spell it but I know how to pronounce delicious and spell it!!!

Jackie Reilly

Great food really love the bread sticks the service was great too not a long wait food tasted great

Will Wright

Ok food. Nothing really exceptional, pretty sure it's all prepackaged and microwaved.

Hector Cholula

The food was great and the service was great too. They were really nice.

Ian Mai

So most olive garden are pretty much the same yet this one offers service that goes above and beyond. I felt that warm italian feeling and when asking questions about the food and wine, I felt the answers were honest and heartfelt. Example: I asked for a secluded table for my wife and I anniversary and was taken to the back so we could be more alone. The server truly took care of us and offered a great wine that I had never tried. Food is cooked very well

Jayme Glynn

Service was good, food was excellent, great value, rarely disappoints

matt wilson

All their Italian dishes are great. Salad and breadsticks are excellent.

Mario Castillo

Went in on a busy Friday night. Service was slow and food was okay

Sally Montoya

Very kind and courteous ❣️ And food is yummy ❣️

Laura Stevens

It was a great experience!! Food was wonderful and our waiter was excellent!!! My sister had her 4 young children there (ages 4-11) and the waiter did a great job with them as well as anything my sister and I needed.

Isabella Barrera

I love the new remodel! It's a pretty classy place!

Lashea Sapp

The service was great. The food was cold. The server took the food back immediately. She let the manager know. The manager never came to our table to talk to us nor to apologize for the food being cold. This isn't the first time this has happened and I'm sure it will not be the last. If it is the same manager still working for the company I guess they like incompetent people working for them. I rarely come to the Oliver Garden but I seen the mac & cheese so I came. I see why now it is rarely because nothing will change if it doesn't start from the top.

Sylvia Contreras

I❤ Olive Garden good food , best pasta too

Selena Boyts

The food is always delicious and the prices are reasonable. We are usually seated in the "family section" because we have a seven year old, and it's NOISY during regular dinner times, so we try to go earlier in the day. We eat here about 5 times a month.

Jaxen Aguilar

The meals and service were ahead of my expectations. We absolutely liked the ambience of this restaurant. Wonderful spot to take my family out for dinner.

Tony S

Always live Olive Garden. Something that has always been great other than the food is the service. Attention to customers is definitely a gocus area here. The 2 negatives are...there is always a wait but open tables and the prices are going up at an unreasonable rate. Other than that.....we will always go back

Alethiea Woodard

Always love eating here especially my son. Can get a lot of food at a great price.

Gernae Jones

The manager should go through training again but his waitresses are awesome !

Debra K

Server was outstanding. Tried something new and was pleasantly surprised. A bit finicky about pasta and gravy, but meal was great. AND have dinner for tomorrow! Kathleen was fantastic server!

Susan Rump

Server was fantastic!!! Just wish they have more shifts to the good ones

Donna Dobson

The food at this Olive Garden was AMAZING. Everything was hot and tasted really fresh. Our server, Pedro (our waiter) said he was kinda new but must have been in the industry because his attentiveness and customer service were top notch! The only disappointment was that no longer have the cheese fonduta on the menu.

Jeffery Bennett

Very good food excellent server ( Gale)


literally everything was good. just wish they had really spicy options.

Lois Du Preez

We went to Olive garden at lunch time for my best friend/sister in laws birthday. The place was absolutely packed and a tad understaffed. We had a wonderful server named Brad, who not only got every order correct but was possibly one of the best servers Ive ever had the honor of having as my server. I dine out regularly so thats saying alot. He performed the steps of service to a t and did so while remaining incredibly polite, friendly and attentive. Brad... Thank you... You made her first time there an absolute delight. Because of you we will no doubt be returning soon and often.

Richard Brown

Great food and service by the OG's

Mary Theriault

Great wait staff. Finally, no wait time at 6 PM. Food was Great.

Nick Clausi

Its always pretty good. My step daughter love this place

Jose Guevara

Was not to impress with the steak and pasta flavor meat was a little dry

Benjamin Martin

Food was great as always and service was spectacular. The $5.99 Unlimited special this week, are you kidding me? I'll go every day for that!!

Bradley Wood

A little pricey for a big chain restaurant, but meals come with complementary breadsticks and soup or salad. Serving sizes are large as well. If you order steak, they cook it the way you ask. Large varieties of entrees, mostly in an Italian preparation. Lots of pasta and cheese to be sure. I doubt many people are disappointed by the food or service here, but bring at least $25.00 per person with you, and much more if you're having drinks and dessert!

George Western

Good food, slow kitchen.

Steven J. Adelmund

Fantastic food with excellent customer service. The staff is very knowledgeable about what wines pair well with which food items, and are always willing to make expert recommendations. They are very friendly, and attentive without being pushy! Definitely a great place to eat with family and friends!

Randy Whalin

Service was terrible. Took 20 minutes to get bread sticks and tea. First bowl of soup was warm not hot. Giant meatball was mushy inside. Server looked put out when I asked for second glass of tea and please have more ice in it. Bad experience.

Ron Belvedere

Food was great as always and for this location I was happy that we could show up at 6:00 on a Saturday night and get seated within 10 minutes. I opted for the low cal salmon picatta with fried zucchini and was not dissapointed. Salad and breadsticks a must.

jason hanson

i rather go to so many other places in town that will give you the best value for your money. the staff is rude and the food never came.

Mick Mossberg

Had the fetachini alpherdo with chicken and added shrimp, the bread sticks, and tiramisu for dessert. We were seated and served quickly. It was all awesome!

Tammy Burtraw

Awesome service, great food & friendly staff.

Eddie Marti

Today was a great day at Olive Garden, thanks to our server, OG Jared, i believe im spelling it right. But thanks to this man our experiance and service was beyond great. Food came out on time. He kept on us makin sure our drinks where full. My friend and i walked out happy and full. Thanks again OG!

Bryan Jones

Excellent food quality and equally amazing server

Jeff Smith

You always get good food at Olive Garden! We haven't been there in a while and it was a nice experience. Their breadsticks and salad hit the spot as an appetizer for us. Enjoy!

saundra duggar

Service and food good. Prices reasonable.

Anne Montanaro

Love Olive Garden in Waterford CT. Excellent service and great food.

MagicalChoir Guy

Grazie my olive garden freinds! It was a wonder coming for my birthday here. I ordered a taste of Italy and had one of the best linguinis possible the parm unfortunately was horrible it tasted as if I had bitten into a fake paste chicken sandwich. Thank you anyways and best regards, αєdαnᔕ


great hosts and good foood

Reyns Rodriguez

as always great food, great prices and our waitress was super terrific and very helpful.

