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REVIEWS OF Los Altos Ranch Market IN Arizona

Horacio Acosta Rivera

Always a good deals!

Marcela Perez

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio


Prices and selections are good, but the customer service is horrible. The employees feel like they are doing you a favor and act like you're bothering them when you ask them a question...rude and not helpful.

Eleno Corrales

(Translated by Google) It's good (Original) Esta buenos

Irma Ventura

Me gusta Ranch market buen servicio

Annette Fritz

Great prices and fast and friendly service.

Dulce K Figueroa A

I bought some chicken I asked a lady if I can have jalapeños she said no because I had to get in the kitchen area like please I’m in the same store bad service it’s say yes to the guess no matter what

Michael Provencio

Store was nice and clean. Grill cook was slower than molases. Finally another person came and took over. Not before poeple walk out and went somewhere else to eat.

Sonya Ross

It was great! Chicken, chips, veggie,

Julian Garcia

Muy buena esperencia gracias

William Hughes


Lisa von Delden

My favorite store

Norman Thompson, Jr

Great deals on chicken drums watch for them! Prices are a hit or miss, but I never shop at one market. Bakery and Deli is awesome. Also don't forget to grab some food at their on-site restaurant, before you start shopping.

Tina Flemons

Good food good service

Dave Miller

Busy place fruits and vegetables looker very nice and the menudo and carnitas was very good.

David Raveles

No shopping carts available for the customers at the door

Mario Barrios

Classic Mexican super market. What's not to like, authentic cuisine and all the other services located inside the store.


Good Mexican food and vegetables

Kristen Suggs


Agustín Fajardo

(Translated by Google) Your food is delicious (Original) Esta rica su comida

Franciscolamas Lamas

Muy Mala comida preparada

Art Arias

I got deismillo for a BBQ and i will never buy that again very dry i have bought this before and never been so dry like this

Patricia White

Very dissatisfied with the meat department and their lack of knowledge and customer service.

Roy lopez

Nice place to find all kinds of Mexican product

Jerome Bitsoie

Great place to eat and food is good!!

Ramses Quijada

The taco Tuesday is why I go there

Arika Kaosa

Great food, good prices.

Tiffany Sanchez

Muy desepcionada. Soy nueva en el area aller pase a la tienda. Pase ala area de carne. Por equivocasion agarre la carne de otra persona y talves ella agarro la mia ya que pedi de differentes carnes. Al llegar ala caja le dije ala cajera que no era mia. Talves no la quiso regresar oh nose pero en un descuido que me di ella me la cobro. Al llegar ala casa mire la carne checke el recibo y peor que es carne que yo no como. Si me ubiera dado cuenta antes no ubiera pagado casi 12dlls por la carne. Mal trabajo de la cajera. Jamas ire a esa tienda a comprar. Deverian contratar personal amable y capasitado al servicio al cliente. Un cliente bien satisfecho siempre regresara pero yooo jamas. Cajera. Lesley.

ranulfo ramos

(Translated by Google) very well (Original) Muy bien

Jesus Canez

Don't shop here unless you're a local. But if you are a visitor and want a culture shock be my guest. I actually love this place but it's not for the faint of heart. Sometimes disorganized and the service leaves something to be desired. But good stuff to eat.

Eguardo H

Exelentes precios y la comida muy rica

Victor Rodriguez

Nice place nice people

Goerge Ybarra

Man wasn't to kind at cheese conter he was in a hurry to help someone else ☹️

Jazmine Jayme

I used to love this place but now I can't even imagine ever buying anything from there. I usually grab a few groceries and hit up the seafood area and get fried tilapia. But, the last time I went and got fried tilapia there, there were several small roaches inside the fish and no I am not exaggerating. I was horrified and haven't eaten there since, this store in general isn't very good at cleanliness which is upsetting. If the store did better with their sanitation and cleanliness then I would say this store is awesome but sadly that's not the case.

