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3481 W Frye Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226, United States Located in: Chandler Village Center

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REVIEWS OF Chompie's Restaurant, Deli, and Bakery IN Arizona

Sandy Cardona

We visit every Tuesday. Our friendly waitress Roxie knows our choices. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We usually have brunch and order dinner to go while we're enjoying our meal. Be sure and ask for your points and of course, stop by the cookie counter.

Kyle Anderson

Man, not happy, nor do I plan on going back. Went with some friends last night and got the western sliders. What a disappointment. They came out basically room temperature/already getting cold, the presentation sucked too, one of them was nearly fallen over. The cheese wasn't melted, hardly any BBQ sauce on the actual sandwiches, and the "fried onion strings" on them were small onion rings. My buddy said he was actually recommended to the place BECAUSE of the sliders. And so far friends I talk to seem to share my opinion of not being fans of the place. Very disappointing experience, and I do not plan on coming back.

camlen1098 .

Arizona Benedict. Best breakfast out there!

R Brown

Fun, welcoming, New York style deli. Food was fresh and authentic. Service was great.

Brice Sang

Wow. I could write and write about this place, but I won't. This place and Cheddar's Scratch kitchen are my favorite places to eat. I won't bore you with a review that says anything more than, GET HERE AND EAT! You can't order anything bad. You could literally close your eyes and throw a dart and love what they bring you. Enough said.

Carmelle Hinkle

One of my very favorite places for a meal, bagels, cookies and cake. Protein pancakes are the best! Excellent products, awesome service, clean and comfortable

Aidan Lerew

I love this place. Not only is the staff amazing (Justin is the man), but they also have gluten free options for bagels that are absolutely fantastic. I drive 15mins either way just to come here and if you have gluten issues this is the spot. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick bite or take out

Melissa ortega

BEST bagels with lox spread & smoked salmon. Fresh & delicious pastries every day. Jewish food at its fines here in AZ. Love the pictures & images inside the building. Hopefully we see a new Chopmies on the East Side of town Gilbert, Quen Creek, or San Tan Valley soon. Thank you for kind customer service & making us feel at home.

Linly Mitchell

Fabulous!!! I had great food the potato pancakes were great. My friend had the sliders she loved them. I had liver and onions it was really good... The carrots were good also. You'll enjoy the service was wonderful

Jazmin Mascorro

Best local discovery.

John Tokarz

Everytime I come here it's a great experience. Food is amazing, service is great, and the atmosphere awesome

Terry Eubank

Yum, yum, yum. From the time you walk in such a good place to enjoy breakfast lunch or dinner. Or even take some goodies home with you.

Rochelle Moynihan

Super nice waiter . But my baked salmon was cold and disgusting.mashed potatoes yuck it was worse then boxed mashed potatoes. Mom ordered a Asian salad it cake out with only lettuce and chicken.guess they had a new cook.was so excited to try this place but don’t think we will be back.

Cedric Dave

Good food with reasonable prices.

Jon Pena

This is a really good option for the area. It had really good food and the menu is huge. I love their breakfast options. The one draw back is they tend to get busy and service falls hard during those times. Try not to have holiday stuff here and you will be fine.

Marie Appelo

Dont go while the computers are down I took my son there and we both got the wrong meals and I didn't have time to wait for them to remake the meals. They were super busy... Sucks because their food is really good and my son has never eatten there before. I realize it's not the front of the house but the kitchen that got things messed up and when Computers are down it makes it even more chaos but I was really looking forward to a meal I didn't get.

samuel jackson

Feels good to be special enough to have a manager serve me, but the person does not know how to wait on people. Live the food but as always service is terrible at this location. Only once I had good service and that person was an elder man.

Dave Schle

A "New York" style Deli. Piles of pastrami and all. Also a bakery with huge assortments of cookies, cakes, pastry and breads. Check out the sweet and sour cabbage soup! Also Gluten free bagels. Good ones. Lots of good parking.

