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1939 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cafe Rio Mexican Grill IN Arizona

Tiffany England

I'm loosing interest in The Rio. Need some new things on the menu bro.

Brian Lopez

First time coming here while visiting the west coast. Just wow. Fantastic food. Bring it to Florida please!!!!

Vira Smith

I ❤Cafe Rio's tortillas! They are made in house and always delicious! The food here has always been consistant and no matter the line, it always seems to move fast. It is similar to Chipotle yet I feel like their ingredients somehow seem more fresh or a tad healthier.

Gene Hamilton

Cafe Rio seems to have gone downhill. Prices are up and the quantity of meat has gone down. Heading back to Chipotle for more flavor, bigger portions and higher quality ingredients.

Mike Bernardo

Love this place. Always good food, although they have to improve their ordering skills as they are frequently out of things.

Eric Fitzsimmons

Rated for a fast food place. Some healthy(ish) options, fresh good tasting ingredients, usually pretty quick service. The tortillas set this place apart from other day food Mexican style places. They are freshly made, and they are the bomb.

Somer DeRose

Service was okay. Food was overpriced and room temperature. I've never left less than 4 stars, but I just wasn't impressed at all.

Laura Hinckley

This place was great the first few times we came here. Now they are ALWAYS out of queso. ALWAYS . Very dissatisfied and disappointed. This was our go to date night spot, but we will not be returning.


Great little place. I don't remember what the rest of the food tastes like because I have been stuck on the sweet pork lately. Very friendly and inviting environment. Burritos tacos, quesadillas. It's all good. A little pricey expect to spend about 9 dollars a person. But I guess that's the going rate anymore.

Missy Bigler

Good food, fun atmosphere

Kristina August

Cashier repeatedly walked away after customers, garbages were ALL full, and the bathroom was out of toilet paper. But the food was good? So that's nice...

Hunter Hon

Cafe Rio is SO good. My wife and I go here probably once a week. The sweet pork salads are great and at the end you can wrap it up like a burrito

Don Speer

I don't eat a lot of Mexican food but I was very impressed with their food and service. I have already bragged about it to others.

Wyatt Nelson

Great place. It was clean, fast and the food was great. Great for getting a fast meal.


Food is all kinda sweet and mild. I prefer more spiced mexican but pretty good.

Lillie Rutledge

It was gross! I came from Florida almost a year ago and have not had good Mexican food since. The rice was under cooked the black beans were soupy and there was absolutely NO flavor! Their tortillas tasted like raw flour. I would not feed my worst enemy that nasty food. If I could give negative stars it would be negative 5. Worst place ever. However the employees were very kind.

Alan Eaby

Overrated. Not enough meat, overcooked rice, very limited on what goes into the burrito. Burrito was a disaster, fell apart as soon as I picked it up. Many health concerns. Extremely slow service and very rude staff. Will not be recommending or returning.

Walt Teats

I had a "grilled chicken burrito" tonight. The rice wasn't just undercooked, it was downright brittle! Another 15-20 minutes of cooking was needed. I had to toss it out, unfortunately. I normally like their menu.

Loraine Rosales

They have great daily deals.

Josh B

Great food. Fast service. Like a much more expensive Mexican restaurant!

Constanza Nordenflycht

Everything they have is fresh and delicious

McKel Springer

Grew up with the Original store 1 Cafe Rio so eating here takes me home. The sweet pork is my fav and the service is fast , and friendly

Cody James

No one knows what's going on here, ever

Christopher Lanham

Cafe Rio is my very favorite place to eat! The food is always amazing no matter which location I go to

Alex McCain

Cafe Rio is where you go to have a taco literally melt in your mouth. It's so good it will litterally destroy you. The enchelada style burritos will own your ass.

Melissa Warner

Always delicious and the staff is always nice.

Logan Eye

Great traditional Mexican dishes with a unique twist. Terrific service with an upbeat attitude.

Britney Carpenter

As long as the lines aren't too long Cafe Rio isn't a bad place for a meal. The lines do generally move really slow. Prices seem higher than the should be, but the portions are pretty good. Their lemonades and limeades are yummy, and quality of food had been pretty consistent at this location.

Steve Klein

Good food and a burrito my way.

viri guido

Food Is Delicious! Love the Grilled Chicken Salad

Bo Zamora

Food was good, one of the employees decided to light up a smoke 3 feet from my table though.

paula harwood

Great food ..awesome staff..

Nick Armijo

Very good food a little pricey, but worth it

Dipan Das

Supremely delicious. We were looking for a place to have dinner in Great Falls, tried a couple of them and both were fortunately closed. So we decided to try our luck here. And we did get lucky. The food was fantastic, the service was awesome and the ambience and decor was splendid. No wonder you got 60 awards. Keep up the good work.

marisa f

Wow we did not expect this to be so good. The staff was awesome and the food was wonderful. We all 4 had different dishes and they were all great. Hats off to you Cafe Rio. we will visit you again

Rick C

Great food, some of staff could be better trained on how to treat customers, price is a little high

Jason Alexander

Nice staff and delicious food. Go on Tasty Tuesday to save some money as the entrees are discounted.


Very busy during rush hours

Sarah Richards

The meals were good, but there was a lot of salt in everything. I liked the freshness of everything.

Amanda Ackerman

Fast, friendly service and delicious food! Their tortillas are the bomb! Really good, and relatively healthy food.

Darrell Cousin

Tostada is my favorite. For military people its 25% off everyday other than Monday which is 50% off

Brent Carlson

Honestly this is the worst Cafe Rios I have ever been to. I ordered two salads with the sweet pork (I get this every time I go to Cafe Rios) except at this location they didn’t even warm the tortilla and put the cheese on the bottom like I have had at the other two locations that I go to often so basically I have a raw, cold tortilla that I won’t be eating - Additionally they started with minimal rice and beans then when they went to put the meat on I honestly thought the guy was kidding he put barely on there so I asked for more he said yes but there’s an additional fee, I said no problem but when he added more he added less than he put the first time?? I completely understand that people complain and want more and more but I’m not that person there was literally the slightest amount of meat on there and that’s not all, they put one scoop of lettuce and no guacamole? Needless to say with my “extra meat” and a large drink what normally is $20 was $28 and I’ve never been so disappointed... Huge thanks to the Signal Butte & Queen Creek location tho, they are amazing and have the best customer service- if it weren’t for me frequently going to the other locations I would never go to Cafe Rios again. My suggestion would be to avoid this location and make the drive to Signal Butte or Queen Creek..

Bethel Hoisington

The food is always divine! Get the sweet pork, it just melts in your mouth. If it were just the food I would give a 5 star rating. Unfortunately, more goes into an experience than just the food. I have yet to come here and have a pleasant experience with the staff. Everyone always seems upset, and almost rude at times. Maybe because of how rude the employees seem to consistently be I should give less stars, but I do love the food, so that is winning at the moment.

Matt Wegner

Can't go wrong!

Nicole Allen

Taco was okay and rice not good

Elizabeth Johnson

The house dressing and the horchata are delish!

spencer coleman

Love, love, love Cafe Rio. I've been coming here for years and am always impressed by the food. Tasty Tuesday is the best deal in town (order online to skip the line)

Amanda Horton

The food was super good, the little quesadilla for kiddos was perfect size for my little man. Everyone was very friendly, they even gave my son a dough ball to play with which he loved, and the apmasphere was great! Military mondays is a wonderful deal!

Annika Johnson

Delicious sweet pork salads every time! We love Taco Tuesday! Good service too.

Mona Ryan

The food was great but it was really loud and the (all) tables were sticky.

Kim McMurtrey

Fresh tortillas, delicious food. Love this place! Little kids get a free quesadilla.

Matt Allen

My wife and I shared a salad and there was still leftovers. Always tasty.

Alicia Schwertz

Love cafe Rio! Besides having to wait for 20 -30 minutes I have no complaints!

Michael Heier

Great food, I wasn't impressed with the service. I interacted with 3 different people and each seemed preoccupied. The food was good enough to give it another try.

Miguel Vega

Always satisfied, especially the juice choices at the fountain area.

Christine Davis

Visited with my neighbor.

Julie Pivovarnik

Excellent quality. Good variety. Good price for what you get

ginnismc .

Worst Cafe Rio I've been to out of seven locations. Stingey portions for sides and overall poor service. They didn't listen well and forgot two sides but sure as hell charged me. Wouldn't recommend, won't return to this one.

Denise Aldrich

First place i eat when i go home love rhe fresh tasting homemade food

Eric Connors

Good food and good service! Plus free dessert if you fill out a survey.

Sharon Hoyum

Great food & Drinks. Having fun with some of my friends

SkyspiritDawnrunner .

We always love coming here! It doesn't matter if it's a packed Friday night or a lazy afternoon, the food is always worth the wait. Fresh and delicious every time!

Jeff Harvey

Consistently slow, and they have a real problem getting an order correct. Three times straight I've had to send our order back because it wasn't correct. I'm done with this place... Three strikes.

Hank Esquivias

I love Cafe Rio, they serve the best burrittos. I always get the the Hatch Green Chile burrito with sweet pork and medium green chile, black beans, cheese, lettuce and pico. Yummy!

Doreen Fernandez

Chicken tostada is delicious

Chase Massey

Pretty quick service good for the price

Crystal Williams

Very delicious food & fresh ingredients . Great service.

Gianni Grau

I love the food here and I have been coming in for awhile now . Years as a matter of fact , today I found a wet moisturized fly along with my lettuce and pico. It was really disappointing . I believe that all café rios should make sure to cover the lettuce and pico and every other food item . That's a health issue and I'm pregnant . Even if I wasn't I wouldn't want to eat a live fly ... Everyone is always so polite and the manager there was really nice to me about everything and gave me new food. I ate my food making sure I wasn't eating a fly. I know things happen and it's the food industry but I believe everything should have covers .

Owen Oneill

A step up from Chipotle Mexican grill tastes a lot better

Timothy Black

Great food, great service!

Sprite Beverage

It was good first time eating there was pleased with the salad and shredded chicken. The chicken especially because it tasted fresh and seasoned just right

WS-Federation Identity

The guy in front of me got 2x the meat in his burrito than I did in my tacos. After watching her pick out the meat that was already placed in my plate as if she was penny-pinching, it really ticked me off. When I asked why my Tacos get half the meat, she says because burritos get more meat. Really? 2x more in a burrito for 10-cents more cost? The amount of chicken in my plate seems anemic. I don't need more than what I pay for, but don't screw me and then lie to me. If she wants to hookup the guy in front me with a ton of extra meat, it's not my business, but don't screw me by giving less. I spent $99 here in a month! I know how much I should be getting. NEVER COMING BACK!

Nathan Jarrett

The employees at this Cafe Rio we're friendly and hard working. Great customer service. The restaurant itself was too cold though. They need to adjust the thermostat for the cooler weather. Fortunately we all had jackets we could put on.

