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1823 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jerry Neel's Bar-B-Q & Catering IN Arkansas

Deborah Trevisiol

Freaken Awsome !!! Love it.. Cheap..and good Ribs..

John Smith

Great barbecue.

Billy Coleman

I like the bbq bologna best, of all the smoked meats Sides are good. For me the weak link is the sauces. Also a little on the pricey side. Not generous portions . Pink Flamingo, and Pig & Pepper also Arts Bbq are a much better bbq dining experience.

David Lindsey

Very good

mack zimmerman

When you see the owner is more concerned with his phone call than providing good service that is the first clue. Big bald dude talking into the air, or his bluetooth who seemed like he didn't care. The way he talked to his employees, and I'm guessing wife pissed me off. There is Carl's jr right across the street or catfish cove a few feet down. Don't give this tool any money.

Joe Jacobs

Great food,but their "complimentary" salad had rotten lettuce in it,and wasn't big enough to matter.The place seemed too enclosed and there wasn't alot of room,I don't know how that isn't a fire hazard.The owner was rude acting,we mentioned that it was somebody's birthday,they didn't care.We got one "Happy Birthday" from an employee.The commercial for it sure wasn't accurate.

Tricia Neissl

Good food and a great waitress!

Tammy Valentine

I personally didnt care for it. I wont be going back

Pamela Whaley Denham

Great BBQ & Cole Slaw Sandwich

William Rack

Where's the beef!!! Definitely won't be going back.

David Martin

Food was excellent people friendly

Erna Harman

Great food even better service

Asimo Radio

Met the owner, Jake. Not sure why but he apoeared quite rude and standoffish...

Jacky Smith

Tried the catfish and Chicken today , they were both very tasty. Some of the best catfish we have had in a while.

John Curry

The best baked beans I've ever had.

Larry Robbins

Best BBQ around

Little Bird

Ate here many many times no issues but, the one time I do have issues I was ambushed by a very hateful waitress and a manager that had no time to deal with the issue. I will not be returning and I will make it an effort to let everyone know how rudely I was treated by a waitress and owner!

Rhonda Wood

Best local bbq

Michael Jones

Twice I've ended up here starving for BBQ when the Pink place was closed or closing 50 minutes early. I've had enough to decide Neel's is better than Pink. From now on I'll be choosing to come here first. Love the turkey and the okra.

Shannon Pulliam

Probably the worst BBQ I've ever had! The "famous"twice baked potato was nothing more then a baked potato with cheese melted on top.The brisket was paper thin and had no flavor. To finish it up the strawberry shortcake was Burnt and the strawberries were not even ripe.Poor excuse for Arkansas BBQ.

Gayle Greb

Good bbq!

greg honea

Hickory smoked.

L Hart

My 1st time eating here and the food was Great-bar b que brisket sandwich! Didn't like the apple cobbler

Michael Osborn


Kalen Tobey

Best French fries I've ever had. Really good barbeque as well.

Mary Rose

Not crazy about there BBQ

Joseph Person

Its ok.

Timothy Lamoureux

Great place for twice baked potatoes and catfish breaded.

Bruce Goodman

Super Food Super Service Highly Recommended

Crystal Norman

Great food. I love the ribs on Fridays and Saturdays!

paul denton

To go order was served with cheap sporks that i couldnt use on brisket. Plus the lady slammed the window shut as I asked for hot BBQ sauce. The food was good as always however.

Mitchell Oxfotd

Not my favorite, but it is okay for fast Bar B Que

Tina Stapleton

BBQ excellent

Lemuel Moore

OMG. I love me some Jerry Neal's. Every time I head to Fort Smith, AR I grab me some Jerry Neal's. I always get the Chop beef sandwich, ribs potatoes salad and beans. omg they even stayed open an extra 30 mins for me to come and get my food while I was stuck at a basketball game one night. Love this place.

Kenneth Parks

Always good BBQ.We love eating there.

Klean Ridez

Portions are a bit small but the food was very good. And the server was very kind.

Clifford A. Looper Jr

Good food and good Service to

Mary Rollins

Great food and great people.

kain masters

It's so so theres definitely better bbq around

Buford Myers

Terrible BBQ and the sides aren't good either. Definitely better BBQ places to eat in Fort Smith.

Clayashbie Williams

Oh my the ribs are tender and very flavorful. The service was on point as well.

Tammie Kilgore

Amazing place great service and tasted delicious

lacey b

The ribs were so good, potato salad, beans everything was great. Our server Jamie was great as well!