Tina Shoemaker

It was okay. Server was great. Food was decent. The low carb bun was a very dry bread - like all of them out there. It is nice that you can buy the buns if you like. Great dessert selection. No low carb or much sugar free options. Beware the strawberry shortcake. Very dry and bland. It had a weird texture this time as well. It was probably just an off day.

Liberty Wills

Pleasantly surprised! Great food and our server was outstanding. The young man had a lot to handle being we were a large party but he handled it well. Will gladly visit again when I’m in the area

Kt McBurnie

I do like the food here, so I'll get that out of the way to be fair. BUT, the phone customer service is garbage, or at least it was today. I called to order a soup/sammy combo and I misunderstood what qualified for that based on the website description. The person on the phone had an attitude about my misunderstanding for some reason and just told me no instead of trying to help. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we ordered elsewhere.

Tim Sanner

Good sandwiched and fries. Slider sandwiches and full size Sandgate very good! yt?

Milt Amery

The deli is a different story. I stop into the deli at least once a week. I've never had anything that wasn't fresh, tasty and reasonably priced. They've got bagels, about 10-12 flavors of cream cheese, danishes, turnovers, cookies (all made in house), sandwiches, wraps, Lox, smoked fish, loaves of bread, etc. Pretty much everything you would expect from a NY deli. And I've always received excellent service.

Margot Partin

Delicious, very friendly and nice staff!

Kells Bells

Huge shout out to our excellent waitress, Jenni, for being extremely kind, accommodating and genuine. I had a painful abscess drained behind my tonsil yesterday so I have only been drinking liquids and yogurt type foods since. Thought I would try some soup today. She came over with pickles (which I love) but sadly I declined and explained why. She brought soft rolls and extra broth so I could dip them (since she knew I couldn't eat the bagel chips.) A sweet gesture that was unprompted and made my first experience here very enjoyable. Also, they brought us a bad of bagels on the house. I will freeze them to enjoy when I am better. We will definitely be back!

Dorathy Coles

Delicious beef barley soup, and love to check out the bakery

Ethan Hilles

Great place for breakfast or lunch. Great food!

Fern Gimpel

Great food, slow service

Erica Hartley

Breakfast skin bagel great flavor. Fruit perfectly ripe. Staff is friendly and helpful. Will come back again.

CC Christensen

Debbie in the deli was not so nice. Although it was right at closing time, she was not too pleased to help us with our order and we felt she also was not aware of how to ring up the order. Noah, however cane to her rescue and was the most pleasant, courteous, and extra helpful with completing our order and ensuring our experience in the delu order to go went well. We frequent Chompies and had just finished our meal, but how can anyone walk out without some delu items? Their food, portions, and deli are so wonderful. Debbie may need some customer relations help. However Chompies always delivers us satisfaction.

Suzie Jelier

Food was good as well as the service. I wanted something sweet to take with me so I got a cookie. I went to take the plastic wrap off and it said it was I returned it. The second cookie wasn't hard as a rock but stale, as I found out after we left...I was so disappointed.

Doug Wright

Great service by David. Food is always amazing.

Alison Hernandez

My favorite lunch place when visiting the Phoenix area. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu but the Jewish sliders are my favorite! And you can't leave without getting a black and white cookie...they're the best!!!

Linda Weinstock

Had a great time with family and friends. The service was great and the food delicious

Daniella Volkovitz

Went to the Togo area for some Matza ball soup because I got Sick today and this soup is the only thing that bounces me back. One set of customers in front of me that were pretty much getting catering and no other customers in line but me... it took 30 minutes until one other person came into line before the Togo worker asked for any help what so ever... since I’m getting Soup it would have been an easy order to prepare and then I could have cashed out. I stood there ready to pass out for 30 minutes just to get some soup that was already prepared. Terrible customer service and management or lack of it needs to jump in and assist in those situations... the food is good but it was the middle of the day and barely any customers and not one person apologized for the inconvenience. I will be actively 1 staring this location every visit unless shown higher than 1 star service.

Elaine George

I meant to leave this review some time ago but I'm finally here now. I've been thinking of Chompie's since our first visit about a month ago. Couldn't have been better actually. It was a busy afternoon but our waitress was just "on it", attentive and running around with a smile on her face. Great service and great food.