Carolyn Andersen

We frequent cafe rio regularly. We always have good experiences. If we experience a problem they are quick to resolve.

Joel Calkins

Mexican is my favorite type of food. Most of it is the same thing, just presented differently. Burritos, salads, tacos, nachos; they're all the same. However you get it presented here will be delicious. I used to always get the nachos. In my top 5 nachos list. I try to eat better and get the salad. Still delicious. Will keep going back.

Jayna Flame

Delicious Food, love the environment. Very artsy and you didnt feel rushed.

Priscilla Goodwin

Great family spot. Nice seating area and the food is good. You build what you want. Options for types of tortillas.

Stormie Andrews

Just had my first taste yesterday after my buddy told me about them. The chicken burrito enchilada style was the best I have had in years. I will definitely be going back for more.

Karena Jane Cherry

Ok Mexican food. Good service. Kinda spendy.

Kevin Johnson

Coming from Utah, I was excited to find a cafe Rio in Grand Junction. However the past several times we’ve been to this location, they always seem to be training new staff and there is huge variation in the quality of our orders with different quantities of ingredients from one day to the next. These staffing issues also have started to negatively affect the cleanliness of the store. I hope they can get get their staffing and quality issues under control so I can give them a higher recommendation in the future.

Catherine Gardner

Ordered online. I had to wait about 10 minutes to even be helped. Food was not ready. When I finally got home the orders were completely incorrect. I know I should have checked every item before I left.

Dani Prosperie

FRESH delicious food here, great portion size. Everything on the menu tastes good! They also make their own tortillas. Make sure you download their app for incredible deals.

Stephen Perry

Café Rio is an Excellent Mexican Restaurant, has Delicious Food, has a lot of different types of non-alcoholic Bevrages to choose from, and is also a Hot Spot for Pokémon


Really quick service. Employees seem stressed out but they work hard.

Jade Bryant

Good food

Gene Peschong

Great food excellant service

Tom Nixon

Good food, friendly crew!

Debra Coray

Love this place. Tasty food at a good price. Unfortunately, this place was a mess. Every table in the joint was sorry, and it wasn't busy. Maybe just a bad day?

LeAnn Komis

Usually the service is quick, however this last time it took over an hour to get through the line, ordered and leave.


very bad service, they would regularly miss up our order or forget the dressing or even the meat all together

Kitty Cornwell

Giant servings of tasty food and a full atmosphere.

Kayla W

I love this place! I get the nachos as a meal with the sweet pork, very good! Although I don't recommend a burrito with the sweet pork unless you like it really sweet! The parking lot however is atrocious.

Richard Klaiss

Very Good.

Jerry Hittle


Alexander Foulk

Very dirty, staff was pushy and didn't pay attention to what we asked for.

Christen Hilderman

Great portion sizes and excellent food. It is super fresh and even good as leftovers. Excellent and unique fresh drink choices as well as regular fountain drinks. Easy to choose what to eat because you literally cannot go wrong.

David Beecroft

Pure love

John Shoemaker

I love Cafe Rio! It has always been consistent for me, which is very important. I like to know that what I receive today will be the same as I got 2 months ago. The quality has always been top notch, and I love watching them make the tortillas. The serving size is large enough that I will usually cut their burritos in half, eating half now and have for lunch the following day. Yumm

Lilith Fantasies

So delicious and the tres leches cake is amazing, also I love that they have horchata!

Olivia Clemmons

Food is delicious

Mel S.

They asked me to pay extra for cheese. Should tex/mex come with cheese?

Kyle C

My new favorite fast food place! The pulled pork is delicious and for $10 actually fills me up

Zack Rose

Very good food for the price. Big servings.


This time that we were here we are coming through for a funeral and the food was really good and tasty and the employees were really decent. That being said we just came through here last weekend and the food was still decent but the employee treated my sister-in-law with a great level of disrespect. Such that my sister-in-law actually commented on it to the person and they had such a level of indifference shocked me in a mild sense. I just think that they can do better with interacting with clientele and I think one of the things would be beneficial is if they said or asked the patron had they been to their establishment before. By asking that question they could check the experience level of the patron that they're dealing with. We will stop by there one more time on the way through and if they are back to dealing with people well then they will get a thumbs up from us and if they are still in that same culture of the absence of proper customer service will find other places to spend our dollars. We happened to be fans of this establishment chain just a specific location needs a little tweak here and there. The 4 stars are only for the food the person that was working with us would get a 2-star.

David Gieger-Murphy

The prices are best with the daily special

Sandy Bell

Love this place! Visit every time I'm in town. The manager at this store on the day I visited was so awesome. Great customer service skills. Great job cleaning, delegating. Will be back!

Sam Ragsdale

Nice place for quick bite Barbocoa burrito is awesome there

Byron Ray

Thanks, the food is always fresh, and tastes amazing.

Bella Bialowas

Food was good but overpriced. Customer service was terrible. Didn’t ask any questions and just gave us a random sauce that wasn’t our choice. Won’t be coming back.

Survival Defense Surplus LLC

Always great, fresh food nice employees and clean restaurant.

Kacy Suarez

Love the sweet pork in taco’s, salads... so delish!

Lindsey sanders

Great place for a lunch date.

Diana Baker

First time here and I can't wait to go back, I was surprised how good it was!!!

Ingrid Dettman

Great food! Catering was amazing! They took care of everything! So good!!!

Loretta Macri

Good place to grab a meal that is fresh and pretty much made to order. Dining room was clean and pleasant. I'm not a fan of the cafeteria style ordering process especially when it's crowded and I feel rushed to make decisions. On the same note, I've been stuck behind people ordering over 5-6 custom meals when I'm on a quick lunch run.

CanadayVibes .

This place is AMAZING! My new favorite restaurant. Subway style Mexican menu. The sweet pork is to die for! Love it! Fresh food, decent prices.

Michael Arroyo

First time enjoying the food here. I will go back for sure ! Good food, very fresh ingredients

Guy Wills

Like Moe's. Fresh food. I had a steak burrito. Too much to eat...ha. made just like u want.

Karen Gray

Food was good. Waiting in line to order, not so much.

David Harris

It's always good with the food made on site.

Malachy Horning

I love love love me some Cafe Rio

Jeff Bierstedt

Great food

Madelon Wheeler

Not the experience it could be. The staff behind the food bar preparing food orders spoke so softly I could not hear them. Then when we got to the toppings and sides they did not look good at all- maybe sitting there most the day, IDK. Guacamole was brown, beans were dried and crusted on top and rice was browning around the edges and top. I asked for chips instead and got a big plate of chips. Then I had to ask for salsa. They gave me a tiny side full. Fountain was out of sorts so sprite, coke and Fanta tasted Lily carbonated water. I told the staff. Waited then when I went back it was still not adjusted. I asked for a refund but the associate just walked away. The manager walked over told me it was fixed but I couldn’t get it to taste right and gave up. BTW they don’t have a selection for kids-only quesadillas. I bought one taco for my son, one for me, our drinks, and the side chips (because their other sides looked old) and paid $20. Not sure if that is high/low or reasons; Didn’t seem similar to the value we get at some of our favorite Mexican food spots around town.

Stephen Day

As far as fast food Mexican foods are concerned, this is our favorite!

brandon waite

Good food not too bad price


Cafe rio is the bomb! Everything's great and decently priced.


Not many options around this town. Cafe Rio was comparable to a Chipotle. I had some Nachos, nothing remarkable about the food. They did have self serve Horchata though, which was not too bad

Michelle Morris

Great food. Lines are always long because it is so good. Come with time to wait.

Ron Steege

Good food as usual. More stingy on the guacamole here and not as friendly as the other location. Overall though I love your tacos and my daughter loves your quesadillas!

Charli Aguilar

Food was tasty but service was extremely slow and they had to remake my husbands meal after they gave it to another guest. Drink machine was down so I was left thirsty.

Erin Stack

Anyone that says Chipotle is the best burrito place has clearly never been here. Fresh tortillas are made as you wait in line, no bagged stuff here. Everything is super fresh and there are enough options for spice level that anyone can eat here. Their in house drinks are also to die for, nothing goes better with a burrito than homemade horchata. Try a mini lime pie for dessert! Their rewards program is totally worth it too, sign up and pay attention to their specials and you'll be getting free food all the time.

Bella Lopez

The fresh corn and flour tortillas are fabulous and the flavors in their food are just delicious! And I can't forget to mention the great fresh fountain unique flavored drinks.

Timothy Tardif

Always friendly staff and good food.

kristina montgomery

I wasn't super impressed with their food especially with the price for their food. I expected the food to be amazing and it just wasn't.

Daryl Moore Jr.

Oh man I love this place it's one of those little secret hidden things. We order this for the office from doordash. It's a little twist on the standard Mexican food. Everyone here usually get chicken salads. They of course are topped with everything from cilantro corn pico de gallo guacamole and sour cream. I mean it's got to be really good if they order the same meals every time we go there. Me on the other hand I usually order the enchiladas you can pick two different flavors so used to do one chicken one beef. It comes with rice and beans sour cream it's absolutely delicious. The thing I noticed is even when we order through doordash it always shows up hot and fresh just as if we went into the store. I'm looking forward to order you guys again thanks for the great food.

Jaye Salter

My salad was good as always but I was put off when they pulled out a new guacamole and the top was black and they just scooped through as well as the fact that the diet coke had no carbonation made it a less than stellar experience.

Laura Gonzalez

Great costumer service, fast, polite and gracious. Even do it was lunch time and they were very bussy

Richard Tuite

Very good small hot springs.

Brittany Casiano

Disgusting food area. Rude workers!

justy g

Great place for lunch! It was my first time, great food and value !

Ken Mcdonald

Great place to eat have never been disappointed

Lisa Wise

They treat military people terribly! They have a hard working employee (who they wanted for management) who decides to serve our country and they punish them by cutting their hours drastically! This is disgusting! They have lost many loyal customers because of this treatment! I won't give hard earned money to people that would treat our military in such a way!

Peggy Huestis


Laura Larson

Still as delicious as ever! I always get the sweet pork salad and the dressing is everything. Although the food was delicious, we waited so long for the type of restaurant cafe rio is. I’ve never waited that long at a cafe rio before! It was shift change or something and we waited in line to take our orders for 20 minutes, maybe more.

Lisa Lucero

Love that they make fresh flour tortillas.

Summer Eno

I would give a 3 star rating buuut the tables, chairs and high chairs were all gross dirty! The high chairs were the worst.. looked like they'd never been cleaned

Carol Fernandez

Very pleasant people and food is very delicious. YUMMY

Mary Hooks Locke

This location is hit or miss. Some days the staff is on point and the food excellent or sometimes like my visit on 7/18 the air conditioning isn't working, they have cups everywhere to catch dripping condensation, the ice machine is out, and they're still open for business. We did not realize there was no ice and they didn't inform us, especially when we ordered drinks. So we tried to drink warm flat soda. I just wish there was more consistency.

