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REVIEWS OF Sweet Tomatoes IN Arizona

Liz Baker

A variety of salads!! I love it

Renee O'Dea

Clean, delicious food, polite staff! Great service and friendly people. Food is well cooked and stocked all the time. Lots of variety and healthy options. Well worth the price!

Gillian Lee

At today's meal prices it's a good deal for an all you can eat Soup and Salad buffet, but it can be very packed with people so the later you go the better. It would be nice if they had a greater range of breads (they have focaccia type bread) and some foods that contained protein, as the only salad ingredients that have that are Egg crumbles, Cheese and Beans.

John Abbott

Excellent salads with several types of soups. Baked potatoes, breads, & desserts round out the available extras that come at no additional charge.

O Loi

Love love love the fresh veggies and the price is good too. My kid and us eat like king and come home hungry because it veggies. The soup was bad every time and I only used the stock to make other dish I combined soup. I love the ice cream it was good each time. Come here if you want to eat healthy

dave stillie

Great food, good selection, good price

Lisa Langhammer

My granddaughter loves this place

Anita Squires

Good price and you get what you want to eat

June Field

Always nice. Everything fresh and made on premises. Clean. The homemade soups and breads to fruit and ice cream. All good.

Jay See

My favorite salad place. Always fresh ingredients. Pasta bar is good too. The pizza is the only area that needs improvement.

Eng.marwan abduljawad

I love this place. I know it seems healthy but it is semi healthy. They have everything fresh vegetables, soups, pizza, and dessert. My kids get excited everytime we go there as they can get an ice cream. I really would recommend this place, and the price is really good. Just don’t forget to subscribe to their online program so you get coupons every month.

Wil Andru Pasco

Great food. Baked goods and salads area and soups were stocked timely

Janet Jordan

Lots of it all in !

Brian Langkan

We really miss the Sweet Tomatoes back home in Illinois and love visiting these restaurants anytime we are in an area where they are still active. Great soups and awesome salad selection! The servers were very kind and attentive too. The warm food selection was limited but tasty. Hope we get to visit again soon!


It's pretty good. Not much choices besides the soup and the salad. They had 6 different soups when i went. And plenty of choices for salad. If you like soup and salad I highly recommend this place.


Good salad. Poor soup

Fritzi Redgrave

very nice. good variety. wonderful black bean soup.

Mike Glaze

Always one of my favorites. You make your own salad; tons of different lettuce (iceberg, romaine, spring greens, spinach), vegetables (carrots, green pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, etc.), beans (kidney, chickpea, peas, etc.), pasta, nuts, cheese, raisins, etc. More choices than you can shake a stick at! They also have prepared salads like Ceasar, Oriental chicken, pasta salads, potato salad, and others. And I haven't even started on the soups (at least 5 different ones), breads, pasta a la carte, etc. And to top everything off, frozen yogurt. I NEVER leave hungry. :-)

Fabian Quezada

Good salads and great soup. The strawberry lemonade is amazing

Denise K

Love sweet tomatoes!!!! Fresh and delicious food!

Darlene Trujillo

Great soups or salad desserts are also good. Very health great food.

Melissa Moreno

Friday night staple for my family. The buffet is always clean and we'll stocked. Employees are friendly but not overbearing. The food is fresh and healthy with lots of options. I crave the cream of mushroom good!! And I love that there are gluten-free and sugar-free options. Always a good experience.

robert banerd

Great food a little pricey but worth it

Priscilla Leyva

Great place to eat if your a vegan or a vegetarian. All around healthy and delicious food. My favorite place to take my mother to a quick lunch. Staff is always friendly and kind.

Lea Uptain

Nicely kept salad bar...fresh, plentiful selections. There's also breads, soups, pasta and an ice cream bar. Service is limited but never had a stack of plates on the table.

Wendy Greene

Clean restaurant with friendly servers. An excellent variety of salads and toppings. However their pasta and soup quality leaves a tiny bit to be desired. It's mostly the fact that pasta doesn't travel well after it's cooked. So being left in a bowl waiting to be served it tends to turn to gelatinous mush. However the breads are very nice and blueberry muffins and brownie bites are a great dessert.

Barb Plymale

Very nice clean place.

