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16148 N 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85382, United States

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REVIEWS OF Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que Peoria-Glendale IN Arizona

R Johnson

Carsten is an awesome server. Very attentive....thanks for delivering with the waters!

Tom Greifzu

Everything was spicy. No accomadation for people with allergies. WAY to much pepper!

Robert Torres

Me and my wife had the feast for two , ribs chicken mash potatoes mac and cheese cornbread and french fries and we even had leftovers you must try it PS most important service was great


Average at best, pass on babyback ribs definitely not their forté. More of a st Louis style rib place.

Yasmin Alvarez

BBQ is always great love the corn bread. Service with a smile

Rudy Vargas

Will go back ..all was great

Marcos Gonzalez

Ths my 3rd time here... Love it good food and service. Love to order the 2 person platter enough for 4 ... Perfect !

Michelle Moore

Love famous Dave's. Good BBQ at a good price.

Sandra Perez

Super yummy and DELICIOUS! Service was great, fast and friendly.

Robert Thomas

I have been here so many times. It is always good. I always get the Daves Favorite Burger and put some Devil Spit BBQ sauce on it. One of my favorite places to eat for sure.

Darcy Kitchen

Delicious food! Bread pudding is the best!

John Heredia

Food is always great the waitresses and hostess very nice

Michel Brown

Excellent chopped pork and spicy catfish fingers. It is a boisterous environment with good service.

Michael King

Really great barbeque place. As good burnt ends as you can get at a chain barbeque. Really great cornbread too.

Candice Grubbs

Prices r a bit high, but for the most part, worth it. Their brisket is more of a dry fall apart, than moist. It needs the sauce where as everything else pretty much can stand alone. I ordered it for my birthday. An all american feast from their to go menu. I do not like their mac and cheese. Has corn and other stuff in it. I like their potato wedges and mashed potatoes. The girl at to go was awesome. Ive had an encounter with their manager in the past. Staff was handing me food and saying goodbye without charging me at all. I called my order in over 3 hrs ahead of time and i had to wait over 30 min for my order after i got there. People behind me were cancelling their orders after hearing me complain about wait time. It was last Superbowl and i missed the beginning due to my food not being done on time. Even tho i called more than 3 hrs ahead--- Then the manager and i had a convo that didnt end so nicely. He basically told me he didnt care about my gathering and people now waiting on food at my house and me missing kickoff. I was contacted later and was given a freebie, but i will never forget how the manager treated me. Hopefully they may have a new one by now. I come here like once a month for their to go feasts for some gathering or another so the food is good- but people dont forget how you treat them.

Mary P Govis

Service was really good. The chicken was excellent the beef brisket was a little tough beans was really good. We were celebrating a birthday and we brought our own cake with us. When the waitress brought out the birthday cake. She really didn't make it special like it was a birthday. And a lot of places they'll sing to you. Here they didn't do anything.

Jasmine Perez

The food was okay, it was all mostly cold and I feel like it might have been sitting for a while before they served it to us. The portions were good but the food just wasnt worth it to me.

Blake Johnson

Kids menu priced well, but its difficult to come here without spending quite a bit. Great food.

Christina Lewis

My daughter took me here for my birthday. We were seated promptly, however, getting service took about 8 minutes just to get a hello. Ordered our food, showed waitress my birthday email. She brought our drinks and mentioned she would bring chips and the cornbread. Well, food came out because she took so long. There was a party of 10 or so next to us that she waited on too. That party was celebrating an elderly's birthday. That person received their b-day dessert and sang to. Food was not great, didn't eat all. There was A LOT of gristle in our pulled chicken sandwiches. She brought our check, no birthday dessert or song(remember I showed her my birthday email). I will not return here or recommend.

David West

Service great.. food not. Dried up meat on sandwich.

Sarah Neuer

Yesterday my husband and I had our first opportunity in a very long time to have lunch together without our twins. We walked in right when they opened sat down order our food got to snack on some chips with delicious bbq sauce choices, so much fun. Then bam my phone rings and it's my kids school l. Our son is sick with 102.3 fever. I panicked because we had already ordered. But this is where the magic happened. The staff was amazing. I unfortunately can't remember the name of our server :( but she was wonderful!! She packed up our food like a to go order very quickly even got us to go cups of water and tea like we had already ordered. We get our kids get everything situated and we got to eat our delicious lunch in our kitchen :) I thank you so very much for caring about our situation. It may not be a big deal to other people but it meant so much to me. Thank you.

