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6675 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715, United States

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REVIEWS OF Chick-fil-A IN Arizona

Gabriel Miranda

Love it. Everyone is very helpful and nice


Their food is awesome but their parking lot is a little confusing at first. Other than that, the staff is nice and friendly.

Ming H. Chen

Good food, fast and friendly.

Janice Lynskey

Good food. Prices are a little high but that is what you pay for great food these days. Staff are always friendly. I always enjoy myself when I come here.

E.J. Wagner

Always fast, delicious, and friendly staff!

Lisa Jabbar

First time we've had it, delicious! Such friendly, professional people working there, really a treat. Enjoy!

Brian Scott

The staff was amazing, how do they get such cheerful employees? The food was done quickly and tasted wonderful. I recommend this location to anyone who is in the area.

Joel Espinoza

Love the spicy chicken sandwich always good pick! I can say you're going to great service at every location. Don't agree with the company politically but they make one damn good chicken sandwich.

Chris Wolf

What a wonderful place. Always clean, and compationite workers

Rick Scoles

Great food and such a friendly atmosphere!

Bonita Courtney

Awesome Chicken sandwiches and waffle fries! Thanks Chic-fil-A for having American Pride just like my grandparents did!!

Denise Bartelle

This was the first time we have been to Chick-fil-A. What a surprise the employees were friendly happy and clean. The resturant was spotless,and the food was excellent. Best fast food I have ever had. Thanks,well be back

Andrea Brobeck

This location is particularly wonderful! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful! It's a very safe place to come with kids and enjoy!

Irving Ripoll

Very good service and great customer service, good food.

Richard Gehrke

Good service and plenty of Chicken to go around!!! Great if your a Cow!!


Friendly staff, clean facility, great food!!!!

Julie Gossett

The food was wonderful and very fresh! The service was exceptional! We we able to get our order quickly and with out any fuss! And we were on our way!

Brendan Ahern

Great food as per usual just wish you didn't have to wait 5 minutes for a sauce

Jon Carson

THE BEST! Tven though the close on Sundays!

Phillip Griffin

What's not to like, great food and the nicest employees!

Brendan Wiandt

The chicken is awesome, if you can look past the fact that this company funds hate. If you can sleep well knowing you're supporting oppression then yeah, go for it, But then chances are you probably suck too.

brian latta

Pleasantly surprised for "fast food". Cost a little more, but always fresh.

Miguel Pacheco Ordaz

I went the to get food on my lunch break and they were extremely busy but yet everyone was so nice and kind along with respectful and uplifting, best place to take the family if you ask me

Jesse Schaa

Friendly. Fast. Good food.

Alexander Lercher

Great family environment. Food was perfect. Service was excellent. Christian organization. We each had a sandwich.. I had the spicy chicken sandwich.. Many different sauces... I reccomend with the sweet and spicy siracha or the chik fil a sauce... We will be returning to thia place!

Jamie Robinson

Somehow this came up on my feed asking for a review. I haven't been there in years and won't go back due to their human rights violations. It's interesting they won't open on Sunday, but allow the contractors to work on building their restaurants on Sunday. Another religious double standard.

Amanda Maus

Staff are always so darn friendly. Efficient, quick drive thru. Fries are always hot. Chick-fil-A sauce is so good. Best vanilla milkshake in Tucson.

Harrison Koch

I've been here about 3 or four times. Always a very positive experience. Funnily enough almost all of my experiences have been for breakfast. Never too busy. Great tasting food and frozen coffee drinks. Very clean and easy to have a good conversation with company. Overall a fantastic place to grab some delicious food!

StatiK RC

The staff is very friendly and the food was fresh. My only issue with this restaurant is that the portions are small for the price. Also, I have felt rushed as I am eating several times, even when it isn't busy. I do appreciate the attentive staff though!!

Cory Liguore

There simply is no better place to get good high-quality chicken in a fast food setting.