Shawn Pendley

I always wondered what Sweet Tomatoes was, so I finally went in and discovered that it's essentially a big salad bar. What I liked was that everything was very fresh, but I was disappointed with the basic selection. I would have thought that if the concept is "salad bar," there would be several more options to choose from. I did see people gravitating to another area later and getting ice cream, so I assume it's a dessert station. The ambiance, with bright lights, open booths and noise, leans more toward fast food than relaxed dining. But the food was simple, fresh and good.

Shanna C

We love this place so much we drive clear across town quite often to take the family. I sure wish they had one in Marana.

Joanne Christmas

My grandkids love sweet tomatoes and I love them eating veggies and salad.We go there every time they are over at our house!

Christy Price

We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes. Fresh good food good service

Yiqing Wang

Food are fresh and test good!

pia van der schoor

Love fresh food?? This place has a great variety

Charlene Dillon

Very nice place, very good food.

Sandy Chapman

I love the variety of ingredients for your salad I just love this

TrikesterHal .

I you love cream of mushroom soup and I mean if you r-e-a-l-l-y love cream of mushroom soup then you should go here. It's incredible, even in summer.


Good food at a good price. Get Lunch Combo with Beverage For $11.99: Valid For Each Dine-in Adult Lunch Or To-go Combo #2 Only, Including One Milk Or Non-bottled Beverage. Expires on 01/09/2019 at 4:00 PM

Jennifer O'Hotto

Everything was good, service was great. Everyone in our party left full and happy

Julian Gonzales

If u wanna eat healthy, this is the place to come!! Delicious salad and foccacia

Eric Gonzales

Friday nights has my favorite clam chowder in Tucson. I love the salad options. Really love the turkey chili. Always busy so food is fresh, but at times hard to find a table for a family of 6.

robert sumner

Love this place they do need to put one on the far Eastside Rita Ranch area that's building up so much

Mike B

Excellent food and service always fresh food and great quality we love it

Keiran Zehmisch

My mother and I have been coming to this particular Sweet Tomatoes for over 10 years now whenever she is in town. I can't necessarily compare this location to any other location, but it is certainly a good restaurant. The staff has always been friendly, and the food is well stocked. The tables are kept clean, and I've never had any complaints about the cleanliness of anything else, either. The salad bar at the front of the store is just the start. I adore the big chunk chicken noodle soup that they serve here, and I always have a couple bowls. There are frequently new things to try too. My mother tells me that their pizza and soft serve ice cream are great. For what you get, and the variety of food, I'd say this place is a great value. If any of what I've said sounds appealing, this place is for you.

Jerry Davis

Food ok for salads but it's getting old and tired. How about a new one on the next side of town. Really too far to trave.l

Leo T

Surprised there is no waiting at 12:30 pm on Friday afternoon August 2. Over here we can eat as healthy or as unhealthy as one wants. You can eat salad but if you load it up with tons of pasta or high calories dressing then what is the point? Also if you come here you can’t pass up on the chicken noodle soup unless you’re a vegan. Also you can’t pass up on the ice cream, but to make it great you need to add the chocolate brownie or the chocolate muffin to make it taste like the hot chocolate lava cake!

Dane Clayton

The only good thing about Sweet Tomatoes is the salad and I can make that at home. Unfortunately the food here is very bland and has no taste. Not a place for someone who is looking for flavor. The upside is that the staff seems nice. However at the end of the day the food here is just not worth the drive.

Rodney Haywood

This was my first visit to Sweet Tomatoes in all my years of living here, and I've gotta say I never thought a salad buffet would be something I'd like! Everything was quite fresh, and the cauliflower cheese soup was great! What an amazing, warm and velvety texture! It could benefit from some saltiness, so I added a bit of bacon from the baked potato bar, and it really rounded out the dish! Definitely give this place a shot if you've never been there!

Lorraine Tritschler

Always a great place to eat a great salad!

April Fisher

The food is amazing. It's fresh and all you can eat.

Walsh Tucson

Clean and friendly atmosphere and little price but all you can


You can build a pretty decent meatless salad here, but that's it. There's virtually no protein options here. If a salad AND some form of meat sounds good for dinner, go to Jason's Deli or even Golden Corral for that matter.

Brian Montez

Service was great. Food was fresh. This location is always on top of it.

sherif aboutaleb

Best place for light lunch or dinner, big selections for healthy food.

Whitney Lancaster

No meats for salads and nothing special for dressing, like low or no carb options. Really disappointed.

Joseph Wilkison

All you can eat salads and a great medley of soups and breads.

