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845 N Park Ave Suite 125, Tucson, AZ 85719, United States Located in: Main Gate Square

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REVIEWS OF Panera Bread IN Arizona

Joshua Mack

Danya Pradeep

Arthur Turnbull

Good food at a reasonable price.

Guillermo Yvanez

Nice people

Christopher Casmaer

Vood fast service and clean store

Lunar Wolf

Good food and service was fast.

Brennen Jones

Xiduo Chen

Jose Verdugo

Meal was good,but I prefer the turkey sliced instead of chunks

Dorothy Treadwell

Too pricy!

Mary Wheeler

Saying I'm going to Panera says it all. Always consistent good food great service. My go to place when I can't figure out what to eat

Andrea Faris

They’re out of everything.

Hassan Jukhadar

I love it

Donna leigh Williams

Great and friendly place

Colton Patton

Little high scale for this country boy. Fancy ordering machines, but they're good for looking up meal ingredients. Soups +1100mg sodium, YIKES! Close to campus, thought I'd give it a shot. Great Service!! Nothing special, but to each their own.

Claudette Hernandez

Good food.

marisa franco

daniel marrufo

Dean Polintan

maria fernanda

Domenico Aiello

Leandra Bailey

A good place for a bite to eat if you are visiting the UA or the downtown area. Always healthy options and very filling, just try to stay away from the wide variety of bakery items!

Jonathan Plymesser

I didn't know Brett could be so hard. I could barely choose through the cost of any of my bread, adding felt like it just came out of the refrigerator. Even my steak was cold. And the Chipotle chicken avocado sandwich had more avocado on it then chipotle chicken.

Paul Schulte

Little pricey for college students but the atmosphere is great. Coffee is always excellent. They will have changed their name to Panera Bread as of June 1.

Carmen Solis

Delicious soups!

Jonah Venglarcik

Tristan William Stevens

Neil Dutt

Lone Stars

Meh, It had ok food, though they used werid tasting ingredients, and all my family agrees. It would be an issue if the cost of 4 meals were not so extremely overpriced (44 US dollars).

Kamel Didan

Ouch, prices prices, what are they thinking.

Islam Allosh

Nice bakery but not the best for real coffee drinkers.

Monarch Shah

Allison McNally

Emily Ivison

Ashin Katwala

Over priced food for quality

Kevin Molina

Great place to study

Danae Barker

Michelle Gonzalez

Bad customer service . dont follow rules at the tucson house . were a secured building and if you cant follow our rules of not following someone in then yall need to not deliver here . im glad i dont eat yall nasty food.

Denise Sabo

Service was not great

Willip Coleman

I've been frequently here a lot lately when I realized how quickly I can get there from my house. Crave is a friendly and spacious cafe with delicious caffeinated beverages and food. Their breakfast sandwich is very tasty and it's one of the few places in town you can get a matcha green tea latte that isn't Starbucks.

Nicole Islas

Brandon Lipin

Stephen Zuniga

Lindsey Skyler Carlson

Great cookies, but mediocre sandwiches.

Linda Perry


Christoph Burger

Very nice staff!

Jill Bo Bill

Gross food, dirty restaurant, lazy staff. I ordered a breakfast croissant with the ham subbed for roasted peppers. It came out with ham. The runner took it back and from where I was sitting I watches him cut off the inside of the croissant where the ham was melted with cheese to the bread. He then reassembled the sandwich and brought it back out. The peppers were ICE COLD and slimey. I pulled them off versus sending it back again. Tables are all dirty with crumbs and fingerprints. And all this for $10 (I also got a mocha, which is okay) and the lovely soundtrack of three employees standing behind the counter gossiping with their hands in their pockets, arms crossed, ect. I know this location is at the university and so likely staffed by students, but damn.

Ravi Govindan

Good food!

md Abutaki

I like their salad and fresh juices

Roy Hernandez

Great place for food, coffee and work.. Frendly staff and very attentive.

James Belkin

I really like Paradise Bakery in general and have never been disappointed with the quality of the food. I really LOVE the salads here especially the Southwest Chicken Caesar and the BBQ Chicken. This is the largest location I have been to and am pleased that they have all the menu selections (some locations don't have everything like the one at U of A campus). Right now they are holding a 2 for 1 cookie special and the proceeds (i think) are going to a breast cancer charity, probably SGK. And with walnut chocolate chip and chocolate chip coconut how can you not resist?