Carol Craig

Love their chicken! So much flavor and crunch. I always get a lemonade and where else can you get fresh lemonade ?? A must try and your food will be fast and fresh. Enjoy!! Carol

Mary Bonacci

Fresh hot food. Delicious!

My Cyber

One of my favorite restaurants. The spicy chicken sandwich is amazing!

Braeden Harris

Sweet tea and fried chicken? Yes please. This location has excellent service!

Jack Lanning

Great food, friendly staff, good pricing. Very helpful and accommodating.

Allie Dada

Always great service and the food never disappoints. Great place for lunch or dinner with the family or solo.

Jack Baty

Pleasant surroundings, reasonable prices and great chicken sandwiches. They are exceptionally polite in explaining the meal choices.

Phil Ortiz

Great food and excellent, friendly staff.

Dick huebner

Food is great employees are wonderful that wait on us

Becky Samdahl

The employees really care and the food is always great!

Melissa B

Really... chicken sandwich with pickles and 2 buns! That's it, no condiments. They can keep their $4 + sandwich.

Brekke Lyon

Love It! Terrific food: Amazing chicken , great variety, tasty drinks & service. *Even a singing waiter ! : )

Jason Olson

Amazing staff and food. Always kind and caring about their customers and food.

Dollchuu K

Decently good food. Keeps us coming back.

Jeremiah Markes

I love the food here but the prices sometimes make this more of a once in awhile stop for food.

Ken Murray

Love me some Chic Fil A

Pete Peterson

1st time eating there had to get take out, and even after an hour and a half drive at was so Good. FYI I had the Spicy regular Sandwich.

Kathy Milian

Good food, but a bit pricey for some items. Staff are friendly and service is great.

tell it like it is

This location is always clean, staff is friendly and play area is clean. Food is fast and hot . Bonus that they bring in fresh air. These small details make it that much better. As someone with sensitivities I can sit and enjoy a meal without the strong smells of cleaners or greasy stagnant air. We lso support a business that embraces our countries core values and supports our military. In a time where being patriotic makes you a target, I commend them for standing strong.

edward jennings

Our first impression was that this is NOT your typical fast-food restaurant! A very genuinely friendly team of people who make you feel like "family"! This is not an exaggeration,they actually treat you special,smile and are always offering to serve you at the table for extra drinks,condiments☺️And the food is truly DELICIOUS!!! So whether it's chicken sandwiches,salads,waffle fries,etc. We liked the fact they are patriotic for America,with flags decorating the walls,and discount the military who have sacrificed so much for our Country! They are family friendly with a jungle-gym too, and support people of all Faith's by being closed on Sunday for church! We LOVE CHICK-FIL-A!!!! Ed and Sandy J.

Melissa Buss

I have found this Chick-fil-A to go above and beyond to provide a positive dining experience for myself and those that I bring to eat!

Ryan Montgomery

Blessed chicken, and service so nice you'll feel guilty over nothing. Bless up fam

TeChNo P4NdA

You can't go wrong here (:

EC Shadow !

Omg love this place!! So much healthier then McDonalds. Only downside is the intersection is horrible and has construction!! Food and staff are wonderful!!

Jason Anderson

Love the food very buzzy place need to expand the dining room

J Ai

Good service but fries were not crispy

Storm Roth

Their chick fil a sauce, their spicy chicken (any variation), and they say "my pleasure" instead of your welcome. I always feel like I want to eat chick fil a most on sundays though...

Brad Carter

We have never been to Chick-fil-A before. The Chicken strips were to die for! They were tender,juicy and full of flavor! The grilled chicken sandwich was wonderful as well! The kind person behind the counter, was so sweet and welcoming, you couldn't help but smile as she helped us, her name was Cat. We will definitely be coming back for the excellent food, and kind staff at this store! Definitely recommend for a quick bite to eat!

Corina Robison

I always look forward to going to Chick fil A, wish they had one closer to Vail. Food and customer never disappoint!!