Pix Smith

We called him an order about 25 minutes before we arrived to pick it up. we got there a little after the scheduled pickup time, and there was a very long line, probably because the food is actually quite good. Sadly, every single person in line was served before our food finally came out. As it turns out, they had done nothing at all with the web order, so I wound up waiting almost a half hour after the pickup time. In fact, had I gotten in line, and just ordered, I would have had my food sooner. To be fair, the manager did comp 2 of the entrees, and as I said, the food was really good. I think they just need to work on a better way of working the line. High praise to the store's manager for doing the right thing in a terrible situation. She did apologize, and tried to explain how it happened, and we did eventually get really great food. Just be aware, it might take longer than you think.

Corinna Bing

$1.99 tacos on Taco Tuesday and a $5 credit for signing up with the app. Fed a family of four for about $15, and the food is great!

Angelica G

This was my first visit for mom and myself. I have got to say: its clean and staff is friendly and the food authentic, and the handmade juices, wonderful!. The soda machine ran out of ice and they speedily refilled it for us hungry and thirsty customers! I am truly impressed we both will be coming back it is definitely worth your money

Mark Henry

Good fresh food. Plan ahead for a wait at lunch

Lauren McCammon

Our favorite quick stop restaurant in Henderson!

Elizabeth Bennett

There fresh tortillas are amazing, but everything else is rather lacklustre.

Tessa Reimer

Very fast if you order ahead and pick up. My favorite is the taco salad!

Rose Hagadone

I have never ate there before I got the tortilla soup and it was amazing I will be going back

Deanna Duarte

Burgers were delish! First time there...

Amanda Cruz

Food was good but we ordered online and all three of our orders were messed up which made it a hassle since we were on a short lunch break and had to spend it reordering our food. The girl that helped us was friendly and gave us free drinks for the inconvenience.

Alison Mathews

great food and great customer service experiences! everytime i have been here they are so super amazing! If they get your order wrong which is rare but if they do they always make it right! love this place

Kelsey Reese

Delicious and fresh. Staff were very nice. Clean.

Anonymous Patron

I have been a long time customer of Cafe Rio, Great Falls. I have never been so disheartened as I have been over the past 2 months when I go there for meals. The food itself is not really the issue because I know people make mistakes occasionally, we all do. But my main concerns are with the employees, management especially & their total disregard for the customer, customer service, & employee shaming. I plan on giving examples of what I personally have witnessed and hope that the Corporate Offices will assess & remedy these issues. I have noticed there has been a high turnover in employees and I wonder if the management has a large role in this. I have personally witnessed the new male manager belittle & shame his employees for asking him a question, for pointing out his mistakes when he has made an order incorrectly, for asking for help on ringing up customers, or for asking a legitimate question that a customer has asked. He seems to get stressed & frazzled when the restaurant gets busy. I've witnessed the female manager screaming at, belittling employees in front of customers calling them "stupid" or "idiots". I refuse to use the restroom if I have seen this same female manager exit the restroom because everytime I have gone in after her, the restroom reeks of weed. My husband has come out of the men's room after a couple of the young male employees & noted the same smell. I have witnessed customers complaining of being rushed through or being talked rudely too by employees & management. Customer Service Training is highly recommended. There are a couple of pleasant employees I've seen that seem to care about the customers, customer service, & their jobs. I've always been greeted & treated respectfully by the male manager that's been there a while, the older African American gentleman, a couple of the line cooks & a newer cashier. These employees need to be valued. My husband and I will continue to keep coming to eat here as we enjoy the food but we also hope that there will be less negativity/disrespect and more positivity & pleasant experiences.


Amazing delicious food. Great atmosphere

John Denos

Love it all. Each time I try something new I find I love it also. The BBQ pork is my favorite....tacos, burrito, and salads. My wife loves the steak burrito enchalada style and chicken tortilla soup.

NICK Medina

Customer service and prices are just ridiculous you're much better off going to Costa vida!

Jonathan Agoot

Good value for the money!

Jay hernan

Great food, clean place, fast service!

Bill Mcallister

Great food. Tamales were super god.

Sam I

Staff changes, but always great

Rafael Perez

Good food, but they never have tres leches.

Jerry Zimmerle


Eric Hansen

This place is awesome!

Phillip Guernsey

Great food go when ever were in it

Guillermo Ramirez

The food's pretty good. You can't really go wrong with a chain normally. It's nothing to brag about.

Carri Erwin

One out of the three times they are out of steak. Iam not going to change my order, my husband and I just walk out. Obviously it's a high seller as you are always out of it. Still charging more for steak and less is given. Frustrated. This is at the gilbert and baseline location.

Frosty Life

I love this place and I always eat here when I am in town. They have very fresh food and friendly staff.

Teresa Madrid

Yummy, delicious food, with freshly made tortillas daily!

S Hampton

I ordered through the online app. Easy! I picked it up; ready on time. Check out person was not very friendly, seemed irritated that I wanted to use my credit from the app. Order was for 3 people, no names on the food, even though I had to provide a name for each item? The food was okay. Not really what I expected since the flier had said best in the nation? Or something like that? Expensive for the quality. Quantity was large. 2 out of 3 ate the whole thing, but are big eaters. The other item fed 2 people who are light eaters. I could have spent that same amount for as good or better quality at the Del Taco and gone twice!

Taylor Reese

The default on where to go when no one can decide since it's the only thing that can be agreed upon.

MrBjd43 .

Food is good and what you expect but just DON'T EVER ORDER CARRYOUT. Ive always waited more in the store when I arrive than if I would have just waited in line to start. Called 20 minutes ahead then waited for 20 when I got to the store. This has happened many times. Just come wait in line. Im actually waiting for food right now after calling 30 min ago. 30 others have passed through the line as I wait.

Kevin Lee

I don't know what was up with this location tonight? Normally there are no issues, but tonight the guy preparing our food would not pay attention. He was more concerned with closing (there was still 40 minutes before closing) and teaching his co-workers Spanish than he was helping the customers... My wife ordered tortilla soup, which was being stored cold in styrofoam to go containers. She wasn't able to get anything that normally goes with the soup, like cheese. She asked for lettuce and the guy gave her pico. He asked me what I wanted and I told him a barbacoa burrito. After adding the rice and beans, he proceeded to add sweet pork instead. I told him twice right there that I wanted barbacoa, not sweet pork. He looked at me and laughed and continued adding sweet pork. We also asked for chips, salsa and queso and and he didn't get that right either. We had to let the cashier know there was supposed to be queso with our chips and salsa. I don't know if today was a fluke, as I see someone else was unhappy with their order today, but this was ridiculous.

Kenneth Riskey

Yummy food. A bit spendy and the service is consistently slow. On average it takes 18 minutes to order a burrito at 11:45. I wish an operations manager would step in and streamline their system. It's currently cumbersome and disorganized. The staff is friendly, but their time could be better utilized to get product off the line more effectively. The food, once in your mouth, is pretty delicious if you didn't starve waiting in line... definitely above average compared to QDoba or Chipotle. The BOGO sales advertised on FB are a joke. Not necessarily misleading, but more of a sale that's more hype than an actual deal. Read the fine print. I only post this review because I care. I love Rio! The food is great. Our family loves it. We just use this example of systems operations as a model of what not to do. Y'all can do better, I know it!!

Brandon Bennett

Produce quality is in as Good here as some of the other locations down south but I still love Cafe Rio

David Geaney

Great environment and pretty good food! Have some barbacoa!


They nickel and dime you to death about everything. I never go there anymore.

Brendon Petersen

The green chili beef is awesome!

Shawn Lowe

Cafe Rio's service has become simply awful. Millenials don't think they should have to work.

christopher bachli

Foods always great but the workers could have a bit better attitudes.

Tatiana Dias

Great food! Burrito enchilada style of sweet pork is very good. U$ 11,00.

Greg Mills

Always one of my favorites!

Charles Clawson

Best items on the menu: the house dressing and the queso.

Melody Dockery-Chleva

Love this placr

Norm Haider

Great Buritos. I had two 2 Remember Won $5 on a Bet. Delicious. Come back next year when I visit Good Friends in Grand Junction

S Feliz

The burritos were fresh and tasty. Second time there and I know there will be a third..

Watermelon 1

I love there pork nachos(nothing else than pork, chips, and melted cheese). The pork nachos are the bomb.

Gabino Noriega

Tortillas here are handmade, the food is great and great service too.

Tony Mangione

It was ok -- nothing to write home about

Daphne Rotolo

Food is so good and staff is always friendly. I know I'll get good food constantly here.

Henry Esquivias

I absolutely love this place! They make the best Hatch green chile burritos in the world! I have been going to this place non stop for 2 months straight. The customer service is excellent. As a matter of fact the manager gave me a free meal just for eating there for so long. I would recommend this place to everybody!

Traci Hildebrand

Love the grilled chicken tacos with a side salad and cilantro ranch! If you download their app you can earn points. I have many times gotten $10 off my meal because of that app.

Shelby Adams

If you have been to one cafe rio you have been to them all. I find that quite comforting as I travel a lot. I will say I got the pork tacos this time and if you aren't a big eater then the tacos are the perfect amount of food if you get them without rice and beans.

TJ Golden

Good food, big portions, worth the money. I would have gave it 5 stars if you didn’t have to pay for sour cream. That’s dumb. So I’ll give it 4.

Adrian Zak

My favorite Mexican fast food. Great if you are on a diet, as you can customize your orders.

Alan Rogers

Great food. Friendly staff

Rebecca Emily

I’m docking a star because I am over the lack of care they have for the front of the house. We went in and it was dead around 4-430, tables were a mess. No Napkins. This isn’t the first time either, a time before this I mentioned they were out of napkins and the girl at the register said give me a few, I said to just give me the napkins and I’ll put them out. No big deal I’m always down to help. But it’s an every time thing! Also- the soda machine is almost always out of coke. For $3 a drink and soda is a special treat, I would rather not have to settle. Other than that I do love the food and how fast service is. Just clean the front!

Raymond Langstaff

Food was good. Servers were attentive. The limeade was very good

Donna Dunn

The pork barbaco salad was great... PLUS enjoyed the company of my fabulous son!

Jeanne Anderson

Stopped by on the way through hoping for our favorite Cafe Rio meals. It was dirty, slow and the portions were off. Our pork salads had hardly any meat, rice or beans.

Marlyn Arellano

Love coming here for the fresh food. It's also pretty hard to find a good horchata at a chain restaurant.

Miranda car rides

Late making my order but friendly staff

Jenni VanOrden

Cafe Rio is one of my favorite places to eat! However, this location was not up to par. They used a different (not as good) cheese and all the tortillas had been made way in advance. I will only be going to the other locations from now on.