Rodney Rickard

Good Barbeque! And friendly, speedy service!

kkz mom

Delicious bbq and great selection of sauces to go on top.


Great food of course but service could have been better had to wait for over 15 min before i got my plate

Omar Contreras

We ordered the for two plate and It was great!! Could of used a little bit more brisket but other than that it was amazing. Waiter was very attentive as well. We will be back soon

Brian Thompson

Chips, chicken and bread pudding summaries my visit. Food was great,chicken moist, cornbread amazing. The wait for food was not bad at all. Will go again

Christine Bowman

Famous Dave's is our go-to BBQ place. Generous portions (I can never finish my plate) with friendly staff make this a winning combination.

Donya M.B.T.C

Calvin was a great server to my family, even with them being their chaotic sleves. I truly appreciated his professionalism. The establishment was clean, had a great location wasn't tucked in to where you're just driving around looking. Burgers came out great and so did the wings! Would recommend.

Robert Gay

Great food but you have to shout to talk on a Saturday night.

Steve Hornyak

Had a burger for the 1st time with the brisket. It was very tastless and dry. I have always liked and enjoyed the other food items at Dave's and the service has been very friendly, so next time I'll stick to what I have enjoyed in the past. Restaurant was very clean.

Dave Weaver

Been here and had great food. But 2 out of 3 times the food is cold and taste like it sat around all day. The recipes are great when hot and freshly cooked. I think its just this branch that doesn't seem to care much about fresh tasting food.

mysterious chisme

This place has the most bombest ribs, it's bomb as hell

Brian Wills

GIFT CARD SCAM. Today I received an email saying you can purchase a gift card and get an additional card for 10 dollars free. In the fine print of the email it said the free card can not be used the same day. However, it did not say the one being purchased couldn’t be used that day. I called before going and they verified that the purchased card could be used the same day. Upon arriving I told the bartender my intention of purchasing gift cards and using some that day. The bartender Jamie poured our beers and then notifies the manager of our intentions. The manager then came over and said we can’t do that. I found the email and then showed the bartender. The bartender said the cards aren’t active the same day. The manager was then called back over he mentioned how servers have a contest and the gift cards are used to boost their sales. Then the general manager came over said they are used to boost sales volume and not active that day. FAMOUS DAVES ARE USING THEIR CUSTOMERS AS PAWNS IN A GAME OF CHESS. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AND WILL GO TO ATTORNEY GENERAL. THIS LOCATION HAS LOST MY BUSINESS FOREVER

Donald Stewart

The service is usually good but not the last time. I don't think I'll be going there too much anymore!

Angel Judge

I'm writing this review as we leave the restaraunt..... My husband and I came intp P83 for a lunch date, excited to try it for the first time.... Given that I have purchased famous dave's products in the grocery store..... When we walked in, it was really slow, which was great thinking service will be speedy... We had a movie at 5pm.....the hostess walked up.. Said how many.. We said two.... She didn't smile or anything.... She put us in the corner by take out... Which was fine..... We waited 12 minutes and no one even acknowledged us... The restaraunt was very slow... We decided to leave... I looked around to find the hostess or a manager to let them know.... No one was around....... Idk If there is another location, maybe we'd try that one..... Idk, my husband was very unhappy as was I.... The one star is for the decor... Very cute..... I don't even know if you can leave a zero star :(. 06/24/2019 arrived at 250pm left at 3:02pm....had it been busy I would have understood the wait... But no hi, how are you... Or water

mark overton

Delicious, flavorful BBQ! Service was excellent, friendly and attentive we will be back soon! New outside remodel has a great fresh look and we look forward to coming back soon to see the inside refresh as well! Great family atmosphere!

Robert McPherson

Large party of 15+ purple tonight. The wait staff were spot on. The food was delicious. The atmosphere was inviting and friendly. Great place!

Alex von Gunten

Great food. Had the brisket, pork, and rib tips. Every thing was great. Big portions. The sweet and savory sauce was very good.

Angie Snipes

Always good bbq. Services is great. Great atmosphere and prices are good for the portions.

Dario Mejia

Famous Dave's is always the place to go when you are hungry. The food is amazing and abundant in every plate.


Great food great service my friend works there dope place

Chris Miller

The food is awesomely consistent here! I wish I could eat here every night. Yum!