Brian Hernandez-torres

Normally cashiers here are slow, but not today holy cow, I had this tall skinny guy his name tag said Ever in the amount of time he cashed our several people the other cashiers were still on their first costumer. This guy need a raise and/or promotion

Cenen gutierrez

Pues ay de todo los antojos que tu quieras comer mexicano centro americano etc etc


I just want to say WOW! I went to this store location last week and it literally smelled like feces. Like I was walking into a baby diaper full of poop. It smelled so horrid. I went in to buy some rice and veggies and never will I go there again. I wanted to vomit and I know I was not the only one who smelled it. There were other customers I saw gagging. A store should not even be open when this happens. I left and did not buy what I needed and no longer had a want to eat dinner that night. This grocery store is disgusting

Izandro Marquez

Way too busy on Monday afternoons.

Debra Hollins

Prices are too high..Therefore i give zero stars.

Jon Tellone

Awesome store! The self serve seafood area was really gross and crusty though. Otherwise great.

Eligio Garcia

(Translated by Google) Excellent for shopping (Original) Exelente para ir de compras

everybodyking .

Best Mexican food ever

Concepcion Arias

(Translated by Google) Very good atmosphere (Original) Muy buen ambiente


Decent location.

Marycarmen Mejorada

Good items and good service and good food and prices

Alvarez Family

Does anyone know the number to the shoe and boot place in there thank you.

Gabriel Barraza

The workers at the food court were very slow and left the area many times for a long time, not very cheerful to the customer.

Emeterio Rodriguez Violeta Hernandez

Needs more registers

Lydia Lopez

No star's they have employees who don't speak English and the meat area smells

Carlos Alonso

Really great

Cheryl Silva Brumlow

Very good food, Mexican supermarket...

Rosa maria Robles

Antes le daba 5 estrellas horale doy 2 estrellas lo están des cuidando mucho

Eduardo Bazoco


Maria Salas

They forgot to bag to items and when I called to ask for them back mgr hangs up on me left message with corporate office twice and still 3weeks later no refund and no reply they lost my business

Selena Kopp

It's unique... love it

Melinda Eckert

They have the best Tortas and tacos

Mario Alexander Gonzalez

Good deals on fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, and Mexican dairy products.


The floor plan is horrible! All the isles are Bearly big enough to fit with your cart. What makes the situation worse is all the rude customers. The only good thing about the place was the employees and the wide variety of produce.

Steven Carbonell

Cashier Ashley Threw My Change At Me. She Was Very Rude ! Won't Be Going There No More

Linda Islam

Wonderful cashier named Jose V. He made shopping there a great experience. I will return.

Shawn Winfrey

Love the food here

Betty Turnbull

I like shopping here. There's a little bit of everything. I love their homemade corn tortillas and bakery selection. The only problem I find here is that every time I am checking out there's only 2-3 lanes open and the lines are huge. I don't understand why the other five lanes are closed. Obviously this is a busy market place, there shouldn't be just two lanes open for all the traffic this store gets. I spent more time in line checking out than I did shopping!

Martha Hernandez

Me gusta cómo han mejorado sus productos

M Rodriguez

Esta bien expensive todo.

Gloria Ortiz

Always the best prices.

Jerry Diaz


Briyith Perez

The bakary cashier was very rude and the cake was ugly, nothing compared to the picture. They didn't even try to make it look nice, it seems like it was a last minute making cake. Very disappointed.

Aquarian Trilogy

I go here for good deals. Sometimes there are sales on chicken for $.37-.40 a pound. They have some deals. So I'd recommend if you need to stock up on chicken for a budget or roast chicken from hot deli.

Patty Nunez

Good , found what I needed n left

Felix Penagos

Tuene n

Tanis Montes

Fui x las tortillas

Gabriel N

Early morning pan dulce.

Gordon Smith

Always a fun place to shop, not at all your your usual store.

Jessica Anderson

Fresh food, good customer service

joe jr gutierrez

Great store that specializes in Mexican imports and foods. Great food at the food court. Fresh juices and cocktails ready to eat.

Juana wesley Cruz

Gran variedad de frutas y verdura

Yvette Madero

Poor customer service and meet department was a little dirty.