TheGduncanjr .

Great Reuben sandwiches and bagels. Deli style atmosphere with ample seating.

Jon H

Kind of conflicted on this review of deli counter take-out. On one hand, cookies were fantastic. Got some of their fun, colorful butter cookies and their black and whites. We all enjoyed them. But the wait to order at the counter in the morning was more than 5 minutes. That's not a long time, but I was the only one there, and who can wait that long in the am? There was literally nobody at the counter. A server who noticed me had to go find someone. And the cookies are expensive. Delicious, but not convinced that it's worth the wait or price.

Kristen Davis

The protein pancakes are awesome. They have granola, slivered almonds and blueberries mixed in the batter. Again, they have crispy edges. One order will feed two people. Sunday morning brunch time. Had to wait 20 minutes, not complaining.Seated at booth, eventually, slow moving waitress arrives to take order.

Dana Engel

Best deli in the valley!

Lynn Sutherland

Love the food. Great deli and bakery.

Tim Bruder

One of my favorite bagel stores. I would like to see one in Mesa.

Lolo Few

Just left after waiting 10 minutes just to get our water, it never came so we left.. Horrible service.... .. no service. Great food, maybe order it to go, we drove in from Ahwatukee to get breakfast, too bad won't make that mistake again.

Shawn Gallo

One of our absolute favorite go to places. Sometimes we pop in for bagels or desserts to go and other times we sit down. They have a very cool kids menu with quite a few options as well as the stalwart Mac and Cheese. The coffee tasted good and the servers have always been excellent. Big portions with diverse options abound. While not a lot of options for vegetarians which include the traditional breakfast fare along with a few lunch dinner items too. Stop and crab a cookie, pastry, or better still a fruit tart on your way out.

Bryan Curtis

Good stuff great service

Nancy Wandt

Good, service, atmosphere all EXCELLENT!!

Tracey Wise

Good Times, Good Eats. Great Service. What more can you ask for.

Joel Purdue

Chompies has always been a warm place I love to bring my family. Fantastic food paired with a fantastic bakery makes this place a must.

Jim Angelastro

Food was cold and not very good. Bakery is the best part of the place.

Blanca Guerra

The service and the food was great .

Olivia Williams

Stopped in tonight. My waitress's Pam rocked. She was super friendly. So were the hostess and what seemed to be like the manager on staff tonight. The lady working the sweet counter was super sweet and very knowledgeable about what sweets they had. The cream cheese looked so delicious. I had the fish and chips and it was okay but I will go back to try other things. The burgers looked delicious. Friendly yummy place.

Gretchen Ohlgart

Always great food and great service.

Linda Weber

Order was exactly as requested and gentleman working take out was great but it took a while to find him

Michael Shoemaker

A great place to eat

Lee Guy

It's always the very best in food and service.

Mary Hanson

Best authentic Jewish deli in Az. Very large menu and haven't had anything that wasn't great. Huge portions. And, the bakey is unbelievable. I always end up taking bagels, butter cookies, pastries home with me. I haven't seen a bakey like this since we had neighborhood bakies when I lived in Chicago.

Jan Parker

Food is just ok. There are a few things on the menu that are good but prices are a bit high in my opinion. We go here because my granddaughter loves their Mac and cheese.

Ocean Girl

Delicious, varied menu. Huge portions. Medium in price. Love the atmosphere and the bakery.

Jeremy Eldredge

I love this place I go there every time I'm in the area

Josh P

Food was awesome! That being said it was also extremely over priced for what it was and their service was horrible!! Niceness doesn't make up for horribly horribly slow service when the restaurant is near dead. It was good, but we wont be back, that wait killed it. No excuse you respond with will be notable. It was super slow and the waitress was just bad. Dropped off food to empty drinks and dissapeared for 10 min.

Brian Thor

Bagels, strawberry cream cheese and latkes are all I need

Lexi Duncan

Great service, awesome music, and the bagels are beautiful!

Richard Lewin

Chompie's is a Jewish style deli that offers an extensive choice of foods. I had one of their skillets today. It was delicious. The portions are large. Service is good but do not expect to get in and out quickly. Their bakery is excellent.