David Cohn

Came here on a whim and was very disappointed. The wall had dried crusted sauce on them and the place looked dirty. Food was luke warm and came out really fast. Sides were ok but stay away from the Mac and cheese. The fried pickles were full of grease and didn't even taste like pickles nothing like Lucille's. Our waitress was pleasant but the rest of the staff was cold.

Kyle Richardson

Food was absolutely amazing. Called in for a take out and took about 10 minutes longer than quoted but it was Valentine's day so I understand. Would recommend and will be returning.

Kawanna Foster

Love this place they used to have one in Long Beach but they closed down was so happy to see one in Arizona

Christina Keedy

Not for a large party reservation. This was my first experience with using OpenTable and having a large party reservation at Famous Dave's - Peoria. I was worried as this was for my son's 18th birthday so I even though I confirmed via online, I called as well to confirm. When I arrived there was only a setting for 18, my reservation was for 20. When I spoke to the manager about this he said to put two chairs on each end. They had 3 tables of 6 set up against the back wall so one side was a booth. Putting a table at the end was an unacceptable solution. As the person on the end would not be able to pull up to the table without taking out the two people sitting on either side of the table's knees. I never saw the manager again after that. Our server (Ruben) trying to make things right when a table nearby cleared he said take this table. Luckily our party was staggering in a bit behind schedule and so this worked out. Our server worked very hard to handle our table. It was so disappointing to see that they assigned 1 server to a party of 20. In addition to that he had other large tables. Our food came out in waves, somewhat understandable, but then things were missing all together after the last wave came out. In addition, the added table did not have any silverware. I had made note both in the reservation and when we arrived that it was my son's 18th birthday. We pointed him out as well. When I asked Ruben, he said, "I've got you covered." He did bring out a dish of ice cream and we as a table sang happy birthday. Then minutes later, a different waitress came out to the table behind ours and made a very loud announcement (like most restaurants do) to get everyone involved to sin g happy birthday. This happened 2 more times. I was disappointed that this was not done for my son and son was he. Their food was great as always, but that did not make up for all the disappointment. End result: good for food, bad for big parties, and don't count on making your special person's birthday special.

Rani Carlesco

Yummy pulled pork sandwich with great frirs

Tammy Cowart

Was a good lunch. Good staff even though it was a bit busy.

Paris Steynor

It was a holiday so I believe "OK" is being generous enough because there's bound to be problems when a restaurant is overly busy. We had a 45 minute wait for a table when we arrived so we sat in the bar. I originally sat on a barstool that was broken and wobbly. Fortunately no injury or anything so no harm no foul. We ordered drinks and then an appetizer that still had not arrived we we were moved to our table. Instead of transferring the bill to our table the bartender demanded we close out the tab. 25 minutes later still no appetizer at the table. I asked our waiter who was very kind and sought out to get it taken care of. Dinner took an hour to get to the table but surprisingly the "to go order" we placed for my daughter that was supposed to be made before we left arrived at about 40 minutes in.... waiter again asked the manager to get involved who simply looked confused with the situation and offered no solution. I brought up that obviously the food would get cold and inedible by the time we left he seemed annoyed and said he'd just tell them to remake it and left. Regarding dinner itself: Meat was great! Unfortunately though the "kitchen issues" continued with the rest of the meal. Loaded baked potato was under cooked and not hot enough to melt the butter or the cheese on it. Broccoli over cooked. French fries cold and inedible. Corn bread came in time for dessert. Things were definitely not at their best. There was even a spill on floor without wet floor sign that went unattended for the majority of our dinner. However our waiter himself was awesome and attentive. He's probably the only reason I feel generous enough to say the experience was "OK" instead of terrible. I think though we will stick to slow times for future visits.

We Are Not Sorry

I've been here a few times. Last visit was yesterday for my son's birthday. Seated and served quickly. Food was delicious and we didn't wait too long. We both ordered the baby back / spare ribs combo. Delicious, fall off the bone perfect ribs. Sides were delicious too. Try the garlic red mashed potatoes. The fresh potato chips just for sitting down are a nice touch and really good. Definitely will go back.

Bruce Dodd

Been going here for many years. I believe it has changed ownership. The homemade chips you would receive to eat before your food came out we did not receive. I guess they discontinued that. Portions are definitely smaller portions then before. I had the salmon with three sides. They use small bowls for the sides. Overall not as good experience as in the past. Food was good.

On Track

First time here. From my point of view, not a very good impression, plates were a little dirty, bathroom dirty, Meat was good, french frys, coleslaw, corn were ok. Will I go back there again, No I will not. If you think my review was helpful please click LIKE button.

