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10000 W Happy Valley Rd, Peoria, AZ 85383, United States Located in: Lake Pleasant Towne Center

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REVIEWS OF El Pollo Loco IN Arizona

Becoming Us

Always good

O Ajibade

Employess were very receptive and friendly

Jan Sargent

We were surprised that the food was excellent! I say surprised because the name of the place means "crazy chicken". From now on I'll think of it as crazy good!

Larry Meyers

Love the Chipotle Chocken Avacado Burrito

Lolin De ilidge

Great and fresh food. New to the city and really having a hard time with food this spot.has fresh food and taste really good. They have a drive thru even better hopefully the consider to open in surprise, arizona

Michele Dodd

Always Great food. Chicken everything. My favorite Chicken salad.

Linda Zumtobel

Good selection and food

James Green

I’m so glad I took advantage of free delivery! I didn’t think they’d deliver to me as far away as I am. But they use contract delivery service such as door dash in my area and it wasn’t a problem at all. Even though I had to call and correct the delivery address I entered because of my fat thumbs. When I called to correct my address, the young lady who answered the phone was very helpful and the driver, Deborah, was very nice. My order got to me quicker than most pizza delivery I get out here on the west sides perimeter. The food was just as I remember it from back in the day at a San Diego location I used to go to quite a bit and was still pretty hot when it was delivered. I’m pretty happy, especially since the location I used to go to here in the valley that was close to me closed down years ago for some unknown reason. One star off because one of my small chip orders was missing. And I forgot to add salsa to my order. If you use the app to order don’t forget to add those things.

Steven Volckmann

Nice staff, food was served quickly, reasonable sized portions, fair prices and food tasted great We ordered four piece chicken w/2 sides and one bowl (chicken, rice & beans).

Richard Liston

Great customer service. The Asian girl I think Nicole was her name was very attentive. She is so beautiful with a smile that can lighten up the room. She is friendly and kind. Definitely an asset of el pollo loco.

Don Olsen Sr.

Fast service. good food.

Tim Phipps

Pretty good first impression. I was shorted some chicken on a couple of tacos. It happens. Time will tell.

Rusty Van

Good customer service and polite staff

Rodney Emery

Conservice great food nice place

John Johnson

We had lunch here today. The food was great as usual. Employees were courteous and attentive, and the whole restraunt was clean and orderly. We will return!!

Mike S.

Good food and service.

Timothy Mesic

Worst service I've had in a while and a first for el pollo loco

Susan Giglio

This restaurant is always dirty. The tables are seldom washed off and the drink station is sticky. There are good scraps all over the floor.

Fine Rey

Fast and convenient but it was missing the Avocado :(

Josh Cohen

I am a regular at this store. My experience are normally good. Nicole who took my order was very nice and was greeted by her beautiful smile. The food is delicious but pricy. Last time when I got my order, it was incomplete and the manager Janessa was giving me attitude like it was my fault. She seems unfit to be a manager and needs to handle customer complaints better. The GM needs to train managers better

Maurice Armendariz

Awsome good tasting chicken

Samantha Diego

Best fast food out there, especially if you are gluten free or on a paleo diet. Chicken is yummy, and the salads are really good, too!

Julie Dennis

More of a fast food Mexican restaurant. But chicken was good!

Nylda Sanchez-rios

they did not put the salsa and peco de guyo . which makes the meal . Very Disappointed

Allen MacArthur

Fresh ingredients & tasty chicken

Ricardo Chaparro

Always good food

CA Evenich

Shout out to Thomas, the nicest El Pollo employee ever, great food, super friendly servers, nice environment!!

Ray Merritt

Service was pleasant and friendly. Food was just average and a little disappointing.

David L Slyce'man Yancy

Great chicken, and tortia.

Michael P Christenson

Good grilled chicken. But I especially enjoyed the cinnamon churro. Hopefully that will be a permanent addition to the menu.

DONALD Vann Ness

Always great food and great employees, never a surprise !!!

Colette Johnson

Good service, good food.

Colt Salmon

Good food

Don Peck

Must be new management as the service was stellar. Food always rocks.

Kenneth Hunstad

Moo 0

Melanie Pandel

Chicken seems to get smaller each time

Timothy Woodruff

The food is good. The service was good too. The girls are good looking and that's a plus if you have to wait for food. I look forward to going back soon. Thank you, Timothy Woodruff

James Trent

Very clean, great staff, good service, and quality food.