Aylin Andrea Leyva Melendez

Awesome food. Terrible service. They weren't very kind to us. Would come back just cause of the food.

Kristofer Sawey

Honestly not my favorite place but it is good food and customer service is great. I do everything through the app and can get $10 credit here and there.

Skye Price

Not as great as other locations in town but it still is Cafe Rio so that automatically means it is great!

Jenn Tiffin

Good food and decent prices. They're rewards system is definitely worth it and Tuesday specials are awesome! Just be prepared to wait a little on Tuesdays... very busy, but totally worth it!! Viva Cafe Rio!


Better than chipotle in my opinion. Love the tortillas and the pico.

Ali Karbassi

We really enjoy coming back to our favorite restaurant #Caferio 2 to 3 times a year. Because every time the family and I return to this fine restaurant and establishment, all the staff are very helpful and make it an absolute pleasure to come back every time. I honestly don't know or simply don't recall ever having a bad or terrible experience. So therefore, I/ we highly recommend this Fine establishment. A very Satisfied Guest AK~47

Janine Miller

Food is always amazing and fast

Joey Yanez

Great place to take the family food is good and prices aren't that bad

Jenice Gutierrez

Really good tasting food. Love the fact that you can see everything they are doing to your food (kind of like a Subway setup with the food counter). Large portions so you can share. And nice that the staff will make suggestions if it's your first time. Parking near them is rarely an option though and once you get out of the line don't expect the rest of the staff to even acknowledge you! :( You pretty much have to grab some one or jump back in line if you need something or have questions. I hope this is helpful in determining if this is where you want to eat! ;) ~Jenice~

Brian Ward

This place is almost always slammed - prices are solid - food is very tasty - outdoor seating during nice months

keoni kuloloia

Tried the sweet pork burrito I eat a lot of Mexican food my wife is from Mexico Very strange taste Definitely not Mexican some kind of fusion

claudia santiago


Adam Diaz

This location used to be my favorite. Recently, there's quite a few new hires and they move incredibly slow. During our visit, I couldn't tell you who the supervisor was but we walked in with no one in line (for once) and when we got to the ordering location, no one acknowledged our presence, much less greeted us. It took 2 minutes standing and watching the young staff all converse before someone finally asked what we wanted. They we're clearly training new hires, so I understand it taking a little extra time, but our order had three items, burrito, salad, and soup. This had to be repeated 4 separate times. Before they were done making our food, they moved onto the couple behind us and managed to mess up their order repeatedly until they became extremely upset. The staff finally realized the reason we had been trying to get their attention was because we still needed our order finished. They finally got our food made and checked out, although finding a cashier to ring us bout was another 2 minutes. When we left, the line was completely full and the people at the end walked out as we did. I'll drive the extra few miles to go to the Eastern location. Giving 2 stars because it was still clean and the food tasted good.

Sean Fagan

The food tastes fine but the experience suffers because of the service. I've never seen an employee smile to a guest, and overall have not felt like I've ever had a professional experience. And since it's Cafe Rio, they're always out of something in the restaurant, you just hope it's not something you want.

David Ramirez

No contactless Payments. Need to update.

Heather Lopez

This is probably the best Mexican food you're going to find in Great Falls. This chain has great options and hand made tortillas that their cranking out fresh all day. Order at the counter and watch them make everything to order.

scott johnson

Taco tuesdays....nuff said

Sheena Marvel

This place has got great food. Didnt like that i waited 35mins before I even ordered though. But.... It is so worth the wait! This is the only place that I have been to that makes the sauce in the pinto beans which is what us east coasters know to be rice and beans!!!! Amazing


Very good tacos


I am a huge Cafe Rio guy. The tortillas are made fresh on location and are tasty. A lime with my tacos is amazing. And the Horchata.?..yeah...its the real deal. Overall I give Cafe Rio a 8/10. My complaints?..The portion of meat you get on your tacos is small. For what you pay here you should get more meat. And as for cheese...they put a few sprinkles on the tortilla and melt it on (small portions) then if u ask for more you get charged. More meat and cheese is my complaint (hint: if management reads this). Also bathroom takes a while to get in...usually long wait. One single toilet in each bathroom is just not enough. But again...I do love this place overall.

Lueanna Bracha

Not as good as the Idaho market. They do improve everytime we have gone since moving here a couple years ago. I feel they are the offer the best Mexican style food in Great Falls. Everything is fresh too! Clean and friendly.

Stacy DeKoning

Service was a little slower than usual, and one of the servers was a little bit inattentive, but the food was good and generously portioned.

Amanda Bennett

This place is okay kind of pricey not when I go back to unless somebody else is paying

Vadim Olari

If it can be called a fast food place then I think it's the healthiest good our there. Love the place and the food there!

Robin Acosta

Good hot & fresh food, good customer service. Our first visit, however it won't be our last! The homemade limeade with mint was Soooo refreshing.

John Wright

Worth the wait I guess

Kristi Jones

Always love Cafe Rio. The dressing is to die for.

colin schiltz

Fairly normal cafe rio. Nothing out of the normal for expected service and food.

Geo D

I love this place they have the best salmon burritos I ever tasted

Mia Allen

Do you wear leggings as pants? If so, you’re going to love the sweet pork salad. If your girlfriend/wife wears the UGGs in your family and “sells” DoTerra you’ll put up with a smothered burrito. It’s in no way authentic Mexican food here, but let’s face it, you live in Whitebread valley- what were you expecting? Buy yourself a key lime pie - it’s nature’s Prozac.

Daniela M. Vivanco

Doesn't quite hit the mark. Food is meh, and service is not good. Some people are polite but not all. We feel like we are inconveniencing them every time we go.

TCV Motocross

Café Rio, is one of my favorite restaurants in the great falls area! The service is great, the food is better! 100% Would come back! On Mondays, its 50% off for military members and dependents!!! They have weekly specials as well!!

Athena Fajardo

Cafe Rio is one of my favorite places to eat. My ma and I always loved to go there together and we always get the salad. The portions are large and the taste is to die for! I recommend to everyone I know.


Great food fast

Jaynee Curto

Best dressings

Lisa Nash

The Thursday special of Tamales are delicious!!

claude smith

Always really good food.

Stephen Scott

Although the location always seems to be busy, the lines seem to move fairly quick and the service is typically friendly. Larger servings, and the food is has good flavor. Love the fresh tortillas and a fan of the salads. Reasonable pricing; five adults ate for $60, and there were leftovers.

Martelious Williams

Bad service

James Rawlins

I have eaten at the Tee Pee for over 50 years. It is favorite of my Camelback high class of 63.The Mexican food is always good. I recommend this restaurant to all of my friends. It is a popular meeting place. Very friendly atmosphere.

Jordan Fosmo

Food was great. Prices are terrible.

Angela Mcgee

I love the chicken salad

Todd Vickers

Team here is great as always, the new steak fajitas are very good, but it's a big meal, show up hungry!

Shineah Lowe

Last time I was at this location (Blue Diamond Rd), the meal was fairly awful. The rice was super salty, the beans were dry, and the meat had no sauce or flavor. But that was close to a year ago and we were near this location for lunch today, so we gave it a shot. It was fantastic! The tamales were delicious, the tacos were amazing, everything tasted great. It was a complete 180 and exceeded my expectations.

My hand Slipped!!

A friend of mines took me up here and the food was good. And for the price they give you a lot!! Very friendly staff and laid back place. Next time when I visit Vegas definitely coming back here.

Victoria Willmy

This is my favorite quick bite place. Everyone compares here and Costa Vida - yes they're similar but I'm #teamcaferio mainly because of the sweet pork! My God! YUMMM! The tortillas are made fresh in front of you. All the ingredients are fresh and delicious. They have vegan and vegetarian options. Lots of drink and sauce options. They're reasonably priced for a large amount of delicious food. You should go. Right now. Why are you still reading this?!

Angela Winward

The best food and house dressing

Jared Bergren

If you don't like Chipotle you would not like this place not my cup of tea

Mike Hood

Great taco salad


Ordered fire grilled chicken salad, and taco, they are really great. I really like grilled chicken in salad which is juicy and a bit spicy. We live in Alberta, visiting Montana a couple of times every year, I will definitely stop by there to try with other menus. Thank you!

Jacquie Finder

So. Delicious. I got something different this time and ordered a shredded beef quesadilla. It was a bit more greasy than I'd like, but that's kinda what it also made it so

aurora swafford

Great food and friendly staff.

Nicole Bramblett

Litterally the best Mexican place in GF. I'm a regular there and the staff always recognizes me and makes my experience better everytime. Also, best chips and queso in GF hands down.

Nicholas Lawhorn

AWESOME!! Always great! Never a disappointment

Joe Martinez

Great food but a bit pricey with extras

Amber Beckman

Great place.


Tastes great (fire-grilled steak burro w/ pico de gallo), quick, and chill.

Jackson Berry

Great food for a great price. They deliver the food quickly and it's family friendly.

Jason Cunningham

Great food and service

hxax .

As a loyal cafe rio goer i have been going to this location at least once if not twice a week in the two years that I have lived in the area. Over that time Cafe Rio has been more and more conservative with their portions which is understanable from a corporate company. But this locations service has just been going more and more downhill that I have chosen to no longer go to this location. When I visited this location a couple days ago I always get the same order: Burrito with house dressing on the inside and red dressing on top. After waiting for 15 mins for 8 people in line (very slow productivity that night), they attempted to charge me extra. Not only did the wait disappoint me but the extra charge really set me off and away from this Cafe Rio location. Since another location is not in my area I will probably not be a repetitive customer as I once was. Thanks for reading.

Melissa Salazar

Service was terrible and food wasn't fresh such a disappointment

Jim Lamproe

The food is always excellent

Denise Johnson

Delicious food and great service!

Leslie Cooke

Love this location. They are generous with their meat portions. Always very friendly service.

Laura Thomas

OMG! Really good food. Huge burritos! Awesome!

Courtland Hollingsworth

Dont do well with large orders from the internet

Josh Vasquez

If you are ever hungry and want a huge meal to keep you satisfied for a very long time, this is the place. All of the ingredients are fresh and delicious. The staff always seem to be friendly but for some reason the person that works the register seems to always be the crabby one to make the experience just shy of 100%. The location is always clean and organized. We love to stop into this location and have lunch during the weekend, it always feels like better than fastfood but not a pricey sit down restaurant either.

paul,laurie Tyner

Good food. Good prices. Atmosphere is kind of loud.

Andrew Parrett

Nice place to eat the food was really good

joseph lloyd

Quick fresh tex mex

Nicholas Schlittenhart

The sweet pork is to die for. My go to for Mexican since they got their reward app. Because it is a little pricey get the app and go on 3x and 4x point days.

Kristen Kluck

Fresh food, free kid's quesadilla, friendly staff, great rewards app

Ann Macdermott

The manager here is amazing. Her team is wonderful to watch. Very clean. Been to other Cafe Rio's in Utah and they are nasty. Fresh food made right in front of you.