Abdulaziz Soud

Jeremy Mowery

Pretty good

Evan Hancher

Great food, great staff, and very clean. Since there is no pannera close by to campus this place is now my go to place and I think I like it more than pannera

Mona Lisa Perez

Penny Cruncher


Ravi Potnuru

Katie Sellman

Service was really fast for pick up. I got grilled cheese and tomato soup combo and it was pretty good

panndaacookies213 .

Was alright but pricey for small amounts of food

Kevin Ascherfeld

Moderately long wait to pay $7 for _half_ of a breakfast sandwich. Nothing on the menu indicated that it was just a half. No comfortable place to wait for a to-go order. There are so many places near campus to get more food of similar quality for a better price, so Panera isn't likely to get return business from me. It is worth noting that the bread on which they pride themselves is indeed quite tasty.

Nick Ortega

Huseyin Husnu Ozkan

Delicious and fast serving

Audrey Grey

Carissa Powe

Service was great, food is always good at this location and it always smells amazing!

Chanthy Leang

Great food and friendly service

Derek Boettcher

Best service!

Aaron Bloom

Dependable food

german osorio

LOVE this food, the place and the campus feel, just a great food experience overall, the agave lemonade is amazing! we really enjoy or time there every time we visit!

Terry Hollinger

This place will never replace Paradise Cafe. Expensive and we were disappointed. Not reccomaded

Saqib Qureshi

First time eating here. Great service and great staff. We brought our kids to campus for lunch because they're on spring break. And when I told him that my 1 year old son was severely allergic to dairy and eggs they made him his own small special salad, brought him dried Apples and went above and beyond!!! Maxi was awesome and helped us a lot!!!

Steven Neuberger

Good food and fast service but today was the second time I was there when the dark roast coffee was empty. They need to make sure the coffee doesn't run out.

James Holden

The tomato soup was the best I think I've ever had, but the sandwich (chicken artichoke panini) was so so. Ordering is also a bit confusing if you want a coffee/smoothie drink with regular food, but we figured it out. The prices aren't terrible, either.

Justin Nguyen

Chris Jones

The bread bowls are good and lots of options available- plus they deliver now!


Their chicken salad sandwich is amazing!!!

Sarah Ledesma

Elizabeth Acosta

Nataly Rich

Love it!:) amazing sandwiches!!!^____^

femmebelshoes .

Even though Panera is a chain thus giving you a good idea what you can/will eat (especially important with allergies and food restrictions, and Panera is one of the easier menus for this) what isn't a guarantee is the service/people.... but I have got to say that the staff at the Tucson Main Gate Panera are the best!! Especially Sarah and Alexis!! Go in for the food but you will keep coming back for these guys

Andrea Padula

Nothing special !!it is a lot like panera!!! It is very pricy for what you get !!! The service was OK!!! Nothing special!!!

ron andreas

Typical Panera. Good food. Quick service. Pricey though.

•Edder Hernandez•

Lupita Meneses

Tasha LeMay

Delicious Quick and Friendly

Derek Kauanoe

This is probably one of the bigger (and technologically better - see annotated photo below) Panera's I've ever been too. I give it four stars only because, the food seems like "chain" type restaurants that serve pre-packed and "prepared" food. Also, on three visits to this particular Panera, they did not have clam chowder where as the Panera on Broadway does. I opted for the French Onion soup and an agave lemonade. (I'm not exactly sure why the agave is needed since there's also cane sugar in there. Maybe its because Anyway, one characteristic that separates this Panera from other Paneras I've been to is that you can use a self-service kiosk to order your own food and drinks instead of going to a cashier. I provide a photo showing part of a table because a little imbedded token-looking item indicates that customer can also order from the table using your phone.

gabriel castaneda

It's alright cookies are pretty good tho

Renate Kloppinger

Damian Quintela

Andrew Dalton

Lourdes Ocampo

Never fails.

Viktoriia Babicheva

Dorothy Yanez

Tim Siemsen

Thanks Panera for fresh, healthy food!

Steve Sage

Very tasty food and deserts (cookies and pastries) and nice people.

sitey mohamed

Selina Talamante

Michael McCamman

Tom Romero

Paloma Melgoza

Dennis Boyd

Christopher Sanford

The cookies and sandwiches are decent, but I think there are better options out there.