Travis North

Amazing food. Friendly, kind and professional staff. The way a restaurant should be run.


Always an enjoyable experience. Friendly and helpful employees.

Mo D

Awesome I get my lunch there 3 times week

Jim Cassidy

Always GREAT! People & Food.

Ryan Yduarte

Always a "pleasure" going to Chick-Fil-A, staff was as friendly as ever! Food was delicious, still the best chicken sandwich!

Susan Abbott

I love Chick fil A. They are my favorite eat out chicken.

Tim Mason II

Great service. Amazing Staff. Kid friendly

Cindy Padilla

Loved the lemonade as usual ! We had the original Chic style sandwiches, yummy waffle fries & strips. We totally enjoyed the whole meal. All I can say is I wish there were a Chick'fil-A in Rita Ranch.

Ernest Moreno

I can hardly wait to go to this place whenever we get the opportunity! Food is absolutely amazing!

Junna Hayashi

very clean with friendly, efficient service and tasty fast food.

Heather Talag

Very busy on weekends, fun kids play place but loud. Staff is friendly and competent.

Alvaro Solis

Honestly I just love Chick-fil-A in general but the service here is very friendly and very quick. I have never been disappointed by anything from this location.

Rick Givens

Meh fried chicken with a side of bigotry.

David Monreal

Great food gets real busy

Spence Bilbo

Greeted warmly by managers and trainees throughout our visit. From the salads to chicken strips everything was delicious. Hot and fresh. Lemonade is the best in Tucson.

Clint Walker

Went through the drive through, was greeted by the sweetest, and nicest lady through the speaker. No complaints at all. Food and service 7/5

Garrett Cornwell

One of the cleanest and best fast food restaurants

the crazy twins .

It was so good the fries with extra crispy and awesome their chicken was fantastic now there use sauce and you will die it was also my first time loved it so much

Lisa Trevino Goodman

I always use the app and the pick up curbside is sooo easy and the staff are soo friendly! It didn't hurt that I get these cool rewards also!

Mari Aguirrebarrena

Love their food and lemonade.

Doesn't Matter

For chick fil a it was kinda eh... tables were dirty, flowers on the table were dead, not many employees on staff so the wait was a little long.. not horrible, but just not what you expect from chick fil a.. the employees were incredibly friendly and helpful. Bathroom was pretty clean.

Duane Boldt

My favorite chicken. Always good food and friendly staff.

Dean Hoppe

Very crowded, VERY dirty, and the food was just okay the player it was nice nice for the children though. However not a reason to return. You will get better food at Jack-in-the-Box at a MUCH better price.

Cordelia George

Delicious lunch. Polite staff. Fries; no salt. PERFECT; just what I ordered.

Crossfit Grl

Unbelievable food and service. Can't wait to go again. Very fresh and clean

T. Ryan McFarland

They had fast and friendly service! They got the order right the first time (doesn't seem to happen very often in fast food). The food was delicious and piping hot!

Juan Rosa

The cashier was very helpful, Explained Menu choses. Very good experience, good food.

Brian Reynolds

Great service. Super friendly employees. Great food!

S.M. Carless

Great food, friendly staff, and AMAZINGLY fast. Love taking the kids.

Desiree Tuthill

Was asked what sauce I wanted with my order and when I got to my destination there was no sauce packets in the bag. So frustrating. My fault for not checking before i left the drive thru :(

Jerry Meyer

Worst service evet and Chris is the worst manager ever. Waited in drive through lane for 0.5 hours and then had to wait 15 minutes in the pick up lane for spicy chicken sandwich. Unbelievable! Do not patronize this CFA. You will be upset with the service and they dp not deserve your business.3/19/2019 8:45 pm

Skye Moyer

Hair in my food two trips in a row. Both times managers were apologetic, but no refund was offered. Second time I told them about the first and how it ruined my appetite and got a coupon for a free milkshake.