Brandon Pickett

The cornbread was delicious. The cheeseburger and bacon cheeseburger were cooked medium well and were still juicy. The St.Louis ribs were tender and the sauce was great. The two meat lunch combo, brisket and Southside rib tips, were fantastic. All of it was juicy and tender! The side of mac and cheese had a tiny spiciness to it, it was wonderful. All around great meal.

phill patterson

Exceptional customer service. Chris was very attentive and personable. Food was pretty good, too Will definitely return.

Cathy Young

We love Famous Dave's but have to admit we hadn't been there for awhile. They remodeled and it is very nice. Took out the wall and fireplace and added a lot of tv's. Not that I watch them but they did have a nice selection on. The food was very good and thwy brought back the dipping sauce they used to have for their sausage. My husband loves it. Their homemade chips are awesome too.

Beth Dichiara

Great food. Relaxed atmosphere. Staff takes great care of you. Dine in or take out. Catering available as well.

Jade Mccaleb

The rib tips are super good! I love the different sauces they have available to try and the wonderful service. I’ll be back!

Jan Mahel

Great food. Very attentive server. Took time to explain menu items.

Geovanni Alfaro

Love this place! Have been wanting to eat here for a long time but always end up elsewhere. Not anymore though.

Nom Mia Erickson

The food was really good. They give you a lot for the money. The wait staff was very attentive and friendly.

cemeflo .

I love all that I ordered but just don't go on holiday it was super pack

Richard McConnell

At about 1:40 PM, service was very slow but the food was excellent. Best wings I've had anywhere. I'll be back.

Michelle Stenger

First time at Famous Dave's and I will definitely be back! Pork and chicken was tender and had great smoked flavor. Excellent prices and perfect portions on the lunch menu.

Jill Triplett

Usually have a great experience. But this time our waitress was less than helpful. She was forgetful left people out did not refill our drinks, we had to ask for absolutely everything. Not the usual experience with the sauces being explained and the fun that can be had there. Disappointing we'll try somewhere else next time it was a large group

Alicia Okert

Waitress Jordan was fabulous! Food was delicious. Even the baby LOVED it. Great place for kids because its pretty loud so if your kiddo has a tendency to be loud...noone will notice. Manager was very friendly and moved around the restaurant in case any customer needed assistance. All staff interactions we had were very pleasant. I would deffinately go here again.


Food is great! I love my waitress inn the bar when I go there.

Jeff Dupree

I normally love Famous Daves. But last night I was served some horribly dry brisket. Now I admit that I went there pretty late around 9pm and so the brisket was obviously sitting there a while but I honestly would've preferred they lied and said they were out rather than serve me that. Anyways, the wait staff are usually great, the food is usually phenomenal, and kast night they had a great deal on the Feast for Two combo plate.

Evonne Williams

My son, daughter-in-law and I went to Famous Dave's 83rd/Bell location for her birthday. Food was good, service not so good(waitress busy). Went home, got sick that evening. Tried to tell Mgr Kathy that sauce was to blame we think.She said '' my staff eats that sauce all the time and they don't get sick!''

Jason S

*updated* 5/27/19 Stopped in Memorial Day around 5pm. We got served fairly promptly with drinks and got order taken 15 minutes later. Food took nearly 45 minutes to come out. I had the 2 item meat combo. The beef tips were ok but like last time kinda dry and tough. The fish was good but I did not get the tartar sauce . The place was very busy and understaffed in the bar and kitchen. However upon leaving there were 4 employees hanging around hostest stand . They should have been helping their fellow workers . The only reason I stopped in was to give it another shot after my first experience wasn't impressive . I had 2 gift cards thankfully because I couldn't see paying 75 dollars for this experience. I won't be back . Owners and hire up managers need to spend more time in this restaurant

silvia Limon

Waitresses were very friendly and on point with everything. Definitely coming back.

Phonee Chanphida

On the keto diet and had the full rack of St. Louis spare ribs naked with the steamed broccoli and jalapeno green beans. Everything was absolutely fantastic, the ribs were huge and meaty and perfectly cooked to just before fall of the bone. Is it worth the price of 27.99? For satisfaction like that, yes.

Denise Strickland

Great food and happy hour. One of the few places with weekend happy hour. Vanessa always takes great care of us.