Stacey Guzman

Love the wine and the food! Staff was wonderful and the wait time was very reasonable. I plan on going here often.


We were here last night and our waiter name was Ryan. What a disappointment. The service was so poor that I'm still fussing at my kids for paying for the meal, $65 by the way. He bought us what he wanted us to eat and argued with us back and forth about rather we were eating chicken or shrimp, which we know what the hell chicken and shrimp is and taste like, appetizer didn't come out until 20 mins after ordering and food came out right behind the appetizers, not right. I guess he let the appetizers sit until the entree's were ready because it wasn't hot at all. He was definitely high or something because he was all over the place. The couple behind us fussed the entire time at him for getting it wrong and no manager ever appeared to even see what was happening. We will definitely stay away from this location.

Mark Woodward

Picked up Mother's Day dinner here, no problems and they got the order correct. Yes, sounds like a low bar, but anymore these days it's the service you receive that dictates how you feel about the restaurant.

Gene Melcher

Good food but needs more verity.

jhoan P

Just a amazing experience overall the waitress were amazing y the food was great as well

Edi Tancredi

Best part of my birthday visit was the waitress who wasnt ours helped out our novice? Waiter.

Ryan Hoar

We stopped here on the way home from shopping in Mystic. The food is enjoyable, but I found that the dishes my family and I ordered were slathered in the heavy sauces they use in an effort to cover up the quality of the ingredients. The vegetables in my veggie pasta were overcooked, and the chicken was over spiced. My fiance's Chicken Marsala was actuslly quite good, so I gave them 3 stars.

Arthur Fonzaerlli

We had Jen as our waitress tonight. She is top notch! Fun, and very customer friendly. Great time!

Tim Klein

I love going to this place not only are the Price Is Right but service is always great and so is the food

Calli Sullinger

Love the friendly staff. Food is wonderful.

chunk diggin

Wayyyy to close quarters and food was bad, tables were sticky. Girlled slivers of chicken vs breaded breasts shown on special menu. Def cost cutting cuz this place used to be OK.


Good food. Quick seating and good service for a busy weekend.

Joseph Clostermery

Service was great. Our servicer a young lady was very pleasant - Clarissa. The lobster mac and cheese - overrated.

Bruce Cavender

Jamie was a great waitress. Made us feel welcomed and not rushed. Was a great 10th anniversary dinner. Thank you

jesse mondragon

Olive Garden is the best place to eat. The food is so delicious. The employees are so friendly and greet you with a smile.

Roman Candles

I feel like they where better as a kid, but still bread sticks, FIIIIRE htu if you wanna be in a coma

Nanette Scoville

A good dining experience. "Call ahead seating" - registered through the website and only waited 10 minutes after our arrival for a table. Zucchini "noodle" dish with chicken and a light creamy basil sauce with vegetables was delicious and I have always liked the unlimited salad with my entree.

Lisa Juarez

Nice place to go friendly waiter and really good shrimp

Lee Lesow

The food was amazing not a long wait food was served hot and the waitress was very attendant

Denise Collinsworth

Great service. Love the new selection and hige portions, it was definitely enough for 2 meals. Great price.

James Crowell

Great service, Good food, Reasonable price.


My waiter had a very good workout because I didn’t say “when” when he grated my cheese! Lol he was very cool maybe mike is his name? Don’t recall but he was the coolest waiter I’ve ever met there! Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed the night there!

Pramod Paul

Nice food, I tried chicken Alfredo here and it’s the best. Bread with that white sauce is amazing.

Legal Preparation Group

What is awesome good service good food went with my date to celebrate her promotion in a new job with more money had an awesome time definitely would I recommend the restaurant friendly service clean and food was served promptly

All Political

Great food, great service, decent prices. Manager is very nice and waiter was very attentive and quick with our orders. Would eat here again!

Teresa Burbank

The food was actually very good, very tasty the five stars though goes to the wait staff. They went above and beyond and very friendly. That always makes eating out with kids easier.

Tina Maldonado Castillo

Best wait staff around. Very friendly and courteous always asking you if you need something.

Eric Brown

The Restaurant was very nice and clean and the staff were the best, they were very helpful and nice, I ordered the tour of Italy and my God it was good, the salad and bread sticks were fantastic. Not only the Restaurant but the staff deserve 5 stars.

jake estes

Horrible service. I have NEVER been to a restaurant where servers don’t clear their patrons table. A busser came up to me and asked to clear my table for them. There’s more of them than bussers. Food is mediocre. Great lunch specials. Would rather eat somewhere else.

Andrew Colosky

I got their to go meals and I was impressed. They were fast prompt and it was great.

Akshata Valsraj

Wonderful, quick service. As a vegetarian, this is one of my favorite places to eat! Their sauces are vegan and sometimes gluten free. The eggplant parmagiana is our favorite here. I also love the fact that we get salad/soup and bread sticks with our meal!

MARY Fleckenstein

It was awful. The waitress forgot half of the items we ordered, rarely came back to check on us and when she did, she took my husband's plate even before he was done. She became angry when I asked for the items we did not receive to be removed from the bill.

vicki bohall

The service was very good. The food was.a little disappointing . The salad needed more dressing and the pasta needed seasoning

Lejla Pilipovic

Espresso was the best and server was nice and quick food was delicious love salad and breadsticks

Robert Raynor

Good food at fair prices

Nathan Marks

I don't remember Olive Garden being this good! My family had a room off the side of the normal dining room as we we're celebrating my sister's bday. We had a good time and the staff took good care.

Mal Frasier

Food was very good, atmosphere also very nice, service was good but a little slow at times.

Michelle Williams

Chicken gnocchi soup, tiramisu and coffee. Delicious, our server David was great.

Femi Olawole

Very timely, friendly people. And the food and drinks were delicious.

Tara Bray

Its mediocre. Service is little on slow side. Got my order wrong. But she polite overall , and tried her hardest I will give her that. But would have loved faster service. Waited at least 15min just for soup and salad. Restaurant itself is also very nice

Vonnie Jobe

No bruchetta. That is a sin. Can't go there if there is no bruchetta.

Jonathan Hoofman

The waitress, who failed to give us a name, took at least 10 minutes to greet us. She then promptly took our drink order, however did bring them out until 20 minutes into our dining experience. She then took our order. Upon bringing our food, we did not see her again until at least 20 minutes after we were done eating and ready to pay. She brought us the receipt and quickly disappeared. We did not see her again until about another 15 minutes. We did not receive a single refill, even though our drinks were empty after the appetizer. We love Olive Garden, and hope to return, but with better service.