Salvador Aguilar

Always a good experience and good food

Benjamin Dodd

Always a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Seiji Hayashi

Love the Cobb salad with Chicken on the side. Military Discount is highly appreciated !!

Cori Sullivan

Love their chicken! So much flavor and crunch.

Jessica Bambery

We go to this location once a week. It is very clean and the food comes out extremely fast and fresh. The counter staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Claudia Bowman

Left out the kid's toy. Had to stop and pick one up

Sashamarie Stacy

Well, I should have checked my food before I left...ordered myself a gluten free bun, got a little more than I asked for- mold! Not so happy with this experience, normally I have had a good experience!

pamela ivy

This restuarant deserves 0 stars. I sent a letter to BBB online which this place has failed to reply to.

Jim Watson

You can never go wrong with Chick-file-A.

Saundra Sandman-Bennett

The service you get here is unbelievable always friendly and happy to assist.

Seth Allen

Great service and great food. It took a little extra time to make it, but they're very accommodating. They even generously gave us an extra shake. They were very friendly.

Jon Bradford

Food is pretty much always good very seldom to have a bad meal here. Being right by work I frequent this location regularly and I always pay cash, I never use my card. Well tonight I go to pay with cash and before I start my order I verify they will take an older $100 because that’s the only cash I had on me. The lady at the register verifies with her team lead and she says yes. So I order and go to pay, well she can’t break a 100 and has already given me back some cash so she gets her team lead mean while a “director” comes by and says oh ya we can’t accept that because it’s too old. Anyway so I have to give my change I already received back redo my order. Then i am waiting for my food and since we “returned it” and started over they messed up my first order then I got the right order then 3/4 the way through my meal they got me another order. What a disaster of a situation and all for something I verified at the beginning they would take.

Ladywinnie Amoo

Impeccable customer service. I loved it

Ricky Parsons

Best tasting chicken this side of the Mississippi

Patrick Herron

Grilled chicken nuggets with polynesian sauce is worth the trip

A Ant

Hate the owner, love the food. Typical 5-star southern style fast food. Just because I don't agree with the owners politics, doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to boycott their yummy food. only complaint was for them to stop being so stingy with the lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.

Tatjana McFly

Great place but check your order, other than that fresh food and kind customer service

Dan Justice

First time we've been to chick-fil-a We are so impressed,service was great,food was to die for. The restaurant was absolutely spotless. Employees we're smiling and clean. Keep up the good work we'll be back.

Adia Malekzadeh

Chick-fil-A has great fast food and shakes. The waffle fries are amazing and it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Saturaday.

Diane Corbett

Busy it was lunch hour and not enough help taking orders. Food was good.

Angel DLuv

OMG, their chicken sandwich is so good!!! I went here on one of my runs to Tucson for my surgeon as a treat. The place has always been packed each time I go, but amazingly it only takes about 5 minutes to get through their lines. Their floors show traffic dirt, but no one could clean during a rush hour, after the crowd leaves, each time staff are cleaning up, which makes me very happy being a germa-phobe... It has wheelchair accessibility and the lines are wide enough for wheelchairs, too. The food is inexpensive and the employees are friendly. The only thing I don't like is that when your order is ready they yell out (and I mean yell) your name. Lots of people turned to give me unwanted attention. I don't see anyway around that, though... with all the people it's loud with chatter... Oh, I don't get hives or itch after eating here (fries and chicken sandwich) but I also don't eat the buns from the sandwich, or just the bottom 1... (I'm allergic to a ton of food)

dammitmitchell .

Food has allways been good.

Mike Beauchamp

This location is always clean and neat. The staff are friendly, polite and helpful. The food is classic Chick-fil-A, made fresh and delicious. The only problem is the parking lot is a little tight.

roberto juarez

I like this place a lot, try their lemonade is the best i have try.

Robert Frost

Used order app and still experienced extremely long wait once I arrived for pickup.