Murs-Ann Harbaugh

Hot links are the best! But the baby back ribs are a close second...cornbread muffins just the right touch to offset the sweet and sassy sauce. Gotta go back soon!

Alvaro Solis

I love BBQ, try Wilbur's Revenge if you can take the heat. Lot's of good menu options, I recommend this location.

William Davidson

Probably the best Famous Dave’s in the whole country, right here in Arrowhead. The food here is fantastic, with huge portions, so bring your appetite. The brisket is tender, juicy and cooked just right. The staff are all super friendly, and got us seated in a nice booth right away. Our waitress was “Destinee”. She was very cheery, professional and brought us our food and drinks promptly. We never had to wait for refills either, as she was right there before we knew it. We will definitely be returning here again very soon.


We are very disappointed in today's experience. We sat with our children for 45 minutes and never got our food. We had to leave because it sucks for a three and four year old to understand why they dont have anything yet. They tried to make it right but that also took another 15 minutes before we walked out. (Now an hour sill nothing) Not sure if anyone even noticed us gone or just relieved they didn't have to deal with it anymore. Thank for putting a damper on our family day. :(

Ron Elia

Stopped in for lunch. 4 of us got different meals. All were very good. We will be back.

jeager jeager

Pretty great place, Matt William in particular was a fantastic busser. Great employees very friendly.

Louisa Colletto

"We like going to this place together again with friends and relatives food is awesome !!(

Denis Aseltine

I love the brisket. Great Wilbur Beans. Cornbread muffin to top it off.

Jeff Gilbert

Ribs were tough on the bone and smoked sausage was only warm. Beans were great.

Dawson Mann

Great food! Their brisket and burnt ends are delicious! My daughter loves their cornbread so we usually order a dozen or so to go. Can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu here.

Vicki Sherman

Ribs we're a little tough. Chicken was amazing. Very small portions. Don't get the custom soda - very bitter.


I've been here many times. And it's always been solid. The only reason I'm not giving 1 star is because of that. I ordered online for pickup. The pickup time was 22 minutes, which is just as long as it takes me to get there. I show up, park in the pick-up spot, go in and wait in line. I can visually see my food sitting on the counter. I'm not blaming the guy behind the register, I know it's busy. I stand there for 20 additional minutes before I'm finally checked in. Lo and behold, my food is ice cold. I tell him that there is no way I'm paying for cold food. They offer to "heat it back up" for me. I'm already irritated by now and really don't want to wait much longer, so I agreed. I go ahead and pay for my food, and even add a $6 tip to a $28 order (because unlike my food, I'm not cold). 10 minutes later he brings me my food, to my dismay, is room-temperature at best. I'm about to just set it back down on the counter when they offer re-making it ASAP. I'm quite literally standing here, in the restaurant, waiting for my order, writing this aggressive review. It's been 15 minutes, so let's hope (for my sanity) that's it's ready in the next few minutes.


Lots of choices for all types of people. Never left this unhappy with my time there!

100SpokeRiderz 100SpokeRiderz

Best BBQ spot I've been to in AZ so far

Kila Morgan

AMAZING FOOD and our waiter(forgot his name) was PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! So sorry I could not remember the gentleman who served us later in the pm last Monday!!!! The food was just FABULOUS and TASY BEYOND MEASURE❤❤❤❤

Candies Harley

Awwww man. Them there cornbread muffins will make you hurt yo self. Even my boys who are picky enjoyed the food. The family platter gave us enough variety that all 5 of us had enough to get full off of. I wish it didnt cost extra change for some muffins after we spent over $90, but still worth it.

Janet Jablonski

Fifty dollar dinner for two. The smallest piece of salmon and cold. Veggies were very good. Too noisy to hear the waitress. The waitress never refilled our water or pop. The meat was very good. What I liked about this place was we never have to wait.

Jesus Barraza

Delicious BBQ! Great service.

Nancy Rich

Love this place. Tonight we enjoyed Saint Louis style ribs, hot link, wings and apple cobbler. Our server did a good job too. The best part, we purchased gift cards for family and friends and received bonus bucks to use on a future visit. We are giving the gift of BBQ this year and we are receiving a gift in return.

Jim Marsh

Always love eating here. Would have been a 5 out of 5 but the desert menu is limited.

Tabitha Staley

Delicious!!!!! I even bought one of the sauces for home. The Mac and cheese isn't my favorite, has corn in it. But that is the only thing I haven't cared for. Get the bread pudding for dessert! You will love it! Also, Famous Tiana was a wonderful waitress!