I think our waitress stole our table from another then just forgot about us. She also charged $40 to a card that was supposed to be charged only $10, when it was Specifically explained how we wanted it cashed out, and kept the cash as a tip. She didn't even apologize. I could go on....

Edin Plavulj

I would recommend this place only if you’re in the mood for rubbery microwaved pasta. Party of 6 and 5 of us ran for the washroom!!! Never again

Summer Pizzica

We always order from here and never had any issues with our food but sad to say this time was different. We ordered take out with soup, salad and bread-sticks. The soup was horrible and wish I had taken a picture before I let it go down the drain. There were no pasta or beans in there. All it had was green beans, seemed like the last bowl that was left over. I guess it's better to eat there and not do take out. So disappointed!


Was absolutely wonderful. ......had the traditional salad with fettuccine Alfredo

Alejandra Cruz

Good food and friendly, helpful staff

KICH Radio

Olive Garden Came out for the Build your own pasta comes with Your choice of UNLIMITED Soup or Salad We Opted for soup with an unlimited salad for the table we had the fettuccini with creamy pesto and italian sausage, The rigatoni with cheese and sausage, And the rigatoni with Mushroom sauce and grilled shrimp also the kids pizza with spaghetti marinara all starting at just 9.99 weekends classic italian flavors throughout, our server Ramon was very personable and understanding to our various demands ie Ranch Salad as opposed to Italian Dressed Salad with Ranch, and Additional Noche for our Chicken Noche Soups The Unlimited Bread was warm and readily available on demand great experience overall would suggest for special evening out, Mother's Day etc...

Chloe Vasquez

Italian food and the scene at this place is super good. Will surely make a return trip. Prices that won't break you.

Alfred Quair

It's great the bread the pasta and salad.Mmm

Jenni McGraw

There was a short wait for a table, but it was worth. The pasta figoli wasn't as good as it usually is, but the salad was as delicious as usual. Our server was attentive and friendly.

Stephanie Martinez

Always good and always leave full

Penny Davis

Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend the Chicken Alfredo

Amy Jo

I live next door to this particular location and we always order to go. The servers are very pleasant and the food is generally very good. The last time we ordered food my mother's steak was under cooked and inedible. I called the restaurant and spoke with the manager. He sent my mother a gift card to make up for the mistake. We've never had a bad experience otherwise.


UPDATED: Management contacted me. After Speaking to the Manager They apologized and we discussed what happened. Everyone is allowed a bad night. I was more concerned with the way I was spoken to. I was Impressed with the Professional way Management handled this situation. It was immediately addressed No business should be judged on 1 experience, 1 opinion or 1 employee. If you do not allow the business to rectify the issue, you have half the blame. I would return to this location. ********************** I rarely give 1 Star. My family met here because it was centrally located for our large party. This dinner was a DISASTER. We ordered 3 Appetizers, bread and our drinks. 15 minutes later we were given our drinks &bread. The appetizer (One!) for Eleven People arrived after we Asked Twice for it/ them. Two of our party ordered the steaks. One rare & one medium. 1 came BURNT, the other was cold. I ordered linguini with marinara, vegetables &shrimp My Food Never Arrived while everyone ate. Not even a mistake. "Isabel" finally checked on us for drinks... I was just sitting watching everyone eating. I was enjoying conversation. She looked SHOCKED I didn't have food ???? So.. They made some monstrosity mess with chicken on it and the waitress "Isabel" asked, "Is this okay? Do You want to eat this?" I looked at the poor waitress and told her to give it to a co-worker. I felt bad for Isabel. She was in way above her head. No Management or staff was helping her. The kitchen has no idea what they are doing. I heard other tables complaining too. I saw people shaking their heads in disgust. Not good signs. The "Manager" everyone has mentioned... I asked for him and I was told he isn't the Manager. Liz told me she is the manager but she doesn't have time to go to the tables. She also said she KNEW Isabel was having "ISSUES" with our table... ???? She went on to tell me "You know we aren't a Steak Restaurant, right?" Then she threw Isabel under "The Proverbial Bus" and said she should have had someone else working with her. I didn't know it was the waitstaff who decided who worked the tables. I found this location was managed very badly. The food was not even sub-par. Even the restaurant tiramisu had ice in it. I can buy tiramisu at Walmart, Tony's or Mariano's that would taste better than this mess. Obviously, the fact I have reviewed restaurants from family owned to 5 star in Different Countries... I'm not reviewing this for a Gift Card. Think Twice before bringing a party bigger than 5 to this location. Corporate needs to look at the management of this location.

darius wade

Server was great, but I found 2 hairs in my chicken gnocchi soup. They were small like eyebrow or eyelashes like someone had been plucking them while making the soup.

Anndea Jordan

Pedro was an amazing server! Good food for a good price.

jim dyra

Very well paced dining experience and our server Cassie was very pleasant.

Chuck McCool

Small salad served, only enough for for all party members. Had two meals served with hair in the food. One plate was reserved, they left the protein off. Credit card machines battery died as we payed for the meal. Restroom was filthy. Lack of details, hair nets, and poor supervision.

Pamela Isley

Probably the best Olive Garden my husband and I have ever been to. Waiters were attentive and kind. They said the wait on Friday night would be 30 minutes, but we were seated in 15. Awesome!

Laurel Callahan

I love the zuppa Toscana!!! So yummy

Kaylee Lock

Good food, but service was TERRIBLE. Worst server ever. Never served us water, breadsticks, or salad becuase we had to ask him. I would recommend a different olive garden. Just terrible.

brooke miller

Great service and great food cheesticks are to die for

Ernestina Wright

Emilo provided excellent customer service. Overall, service and food were good. I would come back.

Bill Johnson

Alot of people complain about this restaurant because the prices are a little high not horribly but a little high. The food however is very regional for Italy it's of a Tuscan variety in is really quite good. They have a reason but not super extensive wine list and the service is always excellent. . The all you can eat soap or salad and breadsticks is a really nice touch and their lunch specials and dinner specials are extremely good values.

Marissa Shelton

A bit pricey, but the food was worth every penny. Every worker is very nice and helpful!


Wonderful food. Servers are great. Great experience

Miguel Castillo

Good food service is good 2

Zoe Bever

They had a whole bunch of high schoolers come, but they were still able to help everybody else. That's pro quality right there!

Kimberly Walker

Ate at the bar. Super fast service. The bartender we had was so nice and conversational. Even though a chain they have excellent food.