Rebecka Bahr

Use to be better. Food is good but the service hasn't been the best for the last couple of months. Always seems understaffed now and employees seem stressed by it. And to add injury to insult the delicious horchata is empty more often than not and they won't refill it.

Brent Olsen

The family favorite, great food!

Dallas W. Monday Sr.

Never ate there before, but the food was good.

Michelle Payton

Love the salad, filled with fresh ingredients! The decor is fun but we usually take our meal home. The tres leches is luscious. Nice staff. I highly recommend you get the app, which has great deals!

Robert Weeks

Love it, but they were out of Hot Enchilada Sauce (the reason for going). Still good.

Nichole Adams

Brezzy is always so nice when we come in. I think its time for her to get a raise! She rocks!!!

Kevin McCurdy

Great deals on tuesday

Kyrie Brown

fast service and the food tastes AMAZING

Morgan Lewis

Great food, kind employees, clean environment. Even when it's busy I can always quickly get through the line. Great business.

Lyndsay Haddon

Love this place! Delicious food and great service

Charlynn Fields

Normally this place is really good. They even cut a fresh tomato for me because I just can't stand cilantro or pico. But I had to reserve my rating to a 3 star because this visit my rice and black beans both weren't completely cooked. They each could have used another 5 min in the pot. I returned the rice and beans to the counter and suggested they taste it themselves and the cook didn't. Good cooks will always taste. The tortillas of my chimichangas tasted like they'd been sitting out too long. The edges were a little tough/dry. We were there around 1:30 so it was after lunch, but there were still piles of cooked tortillas sitting by the filling station, the heating oven, and cooking stone(?) And the tortilla maker was making more. We'll see if the next visit these things are fixed on my next visit then I'll give them another star.

Robbie Arnold Photo and Video

The cleanliness of the restaurant needs to improve. The line is very unkept, sloppy work, the glass on the line is always dirty. My wife loves this place but we will be back if things continue.

Kathy Forney

Food was great! Service a little slow! Freezing cold and music up a little loud!

michael hamner

Excellent service. Would go again

Melissa Carde.n

Wonderful food, but a long wait, although they kept their lines moving smoothly... will definitely go again☺

Michael Strike

Foods decent and place is cool.

Lynn Talarico

Travelling through Great Falls, Sunday,7/14 around 7 pm. Waited at least 30 minutes in line. The only engaged employer was the guy taking orders 0and starting the order prep. All others were disengaged, talking to each ti dah attitude. Garbages were overflowing. Very disappointing compared to Missoula's branch. They know about good customer service!


Eat here every Tuesday and have not been disappointed yet.


Really good food can be a long wait at times but if you can stand the wait its worth it

Ricardo Pereda

I was there working on a conveyour oven and when I was done the closing mgr offered me something to eat. He recommended the steak burrito. It was one of the best burritos I've ever tasted. I'm definitely going back,..

Rhonda Palmer

Ok food...cold.. good service

Scott Baze

Great food at a great price.

Marty Estes

Good food, but very slow service for lunch hour service. And at 10 minutes til lunch time, they were out of shredded beef. Seriously? Not great planning...

Isela La Chance

They are ok. The only issue is when they ask to charge more money for extra sour cream. Charge my receipt don't ask me. All I want is to eat good

Evett Lawhon

Love the food and the rewards.

Julianna Pettigrew


Miranda Hoffman

Waited in line for 35 minutes. Dramatically over priced food for the quality and portion size. Food was cold by the time we made it through the cashier, who was trying to fill internet orders, to go orders and the regular costumers. And too top it off, right after we finished eating, my husband witnessed an employee leave the bathroom without have washed their hands. 10/10 will never visit again

Matt Losey

Food is always SO GOOD! And cheesy breezy is awesome! Always the same faces when you show go in and they always treat you well.

john carlisle

Pretty good place to eat just let down by there "hot" sauce they had but other than that I would eat there again

Jim Brinson

Food is okay service so-so and reasonable prices

Zachary Braatz

I absolutely love this place. The food is delicious and fairly priced.

Jenica Schulz

When is anyone not in the mood for cafe rio?

Sharon Cooper

Love their soup but hate waiting behind people who can't make up their mind! Takes less than 2 mins to put my soup together and yet I am always there at least 20 mins. They need a separate line for soup orders!!!

Sybila Godoy

I love Cafe Rio; however, this location did not wow me. It was a bit dirty so that discourages one from eating in a place in that state.

Tim Thomas

Good food and not over spicy, fresh handmade tortillas.

Travis Peterson

Enchiladas style burritos are where it's at here, get the sweet pork and the hot sauce. The chicken tortilla soup here is excellent as well. The line seems slow during busy periods but the food is worth it.

Theresa Reaney

Sooo good, better that Chipotle!!!

Chris Pugh

Bland food. I prefer authentic Mexican. And there is plenty to choose from in Las Vegas.

Evelyn Perkins

Fresh food for a very good value. It’s not just their tacos, their other menu items are good as well... I have also enjoyed their burritos and enchiladas. Horchata and the good crumbly ice are definite perks. Every Monday half off for military. The food is great and delicious. Their choices of meat is good, not a fan of the sweet pork but it's good for those who are. Good tortilla soup. Good overall

Chaz Caywood

Didnt have enough salmon for lunch however food and quantity is very good for prices charged

James Drake

Expensive for fast food but good

Arlene Horton

This place is very good! Fresh, and big portions. Highly recommended.

Walt Williams

The food is garbage.

Andrew Huber

Great pork and super yummy queso!

Gregory Emann

Great Food at an Inexpensive Price

kim huffaker

Love their tortillas!!

Heather Bloxham

I love that they have military mondays and the sweet pork is so good

Kelly S

I love their steak. So I have a steak tostada. It's the perfect meal. Tender, tasty.

Megan Duncan

Also love Cafe Rio! The sweet pork is the absolute best! I always get a huge salad. They have the Best dressing also! It's loaded full of everything I want. They don't go easy on the amount they give you. It's awesome! Everyone have to go to Cafe Rio at least once, once you go you will be hooked! Highly recommend! Make sure to try the sweet pork!

Sam EL-Jamil

Good food

Jim Stickney

I like the concept of Cafe Rio being more of a quality fast food or food truck style experience, but the bottom line is I didn't think the food was very good. I asked for the medium green chile on shredded chicken enchiladas, and it had no spice to it at all. It was sweet in fact. I've never had a Mexican sauce taste so syrupy. They also used far more lime than necessary. That plus the syrupy green chile sauce just overpowered everything. It wasn't bad or inedible by any means, but it's not what I'd call good Mexican food. The place itself was fine. I thought the tables and chairs were clever, along with the decor, but it's typical fast food style dining otherwise. It was a little dark inside, and I'm not sure if that was normal or not. It wasn't an awful experience, but I wasn't impressed either. I'd only go back if I was in a group and the majority wanted to go. It'd be worth giving something else on the menu a shot if everyone else wanted to go, but it won't be my first pick.

Miriam Kinnison

We just picked up a salad and the lettuce was huge chunks. The lettuce should have been cut in smaller pieces. It was so hard to eat. The rest was delicious but when you get a salad and the lettuce is in huge chunks it is not good.

Cindy Long

Awesome , I was truly impressed and satisfied with my food. Great atmosphere and very helpful employees You can earn points for free food

bob kizlyk

food was good but they were out of a lot of beverages.

Ytram Learsi

Good Food. Good Prices.

Bill Traywick

Have moved since last visit and boy, do I miss this place! Great Mexican food that doesn't wreak your wallet! First place to visit when we return to Grand Junction!

Jackie Powell

Fresh great Mexican food made from scratch per order.

Hailey Smith

This specific Cafe Rio shut down Horchata 2 hours before they closed. I haven't seen that before & was more than a little bummed. Food was great though!

Kurt Hill

Food was good. Employees were friendly. The general manager was rude to customers. I could not believe how he was treating paying customers.

Ms. Clabiorne2u

First time trying this chain. I will come back.

Steve Attarian

Truly a delicious meal and a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy Friendship and Grand Junction.

Soumya Bhattacharya

food quality is very good but the front line assembly people need to be more efficient in their execution of the duties.... too slow for it to be a fast food mexican... if I gotta wait so much, I would like someone to either take my order or bring the food to my table... otherwise, this place is not going to be that attractive

Mike Dye

Good consistency across many restaurants. This is the first time I've eaten at this particular Cafe Rio, and as with all the others I've eaten at the food is fresh, good, and quick.

Michael Touchette

Always a creature of habit, I get the steak quesadillas. Also got a chicken taco and a horchata. Steak is tender. Food has great flavor.

Robert Minning

The hand made tortillas are good and the pork barbacoa is great. Nice size portion of meet.

Heather Olson

It was ok. I'd like hamburger meat as an option.

Preston Davenport

Great quick service Mexican place where you get to build your own entrees. Service is quick and friendly as well.

Baba Ja

Hit and miss. Sometimes you get food that sat out for hours, sometimes its fresh. Also if there is a new employee chances are your order will be screwed up or billed wrong.

David Reffner

Always good food here! And, free kids quesadillas. Family friendly and cost efficient!

Tyler D

Always good food here. Very fresh. I love their burritos. Also love the fact they offer whole wheat tortillas.

Jesus Reyna

The Cafe Rio located on Gilbert and baseline has supieror customer service, especially Francisco. He is always kind and courteous remembers us asks how we are doing and makes a pleasant expieriance which goes a very long way. thanks you Francisco. Every time we order food there it comes out perfect. we are happy to recommend this location and will continue coming in.

Jewels Geddes

Love the food service is great employees are friendly and upbeat price is a little higher but it's worth it


Great service and excellent meals all at a very reasonable price.

Chris Clark

Their food is pretty good. Sometimes they're slow and cur corners, but overall it's pretty good.

daniel edmett

Food is great, but this location has difficulty maintaining all items and keeping their line down. As a pescatarian I frequently spend 10+ minutes in line, only to be told they are out of Salmon, then I get to awkwardly maneuver my way out of the tight line.


The pork tostada hit the spot! Fast service, friendly staff!

Diane Jones

Very friendly crew, tomatillo dressing is amazing on my sweet pork salad ..

Denise Rosettani

very disappointed not the first time here same location, got two tacos one chicken one beef, the meat on both taste like it was very over done and chewy, hope this was just a fluke

Larry Dupper

Good food. Good service!

Bobbi Harwood

This was ok. Not as good as I thought it would be.

Amanda Mourier

Love this place so much!! Try their pork barbacoa with salad or burrito... so yummy!!

Butch Cassidy

I love this place. The best part is the hand made tortilla shells. I do not like they only put in meat, beans, and rice on the inside and then toast it. Then everything else is just piled on the top. So basically you have to eat it with a knife and a fork. But still with all that a step above other chain burrito places.