Wyatt Day

Salad was dank, nice crisp lettuce. Pizza was fresh to death, though a little too cheesy for my taste. To each their own on that one

Ondrej Cernicky

It's a great place to get healthy food. Friendly stuff and good ice cream. Not recommended for meat lovers, but still one of my favorite places to eat in Tucson.

Christopher Munoz

Was good, just wish people with long hair either put it up or use a net..

Janet Josleyn

Nice fresh salad fixens with lots of extras. Hot food section has good soups to choose from along with several other hot food choices. Good selection of deserts.

J S Bailey

A Fancier Souper Salad. They have a good selection of salad fixings, pasta, breads, Etc. It is just pricey. $28.00 for two people seems a little high to us. At least it is clean, fresh and the employees are friendly.

Harvey Campbell

Always good food.

Elyssa Z.

Always enjoy going to Sweet tomatoes. They were a little stingy with the fresh baked cookies. We were a table if 6 and the server walking around giving out cookies only have is 3 cookies. When we asked for more he gave us one more cookie. The pizza is actually better at this location than at the Park place location. It wasn't as dry. The prices are pretty high though. I recommend always going when you have coupons so that you are not paying for over priced buffet.

John Castillo

Five star service very clean friendly staff quick to clear dirty dishes .

Angela Launey

This is our 12 yr olds favorite restaurant. The staff are very sweet and the food is always fresh and super. And if you sign up for their coupons it doesnt break the bank. Excellent family spot for fast fresh meals.

Emily Diaz

I always love to go to Sweet Tomatoes as a delicious and healthier* option than other restaurants and buffets. Of course everything can be unhealthy if you just get pasta or fatty foods, but if you choose wisely, this is an awesome and fun restaurant to enjoy.

Rick Hollingsworth

Never had a bad experience here. Everyone that works there is super friendly and happy. Good always fresh and tasty. We're going back next time we're in Tucson.

Delia Bernabe

It is a good place to eat for the fatty people like me that wants to lose weight

Petra Zaby

Good salad bar and soup bar. However if you want more than that beware! The mac n cheese is the watery kids version without taste, the alfredo pasta was similar, no taste and dried, almost crisp pasta from sitting in the serving dish too long. The baked sweet potatoes were almost mush from sitting out too long or just plain over cooked. Very disappointing experience!

Bill Maginnis

This location, Stone & Wetmore, is our favorite location. The staff are always super nice, the salad bar is always fresh and well-stocked. Not super busy on Sunday early evening; mixed crowd, not all Q-tips having their early Sunday meal. Sign up for the Sweet Tomatoes "club" to get the coupons in email.

Dayton Brown

Very well stocked and clean salad bar, dining area kept clean by very friendly staff, soups were good.

Jessica Kennedy

I went on a Saturday around 2 thinking it wouldn't be so busy. I was wrong. Yet we had no trouble finding a seat. The food was fresh, the salad bar has many options. I enjoyed the fresh baked muffins, including a gluten free blueberry. The servers were attentive to clear away plates. My 2 year old was able to find many healthy options and didn't complain. I found many online coupons and also find monthly cirrulars with coupons. Also you can join the veggie club and get digital coupons. A great healthy dinner options for the same as fast food. They also offer take out with different options. So for those of you are to busy to eat in.

Eileen York

Great bargain...great variety...all fresh...all delicious

Kathy Irwin

Always great salads and sides. I have never had a bad experience.

Tamara woodruff

I am on a very strict diet for health reasons and this has a few things I can actually have! Clean and friendly. Very reasonably priced.

James Doering

Steady selection of good food.

Lesley Sanders

It was good and fresh and it was late a on a Sunday.

James Braner

If you're looking for a buffet with great food you can never go wrong with sweet tomatoes

Cheri Stutsman

We are regulars here. Fresh, quality food.

Jameson Lee

We frequent this place. Not much variety if you go often but still great food and decent prices.

john smith

Good selection for being good to yourself or treat yourself sweet.

Andrea Birdsong

Good. Ate in a different one.

Charity Hansen

The workers care greatly about the customers. They also pass out cookies sometimes

Zachary Wallace

It was pretty good except the pasta. Something was wrong with all three of them. Service was excellent even though they were very busy.

Tammylynn Plymale-Hinshaw

Great place. I enjoy the food and the staff. The only way it could be better is if a drink was included with the price.

Maggie Goertzen

Delicious and fresh. Really great soups. The staff was friendly and quick to remove old plates from the table when it was necessary. And brought us little chocolate chip cookies!