Mary Ellen Ball

I always enjoy Olive Garden. Our server was lovely and took excellent care of us.

Kelly Flick

I stopped on my way in to work 10/07/2018. I was pretty disappointed, I ordered spaghetti with meat sauce, meatballs, salad and breadsticks. For starters there was suppose to be 3 meatballs in the order (there were only 2 in the container). The spaghetti and meat sauce had very little sauce it was very dry and had very little taste (since I got this to go I could NOT send it back). Now I understand that I will need to check my order before I leave if I ever order to go again!

Butch Brooks

Waitress was prompt and courteous. All the food is delicious.

Tom Ross

Came in lateish sat at the bar. Bartender was really sweet and patient with us (already was a long night) asked for a recommendation on food it was amazing also asked for a wine that paired and that was perfect with the food. Enjoyable experience

Robert Mosley

The food was delicious and service was okay.

UTC7513 UTR7513

Awesome services. Great selection and pricing. Yummy food.

Melissa Kline

Delicious lasagna. Great service

Myra Filler

Good food. Good service. Friendly manager.

Gayle Burnett

I love the food . The salad and bread sticks are fantastic. The prices are high for dinner, but if you go for lunch or early dinner, the prices on there specials are very reasonable

Cheryl Elam

The food was good for what it was. It's pasta and soup and salad... but when you walk through the front doors it smells very strongly of urine. The smell was terrible. When we walked a little ways to go be seated I could smell a change in odor to that of garlic and olive oil thank goodness. I was very hesitant to stay at first due to the over whelming smell of urine and someone really needs to attend to that. As we left I mentioned again to my husband about the smell as we had to go out the same door we had came in, and as I got outside another lady was commenting to her daughter (I assume it was her daughter) that it smelled like pee. ( her words, not mine) I just elbowed my husband and said see, it's not just me!

Paula Appleget

Good food but not very clean

Prudence Dy

You will always leave with a happy tummy!

D Yarbough

We we're celebrating my goddaughter's leaving for college. The food was good but the service of the waitress was not great. She acted as if she had an attitude. The party could have been better with another server. She needed to go home and check her attitude.

J Font

Really good food! Even better service! Ask for cliff he is really a outstanding waiter. Super friendly! Made the whole experience better! Way to go!

Paige Gorman

Quite disappointed with the fact that the advertisement was terribly misleading the dinner duos were advertised as 8.99 for 2 entrees but costed 8.99 each also NEVER play the table games I does not advertise a price and requires no verification but will charge your card 2 dollars, kids just press the button and there parents pay without knowing. Again I am quite disappointed with that but our server was very pleasant. And the was good as well , it would have been better if they had advertised correctly though.

TOYIN42 Mary

Emily give us Very good service we enjoy our time there

Karen Treadway

Food is so good. Such a treat to enjoy.


They didn't get the order right but fixed it quickly fried shrimp ruined by garlic sause made breading come off and the shrimp were tiny friend ordered different shrimp dish larger deveined shrimp was good after unwanted tomatoe chunks were removed. I'll go again just not order that

Kayla Boogaerts

Service was great! Aside from that quality of food is not what it used to be. I feel like the chain has gone the cheap route, with meals still costing $12-17. I've given them the last chance, I will not be back.

Patrick MacLaughton-Burr

Great service. Delicious pasta.

Nicole Roberts

While being seated we were told there was no silverware but once wrapped and ready someone would bring us 3 sets. Ordered our food and appetizer, food was brought before the appetizer and we sat for about 10 minutes with food and salad on the table but nothing to eat with, they eventually brought us forks. Finally we asked about the appetizer and was told it had been ready but no one brought it out. When it came to the table it was almost a joke, there was barely any calamari on the plate! I enjoy the food and yes it was good but we left feeling pretty robbed due to the service...

Misty Dickerson

Pueblo voted olive garden best in town. I disagree. I & the servers were the youngest there. The only thing the server did was bring out the food. They expected us to order and pay on the pos on the table. The flatware had dirty lettuce and we had to ask 4 times for another. There were no real sugar. Even the peach tea had artificial sweeteners. He also never took the tea off the bill. Then wanted a $ tip!. I wanted to walk the $ tip back to the cooks!!!! Shame on pueblo!!!!

Katherine ward

Service was great. I ordered chicken parmigiana, the middle of the chicken tasted like it was not cooked all the way. And the pasta had a stale taste to it.

David Kerr

Best waitress, great service and food.

Mind Diary

Staff seems attentive & prompt with service. Salad was tasty & good bread, however main dish was not satisfying. Our waitress was exceptional.

Debbie chavez

Everyone was so friendly but our Server Casey was exceptional. What a sweetheart she was and very professional! We will be back. If Olive garden has recognizion I'd recommend her for Employee of the month!

Joseph R

Mallory was super friendly and a much needed breath of fresh air so far away from home. The staff seated us promptly to which we were immediately spoken to by our server. Very clean and fast service. One thing I have to say is that management should have made sure to have dried up some of the water in the entryway. This was there as i assume it was wet mopped prior to opening. This is just a safety issue first off as there were the early bird Sunday church crowd showing up left and right. Someone could have been hurt with severe consequences to life. I am not attempting to take anything away in terms of fast and efficient, food quality or friendliness of staff!!! Just an FYI if you beat the crowd upon arrival.

John Kyser

Great food. Love the bread sticks. Nice variety. Good service.

Susan McCoy

Very good service,food is good,salad is great,not to fond of the bread sticks,no garlic on them or butter.

carlton shirkey

Olive Garden has to be one of the most consistent places I have ever been. It is always good and I have never had bad service. I tried to only go about once a month so I don't spoil it. Very too happy to have one close to the house.

Hope OBryon

Food was good and the service was great

Robert Smith

Quality fast large servings of food great atmosphere great customer service

Michael Sung

I don’t usually go to Olive Gardens but on this particular business trip, I found one in Waterford and decided to give it a try. It’s a really beautiful place that mimics a local street in Italy. The food is actually pretty good! The portions were just about right without but being too much or too little. Service came with a smile and the evening ended with a really enjoyable dinner as I imagined myself dining, in the streets of Calabria.

Becky Wright

This time the food came out really quick, and the portions were right. The waitress was attentive and the manager visit our table and was very nice to my daughter. It was 3 PM and they were not busy. We all got the Buy One, Get One Home and it was a great!


By far the best service and food I've had in a while! Endless soup was so bomb!