Shannon McKinney

What a great time. Food was so great and the bloody mary was so yummy

Troy Petty

Service was terrible, almost an hour to get our food and 2 of the three orders were wrong.

Nichole Black

Was interested in a new place since its by my new job location. Yet when I walked in I got a wierd look from 2 young employees. After we looked at eachother a young lady behind the counter as well asked if she coupd help me. For being the 2nd person in the deli area, the other young man mentioned about the program to get points to his customer. No one did to me. I asked the girl. When she was not as busy she said, yes we'll ask you for your information to enroll. Its free. When I was charged for my sandwhich to go, no information was asked or provided for the Chompies rewards program. Not to interested in coming back. For working in Deli's since I was 7 years of age;I've never had 5 different employees see me and 2interact this way. The lady who took my order was great!

Rhea Safford

It was delicious but 2 sandwiches and 1 drink cost 38 $

Bob Raymond

Best Jewish soul food in Arizona! I tried the corned beef hash Skillet today and loved it. Haven't found anything there I don't like yet.

David Norell

Excellent New York Style Jewish Deli Restaurant. Authentic Sandwiches, half and full Sour pickles, fantastic Desserts!

Janis Perlitch Ward

Stopped for take out, and the only good food was the bread. Very disappointing. The Tempe store was much better.


The sliders are the reason I go. Delicious!

Maria Kemp

The New York sliders are amazing!! Love the bakery here, so fresh!!!

Mullet Monarch

It's great that they open at 6 am

Deanna Jordan

Love the Mile High Roast Beef sandwich...

Elizabeth Bigham

The best food and service! The bakery allows us to take that yummy food home with us. Great rewards program. We will return again & again.

Jason Wenzel

Quality New York style deli food. Everything is good, from the chopped liver to the lox and eggs (I believe it's "the Leo"), very well done.

Vincent Gatto

Chompie's is A+. Their whitefish salad is awesome. If you like corn beef then try their tongue sandwich. It's like corn beef but better. Get it served warm.

Dyane Domingo

Always love the pastrami and napoleon

deborahann0013 .

Expensive but worth it 100%

Alison Spencer

Very disappointed. Lived here for 9 years and I've wanted to try it that long. Thought it was a bagel sandwich shop, nope. Almost anything but bagels. Won't were my time going again.

Marla Hackett

Love, love, love Chompies. This is my go to place for corned beef and pastrami. The bakery is stellar and the different selections of schmear are awesome! I have been a customer for 20 almost 21 years and never had a single bad meal here. Thank you Chompies!

Jon Stuebe

Love the Jewish sliders

kevin pittman

Awesome food, huge portions and decent service considering it was fairly busy. The manager even gave us a few bagels on the way out....

Jose Juarez

Great place for breakfast a big plus is the bar, for the beer lovers!

vito chiarito

Very pricey for a sandwich. Tempe location was better

Tracy Gilbert

Fantastic variety of food. Try something new each time.

Ricky Clements

Great BOGO burger special for Spring Training, baseball. Apparently when regular season starts they will run a BOGO on hot dogs.

Natasha Cloutier

What can you say about Chompie's other than it is a GREAT place to eat. Have been going to both the Mesa and Awhatukee location for years and I live their offerings each and every time. You can't beat their lox and bagels and the Mimosa's arent' shabby either. NOM NOM NOM!

jon arend

Fish dinner.. Tasty! Nice portions

Dawn Binder

I was so excited to find a real deli restaurant and I was NOT disappointed!! It was delicious. The soup special was Baked Potato Soup and it was amazing, the best I've ever had. I had the brisket sliders and woohoo they we're good. My friend had the corned beef on rye and wow, she couldn't even finish it was so big, she loved it. We can't wait to go back!!!