Fatima Iglesias

OMG! Loved the burritos! Great food and good prices. Staff was busy and courteous.

Cap Vandut

Great Mexican for fast!

Sergio Garza

I'm a vendor and they treat even me like family. All the Senoras are really nice. Food is delicious and fresh tortillas. Can't go wrong with a place that makes your food right in front of you.

Max McFadden

The sweet pork is amazing. They also offer smaller sized quesadillas for kids for free. The wait can be 20 minutes or more sometimes but the food is always worth it.

cody hollis


Edward Anderson

Why is every place not copying Cafe Rio?! Their food is so amazing.

Brandon McKinney

The sweet pork is awesome!

Clarissa Thier

Delicious food, great service and great decorations.

Beth Kloska

Always good, reasonable prices

Al Lopez

Best mexican food!

Tyler Foote

We love Cafe Rio but this location is a little frustrating. They often mess up the order and they are slow compared to every other Cafe Rio I have visited.

James Croxford

This location is cutting back on portions. Food is still good. Service is still good but I’m a little disappointed that they are giving less for the same price.

Lenora Cooper

2 hours before close they ran out of rice and said they weren't going to make more.

Rachel Hernandez

Great food..always fresh!

Jacqualine Duke

Always excellent! Service is superb and food even better. We both had the tacos which is actually almost the size of a burrito. We had the grilled and shredded chicken. The jabanero sauce is a must if you like spicey!

gage sealey

Asked to get my burrito smothered in queso but there was less than half a scoop of queso left that didn't even get on the burrito which they still charged me extra for. This visit was also one of the longest waits I've had in a long time. The burrito itself tasted more bland than usual too. Not too happy about this visit. Not sure if I'll be coming back after this

XAIE the 3rd

It has a very homey feeling. Also the food is good.

sally hilliard

We like the food but when you get a chicken salad, and two chicken tacos w/beans and rice, and two lg.drinks was over $30.00 ????

David Wadsworth

Interesting choices. Fast service

Jan Leishman-Donahue

Food is consistently good with lots of choices. Fast service.

Preston Root

Excellent portions and service. This is my favorite Cafe Rio location.

Cass Romeo

Good place. If the line is long prepare to stand their for a while. No fault of the staff it's just the food does take a little while to prepare. Always get your burrito smothered. It'll be worth the calories.

Buck Calkins

Great service and great quality food. Price is a little high but I get what you pay for so that being said they've never disappointed me.

Kevin Myers

This location always seems to be dirtier than other locations I've been to and the gals serving at lunch seem pushy and inhospitable. I can understand being expedient but it was borderline rude...

Beth Washburn

Great Food! A real treat!

Janice Streck

We are passing through and had never been to a Cafe Rio... I had the chicken tacos and I loved them. The black bean and rice were delicious. Everything was so fresh! Everyone working was pleasant! Best Mexican food I’ve had in a long time.

Stephani Johnson

Love their food. But they’re either super slow because they can’t keep up with the line or there’s no one in there and they’re out of everything.

Ariel Pinkerton

Great food. The queso is awesome

Audrey K.

Delicious as Cafe Rio always is! Cafe Rio tortillas are so good!

Jared Cavaness

Always a favorite stop when we travel back west. Need to open one in Memphis TN. It would be phenomenal.

Aris L

Food was okay. A bit to American. Prices a bit high.

Bill Brooks

Great food and service.


Food was pretty good. The seating area was messy though, all of the tables were dirty. There was only 1 flavor of lemonade and it tasted like it had been sitting in a freezer for days. I didn't try the horchata, it didn't look very appealing.

James Malley

Food was very good but one shift worker was very rude.


Really great place to eat love the chicken casadia with ranch on it the ranch tastes great can’t go without it

Greg Randall

Good food, made right in front of you. Employees very service minded and pleasant.

Dan Vodopich

Very noisy inside a hard to carry on a conversation

Kerri Shepherd

When in for lunch today, I left with a poorly it wrapped burrito sitting in 2" of sauce in my bowl. I wasn't given the sour cream and guacamole I paid extra for. By far the worst restaurant in The Valley.

Debbie Vigil

I love the staff at this location. The manager makes sure you are always happy. Thus is our favorite Mexican restaurant in town.

Margarita Gilles

It was a great customer service and great food! Thanks, guys.

Teresa Elrod

Clean fast accurate

Inhuman Infatuation

Damn good food, nice people, but a big FU for the pay you give your workers for that level of fast paced sound machine you have them in. No idea how they get my order right as we always have a bunch of weird stuff, but wow, looked up what you pay these folks... Seriously? Have you come down and worked at the customer grill line? Cashier is even busy. Any time I see anyone stop it's like they are trying to stop a heart attack for a second. Just saying

Eric C.

Cafe Rio is an okay place to get a bite to eat. Usually pretty quick. The food is not bad for a fast food joint. What they call hot sauce though is really mild.

Jim Brady

Great family owned place and the food is over the top

Gary Roberts

Used to love this place. Last two visits the quality of the food was abysmal. Lettuce had black curled edges and the cheese that was supposed to be crumbly was clumped. Threw half my salad out. I have loved Cafe Rio for the better portion of a decade. Will probably not be back anytime soon.

Vannah Rucker

Best fast mexican food ever. High quality, great taste, decent prices, nice crew. Note, the medium sauce on the enchiladas is a tad bit sweet, I go for the hot sauce which isnt very hot.

Darth Vaper

Such amazing food!!! Filling and delicious, I always get the burrito "enchilada style" and I'm never disappointed!

Robert David

Probably the WORST meal I have had in years of traveling across this great country of ours. Not counting the times I got food poisoning. I ordered a steak burrito enchilada style. The medium hot sauce was no where near medium but it had a pleasant sweet taste. The guacamole was dark, dark green as if getting old enough to toss. Everything inside the burrito was good except the chopped steak. When I bit into that section that contained the meat I also got a mouthful or clump of the spice they use on the steak. I spit it out and kept on eating. The second time it happened I threw it all away. Whoa, never again. Actually there is a lesson in a second kick... there will be a third, count on it.

Lynette Mosley

First time here. Food was ok. If you like quodoba, you will like this place.

Megan Callahan

Always delicious! One of my favorite places in town!

Laura Pittman

The food was decent. The tortillas we're great for sure. I went for dinner and it was a bit busy at the time. I felt like I was being pushed through like cattle. My order was pretty much being ignored as they worked on the person's before and after mine. My tacos we're slopped together. I had to even ask if they were going to ask me for toppings to even get any. Asked for pico and got like fiver small tomatoes on my taco. Had to ask for a side. I guess if you expect any portion of salsa it's best to ask for a side. For my first time being there the customer service aspect isn't getting a very high rating at all. The shrimp tacos we're good but the four small shrimp on my tacos got lost in the tortilla. Maybe I'll try my luck with another meat if I ever go again.

Traveling Intercessor Outlaw

Do was good, felt rushed .

Ms. gabrielle Murphy

Staff is always nice I have ordered online and went into the restaurant. Food is always great and fresh the chicken tortilla soup is amazing !!!

Kim Boettger

Yummy! Good value!

Taylor Bunot

Not the best cafe Rio out there but still good food

Tad Taylor

I ordered my burrito and it was made with the wrong sauce(I asked for extra hot and I got a tasteless gravy), no rice( I wanted rice) and not warm all the way through. It was very disappointing. We have been pretty consistent patrons to Cafe Rio because in the past their food ha been excellent. If the trend is not listening to what we ask for-- I feel it will be a long time before I return if ever. I was highly dissatisfied.

Marie Toland

It's been better.

Bobbi G

Like Moe's in Nashville. Great

Anthony B

Cafe Rio has one of the best military discounts IV seen and the food is always great

Phillip Ashcroft

Like Chipotle, but not absolute trash. Get the pork, you can't go wrong.

Marge Simpson

Good food good size portions.

Aidan delude

Good food

Marquita Francis

We ordered 5 meals for takeout using the online app which made it super easy. We paid online & added the double points using the Cafe Rio app. Fast, easy, delicious.

Lorin Jones

Great place for keto friendly food. I ordered double the meat, chicken and beef. Salad with no tortilla or chips, extra cheese! Priced Right, could only eat half of it.

Greg Murray

I came during military appreciation day/night and the wait was a little longer than normal but it was worth it! The food was excellent and I really appreciate Cafe Rio honoring the military.

Charles Milkweed

Great food and fun environment. Love coming here because it's always worth it. Fresh food everyday and great deals!

Steven Mendez

So good.

Julene Wilcock

Good food. Especially on taco Tuesday

Shannon Kobeissi

Took over 30 minutes to get through the line. IMO, not worth the 9 bucks for a quesadilla. The place was so hot. Not sure how they work in those conditions. Maybe that's why they are extremely slow. There was no sense of urgency what so ever from the staff. Moving at a snails pace. Finally got my food, only to have to clean my own table and high chair. Rice and beans everywhere and no one had cleaned the dining area since I walked inside. Not impressed and won't be back

Jennifer Obregon

I love Cafe Rio, but if you don't go to the right one, your food won't taste right. This one was not as good as the other ones I have been too. When rice is part of the main dish it needs to be made right.

Damien Huggard

Food is always great. The second string staff leaves a lot to be desired.

dawn abad 2/26/72

Says sweet pork is amazing Sweet Pork burrito yum

Carter Grant

Cafe Rio is one of my favorite restaurants. The food tastes amazing and is pretty affordable. My favorite is the sweet pork burrito.

Matthew Gibson

All I can say is amazing. Excellent food.

Antonio Urzua

Great as always. Food was made quickly and price is always reasonable. I always appreciate a clean and organized restaurant, and this one was just that.

Shane heath

I love all the food, but the tomatillo sauce is my favorite!

Justin Geer

The customer service at this place is infuriating. It works like an assembly line, which is fine if done right, but you can tell they don't give a damn about customers from their attitude, and how they literally don't care if they get the orders right. Today the lady couldn't understand the concept of me wanting dressing on my lettuce, so instead threw the salad dressing right on top of my burrito and rushed me to the register. Then i expressed my displeasure at the register and told them i probably wouldn't be eating it that way. No sorry, no let me remake that for you. All i got was charged full price and the comment "You would be surprised how many people like it that way". This place is a joke, and if i owned this location i would be ashamed of the way i treat customers.

Cade Halvorson

One of the best places in town I have ate at.

James Koenig

They are great tasting food, but tend to forget dressings and sauces when making phone or online orders... so CHECK your bag before leaving! 4 stars instead of 3, only cause they hooked me up with a free salad for the troubles

liz medrano

So I'm in Vegas, (not for the strip

Heidi Davis

Great food and nice staff

Audrey Rygmyr

Delicious food and a very kind, helpful staff!!

D Roberts

I was pleasantly surprised with the updated version of this restaurant. They may have done it a while ago, but I haven't been there in a while. Increase seating was a great idea. The food was absolutely delicious. I will be returning sooner with these improvements. Very clean and the service was great.