Sharon Meyets

They have the best potato salad

Donna Willmon

My favorite bbq restaurant in Arkansas.

rosie hull

Food and customer service were equally awful. Chicken was raw and bloody. Potato salad was bland. Fried okra was burnt. When I called the store and asked to speak to a manager they didn't know who the manager was. Come on people, get it together.

Todd Swanson

Great food and great people

C. Jones

Ribs were great, okra was delicious, coleslaw needed work.

Sally Olson

I had a great time here. The brisket BBQ sandwich is amazing and the fries are pretty good. If you are looking for something different, this place is for you. They also have a drive through so that makes things even better for on-the-go BBQ

mitzy dillard

It was one of the worst resturants I've ever ate at. BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERIVICE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. They have absolutely no respect for you whatsoever. Theres way better bbq in town. Food was cold and old. They couldnt get the SIMPLE 1 ORDER RIGHT I HAD. It took the girl 4 times to finally get it. Waaayyyy too expensive. I wldnt be that proud Jerry Neel of that bbq. If ur not a young pretty female u will not get good service. Good luck with Jerry neel's.. Worst ever. And again I have to reiterate how shirty the coustomer service is EVERYTIME ive gone there. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN

Asa Eisen

The food was great.

Russell Baker

Very good BBQ. Twice Baked Potatoes are great,

Adrian Rafidy

Best BBQ around

John Sponaugle

Prices were good. Taste was also good. We will go back.

Lisa Holt

Best BBQ in Fort Smith

Grady Earls

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! All of the 5 Star Reviews that you see here are FAKE! Do not eat at this restaurant. Former employees will tell you of the mold growing in the BBQ sauce. The open pickle bucket under the counter where they keep them. The roach infestation. How their twice baked potatoes are mashed up by hand using no gloves. The owner has a "No Glove" policy. Recently a catering event had a used band-aid in the meat. The owner did not care.

Chad Langley

Great food, great service, never have or had any issues with this place ever! Ignore the nancys that complain if you have a issue just let the staff know and they will do what they can to make it right .

Henry McClure

It was great first time eating there

Vicky Dyke


Sherrye Coomer

We enjoy eating here. Delicious!

corey harris

Awesome food

Nathan Rozell

Love the twice baked potato's, and much friendlier than Ralph's.

Darren Beavers

My tea glass was greasy when I picked it up and spilt in my dates lap

Steve Carroll

Jerry Neel has served the best smoked meat and BBQ in Fort Smith for many years. The service and quality has remained consistently excellent.

Red Holt

Best barque in fort smith excellent service has well

Jackie Roy-West

Best twice bake ever!!

Frank H

3 ribs for $9.99 and there wasn't a full bite of meat on any rib. Add a coke and bill bill was $13.15. Still hungry. 2nd time here and won't be back.

Brenda Lewis

This is my go-to bbq place in town. We went again today and the food was really delicious. My only regret is that they were out of chicken (that has never happened to me before). The ribs were excellent and I always enjoy the potato salad. Their sweet tea is so tasty. The service was also great. Try going on the weekend when the owner is more likely to be there, the food seems to be even more delicious.

Jim WS - RAZOR Boston

only bbq joint i eat at in Fort Smith

Forrest Adams

Best Bar B Q in the area.

Timothy Aldridge

Customer experience is good. I love the atmosphere and decor of the building and has good food. I had the BBQ chicken sandwich with loaded baked potatoes. The baked potato was especially great.

Emily Jett

Great owners!!

Cherie Millard

Best BBQ place around! Very friendly service!

Wilburn Goss,Jr.

Good baby b cue

Ms Opal

Is there a way to give negative stars? Staff was OK. Food was garbage. We neither one even finished our plates. I mean this place should be closed.

Jeanna Lewis

The food was fresh, excellent. I would recommend it

Duke Arnold

good bbq but they close early

Kat Stephens

Me and my husband had dinner there it was very good the owner was super nice ,I and my husband will definitely be back thank great food very delish.

Torger Lewis



Would not go back

Jessica Hester

BEST twice baked potatoes and BBQ in Fort Smith!!! Don't waste your time and money at Pink Flamingo or anywhere else that claims to be "the best"! This is the place to be!! :)

Lisa Skinner

One of my favorite barbecue places!!

dstwalley1 .

Good BBq food, portions on the small side. Small Sandwitch platter. Need a bigger bun for your buck.

Rob Nugent

Always good food, but can be a little pricey.

Kim McNeill

I always get carryout. The order is always correct and everyone that helps me is very nice and professional. The food is always great.

Draper Crone

The food was fresh and tasty. Good bbq

Susan Hope

Good barbeque and great service

Steven Spradlin

Fantastic food, great wait staff, and prices comparable to any fast food joint in town. Love it and will definitely make this a routine stop!