Zacchaeus Nifong

The owners here (I forgot their names) are some of the most loving and caring people you'd ever meet. I really wouldn't care if they served Philly Cheesesteaks or dirt, I would buy it from them. It helps that the #ChickenSandwiches are phenomenal as well. :-) Try one of their #PeachMilkshakes or #LimeShakes; they're great too! My family goes here at least three times a week and I've always appreciated the staff, the location and the cleanliness of the joint. Keep up the good work guys. We support you!

Gail Salazar

This was the first time I had been at a Chick-fil-A and now I wonder what took me so long. The food here is fabulous. I had the chicken strips and they were soooo moist. I don't think I have ever had chicken that moist! And it is soooo nice to see people who look like they actually enjoy their job. That is really hard to find today. The employees were genuinely happy and helpful! I will definitely eat here again. I am hooked on Chick-fil-A

Terry Underwood

Great food, great place, polite workers. One of my favorite places to eat.

Eric Molt

Peachy keen shakes.... gogogogogo. So good and good for you!! Right?! Love it!!

Garrett Williams

The place is just great, never fails to satisfy.

Robert Wiruth

Great place to eat. Best staff

Aaron Bloomfield

I ordered the wrong thing :( but they were amazing enough to change my order right on the spot!

Nathan Thomas

Every Chick-fil-A you go to will be pretty consistent, and usually good! The food is always good, the staff is friendly, and the restaurant is always clean. Just need to build one out in Vail for that part of town.

Timothy Webster

That place never matter what state your in.

Rodolfo Sanchez

Very friendly employees reasonable delicious food

Joe Flemke

All were smiling, welcoming and delicious food.

Morgan Phillips

Great chicken and awesome service. :-)

Michelle Romero

Customer service was superb food was great

Gayle Masterson

Just discovered curbside ordering through app!! Genius! Have subsequently been here nearly every day for breakfast and/or lunch deliciousness while earning points for future yummy treats

Lowell G

Always a good experience and always good food.

Angeliki Xyda

The service was fast and very very polite, with a smile on their face. I had the grilled chicken sandwich. The taste was good and the money spent worth it!

Ains’s Film

super mad,ordered a cob salad with avo ranch and got a market salad been craving a cob salad all day not the happiest.

Adam Eggers

I didn't throw up. 5 stars

Luzmaria Stuckey

It's always fresh food. And they have wonderful customer service.

diego cardenas

Super friendly place and always fast on giving out the orders. The staff is great and always rush ready!

Rich Robinson

Always good food and service. Great place to take the grandkids!

Arvid Sollom

Hate their policies and it took three times at the drivethru to explain a simple order.

dawn houghton

It's hot or miss sometimes, but the spicy breakfast biscuit was fantastic this time.

Ashley A

Always awesome service and food. They go above and behind

Steve Thomas

The folks here are incredibly nice

Jessica Hoover

Great food and service. Fun playland for my daughter who is almost 3. Very clean. Atmosphere is laid back. I loved my food.

Steven Washuta

This was the first time I have ever eaten at a Chick-fil-A. I have to say that I was not impressed. There was nothing wrong with the food but there was nothing to set it apart either and certainly nothing deserving of the hype or what they charged. I doubt I'll be going back since I could stay home and microwave something just as good.

James Schneider

Food was good. But it was to expensive for the small amount of food.

Patrick Flanagan

If only I could enjoy this place after I missed Sunday mass.

Jeffrey Minghelli

This Chick-Fil-A is hands down my favorite Location. The Woman who took my order was very curtious, patient, and helped me order my Meal. The staff always goes above and beyond to make sure that my experience is a great one. I would highly recommend there Deluxe Chicken sandwich aka #2 or there Chicken Nuggets! Also they have awesome Christian instrumental music playing throughout the restaraunt. Great Job Staff!! A++ 5star rating here.

Jerry Ferguson

Great place. Nice atmosphere!! Great food

Floyd Graves

Food and service are greaat and NO darn robots either?!

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