Jared La Grey

Friendly and fast service, fresh and delicious food.

Norm Talley

Last night we were going to eat next door at The Cheesecake Factory, when my wife saw the sign lit up in the window and Famous Dave’s that said “Happy Hour Now.” My Wife said let’s go check it out. Well, we were really happy we did. We sat at a table in the bar area and had a few drinks, an appetizer, and dinner. We were very satisfied with the food and drinks, but the service that Jami and Macy provided is why we will be coming back! Those gals did one helluva job with it being so busy and they both did it with smiles on their faces! Thanks ladies, we will be back.

J. Long

Best place to get chicken & ribs! Service is for the most decent. It can be hit or miss. People conversations too loud. UPDATE: Ate here about 2 weeks ago. Food still excellent! Service excellent! Took a friend who's never been here before. Said he would go back...he was impressed!

Deb Dbacks

Excellent excellent service, baby backs and brisket were dry, a little disappointing, green beans are not firecracker, pretty good dinner all in all

Shannon Smart

Excellent meats and sides! We ordered online and picked up 20 minutes later, in and out in 2 minutes! We had the feast for 2 which will be enough for both of us to have lunch tomorrow too. I love the devil's spit sauce and we got plenty to come home with. Customer service was exceptional.

Raelene Rivera

Food was great ! Service not to attentive.

Karl Klouzer

Had a great time with my daughter for her birthday. Food was good too! ;)

Breakthrough Real Estate & Property Management

Great, as usual! The food, sauces, service, atmosphere and experience is always wonderful. This is a family birthday tradition now.

Beatrice Smith

Great food, I love eating off a garbage can lid!

Charles Joyner

Never go wrong with Famous D's.


Good food great service good prices

Michael Turner

Havent been here in years with all the good BBQ joints in the Phoenix area but gave them a try again since they are closest to my house and had a gift card. Ribs were burnt. Not charred, but burnt. Side of Brussels sprouts was burnt. Ironically, the burnt ends weren't burnt. Links were ok but more like Italian sausage than traditional hot link. Still a fan of the sauces which saves this review from one star.

Louie Lyon

Great meal at lunch. I had very meaty St. Louis Ribs and my wife had Texas Brisket. Great prices on lunch menu with big portions.


Super good food. Heavy on the wallet for sure. Ordered pulled pork, BBQ chicken, brisket and St.louis style ribs. All was good. The brisket was super tender and was the overall most commented on. The only thing that turned me off was the price. Next BBQ to try will be Rudy's. Heard it's good too! If you don't mind price Famous Dave's is a delicious place to get great food.

Diego Mendivil

Excellent customer service, excellent food!! Thank you famous Vicky

Deborah Johnson

Food was good, but waitress did not check on us once we got our food, not even to refill water glass.

Martha Matthews

Worst food ever. Management is aware of the horrible quality of the food and doesn't care.

T Phoenix

Parking easy. Hostess friendly. Bar hostess friendly and attentive. Food came out quick and was great.

Bizzy Mommee

I went to a barbecue restaurant, and I did not order BBQ. That was a really bad move. I knew better, I have no idea what I thought I was doing. Anyway, the Cajun catfish that I ordered I detested. But this is my fault as I didn't order bbq in a bbq restaurant. smh My daughter's Georgia pulled pork sandwich with spicy pickles was wonderful. Another one of my daughters, st. Louis ribs we're very tasty. The baked beans were amazing. The potato salad is mustard-based. The corn muffin was very good but extremely sweet. All in all everyone's meal was fine except for mine. The service was wonderful even though they were slammed. I would go back and order BBQ.

Andy Taylor

If it had 1 flaw to my taste i like a little more chew to my ribs often. Had original and Memphis plus a taste of tips and a pulled sandwich from friends plate. This was my first time and i will go back. Very reasonable prices. Two of us ate for $50. Sauces and sides were spot on and suck off the bone delicious ribs are great anytime you want a meal topped with good service and nice place. To repeat myself i will go back.

Flor Ruiz

Love this place. It gets very busy and there is always a wait on weekend nights, but it is definitely worth it. Even though I dont eat meat, I come often for the sides because they are just as amazing. The employees really know how to hustle, we always experience great service. The walls are fully decorated and it just has a great atmosphere.

Chad Christopherson

This place is excellent!! The staff is always friendly. The management is excellent and the cooks do a great job delivering consistently awesome BBQ. There will always be picky naysayers who will find anything to complain about. If you’re looking for good food with friendly people, don’t think twice. Famous Dave’s at P83 is your place!