Darlene Morris

We like eating here. Staff is friendly, food is good. We tried catfish today which they just started serving about 3 weeks ago and it is really good! Next time we go, we will be getting the catfish!

Connie Bree

Oh my goodness...these folks are friendly! They really took care of our catering

Crystal Sturdivant

You must eat here atleast once in your life....and you'll be back.

Jeffrey Smith

Excellent taste, portion size to price seems expensive for lunch!

Brianna Holmes

Love coming here. Great food and service

101Ambee .

Just no..

Angela Owens

Famous for their twice baked potatoes and strawberry short cake is the bomb

Zeke Mockicin

Service was was good....for a first time visit

Daisy Decay

Ate a chopped pork sandwich from here which gave me food poison. Also the prices are way too expensive especially for a twice baked potato with a piece of kraft cheese melted on it.

Wanda Gibson

Always great experience. Personalized service and makes you feel at home. Great food too of course.

Ron Blair

Good at a good price

Debbie Nickles

Always Great food and service! YUM!!!

Tim Mason

Not impressed

Brett Cowles

Real smoked meats! I prefer my bologna sliced thick. Only my opinion

Brittani Curtis

The only good thing me and my family had was fries and sweet tea. We got sliced beef sandwich ( tasted like left over Arbys meat), my spouse got pulled chicken sandwich and it was dry no flavor in fact she didn’t even eat half of it. The service was amazing which is really sad that the food just sucked!

Danny Bohannon

Great barbecue at a good price and good service

Arnoldine Castleberry

2 strips of fish 2 sides Texas toast 10.95 so disappointed!

Marie Ginther

Best BBQ around!

Karen Brown

Food is absolutely delicious!

James Green

This was the worst BBQ experience I've ever had food was awful. For example ribs are not cooked on a smoker they are baked and have tons of congealed fat on them and baked beans are terrible they have too much onion. Also they use store bought sauce that you can go buy at Walmart its call Bullseye BBQ sauce. I will never eat there again. If u want BBQ in Ft. Smith go somewhere like Pink Flamingo

Marija Fudge

Great taste and good portions

Lori Jarrett

The owners are rude

Gary Deal

Food was good but cold service was very good price was little high

Lori Yarbery

It is a good place to eat but not like it used to be. I only gave it 2 stars because it was not as expected.

Andrew Garland

Don’t like the workers here seem to be on drugs

zac todd

Used to be very good... Got me a brisket dinner... My toast was hard... My twice baked potatoe was terrible.... I used to love the twice baked potatoe... Also the lady that rang me up put her bare hands on my toast.... Why do they cover up the drive thru window??

suni vallun

Catfish was really salty...I couldn't finish it. The beans were cold. Staff was not friendly....seemed a little put out by having to take my order.

Steven Elbert Smith

Good food.

Debbie Vanbuskirk

Pretty good food at affordable prices! You get pretty big portions and the meat is smoked which is why I gave it 3 stars. I'm not big on smoke flavor. It's the better barbecue place out of the ones in Fort Smith.

Jimmy Bryant

Yes sir its good and tasty. The service was great the food Was great. The owner came around and talked to all patrons. Will be going back.

Blake Hatfield

Food was a joke. A salad i ordered was literally on a plate that would hold like two egg rolls and it was $4.25, the oil tasted old so everything we ordered that needed fried was bad tasting. Our glass cups had chipped rims which can cause a cut if not careful. But the waiters were very nice.

Jose Alvarado

Great food, first time eating there and boy I highly recommend this place.

Brent Ramsey

I love this place, in my opinion best BBQ in the area hands down... They also have twice baked potatos that are amazing.

Rasta Pasta

God I love these guys. I know this isn't like whats from other states but darn i like these guys. I have been coming here for years and will continue to do so

Mya McGinnis

Fast and friendly

Diane Frandsen

Miss going here with Ron

Austin K

Friendly waitresses and the place has some charm but between not having pulled pork - a BBQ staple item - and a blaring 60" can find a better place.

Rich Moody

Best BBQ in the World!!!

Emanuel Young

Worst BBQ ever! You might cook at home!


Great food and service

Digger Hall

Was the worst brisket I've ever had these people do not know what barbecue is the beans are of a can the twice-baked potato had a slice of American cheese on it hey let's bring out some shredded cheese how about maybe Jazzing it up a little bit

michelle schmoker

Good Food

Johnnie Melton

Food an serves was GREAT

Sharon McEnturff

My twice baked potato was scrapped out and looked like it was filled in with creamy mashed potatoes and sliced cheese and tasted like walmart bbq in a bowl. The baked beans was horrible. The best thing we had was my 7yr old sons grilled cheese sandwich. Was very pricey meal and food was horrible. Art's BBQ is way better!!!

jerri smith

Not the best,it use to he awesome.