Heydrich Blankenship

Not the best but OK

Kathryn ANN Kneff

Durning the day. Okay. Later towards evenings dont go... And if u ask for x sauces u may as well go inside and get ur own. Never filled to the top. Food chicken always awesome.

Pangaya WhereWolves

This place is disgusting. Maybe not El Pollo Loco as a whole, but this location. I was served by an Hispanic lady who spoke no English, had a red smock on that was COVERED in black grease where she had been wiping her hands. I got food poisoning from something there also. I complained to 1 800 number and they sent me a free meal. Great, just what I wanted! NEVER AGAIN!

Kevin Williams

Pretty good churros and grilled chicken

Ivelisse Edwards

What can I say, my first time ther... THE BOMB..SO GOOD..DELICIOUS CHICKEN, SALAD, RICE, CHURROS

Martin Witt

Consistently a great place to eat, love it!!

Mary Aliyar

I love this place so much. Its the healthiest chicken I can get to fast food. The mac and cheese is great for the cravings we get at night and the chicken is good enough to eat withiut any sauces. Its got zesty citrus seasoning very delish

Robert H.

Had it today for the first time and enjoyed it. Hope to be back again.

Randee Esquivel

Old food, rude manager

Leighton Davis

I would give them a fifth star but the parking is practically nonexistent. Other than that, they are one of the better locations we have been to. Crew actually seems to know what's going on. Food is fresh and flavorful. Now if they just had more than 6 parking spots....

Jose Hernandez

The service was great and the food was fresh.

Devon Canode

Good food.

Yasajith Jayasundara

Great healthy food and the staff was very nice.

Sally Contour

I love El Polo Loco. Wish there was one in the Prescott area. Is anyone hearing me???

chuck mowry

My grand daughters love this place

Gloria Sellinger

Sides a little salty but yummy

Isaiah Monaco

Came like 30 min prior to closing. The guy taking my order was very unprofessional & didn’t talk much at all besides take my order. I didn’t know if he was a mute or not. Then I finally get my food 3 years later & the bottom of the tray is all wet with pieces of food on the bottom. So gross & not sanitary. Deff will not be returning to this location if any at ALL.

Ralphael Ruelas

It was cool

Alex von Gunten

Good chicken, reasonably priced. The location on bell and 3rd street is pretty clean.

Fred Brown

Too much salt, they should sell an unsalted chicken as well.

dana shelton

The ladies at the front counter, were the most helpful and so kind. I will let everyone know the great customer service you have. Keep up the great job!

Lindy Baker

Great chicken but long time in line

Felicia Wallace

Good food fast service

Sharon Francis

Shredded chicken nachos left a little to be desired. Tasted good just barely any cheese sauce or chicken.

McKenna De La Mora

I like the food here. I go a lot. But every. Single. Time. I have gone. I ask for pico de gallo. And I have started to specify “Not the house salsa, the pico de gallo.” And still, 10 TIMES IN A ROW I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE HOUSE SALSA. It literally doesn’t seem like a big deal but oh my goodness can you teach your workers the differences in your own salsas?! I literally haven’t gotten the pico given to me even once, multiple workers, every time. Am I asking for it wrong? I know what pico is.

Ron baruffo

We came in at 7 pm on a Friday and the chicken was extremely dry and over cooked. I had been here before and this was my wife's first time. One pice of chicken had a little bit of moisture but the other 7 we ordered was burnt to a crisp and practilly disintegrated in our hands. The sides and cake was excellent.

Robert Warren

No more chicken lovers burritos, no more crunchy chicken tacos. This restaurant was very messy for as slow as they were.


Prices are too expensive now in my opinion. Use to be good value. I walked out refusing to pay $8.50 for a 2 piece meal

Dante A

It was the worst chicken ever it was dry, there was more bone than anything.

North Cote

Clean place good service.

James Bailey

Great food and wonderful service

Samaria Garrett

Food great. Place can be a little bit cleaner but customer service is good

Wayne Wright

Great food better service

Freedom Patriot

Love the food they just always seem to forget something. I always have to go back and get whatever it was they forgot to put in my bag.

Meli. B.