Jaclyn Johnson

We sat down for lunch here on a Monday. Service was quick, food was great. Kid friendly, my four kids, ages 4-16, all enjoyed their food too.

Greg Kornuta

Always good food. Relaxed atmosphere, helpful staff, and consistently great Barbecue.

Dennis Hayward

Wow! My wife and I ordered the stuffed baked potato. They were excellent. We left stuffed ourselves. The Cole slaw is excellent.


The food was excellent the server was not. The food made up for the server who didn't listen to our order and brought the wrong things three times. Good food saved the day.

Rodney Gay

Good food, nice variety, but very loud.

Joanna Lyons

I had never been there and my daughter use to work for them many years ago. She had told me about the lid to a trash can lid platter. We also had my daughter's son and granddaughter with us We ordered the platter for 2 and all I can say is HOLY SNICKER DOODLES. There's enough food for 4 people. Our waiter Chris was exceptional and would highly recommend him and Famous Dave's to anyone. We left with soo much leftovers,that we will be enjoying it tomorrow.

Monica Y. Sosa

Took my family and the food is hot and fresh. The portions are really big and I always take home enough for another dinner. Service is fast and friendly.

Dude rawrounds

Great BBQ sauce my favorite rice and tangey the devil spit is not that hot.Good service,clean restaurant and the best BBQ and ribs.We got the feast for 2 and it was a lot of food for more than two,but the ribs were some of the best I have had and the corn bread is great and golden.The sauce award winning.For sure recommend it, sure will fill you up.

Miranda Bassett

My favorite BBQ place ever! I'm so happy I have a location close to my house because the food here is my in my top 5 favorite ever. The servers at this location are all so friendly and it takes less than 15 minutes every time no matter how busy. They bring you some house made chips when you sit down and they'll give you more if you ask nicely! Love this place.

Laura Wacholz

Good food, good service. It's just surprising that a restaurant that originated in Wisconsin doesn't know to serve butter with the corn bread.

Diane Garcia

Waitress was very pleasant and attentive. Food was great!

Gustavo Dalez

BEST BBQ! love coming here and the sauces are delicious

Paul Campbell

Favorite barbecue place in phoenix. The family platters are great for making sure everyone gets what they want.

Fazilet Drake

Excellent summer time Happy Hour drinks. And the service is excellent also.

Frank Fox

Veteran's Day meal was absolutely wonderful. Staff were welcoming, courteous and efficient. Lots of laughter and friends meeting. Great fun...oh, the food is good too.

Tammy Futrell

Every time we go, we are NEVER disappointed. The food is outstanding and I'm in love with the St. Louis ribs and the cornbread. The cornbread is heavenly.

Katie Riley

My mom and I ordered the BBQ potatoes with pork. After we get done eating my mom brings up she thought it came with cheese and bacon. I was like no, I think that is the loaded one. I then look it up online and see it was suppose to come with it. I asked the waitress Samantha, she gets a confused look and tries to say no. She then says we didn't say we wanted them on it. She goes away. She comes back with the check and I ask for next time how should I order the potato so it comes with all the toppings? She says it might have been her fault, she is new and we should have said something sooner. She offered no discount or any other solution besides putting the blame back on the customer. We haven't been here in years and this service isn't winning any customers back. The food we did get was good.

Wylie Rhymes

The food is always great but the service was sub-par. There could have been a number of reasons why the server wasn't feeling up to it when I went last, but it's still her job to make her guests feel welcomed without hovering. She was very slow to begin getting drink orders, it took forever and a day to get the meal orders, and she only came by once when the food was actually out. That one time was over 15 minutes after the plates were dropped off so the food was almost completely gone without her making sure that everything was correction. I'll give it another shot but my dad and brother have talked about not going there again.

Camilla Mendoza

Great location but the food was amazing and service very lovely

Gloria Llamas

Love to come here and eat with the family.

Verne Rae

Love this place, ribs are great, and the beer is extra cold!!!

Claudia Solano

Finally decided to try this place, maybe last night 4th of July was not the night. Ordered my son kids chicken fingers (came well done) I ordered combo ribs, ribs were ok , not as fall of the bone not quite done? Sold out of potato salad (what)? I ordered steam broccoli for my son, arrived pretty much raw. My mom had beef tips (I think), those were good, and she really loved coleslaw, but had to order mashed potatoes bc they were out of potato salad, they also shared when they brought food, they were also out of gravy. 3 plus points 1) host staff friendly & nice 2) our waiter was hustling/trying super busy. As we were leaving Sports Complex was having fire works...hung in parking lot. Well be back, try some different combinations.