Dan Riedmatter

Very big selection on the menu. Breakfast, lunch soup salad. I like the Rubens both pastrami and corned beef. Stuffed French toast is a HUGE portion. Server seemed a little overwhelmed. Had to ask multiple times for a new ketchup but she was very nice and courtious

Lauren Holmes

I went once to Chompie's up in Scottsdale, but this place has them beat! We actually stopped in on a Sunday and they were so crowded (I would have waited, but I was too hungry), that we came back on Tuesday. It was lovely because nobody was there and we got the whole dining area to ourselves. But the best part was just the food. The service was pretty good to say a little more.


I was really looking forward to trying this place out. Upon arrival we were served flat sodas and were told they were out of carbonation. 30 minutes was to long a wait time for a chicken sandwich. When both our plates arrived, both orders were wrong. After pointing this out, the waitress made no attempt to fix the the issue. I had to ask to please bring out missing toppings on my sandwich. Not one time was I offered for my water to be refilled. This place has potential, but the staff seems to confused on the basics of great customer service.

Thersa Brooking

Large portions, but food just average. Over priced salad for the quality. Very nice service staff. Ryan was exceptionally personable.

Michael Ellis

The food was good but the menu is to big. Modern restaurants have smaller menus where the food can be made with consistency. A large menu is harder to be be consistent with.

John K

The corned beef Reuben classic was horrible. Dried and crusty edged meat. Our waitress tried to make it right, but I never return food. This makes the third time at different Chompies locations with bad food. Three times and I am out of here!

Chris Tate

Great menu offerings. Efficient wait staff.

Justin McLeod

Always great service. The bagels are great and the spread is even better. Thx

Max Vickery

Awesome food and friendly staff

Lamar Marshall

Breakfast was good until the cockroach ran across our table

Vanessa Stone

I went for the first time on Mother's Day and had a great time. The food was great and we had good service. The portions are large and everything we had was good. Great place to take your family.

Dana Gilmore

So fresh! Love the food! Great friendly service!!

Randy Abulon

Enjoyed it. Corned beef hash was excellent, and the protein pancakes were large and delicious. Bagels with chive cream cheese... Wow. Like icing on the cake. Already adding a visit on the next trip to AZ. Even took a look at the takeout menu, to add a reuben or pastrami for lunch in the future. Great service and great recommendations. I'll be back.

Jonathan Craig

I am giving them 4 stars because they took my fav. sandwich off the menu. Other wise I would be giving them 5 stars all day long. I fell in love with chompie's at their 32nd st. & Greenway rd. 20+ years ago. The food is excellent and they know how to bake the pastries. I will change my rating when I see the longislander back on the menu.

Tony Roman

Amazing food, a true escape back home for a NYer.

Thomas Michael Gallagher

Food was very tasty and atmosphere was a joy flashback for our honeymoon. Zack took good care of us. We would very likely return.

Annette Ross-Felber

I have been to this locations many times and always had a great meal until St. Patrick's Day. It was very disappointing. We waited 1/2 hour for a table when there were open tables outside, in the main restaurant and in the back room by the deli. I don't get it-why? The service was mediocre but since it was busy I can look over that. But for the first time, the corned beef was dry and the cabbage was hardly cooked at all. Needless to say I will not be returning to Chompies anytime soon.

Ken Mason

We have loved everything about Chompie's for a lot of years! It takes me back to my East Coast days.

Farinaz Parsay

Chompie's is a family owned restaurant, deli and bakery which was opened in 1979. The restaurant is famous for its bagels and catering and it is known as Arizona's New York Deli serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. What attracted my attention to begin with in Chompie's restaurant was the presentation of aspects of life in New York City in different forms including the subway, Macy's, Brooklyn, the Music Hall, the red bus and much more. Chompie's is nominated for best of the Valley 2019 in Phoenix Magazine for its bakery, brunch and breakfast. I enjoyed my lunch at Chompie's. A restaurant known as “New York Deli” and nominated for “Best of the Valley 2019”.

Mari Franklin

They have Keto and gluten free options that are wonderful.

Wendy Sischo

Great food.

Joel B

The reuben was a fatty mess with no sauerkraut on it. So disappointed.

Teena Peclet

Love their breakfast! The bagels are the best! This place is a must!!