June Elizabeth

This place is the worst Cafe Rio I've been to. We love cafe Rio but this location is terrible. The people have a don't care attitude and are never pleasant. The food comes out sloppy and their work space is sloppy and unclean. The food still tastes good because it's the same recipes but I'd much rather drive farther to get to a different location. I've given it a handful of tries but never once had a pleasant experience so I don't think I'll be back to this location.

Brianna Mcneese-peres

If we come in to eat our order is always correct if we order pick up i would say i could almost guarentee something is messed up or missing.

Bryan Kell - Dell

Great food not a lot of options price is a little high but the food is fresh

Stragesx .

Local recommended Cafe Rio especially the sweet pork. They were not wrong. Made from scratch tortillas and amazing food. Sweet pork was as good as I was told

Vaughn Tlustosch



All good! Not cheap.

Cassidy Kicinski

Love Cafe Rio! The only reason it gets 4 stars is the queso is wayyyy too spicy now. I used to only go for the queso but now I cant even eat it

Bryan Jefferson

Upscale Taco Bell

Floyd Perry

Great discount for military and the best tacos

Dillon Dickerson

Loved it. Good food. Great service

Robert Clemmer

Kind of like an upscale Chipotle

Jeremy Bergdorff

If your in the military then this is the place to go on a Monday! 50 % off everything. Decent food, good portion sizes , just expect to wait in line as they make your food. A little skimpy on the queso but it's still good. The staff are polite, if it's not Monday and your not military, then the price is a little high in my opinion. The closest thing your going to get to a Chipotle or Qdoba in the middle of Montana.

Julie Weber

Service was awful and food was ok. I won't be going back.

Mitchell Wright

Great food and fast service. I eat here often

Syreeta Spear

If you like Chipotle then try Cafe Rio. It's a different take on Mexican fast food but it's all fresh and you see how it made. My d favorite is the sweet pork burrito wet. So

Meryn my favorite color is pink Harris

The food was amazing!!

Nathan Lunt

I just don't quite like how cilantro is in almost everything. You can avoid it but you give up on some of the sauces. Other than that I like the food, the menu is diverse, and the restaurants are always clean and colorful.

Jeremy Ward

This place is addictive. It's all good. The tortillas are fresh, sweet pork is amazing, and the staff is great. There is something for just about any diet. With the choices and options, you can make a meal your own. Nice atmosphere, family friendly and free food perks if you use the app. I just keep going back for more.

Kim Philyaw

Love the food.

Angelica Valenzuela

Love their food. Not greasy. Recommend their tacos al carbon.

Katie Mackay

Fresh and delicious food. Very family friendly and clean. They even give children free quesadillas! Definitely coming back.

Jennifer Lynn

Love the food, but the service here at this location is horrible. Placed an online order an hour and a half before pickup, so there should have been no issue with them getting it right. Got my food and got to my destination and HALF of my order was missing. Tried to call and was told to leave a message and someone would get back to me. Almost a week later, no return call, so I went into the store. (This store is very much out of my way). Finally spoke to a manager who told me that phone customer service rarely gets back to people (then why have it????), and when I told her I wanted a refund for my missing food, she took the receipt and walked away and started making the food... not what I asked for, so I demanded a refund again, after trying to get her attention while she was doing this. She then got upset with me for not taking the food. Finally got my refund, but it shouldn't have been that complicated.

Christi Darrow

I'm not a fan of the food

ned hafen

Quick service and good food at a reasonable price

Marcia Larson

Great service, food good! Nicer tables chairs than last time there. Nice improvement.

Cirley Queiroz

The food is fresh and the place is always clean.

Corey Staheli

Shout out to this place they're awesome and their management always fixes problems that are there. We are hooked.

pedro Dos Santos

Average Mexican with American flare

danielle owens

Freshest food on the planet! I love Cafe rio! The food is amazing. Drink selection a huge bonus. Staff is always friendly and helpful. I always get the steak salad, and can't finish it! I try to finish but it's so big it won't fit. Everything from the steak down the the salsa/dressing is made in house and they really know what they are doing. If you have never tried cafe rio, I HIGHLY SUGGEST a visit! You can thank me later!

Cheryl Sommers

First time experience and was blown away by the size of the tortilla! Awesome that they make them right in front of you. Fabulous customer service, they have options and were helpful with suggestions. Food was great, I cannot wait to try out each menu item!

forgive ness

4/27/19 5pm. Too busy, only 2 team members attending customers, other members were in the back of the house not supporting the front needs.

David Noel

Good lunch spot. Food was may more flavorful than Chipotle and the service was great. A little pricey but the portions are big.

Annette Kester

First time trying. Omg the food was so tasty. We'll be looking for these restaurants again when travelling the US.

Sky Halcomb

Favorite place for mexican

Heather Barrios

Sweet pork is always a good choice here!

Kate S.

So delicious. Basically the same menu and food as Costa Vida. Definitely try the sweet pork! They also have a half-sized salad that is not on the menu. And they do taco Tuesdays.... What's not to love?

Ryan Snyder

Always a long line with decent but over priced food.

Trisha Cragun

Always amazing!! Pork salad is my fave!

drippingwax .

Great company!

Robert Johnson

Food was good and people were nice.

Tiffany Keating

Fresh as always...generous portions...grear service!

Todd Martin

Excellent food and a professional atmosphere.

Dave Provost

Always good burritos.

Taylor Hudson

What can you say? Really good for fake Mexican food. HUGE portions, definitely enough for 2 meals.

kristy birdtail

I love this place everytime!!!!! Never disappoints!!!!

Nancy Richards

Best food ever. 5out of 5

cheryl bedonie

Too loud, food is overpriced

Nate West

One of my favorite lunch stops. Great food and I love their mint lemonade

Sharath Sridhar

I had dinner last night and have food poisoning now

Sandin Barney

I love Cafe Rio but today I'll give it only 4 stars because we waited over 45 minutes in line, which would normally have taken 10 minutes or so. Turns out they were preparing a bunch of on line or called in orders in between the guests in line which was annoying. I guess it pays to call ahead. Still, the food was worth the wait.

The Stahelis

Always make food yummy and fresh!

Erik Arruiza

Tortilla fresh daily

Leah Smith

The food is always good. I like their daily specials and salads. The prices seem high but are comparable to similar chains. My only issue is that the employees usually seem unpleasant and like they don't want to be there.

Amelia Martin

Definitely one of my favorites. The food is just so fresh! They also have coupons frequently - but you have to be careful because they usually are limited to one specific location.

Max Grebe

Good option for fast Mexican. Can't beat Taco Tuesday. Order online, it's easy as can be!

Cassie Buonafede

I love the food here and that's what keeps me coming back but the staff here pushes everyone through even if they aren't busy. I went after lunch hour rush. I told her the exact order I wanted and had to repeat it accordingly to her. I also ordered spicy pork told her twice and I received sweet pork. There is a difference. She said sweet I said no spicy and continued to serve the pork she already had. Usually when I go, most of the time the order is correct but the other times it's not and feels like they just hear what they want to hear.

Bryaan Mendoza

Great coffee

Jack Hollis

Food good sometimes depends on who is cooking last time was overly salty and had a sweet taste, overly priced and staff mot to helpful.

Rachel Rasmussen

A classic for a reason. Fantastic tasting. Fresh and delicious. Will go again.

Michael B

Best house dressing EVAR!

Kai Longtin

I was very disappointed with this restaurant for multiple reasons. 1. Their "hot" sauce was not spicy. 2. Their tortillas were so crispy, they might as well have been chips. 3. Their tres leches was gooey. 4. There was a blood stain on the wall in the men's bathroom. 5. They served the incorrect amount of tacos, even though we clearly asked for 2.

Sidney Hawkins

Never disappointed here. Food and staff are always top-notch.

Katie Thormahlen

Loved it very good and filling

thaillkid1 .

I didnt care for the rice but everything else was great

Buck Shumway

Good food good customer service


Was excellent quesadillas!! Very friendly staff.

Ms. Doityourself Robinson

They were slow, and not enough meat. I ordered hea burrito with rice and beans and the rice was so hard. If I could give a -3 rating I would. The tables and floors were nasty, trash and food on floor and tables. Not to mention one of the workers was scratching her buttocks with plastic gloves on and then made a customer's tortilla, and I found a bug inside my drink cup. I will never eat there again. I think the health inspector should do a surprise visit.

Karin Sikkink

Amazing all around!! Great military incentive, Mondays 50% off all other days 10%.

Work Harder

Not bad. The Horchata dispenser was empty and it was not even close to closing time. The daily specials are cool. The food has always been good.

Brice Laughrey

Like most Cafe Rios, the food is decent for these types of places (Qdoba, Chipotle, Zabas, etc.), but the place isn't super comfortable. The tables are almost always sticky. I think it's some kind of low quality finish that doesn't clean off well, but I'm not sure. Plus, don't bring larger parties here. Most of the tables are for about 3 people.

Frank Whidden

Good food on the pricey side close to the mall.


It's good but so expensive for what you get. It's restaurant prices and I'd rather go to a restaurant with a waitress/waiter and not have to wait in line for basically "fast food". Not with the price anymore. 4 stars for flavor and 1 for cost.

Candy Undisclosed

Pretty okay food.


Food is good as always, the last two times I was there the service wasn’t as good as it used to be. It isn’t necessary to rush people along when there isn’t a long line at all.

Marilyn Winters

Great food .. done right.

Connie Jones

Yummy fresh food made in front of you as you choose what you want. Happy employees it seems. Nice environment.

Russell B

The flavor was good it was my first time going the staff acted like they didn’t want to be there or just demotivated. It’s like a Hispanic food version of pieology!! Shredded chicken quesadilla was bomb and the niño quesadilla for my kid was free for kids under 6

Kay Chapman

It was so good! It was busy, but we got our food fsst!

Lane Gibney

I tried the phone order pick up line and they literally took so long to make the food!!! About 30 minutes total! I could have gone through the line 4 times before they had my pick up order ready! The reason people do the order line is because they are in a hurry! I feel like they could be more efficient in this area. Great food though!!

Candise Miller

I do a lot of large catering orders here, and this location is excellent. Service is always prompt, friendly and professional. The manager is very customer service oriented and always accommodating for whatever I need.

Frank Torres

Always decent food.

zmzmgirl .

Would really give this a 5 for the food, the seating is subpar, especially for larger families. The prices are extremely reasonable. Tortillas are made on site; a major bonus!

Tom Gee

We love the food. The tortillas are the best. We ended up waiting 30 minutes in line. Worth the wait.

Julie Miller

Always fresh and Delicious! Eat there every time we go to Grand Junction❤

Charles Dine

Love getting the tortilla soup here. They will make cheese enchiladas for you if you asked for them to :-)

Colton Krebs

The food here is always good! The prices are great, especially on Tuesdays!