Great service, amazing food.

Michael Womack

Love El Pollo Loco but this location is below average.... Sorry

ShirleyAnn Wilson

It was very good and fast service. They even had an alternative non caffeine drink. Thanks.

stan wloch

As always,great food and fast service.

Mardia Commings

They consistently run out of chicken wings. How?!!

The HellaFamily Experience

They accept Apple Pay which is really convenient because I’m always forgetting my wallet. Staff was all very friendly quick and the store is really clean.

Julian Busaldua

Good chicken and other food

On Track

I ordered avocado salad with EXTRA chicken...and no they didnt even put extra chicken and chicken it had in can twll by the pictures...THATS OLD CHICKEN.. I couldnt eat it. I throw it away. Worst customer service. If this review helped you... please click LIKE Button

Bjarki Magnusson

Good food, one of the grandkids' favorite. Just be sure to double check your order before driving away.

MaryJane McCool

Friendly staff & prompt service. Good portions & tidy salsa bar. Table cleaning needs to be attended to more frequently but the rest of the restaurant was kept up very well.

Joe Citizen

Went thru the drive thru. Ordered the 3 piece w/veggies. Not bad. Broccoli actually tasted fresh steamed. Chicken had nice flavor & not greasy. Price was good.


Great food, friendly service!

Alberto Lira

The place was clean, good service, the food was good l just wish they bring back the grilled shrimp in to the menu

Michael Luikart

Good fresh combination plates, good salads great flame broiled chicken and side.

Jimmie Thompson

The food is always great. Very reasonable prices. My only complaint is the restrooms need more attention. (cleaning )

Johnson quarles

One of the better ones

Eva Barrett

Great chicken and the tostada salad is crazy good!

Tom Blessie

Food is really good and cheap. The staff was decent but left a lot of tables dirty and I had to wind up wiping my own table down when the place only had about 5 customers.


How can you be out of tamales when every other ad on TV right now is introducing them. Now I'm stuck in the drive thru line waiting in line for nothing. Don't waste your time coming here.

Semper Fortis

Love their Stuffed Grilled Chicken Quesadillas. Offers Military discounts also.

Allyce Povick

Food is fantastic. I had to move north many years ago and missed this food terribly. Now I'm in AZ and have happy taste buds again. It's the best chicken I've ever had. The sides are also awesome. The customer service is always great!

joanne stanczykowski

Love this restaurant. We need one in Pahrump.

Ryan Hinz

Great fresh chicken and I love the fresh salsa bar. They also have horchata and several other different soft drink options.

Cara Daoudi

Love the salads and soups. I do recommend you check your bag to make sure your entire order and any sides or dressings are in the bag because I am always missing something - usually tortilla strips. Good healthy food and the staff is always nice.

Terrell Chappelle

That food was good

Kimberley Robins

I came in just wanting something small so asked for a thigh, small rice and drink thinking it would cost me less than a full meal. I spent $7+ , which is about the cost of a full 2 piece meal. Then the thigh was cut in such a way that it was mostly back bone and only half of the thigh. When I asked for a different thigh I then got attitude about how she cut it correctly. I go to the one by my job in North Phoenix and have never seen a thigh this small (I know what a chicken thigh looks like and it wasn't all there) and have not gotten the attitude I did today. Won't be visiting this location again!

Sonja Hayward

I ordered a chk quesadilla which had avacado and lettuce, cheese. Got home went to eat it and literally every bite was filled with bones. Couldn't even eat it. If it wasnt 11pm i would have gone back. So disappointed after going out of my way to eat here after my shift.

Susan Holsomback

This is the best Pollo Loco ever. The food is great. The best Mexican food for the price.

Amber Lowe

Pretty good, customers service should be better.

Gerry Smith

Excellent food and service Especially liked their Pinto beans

Scott Lanz

Good grub. Double chicken avocado salad... was darn good.

Rod Rodriquez

Always a good place for fast Mexican food--

Paul Schmitt

Getting better now. This store started strong but really got sloppy for some time. It was dirty and the chicken way overdone. This trip was a significant improvement. Not perfect but better. I hope this is a new trend.

Arthur Coca

My new favorite place to go! Loved it!

Sienna Hall

Forgot sauce and chips even tho I said I wanted it

Faye Corbett

The food is awesome. Love it.