Deirdre Chandler

Came in from a down pour and was pleased to wait out the monsoon with some hot soup and pasta...along with a healthy salad.

Mary Crovetti

Food always very good. Would be great if they offered a premium salad bar option offering meats for the salads such as beef or chicken strips, Turkey, ham, shrimp. Good soup variety Unfortunately the coffee was not hot at all. Quite lukewarm when it's been piping hot in the past.

Elijah Yates

Amazing staff! Closed at 9pm and let's us finish our food, ended up staying past 9:30.

rsextreme477 .

Love this place, excellent vegetarian food

Jean Brecke

First and likely last time eating here. Salads have way to much dressing, if you want protein your choices are very limited. On a positive note, it appears the soups do not contain MSG. Staff was great, just find the set-up chaotic.

Clint Scott

Great price and healthy option for a mid day lunch with children.

Marcus Oliva

Love this place always leave full and happy.

Danny Perez

Great food and great customer service.

Cathy Newton

The food was really good! What i was able to eat at least They had very few gluten free options and no food allergies labeled on the food names or listed in the soups. Like Dairy, Wheat and Eggs I had assumed that Sweet Tomatoes was a restuarant allergy friendly a d would at least make people aware of the food alleegens in their food minded but found out that that was not the case I haven't eaten here in ages and took my Dad for Fathers day They did have a spinach and lentil soup that was Uh-mazing!! And the salad is always so delicious with so many options We enjoyed the food and our experience!

Sandra Weible

Great place to meet for a large variety of food. Had a coupon which made prices even better.

Rachel Thomas

This is a great place. It has a lot of salad choices and other choices to choose from.

Kelly Denison

It's always so clean and we always have mailer coupons.

Bill Thornton

Love this place. It's mostly veggies, but there are desserts and other dishes as well.

Jane Hobson

This place is just okay. Not the cleanest restaurant I have ever been in! And it never fails screaming kids LOL

Larry Graham

Salad items are fresh, crisp, and very varied. Soups are very tasty, as are the fresh baked items. The pasta dishes are not do great. If you do not want Mac and cheese there are only two choices, which often sit until they are a little dry. It seems they skimp on the sauces.


When you're looking for lots of plant foods, go here. It's primarily a lovely salad buffet, with soups, a few pastas/cheesy bread options, and baked goodies. We go when we're wanting an infusion of veggies that we don't have to prep ourselves. I think I'll call it my "home of the 2 plate salad" since that's always what I end up enjoying. 4 different lettuce/spinach/spring mix bases, all the vegetable toppings you can imagine, with a really nice roasted garlic dressing and crunchy croutons... If you're into that. I often round my salad out with pickled beets and sunflower seeds. They often have coupons if you're on the email list, so it's less than $10/person for a heck of a lot of food. The servers are generally friendly and helpful, and management is responsive. Go. Enjoy the WFPB lifestyle!

Luz Iniguez

Great salad, bread, and soup restaurant. Always enjoy the experience. Highly recommended.

Tamara Zamlich

Omg hands down the best buffet in Tucson Arizona. Loved it cant wait to go back

Princess English

Great Atmosphere. Definitely friendly staff.

Jenee McWaters

We are a large family, the manager quickly set up a table to accommodate us. Our waitress was really polite and attentive. When I told her the restrooms needed paper towels she said she would fix that right away.

Christina Nelson

Always clean, pleasant. Fresh food. Lots of choices.

Lorie Sherman

Love my salad! Great diverse ingredients.

Ann Justus

Too good...entices to over eat. Not for KETO, but great for us vege lovers. Chicken noodle soup wonderful as usual. Salad bar seemed fresh & veges crisp.

Michelle Perata

Healthy and tasty food, restaurant is always clean and staff is friendly.

Pimne Halter

Awesome staff and great food. Great place to pop in for a meal and with friends.

H. Jay Melnick

Lots of food to choose from. Healthy as well. Great for a quick meal. Reasonable prices . Enjoy.

Sherrie Young

Best family dinning.

Luis Trahin

Good healthy food and good service, fair price for the quality of the food excellent salads and soups.

Denisse Tavares

Good food. Kinda pricy but I love it

Walt Lewandowski

Sounds like a place for people on a diet. That's if you don't look at the Pasta, Pizza, breads, soups and ice cream. It's all great tasting, even the salads.