Joseph Kiszczak

Great eats

Griselda Centeno

No Les recomiendo esta tienda tienen muy mal cervicio al cliente por que les pedi que por favor que me rebanaran mi queso y me dice la de la cremeria que cobran por rebanarlo si te van a cobrar por que no lo tienen ya listo y revanado tu be que esperar en linea para que me atendiera y me salieran con eso EN EL SUPER lo rebanan gratis y tienen mejor servicio .

Idalid Cabrera

Llegue acomprar pan pero está muy vacío no en contre el pan q quería ya no asen mucho pan diferente como antes asían un pan muy rico savia como mantequilla era en forma de cuadritos

Juan Delgado

(Translated by Google) Good food (Original) Buena comida

Ana D Rivas

To-do es muy fresco la comida .fruta .y .verduras

Ricardo Arenas

Los altos is a place for everyone prices are good Mexican bread is very good the place is clean and cordial.

HR Hamada

Great selection especially in the produce section. But poor selection in many things most grocery stores carry. Goodmeat dept. Theyll deep fry your fish for free in the fish dept, but it is usually too much so it's dry. Good prices and vey good sale prices. but if they don't like you in the service deli, you get less, and if they like you, you get more.

Cecilia escobedo

Nice. However they do not carry breakfast sausage of anykind. Ground beef is extremely greasy. Other then that it's a OK store. Mostly accommodates the Mexican American staple foods. Not that I mind. Its just that I don't prepare mexican food all the time. The atmosphere is cheerful though.

maria is awesome

Gracias por su buen cervicio

Lee Boykin

Office workers work really slow

Angel Lopez

Today was an easy trip. Didn't wait too long in line and there was plenty cashier's to help.

Enoc Moctezuma

Mexican food grocery store. Nothing special but they have a decent hot food deli.

Alexandra Meraz

Spoiled masa

Anna Y. Reyes

Buenas especiales, esp. las carnitas en los lunes, pero No hay suficientes cajeros, y tu tienes que embolsar la mercancía, los carritos en el estacionamiento por todos lados.

Jim Reyes

Nice people fresh food.

David Johnson

Really love the Los Altos Ranch Market. Great selection of groceries and meals ready to eat. Great value too!

Jesus Vasquez

(Translated by Google) Chicharronero very bad customer service 7/5/2019 3:15 pm (Original) Chicharronero muy mal servicio al cliente 7/5/2019 3:15 pm

Jose Leon

(Translated by Google) Very nice (Original) Muy agradable

Eli Lara

Everything is over priced


Es un lugar mille surtido en produgtos de com er y m'as

coachquinones .

Stood in the express line for 15 min behind 1 person. Ridiculous!

Anna Gottman

Was very disappointed with my visit today. I forgot to ask the gentleman at the restaurant for menudo when I placed my order, so I asked the cashier before she rang up my order. She just seemed really annoyed, and gave me a medium instead of the large, which was on special. Then I had to ask her for the tortillas that went with the other food I ordered. She snapped, "I'm getting that for you right now!"(She had already started ringing up the person behind me) I feel like I inconvenienced her for asking. Wow.

Malia.B Fa'asolo

I got everything that i need in here

Miriam Nalley

Long lines horrible

Joseph Barabe

Taco Tuesday, just lunch 11-3 I think

Linda Ojida

Love to eat here...alot of variety of taco meat.. Excellent muendo

Mario Ornelas

Good customer service.

Chris Malles

Love this store. Everything to cook wonderful Mexican food. Friendly service.

Pushpa Deshmukh

Wednesday sales very economical and fresh produce. cashiers quick.

Dorina Flores

The Mexican pastry is awesome. I'd recommend this store as one of the chain's best .

Carlos Loyd

Very cool market. You can find ethnic items that you can find in a regular store

Royalty Lifestyle

Great prices

Total Bottom

If you're looking for vegetables that are hard to find that other stores and freshly made Mexican style pastries and meat that has been marinated for barbecue, then this is your store. It's not as big as it looks, but it's got a lot of stuff inside. Definitely prefer the store then the Fry's on 7th Street and Baseline.

Ruben Navarro

Rica comida pero cara!

Steven Garman

Friendly and awesome Mexican food.