Don Harmer

It was filthy! So disappointing!

stefirey .

The best one I've been to! Very friendly customer service, super clean yummy food

DansJets .

Dirty. Especially the one in Centennial Hills on North Durango. Bad parking lot as well. Stay away from this one.

Miguel Arturo Octaviani


Heather D

Great food!

Toni Miller

Best tasting fast food chicken. And really enjoy the açai berry water.

Marcus Reeves

These folks here seem to know what they are doing when it comes to Chicken... They have a great staff that always gets my order correct.

Stacy Gresham

The flavors are the best, and they're usually always friendly.

Steven Chavez

Good staff and good food

Jack O

Reminded me of back home in Texas. Manny a weekend with Hispanic friends and Seasoned Chicken from Mexican Meat Markets. Great tasting and reasonable pricing. Will return often and recommend to anyone wanting the Tex-Mex experience!

Joe Wilson

Check your orders. They always seem to forget my BRC. Otherwise, I love the place.

Beulh Porter

It a very nice place to take your kids and family

Cynthia Knight

They are always out of menu items, left without ordering

Rene Allison

Our food was fresh. Store was clean. Employees were polite and friendly.

Ericha Richardson

Great food and service

Jennifer Johnson

I started coming here for lunch recently and I wish I had found it sooner. I really like the chicken and for the side I always get the green salad. The salad is very good, and the dressing that they use is delicious. I usually get the pinto beans for the other side. I wish that they would do a better job on the other sides because some of those sides are not very good I don't think. But the green salad makes up for it! It's that good. It's worth going there just to get the green salad.

annmarie gatling

Friendly. excellent service and very clean store.

Laura Hill

Fresh always good food. Much better than most fast food.

Edward Courtemanche

Delicious Mexican restaurant highly recommended it.

Debbie Whipple

I've been here a few times but tonight I pulled a piece of RAW chicken out of my mouth from my quesadilla! The manager informed me that they are training a new cook, but that's unacceptable! Why wasn't he being watched closer if he's being training? Why would raw and cooked chicken ever be on the same surface?! I'm so glad it was in my food and not my toddlers! They also gave my husband the wrong order. Unacceptable.

Stephanie Rogers

Always good.

David Donica

I got a gift card to eat at a place I never thought about coming to. This is next to a taco bell, but why eat that fast food when you can eat this stuff. (I gave a 5 for fast food rating)

Ripalda 03

Very clean & great service. Fastest food place. Really good food !


Delicious food, nice personal

Becky Salkoff

Ordered food at 7:24 and walked out at 7:53. It was a consistent 30 minute wait. They were out of flour tortillas, churros, and almost out of corn tortillas. They could not figure out which buzzer went with which order, which caused even more chaos. Apparently the buzzer I had wasn't even working. When I placed my order, the sauce bar was out of onions, green sauce and sauce cups.30 minutes later that were still out of all of that and the bar was disgusting. I will never eat at this location again.

Ed Ramirez

Wish they had more locations in AZ

Arthur Stark

The best of the best chicken available in large quantities. The marinade, spices, and cooking process is the best around. The overall flavor of the chicken is excellent, the avacado salsa is very good, and the sides selection is great for all backgrounds. My family gets a big meal deal at least once a month, and it is the freshest deal you can get for a great price that's worth what you pay for.

Guillermo Ulloa

My wife ordered a shrimp wrap and the tortilla was cold. Also the fountain drinks were with too much carbon and the syrup was too much. I brought to the staff attention and they got upset .

Katie Hogan

The taco salads are pretty good.


Pollo is what it is. Better than KFC

bob dumas

Grilled chicken is great.


Food quality and taste is great. Parking is not the best due to location. Always check order before driving away.

J My4js

The team here is always in a happy mood . Makes us feel welcome every time.

connie moskalski

Everything was good flavor but chicken pieces were very small and not much meat on them but still could have been a little cleaner but will still go back..

Rachael Johnson

This is a great "healthy" fast food option with the best chicken around.

thomas stones

This last time I went to this location it was terrible customer service. I was insulted with workers swearing at me in Spanish! Terrible location!!!!!

Cray Artaba

it's kinda like nandos

Matthew Gadson

Great food.

John Hurskainen

Food was good.