Heather Hastings

The good is always delicious with good portions. The salads and burritos always make for great leftovers.

Bon Bon

Food good but not clean

Ryan Guy

I got a single taco and all but one salsa was too spicy. Busy but worth it. If I didn't go there, I wouldn't have had an idea for cherry sprite when my mom and dad came.

Crystal Perez

Delicious and fresh food and their lemonade was amazing

Lori Rourke

Love the food and daily deals

Lindsey Mata

My go-to for Mexican-American food with healthy options.

Savannah Jane

Very delicious, fast and easy service

Alan g

You get to tell them how you want your food made, it's a good option for keto, or other low carb diets ziff you don't get rice or beans. Food is tasty, lines can get long at peak times. They NEED more than one cashier station

Neal Miller

First was the gal at the register, she did everything to get me the absolute best deal. Food exceeds expectations. All staff worked on all cylinders. I could see how almost every part being made. Back to the register, very friendly. She focused on me as a customer. Then for back to her coworkers question. Very impressed.

Larry Hon

Super awesome. Love military discount.

Melissa Chartier

Good Food. The place could have been cleaner.

James W

Awesome food. Healthy and tasty.

Wet- A-Line

Dont like this place

Patricia Heartsill

Love to have lunch here! Fresh food, clean and consistent.

C Poles

While standing on food line customer had a dog close to the ordering window .. understand that the place is pet friendly but not on line when its an open area for your food. NOT one associate said anything.

Rodolfo Escudero

Amazing food but horrible service, especially for online orders. Other locations don't seem to have this problem of missing items and incorrect orders.

Michael Borg

The fresh tortillas are great. They're delicious and make excellent tacos. Burritos are good size and they don't skimp on fillings plus you can get it enchilada style (although it's a dollar more). They also have a decent rewards app where you can earn free food

Marc Kelley

Decent price, great serving size, and good quality of food.

Amie Krantz

Great location! I remember is being not great, some years ago..... But every time we've been recently, we've had INCREDIBLE Cafe Rio standard of food

Kate Wong

Your service is horrible! I called to place an order to pick up and the little girl that answered the phone couldn't pay attention enough to remember my order. Had an attitude like she didn't care and had better things to do or pay attention to. No greeting at the end and her greeting at the beginning was horrendous. She does not deserve a minimum wage of $15. The only thing that saves this place is that the food is amazing!

John P

Super busy and rude staff. Great food though!

lastlaugh0 .

What's the point of placing an online order for pickup if it would be be quicker to go to the location at peak hours, stand in line TWICE, eat there and still make it back to work before I even get my food? Absolutely horrible experience. If I could give negative stars I would.

Ramsey Millsap

Service: 8/10 (never been in during a rush) Food: easily 9.5/10 Cleanliness: 9/10 bathroom was the only thing that needed work. You can always expect great food here, and it is a usual favorite of mine. I've purchased from here at least 15 times.


Food is usually good. This locations customer service is beyond slow.

Christopher Green

Good company, good workers, good food, not-so-good value! Stand in line for a long time for a mediocre-priced home cooked Tex-Mex made-to-order meal. I'll tell you what I see if ever a job applicant has "Cafe Rio" on their resume for longer than a year: that potential employee has fortitude, able to please hangry customers, work for a lower wage than most gardeners, and is a U.S. Citizen (they claim to use EVerify). This person can withstand the chaos of a line-based food service counter and not lose his or her temper (noticeably anyway), keep coming back day after day for virtually no thanks, and deal with broken and/or empty ice machines, soda canisters, and limited supplies and support from upper management. Yeah, I'd hire someone who has "Cafe Rio" on their resume. You bet I would!

Travis Greer

Thanks for the military discount Mondays Rio! Their environment is nice and the food is exceptional, especially the steak. Juicy and succulent, their burritos are staggeringly good.

Sissy winkle

Meh. Confusing to order. I think the food tastes pre-made (it's not but it tastes like it) the lime cilantro rice YUMMY!! The food is definitely fast food. The tortillas are made in front of you but they have no taste, in my opinion of course. The food is ok for a quick bite

Susan Wood

Love this place. Able to customize my meal according to dietary needs.

Michelle Nation

Love! The tacos and burritos are the best! The pork is sweet, so be warned. If you happen to stop in on a Thursday be sure to get the special...tamales!

Brennan Freeman

Great food and friendly service. Get the app and order ahead of time if you're in a hurry. The line has a tendency to stack up quick.

David Josephson

Great staff and okay food

Rodger Mathena

Not any better than qdoba or chipotle but way more expensive!

Tyler Johnston

Clean, friendly, good vibe. However, the enchiladas I got I felt had no love, just food shlopped onto a bowl and it was soup-ish with too much salsa. Good ingredients, just wrong portions.

Zahra U

This is hands down one of our favourite mexican restaurants. We always make a point to stop here on our way from Canada. The food is always fresh and yummy and the selection of drinks makes the whole meal. Can't wait until our next visit.

shawn hlebasko

The food is good, the morons they have making the food have no clue what they're doing. Ordered the two taco meal and a taco on the side, they gave us a three taco plate, something that doesn't even appear on the damn menu. They argued with us about changing it to the two taco meal with the third taco on the side, ended up not doing it. Utter and complete failures at basic customer service. They only rate a star because the food is good.

Greg B

The burrito made enchilada style is the best thing ever!

Scott Owen

Hit and miss with service but food is good.

Jennifer McCurdy

Great fresh food.

Erin Ward

Decent food here. Friendly staff. Nice selection of hot sauces. Been here a few times now and would go back again.

Nicole A.

Good food, good service.

J J Burnham

Great flavor and salsas

Jennifer Thatcher

Love their food and excellent customer service

Cindy Kellar

Always good! However....I REALLY wish they would conpletely crimp to go lids down, ALL THE WAY! Every time I get home, my bag is filled with juice from the meat/Pico/etc...because they only crimp the lids down a few times.

Rob Johnson

Good food, needs a little more management of the workers.

Erin Owens

Huge portions worth the money. Great Quedadillas.

jamie wood

Love love this place. Do yourself a favor and get their ap....they have a lot of double and triple point days and I'm always getting $10 off!

Musakui Tenshi

The service was horrible. The staff acted like the line wasn't there , instead of tending to the customers they were wandering back and forth from the from of the store to the back, the tiny girl at the counter kept giving the customers attitude , straight up diva complex. It took them 20 min to fill my order from start to finish when all I ordered was a quesadilla. I do love cafe rio but I'm not coming to this location ever again.

Jason St. Gelais

Always a great place for fast service and good food. Pulled pork salad for my family, they love the sweet pork and cilantro ranch. Today I had the steak quesadilla but usually get the steak burrito smothered with red sauce.

Sheri Loyd

Love this place. I have the app and I am constantly earning rewards! Haven't had a meal there that I didn't like. Their tortillas are the best!

Elizabeth Vazquez

Love this place of of the best Mexican American fast food places I’ve been to.

Richard Roybal

Eat there everytime we go to Great Falls. The food is great and plenty of it. We never go away disappointed or hungry

Danny Robertson

A little fancier than Chipotle, but still with the quick but not heavy feel. Also the chip and cheesy bean dip was great.

David Hoefert

Great quality food in great prices on taco Tuesday

Sheryl Thompson

Great food, fast service, even with long lines!

Javier Meño Martinez

Very tasty food! Tortillas have always tasted fresh in the years I have visited Cafe Rio, and the meats are very juicy and great. Cafe Rio is set up similar to Qdoba/Subway. Essentially, you choose your entree style (Quesadilla, Tacos, Enchiladas, Burrito, ect) and once you choose your entree, you are free to pick what fillings you may want. Such as meat, sauces, cheeses, veggies and so on. Prices are a little upscale but definitely worth it. Drinks are also plenty in variety as well. Drinks are limited to regular sized and an extra large size.

DanielVid Cervantes

Best Enchilada style Burritos!

Renie Pearson

Not good for big family

Deborah Shipley

Always delicious!! Love the beef soft tacos or the salad with chicken. You cannot go wrong eating here!

adam bayles

Cafe rio has really good pork burritos. It is usually pretty clean but sometimes you have to wipe you’re table down before you sit.

Juan Carlos Valdes

I love it

Sin city bass .

One of the best places I've ever worked at all fresh food and very humble workers definitely come again

Sherri Summers

Their food NEVER disappoints!

Sabré Lissette

Great, fresh food. They were out of dessert though, I probably didn't need it

Patrick Cullen

The food was ok. The service was great. The prices were a little high. I'm not a fan of Mexican and was just on a work outing. I got the barbacoa pork tacos and I will say that the pork was tasty.

Ann Hagedorn

Food is great as always but what happened to the service. Four people backed up before the person on the second section finished wiping the counter and acknowledged anyone . Then the cashier was holding a mop while handling our food. This was at 1 pm and we had a full line behind us.

Justin Houser

Love the food and atmosphere, disliked the line

amber trask

The service is slow and they are not prepared for the dinner rush. Came at 6pm and only moved 5 feet by 620pm. Still waiting in line and already know it will take over 45-60 mins to complete my order. Not worth the wait!

Black Falcon Electronics

Nice place to visit on Mondays since Military gets 50% off. I really love their chants when you ask for extra meat, a soup, etc. its really cute and outs a smile on my face.

Bryn Patton

Love the Club Deals! Save your receipts and scan them on the app on your phone and you will save a ton of money every time you go! Join the Club for sure!

Alexander Ehlers

Service was rushed, and although my food was good, my family recieved incorrect orders despite specifying what they wanted. There were only four workers, when for the amount of customers coming in there should have been more. We will try this location again at a different time in the hopes that this was just a bad time, but if this service continues we will likely find somewhere else.

Christian Leinhauser

I can’t get enough of this place. The steak burrito enchilada style is the BOMB! Military. Mondays can get busy at lunch and dinner.

Marilyn Littlepage

Great food. Big portions. Cool atmosphere. Easy to get to.

Laura Choo

The staff was great and the food was good. They had some unique limeades that were pretty good too.

Mariah B

I ate here June 6th, 2019 & was horrible experience. I got salad the tortilla wasn't warmed with melted cheese. The rice was hard & not cooked! Service was so slow with lots of staff??? Billings location is WAY better!!

L man

I used to eat cafe rio about 3 times aweek, when i lived in az. Ive been gone for a couple years. I just tried it. And it still taste phenomenal!!! However after eating it I was extremely tired and I can't help but think that they have added MSG into their ingredients I hope it's not so

Trulie Cottman

I always love Cafe Rio and this location is excellent. The line is usually a reasonable size, which can be rare for Cafe Rios. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The woman behind me had never been to a Cafe Rio before and the workers were very patient and helpful in explaining the options to her and helping her make a decisions. Customer service is top-notch and the food is delicious!

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