Tim Fields

Always busy loud the service is grest and the food good

Bob Descoteaux

Always good food n service

Cameron Whisler

The food was amazing. Service was fantastic. The wait wasn't bad.

Stephanie Grigsby

What you should expect from an olive garden. Tends to be a little crowded at peek hours (obviously) but always room in the bar for adults, which helps free up space for families in the dining room.

Edward Riley

Always the same, great food, service & prices

Diane Barrett

Love this place just always so Busy and very friendly. Love the bottomless salad and bread .

Paige Fisher

Waitress was wonderful. Food was great. But the smell of ucky carpet hit me right at the host's stand and only got worse as we went back into the dining hall. Maybe no carpet with food. I dont know why places do that to themselves.

Yayi Dejesus

With the deals they have We got a lot for less. Our waitress was excellent

jody rattigan

Wonderful time with my family. Foid was excellent . Service was a little laxs and unfortunately our dishes were dirty. Which kinda of altered the mood at first.

Susan DiMascio

Wonderful Pasta and Wine. Waitstaff (Joey) awesome . Very helpful and friendly.

Christian Morrison

Very large and clean location, but our waitstaff was a bit scarce

Gracie Vasquez

Had a very delightful night at Olive Garden celebrating our anniversary! Our hostess was very nice and attendant to our needs. She even joined us celebrating our anniversary.

Marlee Storrar

Great service.. most times there is a long waiting time so call ahead during busy hours! Always has the best bread sticks

Douglas Grey

Great hot fresh food, great value and waiter Doug was attentive and friendly.

Denyelle Hart

Severer was standing around taking before she had even brought us drinks. Another server brought my kids milk and then she did too not realizing someone else took the initiative. I think she realized she messed up the brought free salad.

Sierra Gray

It's olive garden anything else to say lol

Prplegurila .

Good food. Kinda expensive. Good customer service.

Maria Canales

The services it was slow but the waitres still being very friendly it seemed that she was new so not problem with that. The salad was good the dressing was very good , mozzarella cheese sticks and bread were good . The ravioli wasn't good at all not fresh and sauce it wasn't the best . The giant chicken my husband ordered it was way so much better.

Robin Crawford

Our waitress was great. The food was excellent. Surprised we had to wait 15 minutes on a Tuesday but overall great experience.

Matt Byington

Food and menus are not what they used to be food was dry like it was reheated and on the menus not a lot to choose from and much smaller menu the salad was great but also didn't get bread sticks but the waiter was great but was very disappointed with the food and menus probably wont be going back

Logan Gamble

Never had a bad experience here, food is always good and service is always great.

Cindy Estes

Good food great staff

dondonandpepsi record

Shay was our server and she was absolutely wonderful!

Oğuz Alp Duran

Papa bless for the bread sticks and the meal I ordered, 20oz steak with macaroni, was cheap and the service was great.

Frasquito Pfalz

This restaurant is a shining star over the otherwise bleary options on bleary Pueblo. I was greeted with a friendly greeting upon entrance into the restaurant and seated promptly. Service was prompt and professional. Food, as always at the Olive Garden, was plentiful. I was offered a to-go bag with extra fresh breadsticks. Overall, I had a great lunch here, and was grateful that even in depressing Pueblo, there was an Olive Garden.

Alfredo Perez

I always had a great experience dining in and take out the food is always consistent. And the service is always great

Hollie Moore

Love the food. Atmosphere is great. Service is good.

Ariana Pacunayen

Food was tasty and good but a lil bit pricey tho

Sal Vaccarino

Crowded. Sat at bar. Great service. Fast response. Food came out quickly and piping hot. Well cooked. Great portions. Definitely recommend the stuffed pasta while it lasts.

Lori Garcia

It's Olive garden! Need I say more? Salad was fresh, appetizer was very good. Food was delicious as always. Where you go for food with no surprises. Good service, and you know you will leave very full.

Roy Ford

Good customer service but, very small dinner portions and salads. They used to serve large dinner portions and great salads. Now everything is skimpy, including their appetizers.

Gail Lineberry

Pricey for the amount of food and the salmon my husband and I both got were overcooked and dry. The pasta dishes my family got were tasty but overpriced for a ton of pasta and a little meat. Salad and bread sticks were good as usual. Our waitress, Gloria, was fantastic; very attentive.

Christine Such

Loved the food but will never dine again. Supported Trump

zanne the cat

I like the Olive Garden make the salad and they give you a taste of the wine before you can actually buy a bottle. There's no rush everyone was friendly and seem to be glad you were there

Simar Kaur

Good tasteful vegetarian options. I am a fan of their breadsticks and minestrone soup; which is also served at a keep it coming basis. Favorite regular Italian spot

Lorena Brannum

Food not like it used to be!!! Pasta Noodles still needed to be cooked they were hard!!! Waitress not the greatest!!; on the positive note kudos to the bartender my drink was very yummy

Cindy Simons

We celebrated my Mom's birthday here and we had really wonderful service. The food was excellent as always too. I hadn't been in for quite a while, so this was the first time I had seen it since the remodel. Looks great!

Joshua Cadieux

Clean; great staff. Good food at reasonable prices

Dawn Fitch

Don't get eggplant parmesan to go. It was soggy by the time I got home.

Faith Peterson

Reliable. Fast lunch. Decent value.

Jeromy Baldwin

The food comes cold and the manager lady acts like a drug addict when you let her know the food took an hour to come and it was cold. They over pressure their waitstaff clearly.. leave your food sitting there. Even chickfila always has warm food.

SlightlyAboveTheClouds .

Best olive garden in the area

Ralph Castaneda

Very pleasant service and good food.

Kitty Vonsnapps

Let me start out by saying that this place looks awesome. That being said, I wish the food was as amazing as the decorations. What we got was even lower in standard than typical olive garden food. We ordered the stuffed mushrooms and pasta chips to start. What we received was uncooked, Cold, and gross. We ended up not even eating the mushrooms because they looked as if someone has pulled them from a package and microwaved them just enough to warm them but not cook them. ( It's bad when the stuffing is actually shaped like a square like it was pumped from a tube ) The main dish was okay, I have no clue where on the menu is said my chicken scampi was going to be filled with sweet pepper seeds and have red pepper flakes slopped onto my plate because someone got a little crazy with the spices. Salad, I know... How can they mess up a salad. It's like their thing! Well they did, the salad was filled with bitter large chunks that where inedible. The bread sticks ( again something they are famous for ) where cold and tough to eat. Now, on to the wait staff, our waiter was... Kinda nice... He smiled to your face but after he walked away his smile dropped to a " I hate food service " scowl as he brooded by the register. I can't blame the guy because, well he works at Olive Garden. But the one person who drove me nuts was this waitress who was teaching the new girl the ropes. She was so loud and ridiculous about the service their she came off as super fake. More times than one did I have to plug my ears due to her loud forced laugh that made me wish I was in another section. I'm all down for teaching the new girl how to be confident and friendly, but dear lord you don't have to laugh so loud even the hard of hearing are like " jeez, someone shove a bread stick in that chicks mouth so she'll quiet down " all in all, it's Olive Garden, don't expect a 5 star meal from a 2 star place. It's a chain restaurant so the expectations are low already ( especially since they had folks coming in dressed in their finest pair of pajamas plastered with Deadpool riding a unicorn for dinner ) but this place lowered the bar a foot or so more with their unappetizing food and Sonic boom servers.