Leah Martin

Love this place, fresh grilled chicken meals. My favorite is there double chicken bowl, great for thebheslth concious as well

Robert Young

Love the chicken. Flame grilled and very tasty. The mashed potatoes are ok, but why do they serve mashed potatoes at a Mexican restaurant? Tortillas are fresh and very good. They give you plenty of them so I will reheat and eat next day with the left overs.

James Blake

Food great tried the new chicken bacon cheddar cheese quesadilla. Table dirty again but left it clean for the next person after we sit down someone did come out and cleaned tables.

Eric Beals

No tamales, shipment late 4 days

Bridgette Medina

I love their chicken. I always get wings. Delish!!

Shannah Sherburne

Anthony, who took my order, was super nice! I noticed the place was very clean as I waited, and I like the way the young woman behind the counter showed me everything inside of my "to go" box before I left. It's never fun to get home & something is either wrong, or missing. The chicken was juicy, unlike the experience I had at the nearby Craig location, last year, and the sides were ok, but kind of small---but every place I go to these days (Memphis BBQ or Popeye's) has sides that are about the same, standard size. Since I'm in the area a lot, this could definitely become a regular place to pick up dinner.

Kristin Jordan

Love the food here. Green avacado sauce is amazing with only occasionally being too spicy for my taste. There have been occasions where the meat in my salad or quesadilla was sparse, dry/charred which is why the 4 instead of 5 stars.

Beth Handelman

Cold inside really cold...prices aren't great for what u get not s huge selection

Kelly Whitman

Soooo delicious! Very nice girl who took my order!

Vanessa Garcia

Clean location. Great customer service. Food was well cooked.

jean daigle

Best fire roasted chicken fast food in town. Love El Pollo Loco, you should try anything on the menu, it's all great.

Bill Yule

Very nice staff, very clean.

Karl Jay

Fresh ingredients and fresh grilled chicken

Terry Lee

place needs deep cleaning

Mina Bareh

Very nice young lady on the Cashier

Jolene Stratton

Im here right now and they are already closed... it is only 10:43.... not right when they advertise 11. There was another customer behind me also frustrated!

Adolfo Sigala

Great customer service, they're extremely busy and yet everyone is smiling and welcoming, manager walked right over and apologized for the long wait and offered a discount, cook turned and also apologized for the wait but not one person is just standing around so I'm good with waiting. Great location!!!!

Ryan Ryan

Great food. Always fresh

William Blanchette

Great place. try it

Alex B

Great chicken and salads are also real good

2iBMX .

You'll be lucky to get your order right... the order was read to me correctly, but I realized when I got home that there was an entire missing burrito and no receipt for the order itself. So how do I prove that my order was botched? Sounds like one of the crew members got the munchies and pocketed food that I paid for. Scam.

Janet Jablonski

Always have a good meal here.


I enjoy coming here during the day. The staff on duty are always on point with their service and fresh food. However when I got those late night munchies and visited during the closing shift. The chicken avocado quesa was not fresh off the grill just how I like it during lunch. Chips tasted stale as if they’ve been sitting out for a week and sadly the horchata was really really watered down. What a way to taste that minimum wage work ethic!

Eric Galante

Lots of great healthy choices

howard arnott

Just not all that impressed with their food.. may be good to others though.

Eric Hernandez

Delicious food.

Chrissy Janopoulo


Chio Madrigal

My entire family got food poisoning from this pollo loco the worst restaurant !!! The chicken is not fresh, be aware if you want to prevent vomiting

Alex Howell

Pretty good, priced fair, good customer service and tasty

Carlton Mercer

Good chicken, the Avocado dressing is so good on the salad. I only get dark meat and black beans with salad so can't tell you about the other sides. Flan is great for fast food flan. Never eaten inside. Sign is not on always so I forget it's open sometimes!

scott king

My family only does take out with four resturants and Loco is one. Terrible service the last several times and to the point we might make it 3.

Anon User

Terrible! The staff literally always mess up my orders. Something is missing or special requests aren't fulfilled on food. This location is ALWAYS out of ingredients, especially guacamole and cilantro ranch. One time they were even out of CHIPS! I do not understand how that happens. I think this location is poorly managed and run by a bunch of teenagers with no hair nets and long fake nails. I used to love el pollo loco until I went to this location on 215 and Decatur in North Las Vegas.