Lana Dancer

Good food and nice people

Ann Bartolucci

Great salads and soups. Terrible pasta. Not crazy they changed from coke to Pepsi. That was a bad decision. It's a nice place but SO expensive even with a coupon!

David Hanson

Best food for a casual restaurant. Very good for vegetarians.

Nancy Cleaver

Reliable. Good food. Clean

Cecilia Allison

The salad was great. It has many options and everything is fresh. Other than that the food tastes plain. This suppose to be a healthy lifestyle restaurant but the only healthy option is the salad bar. The other options are not too healthy because they all have carbs. Most of the soups have pasta. There are other pasta types and sauces, pizza and of course more bread. Not healthy options! I wanted to add some chicken or ham to my salad to compensate for not eating the rest but they do not have any. I cannot believe they do not have grill chicken or grill anything. I don't think I will go back to any on these restaurants. Paying $12 for a plain salad is not worth it.

Dave Laughlin

Food always good prices alittle high for mostly salad

Evangelina kuhni

Great for salad cravings and always fresh and clean. Great staff and manager amazing. I highly recommend sweet tomatoes. It's my 5 year old granddaughters favorite place to eat.

Linda Truelove

Food was good

Oscar Pierson

Sweet Tomatoes wasn't Busy at all. Love coming to this place with the family. The Chilly they had is always my favorite cornbread cut into 4 pieces at the bottom of the bowl then add onions and bacon then chill on top yummy. The salads are delicious due to it's the way you want it and sometimes I look at other salads and copy them that's a hit or miss.

Claudius Hunter

Food really good, service amazing & price is a bit high.

Luann Sokolovich

Make your own salad yum

Suzanne Weitzel

The large annual family gathering has been at sweet tomatoes for years! We have never been disappointed. The waitress was polite and whished us well, and see you again next year! We seem to get the same table every year!

Buck Shumway

Good food good customer service

Jennifer Wilhelm

Great variety, delicious food

Chris Lee

Great place to meet for a large variety of food. Had a coupon which made prices even better.

John Heller

Even though Sweet Tomatoes has been around for years, today was my first time there. I was impressed. The selection for salads was great. Their soups were fantastic. I especially liked the cream of mushroom. The staff was friendly and courtious. I will definitely be going back.

Rosalie Douglas

As usual Sweet Tomaroes offered nutitious food & competent service in a friendly atmosphere.

Mine Moore

Best blueberry muffins I ever ate. Service was excellent.

Jeff Wiggins

Always delicious good eating plenty of fresh tasting salads and pastry too. Awesome service with a greet & smile.

ryan james

This is the better Sweet Tomatoes out of the 2 in town. Really friendly staff and clean facilities all the way around.

Donna Phillips

The food was great, the salad bar selection seems smaller, they could use more gf options

Cindy Kopp

Family friendly up the yin yang. My kids love this place and I get them to eat a salad. So winning. The food is good too. It's not cheap. But I love the soupsssss!

Tania Larned

Clean, Fresh and well stocked. Staff are very attentive.

Lara Fisk

Good service. Fresh everything

Mark Porter

Large variety of bland food. Nothing bad and nothing really good.

Wynn Cameron Thompson

Always consistent, great fresh veggies! Soups are awesome.

Melanie Taylor

This is the best chain salad buffet i've ever been too. The quality of the food is excellent. Plenty of seating. Plenty of fresh food rotation. Floor staff is friendly. Lots of parking.

Scott Thurnau

Good food ,cool inside

Dannie Testerman

Great lunch with my son. Always enjoy eating at the Sweet Tomatoes.

Sarah Gonzales

Never been here before. Walked in, wasn't sure how everything worked. The lady refilling salads didn't greet us. We obviously looked lost for a couple of seconds, she still didn't say a word. The salad was great though! The food, eh. It will do for a quick lunch. Very clean and the wait staff that helped clear our table was extremely friendly, as was the guy making our pasta. The tapioca pudding was the best i ever had!! 3 stars because of the lady at the door has no customer service skills, at all! Not even a smile.

Roy Lovelady

Love the baked potato bar

Anusha Amen-Ra

Love this place. There needs to be many more. Everyone is friendly and kind. The salads are fresh the soups are delicious. They should be given an award.

Vicky Smith

Sweet Tomatoes is a reasonably priced salad and soup buffet restaurant. There breads, muffins, baked potatoes, pasta dishes, fruit and dessert offerings. It's very cafateria style.

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