Rebecca Miller

Food was good as usual. The waiter dumped my drink in my lap. He did comp our dessert. But I just don't like wearing my drink.

Madison Pierson

Very bad service, long wait, and wrong orders. the food was very cold. need better workers.

Terrence Boatwright

The hold was really good! The service was great! I enjoyed myself! Happy New Year it was a great way to go to eat dinner before the New Year!

Cole Wakasugi

The service is very good here. Not just our server but I noticed that the other servers were very cordial and friendly. The food service is fast and the pasta is tasty.

Cecil Abbott

Excellent food and friendly service. Awesome breadsticks and salad.

Photo Love by Jennifer

Great friendly service during this visit wonderful fresh tasty hot food. Comfy atmosphere.

Steve Cassel

Great food and great service!

Dave's World

Was quick seating and as usual food was great.

Dan Lee

Most of the time it is a good place to order from. However tonight they gave me the thick pasta instead of angel hair even though the container said angel hair on it. Also, they asked if I wanted extra salad dressing and I said no thanks. Later realized I had no dressing at all. Slow down and do it right O.G. Oh and the "extra" bread sticks must have vanished in the bag with the salad dressing.

Samir Pathak

Awesome restaurant and awesome food. We had some guests from India wanted to try Italian food and i do not see any better choice then this. Staff is awesome too.

Robert Langwell

Best food I’ve had in a long time

Diane Mackay

Pleasant atmosphere Good food

Geoff Thompson

Not the greatest. Food lacked seasoning coffee was on the cold side

Tina Bologna

Definitely not the Olive Garden I knew. 10 minute seating wait was 22. Table we were seated at didn't have complete menu. Wait time for drinks and then food was excessive. Medium steak was served very rare, food was just OK. Server was friendly but unaccessible. This was at 4:15 pm.

Annum Malik

Had lunch with a friend.. Menu is perfect, something for everyone.. Service was awesome and staff very accommodating. Will be back definitely!

Melissa Day

Just ordered online. Order was late for pick up. Ready time was 12:10. It wasnt ready till 12:20 which made our lunch time screwed. When she got back here all the pastas didnt have enough sauce Were not super far either so it couldnt have dried up. 80% of my pasta didnt have sauce on it. All 3 of them were lacking sauce. Unfortunately, bad service.... next time we will choose a different Italian restaurant. I had high Hope's since all of us really were craving olive garden. We spent more than 50 bucks too.

Jo Roach

Very good food and service


Food was great, fair price and we had the best waiter ever, Jake. What a fine young man. May God bless you and your boss give you a raise!

Rosalinda Botello Juarez

This location has so many great memories and seems to taste the best of most Olive Gardens I've been to.

Mary Rasa

I like this place. It has good food and reasonable price.


Great food. Great service and very clean.

Shelley Norman

Alex our waitress was AWESOME!!! Good food and even better conversation with my bff!!!

Raymond Nix

Food was good. However, every piece of silverware had signifigant amount of old food stuck on it. The manager took it all away and came back with fresh silver, which he bragged anout "polishing" himself. Fail; still food on the silver! Also the server, and his man bun, were awful. Can you be amy more distracted??? And please dude, stop saying "my man".

Dennis Bufford

Why I loved this place/ good food, good service!

Barb T

It was filthy. The wall railing at our booth had dirt and hair. Therefore we didn't enjoy it at all.

Bert Roy Peterson

Nice atmosphere, good food, promotes fat puppy syndrome

Nicholas Mohs

It's nice. Waiter was very good and the food was good good place to go one a date

B Garrett

Very good food as always and friendly staff.

wayne mateyov

Quality of food has gone down. Portion sizes gotten smaller

Linda Germann

Salad was good. Service with Angelina was outstanding. Food was just okay. When I go to a restaurant I want the food to taste better than I can make at home. This wasn't up to my standards.

Unique Treasures

Had a great time with my family ❤️

Traci l Tiscareno

Food was good but they advertised a early bird special that is 8.99 Well they have 2 different menus that show this make sure u get the one off the small menu even though the regular menu says 8.98. Mon -Thursday

Aaron Clark

Was here for the buy one get one promotion. Food was solid American chain restaurant food and staff was attentive and friendly. If you eat here, you already know what to expect and won't be disappointed. Can get busy at predictable times.

slammers Moore Sr

As always.. never disappointed!! If you guys go sit in Carl's section.. short Asian guy.. this guy rocks it every time!!

Linda Spahn

Great good food..great people

Tasha Watson

Nice place to eat. Great customer service

Niekka Barnes

Restored my faith in restaurants and all that they should stand for. I was greeted by every staff member I came in contact with. The restaurant was clean especially the restrooms. The food was amazing and service was quick. The manager was proactive and it made a world of difference. He didn't stay behind the scenes. He went to each table and greeted each guest. I will definitely be back

Bertha Scott

Wide variety of menu items. Love the service and the prices. No long wait from ordering to receiving our meals.

Jeff Beenblossom

The soup chicken dumplings.....cant get any cold service ever....soup so good it made the main meal all was a 10

Sergio Sanchez

Very good food, good service and always welcoming environment. This is my girlfriend's favorite spot

Sheila Valadez

Ordered soup to go. Extremely Salty. Won't go back

Tina Fulkerson

Awesome food and the $5 take home Ziti was so good the next day

Lidia Maria Polo Izquierdo

Excellent food and excellent attention of a young man named David J has been very attentive to all my orders thanks always need people like that to feel good thank you very much.

RrfdaEcNIE way Carter

Tables were a little sticky plus wobbled salad was a little wilted and the tour of Italy was not as good as it had been....