Richel S

I always enjoy the chicken avocado quesadilla when I come here. 30 minutes to close should NOT change the El Pollo’s mission statement, “ make every customer experience count.” I wanted to leave a satisfying review, but I received 90% watered down horchata of water and stale chips that El Pollo claims they always serve “...freshly prepared food..”. Please be mindful no matter the time you guys close.

J.jasper Jones Jr

Fresh,Healthy and Great Value...

Jason Childress

Great food, service, love the rewards program

P Lopez

Friendly customer service clean environment Macaroni & cheese was the Bomb. AdvocatoChipotle burrito My new favorite

Rick Blitzstein

By far the dirtiest restaurant I have ever been to. The bar at the front was a total mess and we left after standing in line for 15 mins with no service. I will never go back.

Kathie Hennesay

Ok not a giant chicken fan but everyone wanted to go so they had the most votes.any way.i had the Alvarado bacon salad.and let me tell u I was shocked how good it was.yum just thinking about I want more.everone was more then happy with the cost for what u get in portains and the price.also they have coupons on website.i get some in the mail.hope u enjoy as much as I did

rodrigodelardlf .

It was good.

Randy Videen

The website is terrible! I was unable to complete my order online. However the staff is friendly and efficient! Ceci promptly made my order when I arrived. Food was delicious. Skip the website and phone in your order.

Re ady

Great service

liz carmen

I tried to order food in the drive thru at 10pm and they ignored me even though they were open still

Daniel Ungro

Excellent location, I have been to the Scottsdale location bear the 101 and enjoy that place as well. I was visiting my brother and we decided to go through the drive through for takeout we ordered family menu 16 piece mixed meal deal with 2 sides and ordered another sides and it turned out be great deal price wize and very good chicken and excellent service.. See Scottsdale review

Jack Lane

We have been coming to this store for many years and their quality has fallen since our last visit. We had their family combo and the meat was very overcooked the sides were rather tastless and the service wascwhat you would expect of a lesser establishment. This may have been just a single bad experiance so I may try them again later but for now I was not satisfied.

David Rosazza

Not bad for fast food

Celia Montenegro

Good grilled chicken.

debi davis

Over done burnt chicken I asked for "juicy" but I received over done burnt nasty chicken I won't be back for awhile or I will double check my order

Sheryl Pieper

Super friendly & helpful staff. Good food, too!

enrique valdez

Like it because is good and they got healthier options

Brian Baumgartner

Has come a long way from just chicken and tortillas. Better than Del Taco or Taco Bell any day

gavin rahimtula

Good food but service needs a little help.

Brian Beachy

We don't come here often, but when we do we wonder why we don't come here more. Great food and service. Thank you.

Laura B

Chicken was good, restaurant was clean. Service was okay- though no acknowledgement upon entering & exiting the establishment. I will try another day.

J. Eliseo Vigil

Food was excellent. Always consistent and of good quality. Prices are pretty good too.

Naty J

One of my fav for quick fast food. They have great salad options and I just love a grill whole chicken. Very affordable. If you on a diet there are choices for a healthy plate. Yes, I always get that green sauce. This location is fine. Never had any issues. Ive only been through the drive thru.

Scott Dorfman

This is to highlight one employee in the store named Anthony. He was extremely helpful in several things we asked for or needed. He was friendly and went above and beyond to make sure our visit was a good one! Thanks, Anthony!

Spinning Wheels Photography

You will have to go there to enjoy the food.

Hector F.

Grilled Chicken. it's healthy. you should love it. Enough said!!

Jason Patton

Great food great service

Sharon Hansen

Good food.

Wilbet Acevedo

Good food and they offer military discount.

leobardo viveros

Good food and price

Donald C Hopp

Great service and food

Mary Hopp

Good as always

Don Dunbar

Solid fast food Mexican and salad type food place. Great prices.

Frank West

Great food as always. Server was beautiful. Should be a model. She's hot!!!

Matt Hutchings

Good food. Fast service. Tad bit cold inside though, but beyond that well done.

Miguel Delpino

I love Pollo loco ba today I ordered a chicken tostada no chicken no letter today sax

Joan Smith

They have very good food. The service is good.