Eduardo Lopez

Awesome Delicious fast & friendly service overall fantastic place.

Chris White

Never been so disappointed in BBQ. I got the lunch 1 meat platter with brisket and brussel sprouts. The brisket was very dry and had little flavor. The brussel sprouts were so over cook they were dry crusty and hard. I ask for no cornbread on my plate but guess what was on my plate. I don't think I will ever be coming back here.

Katelyn S.

Our server was amazing. The staff is very kind and helpful. I would recommend getting a feast if have a party of 5 to 8 people. It's the cheaper route to go and you'll definetly be having left overs. This is a great place for birthdays and large parties. Food is amazing amd don't forget to try their jalepeño mac and cheese!!

Greg Cravens

Great service by our waitress, Sheila! She is very attentive, but not overbearing like some associates can be. The bbq pork sandwich had plenty of tender meat, and remember to get it "Memphis Style" with cole slaw on top, well worth the extra $0.99 ! I recommend the Wilbur Beans as well- delicious! A great meal at a great price.... I can see why Dave is so Famous!!

Karri Gradolph

Great food! A bit loud. Our waiter was very nice and patience with us was very appreciative. We "hung" out for a few hours, not so much ordering, but studying. We compensated pretty decently for that though. We will be back! Food was spectacular! I had a pulled BBQ chicken salad! Delicious! My husband had a pulled pork something or other. He loved it! Highly recommend!

Jacob McMillan

Im not a BBQ conisoir but the food is really good. The furniture has kind of a gross sticky feel to it but honestly this seems to be the norm at every BBQ place I go so I just accept it.

Travis Pruett

If you love BBQ then consider this place. Great brisket and most all there other dishes are good eatin. It's a good place for ribs obviously

Raymond Gonella

Ribs just great. Their bread pudding is outstanding..

Howard Larman

Food was very good as usual. Service was also very good as usual. Their bbq sauce choices are really good as we use them at home.


Tasty BBQ BRISKET, CHICKEN, RIBS...Their BBQ Tips is all bones and fat. Do not even try it. My poor 79 year old Pop had a sour of a time attempting to dissect this entree. Their portion control is super SMALL. Served my brisket on a piece of lame white toasted bread. And you get about a cup size amount for your sides ! All Mexican Cooks, go figure that one too. Huge language barriers between staff. Need to hire real BBQ PERSONS !!

Donna G

Food was very tasty. Staff was friendly and explained the different sauces.Service was quick.

Eddy Villa

Food was pretty good just came out pretty late 1hr after we ordered

Ronnie Spates

One of the few "chain restaurants " that offer really good barbecue ribs.

PickSIXking85 Welcomed

I was disappointed in the beef brisket,it was tough and very fatty.waiter didn't come around to ask if we need more to drink or to bring back a go cup. Another person in our party had to have waiter replaced her brisket.

Honda Leyva

This place has a lot of saucy meats, but you can always ask for it without it. Lots of things also come with hot pickles, which I hate and had to ask for without. Something like the mac n cheese unfortunately is only made with corn and jalapenos. Otherwise, not too bad. Huge portions in the pick your own for dinner! A little pricey too. My dish was $17.99.

David Ellenbaum

Always taste. Was seated in bar area .waitress was nice. Fast and friendly. Had pulled pork sandwiches. Hot and moist .

Alberta Shepard

Great food, service and prices. I recommend this place. Yum.

John Neldberg

Nachos where good just light on meet tonight.... Loaded Baked was well cooked.... Wished they still had the BBQ Long Island

Armahnie Edwards

The food and service was really good I had a great time I would recommend this

Kevin B

I had chopped pork dinner. They leave the sauces out on the table with a small bowl of spicy chips to sample them, which doesn't make sense. Fries are potato wedges and done well. Beans have bacon pieces in a fairly spicy sauce for my taste but taste good. Corn muffin has a near density of a cake and is sweet. The meat itself is well prepared. Pricing is acceptable for this unique experience on my palate.

Rodolfo Rodriguez Infante

Always Love A Good Meal From this Restaurant! Don't really ever have Complaints, Only Full Stomachs and Smiles

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