Mario Nunez

Excellent service. Very prompt with bringing our orders out. Our Server Jahd did an absolutely amazing job. Thx for the wonderful dining experience

Jaeii Martinez

Took forever to take our order, the salad and breadsticks were brought by a different server because she noticed we still never got any from ours. Food came forever later and wasnt cooked to my satisfaction what so ever. Zucchini was super soggy, steak was over cooked. Literally one of my favorite restaurants and was SO DISAPPOINTED in our visit. A manager brought out a new plate to go because at that point we waited over and hour to hardly even enjoy our meals.

Estes Hilzman

Appetizer, Wine, Salad and Breadsticks were solid as usual. Entrees including the kids Mac and Cheese were terrible. How do you screw up Mac n Cheese? Bring back the State Gorgonzola Alfredo!!!! Men's bathroom looked like it hadn't had attention from the staff all day. Bummer

Eva Heckathorn

We're seated within 10 min. Service was excellent.

Linda Ferguson

I always love the unlimited bread sticks and salad. Entrees were delicious and couldn't ask for better wait staff. For $5 we purchased an extra entree to go. Great value.

Tina South

Love, love the zusi soup, the salad is simply amazing. And the bread speaks for itsself

Kris Ayers

Just an average Italian restaurant. Food and service are fine but nothing special. I wouldn't go out of my way to go here but I don't avoid it either.

Amber Aguirre

We had very good service our waiter was very attentive and our food taste great

Derek Decimo

Awesome staff and food is always on point

Kaye Easton

Great food, great service. Had soup and salad lunch and it was all good. The young man that was our waiter couldn't have done a better job. Highly recommend

Chelssy Cole

Good food but I waited nearly an hour after Pick up at 9 months pregnant. There were not any seats available so I had to stand the whole time

Patta Waay

Great place to eat and reasonable price. The only thing that was uncomfortable were the booths because they were a tight squeeze.

trisha bennett

Great lunch specials. Soup and salad with ice tea and a tip for $13

J Shankle

Got togo order. Quick in and out despite being busy, pasta fagoli is delicious!

porsha Lee

Service is a wait but overall great food

Billy Bragg

Food was great service not so much.. i will go there again though

Frankie Hansberry

Good food, our waitress seemed new however she did a good job overall. The restaurant has a peaceful atmosphere and the wait wasn't extremely long to be seated.

Olu Shoneye

Half price beer and wine while you wait

Destiny Upton

Really they are great the wait sometimes. Can be a little long but other then that food is amazing

Fran Nankee

Love the Olive Garden. Always have good food but today I had calamari that was shriveled up and dried out and on the cool side. Would not order it again. My friends' pasta dishes were very good.

Daniel Robbins

Shared a nice spaghetti dinner with my wife,a glass of wine and soup to go : joyful place

Monty Mann

Soup and salad at a booth in the bar room. A favourite of ours. Coffee was good, too. Beat the lunch rush on Thanksgiving weekend.

Jessica Caraballo

My husband and I had gift cards from Christmas that we decided last minute to use. For a Saturday at 5:30, it was incredibly packed (insert sarcastic smirk here), but the hostess and our waitress were handling it extremely well and with ease! I was able to get a glass of wine half price with my buzzer - a surprise bonus for waiting - and our waitress Aspen was delightful. She took our drink and appetizer order right away, giving us time to decide on food. Everything came out hot and almost immediately, but she was able to place a hold on our food so we had time to catch up. At the end, we were having trouble paying with the machine at the table and she helped with that as well. We will definitely be back!!

Sean Urquhart

This place is overall a good restaurant to eat in. Staff is nice. The food is decent and what you would expect. Pretty standard Olive Garden which isn't a bad thing.

J. Myers

Good customer service and well good quality food all for the right and well deserved price. I love my waiter, Daniel, who was very well knowledge in the type of food preference and suggestion. Overall, well good meal for the first time experience of me going there. I will recommend anyone to go.

Dorothy Eagle

Somewhat disappointed. Got a dirty wine glass. Waiter took it back brought another.Poured my wine into it and realized the glass was warm from being washed. Not a good thing for chilled wine. Drank the rest out of the caraffe. Sad

Jess Tharp

Wr ordered the buy one take one pastas. This deal was a great value. The food and service was very good.

melissa markos

food is great and sevise was fantastic

David Matthews

Lively customer service not to mention good food and cheap prices

Peggy Van Den Baard

Service great--John was the best! Only thing that would have made it better, the prices and selections.

Susan Ward

Good food, wonderful service and wait time wasn't long. Noticed they had done some updating, seemed to add more room. And they had added a place to place and pick up to go orders.

michael andersen

Great day time bartender. Going back this Friday. The hostess was excellent too, Denise, Compt me a free beer for waiting 5 minutes !!

Linda Setinc

Good food, good specials, generous portions and good people.

Miguel Azpeytia

The server was great and friendy made me feel right at home. And like a King. (Edgar) he was very attentive, and polite. Can wait to bring not only my wife and kids. But my brothers and cousins.

Sue Sterling

Wonderful place went around 5:00 no wait great waitress food was really good

Margaret Anderson

Always better than good food.Wonderful. Excellent chefs. Great choices to please all. Very relaxing. And great staff & service here in Pueblo


Colleen was my waitperson. Very helpful, friendly. Food very good. I will return.

Wendy Bialek

Busy but wait time was way less than they told us. Food was very good. Lots of wait staff on duty.

Connie M

I love this place this is where all my family came for dinner in the memory of my mother she told us this is the best place to eat


Love the salad! Can't beat eat one take one home. Food good as usual. Great server.

Beverly Zonavetch

My waiter was fabulous(DAVID), THANKU

Tracy Cavalier

Service was excellent. We had salad and bread sticks. They had a special, buy one and take one home. Both my husband and I are the salad. He ate most of the entree and I ate about a fourth of mine. We brought everything home. I had part of my leftover for breakfast and still had more to eat later.

Libbie Miller

Always GREAT food and excellent service

Randy Bolt

All good. Our server was a pro and food was good.

Patricia Kowalski

If I could give them 0 stars I would!! We decided to have an enjoyable evening and the food was HORRIBLE and the portions were so small my grandson didn't even get full. We will NEVER return there again!!!!