Beverly Colley

Tried the 20.00 family dinner special with the mango salad 8 pics legs and thighs. Was good for 3 adults. Hard to find mangos in the salad. Chicken was good but not much larger than Cornish Game Hens. Sorry I requested 2 extra wings. So small and dry they weren't worth the extra $3.00.

Jamey Tatum

First time. Enjoyed it. Would recommend.

Felicienne Moore

The young lady that took our order was pleasant and did not mind going the extra mile for other items we needed once we were seated


The place is very clean I was approached right away by the cashier very pleasant very nice had a few accommodations on my order and she said no problem I recommend this place to anybody I'm in the business so I understand how important it is when a customer walks in to be acknowledged right away good job Tina management team

Kunal Mehla

Good place


Delicious food! Plentiful! Could not eat it all. Saving the rest for lunch today. Kind and quick workers! Will recommend and return.

Jamie Dial

My favorite burrito is the bean, rice and cheese. I'm sure the chicken is good too....

Marcus Reaves

Friendly staff. You can see them cook your fresh chicken.

Manny Bar

Great food at a good price!.

Lee Abrahamian

Food tasted great but some of the pieces of chicken were really small.

john j jones

Healthy Meal Choices,Cals posted to help plan your meal..

Thomas Gutierrez

Great food but was a little bit dirty. I usually have to wipe my own table.

Donald Werdin

Food was well flavored, but by the time it was served, it was warm at best. Service was friendly but really really slow. My brother finished his salad before I got my burrito. He does not eat that fast.

Bill Marasa

Food is good and price is right

Gwendolyn Carson

A great choice for chicken if you don't want fried chicken. Lots of creative menu options

Lucia Foster

Had to ask for salsa and utensils. They pour new salsa in salsa bar and told me to get it myself. My order came with a drink and had to ask for it twice.

ron carson

Food was very good. Bathrooms were a mess!

James Zito

Sometimes it's Hit or Miss depends on who the management is

Kelly Richards

Friendly customer service, clean environment, and good food

Kay Dee

Good avocado bowls but a bit pricey for what it is

Russell & Elsy Scott

THeir service is good but their product is just OK. Don't get me wrong, we love El Pollo Loco but for the last year or so we have noticed the chicken pieces are getting smaller and smaller in size. Not sure where they are getting their chickens but they are sure smaller than they used to be.

Frieda Harris

Good eating

Martha Silvaggio

My daughter picked up our dinner from North Durango location. Came to our house. Our order was totally screwed up. It is an eight mile drive. So we called our store on North Decatur. Cora the manager was fabulous. She put our order together on the spot. I always come to this location. Usually 2or more time's weekly. It always perfection.

mike schiltz

Food was delicious,parking sucks,and the cashier was a deer in headlights durrr

Graciela Sogamoso

Delicious chicken, fast service, very popular.

Kimberly Roberts

Enjoy the chicken.

Todd Sears

Your new app wiped out my 95 points I had on my old el Polo loco app. UNBELIEVABLE

Barbara Miller

Very good and good price

Joe Fopiano

I really like their chicken. The only downside to this place is if the chickens been sitting on the grill. It's very dry.

Mark Jensen

No tacos. Perhaps it's just a California thing? Service was quick, and the place was clean. The salsa bar was stocked.

Martin Flint

Great customer service and great food!!!

Milciades Donosso

It's a nice place. The staff is always friendly. The place is clean. The food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Olga Caruso

I love pollo loco, I had the street corn, chicken tostada Prety good!!

Mz B Real

It was okay

Daniel Heffner

Double chicken avocado salad, without cheese,corn and Pico. With avocado salsa. Nuff said! Works for me cause I'm paleo.

roger martinez

Always fresh and flavorful. The restaurant is clean and service is great.

Dave Phillips

Drive-through experiences here are the worst. For whatever reason equipment they can never hear you, consistently get your order wrong, forget to give you your credit card back, you get the idea. Unfortunate because the food is actually decent.

Ginger Fein

Excellent. Staff very helpful and polite.

Mike Hill

Decent. Fast. Food Good. Service. Freidnly and nice and cool

Charles Hays

A chicken restaurant without chicken. This was my experience. They told me a 15 to 25 minute wait to get me freaking chicken. KFC it is


Food is awesome!

luis gonzy

Great place and people working there, are very polite, great job and GOD bffbless them

go ku

Just ok

ronnell lawson

Crazy good chicken

JJ Komer

No frills, good food, prompt service!!