Joyce Williams

Family friendly atmosphere, good quality of seafood and meat. The prices are terrific

Husky Valedor

(Translated by Google) very BBB (Original) Muy BBB

Leonard Fisher

Shop every Wednesday for the fruit & vegetable specials. Manila mangoes at a good price this week and unlike other stores there is not a limit. Funny story today goes like this: Me: I thought that the bananas were 4lb/.99 but I see they rang up as 1lb/.69. Cashier: You didn't buy 4 lbs. Me: You mean that I have to buy 4lbs to get the advertised price? Cashier: Yes. Me: Exactly 4lbs? Cashier: Yes. Me: Please remove them from my purchase. I think that he was a new cashier.

Said Kharouta

A little bit pricier than food city.. quality is ok. The place is crowded with product. Can't move around.

Derrick Yazzie

They have one of the biggest burritos in the valley! I love bringing my kids here it is an amazing place to eat and shop in the South valley.

Eliezer Ortiz

My bueno !!

Rodrigo Diaz

No good....

ruben guevara

Great food and pan dulce

Angel Zapata

people here are dumb as hell

Roman Torres

Taste food

Juan Encinas

The deli has great. Food ready to eat or take home

Martin Gracia

Was good

Yisus Vlogs

(Translated by Google) It's good (Original) Es bueno

Israel Garcia

The best tacos in Phoenix az

William Salisbury

Great selection, always fresh.

Virginia Livingston

It was ok rude customers.

Juan Aguilar

Un lugar donde comprar y disfrutar de ricos alimentos de nuestras tierra

Angelita Santiago

My daughter and I had such a wonderful day shopping. Everyone there was so nice. Employees as well as shoppers. Great deals too!!! 8lbs of chicken for $4.60. 2+lbs decent shrimp for 14 bucks! From the east coast I love when I find good seafood.

Gigi Gary

Fresh food. Check out lines way to long of a wait.

Jazmin Ramirez

I love ranch market but the cashiers are just plain rude! Our cashier this morning was Anamina cashier #109. Our time of check out was 8:11 am today. My husband asked her how her day was going because she had such an awful attitude from the start and she didnt respond. She just ignored him. She was basically throwing out groceries into the bags. I couldn't believe. Something needs to be done about the customer service here!

martin macias

3mcu3ntro todo lo que necesitamos

Kristopher Baity

Great place to get fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as steak for carne asada. Aisle are very small and sometimes it takes a while to get checked out. My favorite place to get ingredients for my Mexican food fix.

Alma Reyes

Purchased hamburger from here and it was old it smelled like it was old and had a awful sour smell when I was cooking it..Very disappointed in this grocery store

pie Barajas

(Translated by Google) ATMs are the worst .. Always bad umor, very slow ... The truth. how bad customer service

Edmundo Luna

Not enough personal went at 445pm meat dept only 2 persons behind the meat counter 5 person ahead a me,,tried of waiting went to deli department to get cheese and ham only to 1 person working behind the counter ,how pitiful store super busy and not enough people working,where is the help???o by the way.make sure they speak English.

Jose Ramirez

Muy malo el pan y aparte nunca encuentro conchas solo las conchitas paqueñas no me gusta la panaderia de ahi

mail Cyndi

I normally love this place! However, my visit today was not good!!! I called and asked if they had four tortilla chips and was told yes. But when I went there I was told no, that they do not carry them. Very disappointing!

Dan Cordray

Wow! This place is an incredible market.

Tammy Mckellar

Kinda expensive,but their customer service is good!

Marisa Conley

Great place to get produce at

Jose Luis Lopez

MS No No haycomentarios N No No hay E Xx

Sergio Oseguera

Es un lugar donde puedes encontrar productos mexicanos y latinos.


Buen servicio encontré lo que buscaba.

Armando Villasenor

Went to buy fresh fish and the personal information was a good one they frid the fish for me free water a deener whaoo

Maria Gonzalez

They have good prices just that we all try to take advantage and they don't have enough cashiers so the lines are long to pay.

Richard Huck

Great place. Always busy and always clean.

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