David Berkowitz

We were able to book a table for 8 at peak lunchtime on a Wednesday. That won't be possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas! The food was as expected for this chain. There is much better Italian to be had in the area, but there is also much worse. The value for the cost is quite good. And service was great.

william lewis

Saturday March 9th was the first time i went into a olive garden, my girlfriend was raving about how good it was so we went. omg the waiter took her salad when she was not even done with it yet. we were there probably a total of 40 minutes for lunch we were rushed out it seems. The waiter must of asked us how our food was a total of 5 times wth if i say its good once its good !! very polite but rushy rushy did not offer the $5.00 plate to go, or anything desert. i really dont think i will go again i like to take my time and eat and talk and not get bothered so much. i try another one in a different location. MAYBE !!!

Melissa Eddens

Came for my birthday a few days ago! Absolutely love this Olive Garden. My food was perfection and the waitress was amazing. They gave me a free dessert for my birthday and a lot of Andes mints, my fave! I also love their Peach Bellini! Though the friend I came with was disappointed with her food.. she loves the ravioli but in her last few trips, this one included, there wasn’t sauce covering all the noodles, so some parts of the ravioli were overcooked and rubbery, she even ordered extra sauce and it was still this way... that’s the only complaint we had though! Still will come back and will recommend!

Wanda Day

Over charged us $11.00 for dinner. I ordered the buy one get one. Price was $12.99. We ordered 2. They charged use or the single dinner at $17.99 each. Overcharged us.

Rick White

Fantastic food, great staff, wonderful surroundings, but you pay for what you get

William Spain Pool-Aide

Good food, great service, nice environment, o would recommend this place to anyone who likes pasta dishes, they do have steak and chicken and shrimp and a few appetizers, plus deserts, drinks and a variety of wine, the menu even helps pair each dish with a specific type of wine to enjoy with that meal, as far as price, the price is as about as good as any other place in town, it did seem a bit lower then others on check out so that's an added bonus, plus with and dinner you buy, you get a huge unlimited bowl of salad and a basket of unlimited bread sticks to accompany your meal as well as a few home made soups. Enjoy and have fun everybody :)

Pete Crow

Good food. Great service. Noodles were a bit dry - needed more sauce but overall was great. More food than I could eat. Limitless bread sticks and salad.

Deanna Love

This is the best Olive Garden I've ever visited. My waitress was awesome and the food was amazing.

Leslie Novakknipp

Always good food and service. When it's crowded, like today, the place is horribly noisy. Difficult at times to hear the person across the table from you!

peggy pamplin

Food was delicious & plentiful , wait staff was wonderful & courteous !

Brittani Santos

The best waitress ever!!

Mike Anzalone

Great food great service

Matt Smyly

Food wasn't great. Salad was best part. 5$ take home deal is good.

Gladys Pabon

The dinner we had was delicious. Chicken Gnocchi soup was awesome had two bowls. Dishes we had were chicken & shirmp carbonara and Tour of Italy. The atmosphere was nice.

Eric Gibbons

The food is decent. Of course everyone loves the salad and their Italian dishes are what you would expect. The outside landscaping is run down. Inside of the restaurant is a bit drab. Staff is friendly. They don’t give out the mints unless you ask. I’d say it is a bit pricey for atmosphere and food.

Regina Green

Delicious and great service!


Amazing. Service was quick and, servers were very sweet.

Dylan Romandine

Anne was our bartender, you could tell she loves her job and cares about her customers. Definitely will be back again


Love this place! Every waiter I've had has been super friendly and helpful and all the waiters are super attractive too which adds to the setting. They always give lots of cheese on my food and it's very much appreciated.

Tammy Horton

I could eat here everyday, great service, pleasant atmosphere

heather swiney

The food here is always fresh with good servers. I’ve been to this and other Olive Gardens countless times. This is one my faves for service from waitresses and bartenders.

Larry Tarr

Had a very good meal and the service was good.

Hex Kusmey

I rarely eat here and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was. Serving staff, attending staff were excellent. Food was amazing and quite filling.

Brandy Jones

Went in for an interview. The restaurant is very welcoming. The decorations an painting of the inside looks fantastic. An all the smells where amazing. The staff all where very welcoming with huge smiles.

Sierra Snapp

Good food, friendly service.

david roach

Quality pastas at a fair price with a big selection.

Josh Riggs

All you can eat soup and salad is nice but everything else is a bit over priced

Carrie Fiddler

The food isn't very good quality. And it's way overpriced. We paid almost $20 for a salmon entree and it was small piece of fish that wasn't anything special and 3/4 of the plate was barely cooked broccoli cut into HUGE inedible chunks. My chicken parmesan was overcooked and tasted like something you get out of the freezer section at the grocery store.

Teresa Callahan

Always love the classy dining. Good food every time

Pamela Stockton

Excellent service. Good food. Our server was one of the best we have had at any Olive Garden.

Blake Walker

Perfect! Nothing was wrong, and the waiter was extreamly nice. It was fun.

Smeemee OvO

Ask for Misha. Super fantastic servwr and very animated .

Mike Cunningham

Food: Excellent, Service: Excellent, Value: Excellent. Thank You Andrew for the great service.

Karen Young

This is the 2nd time that we have had very unprofessional service at this Olive Garden, today we left after 12 minutes of waiting to be seated It was 4 pm on Saturday, 75% of the tables were empty. Upon arrival host was talking to 3 employees, never greeted til end of conversation. Told us 5-10 minute wait, walked to bar area, multiple servers standing around talking, most of restaurant empty. Sat there for 12 minutes, left and went to Outback where we had awesome food and Service!

Lisa Higgins

Nice, new decor! Super clean and great service....oh and the Shrimp Scampi was delicious!

DaNita Morrow

Love olive garden. Has amazing service. And their food always hits the spot!❤

Diann Sekerak

Great food and fantastic service. Always quick on refills and very friendly.

Brittany Short

Awesome waitress, food was served very quick, always clean and friendly staffing.

Miranda Ennen

Awesome drinks food is always fabulous never had a complaint and our server tanisha had great suggestions a wonderful attitude.


A month and a half ago, we had one of the best waiters ever. Tyler? You rock! Thank you! Yesterday, another fantastic waitress.


Update visited again and service was amazing from Shawn and Shelly the gm was very sweet thank you for inviting us back was a great visit we will be back soon.


Not a bad park. Nice trail from one waterfall to the next. Quiet and not alot of people

Dianna Reynolds

Waiter was great first off. Salad was very good and just to my taste. Yummy. My dinner was fabulous. I loved it and had never eaten it at Olive Garden. But very tasty. Thank You From the Both of Us....

Beth Baker

Excellent food, portions could have been bigger,great customer service ..and Callie was great and attentive waitress ...

Debi Sullivan

Had drinks with a friend there. Great atmosphere and personable staff.