Lady Murasaki

Chicken is always good and fresh!

Stephanie Brennan

Worst el pollo loco location. The ignore people in the drive thru! I have had several problems at this location and don’t even go to el pollo anymore now

Jackie Pakula

Fast service and good chicken

Clelia Casamassima

Stop in for a quick and frugal lunch, you won't be disappointed!

LeAnn Ziegenhorn

One of my favorites! Also love the under 500 calories menu.

tina scott

Food is good clean store

Judy Nelson

I highly recommend the double chicken avacado salad.

Tracy Jones

We were greeted upon entering, which was nice. Customer service was good. Chicken tostada was good. Cilantro dressing was best I've had.

Bentley Ayres

I've came here twice now both times. You serve watered down spicey avocado sauce. Half chicken burritos. I didn't realize that you can cut a drumstick in half and count it as two. When I ordered a 10 piece meal.

Teresa Sanchez

Great customer service, friendly service

Rafael Waters

Good food just slow down on the guacamole


I LOVE el pollo loco. Fast service. Friendly employees. Yummy food!

John Hengstler

Good chicken dinner

Branden LIghtsy

Most healthy fast food you will ever eat other than Subway

Raymond Gonella

Excellent food and service. Very clean.

Sinci Dis

This is our favorite so polloe loco location

Carlos Cervantes

Been a great healthy place and friendly when ever I’ve gone in and gone through the drive through

Belen Torres

Food quality was bad, my avocado was black. Food seemed to be old.

Troy Draper

Great Polo Bowl. Check it out sometime.

brian madison

Fast service and kind staff, food is always tasty and made well.

Brenda Berish

We come here frequently and LOVE this place! The drive-thru staff is so friendly and helpful. The prices are good, especially the pollo bowl combo. We like the barbocoa tacos and enchiladas too. The chips are better than going to an authentic Mexican restaurant. The green salsa is yummy. One time I did not get chips that I ordered. No prob, stuff happens. But I mentioned it another time and they happily gave me chips without any hesitation. Great great service!!!!!

Julie Shaw

Bad service at the drive through last night. I won't go to this location again because of the poor customer service.


First off last time I came here(about 7 years ago) wasn't all that impressed with it, like other El' locations, the chicken often wasn't cooked thoroughly. Why I avoided them. Went their today with Bae and I'd have to say, BIG Improvement. Chicken was Goldie Locks status, juicy and packed with flavor. They even opted all thigh on my 3 piece. Salad was good w/extra dressing and mac and cheese was creamy. Overall the place was kept up and gets

Jo Ann Thompson

Have tried to report awful quality and quantity of service but keep getting knocked off site. Ordered chicken nachos and received half tv ad half what was

Tyler Dvorak

best marinated traditional chicken

Ronaldo Raymond

It was good. Kinda a croas between Popeyes chicken and Moes Mexican grill.

Brenna Starnes

Lady was rude and messed our order up. Very dissappointed.

Cristina Flores

The bowls are so good.

GPM Matrix Global

Good flavor all ways fresh real authentic Mexican grill chicken

Deanna Alcorn

This location is relatively new. They are not usually too busy when I come. Their service is friendly and quick. Their chicken is so good!

Travis Weaver

Good service! Great food!

Paul Romero

Great double chicken bowl

Denise Hoinka

Love the food!


Don't try to make ant changes to the items (like no beans) they barely speak english, extremely hard to understand

No Name

Delicious food, great salsa bar. I love this place!

Richard Kocks

So fresh and great service.

Shannon Wood

Weekly stop for me love there chicken

Angela Jackson

Flavor is awesome!!! Customer service is great

UFOs Over Vegas

I love the chicken! Definitely very tasty.

David Kronman

Goof chicken and fast service

Joyce Crabtree

Quick service. Food was good.

Kevin Mathis

The best El Pollo on the west side of town.

Ayi Agustiasari

My fave neighborhood eatery with good variety and delicious Americanized Mexican food. The prices are very affordable and the coupons are always tempting.

Nick Crawford

I enjoy the 4 piece meal. Always go for either Mac & Cheese or mashed potatoes for the sides. Service is quick most of the time.

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