Chris Fischer

Chompie's always has great food, consistent and reliable. They surprise with the menu, offering all-day breakfast. Of course, their deli offerings and fresh bakery are the best in the valley. Today, we discovered that their amazing bakery bakes KETO-FRIENDLY breads and rolls!!! They were delicious and used on some of their new menu items. We bought a loaf of bread and box of rolls to take home, the stuff was amazing. We will be making more frequent use of their great rewards club, it was good already, now even better with this new addition to their menu.

Christine Gray

Food fresh and yummy as always. Host/greeter so very friendly and fun. Box of butter cookies to go home!

Sterling S

Rude, disinterested, condescending staff in deli area. Rude to the point where I left and went to Einstein's right down the road. Einstein's coffee is better anyway.

Ronald Bellonio

Great Delicatessen I didn't expected have a Jewish delicatessen in Arizona the food was great

Kellie Goodrum

Food is amazing, Service is Wonderful and Atmosphere is fun! The Corned Beef Hash is so darn good and authentic! Its like Im in the Bronx, minus the mugging on the subway! Our server, Lindsey is so sweet, makes us feel like family. The decor is fun and takes you back to NYC, with Wendy and Don welcoming to their dining table! Cannot wait tp come back for some fresh pickles, Corned Beef and a welcoming smile.

lunarbabe melting

Great gf options, including baked goods. Bagels esp. service is a little hit or miss but the ones who have it are amazing and the management is wonderful. Very kid friendly. Can accommodate lots of different sizes groups

Jim Vorves

Always a joy to eat at a Chompies restaurant

Bob Sakas

The breakfasts here are phenomenal! Veggie cream cheese on a double-toasted bagel with the Baja Omelet, yum!

Troy Bowerman

I like chompies, great Jewish deli always puts out really good food with really good portions for a decent price. I have yet to be disappointed with any of the choices I've made here. Definitely a good eat.

Michael Scattareggia

Always happy with Chompies overall, but yesterday was different. Ordered their corned beef hash breakfast with potatoes and eggs. I asked the waiter for eggs over easy and asked that my hash not be overcooked which is always the case. When my plate was served had 2 eggs instead of 3, and one of them was well done. I mentioned it to the waiter and he brougt me out 2 more cooked properly. The hash however was murdered once again. The cooks at all locations need to learn how to cook their corned beef hash properly. Always well done with hard pieces of corned beef from being overcooked. Hash should be soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Done with hash at Chompies.

Beverley Rowley

Great bagels. Great food.

Exec Sec

Awesome as always. Try the knish!

Mitch Seidman

I LOVE CHOMPIES!! I drive an hour to go here and it’s worth every minute, every time. Their New York style deli and bakery food is to die for. Their menu is unbelievably huge to the point where you’ll spend 20 minutes looking at the menu and still won’t decide what to order.

Christina Mach

Best bagels in town!! Always friendly and helpful service

Susan Cook

Always a great meal at Chompies! Great customer service-Monica took care of us -and the bakery is hard to walk by without a look at.

Sean Callahan

Love this place. It is a true NY deli. Meat piled high on the sandwiches, fabulous soups, and can't go wrong breakfast dishes.

Kevin Beaudoin

I am giving 4 stars because the bakery part is awesome, and because you have to wait on end to be seated with a table, but what better place to stand and wait, then the bakery? The menu food is yes very good, the soft drinks are however the worst... Soda is always flat, not enough carbonation, or watered down, also never order the lemonade, it water, with a squert of artifitial lemon. I have never had the coffee, that may be better? the bakery goods are spectacular, your main entree is always a treat, I love the breakfast all day. If you can stand and wait 45 minutes+,all good, the wait stall has way too many tables to serve. And the first in, first serve, is a joke. There may be 15 parties waiting, but a family comes in and somehow in one minute, they are seated. But they say there is NO call ahead, put your name on a list type seating, according to the hostess staff. To sum it up if you want great food, great bakery, terrible drinks, and food that takes forever to recieve, Chompies is perfect!

Anita & Chris Hartman

It was good clean and tasty food

Marissa Zinkosky

Love coming here. Staff is always friendly and the food is fresh. It’s great that they added gluten free products too.