Nick Marquis

Sarah Hayes

Tristan Stevens

September Lambert

Tasty. Quick service. Wouldn't normally hit up this location by U of A. Too busy. But was meeting my student son and buying him a meal. Even got free parking after 5.

Melissa Beal

Klaudia Wynne Kendall

Great location

Brenda Smithler

Lenda Baxter-Simonic

I am not sure why there aren't more ratings. I lived in St. Louis and Panera Bread who is behind Paradise Bakery was great. Loved the French Onion Soup and the bagels were awesome. I was hoping they would come to Tucson and now they are here. Yippee. :D

Misty Tinoco

Philip Williams

Wish we had them in Kansas City. Everything is delicious!

Xavier B

Cookies are always delicious, the French onion soup was good but didn't come with cheese or bread. The sandwiches are too bready & it's fairly expensive considering what you get.

Jimena Canchis

Anayansy Perez

Carole Cerecedes

First time there and I'll definitely come back.

Ana Arzabe

Terrific menu everything is scrumptious !!

Matthew Donohue

Love the menu.. Great food near the UofA

Aseel Baarimah

Mohammed Alharbi

great place to eat or meet friends, they are famous for the cookies

GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc.

The best bread anywhere! Good sandwiches and salads as well.

Joey Zuhair

Khader Barnawi

Good place for mingling and meeting but my favorite sandwich only available in the morning

Andrew Haberbosch

So over overpriced, and not particularly healthy. Staff are nice and helpful.

Janet M

Cafe Latte better than Starbucks, which is too strong for me

Haley Young

Phil Peraza

Outstanding service and soups quick hyperefficient the turkey soup was perfect on a cold Tucson afternoon will return again and again a winner

Nicklaus Potter

Good berry smoothie and awesome cookies!!

Noemi Verdugo

Sue Harrington

Jordan Idler

Pricey but yummy food. Especially breakfast

Brian Brennan

Ordered the breakfast quiche with a friend, what we both received were microwaved, oily, mushy cheese disks resembling a quiche. A quiche has a buttery, flaky/crispy crust that noone in their right mind would ever make purely out of dough and then simply microwave before serving. Result will be mushy garbage every time. This quiche had a soggy, dough crust and was horrible. I ate mine because I hate throwing bad food back at minimum wage employees making their crap job even worse than it already is but my friend exchanged hers after literally one bite, calling it inedible. She got the breakfast burrito instead which she didnt complain about so it must have been ok. I had to go to Bentleys down the street for real food afterwards to wash the salty, oily, cheesy taste out of my mouth.

Sara A

Bri Jordan

Roy Thorp

Great salads

Sam Utzinger


Mauricio Souza Neto

I love going to Panera. Service is always good.

chris robles

Christopher fain

Matt Lemke

Smriti Govindan

I enjoyed eating at Paradise Bakery! I always felt satisfied and like I could eat healthy and tasty at the same time. I enjoyed the sandwich and soup combo which came with a cookie. As a vegetarian I was very satisfied with the number of choices available to me.

Pedro Romano

(Translated by Google) Excellent meal (Original) Excelente comida

Petra Vallone

Yum and friendly

Big Daddy Jay Mccollum


어니언스프랑 시나몬베이글 맛나요!

Thomas Hatfield

Monty Hitchcox

This location is located on the University of Arizona campus, but I would say that it is the best Panera Bread I have gone to. The staff provided excellent service.

Maria Hernandez

(Translated by Google) I hope to return (Original) Espero volver

Alan Salguero

Really good taste, fair price. Great attention from the staff. Made with love.

Bill Pier

Leaking water on the floor, yet again.

Michelle Lugo

The Staff Was Very Friendly and Polite And the salad was delicious I was able to choose exactly what I wanted on it, everything was so crisp and fresh will definitely be going back

Cory Couture

Rhonda Smith

I gave them 3 stars only because there was some very nice lady's working.. There were some that wasn't so nice I need to start asking for names.. I've eaten at not so nice Paneras & gotten way better food & service I will never go back to this 1 & I will be telling all my peeps not to go to this 1

Patricia Coyne-Johnson

Great southwestern chicken salad.

andrea mendibles

mike shor

Callista Weiss

Kelly Beckner

Robert John Hebert

Sobo soup!

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