Ken Basinger

I could eat here everyday !

Travis Beck

The brisket was tender and juicy. The sauce was slightly hot. The coleslaw had a strong vinegar finish. Overall, I thought the meal was very good and flavorful.

Denise Jernigan

The mouth watering aroma of smoked bbq hits you immediately. Cozy atmosphere, friendly folks, good food, affordable.

Sylvia Newsom

Catered dinner for a group I was in. It was delicious. BBQ rocks. Yummo!!!

Superior Appliances

Great food and awesome friendly staff!

Charles C

Very disapointed dry meat half a corn on the cobb and my pulled pork sandwhick was skimpy and so damn hot it burned the hell out of my mouth. My baked potato came with a piecd of kraft cheese wth ghetto as hell here tiny mason jars as cups one drink and the soda is gone since there is so much ice, nasty menu I won't even touch it

Darrell Jones

Very good meal. reasonbley priced

Dave Baker

The baked beans are amazing. Other side dishes I've had are a bit hit or miss. The meats are good.

Brian Smith

Average good


First time eating here & honestly it sucks. Spent $25 for 2 people & didn't get close to being full. The ribs were not that good & very small with not much meat to them. The sides are super small. I won't be eating at this place again, very disappointed.

Ed Bonessi

Great local barbeque joint, great selection and Family owned for decades. First time I've gone and will definitely be back!

Sharn Harrigan

Decent place to eat, good food. Decent prices.

Britanie Fountain

Friendly service, good food. Nostalgic environment.

JC Yep

I hadn't been to Jerry Neels in several years, the food was still good but very pricey. It was ridiculous what we paid for lunch that day.

April Geels

Owner's kinda a here but the food is some of the best in town!

Brett Hurst

The food is always good and the servers are friendly. Wish they would turn the tv to anything but Fox News.

Kim Taulbee

Love the barbeque at this place. They have also recently added a catfish dinner. All you can drink soda and tea offered here. Relaxing setting, friendly customer service. Owner known to regularly visit customers to verify satisfaction and converses, and knows his customers. Portions are appropriate for price, easy to see driving by. Ribs, tenderloin, chopped pork? Open face or sandwich? It is delicious however you choose!

Dawn Droel

Jerry Neel's BBQ catered a banquet for our event, serving 150 people. We could not have had a better experience! The food was hot and delicious, the staff was wonderful! Jerry Neel's brought in BBQ ribs, sliced beef, marinated chicken, potatoes, beans, rolls, salad, and desserts - all above expectations in flavor, presentation, and delivery. We will be using them again next year!

Matthew Przybysz

Great local restaurant. Twice baked potatoes are fantastic!

Janice Clark

I'm extremely disappointed. Several years ago I ate there at least once a week while I was there on business. It was always delicious. Today I was in town and decided to get 4 dinners to go. I couldn't wait to get home 50 miles away to enjoy my meal. I'm extremely disappointed.I paid $41 and it wound up being a lot of salt, I mean a lot, and oil. I didn't eat all of the dinner because it was like eating a spoon of salt with every bite. I had the chopped beef dinner with baked beans (also very salty) and potato salad. The potato salad was good. I don't kniw what happened to the recipes but this was awful

Patricia Ryman

I enjoyed my slice pork dinner

Joy Dillard

Wish I could give no stars..All Jerry hires is young females that have no idea about customer service. It was pouring rain as I went to order in the drive thru and it took the girl inside, who was too busy with her convo, about a minute or so to finally ask me what I would like.She took my order, had it wrong twice in the drive thru.. pulled to the window and continued to talk to another young girl and ignore me as I was trying to hand her my money. Order was still wrong TWICE AT THE WINDOW. When Jerry finally came to the window to bring me my twice baked potato it was shrivled and cold like it had been under a lamp for an hour.again the same girl still ignored me handing me sour cream. Jerry Neil without a doubt has the worst customer service that I have ever seen in this entire town. I will not ever be going back and I will tell everyone who thinks they want to try it the deal. Also I agree with some of the others. Food isn't that great at all and I hope u like ur BBQ old and cold.. horrible horrible horrible .. Jerry needs to find some females with a brain. My God!!!

Stephen Oliver

The man behind the counter named Jake was completely rude using foul language. I had called in a order for business reasons and I was guaranteed the food to be ready by 12 P.M.. Arived at 12:05 the food was not ready the order was incomplete and nothing we ordered was correct. Not to mention 6 of the 8 platters had hair in them. Jerry neals has now lost the business of this company and personal business of many more.

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