Kari Infantino

Chippies serves up some delicious Delicassen food. Bagels Bagels everywhere. This is a very popular place with tons of great food for the while family. Located by the Chandler Mall this is a great restaurant to eat at any time of the day

Dara Handy

Gluten free waffles and desserts are always great!! Also gluten free bagels.

Christina Fawcett

The food is AMAZING!!! Service was very good, my only complaint is the prices, very steep

Felicia Robertson

Being from the East Coast originally, it is not often that you come across a genuine NY Deli. If that is what you're looking for - look no further, Chompie's is sensational. I believe they have other locations in and around Phoenix. We went to the one in Chandler and can't wait for another opportunity to return. The menu was diverse and very reminiscent of deli's past. The excellent choices were only outdone by the quality, quantity and value of the dishes. All of which was further supported by an excellent and attentive staff. All of us had great meals (4), all different, all delicious. Well done! Keep up the great work and we hope to see you again soon.

Fernando Maldonado

Good food yum

Rachel .

Friendly staff and waiters, amazing selection in their bakery/deli, and the quality of their food is superb. Their grilled chicken sandwich is the best I've ever had. The french fries are delicious as well. I've been here numerous times and I've never been disappointed. My family and I will continue to come back again and again.

Ron Wisdom

Can't get enough of the Pastrami, great food and better servers

Shaunna Risinger

The people are always friendly, every time we come here. They go out of their way to make our kids feel special. They give you pickles when you sit down to eat. For a family who loves pickles, it is wonderful. Sure beats bread and chips most other restaurants do. Their deli is always great, with many types of sweets. They pile on the cream cheese when you get the bagels! Every dish is a large portion, so come hungry! We love this place!

Kira Aagesen

My first time going into a Chompies, worst experience ever. Walked in waited 5 minutes no one came out EVER, so I walked out. Won't be coming back.

Wanda Jackson

I will go back great service

lauren stowell

Honestly this location was great and I don't know what happened. The staff always seems upset all the time and the service is terrible.i only come back bc I love chompies other locations and this is the one closest to me.

Dale Demeules

Wonderful place to meet old friends and have a splendid lunch.

Eileen Cowles

Love the hot sandwiches and napoleons!

Joe Sobel

Food & service was great. Love the combination corned beef & pastrami on rye.

Kenneth Beckham

The food is delicious.

Lainy Sardina

What happened to Chompies at the Chandler Mall? Where did all the diners go? Where is the quality food and enough wait staff? Eight of us (tried) to eat dinner there the other night and it was horrible. Soup was packed with food to the point there was no room for broth. Certainly did NOT look appetizing. Chopped liver is NOT chopped it is pate. Looks and tastes disgusting, like something brought in from the yard. Corned beef was all FAT and chewy. Food Service was so slow and there were ONLY 2 other tables of diners at 5:30PM. I bought a pound of salami upon leaving and asked for it thinly sliced. This was the 4th time that it was still sliced thicker and did not taste like a good salami. If anyone wants to still eat at Chompies try the one on University. A longer drive but worth it. It is a shame that this restaurant in Chandler really brings down the Chompie name. P.S. Bakery always tastes stale. I am wondering if the left over food from other Chompies ends up here.

Sara Swearingen

I would have given a five-star, but they are often understaffed and really busy. If they did a better job Staffing, I would absolutely give it a 5-star! The food is amazing.

Nicole Salonko

Great family place with a lot of gf options.

Amy Reid

Eclectic, fun. Delicious

Don Rostron

Good food, and kiltlifter on tap!

Ellie Blatt

Delicious delicious sandwiches! Corned beef and pastrami...yummo! Closest to a NY deli out here!

mobile dog Running Singer

Food was great, service was good.

Sheran Mattson, PsyD

Great service, plenty of food and no rushing. Reservations honored on a busy day.

James Williams

Ordered pastrami got brisket. Called them and they replaced it no charge. Good food good service.

tyler p

Order the food to go. Service is awful.

Kris Carlson

Just fabulous food, generous portions. Gluten free options. Huge bakery.

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